Donald Trump

Trump, Twitter, and the Revolt of the Permanent Government

Trump rose to power on tweets; maybe tweets will take him down too.


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After Trump's transition team apparently issued what members of the federal bureaucracy think of as "gag orders," I predicted the result would be that Trump Makes Government Leaks Great Again! Not with any especially great perspicacity, I also noted that the Obama administration was, for the most part, able to keep unflattering leaks to a minimum largely because the bulk of the federal workforce was simpatico with its policies. This is unlikely to be the case with the Trump administration. Well, that didn't take long.

The first revolt began with some tweets about climate change from someone evidently associated with Badlands National Park aimed at contradicting Trump's earlier assertions that man-made global warming is a "hoax." It turns out that Trump is not the only person who knows how to tweet. A veritable flood of anonymous alternative Twitter feeds are tweeting their defiance of the incoming Trump Administration with handles like @RogueNASA, @AltForestService, @altUSEPA, @Altnatparkser, @Alt_FDA, @ActualEPAFacts, @Alt_NIH, @Alt_CDC, and @BadHombreNPS.

The creation of these feeds may, of course, be just a momentary spasm expressing bureaucratic displeasure and will go fallow over time. While these alternative feeds can keep the public apprised of what the bureaucracy sees as the nefarious machinations of Trump and his minions, they are no substitute for real transparency in government. As I earlier noted, with exception perhaps of some minor amount of national security intelligence, there is no good reason that any information, data, studies, and reports that federal agencies produce should be kept from the public and press. In any case, I will be following the Alt_Bureaucracy feeds for a while.

Trump rose to power on tweets; maybe tweets will take him down too.

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  1. You have to hand it to him. He is playing the world on his every whim. And he is doing a fantastic job of distracting the media Marxist alliance from some actually good things he is doing. The herd that follow is the mainstream media would never understand the value in taking away the home mortgage insurance FHA guarantee subsidy. That is a very big thing.

    And Michael Hihn is a straight up, off the rails, batshit crazy whacko. WTF?

    1. That has been pretty obvious for quite some time. I even feel sorry for the guy and laid off of him. No honor in besting a fool.

      1. I had no idea such crazy could put a crazy sentence together.
        He and Shia Lebouf need to get a room.

        1. Now that you mention it, I have never seen Michael Hihn and Shia Lebouf in the same room at the same time…hmmm…

          1. He is why people don’t use their real identities on threads.

            1. Speak for yourself

              1. I lol’d

    2. What did Hihn do now?

      1. He went full on Ashley judd earlier in some thread. Never tried to decipher such drunken obama/michael moore spew.

      2. He drew up an enemies list.

        1. I was pitiful. Homer Simpson had a better organized enemies list than that.

          1. I was pitiful.

            Damn, when you burn yourself like that. Just call me Johnny Storm.

          2. You’re just jealous that I’m the #4 worst fascist on the site. A good Night of the Long Knives and next year I’ll be up to #2.

            1. Slavs make shitty fascists. Except Croats, and they claim to be Iranian. I’m at peace with this.

          1. Only, perhaps, by oblique reference:

            John, CrustyJuggler, Tonio, John Titor, jubistar, Citizen x, Francisco D’Anconia, ace-m82, Swiss Servator, MarkLastName and all my many stalkers

            1. DOH!

              This is what I get for having blocked him long ago!

              Missed my chance for fame.

            2. Who is jubistar?

              1. Sounds like a slur.

              2. I think he is the one who will come in two years time and give a long rambling speech that lasts four hours and teaches us how to make society prosperous.

                1. a long rambling speech that lasts four hours

                  I miss HERC

              3. Who is jubistar?

                Probably someone that mocks him on a different blog he eldertrolls.

            3. That was not Hihn’s list, but an imagined list authored by one of our sane regulars – Citzy I think.

              And the whole list thing was after he referred to a commenter as “one of the top 25 fascists here.” We asked him for the complete list.

              1. No. Here’s the comment where he reveals his list unto us. It appears to be legitimately from him:

                John, CrustyJuggler, Tonio, John Titor, jubistar, Citizen x, Francisco D’Anconia, ace-m82, Swiss Servator, MarkLastName and all my many stalkers

                For Idle Hands, here AGAIN is why Ron Paul is as big a con man as Charles Ponzi. Google (“Ron Paul” DOMA). Listen to his pathetic bullshit here.

                … weird tangential attack on Ron Paul redacted in the interests of space

                Now the PC thugs will gang up on me, like a pack of wild dogs, NEVER challenging a single fact.

                (Tone and boldface in self defense of aggression)

                I’ve left the quote unbolded so that you guys don’t think I’m committing aggression against you.

                1. Oops, missed that. Sorry.

                  Oh, he is truly unhinged. Sad.

              2. No, that’s Hihn’s list. He went on to repost it like 8 times.

                Michael Hihn|1.26.17 @ 11:11AM|#|

                Fascists: John, CrustyJuggler, Tonio, John Titor, jubistar, Citizen x, Francisco D’Anconia, ace-m82, Swiss Servator, MarkLastName and all my many stalkers

                He’s so obviously mentally ill. His paranoid delusions are so vast and grandiose.

              3. Damn, I missed that and to top it off I didn’t make the list. Dammit dammit dammit.

                1. I missed that and to top it off I didn’t make the list

                  I almost always miss Hihn’s insanity because he usually shows up so long after a thread has died to spew his insanity that I don’t see it and don’t end up engaging him very often, which is probably why I’m not on his enemies list.

                  Although apparently he showed several hours later in a thread yesterday and called me a “raging bigot” in response to a comment I made about how since some SJWs feel it’s OK to punch Nazis in the head, and everyone they disagree with is a “Nazi,” that will make it OK (in their unhinged minds) to get violent.

                  Then oddly wondered if I “believe that all negroes are potential Olympic Sprinters and NBA All-Stars” and claimed that I had defended a black nationalist. WTF?!

                  Which is pretty awesome. Being the target of an unHihnged attack is some kind of H&R badge of honor. If H&R was a video game, it would be an unlockable achievement.

                  1. Of course a raging anti-Semite is against Nazis being punched.

            4. Surprised I didn’t make the list.

              *hangs head down, kicks pebble*

              1. I didn’t either. Sad!

                1. Look, Michael Hihn is incredibly old. He no longer recognizes his own family half the time, so don’t feel bad if you got left out.

          2. I think matt damon made the list. he was really mad.

            1. He was yelling and then he slammed the door on the way out!

    3. Honestly, even if when he ends up doing a bunch of crappy statist bullshit (don’t they all?), this national freak-out is a very good thing for this country.

      It is very evident that the United States citizenry needs a civics lesson, badly. Trump is making sure they get one as they look in every possible corner to thwart him while wailing loudly about all the distractions he is throwing out. All too many people do not know how our government works, what the checks and balances are (or should be), where appropriations bills come from and that the Supreme Court may still get involved on executive orders, striking them much as they did some of Obama’s bullshit. Most of them don’t know what the departments whose budgets he wants to slash even do, or why anyone might oppose them. They just see “regulations good, capitalism bad” and return to the place they’ve picked out on the ground to accept the boot on their neck some more.

      Now if they’ll only stop their idiotic protests, which accomplish nothing, and start listening to their opponents instead of demonizing them, maybe something reasonable might get accomplished.

      1. Well said. I don’t think you can retrain a brainwashed Marxist. They usually don’t learn until they have lived “1984”

        1. They usually don’t learn until they have lived “1984”

          If then. If they aren’t the ones who get the boot on their neck, they tend not to give a shit. And if the boot falls on the necks of people they hate, then they actually cheer on the mega state.

        2. The real ones, not even then. It’s a book about Stalinism, and show trials never shook the beliefs of true Marxists.

          Shit, sometimes even when true Marxists were the ones on trial!

          1. “Wait until Comrade Stalin finds out how I have been treated!”

            1. “I’m glad I was caught before I could have done real damage. I’m grateful for the opportunity to fix my mistaken views.”

      2. Most of them don’t know what the departments whose budgets he wants to slash even do, or why anyone might oppose them.

        Case in point: the Department of Education. As far as I know, the federal DOE doesn’t employ any actual teachers (as opposed to former teachers who are now bureaucrats). You could shut it down and it would have no effect – good or bad – on education.

        1. Absolutely true.

        2. The average public school only gets ~8% of their budget from the feds.


          Not to mention the fact that the DoED didn’t even exist until 1978. We somehow got along fine for 200 years without it.

      3. It is very evident that the United States citizenry needs a civics lesson, badly.

        ^This. I just hope they will profit from the lesson.

        But do remember that for the progs that rules and results don’t matter, only feelings and intentions.

  2. The only people on twitter are journalists.

    1. And other self-obsessed persons

    2. Who then use tweets as ‘news’ on more traditional and popular platforms. But I doubt the 6 o’clock news is gonna talk much about what altEPA tweeted.

  3. As I earlier noted, with exception perhaps of some minor amount of national security intelligence, there is no good reason that any information, data, studies, and reports that federal agencies produce should be kept from the public and press.

    I certainly get that part of it, but there’s something . . . unsettling about the unelected, unrecognized 4th branch of the government going rogue like this.

    1. Yeah, they should officially be non-partisan. To my mind, this legitimizes Trump going after them, since they’re stating upfront they will not follow his leadership.

    2. It’s open defiance of the unelected against the duly elected.

    3. Unsettling indeed. I hope they have their resignations drawn up. From where I sit it looks like he is smoking the rats out. Did he ever get his list of watermelons? He won’t need it now.

    4. Trsh,
      What is of course will go unmentioned and un-outraged is that if anyone in government had opposed Brak’s insanity when he was elected, not only would they have been fired, they would have been ostracized from their communities, children likely tortured at school, their property likely vandalized, and generally their lives ruined.

      This kind of unhinged madness from those who oppose a fucking politician is absolute lunacy. All of this lends further understanding of how the Germans, an otherwise very smart culture, could have fallen under the yoke of such madmen.
      I can only hope that Trump actually fixes some things because if he doesn’t the next president will make Barack Obama look like a capitalist profiteer.

    5. I work with people from one of the affected agencies. The sense isn’t one of an overwhelming feeling of duty to keep The People informed. It’s one of, “How dare this person I didn’t elect treat us like he’s in charge?” These folks weren’t interested in transparency before Trump, and they’re sure as hell not interested in it now. It’s their inability to push their message that bothers them.

  4. A veritable flood of anonymous alternative Twitter feeds are tweeting their defiance of the incoming Trump Administration with handles like @RogueNASA, @AltForestService, @altUSEPA, @Altnatparkser, @Alt_FDA, @ActualEPAFacts, @Alt_NIH, @Alt_CDC, and @BadHombreNPS.

    They sing the body electric.

    1. @AltForestService, @altUSEPA, @Altnatparkser, @Alt_FDA, @ActualEPAFacts, @Alt_NIH, @Alt_CDC,

      Ahh, it looks like the Alt-right has infiltrated our government services! We can’t trust them!

      1. Nah, this is the alt-left.

        1. *Reaches over Z’s shoulder, taps sarcasm meter*

          Yep, here’s your problem, this needs to be re-calibrated.

        2. Their preferred term is ctrl-left.

          No, they just don’t get why that is funny.

          1. command-left on Macs

  5. Here is how I forecast government policy:

    If Republican and Democrats agree on something: bad things are about to happen.

    If government employees are outraged: good things are about to happen.

    I fully expect the Trump administration to crash and burn; but it’s looking good so far.

    1. The Icarus Administration?

    2. It’s like a jet full of Nazis crashing into NAMBLA headquarters: a lot of noise, but in the end, what has mankind lost?

      1. a lifetime supply of lube?

      2. 74% of Justin Beiber’s audience?

        1. I’d say mankind has lost a vast swath of government bureaucrats. They just don’t know they are Nazis.

          1. I’m not counting that as a loss.

  6. The mandated media blackout is not unusual during administration changes, even NPR admitted as much. What is unusual is all of the executive branch bureaucrat desk jockeys deciding to buck the order and the media playing along with sham that this is something unheard of.

    1. even NPR admitted as much

      Those generous pricks. Even George Stephanopopopolous reported on the relatively widespread acts of violence committed against Trump supporters. He must think it’s more damaging to Trump that the opposition looks fierce than it is for the leftists to be seen as such thugs. He’s an activist, not a journalist after all, so I assume he has a single minded goal in mind with all his reporting.

  7. It’s pretty clear that few politicians could handle this kind of pushback. Whether or not Trump uses that brashness for good or ill remains to be seen

  8. If Trump wanted to, isn’t this one phone call to the NSA – find out who the account users are – fire them – from being resolved?

    If not, wtf are they doing in that big black building?

    1. Wanking to their immense collection of nudes?

      1. I have it on good authority that they blocked all of your IP addresses from collection. For their own sanity.

        1. I didn’t think the bottle would break!

      2. You can count on that Crusty. I’m sure they only stop rooting through peoples’ phones for beaver shots when someone goes on a shooting spree.

    2. It’s hard to fire a federal employee, and it’s not clear that they’ve violated any policy or executive order, so it would be seen not as for-cause, but simple retaliation.

      1. I’m positive most fortune 500 companies do not have a specific policy stating that employees shouldn’t openly attempt to speak on behalf of the company nor publicly disagree with owners’/board’s direction, but I’m sure they’d be fired when caught.

  9. Trump rose to power on tweets; maybe tweets will take him down too.

    Or maybe this will just bounce around a left-wing social media echo chamber and nothing will actually change in the real world. All this will do is turn Trump haters into bigger and more obnoxious Trump haters. He obviously doesn’t need them to maintain his power, the election pretty definitively proved that.

    1. But it’s Trump and his followers that are obviously idiots, not proper-thinking leftists. They’re the ones who need to wise up and do what their progressive betters tell them. They just need to be berated a few more times before they come around.

  10. I looked at the @alt_FDA to see what they could possibly have to say and because I have a special contempt for the FDA. It’s pretty fucking sad. Consists of self-reference about them posting or not having anything to post and shit like this:

    What would really help us is if ppl took the time to learn & understand basic science.

    It’s like the kind of blog that consists mostly of apologies for not posting.

    1. I wish i could come up with a good comment in response. Sorry, everyone.

      1. *tapers stare*

    2. “What would really help us is if ppl took the time to learn & understand basic science.”

      Before they get hired on at the FDA, right?

      1. What would help them is taking the time to write proper sentences. Also, ratchet down the smug.

    3. Must be talking about the anti-GMO’ers, huh? No?

      1. Climate deniers. Duh.

    4. What are the odds these accounts are run by young, loud, differently-employed (or unemployed) progressives, not actual bureaucrats? That kind of tweet could easily come from some reddit twerp.

      1. Honest

        1. Dammit.

          Honestly, I would not be surprised if an FDA bureaucrat comes across that way, but they definitely have not done anything that indicates insider knowledge.

          In response to above:

          @alt_fda Like what DHMO is and that it can kill you but it usually takes a lot.

          Definitely could pass for smug unemployed imbecile.

      2. If nothing else, it presents a great opportunity to troll. Pretend to be the ATF, and then complain how Trump is going to cut off the flow of guns to Mexico, or whatever.

  11. PSA:

    Daytona qualifying live now on

    A new year of motor racing begins.

    1. You know what would really freak everybody out? If they turned right.

      1. People tend to die when they do that.

        1. Not with hans

      2. Wait for Watkin’s Glen.

    2. I may follow IMSA this year… I gave up on Indycar when they decided to go back to spec aero by 2018. The problem is that I need something that either streams for free or is on local channels, and that’s either NAPCAR or nothing.

      1. I’ve been able to stream a good number of stages from WRC.

  12. there is no good reason that any information, data, studies, and reports that federal agencies produce should be kept from the public and press. In any case, I will be following the Alt_Bureaucracy feeds for a while.

    Assuming the information, data, studies and reports aren’t deliberately constructed misinformation.

    1. That’s the beauty of what Trump is doing. By calling absolutely everything into question, to include obviously smaller crowd sizes, he is delegitimizing every single criticism of him. That is genius but also scary. The 4th estate was already finished in this country as a totally politicized scam.

      Now when they get it right and rightly scrutinize the president for what will surely be some sketchy over the top shit, he will skate.

      1. They spent all their ammo. If Trump started personally executing disabled transgender Muslim black girls on the White House lawn, they’d have no adjectives kept in reserve that they haven’t already used to describe him. He’s rhetorically guilty of those things already according to The Narrative?, so what’s new about him beating baby seals to death with their own pussies? Big deal.

      2. They can’t ‘get it right’.

        They’ve been exposed as an arm of the left–attacking the right is just an extension of that.

    2. If those came about because of government grants then that is exactly what they are. Bought and paid for.

      1. I wonder how much politically derived finance has played into the reproducability crisis in science. My wager: +90%

        1. Some years ago I listened to a congressional hearing on whether or not to allow high ranking employees of drug companies to continue working at the FDA as consultants. The whole hearing was just naked self interest on the part of the employees.

          “You should let us continue because we are getting a shit-ton of money for it and we like that”

          Not once did the interests of science or medical care come up.

          It’s a snake-pit. A cesspool. Your wager is correct. 100% is in the +90% range.

  13. How many of those Twitter accounts will turn out to be fakes?

      1. I’m guessing it will be most of them. Let’s face it, people are dumb enough to mock the boss behind his back, and proggies are pretty fucking stupid, but it takes a special kind of stupid to mock someone who controls all the intelligence agencies and can pretty quickly figure out who you are to make sure you get fired.

        If they “care about the environment” like they claim or even about their jobs, they’re probably not doing this.

        1. The NPS employees are dumb enough to do it.

          1. Maybe. I won’t rule it out entirely, but if they think anyone will actually shed tears for low level peons as they martyr themselves, they’ll be sad to find out when even the media who are largely on their side don’t give a fuck a couple of days later.

    1. I did see a tweet from one of these handles saying it was here for any disgruntled employees to leak information, they just need to contact the twitter handle. Talk about a honeypot.

      (and if it doesn’t qualify as a honeypot, shut up)

      1. (and if it doesn’t qualify as a honeypot, shut up)

        You need to watch The Americans, son. That show has honeypots like whoa.

        1. +1 Keri Russell

        2. And of course the Archer episode “The Honeypot.”

          1. That’s my go-to reference. It’s possible I wasn’t aware of the term until that episode. I wasn’t big on spy movies growing up.

          2. The IMDB image for that episode is just so fantastic.

        3. I was really sad about that one woman whose joints he had to dislocate in order to fit into a suitcase.

  14. Employees posting messages to public forums actively criticizing the management of the company are subject to immediate termination (as some have found out the hard way). It should be no different for public employees.

    1. pretty much where I landed.
      Some people were saying they have 1st amendment rights. They do, as individual people. Their job is part of the executive branch, and Trump is now their boss. Work talk is in his control, right?

      1. If they believe the new administration (their bosses) are doing the wrong things, they should push back from within, or quit and go public. No one gets to blast the boss in a public forum and expect to keep their job.

      2. They presented themselves as employees of the executive branch, i.e. speaking as a representative, not as private citizen DopeyMcstupid. Trump will probably fire their asses and rightfully so.

        This time next year these bunch and a lot more are going to be pumping gas or flipping burgers. Oh, wait…automation. Good, they will be on unemployment and welfare, victims of the leviathan they helped breath life into.

        This is quite delicious.

        1. It’s open mutiny. They should all walk the plank.

          The gentlemen’s agreement has always been the bureaucracy always resists quietly through inertia. This really quite shocking.

          1. They have nothing to lose. He promised to shed a hefty majority of the fed employee fat. I think he used the number 75% or maybe more. Even if he only does 1/3 of that it would be substantial. They are rats on a sinking ship and they are in a panic.

            1. “There’s your libertarian moment!”

              1. Or Trumpocolypse for fake libertarians.

            2. They have nothing to lose.

              IIRC you are not eligible for unemployment benefits if you are fired. If they had simply STFU, and waited for their positions to be eliminated (aka layed off) they would be eligible for unemployment benefits.

              1. The only time UE doesn’t pay is when the employer can prove the employee quit. Firing is never a base reason to deny UE claims. This is true even for employees fired for criminal offenses like theft, even when the employer is willing to fight. And given small businesses mostly don’t know how to fight, it rarely happens that UE claims are objected to by employers, even on good grounds.

                Auth one exception, to accept UE,you have to be willing to accept a reasonable job offer. So quitting is an automatic UE decline, but only if the employer furnishes proof within the claim process.

                Note: I’m not intending any of this to imply agreement, but it is, or at least was 10 years ago, the reality of UE.

        2. Not to mention, the WTF mission of Badland National Park concerns climate change? Their job is to run an open air amusement park.

          If the tweets were really from a former employee, which I doubt, why did they still have access to the account? That’s more grounds for firing current NPS employees, not a defense. And criminal investigations (followed by prosecutions) of the former employee who tweeted using the park account will be opened for accessing the account without authorization and fraudulently purporting to be a government agency, right?

    2. Should has no place on the left.

    3. Which points to the major problems of public bureaucracies everywhere. Their primary goal is to preserve themselves, not serve current politicians or the public.

      1. They’re the modern equivalent of a priest caste.

    4. Oh, and I fucking hate seeing agency symbols (trademarks) attached to private communications to give “legitimacy” to private opinions.

      1. I don’t think the government can copyright or trademark things. But I believe it is a crime to impersonate a government official, and use of the agency seal in a non-official context might rise to that.

        1. Also, even if not copyrighted/trademarked there is probably some special legislation prohibiting those seals for being used for non-official purposes.

          1. Yes, I believe this is true.

            “trademark” was the only word that popped out of my overtaxed brain today.

    5. Honestly, I just think these are crappy employees that need to be fired.

      That said, it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to argue that establishing illegitimate clones of government agencies is an attempt to establish a shadow government. I’m not sure what section of the U.S. Code that would fall under, but I think the penalties are a little stiffer than losing your job.

  15. Vive la Tweetsistance!

    1. If the word “tweetsistance” catches on and becomes a thing, i am going to track you down and slap you on the back of the head.

      1. LOL! I’ll deserve it.

      2. Renaissantwat?

      3. Bullshit, I’mma buy him a bottle of scotch. That’s so awesomely stupid, it has to catch on!


        1. That’s so awesomely stupid, it has to catch on!

          Sadly, this. It’s only the really stupid shit that catches on and becomes a #hashtag.

  16. The real question is why aren’t we releasing our own alternative facts under altGov twitter handles?

    1. ‘Cause we’re too fuckin’ classy, tard.

      1. dammit, so true

        *adjusts bowtie*

    2. This page was a lot funnier during his tenure. Highlights like this or his “Im against auditing the Federal Reserve, and not because I have something to hide. It would be wasteful spending, and I’m a fiscal conservative.”

      1. still funny

        1. It is. I’m responsible for a few of the ones in the 2012 election cycle, there were some hilarious comments from everyone that would end up in an a new picture or post.
          I think the same man is behind the Yellen one now, but I don’t use facebook for it anymore.

          1. You know who else doesn’t use Facebook anymore?

  17. That the leftists are getting excited about a “resistance” that consists of fedgov social media drones is a good indicator of the strength of said “resistance.”

    1. It is a government if Top Men, by Top Men, and for Top Men, because the state electorates chose the wrong guy.

      Why do you think the Left should have a problem with that?

  18. A veritable flood of anonymous alternative Twitter feeds are tweeting…

    Are any of those feeds bots? Is it possible to find out?

  19. maybe tweets will take him down too


  20. How do we even know these are “real” government alt twitters?

    uhm, I just hurt my own brain with that.

    But couldn’t I set up realalt_NASA@twitter and spew shite all day long? The set up reallyrealALT_weathergov@twitter and send out provocative tweets all day?

    Isn’t this basic insurgency and counter insurgency stuff? Let alone, it might be a lot of fun. Well for someone.

  21. Yeah, because it’s such a good thing that unelected statists are showing who really runs the government, them.

    Libertarian moment! The bureaucracy is flexing its might.

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