Megyn Kelly Flees Fox for NBC, GOP Drops Ethics Office Battle, Trump Children Descend on D.C.: P.M. Links


  • Ivanka
    Albin Lohr-Jones/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

    Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News in order to join NBC, where she will host a daytime program and a Sunday evening news show.

  • House Republicans are no longer trying to destroy the Office of Congressional Ethics.
  • Rhode Island College required students to devote themselves to "the value of social and economic justice."
  • But there's not a free speech problem on college campuses, oh no, that's crazy talk.
  • Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.
  • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are moving to D.C. Their new home is a three-minute walk from President Obama's new home.


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  1. House Republicans are no longer trying to destroy the Office of Congressional Ethics.

    Score one for the Donald?

    1. Hello.

      2017 is already stale, man.

    2. The real news, of course, is that there actually is an Office of Congressional Ethics.

      1. It sounds really wasteful. They could reduce their budgetary needs dramatically by following incidents where Congress has acted ethically.

      2. The real news, of course, is that there actually is an Office of Congressional Ethics.


        Do the men, women, and xes, et cetera, occupying such an ‘Office wear ties (as shown in the picture) or other accouterments that transmit through a bottle of “water transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention”?

  2. Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.

    Fuck it. Just jerk off to porn.

    1. Engineering school. The first four weeks are how to behave like a non-engineer human around people they find attractive.

      1. You know how to tell an extroverted engineer from an introverted engineer?

        The extrovert stares at *your* shoes when he’s talking to you.

        1. And yet I still have a hot wife. Beer is magical.

          1. Does your wife enjoy … photography?

            1. Nudge Nudge….

              1. Wink Wink…

                1. Say no more… say no more…

                  +1 Monty Python

                  1. Here is one of the ideas which, to me, made Brett’s remarks most appreciable (although I am not sure that he meant it) And yet I still have a hot wife. Beer is magical..

                    In the Monty Python skit to which we referenced, more than the two man characters were drikging some sort of beer.

                    1. drinking

                      I think I’ll recommend

        2. I heard that joke applied to accountants v actuaries. Its funnier when you don’t have to use “Introvert’ and “extrovert’ to set up the punch line.

      2. In my university experience the solution to that was alcohol, but the engineers at my school were punk-bitch lightweights.

        1. +N brain cells.

          1. Much like the lion culling the weaker buffalo from the herd; alcohol is merely removing those weakah brain cells.

            Which is why drinking beeh makes yah smartah, there, Normie!

            1. What may amuse you, B, is that one of my buddies, who was studying to be an engineer at the time, expressed a similar philosophy. He also enjoyed buying alcohol for others to drink.

        2. “Before coming to this college, I couldn’t even spell ‘engineer’.
          Now I are one!

          1. Engineers are so stupid. Everybody knows pi are round.

  3. Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.

    There is a lot of positions you can cram into 5 weeks of training.

    1. Yeah, but it’s Rice students. The ones that need the class…well, they won’t really use anything they learn.

  4. Robby, you should have put link 5 above link 4.

  5. Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had Merry Christmases (or whatever) and Happy and Safe NY celebrations.

    1. RACIST

    2. F You and your elitist “New York” celebrations! NY is “safe” because of their horrible laws that target law abiding….oh wait, you meant New YEAR.

    3. “Happy and Safe NY?” How dare you other my alternative lifestyle choice! I spent my NY drinking my depression away and moose-wrasslin’.

    1. “Give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers,” he told Mr. Trump during their meeting in November, according to the president-elect, “and I do better with that than I do with torture.”

      Seems to me that this man is a genius.

      1. I just cannot stop finding anecdotes about the man that don’t make me like him.

        1. Mattis is my favourite Trump pick. A freaking Marine warrior-philosopher that carries around Marcus Aurelius’ work? And is the best combination of brash and thoughtful? Hell yes.

      2. Why not beer, cigarettes AND torture, hmm?

        1. Enough about my Saturday nights.

      3. I just assumed the cigarettes were for burning out eyes, anuses or what not, and the alcohol in the beer was to aggravate the wounds.

        1. You actually have it backwards there, the alcohol is for butt chugging.

          1. I see what you did there….

  6. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News in order to join NBC, where she will host a daytime program and a Sunday evening news show

    She thinks Ailes was bad, wait until Rachel Maddow starts playing grab-ass.

    1. Could NBC possibly be prepared for all that random hemorrhaging? Sad.

      1. +2 whatevers

    2. Daytime TV, the exact place you hope to end up as a political commentator. Not, say, prime time on the most watched political news channel on television.

      1. Maybe they’re paying to take out the competition.

        1. It will be interesting to see to what extent the channel, not Megyn, was the draw for the audience. I assume if my relatives are at all representative, as soon as she leaves FNC her existence will be lost down the memory hole never to be thought of again.

          But hey, she will have oodles of cosmo accolades to keep herself warm at night.

          1. That is how I see it. The people I know who watch Fox News watch the brand and the network not necessarily the people on it. I don’t think she will take many viewers with her.

          2. You know what Fox doesn’t have enough of? Attractive women who read the news.

            1. She was the only one Brett. How will they replace her?

            2. By that standard, she was closing in on her sell-by date anyhow.

              1. Are you saying NBC bought some spoilt produce?

              2. Well, and her ratings went from “Almost Bill O’Reilly” to “Almost Rachel Maddow” once the feud with Trump took off and he was bestowed with the magic R.

                1. not really. trump even took credit at one point for her show not tanking b/c of her being tough (or unfair, depending on your perspective i guess) with him.

            3. She’s no Lilia Fifield.

          3. No way, Paula Zahn is as big now as she ever was on Fox.

              1. Scott: PZ used to be sooo hot. Then she disappeared or something.

                1. woosh

            1. She did put on some pounds.

              1. A little long in the tooth too, right?

            2. I recall CNN getting into PC problems after running Paula Zahn ad that hinted of sex appeal from the show’s host, complete with a zipper-being-undone sound.

              Judging from current PZ visibility, this must’ve been many moons ago.

      2. Nothing says “big time” like Dr. Phil and Harry Conick Jr.

        I give it five years and she will be hosting Discovery ID shows about murdered teenagers. But, she is hot and dumped her husband for a richer model. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about Megyn. She will always be able to get by.

        1. My mother-in-law’s boyfriend is semi-immobile from a stroke. I caught some of Harry Connick Jr’s show while sitting around with him last week. There was like, one dude, in the audience and he just looked like his wife ran the show. Whatshisname, the funny Asian guy from The Hangover was on. I didn’t realize he was an honest to god MD. It made me feel like a schlub. Here’s a guy who could probably make MORE money on his fallback career.

          1. I kind of like Harry. I would rather watch him than Megyn Kelly

          2. Guy’s name is Ken Jeong.

          3. My mother-in-law’s boyfriend is semi-immobile from a stroke.

            Be supportive?

          4. the funny Asian guy from The Hangover????

            You just made the list, pal.

        2. Meh. Seems hard to think she’s exactly “failing”. She’s going to walk away from whatever decision she makes a rich woman. Doing the breezy day-time schtick is probably a lot easier than what she’s doing now and, as someone else noted, she’ll have time to have a home life. That and millions hardly seems like a life in exile.

      3. Isn’t The View a relative ratings hit?

        1. I think so. But I am pretty sure Barbara Walters didn’t see that show as a step up from doing network news.

          1. Actually, Walters is the one who owns the show. Literally. She was the creator and executive producer.

        2. Sure, and Judge Judy is the highest paid TV personality running. I just assumed that she still wanted people to take her somewhat seriously. Probably a bad assumption on my part.

          1. I always got the impression she wanted fame, not credibility.

            1. I thought George W. Bush nominated her for the Supreme Court?

          2. A lawyer I know had cases before her when she was a real judge. He said she was super King Kamehameha bitch.

            1. Considering her demeanor in her TV show, I can’t imagine that to be the case.

      4. Remember The Sisters from Shawshank Redemption? I see poor Megyn in janitor’s closet trying to fight off Rachel, Ellen, and Rosie all at once with a mop. Doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into.

        1. Rosie: I could be a friend to you.

        2. I see poor Megyn in janitor’s closet trying to fight off Rachel, Ellen, and Rosie all at once with a mop.

          I’m pretty sure there’s a market for that too.

          1. And since its a bunch of lesbians at NBC, if there’s any sexy-harassment suit from any of this Megan will be the defendant.

            Just a win-win for Comcast.

        3. ” trying to fight off beat off Rachel, Ellen, and Rosie all at once with a mop”


      5. I skimmed the article and one of her main concerns was doing a show where she could get home in time to see her kids before they went to bed.

      6. +1 to the FUTURE!

  7. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are moving to D.C. Their new home is a three-minute walk from President Obama’s new home.

    I hope the handover of power doesn’t ruin their friendship.

    1. You’re thinking of Chelsea Clinton. Who, forgive the turn of phrase, appears to have crawled back under a rock once her mother lost the presidency. Probably trying to figure out who else can direct enough money to her husband’s hedge fund to keep it afloat.

      1. Now that the Clintons have lost much of their political juice, that list is alarmingly slim, to be sure.

        1. I’d love to see what the total amount of donations are for the Clinton Foundation in 2017, versus an average of the previous 10 years. It’ll be like a 50% drop off? 75%?

          1. We should get a Vegas line going.

            I think the over/under should be 60%

            1. Oh, hey, that reminds me. Headline at Business Insider today read, “Deadpool Most Illegally Downloaded Movie Of 2016”.

              I wonder why that movie is so much more illegal to download than the others. Things that make you go hmmm.

              1. “DNC staffer most likely to die ‘mysteriously’ in the coming year” pool?

                PBR & Zunalter – I’d say 82%.

                1. Oooh, I like the staffer dead pool idea. We’re going to need a ‘bet book’ to keep track of this.
                  BP at 82%
                  RCD at 80%
                  Me: ~55%

            2. A 60% O/U sounds about right. I think I’d take the under, but wouldn’t feel real confident.

            3. I’ll take the over. I’d guess the drop will be in the 80% range.

              1. I’ll take the under at 80% with an even moneyline.

                Some donors have made pledges that they will have to honor. Don’t forget about what happens to those who cross Clinton. They are completely powerless.

                1. Some donors have made pledges that they will have to honor. Don’t forget about what happens to those who cross Clinton

                  Crap, good point. Also, there may be some who want to hedge their bets in any case. Whatever, I’ll stick with my 82%. However, PBR – that’s against 2016 data. I was specifically thinking of their election “revenues” when I picked such a big drop.

              2. Imma guess the o/u of one of the Clintons getting caught skimming from the Foundation could be a significant number as well.

            4. A quick search found CF at $140M rev in 2010, $177M in 2014 and a suspiciously steep increase to $223M in 2015. Fair to say $200M is a good baseline to measure against?

              1. Wait a minute…I think this plan has one very big flaw: How do we know we are getting the real numbers from the Clinton’s?

          2. Be sure to get a ruling on whether you count Bill’s donations as well.

            Bill is promising to match the first $200K donated to the CF

      2. I feel sorry for the rock.

        1. I will never feel sorry for my hometown hero, Dwayne Johnson. The man is an inspiration.

          1. Lost his virginity at the manly age of 12 to a 18 yo (person who identified as female at the time).

            Yeah I read the biography!

        2. Yeah, she could have at least gone reverse cowgirl on it.

      3. You’re thinking of Chelsea Clinton.

        I thought I was mocking that whole thing, but I could be wrong.

        1. Jeez. Everyone is sensitive today. Or I’m an especially big asshole. Flip a coin.

          1. Option C: I have Resting Bitch Voice.

            1. Or I’m the sensitive one.

          2. It landed on the edge.

        2. The Rock lost his virginity at age 12 to Chelsea Clinton?

          1. Chaz Bono.

      4. You’re thinking of Chelsea Clinton. Who, forgive the turn of phrase, appears to have crawled back under a rock once her mother lost the presidency. Probably trying to figure out who else can direct enough money to her husband’s hedge fund to keep it afloat.

        She was busy trying to clean up the Clinton Foundation’s finances but the guy she hired to do the accounting disappeared.

  8. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are moving to D.C. Their new home is a three-minute walk from President Obama’s new home.

    Wtf is it a gated community for Presidential Posse members?

    1. I’m not sure there are any of those in DC. The DC City Council would have torpedoed it even if they could have found enough land for that.

  9. Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.

    Which they’ll have to pay for with their tuition $, no doubt. It’s like when Scientology gives you “ethics” interrogations for wrongthink – at your own expense.

    1. This is worse than taxpayers paying for it?

      1. Don’t recall writing anything like that.

        Checking…nope. Didn’t write anything about taxpayer vs. private funds.

    2. $50,000+ per year to spend your time being convinced drunken sex is rape and turning every good but regrettable time into some kind of life altering trauma. Yeah, that makes sense.

      And Rice is or once was a first rate engineering and science school. So much for this shit not infecting STEM.

    3. They are counting sexual advances (ie, flirting) as assault–how on earth are two people supposed to get together? Is there some magic moment when they both reach out to hold hands simultaneously? Really? How can one propose any sexual act if you can’t initiate it or ask for it? Insane.

      1. They are counting sexual advances (ie, flirting) as assault–how on earth are two people supposed to get together?

        Maybe they have a double standard? If flirting only counts as assault if a guy does it, there can still be a lot of (woman-initiated) coupling going on. The game will change, but it will continue.

      2. This isn’t about preventing people from getting together so much as it is allowing women that regret doing that to then punish the guy for whatever perceived transgression. If you don’t believe me, look up how often these rules have been applied against guys that reported harassment.

  10. Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.

    Living La Loco Parentis!

    1. This. The school would probably like us to believe that parents aren’t teaching their kids to be not-rapists when is reality they’re just checking a box on a list of “how not to get sued” some stupid lawyer came up with.

      1. Yeah, five-week long employee-training video sounds like. And the material will be good make-work for the lefties down in the drama department.

  11. India outrage after minister blames ‘Western dress’ for groping

    As local media published images of distraught women seeking police help, Karnataka State Home Minister G Parameshwara blamed young people for “copying the Westerners, not only in their mindset, but even in their dressing”.

    “From about 2345 to 0030, people just could not move in the area. The police would clear the crowd near the junction of the two roads and they would again collect there,” he said.

    “When there was a slight let up in the crowd and when people could reach the police, I saw women complaining to the policewomen that they were molested. The police asked them to identify the men, but they couldn’t. It was a mob frenzy.

    “I could see a girl surrounded by several men and crying,” he added.

    Women in India are often reluctant to report sexual assault because of fear of reprisal or social stigma, but since Saturday night several women have come forward to talk about their ordeal.

    1. Ha ha, look at this third-world politician placing the blame for internal problems on other countries.

    2. Western dress?

      All chaps are assless!

  12. But there’s not a free speech problem on college campuses, oh no, that’s crazy talk.

    “crazy talk” is triggering for the mentally challenged; so on behalf of the moral high ground — fuck you scared white bitch!

    1. UW-Milwaukee students officially warned not to use the word “crazy,” which “creates a negative and demeaning perspective of people with mental health diagnoses.” link

      UW-Milwaukee spokeperson defends the ban, saying that he/she/zhe/xhe (I don’t know the preferred pronoun) doesn’t think its crazylink … twice … link .

    2. Interestingly enough, this story is about Keith Humphreys, who claims to be a “Stanford Professor of Psychiatry”.

      First off, colleges don’t have departments of Psychiatry, they have departments of Psychology, which is a completely different concept and area of study. If Stanford has a Department of Psychiatry, it would be within their Medical School, not the main campus. Psychiatry is a medical discipline; psychology is more of a social science, which can have medical and clinical applications — but in colleges is typically more about research about human behavior than mental illness.

      A quick search of the California Medical Board reveals there is no licensed physician in the State of California named Keith Humphreys. So if he’s claiming to be a Psychiatrist he’s lying as well.

      Robby, you may be able to expose this guy as a fraud!

      1. That’s like neuroscience. Anyone who says they are a neuroscientist is usually a psychologist trying to sound more respectable. Neurobiologists, imaging specialists, linguists etc. will all generally identify by their specialty instead.

  13. House Republicans are no longer trying to destroy the Office of Congressional Ethics.

    How do you destroy that which does not exist?

    1. Getting rid of the Official Rubberstamp Committee just needs rebranding as budget efficiency.

    2. It would be better and more efficient if it were merged with the Office of Oxymorons.

  14. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News in order to join NBC, where she will host a daytime program and a Sunday evening news show.

    Good. That traitorous bitch asked questions at a president primary debate! How dare she?

    1. Her career is over! I’ve already forgotten her name. She is a dime a dozen.

    2. Who is her audience? You like her because the Trump people hate her but would you ever watch her show? I doubt it. She had a big audience at Fox but most of that was because a certain segment of the population watches Fox and would have watched her show no matter who was the host. So, when she moves to NBC, who is her audience?

      1. As long as she pays for opposing The Donald, I don’t care what happens to her.

        1. There was a time on here when you were not a complete fucking retard and could make coherent points. What happened? Did the Russians hack your brain? You are not even funny anymore. I have never seen one person get so stupid so quickly.

            1. No Ted, the proper joke is “you were always stupid”. If you are going to throw an insult, throw it properly. There was a time when Sugar Free could do that. Now he can’t even do that and he has been reduced to your level.

              1. John probably just got done bashing Ronda Rousey on Twitter.

                I also hear Muhammad Ali doesn’t have the stones to hop into the ring anymore.

                1. Ali is dead and why would I bash Ronda Rousey? i don’t follow MMA.

              2. If you are going to throw an insult, throw it properly.

                This from the guy who calls anybody who disagrees with him stupid.

                1. That is not an insult Ted. That is the truth. Insults are not generally statements of fact.

          1. That really hurts coming from a shill.

            1. Punching down.

            2. I may be a shill but at least I am not retarded. Seriously, you used to be funny. Do you really think that is funny? It is lame and stupid. Is lame ass Megyn Kelly jokes the best you have? You know that is lame shit and so much below your regular standard.

              Again, what the fuck happened to you? You are about as clever and funny as shreek these days.

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                1. Cripple fight

      2. This may sound wierd, but which one was she. Was she the random blonde, or was she the other random blonde? (Seriously, I wouldn’t be able to pick her out of a lineup).

        1. Fox specialized in blonds for a long time. It is hard to tell them apart.

          1. Blondes, unless you’re talking about men.

            And you’re the one lecturing people on being stupid.

            1. We are not talking about men. We are talking about their women anchors. Try following the conversation closer Ted.

              1. Try using the English language properly.

              2. Perhaps they’re setting up Kennedy to take over for Megyn Kelley?

                That would be cool… she’s about as libertarian as any woman newscaster.

                Plus she has hipster cred for anyone who watched MTV in the 80s-90s.

              3. My woman anchor (wife) is blonde!!

    3. I had no idea who she was until she had a menage a trump last spring.

      1. I haven’t watched TV news, other than weather and some sports, in years.

  15. An interesting post about “Publius Decius Mus,” the author of the “Flight 93 Election” piece. Includes links to other interesting pieces about Trump and his ideological relationships to conservatism, Steve Sailer, the alt-right, etc.

  16. In Grisham’s The Street Lawyer, he talks about the main character getting a cheap, run-down rathole apartment in Kalorama. I laughed when I read it in the late 90’s – even then, that neighborhood was far out of reach for most.

  17. Robby Soave|Jan. 3, 2017 4:31 pm


    1. Welp, there goes 2017. Pack it in, boys.

      1. I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.

    2. A wizard arrives precisely when he means to?

    3. He does it on purpose! Don’t let it get to you!

  18. “Rice University will make freshman take a five-week class on sex, relationships, and consent.”

    “Buy, baby, don’t you want to take part in my extra credit project?”

  19. Brent Musberger is a monster.

    “You know Jess, apparently, some people were upset when I wished this young man well at the next level. Let me make something perfectly clear. What he did with that young lady was brutal, uncalled for. He’s apologized. He was tearful. He got a second chance. He got a second chance from Bob Stoops. I happen to pull for people with second chances, OK. Let me make it absolutely clear that I hope he has a wonderful career and he teaches people with that brutal, violent video, OK?”

    1. Marv Albert got a second chance. But he’s one of them.

    2. I still haven’t figured out why the whole Mixon story is popping up now. It was a big deal at OU when it happened, but it didn’t really seem to go national. Now, all this time later, it’s a big deal? Why?

      1. I believe the video was recently released.

        1. As with Ray Rice, everybody seems to be going after the sports administrators, not the legal system. Because it’s an easier target to gin up Hate Week against.

          1. Oddly enough, the sports admins did a lot more to Mixon than the legal system. In fact, he was suspended for a game this year for something that probably wouldn’t have got more than a dressing-down for anyone else, precisely because he’s on a short leash. My understanding was that the legal system didn’t come after him because he didn’t initiate the physical altercation (though he certainly ended it…).

              1. Interesting (to me) question for the crowd – how do y’all think it would go down if the aggressor was male instead of female, but still significantly smaller/weaker (which isn’t hard to do, given the size of these fellows!)? Because, in a truly equal society, the gender of the aggressor shouldn’t matter, right?

                  1. Chewie and Han’s love child?

                1. Does this really warrant a response? (I guess the answer is yes, since I responded) Seriously though, you don’t have an inkling how that would work out?

        2. I think he’s probably draft eligible for the first time now, too.

    3. Didn’t he get in trouble a few years back for verbally jacking off on camera to the Alabama QBs girlfriend?

      Brent doesn’t do well anymore when he goes off script.

  20. Meanwhile, over at the nuthouse with typewriters

    Today is the first day of the 115th United States Congress. In less than three weeks, this Congress will join with President-elect Donald J. Trump to claim a mandate they do not have for policies that most Americans do not support. Together, they will seek to enact a bigoted and anti-democratic agenda, threatening our values and endangering us all.

    But Americans have the power to resist this dangerous turn. We know because we’ve seen it before.

    Seriously- these people are starting to remind me of the end of The Fly (the original version), with all their hopelessly ineffectual cries for help as the big bad spider comes bouncing across the sticky trampoline.

    1. to claim a mandate they do not have

      Congressmen and Senators are directly elected, so, yes, mandate. I’m starting to sense fear on the part of the NYT and other legacy media – fear at the slow dawning realization of their immiment irrelevance and the role they themselves played in orchestrating that.

      1. Anti-democratic apparently means === not forcing democrat agenda down people’s throats. It is hard to take these people seriously. Democracy to them means they have a right to rule no questions asked…to hell with other opinions!

    2. Why, yes, yes we have seen it all before.

  21. House Republicans are no longer trying to destroy the Office of Congressional Ethics.

    i wonder why

    1. Congress backs off ethics watchdog after Trump tweet

      Trump Tweets = now a force for good instead of evil?

      1. LOL you morons are only supposed to shoot yourselves in the foot *after* the new Congress begins #retards

        1. Oops, it *did* begin today. OK, then, they’re supposed to wait two days.

    2. They couldn’t find any?

  22. Megyn Kelly moving from Fox to NBC?

    I think we’ve seen the whole cycle now.

    First being on Fox News meant you had no credibility; now the rest of the media is raiding Fox’s talent to try to win some credibility back with audiences.

    And nobody ever got fired for hiring a hot chick to do the news.

    1. I am not so sure about that. Plenty of people have been fired at CNN and MSNBC and there are plenty of hot chicks on those networks. Hot women are a dime a dozen.

      1. Ain’t nothing special ’bout a bitch that runs her mouth.

        1. There are not a lot of hot women on cable news? Do you watch it?

          What is your point? You don’t generally have one but give it a shot this time.

          1. I agree with you! That know-it-all cunt’s career is over. Who the fuck does she think she is? The lady balls on her. She is going to have to start fucking executives over at NBC just to stay on the air after six months, I can tell you that much.

            1. No you don’t agree with me because that is not what I am saying. And you saying it isn’t smart or funny. So, lets try again. Are you trying to be funny? What is your point? All I said was cable news is full of hot women. Is that not true?

              Can you get some better material here?

              1. I agree with you! Cable news is full of easily replaceable airheaded gash. What do they know? Who are they? Who is she? What makes her special? Kelly was just it in for the attention and money anyway, but we will see where that gets her. Like I said, my guess is she will have to give up the butt just to stay on the air at NBC.

                1. agree with you! Cable news is full of easily replaceable airheaded gash

                  Pretty much. God love you if you can look good on camera and read a teleprompter but that doesn’t mean anything other than that.

                  Kelly was just it in for the attention and money anyway,

                  Isn’t everyone? Why does that make her a bad person? I don’t see why it does. I don’t blame her for using her looks and ability to read a teleprompter to make millions. We should all be so lucky.

                  We are left again with, what the fuck is your point?

                  1. My point is that I agree with you. You’re right. Fuck that bitch.

                    1. No you don’t agree with me. I never said fuck that bitch. Why are you pretending I did?

                      Do you just like to say bitch? Are you stupid?

                    2. No you don’t. I never said that. Stop lying saying I did.

                    3. I know exactly what you mean, and I agree with you. It’s obvious. Stop being stupid.

                    4. I never said fuck that bitch.

                      True. You just repeatedly called her a whore and said her entire career was based on sucking cock. But you never said “Fuck that bitch” so it’s all cool.

                    5. I never once called her a whore. And I said her career was based on her looks, which is true. Do you think she would have gotten that job if she were fat?

                  2. She is pretty stunningly beautiful, especially for a 46-year-old, and is actually quite sharp in her interviews. Time is not on her side with her looks, but she could end up as another Jane Pauley and basically be one of the respectable senior lady news folk on NBC, like that whiny old broad who always wears the brooches and red blazers on 60 Minutes. That would probably be better than being tossed out on her can by Fox when the first wrinkles start appearing.

                    She’s taking advantage of her peak prominence and cashing in. Good for her. But I’m not going to switch to NBC just because she’s there. Their news department is abhorrent.

                    1. She has some fans that will follow her to NBC, and a segment of Fox viewers now hate her. Sounds like a win-win-win.

                    2. Five or six years from now after she has made all that money her life is gonna be over. Looooooser.

                    3. Where are the (L)libertarians?

      2. “I am not so sure about that. Plenty of people have been fired at CNN and MSNBC and there are plenty of hot chicks on those networks. Hot women are a dime a dozen.”

        They may have been fired despite hiring a hot chick, but how many of them got fired because the chick they hired was hot?

        1. Fair point Ken.

      3. MSNBC and there are plenty of hot chicks on those networks


        Maybe two or three. NOT PLENTY.

    1. capable of greater logical reasoning than children

      Low bar.

      1. Chickens are also tastier than children. Or so I’ve been told.

        1. Children taste just like chicken.

      2. Yes. Logic on my three year old is only slightly less effective than logic on my wife when she is hangry and PMSing. I assume that chickens fall somewhere in between there. And are also tasty. Pigs are smart, too, but unfortunately made of pork.

        1. I hope your wife doesn’t read here. 😉

        2. I dunno if this was posted by anyone but “Race to Save Rare Breed of Pig Hinges on Eating Them

          A friend and I have to go to Maine sometime in the next few months and were discussing how we should attempt to contribute to the conservation effort through whatever bacony means present themselves.

          1. Bring me a cast iron pan and a fork! I’m ready to do my part.

          2. She got 50K from Uncle to promote this breed to save them ?

            Couldn’t we have frozen their DNA for less ?

            “The mulefoot is named for its non-cloven hoof, and was the subject of a vibrant industry including some 200 herds a century ago. But its tendency for slow growth and small litters reduced its appeal for industrial pig farming, and the mulefoot was down to just one significant herd in Missouri a decade ago, when a slow drive to save the breed began.”

            Slow growth and small litters ?

            Her only shot is further government subsidies. She is the Elon Musk of pig farming it seems.

            1. I’m not sure why you think that. There’s a big push for heritage pork because current industrially farmed pork has been bred with specific traits that are no longer fashionable or necessary (when was the last time you saw a “The Other White Meat” ad?). Attempts to breed back some of the lost traits from feral pigs/boars have met with problems on both state and the federal level because they’re classified as invasive species complicating attempts to get better tasting pork on the American market.

              She may not need more than a good marketing campaign, the favor of a hot new chef or shelf space in Whole Foods to keep the breed around.

            2. My cousin is a fan of Heritage Meat Co, and sent us a ham from this breed. I have to say it was truly sublime meat.

      3. Nice catch! Thanks, Hamster!

        *** heads over to KFC ***

    2. The smarter the beast, the more powerful the soul that is consumed upon eating. It’s cannibalism 101.

      1. Libertarianism sure has some weird sub sects.

    3. Stupid chickens walk around without their heads on!

    4. So weird. My new band just happens to be named Machiavellian Chicken.

    5. ummm….i grew up raising chickens. You would be hard pressed to find a goldfish dumber than a chicken. And chicken are tasty.

      This “study” clearly doesn’t take into account self preservation is a key ingredient to intelligence. Chickens lack any compunction whatsoever regarding self preservation. Hence they are easy and popular food.

      1. I watched a hawk fall out of a tree on a baby chick once. It flew off to a different tree about 50 feet away with the chick.

        The mother hen took off running in the direction the hawk flew but after 10 yards she stopped and hauled ass in the opposite direction.

        I believe she had self preservation in mind.

    6. This study simply proves that the chickens would cage and eat us if they had thumbs. Feel no shame in their comeuppance!

  23. Their new home is a three-minute walk from President Obama’s new home.

    Walk eh? Just like us commoners? She should take a stretch limo instead! Get off my sidewalk!

    1. She should be flying Private to the Obama’s house!!!

  24. Americans Eat 554 Million Jack in the Box Tacos a Year, and No One Knows Why

    The fast-food chain’s gooey, deep-fried beef envelope has been on the menu since the 1950s, inspiring legions of fans; ‘vile and amazing’

    1. Because bad food is really good sometimes. Don’t these idiots ever get drunk much less stoned?

      1. I was going to say, my share were eaten in at least one of those two states OR hungover.

        1. A lot of people in the comments are comparing them to White Castle.

          We have White Castle and I’ve never been a fan. Something about the buns being steamed always put me off. I’d rather have the small burger from Crystal’s.

          1. Have you never heard of steamed hams?

            1. He really does steam a fine ham.

          2. Have you considered partaking of neither?

          3. The nearest White Castle is about an hour away, although apparently they sell some of their stuff retail.

          4. Huh. For some reason, I thought White Castle and Crystal’s were like Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. A slider is a slider is a slider kind of thing.

            1. Both are a piece of cardboard on a dinner roll. Food in the broadest sense of the word.

    2. SugarFree is impressed that there’s something even more vile and amazing than his writing.

      I have no idea where the nearest Jack in the Box is any more

      [looks it up]

      Either Cincinnati or Charlotte, NC, it looks like.

      1. I’ve never eaten at one. They were just never near me. And every time I saw one on a trip, everyone else in the car would start talking about e. coli.

        1. We had one nearby back in the early 1980s.

        2. They also have really good curly fries.

        3. There was one a couple of blocks away from the college I attended. It’s fast food. It’s crappy, but within normal parameters of crappy.

      2. For vile and amazing “tacos” there is Taco Bell – and then (distant) second place.

        1. The existence of Taco Bells in California and the Southwest has always been a mystery to me. There are literally hundreds of better taco options.

          1. Taco Bell is cheap and reliable.

            1. Taco Bell is also a category unto itself.

              To think of Taco Bell as ‘Mexican’ food is just a mistake from the start.

            2. Del Taco is cheaper (yes) and 100% better.

          2. It’s also open way into the wee hours of the morning. That’s usually not the case for better taco places.

            1. Turns out you’re right. I misread the sign as Open Latte and was wondering why they didn’t provide lids for their coffee cups.

              1. How you gonna appreciate the latte art, doofus.

        2. I can’t do it. All of taco bell’s meat reminds me of dog food in a can.

          I say that as someone who eats at Long John Silver’s about once every two years.

      3. There is a Jack in the box here in Cincinnati???

      4. The last one I ate at was in Charlotte. I had regrets the next day.

    3. No worse than the McRib, yes?

      1. Shhh. You’ll wake Playa Manhattan with that talk.

    4. Jack in the Box tacos are easily the best value item in all fast food.

      1. Is that something to be proud of?

        “Out of all the cheap shitty fast food, we’re the cheapest!”

      2. Doesn’t every $5+ Jack in the Box receipt come with a coupon for a free taco? Or is that not a thing anymore?

    5. shouldn’t that read “Californians”? or at least, ‘West Coasters’? I’ve only ever seen them when visiting cali.

      1. There’s lots of ’em in Texas too. The tacos are popular amongst the late night drunks and/or stoners, in no small part due to the fact that the Box used to be the only really late night fast food.

      2. There’s quite a few of them in Colorado now (franchises have been sprouting up like weeds here for about 8-9 years), and Albuquerque has some too. The ones in the latter city have the worst service on the planet, though, and that’s counting the lazily indifferent idiots at Mickey D’s.

    6. Dude, Jack in the box has the best fast food tacos around. Yes, better than taco bell. If I want a real taco I’ll go to hole in the wall mexican restaurant, but if I want something yummy and instant Jack In The Box tacos are the way to go.

  25. I could care less where Megan Kelly goes. I do enjoy watching cons flip out over her “betrayal” of Fox, though. To read the message boards on other sites, you would think she took a job at the Daily Kos.

    1. And, everyone is a daytime tv expert. Just enjoy the fun.

    2. It’s amazing she stayed there as long as she did. She’s a democrat, but a sane and moderate democrat. Though you could tell Trump really got under her skin, which is kind of understandable.

      I hope going to NBC doesn’t eventually cause her to adopt a raving far left lunatic persona, because that’s not her at all.

      1. She claimed Trumpites were stalking her following the debate. That would be scary, but she got a book deal and a TV show out of it so she’s playing it well.

        1. Ya know I really can’t think of a single team red guy that has time to properly stalk his ex let alone some tv chick. Of course we are keyboard samurai but that takes 0 effort and email death threats can be issued while drinking a beer after work.

          But properly chasing down and monitoring someone in meatspace takes way too much time and effort

          1. After work? I think you misspelled at.

      2. We’ll know if she winds up at MSNBC “understudying” for what’s her name the “super genius”.

    3. To ideologues, distinctions between ideological opponents often blur.

  26. “Rhode Island College required students to devote themselves to “the value of social and economic justice.””

    I’m sure the tin-pot commies won’t count a lemonade stand as contributing.

    1. So like most college students, they’re devoting themselves to nothing.

      1. Nihilists, Dude.


  27. Rhode Island College required students to devote themselves to “the value of social and economic justice.”

    Did they know this going in?

    1. Refreshing to see a college state that upfront.

  28. Cato [is] arguing that constitutional rights don’t stop at the schoolhouse door.

    Exactly. They stop at the *courthouse* door.

    1. You mean the war of Muslim aggression?

      1. To turn it around, Abd al-Malik wasn’t in front of Constantinople 350 years earlier because he got lost looking for Medina.

      1. Apparently all those detours in Eastern Europe don’t count either. And Southern France to take out the Cathars. And let’s just handwave all those anti-Semitic pogroms that kept happening both in Europe and the Middle East, because really it was just about Islamic expansion guys.

    2. The Crusades were defensive wars….

      1. The Crusades were defensive wars preordained by heaven…?

      2. I’d say they were counterstrikes in a longer defensive war, but that’s more about details than general disagreement with your point.

      3. No they were not, the first was justified as such but turned into a land grab by Crusader leadership who refused to return the land to the Eastern Roman Empire (i.e. the whole ‘defensive’ justification). The Crusades actively caused more damage to Eastern Christianity than they helped, the Fourth pushed the Eastern Romans into their death spiral and turned Constantinople into a shadow of its former self.

          1. In theory, yes. The aggression the Emperor asked help with being Seljuk assault on the Roman Empire. They beat some but didn’t finish the job.
            Instead they got religion, kept Antioch instead of returning it (Emperor didn’t come help – because a fleeing Crusade leader told him Antioch and Crusade were lost) and went for Jerusalem, which, if they wanted to defend it, time was back when Heraclius was alive. Half a millennium before.

            (which probably is mentioned, but Google trick only works on page 1 out of 8 in that article, and I don’t think a subscription to Christianity Today is what I want).

            1. Accepting the ‘defensive war’ argument for the Crusaders’ advance into the Levant (their response to the Turks is at least valid) is like saying Italy has a casus belli on France today, because Roman Gaul. Except instead of Italy keeping it, some Spaniard who helps installs his cousin to run the thing.

          2. Thanks Papaya, but I’m familiar with Madden’s frankly dishonest and cherry-picked Crusades apologia. Let’s unpack a few examples, shall we?

            he recounted (and embellished) a massacre of Jews after the Crusader conquest of Jerusalem in 1099 …

            Embellished, of course, rather than taking directly from primary source accounts of Crusaders themselves like the Gesta Francorum. All those primary sources must have just imagined the massacre of Jews and wrote down their accounts (or even disgust at the event). Madden’s work is rife with this rhetoric trick (no, ignore any primary source that counteracts my stance, nothing to see here, move on).

            A series of holy wars against Islam led by power-mad popes and fought by religious fanatics. Think again…

            As the faith of the Roman Empire, it spanned the entire Mediterranean, including the Middle East, where it was born. The Christian world, therefore, was a prime target for the earliest caliphs, and it would remain so for Muslim leaders for the next thousand years.

            And so, to combat the Sunni Arab caliphs, Crusaders attacked….an Egyptian caliphate of a completely different sect. And Turks. Excellent work Madden, just throw everyone into a collective pile of Muslims. What brilliant insight. That’s why Ragnar Lodbrok’s sons invaded Francia instead of the English kingdoms, because they’re all the same, right?

            1. Direct quote from Pope Urban II:

              For the Turks, a Persian people, have attacked them I exhort you with earnest prayer – not I, but God – that, as heralds of Christ, you urge men by frequent exhortation, men of all ranks, knights as well as foot soldiers, rich as well as poor, to hasten to exterminate this vile race from the lands of your brethren Christ commands it. And if those who set out thither should lose their lives on the way by land, or in crossing the sea, or in fighting the pagans, their sins shall be remitted.


              Certainly not the speech of a power-mad Pope to religious fanatics calling for genocide, right? And Pope Urban II’s speech directly contradicts Madden’s argument of it being a response to early Islamic expansion, because he directly cites the Turks, not the Arabs, as the problem.

              Again, Madden’s work is entirely inaccurate and dishonest. He is not respected in medieval history circles because he pulls shit like this all the time. The Crusades have been rationalized as a ‘defensive war’ since the 12th century, but that’s all it is, a rationalization. Clearly the assault and destruction of the most powerful Eastern empire was just to defend Christianity…by weakening it to loot and pillage one of the most important Christian cities of the East.

              1. God damn Venetians. I’ll forgive that shitpile of the city when Imperial troops land at the Square of St Marco, throw the city council in the lagoon, install an Exarch and return the looted treasures to Constanitople, triumph in Hippodrome optional.

                1. You really want the Greeks running Venice nowadays? A fate worse than death.

                  1. The Romans, dammit.

                    You know, Syrians, Armenians(?), Anatolians. They can even be Greek or half-Serb for all I care.

                    1. If the Paris 1919 taught us anything, it’s that the Greeks will fucking milk their Roman cred at any chance.

                      Good luck finding the Last of the Romans in this day and age. Maybe a Palaiologos runs a Greek restaurant somewhere in New York?

    3. You’re just pissed that the Count of Orkney won Jerusalem, admit it.

      1. One time I helped the Crusaders with a massive Norse raid on Egypt while they were sieging the Levant.

        “Uh, yeah, nice outfits guys, pay no attention to me, Odin wills it, I mean God. Screw it, I’m just here for the money and women.”

        1. Well I guess you lowered their moral authority, so that’s kind of helpful.

          1. I kept pulling death stacks away from the Levant because the AI goes nuts on a multi-front conflict. I saved Crusader lives, dammit. Maybe now they’ll get over the whole “Sacrificing the Pope to Odin” thing.

  29. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are moving to D.C. Their new home is a three-minute walk from President Obama’s new home.

    Going to be hard for Barry watching out his window as Important People constantly come and go, but never stop at his place.

    1. as Important People constantly come and go

      Talking of Michelangelo?

      1. You should have been a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas, Ted.

        1. Wow, SugarFree, your writing is even weirder than usual today! Oh, never mind, carry on…

            1. Go eat a peach.

              …after tea and cakes and ices?

          1. Is it bad that I think of Hopper quoting the poem in a movie rather than the poem itself?

  30. Megyn Kelly Flees Fox for NBC

    Flees? Literally? Who writes this shit.

    1. I was wondering about that word.

    2. She turned down $20 million a year to go to NBC. She fled Fox just like a refugee fleeing Syrian.

      1. She turned down $20 million a year to go to NBC. She fled Fox just like a refugee fleeing Syrian.

        If it was boatloads of blonde Megyn Kellys coming out of Syria, resettlement would not be a political problem. I suspect even the Arab countries could find it in their hearts to take them in.

        1. oddly enough, some on the right would still oppose the idea.

      1. Just imagine what would happen if rank amateurs were allowed to write that shit.

    3. Tactical retreat?

  31. A case study in why the Left loves the idea of “Hate Speech Laws

    Turkey arrested fashion designer Barbaros Sansal on charges of inciting hatred on social media, a day after he was attacked by baggage handlers at Istanbul’s main airport, state-run media reports said on Tuesday.

    Social media showed footage of the Turkish designer being beaten up by airport workers late on Monday as he was being escorted from a plane to a car by police after being expelled from northern Cyprus.

    Sansal was expelled after posting a satirical video on social media calling on people to continue to celebrate the New Year “while there is so much filthiness, vileness and impoverishment” in the country, shortly after a gunman killed 39 people at an Istanbul nightclub. The attack was claimed by Islamic State.

    The designer is an outspoken critic of the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) and his video spoke of “scores of journalists in prison” and “corruption and bribes” in Turkey.

    Footage of his asswhooping

    1. I don’t get it. He was critical of the government so he was beaten up by … airport workers?

      1. IDK, the gov’t agency I could see most easily turning into goons would be the TSA.

        1. Failure to comply with body scanning sends you to the Fingermen.

      2. He was critical of the government so he was beaten up by … airport workers?

        I was going to remark on that –

        in many countries with “Strongman”-leaders, there are large constituencies, often in Unionized labor, who function as ‘street-muscle’, brownshirts for the ruling authority.

        i think its very common. In Russia, the people who beat up journalists critical of the administration aren’t necessarily ‘off duty police’; they often come from an informal class of people who have connections to the administration, but can’t be tied directly to it. In Iran they have the “basij”, who are basically volunteer, ad-hoc security forces….

        I think anywhere you went in Turkey, they could find some group of adult men to swarm the ‘formal’ authorities and beat the shit out of some regime-critic like this. the police won’t stop them, obviously. Whether they’re ordered to do so by the regime, or whether they’re self-organized and motivated… not sure if it needs to be one way or the other. But i don’t think its at all unusual.

  32. Fiat-Chrysler unveil concept car for millenials

    Warning: auto-play video

    Selfies, naturally.

    Chrysler unveiled its Portal concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show Tuesday, and it has a long list of features based on 20 years of research into exactly what Millennials want from a car, according to Fiat Chrysler.

    Technology is at the center of it all, starting with the Portal’s plug-in ports for the mobile devices belonging to every passenger in the car.

    So the car can take a photo of everyone riding in all six seats — which is critical for any road trip — and then send the image to everyone’s devices so it can be shared on social media.

    I am shaking my head.

    The Portal is all-electric with a range of 250 miles on a full charge, to accommodate Millennials’ environmental mind set. With fast charging, it can go 150 miles after just 20 minutes of charging.

    That road trip will either be for a really short distance, or it will take a long, long time.

    1. I’m a younger millennial. I want none of that.
      now if Volvo started making the c303 again…

      1. Volvo c303…I was unaware of that, DOOMco. Thanks.

        1. a really cool truck, and more unique than a unimog.
          of course, a unimog is also a really cool truck.

    2. For some reason car companies think hip and trendy – no matter the generation – translates into a car that is birth control on wheels. Blatant eco-social signaling does not have to be ugly; matter of fact if one wants to actually sell some it helps to make the car look like, you know, a sleek cool car.

      Tesla proved that dictum, and nobody noticed.

    3. If they took 20 years to do the research, I think they’ve missed (or misjudged) the “Millenials” market. What was popular 20 years ago that is still popular now for young people?

      1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

        Kind of.


        1. Also they are bring back the original cast Mighty Morphing Power Rangers just for us. It’s true I am a special snowflake being doted on.

        2. Ergo, Fiat-Chrysler should have instead released a versus of the TMNT Party Wagon (complete with pizza launchers!)…

          1. This reminds me of how everyone would take a replica Batmobile if they had the opportunity.

        3. April O’Neil was recently involved in creating a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles porn parody.

          1. Hope no actual turtles were injured during filming.

      2. If you were a 90s kid, you’d understand.

    4. It’s a rare car when the rear is better looking than the front, and that’s not saying much in this case.

      (Isn’t it interesting how hard it seems to be to design an attractive rear end for a car? Front ends seem to be much easier to get right, for some reason.)

      1. The obvious solution is classic fins!

      2. Front ends seem to be much easier to get right, for some reason.

        There’s much more going on so it’s easier to have personality up there. Headlights, radiator grills, etc. The rear just has the trunk and the tail lights. Trunks are necessarily small in today’s compact cars. Give me a car with a rear end like a rap star’s girlfriend any day…

  33. my friends on the left are going insane these days.
    i think they might lose it. posting some of the best salt tears yet. i thought the new year would end it, but its doubled again.
    obama had no scandals, did you all know that? none.

    1. Except for one: he cared too much

      1. We just weren’t good enough for Him. Now we have no one but ourselves to blame.

    2. They are just trying to make themselves feel better, DOOMco. Ignore them.

      1. its hard when not one word is correct. it would take no time to check, but nooo, the have to post.

        i let most slide by but get caught on occasion

  34. Ford cancelling plans to build plant in Mexico

    Warning: auto-play video

    Ford is canceling plans to build a new plant in Mexico. It will invest $700 million in Michigan instead, creating 700 new U.S. jobs.

    Ford (F) CEO Mark Fields said the investment is a “vote of confidence” in the pro-business environment being created by Donald Trump. However, he stressed Ford did not do any sort of special deal with the president-elect.

    “We didn’t cut a deal with Trump. We did it for our business,” Fields told CNN’s Poppy Harlow in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

    The $700 million investment will go to the Flat Rock, Michigan plant to produce more electric and self-driving cars. Ford believes electrified vehicles will outsell gas-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.

    “Nice business you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it”

  35. There is only one relevant thing to say re Megyn Kelly:. Would.

    1. All day

      1. and all of the night

        1. 30 minutes ?

    1. Dear 2017,

      Please kill the “you know who else” meme. The abtract euphemisms meme ok copasetic though.

      1. You know who else wanted memes killed?

        1. The guy who shot Harambe?

        2. Evolutionary biologist and semiologist Ernst Mayr?

      2. Who know who else desired to “kill” off things that he disliked?

      3. I was just thinking that Mirror Universe Hitler would have a beard and no mustache.

        1. And she’d be a Jew.

          1. Not everything is reversed.

        2. So in Mirror Universe, Hitler would have had a goatee and thoughtful beret-wearing dudes would have Hitler mustaches?

          1. Mirror-Hitler was a hippie artist with a Dobie Gills goatee.

        3. You’re all not funny and wrong and stupid!

          It’s a soul patch.

      4. You know who else fancied a copacetic abstract euphemism?…

        1. Picasso?

    2. Like maybe a lightning storm?…

    3. Simon Bar Sinister?

  36. Ford producing hybrid Mustang

    Warning: auto-play video

    One of America’s most cherished muscle cars is going electric — the Ford Mustang.

    Ford announced plans Tuesday to make a hybrid version of the Mustang that will be powered by electric motors as well as a gasoline engine.

    1. great, now the crowd-killer has more torque.

      1. With electric motor orientation, there should be no induced yaw like on a big-motor RWD setup, which keeps it straight while Gramps holds on to his fleeting youth.

        1. hm. i hadn’t really thought about that.
          i bet theyll manage still.

    2. On the other hand, the hybrid F150 with a built in generator for worksite tools looks sort of cool.

      1. That is pretty cool. The other thing I thought Ford would be all over and in the same vein would be remote driverless rather than full-on autonomous.

        The truck doesn’t have to drive itself as much as follow someone with a bed full of heavy shit while they walk around or shuttle shit from waypoint to waypoint around a construction site.

  37. The hospital I am currently sitting in has a “we dont deny for race, blah blah, or ability to pay”.

    So how was there an access to medical care pronlem again?

    1. Do you see the “free” birthcontrol, therapist, and sex-change vending machine?

      There isn’t one, is there?

      Consider yourself educated.

  38. Flees? Literally? Who writes this shit.

    Oh, come on. Everybody knows FOX News makes the Black Hole of Calcutta look like a five star resort.

  39. Speaking of Hate Speech….

    something not clarified in the story – they refer to “Chelsea supporters”, but i assume they’re french nationals, and not Brits visiting paris. Could be wrong tho. Soccer fans are weird.

    *when i was in poland in 1992, we hooked up with a gang of violent teenagers who all wore the same colors. i remember asking them what the basis for their look was, and they seemed surprised it needed explaining;

    “we’re chelea supporters”. “Chelsea… england?” (look of, “Duh!?”)… “but”…. i wondered…. “isn’t there a polish team, or something?…” They laughed, “Poland sucks.” I didn’t bother questioning further. We spent nearly a week feeding them vodka for the total cost of ~$10, and in exchange they functioned as a 24 hour resource, as tour guide, translators, ready-drinking-companions, etc.

    1. “we’re chelea supporters”.

      I have now lost all sympathy for the Poles. Russia, do as you will.

    2. I don’t know if your use of “hooked up” primed me for it, but your story reads like the cover blurb for a gay porn video from a studio like Triga.

      1. your story reads like the cover blurb for a gay porn video


        1. Go on…

    3. From the BBC story:

      Joshua Parsons, 22, and James Fairbairn, 25, had denied their actions of February 2015 were racist in nature.

      Their co-accused, fellow Chelsea fans Richard Barklie, a 52-year-old former policeman, and William Simpson, 27, from Surrey, were tried in absentia.

      The hearing at the Palais de Justice saw a video recorded by a passenger of fans pushing him off the Metro train.
      Supporters can be heard chanting “we are racist, we are racist and that’s the way we like it”.

      1. ah, so they were British citizens.

        I was sort of iffy on whether France could try members of other EU nations for their own peculiar Hate-Crime laws. (*i guess i should have known already since they’ve prosecuted various soccer *players* for ‘hate stuff’ in the past as well)

        related = man arrested for racism when chinese people hear him performing “kung fu fighting”

  40. Gentlemen, I can control Ivanka or I can run the county. I cannot do both.

    1. Gotcha. I’m a team player, I’ll handle the former and you can deal with the later. Deal?

  41. might have found my engine swap.
    further off topic, my work has done some things that aren’t great in my opinion, and has re solidified my need to teach myself programming. i was casually doing it, but i now have a real desire to career swap.

    1. $900 ??

      Wait a few weeks and the seller will probably pay you to come haul it off.

      1. its been up long enough, i doubt its moving.
        i think i can get it down a good chunk, especially because I’d be rebuilding it.
        a little steep a 900 though

  42. I was just thinking that Mirror Universe Hitler would have a beard and no mustache.

    Hah. Mirror Universe Hitler would look like Fabio.

    1. Actually Aryan and glorious?

    2. And would be known for his art.

      1. In the alternate history novel “In the Company of the Dead” where a time traveler tries to prevent the Titanic from sinking and ends up fucking up the First World War so Germany wins, some people get their hands on his journal of historically important events and wonder why the hell ‘Hitler’ is in the dictators list and not the artists list. Also, they have Einstein-brand watches.

        1. Also, they have Einstein-brand watches.

          Why watches and not refrigerators?

          1. Refrigerators are too big for your wrist.

      1. Huh. You know, I think #2 is Peter Sellers.

        1. #6 looks like Richard Nixon.

          OMG! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

          1. With closest aides having names “Halderman” and “Ehrlichmann” it kinda ends all doubt, no?

            How many times must’ve Milhouse Hitler had to just sit there and pretend to give a shit while that Jew Kissinger endlessly prattled on? Or send weapons to Israel in Yom Kippur War? Smooth Milhouse Hitler, very smooth.

      2. #2 is actor Jeffrey Tambor!

  43. re solidified my need to teach myself programming.

    I just picked up a linux magazine for the live boot disc (elementary and mint) and there is a ton of raspberry pi stuff in it. Apparently, the pi is the new “toy” computer for people who want to learn about computers. There was a thing on one of Bloomberg’s “feature” shows about the guys who did the development, and they said they were trying to reproduce the opportunity to experiment with programming they had when they were kids in the ’80s.

    Are you familiar with it? (I’m not- but it sounds interesting.)

    ps- diesels suck

    1. my roommates are. one used a bunch for his senior project. it helps having these guys around.

      they dont suck! gm just ruined it for all of us.
      i have been looking at some sbc or vortec, but more wires and ecu issues come with a vortec

    2. Ever hear of Arduino?

      1. Arduinos are micro controllers while the Pi is a full on computer. Pi’s are awesome for experimenting with shit and doing crazy automation projects etc. Arduinos are really for more of when you figure out what you want done you get one and specialize it.

        Example: Use a Pi to create a fully automated fish tank; Ph monitor, slainity monitor, water level monitor, feeding hopper, temp monitor, light controller, camera, wifi uploaded to a mobile app, etc.

        User Arduinos to handle the servos that open and close the hoppers, pump water, etc.

        1. that is a good breakdown.

        2. I learned of Arduino around dawn of Arduino from a friend who shoehorned one onto his Dyson vacuum cleaner to actuate a custom-set of brushes he made and be a speed controller on the motor.

          He was going to patent it; this was years ago.

        3. Use a Pi to create a fully automated fish tank; Ph monitor, slainity monitor, water level monitor, feeding hopper, temp monitor, light controller, camera, wifi uploaded to a mobile app, etc.

          Yeah, the key is operating systems. The Pi can pretty easily handle one out of the box whereas the Arduino… less so.

          I would mention the hardware/software converse or tradeoff as well. IME, your Pi will be finicky about power supplies (almost regardless of model and even within spec), storage disks/devices, wifi adapters, housings, etc. Meanwhile, your arduino will need enough juice from any source to keep it on and is best kept dry.

      2. Yeah, Microcenter has a lot of arduino projects as well.

    3. Microcenter has a ton of raspberry pi projects you can buy.

    4. The Pi (particularly the new 3 model) has a lot going for it for learning not only code, but beginning electronics and circuit design. Personally, I find the ability to control real stuff with code *very* cool.

      1. i want to carry my current job to it.
        make a miniature/ theoretical access control system.

  44. i have been looking at some sbc or vortec, but more wires and ecu issues come with a vortec

    I have been seriously thinking about putting a 4.8 vortec in my truck. I haven’t towed anything with it in years. You can get a vortec carb manifold no problem, but I don’t know what (if anything) extra is involved in sticking an hei distributor on it; changing the cam and/or the oil pump drive shaft to turn the distributor would be a pain in the ass. Not a dealbreaker, necessarily, but more work/expense.

    1. from my basic research, the newer ones ecu requires info from things that i could not have in my fj. the best option from there is a custom ecu and a lot of dyno time, which would look a little funny

  45. Not new, but I had not seen it before.
    My first Commentariat redmeat of 2017.
    Consider it “well-aged.”

    Stanford Law Professor John Donohue: Facts Do Not Support Claim That Guns Make Us Safer

    1. They were repeating the sentiments of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s executive vice president

      It’s interesting how subtle choices in wording can give away underlying beliefs. Most people would say that the representatives of an advocacy group are repeating the sentiments of his organization’s members, and not the other way around. But then the writer would have to get into the messy business of admitting that the NRA has lots of members and is not some gun manufacturers’ astroturf organization.

    2. Holy fuck, that is a mountain of derp. I clearly should’ve waded deeper into it before commenting on it. Just one fine example:

      Note that the cost of hiring 100,000 police would be roughly the same as the amount that Americans spend on gun purchases every year.

      Holy statism, batman!

    3. Who stopped Jared Loughner’s murderous rampage in Tucson in which Gabby Giffords was gravely injured? As Loughner was reaching for a new magazine to reload his gun, he was tackled and forced to the ground by already wounded Bill Badger (age 74 ? retired Army Colonel) and Roger Salzgeber (age 61). Patricia Maisch (age 61 ? small business owner) took the magazine he was attempting to reload. All three were unarmed.

      Because they were in a “gun-free zone”, you mendacious fuckwit.

    4. “There is a reason that the constitution explicitly states that those who use weapons must be “well-regulated.”‘

      you’d think that a lawyer would know better about what “well-regulated” actually means.

  46. Twitter snark from @PatrikSterling: “With a single move, Megyn Kelly has simultaneously increased the average IQ of both Fox & NBC networks.”

    1. She’ll not longer be dragging down the high IQs offered by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

      1. O’Reilly’s intelligent. Mendacious at times, but still intelligent. Hannity is a genuine moron, however.

        1. “Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that.”

          I don’t think he’s a total idiot, but I don’t think I’d say Rachel Maddow or Brian Williams are either.

  47. I wonder if Rice will offer a course in not getting drunk and naked with strangers.

    I assume this course is scheduled prior to the annual Night of Decadence.…..991652.php

  48. Hey Reason Commetariat — has anyone used Bettermint for automated investing? I don’t really care for picking individual stocks, so was wondering if this was the way to go. What do you think?

      1. Uh-oh, it’s called *Better*mint, not *Double*mint, and you were supposed to use it for automated investing?

        No wonder it tasted so funny when I tried to chew it.

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