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Trump Orders EPA to Take Down Its Climate Change Page, Says Reuters

Sending a strong signal to the permanent bureaucracy that there's a new sheriff in town?



As of midnight January 24, the Environmental Protection Agency's climate change webpage and links were still up and operating. Among the important data that the agency collects and maintains is the inventory of greenhouse gas emissions trends in the United States. It is true that the EPA website is reporting the consensus view that climate change in recent decades is largely the result of increases in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases generated from burning fossil fuels. But slashing and burning data that both skeptics and alarmists use would be stupid.

Reuters reported:

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website, two agency employees told Reuters, the latest move by the newly minted leadership to erase ex-President Barack Obama's climate change initiatives.

The employees were notified by EPA officials on Tuesday that the administration had instructed EPA's communications team to remove the website's climate change page, which contains links to scientific global warming research, as well as detailed data on emissions. The page could go down as early as Wednesday, the sources said.

Climate science is politicized from top-to-bottom. Of course, the current holdover EPA website is promoting Obama administration policies aimed at cutting greenhouse gases that President Trump has vowed to overturn. Obviously, those webpages will change as the new administration develops its own plans and policies. In contrast to views of those advising the Trump administration, the Obama administration also argued that climate model projections are sufficiently robust to guide policy.

If Reuters' sources are accurate, it's pretty clear that the haste with which Trump and his minions are acting is meant to send a strong signal to the permanent bureaucracy that there's a new sheriff in town. Presumably the actual data on things such as sources and amounts of greenhouse gases are not being erased and access to them will be restored quickly. It will be interesting to see how "alternative" the new Trump administration's EPA climate change webpages will turn out to be.

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  1. Now I would like to see him fold up the EPA. Their global warming website is a good place to start, just don’t stop there.

    1. Shit, as long as we’re wishing, I’d like to see a criminal investigation of that EPA-caused mine spill, given the accusations (with at least some corroborating evidence) that it was deliberate. Maybe a thorough investigation of its role in the Flint and DC lead-in-drinking-water stories too.

      1. And let’s have federal employees lead the way on environmental standards. Minimal use of heating and AC, super-lo-flow toilets and per-employee TP rations, the lowest wattage bulbs possible (no, not their employees, I mean literally). Strict output requirements for each hour of electricity-gobbling computer time used. No air travel permitted for work purposes without special dispensation. No water wasted on frivolity like lawns. No electricity wasted on luxuries like refrigerators or coffee makers. Replace all windows with thick insulation. Minimal use of paper permitted. Departments should pay a carbon tax (to be redistributed to the people as a refundable tax credit) for their activities, the activities of their contractors, and any activity undertaken in compliance with their regulations. I’m sure we can do even more.

        1. that would be the greatest. “You want everyone to live in a Socialist Green Paradise? Let’s start with you!”

        2. So I know in New army bathrooms they have kids flow urinals and the bathrooms reek of stake urine.

        3. The EPA also is needed to make sure companies pay for the true cost of making their products. It’s not like other public agencies have done a good job of holding companies accountable for polluting rivers, local water bodies, air . If some regulations go too far, you demand your local rep work to change them with other reps. But just bashing the EPA as not needed means you have to come up with an alternate model that makes sure private companies bear the TRUE COST of doing business. That’s a true free market.

      2. I’d like to see a criminal investigation of that EPA-caused mine spill, given the accusations (with at least some corroborating evidence) that it was deliberate. Maybe a thorough investigation of its role in the Flint and DC lead-in-drinking-water stories too.


      3. Fuck that shit. Disband the DEA. There are no grounds for it in the Constitution. Jeff Sessions should spend some time in a rape cage, though nobody would want to rape his wrinkly, leaky ass. However, I’m sure that many would be willing to drive a piece of rebar through his ears. If only I had an Aladdin’s lamp.

        1. I am having trouble sussing out your feelings on this issue, gao…. 🙂

    2. Yeah, people like you would cause the country to become like Beijing. Look at India and what environmental neglect can do to a country. If the EPA has crazy regulations, we need to work to get rid of the ones that make no sense. The lesson from Flint should have been not to get rid of the EPA as an oversight to the local authorities, but to fire the people in the EPA who were slow to react even if they had no direct involvement in the mess.

  2. And Trump, as we all know, is a scientific genius.

    1. He is a genius at marketing. And your fellow liberals made sociology, MBAs, and all sorts of BS disciplines equal in merit to hard sciences – so that makes Trump a scientific genius, in a way.

      1. His “military (school) experience” proves that.

    2. Scientific genius, as the rest of us know, wasn’t the job he was elected to.

      But… Obama has some spare time now and can get right back to work in the lab.

      After finding the cure for fossil fuels and racism, he’s really the only one we can trust. Look at his wife, she even cured nutrition and farming. We should never forget their deep scientific accomplishments, and deep compassion for others.

      1. I prefer Melania’s experience. I’m sure that I’m superior to Trump as far as sex toys and perversion goes. Hell, invite Ivanka too.

        1. go on…

          1. And Margaret Thatcher too! NO discriminating against the dead, here!

    3. Poor Tony, Trump just inherited King Obama’s awesome powers. I wonder if Trump added Rosie O’Donnell to the secret kill list inherited from King Obama?

    4. Dilbert says persuader… excuse me… Persuador. Think of Pastor Flash of The Powerhouse Temple of the Presumptuous Assumption of the Bliiiiiiiinding Light!

      Now have some hot buttered groat clusters as we celebrate the replacement of Tigger the Tiger with separate-but-equal altar-ego Tony the Tiger? from Exxon? and Kellogs? Hallelulia! Ban everything BUT energy!

  3. In all fairness, meteorologists have a difficult time predicting weather phenomena ten days in advance – I am curious how impartial the scientists were (those who devised those long-term climate models).

    1. You make a valid point, even if it’s the most candy ass way of saying the whole thing is a scam.
      Just commit, you agnostic wimp.

      However, are you aware that Al Gore has a new movie out?
      It is supposed to contain science stuff that says Mother Earth hates us.

      1. If it were so easy to commit, I would have been married by now.
        But I can’t help but notice that the whole climate change conversation focuses on the costs of certain forecasted changes, and there is no mention whatsoever of the benefits (warmer climates are strongly correlated with much better health and lower mortality; tapping into agricultural areas farther and farther north, in the vast expanses of Canada and Russia would seriously decrease food prices; melting icebergs would mean a NorthWest passage is possible, lowering shipping costs, etc). Plus, I like the heat and cannot stand the cold (defined as 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below, for those of you in the land of the free and the brave).

    2. They included a ?10% margin of error every 10 years.

  4. I predict a rough ride ahead for the lefties. It is overdue.

    1. I would recommend a desensitizing lubricant for them.

      Hell, they should even treat themselves to something ribbed w/ trigger spot nubs.

    2. I prefer a rough ride ahead for everyone. Especially for Melania if she shows up at my place.

      1. Wait until your parents are asleep before you sneak her into the basement.

        1. oh, the euphemisms

  5. I wish I could see the look on Obama’s face as he helplessly watches Trump take a machete to his legacy. I remember Steven Chu complaining that all the did all day long, every day, was cut checks to green cronies. He couldn’t write them fast enough.

    It looks like Trump is making good on his promise to make the wheels come off of their gravy train. Oh the anguish! No more shill-bucks for bullshit global warming studies!

  6. Uh oh Reason, the ACLU decided to come out against civil liberties again. And in direct opposition to your current hobby horse! Whatcha gonna do about it?

    The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

    1. The link is to a twit page that doesnt contain a single true statement and every word of the ACLU description in your comment is false.

      It is amazing that the left still thinks they can invent a narrative that flies in the face of reality and sell that bill of goods. And they are still scratching their heads trying to figure out why they cant win elections.

    2. Not difficult to understand why these various (leftist) groups are coming out against school choice. If their voters were to get a real education, their voting habits might change.

    3. The ACLU is a leftist nonprofit.

      I want to like the ACLU, I really do, because on paper they support civil liberties. Its the American Civil Liberties Union.

      In reality they pick some civil liberties that play big with the left and downplay others. Gun rights under the 2nd Amendment come to mind and they have barely supported that civil liberty since the ACLU’s founding in 1920.

      The recent phenomena seems to be spending ACLU resources on made up civil liberties like keeping “hate groups” out of the white house.

      Funny how the ACLU did not have so many causes under Obama.

      1. They also reversed their position on religious liberties. They were a main supporter of RFRA when it was first passed, but backed away a couple of years ago when religious liberty became totally uncool.

        They’re not a civil liberties group

      2. And I’d be OK with them totally staying out of 2A issues, but they are betraying themselves on 1A and other issues. Sad. I remember when they fought for the 1A rights of Illinois Nazis to march in heavily-Jewish Skokie; today they would probably come down on the other side of that issue.

    4. Except for people that support the second and second amendment. And Title IX.

    5. data for vouchers is less forthcoming than the mountain of RCTs supporting charters for urban disadvantaged kids.

      the ACLU can go pound themselves in the ass about charter schools.

    6. The American (selective) Civil Liberties (for some) Union is a joke. They’re just a leftist rag and are not to be taken seriously.

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    1. Post this up at the EPA, you might pick up some business.

  8. These first 2 days… Christ almighty… Trump just might be the savior after all.

    I had YUUUGE doubts about the guy when he was running. I figured all the good stuff was not going to happen, and if anything he’d follow through on the more mainline stuff he was espousing, which was of course mostly bad.

    I think we may still be in for some of his bad ideas too, but by God the man seems to really be following through with completely kicking over the apple cart. The hiring freeze, immediately going for the throat on a lot of these regulations, he’s undoubtedly going to go after the tax cuts and Obamacare too… Frankly I am very impressed. I admitted to my father that he MAY end up being awesome like this, but I thought it was slim odds. He really does seem to be in there aiming to completely shred everything stupid and cut out a LOT of the nonsense at the federal level.

    I mean 10 trillion dollars in spending cuts for fucks sake. That’s BADASS. He wants to use part of that to cut taxes: Good. Part of that for infrastructure spending: Could be decent if it’s good infrastructure spending… And Military: We don’t really need more military spending, but I guess it could be worse. None the less if he cuts net spending by 5 trillion or so as I’ve seen reported, along with the lower taxes and regulations, that really could be a major kick in the pants for the real economy. Let’s hope the man stays the course, because he’s off to an awesome first couple days as far as things go!

    1. It’s early and there’s plenty of time for him to screw up but I’m optimistic too. So far, pretty good.

      1. I think it is a mistake to postpone a SCOTUS justice nominee. I am optimistic about all the leveraging against bureaucrats in these 6 days of office but a constitutionalist justice would impact the lefties for decades. Plus, did you see RBG? She is not going to make it 4 more years, which is another opportunity to nominate a constitutionalist justice. 2 Trump appointed justices would provide an endless supply of salty lefty tears

        1. He’s probably waiting for his cabinet to get through first.

        2. It would be good to have a new justice sooner rather than later, but the priority really does need to be with the executive branch appointments because the work of the administrative state continues day and night under acting heads. I would say the Supreme Court is more important but less urgent than these other matters.

        3. That and rewrite the 14th Amendment to begin: “All ova fertilized…”

      2. Yup. Like I said I’m sure he WILL do dumb stuff. I have no doubt. He doesn’t seem to be politically knowledgeable enough to avoid several of the flaws in “mainstream” (AKA non libertarian) political thinking. That said, for me it’s a matter of what things I think are more important. To me most of the stuff he’s bad on is stupid shit around the periphery, things I don’t care about much personally (even if I am philosophically against his point of view), or things that I just don’t think will do much harm either way.

        Cutting off government funding for birth control juuust doesn’t quite shake me to my core, even though I’m ok with abortions or birth control for the most part. Government shouldn’t be in it in the first place right? So don’t care, also less government is good.

        I don’t think he’s going to end free speech by blasting the media when they ARE totally going out of their way to slander him/distort his statements. He’s just exercising his right to bitch as far as I’m concerned. I think the slanted media needs a good chewing out myself anyway. Anyone who can’t admit they heavily tilt left for the most part is high out of their minds. So once again, don’t care.

      3. Illegal immigrants? He wants to kick ’em out (maybe just the “bad ones” or maybe all of them), and possibly fix the process to make legal immigration more sensible. Sounds reasonable to me. I have no issues there, especially since I don’t believe in open borders as being a major libertarian point to give a fuck about in the first place.

        Racism? He’s not really been very racist in the first place. 90% of it has been minor “thought crimes” spoken aloud which were blown out of proportion by the media. Even if he is personally a tinge racist I don’t think it’s going to change policies or anybodies lives for the worse because of it. So whatever.

        The trade thing is perhaps the biggest thing that could mess anything up, but I don’t really think he’s really going to slap 40% tariffs on anybody… And anything less than that simply won’t be that big a deal. The trade thing is a trade off after all. Higher consumer prices, but more domestic jobs WILL help the economy in some respects, and hurt it in others. Is there a net gain? Who knows. But if it’s a net downside it won’t be HUGE. Plus FUCK COMMUNIST CHINA. LOL

      4. Those are most of the biggest gripes anybody could have, and I just don’t see any of them as a big deal. Cutting the federal government down by double digit percentages and slashing regulation… THAT could have a big effect, but it’ll be all good. So we’ll see how it goes. People need to watch him like a hawk and bust his balls if he does get properly out of line on anything. The thing about him vs other politicians is he is completely beholden to the people since NOBODY in the political class has his back. So he KNOWS he needs to keep the support of the half of the country that voted for him. He knows if he doesn’t he’s a 1 termer, or even less if he gets so unpopular people are ok with him being impeached for some minor offense. So that’s one more reason I think he may stay on the straight and narrow.

        We’ll see! Whatever the case I like the first couple days compared to any other president I’ve ever heard of!

    2. End the War on (some) drugs and I’d support the Raccoon Head in Chief 100%.

      1. Raccoon? Sirrah, that is the finest fox pelt money can buy!

        1. Thunderation, thar’s enough varmints inside the Beltway to provide the raw material for a Million Davy Crockett Hat March

  9. If you ever look at the webpages of government bureaucracies that actually focus on publishing useful data, they rarely look a damned thing like the screenshot you have posted. Usually all the bells and whistles are focused on data extraction, rather than slick graphics and “What…effects are we already seeing? (There’s no “BEA NIPA Accounts for Kids” on the BEA website, as just one example). What this suggests to me is that the EPA’s Climate Change page was a lot more about political propaganda than data dissemination. If the new administration simply focuses on data dissemination on their website, they’ll have done the public a huge service.

    1. That’s crazy talk. How are you going to push an international scheme to siphon money from the first world to the third world (and politically connected environmental groups) with data dissemination?

      1. CC isn’t about transferring wealth from first to third world. Like all wealth transfer schemes, it may appear that way by m but it’s about transferring wealth from the unconnected to the politically connected classes.

    2. Good point about data vs. propaganda.

    3. Spot on. Just look at the .gov economic analysis websites for an example of how this is supposed to work.

      Data collection and dissemination is one of the few things that the government does well. They should expand that model to other areas. I recall an Op-Ed written in the Journal that provided a model for how the EPA could open-source drug approvals in such a way, which would be both a boon for liberty and a nice real-world counterargument to the “libertarians / Republicans have no practical solutions, they only want to collapse the system” nonsense.

  10. The data will still be what it is, and if it isn’t presently available elsewhere, I’m sure it soon will be.

    In related news, Ars Technica reported that the Center for Disease Control just cancelled a conference on the health effects of climate change–turned out it wasn’t a directive from the Trump administration that canceled it. They just canceled the conference themselves pending further direction from the new administration.


    Makes me wonder how much of this stuff really was just alarmist salesmanship blessed by the Obama administration.

    Again, the data on whatever link between health and climate change will still be what it is–even if the CDC isn’t actively selling alarmism.

    1. “I can see the writing on the wall. Kodachrome….”

  11. That media communications freeze really didn’t last long did it?

    1. The freeze was declared for situations such as this.

      “I ordered a communications freeze. You communicated with the media. You’re fired.”

      1. Eliminating the EPA one employee at a time.

  12. climate model projections are sufficiently robust to guide policy

    i’m gonna need a citation for that.

    1. All the article says is that the Obama administration argued this.

      1. That one never gets old.

  13. Timely with this piece is close by, there is a refresher piece on Love Canal.

    Trump should order the EPA to post the 1981 Reason piece on Love Canal that put everything in perspective:


    Hell, Love Canal is reason enough to order the EPA to take down, not erase the data, but simply stop headlining, in what seems to be all-caps their “climate change” stuff.

    1. Brilliant! I remember that like it was yesterday. One minute the greedy, profit-making Love Canal was poised to murder every man, woman, fetus and puppy in These States. Then Reason published the heretical ravings of Denier Eric Zuess and every newspaper, magazine, government-regulated radio and government-licensed teevee station instantly changed the subject and went back to shrieking about how Three Mile Island might have _already_ killed everyone on the planet, but we simply hadn’t yet realized it. That issue sole out entirely and Reason had to fall back on selling xeroxed reprints.

    2. Everyone on earth should read that one. Classic bureaucrat scum.

      Under the circumstances of the deed language alone, Hooker should have only been liable at some time in the future for perhaps seepage into adjacent private property only.
      Even then, they should have the right to default to regulation, of which they were complicit.

      Of course that lends to the correct argument of eliminating regulation. Contract and private property rights are all that matters.
      Fascinating and proof again that the EPA is just a Marxists collection of crazies anyway.

    3. That was a really great piece he researched and wrote. More like that, please, REASON!

  14. The relevant info is temperatures. Republican Creation Science says there is no population explosion and that Jesus created the world 4000 years ago. Democratic, Green and Communist Party Climate Science denies this and reverently calculates successive dates for CO2 (NOT water vapor) to make the ice caps disappear (that date was 2016). Tony Heller at realclimatescience dotcom gives away free software you can use to download climate data from “public” servers, that is, servers owned by Republican and Democratic party politicians and bureaucrats. Data gathered from thermometers next to AC heat exhausts, or around which asphalt parking lots are recently built or from nonExistent thermometers, show The End Is Nigh. Data from satellites show No Change in temperatures since Saint Albert was burned at the stake by Green party spoiler votes. The Religion in power is simply removing the competing Church from using the State to spread its Gospel of abstinence, fines and imprisonment.

    1. Seriously! While rome burns and the world wrings their hands arguing over a THEORY, perhaps the best thing to do would be to post every single opinion and theory about this unsolved conundrum on the government website.

      After all, what kind of brain dead zombie goes to federal websites in search of useful information?

      While trump is at it though, he should post all Scientific FACT that was published during the 1970s that argued that capitalism and evil business was causing Global Cooling.

      For morons like Tony and Jason, they have to be honest in that the EPA and climate science as a whole is simply rooted in Marxists ignorance and hatred of capitalist profits. That’s it.

    1. What’s even better is what they have there now: Our very own Reason magazine with Ron Bailey.

      1. Thank God the West Wing still has someplace to turn to for monthly deadpan data on the rate of climate change they want ignored.


  15. “What climate change effects are we already seeing?”
    Well, whenever I see Melania I get really hot under the collar!!

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