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Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer Got Punched in the Face, and That's Wrong

Rioters at President Trump's inauguration just don't get it.



There were isolated examples of violence and property destruction at the Trump inauguration protests in Washington, D.C. on Friday—and one of the victims was alt-right leader Richard Spencer.

Spencer, who can accurately be described as a white nationalist, was being interviewed on camera when a protester walked up to him and punched him in the face.

Spencer holds truly reprehensible views, and he deserves less of the media's attention. But he doesn't deserve what he got today. Violence is never okay, no matter how despicable its target.

Striking Spencer isn't just morally wrong—it's tactically foolish. It allows him to play the victim. It directs the spotlight toward him. And, inevitably, it grants him sympathy.

Don't fight fascism by acting like a fascist.

Video of @RichardBSpencer getting punched by protester.

— The Current Year (@TheeCurrentYear) January 20, 2017