Donald Trump Is a Jerk, but That Does Not Make Meryl Streep an Underdog

The award-winning movie star implausibly portrays herself and her famous friends as vilified dissidents.



Accepting a lifetime achievement award at yesterday's Golden Globes ceremony, Meryl Streep demonstrated once again the uncanny ability of anti-Trump celebrities to alienate potential allies while reinforcing the anti-P.C. backlash that helps explain the billionaire bully's improbable rise as a truth-telling champion of the common man. Streep, who opened by saying she had lost her voice "in screaming and lamentation this weekend," offered some accurate criticism of Trump but wrapped it in a condescending, self-congratulatory package of progressive smugness.

I basically agree with the heart of Streep's speech, which recalled Trump's mockery of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski's physical disability as a revealing low point of the president-elect's campaign:

There was one performance this year that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good; there was nothing good about it. But it was effective, and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth. It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can't get it out of my head, because it wasn't in a movie. It was real life. And this instinct to humiliate, when it's modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody's life, because it kinda gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect; violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.

Trump was not disciplined enough to avoid looking like a cruel eighth-grader, but he is smart enough to understand that he did not come off well in that episode, which is why he has repeatedly insisted it was not what it looked like. He did so again when The New York Times asked him about Streep's speech. "I was never mocking anyone," Trump told the Times. "I was calling into question a reporter who had gotten nervous because he had changed his story….People keep saying I intended to mock the reporter's disability, as if Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, and I did no such thing." As disturbing as Trump's Serge Kovaleski impression was, his dishonest defense of it may be even more troubling, since it illustrates our next president's tendency to lie rather than admit a mistake (as does his wild claim about New Jersey Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks, which he was trying to justify when he made fun of Kovaleski).

Although Streep made a valid point about Trump's character, her speech as a whole was off-putting because of the way it flattered her audience at the award ceremony while gratuitously insulting Americans with different political and cultural preferences. "You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now," she told the foreign critics, movie stars, and TV actors at the Beverly Hilton. "Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners, and the press."

Noting that Hollywood employs "a bunch of people from other places," Streep recited the birthplaces, several of them foreign, of the award nominees listening to her speech. "Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners," she said. "And if we kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts."

Thus did Meryl Streep, a rich, successful, widely admired, award-winning movie star, implausibly portray herself as a vilified outsider while dismissing many, if not most, of her fellow Americans as yokels with no appreciation for "the arts" (which evidently include She-Devil and Mamma Mia! but not Monday Night Football). And where did Streep get the idea that Trump, a cultural liberal who is himself a representative of Hollywood as a reality TV star and producer, either embraces the social-conservative critique of the entertainment industry or wants to prevent foreign-born creators and performers from participating in it? Trump, who married a model from Czechoslovakia and another from Slovenia, floated several alarming immigration proposals during his campaign, but they did not include any policy that would preclude Ruth Negga, Ryan Gosling, or Dev Patel from working in the United States.

Streep, a Hillary Clinton supporter who spoke at the Democratic convention last summer, has trouble distinguishing between Trump's actual faults and those of the cultural reactionaries she imagines populate the Republican Party. That confusion is necessary because she is determined to portray herself and her rich and famous friends as besieged dissidents. But the fact that Donald Trump is a jerk does not make Meryl Streep an underdog.

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  1. You know who else portrayed himself and his famous friends as vilified dissidents…

    1. Donald Trump?

      1. In this regard, we should take urgent measures to silence the deplorable “satirists” who continue to mock our national leader. Building on precident as well as on legislation that we can poetically call “Poe’s Wall” (for “wall” is merely “law” written backwards), let us erect a great digital barrier, and cut back on the “free speech” nonsense that we keep hearing from the lying media. Surely no one here would dare to defend the unpresidented “First Amendment dissent” of a single, isolated judge in our nation’s leading criminal “parody” case? See the documentation at:

    2. Lex Luthor?

      1. Why didn’t he run for president this year, he could have won (again)

        1. Works in government and doesn’t know the constitutional laws. How typical. Recommend you do a little bit of research, UnCivilServant, and answer your own question. King O would gladly do another term, if he wasn’t prevented from doing so by law.

          1. He were joshin’

    3. SugarFree?

    4. Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili?

    5. Neville Chamberlain?

    6. Some spazz reporter?

    7. Doc Holliday?

    8. Treyvon Martin?

    9. My mom!

    10. Johnny Fuckerfaster!

    11. Mr. Mxyzptlk.

    12. What’s the difference between “acting like a jerk” and being a jerk? Isn’t this a form of profiling – like bigotry?
      Perhaps I perceive he acts like a jerk because I’m a jerk – sort of like Meryl Streep?

  2. To Holywood – emnity towards you is not because of who you are, it is because of how you act. And my that I don’t mean the poor performances in front of the cameras for cash, I mean the general condescention and cluelessness (which sometimes bleeds over into the performances for which you are paid).

    1. When I think of oppressed outsiders, Hollywood actors are the first people that come to mind.

      1. You don’t understand. Why, why, they might either not get or have to turn down invitations to the White House!!! They’ve been expelled from the political system!

        1. I mean, I was thinking about the *film* The Outsiders with Ralph Macchio and Tom Cruise and Matt Dylan. I bet that’s was Ms. Streep was talking about, right?

          She couldn’t seriously think that all of her friends in the coke-fueled orgy aboard the private plane to Monoco are the *real* persecuted minorities right? That’s a plot twist so crazy, not even I can suspend disbelief.

          1. Before the times of troubles they used to all be able to take separate private jets with separate coke fueled orgies. Now they are reduced to ride sharing.

            Meryl Streep is brave to talk about the injustice we all know exists, but are too scared to mention.

          2. Coke filled orgies? You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    2. The dingo ate my baby!

      1. …and he was fucking delicious (not the dingo)

  3. …next president’s tendency to lie rather than admit a mistake

    I thought that was politics 101.

    1. Oh my god. Wait till Hillary hears about this!!!

      1. I don’t think she needs any tutoring.

    2. how could you tell he was lying?…his lips were moving. how could you tell she was going to lie?…she breathed in.

    3. And the other major party candidate was Hilary Clinton. Obviously neither party considered that trait disqualifying.

  4. Trump’s mockery of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s physical disability

    Sullum, you are a piece of shit liar. John Stossel wrote a piece for this very rag where he said that Trump was not making fun of the handicapped. Of course, in today’s upside down world, perhaps calling someone, Republican leaders in this case, “retarded” IS making fun of the handicapped. Trump is so horrible that you have to make things up about him? Pathetic.

    1. You know who else thought that if you tell a lie loudly enough and often enough it becomes the truth?

      1. Hilary Clinton?

        1. Hey, isn’t that the woman who dodged Bosnian sniper fire?

      2. Donald Trump?

      3. Bill Weld?

      4. Saint Ralph the Liar?

      5. George Costanza?

      6. McCloud!

    2. yeh, Sullum should be smart enough to avoid regurgitating DNC propaganda. I saw the speech and Trump was mocking the reporter’s weasely behavior. It never came across as mocking his physical appearance.

      1. Without having seen it, the MSM are able to twist and bitchslap the truth, to make it “Seems like…”

        Pathetic, don’tcha think?

    3. Easy killer, maybe he didn’t get the memo.

    4. Not only did Stossel write a piece, on his TV show, he ran video of Trump making the same gestures towards Ted Cruz and some other person.

    5. If the Stossel attribution is correct, then Sullum’s dishonest claim “may be even more troubling, since it illustrates…. the tendency to lie rather than admit a mistake.” Otherwise (again if what you say is true) apparently Stossel must be lying also! Cripe…
      The articles, editorials, and vanilla stances have become rather tiresome here. No fire, no fury. Just a handful of minor whines and half-hearted, head-scratchers over pop culture hypocrisy. Was only a few years ago that the Jacket was torching Samuel Jackson over his support of the war mongering Obama, and turning the Capitol One endorser’s foul mouth back at him. Even Nick seems to have lost the urgency. Everything is tepid now, compromising, naive by playing the game according to establishment left’s rules. A pity, when nonsense such as Streeps’ should result in a scorched earth response instead of a tsk-tsk, he’s “a jerk but she’s no underdog.” Guard that vitriol well, Jacob.

      1. But they must tip-toe when insulting the ‘rich white liberal’. You know, cocktail parties and all

    6. Yeah…

      I despise Trump, and am still pretty humiliated how so much of my party and this board’s commentariat carried (and still carry) water for the authoritarian shitbag (but it’s totally not because they’re Republicans who won’t admit it!)…but he never made fun of a reporter for being handicapped. This lie has had some pretty good legs, but I would appreciate it if Reason wouldn’t not only repeat it, but also claim that the obvious reality is a lying excuse.

      1. Ad Hominem away @DROPUSER, you only make yourself look much worse than the target of your vile temperament.

        1. Maybe you should learn what an Ad Hominem is before attempting to use the term.

          Unless you meant your post as some kind of meta irony thing…’vile temperament’ lulz

      2. For someone like Street, whose cranial capacity extends only enough to be able to memorize a script, for long enough to get through a scene, you are expecting WAY too much.
        Like most artists, except for their chosen milieu, they’re morons.
        Shit, look how many embraced scientology (capital purposely excluded).

    7. FWIW, I had the same reaction until I found out that he had made fun of a lot of people using those sorts of motions that were taken as mocking that one specific reporter.

      I still can’t stand Trump, but in this case I have to give him a bit of a pass.

    8. Sullum lazy PoS or a NeverTrumper PoS. Two other instances of similar hand and arm movement here, and the context for why Trump brought up Koveleski in the first place…

      t: 4:50 to 6:25 for ADHD afflicted.

  5. They must really want Trump, because this smug, condescending, dishonest idiocy, is how you get Trump.

    1. When you lose you double down.

    2. And ants, Lana.

    3. “You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now,”

      “…villified by all those racist, wife-beating, slope-browed, obese, illiterate, rapists in flyover country. I mean, and the smell, god.”


      -1 Self-Awareness

      1. That’s what I hate about them. They live in their cities and went to college and think they’re so much better than everyone else. Let’s cut off food and water to them and see how long they last.

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    1. I prefer Ferrari over the cheap knockoff Ferreri.

      1. Snob

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      3. My Romex watch keeps perfect time.

        1. The favorite watch of squirrels everywhere.

        2. picked up a new ROLLEX in Shanghai while there…

          1. LORREX? LOLEX?

      4. No Pontiac Ferreri for you!

        1. who is that Guy?

  7. Vince Vaughn’s face during her speech was priceless.

    These assholes are now preaching the virtues of holding those in power accountable and limiting executive power but stayed silent on this stuff for the past 8 years. They are hypocrites and can go fuck themselves.

    1. I’m just waiting for the “anti-war” faction to start up again once Trump takes office.

      1. They’re going to play hawks this time, questioning the president and his supporters patriotism.

    2. Hillary Clinton actively participated in authorizing Iraq War II and received money from foreign governments like Saudi Arabia where women aren’t even allowed to drive cars. Blank stares.

      1. They don’t give a shit about that stuff. She has a D next to her name and is a woman.

        1. The don’t care about the woman part, they only care about the D.

          …I could probably rephrase that.

          1. woman’s parts?

    3. They stay (ed) silent because they don’t believe he did anything wrong.

      1. To say or even think otherwise is tantamount to racism, you know. It just is, don’t question it.

    4. What did vince do?

      1. As I recall sat there open-mouthed with an expression that could have been interpreted as “you gotta be shitting me with this”

        1. I saw more of a quiet patience, showing neither disinterest, disrespect nor agreement or assent.

        2. My mistake, reviewed the tape. It was Meal Gibson next to him who was open-mouthed.

          1. My money would be on William Wallace and Average Joe over Sophie any day of the week.

    5. Hey, Ed. Your comment sounds familiar. 😉

    6. Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson are 2 of the only Hollywood types in the whole building who probably weren’t all-in on Hillary. I thought it was definitely intentional they panned to them, but at least it reminded me I wasn’t alone in seeing the speech as ridiculous

  8. Didn’t even mention the most condescending part, where she essentially mocked Americans who would rather watch MMA or football instead of the Golden Globes, which I’m pretty sure is every straight man ov every color in America.

    1. She left out TRAKTOR PULLZ!!

      1. There were tractor pulls on last night.
        I’ll go check on demand. I always miss the good ones.

        1. Don’t leave out there was the first event of a new season of the PBR! I’d like to she that bitch strapped to the back of a 2,000 pound bull.

        2. Then you missed the lawn mower racing championships that were on The Ocho.

    2. The games were terrible this weekend.

      I would still rather rewatch them then watch the Golden Globes for the first time.

  9. What does hollywood have to do with the arts?

    1. They like to ape their betters and pretend it’s an original idea.

    2. CGI is kind of an art.

    3. Mass produced, carefully audience tested corporate media that constantly have re-shoots nowadays to cash in to pre-existing trends and cater to the Chinese censored market is truly an environment where the artist can thrive.

    4. Well the thing that remake #71 was originally based on maybe a century ago was probably some sort of art.

  10. ‘”Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners,” she said. “And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.”‘

    I wonder if Tarkovsky, Melville, Bergman, Kurosawa, et al were aware of this. I’ve been enjoying the collective “nothing” of foreign film more and more, and I think I’ll live without “the arts” such as “X-Men.”

    1. Is Hollywood really crawling with swarms of outsiders and foreigners just oozing out of the woodwork?

      1. They work for less than Los Angelinos.

        1. I’m embarrassed to admit that all this time I never realized they were saying everybody in Hollywood was a “horde”. I thought they were using a different word.

          1. In the days of Shakespeare, actors and prostitutes were regarded as being on the same social footing. I think it was a disservice to prostitutes.

            1. “The public funeral for Caesar will be held today. Unclean craftsmen, actors, and prostitutes may not attend.”


            2. In the days of Shakespeare, actors and prostitutes were regarded as being on the same social footing.

              That makes sense, since in both careers the better you are at pretending (ie lying) the better you are remunerated. I wonder what changed such that actors are now viewed more highly.

          2. the “d” is silent…

    2. I’ve been enjoying the collective “nothing” of foreign film more and more, and I think I’ll live without “the arts” such as “X-Men.”

      Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

    3. All I have to say to her is “Air Bud”.

    4. “And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.”‘

      Isn’t it kinda racist (or at the very least the progressive low standards for the term “racist”) to assert that foreigners can only make art in ‘Murica??

  11. David Burge ?@iowahawkblog 2h2 hours ago
    Quite possibly the most inside-a-bubble thing you will ever read

    Patrick Nathan @patricknathan
    Hollywood isn’t a bubble. It’s a nexus of people from all over the world coming together to make art. White rural America is a bubble.

  12. I am in awe of this brave, brave woman. Imagine, getting up in front of the Hollywood elite and telling them something which is exactly what they believe.

    She is indeed a paragon of courage!

    1. Yes, saying something that virtually everyone in her audience and in her industry agrees with is BOLD!
      It must be, because that’s what the media is telling me.

    2. Nothing like a good circlejerk to get your week off to a good start and put a spring in your step.

    3. Give her a Nobel or ESPY or something.

      Awards are bull shit.

      1. Awards are bull shit.

        Because they expose Trump as a psycho?

  13. The morons in Hollywood are the second most pustulent boil on America’s body politic after the scum in the JournoList.

  14. The New Aristocrats bemoan the lack of power they have over the lower classes, and claim victimhood as a result. Some things never change.

    1. Streep’s speech would have been awesome if she had done a version of The Aristocrats.

      1. As would many eulogies

      2. Reverse Aristocrats:

        The Father Gently picks up a flute and begins playing a lovely song.The type of song that enriches your very soul, as he plays, his son and daughter begin to dance gracefully across the stage like they were light as feathers,they moved so divine and perfect it put you in a hypnotic trancelike state just watching them. Then His Angelic, beautiful,stunning Wife Glides onto the stage wearing a incredible gown lined with gold and silver sequins that made her appear to be the most dazzling sight you had ever seen. She began to sing and you would swear it was the voice that could cure all of mankinds ills.
        This all went on for a few minutes. Then as wonderfull as it began, it wound down and faded out like a whisper from a gentle wind. At that point they faced the agent and bowed.
        For the longest time, the agent just sits in silence. Finally, he manages, “That’s a hell of an act. What do you call it?”

        The Cocksucking Motherfuckers

  15. Isn’t this just one of many annual ceremonies to soothe the butt hurt of Hollywood’s least liked celebrities and films? The more the Chicken Lady talks about politics, the better she feels about her epic stink at the box office

    Iron Man is a better actor, beloved by real people and doesn’t need any participation awards. Funny… never hear Thor talking about politics, maybe some correlation between being knee deep in pussy and lack of liberal whining? Most of his other movies stink up the box office, but hard to mistake the heavy breathing of female audiences whenever he walks into a scene.

    Whenever I see an attractive celebrity talking about politics, I’m thinking they are hiding sexual disfunction, shriveled genitalia or crippling venereal disease. If you’re hot, famous and the junk worked, you wouldn’t ever be thinking about Obama or Trump. So thinking that’s the problem here, if Meryl Streep’s cock worked, we’d never hear her whining.

    1. By Chicken Lady I presume – HOPE – you mean Chicken Lady, right?

      1. But of course. 😉

  16. Where did trump advocate kicking out all foreigners? I missed that

    1. It’s what the “strong principled media” told her that the hoi polloi want. There’s no breaking that closed feedback loop of fake news and unconstrained arrogance.

  17. “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners,” she said. “And if we kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts.”

    Yeh, well quite a bit of movies from Hollywood fall out of the category of ‘the arts’, Merryl honey.

    Notice the smugness they kept to themselves over the years can no longer be contained. It’s spewing all over the place. I have ordained this period ‘The Great Unhinged’.

    1. Yes, because mocking football and mixed martial arts is how you engage with the American people.

      1. or the billions of Asian that created and utilize the martial arts. for those who don’t know martial arts was created by those who were oppressed by their leaders and not allowed to have swords for self defense.
        fits right in with those in the media who don’t think we should be allowed self defense.

    2. It’s especially annoying to watch someone claim Hollywood as some elite environment for quality art while everything else is low-brow.

      When in reality the number one producer of low-brow in America is Hollywood. Nothing says high culture like Seth Rogan stoner movies, ad-lib comedies, popcorn action and movies based off of comic books.

      1. The Devil Wears Prada is like Shakespeare

        1. well to be correct it’s more like Shakespeare’s stinky smelly week old and streaked underwear…

  18. She really thinks that people in “flyover country” despise Hollywood because it employs people born in other countries? Jesus crackers, her ignorance is only matched by her arrogance. If she would ever stoop to talk to the everyday people she’s slagging she would discover that we don’t fucking know where Hollywood people were born because we don’t give a shit. What we despise is snooty rich people who live in luxury and security subjecting us to tedious lectures about our lives, which they know nothing and care nothing about.

    1. This

    2. Hollywood is dominated by white people

    3. Exactly. There are a lot of closed-circuit, echo chamber social groups where everyone just keeps telling each other what they want to hear and no one questions anything the in-group says, but the difference here is that Hollywood then uses mass media to broadcast their insular, parochial opinions across the globe and then somehow maintains that it is both bravely avant garde and the accepted viewpoint of the majority of good, sensible people.

    4. They will guarantee Trump will win a 2nd Term if they keep doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down in this “We know better than the unwashed masses” rhetoric.

  19. So, judging by how the Left has doubled down on its condescension, it looks like Republicans are going to get close to sixty seats in the Senate in 2018 and Trump is going to get re-elected in 2020. That soul searching isn’t really working out for rich white liberals, is it?

    1. Rich white liberals…soul searching?

    2. In order to engage in soul searching, one must have a soul to search.

      I call that Sophistry’s Choice.

      1. Heh!

        Now I don’t care who ye are, that there’s funny!

      2. To REALLY have Soul, you must be someone other than Black…I read it in TMZ, honest!

  20. Streep, a Hillary Clinton supporter….

    Hillary Clinton is a war monger.

    Streep supports Clinton the war monger

    1. Killing people is fine if you do it because you are a compassionate progressive.

      1. Don’t you know anything?

        All conflict around the world would have stopped to recognize and acknowledge the significance of the first female president.

        And if there was any conflict, only Hillary would have the noble authority to fight a war, because men are responsible for everything bad.

  21. Streep’s comments about the need for a strong principled media to speak truth to power were preciously sickening. As if the fawning press for the last eight years has gone down the memory hole. Sure, they need to do their job, but not only when a president has an “R” after their name.

  22. She makes it so easy to hate her. She could at least put some effort in.

  23. Attention whores gotta whore

  24. The principled press? Every time they said “presidential candidates Clinton and Trump” they were lying.

  25. Unless a starlet’s juggs spill out of her dress during the red carpet strut, why the fuck do you care about the Golden Globes?

    1. Agreed

      1. Better yet, when the bare and triggering “hoo-ha” spills [Crissy Tiegen].

    2. shit, did I miss a hoo-ha sighting?

    3. Did the Streep’s tits fall out of her gown? That would have been fucking hideous and hilarious at the same time.

      1. She is living “Death Becomes Her” now.

  26. This article is way, way to kind about this “acceptance speech”.

    It began with the most narcissistic introduction in history, which was all about making apple pie and collard greens and how wonderful it was that the introducer was inspired to act. It even included the overt suggestion the Streep is old and ugly:

    You make me feel that what I have in me, my body, my face, my age, is enough.

    Really, she said that. I don’t see how that can be read any way other than “if someone who looks as bad as you do can get praise for her work, I should be fine.”

    But to the body of Streep’s screed… there were glaring contradictions from the Obama administration (which she supported loudly) – and not just Obama’s actual mocking of the disabled on national TV. After all of the attacks on the press – Fox News isn’t really a news organization, remember? – calling on everyone to protect the press in light of Trump’s ascendance is laughable.

    The fake crying was execrable – invoking the recently departed “Princess Leia” (no lie, she called her by her character name) as a heartstring tug call to action – in the name of art.

    And you really have to bring in the actor who accepted his award by relating how people working for Doctors Without Borders had binge watched his show while being shelled. Because it was really important that they make entertainment to comfort others. In fact, they are the real heroes.

    The whole thing was a narcissistic mess.

    1. How in the actual fuck is Meryl Streep going to tell anybody about how to cook greens?

  27. I’m glad Meryl Streep was there to tell us that Hollywood is the only place that makes film. Without Hollywood, we’re left with NFL and MMA. I wonder how all of the wonderful films in languages other than English I watch get made?

    1. Right? All I could think was, “Wait, is Hollywood still a thing? Oh, that’s that place that makes a bunch of crap that isn’t as good as the shows I watch that are produced by a company that sells me stuff over the Internet (Amazon) or that one company who used to send DVDs in the mail (Netflix).” Also, nothing says “I’m an effete coastal liberal” like turning your nose up at football.

    2. She sure slayed that strawman. Who are these people calling football and UFC art?

    3. They promote philistinism while pretending to promote art.

  28. Also, if Hollywood is so vilified, I’d love to see what kind of Box Office numbers they’d have if they were loved.

  29. So now I know that Meryl Streep is the kind of person who will grab everyone’s attention in order to broadcast her opinion as if she was speaking for everyone else as well. Also, I don’t think anyone could watch a Hollywood awards ceremony from beginning to end and not become a terrorist.

  30. MSNBC headline has Streep ‘calling out Trump in a *bold* speech!’.
    Yeah, a lefty preaching to a lefty choir certainly takes a lot of nerve!

    1. I’m about to capacity on “boldness” and “bravery” from self-absorbed leftists preening before their peers.

    2. There’s bold and then there’s BOLD!!!! nether of which describes Ms. Streep.

  31. Hey, if Streep can testify to Congress given her scientific knowledge of Alar and apples, she’s certainly qualified to comment on our president-elect.

  32. Forget getting rid of the Mexicans, Hollyweed is full of Canadians who need to get the fuck out!

  33. Trump, ….floated several alarming immigration proposals during his campaign, but they did not include any policy that would preclude Ruth Negga,,,,,,,, from working in the United States.

    Negga, please.

    1. I always hear her name in my head as “…the unfortunately-named Ruth Negga…”

  34. Roger Ebert captured the pretensions of these awards when he said the best actress nominees seem to always include a Dame; if an American actress wants to increase her odds of winning, get a British title. Dame Reese Witherspoon would have a much better shot at an Oscar.

  35. So…did Trump mock a reporter’s disabilities, or not?

    1. He mocked a reporter with a disability in a manner which mimicked his disability but which was also used, previously and since, to mock people without disabilities. So whether or not Donald Trump mocked a reporter’s disabilities depends on the observer’s personal feelings about Trump as a whole. It’s Schrodinger’s Insult.

      1. Hmmm…so to believe the accusation against Trump, we have to say that he used a particular gesture to mock the non-disabled, and when it came time for him to mock a disabled guy he used the same gesture, and his subjective intent was different from the times he mocked the non-disabled people with the same gesture…I guess you have to have a PhD in Trump-Hating to understand this.

        1. Is it too much to ask that he not act like a preschooler?

          1. And…now you move the goalposts. Maybe the accusation is bogus.

          2. I’m going to take commie Tony’s side on this one. Is it really to much to ask that a presidential candidate and the president show a degree of decorum. I get it- the press is unfair to anyone who has an ‘R’ after their name, but we already knew that. He doesn’t get a pass, just because the majority of media is about as legitimate as Pravda.

            His behavior is so unbecoming. It is unacceptable, whether or not he was mocking the man for his disability.

            1. Actually I love how he calls out the press and holds no punches.

              That’s a large reason why I voted for him.

              Perhaps next time try not to insinuate what is or is not acceptable to other people.

              1. If Trump’s behavior is acceptable to you, you’re a fucking idiot.

          3. Maybe I’m just a stodgy old man but I have to agree with you on this one point.

            1. It is entirely possible for Trump to be an unadulterated douche and for criticisms of him to be overwrought and even outright bull crap. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

                1. The idea that “we can make up what we want against so-and-so because he’s an asshole” can justify lying about almost any politician, since almost all politicians are assholes.

                  1. Lying or being unduly credulous, I should say. That is, unduly credulous of any story which is against someone one doesn’t like anyway.

                    1. You do understand that this was just the one incident Ms. Streep pointed out. It’s not like he’s carried himself with dignity all the rest of the time.

              1. Cyto: I agree. I would prefer that he not be an unadulterated douche, that’s all. Whiny teary rants about him from overprivileged socialists notwithstanding.

        2. I for one think it was clever to use the same gesture over and over so that when he used it against a disabled person he could claim he always did that, laughing up his sleeve the whole time. Sneaky bastard!

        3. Or, he’s actually fairer than most, since he is all equally and not treating a disability all specially and all that.

      2. That’s not quite right. The gestures that Trump used did not mimic the reporter’s disability. The reporter is unable to move one of his arms properly, and holds it stiffly in a bent position. Trump’s body language involved flapping his arms about – something that the reporter disability prevents him from doing.

        If you’ve seen the reporter in a live sequence, and watched the Trump tape, it’s very difficult to conclude that Trump was mimicking the guy.

  36. the picture of her highness at the top of the article looks like someone just grabbed her hoo-ha…well it does.

    1. Ya mean she was trashing him and the sombitch was there all the time?!

      1. Only a hand span away…

    2. The actress portraying the queen is not nearly as good looking as Elisabeth was when she was crowned.

  37. If you found something to be put off or offended by in this speech then the fucking problem is yours.

    Jesus Christ enough with the PC whining on the right.

    1. Still crying, huh? *gets tear bottle collector out

      1. Shall I take this as an admission that you support the new president? Shall we meet here and discuss how things are going some time after he gets inaugurated?

        1. I don’t see how they could be any worse than the last eight years. I’m being serious

          1. You must be very young. Just wait.

        2. Not to defend Trump–I didn’t vote for the man. But people like you and Meryl Streep make me wish I had. Unfortunately, Trump is what the long overdue push back against your PC SJW nitwittery looks like. Deal with it, cupcake.

          1. Which makes you the most thin-skinned whiny baby in the conversation. Like you are literally making your own minor annoyance at people you’ve never met a higher priority than all domestic and foreign policy.

            1. Like you are literally making your own minor annoyance at people you’ve never met a higher priority than all domestic and foreign policy.

              Like how shitting in a stall with a particular stick figure on the door was more important than blowing up children in Syria? Like that?

            2. The only whining on this board right now is coming from you, snowflake. And it is a joy to behold. Like, literally.

        3. Shall we meet here and discuss how things are going some time after he gets inaugurated?

          Do we have a choice? Will you go away if we ask you to?

    2. Ass still sore? It’s been two months; grow up.

      1. But you morons gave yourselves eight years.

    3. Yes, because you would most assuredly support rich white people casting themselves as victims if this were a situation where they weren’t telling you exactly what you want to hear.

      1. I realize Ms. Streep’s defense of basic human decency offends the sensibilities of people like you, but nobody is casting himself as a victim in this episode quite like rich white person Donald Trump, who apparently has enough time on his hands between preparing to be president to whine about it on Twitter.

        1. You know, the person throwing a hissy fit and calling other people childish names is probably not an expert on what is a ‘defense of basic human decency’. Quick, belittled and dehumanize your opponents even more Tony!

        2. You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press.

          Oh no, nobody, least of all Ms. Streep, is casting himself as a victim quite like Mr. Trump, who managed to Tweet the following in response to this whole episode:

          Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a…..

          Because sating “I was attacked” in response to criticism is totally on par with proclaiming yourself and your ilk the most vilified segment of society.

          1. So you’re arguing that Trump isn’t a thin-skinned whiny baby? Okay. If you haven’t seen evidence of that yet, we have four long years.

            1. So you’re arguing that Trump isn’t a thin-skinned whiny baby?

              Recognizing a kindred spirit, shithead?

        3. I realize Ms. Streep’s defense of basic human decency offends the sensibilities of people like you

          No, what offends people is her hypocrisy.

    4. I think you confuse “mocking the shit out of the narcissistic children that make up the entertainment industry” with ‘whining’. I’m not complaining that the speech happened, I’m laughing at how profoundly pathetic it is.

      1. Pathetic is defending Trump at all.

        1. It is never pathetic to stand up for the truth. Anyone who thinks Trump is 100 percent bad is a partisan stooge.

          1. He’s 98% bad.

    5. Actually, I found Streep off-putting long before this speech.

  38. For the record MMA is full of ‘foreigners.” It was dominated pretty good by Brazilians at first (until everyone realized you have to have some jiu jitsu skills in order to compete) but you have participants from all over the world.

    1. Football’s got a bunch them as well, at least as many from the developing world on a per-capita basis as Hollywood.

      1. I wouldn’t say a lot and most of them are from Polynesian, where their physique favors football.

        Asians tend to be too small and Hispanics too short, though there are more exceptions for the latter than the former.

    2. “There are three Brazilian fighters in the MMA championship contest.”

      “Wow, how much is a brazillion?”

      /old joke from Bush II era

  39. Football is very lowbrow. That’s why she was riding the quarterback’s dick at Yale.

    1. is that a 2 or 3 credit course for theatre arts majors at Yale?

      1. Depends on how well endowed the quarterback is.

  40. “Thus did Meryl Streep, a rich, successful, widely admired, award-winning movie star, implausibly portray herself as a vilified outsider while dismissing man”

    Kind of how Donald Trump is the leader of the common-man republican army?

  41. I just assume show biz people are always acting and therefore never sincere and always lying. It’s Reagan’s fault.

  42. Way too late getting to HyR this morning, but I can’t resist the obvious:

    If Trump mocking one disabled reporter is heinous, what is Hillary mocking a basket of deplorables?

    I’ve never wasted time watching the Oscars or Golden Globes or any other self-congratulatory assembly, but I really wish someone had jumped up and shouted about the deplorables comment, just to see Meryl Streep’s red face.

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    1. Yeah, I’m sure it pays you well, but giving handjobs to hobos on camera just doesn’t appeal to most of the rest of us.

  44. I have been under the impression that juvenile name-calling by authors on would, eventually, stop doing so when referring to the President-Elect. It leads me to believe they (like the author of the Streep article) is as butt-hurt as the farthest Left Liberal-Progressive-Socialist. Much more, and perhaps I’ll be visiting this site a lot less.

    As far as the logic and content of the article…I’d give it a D-, and write in big red letters on the upper right corner of your manuscript “This is the quality expected of a 7th grader, and not a thinking, understanding adult! Try again.”

    One of my problems with him (and others on the purportedly conservative groups, is the belief in the Left’s definition of a bully. When the Left slings much worse things towards the President-Elect, you SHOULD expect a reply that is much the same as they gave to him.” If he doesn’t, he’ll just be another mealy-mouthed RINO with a missing backbone.

  45. Ah, another article from Reason written to make a point against modern progressivism all the while trying not to offend modern progressivism. I guess the party invites are still too good to pass up. Instead of simply focusing on the statements made by Meryl Streep, every critique has to be followed up with expressing disdain for Trump. This is sadly even done to the point where a lie is continued to be propagated; that Trump was mimicking a disabled person. This was not the case, but I guess it allows for the writer to inject PC moral positioning in order to maintain a social superiority veneer and keep liberal friends happy. I don’t have much care for Trump, but if you want to write an article about how you dislike Trump, then write that article. And then if you want to write an article critiquing progressive actions, then write that article. But please stop with the awkward, wishy washy, throw in enough caveats that the liberal cool kids will still invite me to their parties, articles.

    1. Yes…. We like our critiques to be full throated.

    2. Careful, you’ll offend Tony with your wrongthink.

      1. I do believe he’s actually offended by the think part, the right or wrong prefix is irrelevant.

    3. Progressitarians always have to genuflect to the Progressive Theocracy before offering any criticism of it.

      Otherwise, the Good People might think they’re the stinking savages that generally oppose them.

  46. RE: Donald Trump Is a Jerk, but That Does Not Make Meryl Streep an Underdog
    The award-winning movie star implausibly portrays herself and her famous friends as vilified dissidents.

    We should all listen to Ms. Streep.
    Nobody lives in a better make believe world like her and her friends in Hollywood.
    Fantasy always make good policy.
    I can’t wait for her and her friends nominate Mickey Mouse for president just to show how serious they are about the past election.

  47. How did this article get published when a key part of it is a lie? Trump mocking the reporter “for his disability” has been debunked multiple times and should be common knowledge by now particularly to anyone who is in professional media.

    Who actually did mock the disabled? Obama. On The Tonight Show.

  48. “Trump … has repeatedly insisted it was not what it looked like.”

    Then too, there’s also the fact that it really WASN’T what it looked like. The video does SEEM damaging, but in fact, in that same speech, Trump mocked both Ted Cruz and an Army general in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. This was not his “I’m disabled” impression, but his “I’m someone who doesn’t like Trump” impression. This was his so-very-sophisticated impression of someone who is flustered by The Donald’s brilliance.

    Pathetic? You bet. Unbecoming of someone seeking the presidency? Of course. Immature? Absolutely. Exactly the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump? Unfortunately, yes.

    But it was NOT him “mocking a handicapped reporter” (one who, incidentally, does NOT have the sort of twitch or palsy seen in Trump’s supposed “impression” of him.)

    Although thought by some to be a fine actress, Meryl Streep is likely (like so many in Hollywood) quite politically ignorant, despite her lack of self-awareness to that fact, so her perhaps unknowing repetition of the story can be ignored as the mindless parroting of something “everyone” knows to be “true.” The reporters who covered Trump’s full speech, however, KNEW that his embarrassing behavior, while infantile, was not an “imitation” of a handicapped person. That they knowingly chose to overreach, and dishonestly spin the episode as more than it was, is a good example of why so many Americans ignored their counsel and voted for Trump.

    1. this guy gets it…

    2. Although thought by some to be a fine actress, Meryl Streep is likely (like so many in Hollywood) quite politically ignorant


      She emotes for a living. Why would anyone expect her to be anything but politically ignorant?

      1. Ms. Streep is exactly as smart as the last person she talked, to ad infinitum. Her brain is on a 30 second loop and just rewinds the last thing she’s heard.

  49. Re Streep’s antics, her phoney tears included, there are any number of entirely reasonable, thoughtful persons of conservative bent who, given the opportunity to worship at her feet, choose to go elsewhere, which in my opinion is the intelligent choice.

  50. Meryl is certainly entitled to her views, however, this was not the venue to vent her spleen. I withdraw my adulation of her as she has shown a supreme lack of taste in using this pulpit for political venting.

    1. To the left everything is political, and anytime is the right time for political lectures. The condescension of the privileged entertainer class has begun to grate upon many people.

      1. Bingo.

        Progressivism is a cancer that feeds on every institution it touches. Simply no decency. They’re out for power, every second of the day.

    2. How do you feel about the venues Trump chooses for his insane childish whining?

      1. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but 3 lefts on the other hand…

  51. And this author repeats the lie that Trump made fun of the reporter’s disability. Trump used the same gesticulations on numerous occasions to mock other non-disabled targets. Indeed the reporter’s specific disability precluded him from moving as Trump did.

    If you tell a big enough lie, and repeat it often enough, it eventually becomes the truth…

  52. Trump is a jerk, but yes, he’s done the same thing to other people who aren’t disabled.

    Even Piers Morgan admits this in his article over at the Daily Mail.

    When you are being less truthful than Piers Morgan, I think you need to look in the mirror…

  53. So Streep is upset that Trump supposedly mocked a reporter’s disability? Then what of Streep’s character assassination of Margaret Thatcher? Streep willingly and knowingly portrayed Thatcher as a senile idiot. Thatcher, whether you agreed with her or not, was smart, courageous and principled.

    As stupid as Streep is, even she can’t say that her portrayal of Thatcher was anything other than vicious.

    1. Thatcher did have dementia…

  54. I basically agree with the heart of Streep’s speech, which recalled Trump’s mockery of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s physical disability

    Highlites that he basically agrees with the one thing known to be a lie.

    Way to signal that you’re a true member of the tribe.

    1. There’s video of it you idiots.

      24 hours and the entire rightwing has its bullshit talking point in order. And coastal liberals are the ones in a bubble.

  55. Keep crying your little bitch tears, Tony.

  56. Sailed right over Sullum’s head, but .. like blind and loyal Trumpsters … those who never saw Streep’s speech will follow their tribal code..

    What Sullum describes as some sort of pandering to the crowd … it was something else entirely, She listed esttablished stars who had blessed American theater despite being foreign. It was a classical defense of American immigrants, to any unbiased observer … but they were all Hollywood celebrities, so … of course …. just fucking liberals. Or were they? Tribalism doesn’t care.

    The shot of the night was the super-ultra-liberal … Ummm, Mel Gibson. While we could see a few scowling faces as they panned the crowd, a few sullenly NOT applauding … but Gibson’s attention was so intense one must wonder if he was intentionally exaggerating it. Braveheart would understand what Sullum did not.

    Streep has always struck me as hopelessly bad-liberal, but for those few minutes she became a hero … for her glorious defense of individual liberty. But she’s a Hollywood librul and ONLY the anointed may defend equal and individual rights in tribal America.

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  58. “since it illustrates our next president’s tendency to lie rather than admit a mistake”

    which differs from the past 40 or so years of Presidents how exactly?

    1. Now THAT was funny!

    2. which differs from the past 40 or so years of Presidents how exactly?

      Umm, they didn’t lie about things everyone had seen or known personally. Not all liars are psychopaths, but Nixon may have come close. Ron Paul lies about the Constitutions, but too few know enough to can spot it instantly. Anything else?

      1. Hi Mary!

        1. Great minds discuss ideas.

          Average minds discuss events.

          Small Minds discuss people.

          1. Oh Mary, you so crazy.

  59. Award shows do the exact opposite of what they pretend to do. They dumb down the film culture in America and they make movies worse. http://www.whatisgreatcinema.c…..f.html?m=1

  60. Honestly? Does anyone out there really care what spouts out of these types of people? I sure don’t.

  61. Gee, a white privileged female portraying herself as one of the downtrodden masses. Never would have expected that from a femiMarxist Socialist from the ruling class.

    1. Gee, a white privileged female portraying herself as one of the downtrodden masses

      That never happened.

      Never would have expected that from a femiMarxist Socialist from the ruling class.

      I’m so happy you got that out of your system. Could have caused a stroke,

  62. For the last time, he didn’t mock his disability. Why is this central premise just accepted without any criticism?

    Look at the numerous times he pulled funny gestures like that:

    1. Hmm. What the video of Trump and then look at the Times reporter. A little to coincidental. Of course, if you do understand what a great and sensitive humanitarian Donald is, then you immediately understand that it is really just coincidental.

    2. For the last time, he didn’t mock his disability.

      And he’s not a crony-capitalist authoritarian.

      Why is this central premise just accepted without any criticism?

      He did say — brag — that his cult would not criticize him — even he he shot somebody to death in broad daylight. So swallowing the bullshit in that video is trivial.

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  64. What a brave inbdividualist! I mean, considering how popular Trump is in Hollywood, this could really hurt her career! She is a Joan of Arc for our time. Dare to struggle, dare to win, Meryl!

  65. File this article under: The author either misunderstood what Streep was saying or deliberately misconstrued it. Well done.

    1. I vote for both. Pander to the Goobers and they show up en massse.…..nt_6669762

      1. Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

        1. Great minds discuss ideas.

          Average minds discuss events.

          Small Minds discuss people.

          1. Oh Mary, you so crazy.

  66. The article below (with its associated video links) makes a pretty convincing case that Mr. Trump did *not* mock the reporter’s handicap.
    a.) Trump uses the same mannerisms to mock anyone whom he is portraying as “flustered”.
    b.) The reporter’s handicap is a “withered” arm; he does not have any of the mannerisms that Trump uses.

    >> even-more-video-evidence-trump- did-not-mock-reporters-disability/
    >> ( )

    Here’s another video that puts all the clips together:

    Another point the video above makes is that Trump didn’t even know the reporter or what he looked like. The last time the reporter had covered him in person was 22 years ago, long before he had gone to work for the Washington Post. Trump was merely criticizing the reporter’s backtracking as it appeared in the print media.

    1. Trump did say — brag — that his cult would not criticize him — even he he shot somebody to death in broad daylight.
      So swallowing the bullshit in your videos is trivial.
      But still pathetic

    2. Is Streep an overrated actress? Or is Trump an over-rated President-Elect?
      Another massive blunder by The Donald!! Again on the facts.

      1) 19 Oscar nominations and three wins…
      2) record 29 Golden Globe nominations and eight wins,
      3) two Emmy Awards …
      4)10 People’s Choice Awards,
      5) two British Academy Film Awards,
      6) four National Society of Film Critics Awards,
      7) two Screen Actors Guild Awards,
      8) a Kennedy Center Honor …
      9) named a Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, the highest civilian honor given by the French government
      10) a Tony Award nomination,
      11) five Grammy Award nominations,
      12) the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award,
      13) an MTV Movie Award …
      14) an American Comedy Award,
      15) an Irish Film and Television Award,
      16) two Italian Online Movie Awards,
      17) two Teen Choice Award nominations and
      18) two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

      Trumpsters refuse to read anything negative, so they have no idea he’s a raving psycho.
      Putin says nice things about Trump — fearing Trump would launch a nuclear strike as another ego fart.

  67. Elitism on display,..and a Bully attitude, how gracious.

    1. Reason’s alt-right enjoys free speech … even when they deny and shout it down in others. Just ask them!

      1. Oh Mary, you so crazy.

  68. Hey Streep I have some advice for you, shut the fuck up and act. I am sick of these holier than thou elitist dip shits telling me who I have to vote for. I don’t care what you have to say, in fact, any of these fucking morons ever spouts off about anything my reaction is to do the exact opposite. Fuck DeNiro, Fuck Streep fuck them all, this is the reason why they keep losing.

  69. The thing is he wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability. He made that same gesture about lots of non-disabled people and had been doing so since at least 2005. So either we are getting upset about a disabled person being treated like everyone else, or we’re getting upset about nothing.

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