Anthony L. Fisher on Red Eye Tonight, Talking Trump Protests, Spicer Pressers, and Naked Fitness

Set your DVRs for 3am on Fox News Channel.


I'm talkin' here.
Fox News Channel

Set your DVRs or stay up to the ungodly hour of 3am tonight to watch me on Fox News' late-night gabfest Red Eye with Tom Shillue, where I'll be appearing alongside Howard Stern Show writer Shuli Egar, comedian Tom Dillon, and Bustle Trends' Senior Director Jessica Tarlov.

Scheduled topics include the various stages of protesting Donald Trump, the anger directed at Taylor Swift for not protesting Trump, the increasing animosity between the Trump administration and the political news media, and the trend that's probably not a trend of naked exercise.

Check out my interview with Red Eye's inimitable ombudsman Andy Levy below:

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  1. Fisher always produces high quality alt text.

    1. Yeah but his screencaps also always make him look like an idiot man-child.

  2. Andy(Cleopatra) Levy is my spirit animal.

  3. “the increasing animosity between the Trump administration and the political news media”

    What the hell do you mean INCREASING?!?! The media have held Trump in obvious contempt for years. Sure, it kind of got focussed by his campaign, but it’s a little hard to say it actually got any WORSE. As for Trump; he has always treated the Media like the yapping little rat dogs they are.

    Maybe everybody expected Trump to be overawed by the Majesty of the White House Traditions regarding the Sacred Press, but I’m sure I don’t know why. He’s treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve, and they are squawking like stuck hens about it. Pfui. Maybe back before Nixon, when the Media were prepared to do some actual reporting instead of just repeating the talking points of the Democrat Party, this would be worth worrying about. As it is, I care rather less than I care about Trump’s position on boxers vs briefs.

    1. I suspect that one of the few things the Donald and I have in common is that we are both proudly rocking the hammock.

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