Donald Trump

Will the Trump Administration Be Good For Liberland?

The "sovereign state" is hopeful President Trump will offer "silent support" for international recognition.


Will the Trump administration be good for Liberland, the self-described "sovereign state" of unpopulated land nestled between Croatia and Serbia? That's what Vit Jedlicka—the president and founder of the not-quite-country—is hoping.

Liberland's motto is "to live and let live" and its mission is to become an autonomous country built on economic and personal freedom with as little government interference as possible.

While in Washington, D.C. last week for President Donald Trump's inauguration, Jedlicka told the Washington Post, "What we are looking for here is the silent support for what we are doing with our administration…and also hopefully get Liberland fully recognized in a couple of years from now."

Conceding that Trump's trade protectionism is in direct opposition to Liberland's preference for free trade, Jedlicka remains encouraged by Trump's predilection to ignore or do away with long-established U.S. foreign policy—including cutting back on the U.S. commitment to NATO and possibly moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem—moves which Jedlicka believes bode well for the possibility of U.S. recognition of Liberland.

Jedlicka says Trump's controversial call with Taiwan's president was "a good sign of his openness to changing the paradigm in international politics."

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