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Just What the Country Needed: Yet Another Video of Smug Celebrities Whining About Trump

A boot stomping on a human face and muttering 'Dear members of Congress,' forever.



As Anthony Fisher previously observed, "Liberal Celebrity Videos Failed to Stop Donald Trump, But Trump's Victory Has Failed to Stop Liberal Celebrity Videos." Today, we are confronted with yet more evidence of this, courtesy of Art Not War's latest masterpiece, #StandUpForUs.

Sally Field, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Wright, Rosie Perez, and a bunch of mildly famous people you've never heard of, have a message for members of Congress. For emphasis, they say so several times. Stop me if you've heard this one before:

Dear members of Congress.

Dear members of Congress.

Dear members of Congress.

Dear. Members. Of. Congress.

Watch the full thing here.

"The important thing is that our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters have been given yet another opportunity to browbeat us," writes The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher. "In their minds, they lost because they just didn't sneer at us enough. After all, they're on TV and we're not."

Speaking of sneering liberals:

Har har.

Too many people in the media and entertainment industries don't seem to understand that folks hate being treated like morons. I'm not thrilled about America's choice for president, but I wasn't thrilled about the other choice, either. I'm supposed to be shamed for not wanting Hillary Clinton, a key supporter of the disasters in Iraq and Libya, to fly the plane?

Smug liberalism is a problem: unfortunately, smug liberals will be the last identity group to admit it. In the meantime, Trump will be happy to continue profiting from the resentment said smugness inspires.

#StandUpForUS from Art Not War on Vimeo.

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  1. That political cartoon on the airliner induces one to envision Hillary Clinton and her staff trying to fly a large multi-engine turbine aircraft. That doesn’t help their cause.

    1. “It crashed because Russians hacked the engine.”

      1. “The mixture control! We need to set the proper fuel mixture!”
        “What, like with a spatula?”

        1. You bring up spatulas just because Hillary is a woman?

          Sexist pig!

          1. No, in that case I would have brought up whisks. Because of eggs and such.

            1. Yolk yolk!

        2. Just wipe it with a cloth…

    2. Something like “I should be the one to fly the plane because I’m a woman”.

    3. The cartoon is pro-aristocracy: The pilots represent the aristocracy and the passenger represents the pity commoners.

      The cartoon is pro-fascist: The pilots represent the government of experts and the passenger represents the uneducated rube.

      The cartoon is pro-Trump: The pilots represent the enlightened members of the Electoral College (the original intent for the EC) and the passenger represents the people and the popular vote.

      1. The cartoon is pro-fascist: The pilots represent the government of experts and the passenger represents the uneducated rube.

        No, that’s *exactly* Progressivism. Rule of the “expert” apparatchiks.

        1. *Exactly*: Progressive ~= Fascism.

      2. Someone needs to stand up for these poor celebrities!

  2. So they want the country to be flown into a field in Somerset County, PA? I’m confused about what I’m supposed to do for Hollywood this time.

  3. The video says they want congress to be an obstruction to the president. Didn’t they spend the last 6 years complaining about just that?

    1. It’s different when they do it because, unlike Rethuglicans, they have good intentions.

      Pragmatists understand that the real thing that matters is who does something, not what they actually do.

      Principles are for chumps.

      1. But since the republicans still control congress, they ARE asking the republicans to do it, after screaming at them for doing it for 6 years.

        1. Of course, is there a greater force in politics than inertia? The progs might just get their wish after all.

    2. The derp is so many layers deep. I’m sure featuring numerous ill-defined minorities, calling Trump a racist, and whimsically claiming to be the majority while appealing to a white republican congress is lost on them as well.

      At this point, I’m just concluding that anyone in one of these ads has the political cognitive depth of a cue card or possibly a paycheck.

      1. It’s not layers of derp, it’s facets. They are all just different views of the primary leftist political philosophy, ‘I win’.

        The principles don’t matter. The rules don’t matter. The people don’t matter. The only thing than matters is ‘I win’. Even in this election, when they’ve lost, they still demand to win just because ‘I win’.

    3. “I pledge to be of service to our president”

      1. I remember that video, it was fucking creepy.

      2. “Ich schw?re bei Gott diesen heiligen Eid, da? ich dem F?hrer des Deutschen Reiches und Volkes Adolf Hitler, dem Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht, unbedingten Gehorsam leisten und als tapferer Soldat bereit sein will, jederzeit f?r diesen Eid mein Leben einzusetzen.”

  4. Watch the full thing here.

    No thanks.

    1. Excellent choice, BP. Those “repeat for emphasis and string together partial sentences from multiple speakers” things are pretty obnoxious.

      1. Agreed, Rich, but it’s not just that. He’s not even fucking President yet. He hasn’t done anything yet. Some of his comments have been stupid, but they aren’t in a position to complain, considering the last 8 years and the recent presidential campaign. The left should wait until they really see Hitler before crying Hitler.

        Personally, I waited until it was obvious that Obama was a total shit who would renege on the few good promises he made before I judged him a total shit. I’ll give Trump the same chance.

        1. But he MIGHT turn into real Hitler, which is the next best thing

        2. It was obvious Obama was going to cave to the Neocons way before he got elected. The closer he got the more of a Bush clone he became, except even more socialist.

    2. Well, if you won’t let a bunch of smug, liberal celebrities make your decisions for you, then you can just make decisions for yourself!

      *storms off, slams door

  5. Watch the full thing here.

    Haha. NOT OKAY.

  6. a bunch of mildly famous people you’ve never heard of

    Hey, isn’t that “Pat” from Saturday Night Live?

    1. Yeah and I’m pretty sure the bald black guy with the button down shirt used to be on In Living Color too.

      Those two and Forrest Gump’s mom were the only ones I recognized.

      1. You didn’t recognize Steve Buscemi? He’s the guy who got fed into a woodchipper in Fargo!!!

        1. Didn’t watch the video. How does Buscemi die in this one?

      1. Thank you for Trigglypuff

  7. Dont watch the video. It just encourages them.


    2. Didn’t the last one have 90% of its voting thumbed down?

      1. Actually, that last one with Martin Sheen smartly had the comments turned off.

  8. Clearly none of them read the comments here at Reason. If they had, they’d cut that shit out.

  9. I looked at the petition to see who that guy in the clerical collar was. I thought one of the flakier Catholic clergy had lent his presence to this BS, but fortunately, it wasn’t a Catholic, it was an Episcopalian. Specifically, it was Bishop Gene Robinson, who had his 15 minutes of fame some years back when sexually-active gay Episcopal bishops were still controversial – remember those days? Remember how Courageous Robinson was? Apparently he’s still trying to recapture the first fine careless rapture of media glory.

    1. The Bishop of Canterbury does not approve

  10. I observe that they put it on Vimeo instead of YouTube so they could avoid the massive dislike campaign the last one created.

    Be afraid of us because in two years we’re coming for your heads!

    Brought to you by The Campaign to Ensure an Eight Year Donald Trump Presidency.

  11. Clearly all of those people are horrible racists. That’s literally the only reason you would want Congress to work against the President.

  12. The New Yorker cartoon is just ripe for mockery.
    If it was about HRC campaign, the plane would be stuck on the runway, with an aloof, corrupt pilot who hasn’t driven a plane in 30 years.
    If it was about Obama, it would be about how much good intentions the “experienced” pilot had while driving the plane into the ground 8 years in a row.

    I’ll try and watch the video as a test of endurance… Also to see which celebrities I should lose even more respect for – if that’s even possible.

  13. RE: Just What the Country Needed: Yet Another Video of Smug Celebrities Whining About Trump
    A boot stomping on a human face and muttering ‘Dear members of Congress,’ forever.

    Maybe they would like some cheese to go along with their whine.

  14. I guess the only question now is if Democrats get steam-rolled in the upcoming midterm elections or completely shut-out. They better think of something to persuade voters beyond condescending celebrities.

    I imagine this is what is going on in a Democratic strategy meeting.

    (somewhere in San Francisco)

    Party operative 1: How do we appeal to the people of Missouri in order to ensure that our senator wins reelection?

    Party operative 2: We could talk about jobs and maybe tone down on the gun issue

    Party operative 1: Nah, I think it’s best if we send out Lena Dunham to do a rally

    Party operative 2: Genius

    1. As a small-town Missouran, I put on my work boots every morning, and meet up with my coworkers, and the first thing on all of our lips is, “What is Lena Dunham up to?”

  15. “Too many people in the media and entertainment industries don’t seem to understand that folks hate being treated like morons.”

    Yeah, especially morons. People with some self-esteem don’t get bent out of shape over these things.

    And if you voted for the pussy grabber, you’re a moron. If you couldn’t tell who would be a better president between the two options, you’re a special kind of moron. If you would like to offer reasons for your choice, I’ll explain specifically why they make you a moron.

    1. Somewhere a Slate comment section is missing its token straight male

    2. People with some self-esteem don’t get bent out of shape over these things.

      Is that why you keep posting here, despite routinely getting pissed that people take you to task? You’re a moron, Tony; a moron with low self-esteem. If you weren’t, you’d be off somewhere else trying to make the world better rather than make the comments section of this blog worse with your whining idiocy.

      Here’s a mirror, champ. I didn’t know you were capable of introspection. Good job.

      1. So I have low self-esteem and I also hang around a blog where everyone calls me an idiot all the time. Geez I must cut myself at night.

        This planet has real problems and you people actually think that among the worst of them are celebrities being “smug.” You are the on-level kids. Liberal coastal elites really are better than you, and furthermore you know it; otherwise it wouldn’t bother you so much.

        1. Seriously, are you Steve Chapman?

        2. why anyone gives a shit what those losers think is beyond me. Talk about unwarranted self-importance

          1. Fortunately, given the electoral college’s effect on muting the coastal elites a bit, we don’t even have to give so much of a shit about “what those losers think.”

            Pretty cute that Tony, who would be the first to cite a social science study about how Democrats are supposedly higher IQ than Republicans would fail to cite the other ones that find that libertarians have higher IQs than both. Probably won’t be seeing that link out of him anytime soon. Proggies just love them some studies until they contradict the narrative.

            1. Pretty cute that Tony, who would be the first to cite a social science study about how Democrats are supposedly higher IQ than Republicans

              What dipshits like Tony and esteve never consider is that, if they’re so fucking smart, how come they just got beat by a bunch of idiots?

        3. The only reason it bothers anyone is when they try to force their vision on others. If they were content with inflicting their foolishness only on themselves, I’d imagine most people would be amused rather than bothered.

        4. It’s got a good beat and I can dance to it…I give it a 78.

        5. “you’re a moron”
          “Liberal coastal elites really are better than you, and furthermore you know it”

          Yikes! This is exactly how the election was lost.

          Try to make a superior economic and moral argument for your position. Use reason and rigor, not ad hominem, which is childish.

    3. Whew, Dodgers a bullet there. I was afraid for a minute that I would be called a moron by some inconsequential person on the Internet.

      1. *dodged. My kingdom for an edit button!

    4. Making increasingly desperate video after video is not getting “bent out of shape,” right?

      1. We have four long years to prove these smug celebrities right. It shouldn’t take a month.

        1. After 16 years of progressive rule under Bush, and Obama it’s good to see you still are shit posting Tony. =D

        2. We have four long years to prove these smug celebrities right. It shouldn’t take a month.

          Pick a couple of their statements that can actually be proven right. Go on the record here, so we can check back.

    5. And if you ever even remotely considered Hillary, you’re an evil moron.

      Oh, hi, Tony.

  16. It’s self-parody at this point. The earnest tone. The serious faces. It’s almost hard to believe that they believe their pleas carry any weight.

    1. You can never tell when an actor is sincere or just acting.

      So I assume actors are never sincere and are most likely sociopaths.

  17. It was her turn to fly the plane into the side of a mountain!

  18. Okay now…

    On one website, I have a video of smug celebrities telling me that Donald Trump is an anti-Semite. On another website, I have a group of smug journalists telling me that Barack Obama abstained from vetoing the UN resolution on settlements in East Jerusalem to box in Trump from taking a pro-Israeli position on the issue.

    This makes Trump the first pro-Israeli anti-Semite in history.

    1. Stop thinking independently. Let Martin Sheen show you how to think.

      1. Let Martin Sheen show you how to think.

        For God’s sake, people, HE PLAYED A PRESIDENT ON TEEVEE!!!1!!!11!!!!!!!!ELEVENTYLEVEN!1111!!1!!!!

  19. Leftism is entirely built upon a lie. They constantly have to speak in terms of “us”, for group x or group y, like everyone in that group agrees with them. How about you speak for yourself, asshole, and not for others.

    During a facebook argument (not on my wall, but from a friends), a bunch of progs were circlejerking about racism and privilege, then a conservative black guy jumps in an accused them all of being racists and how he is not a victim, etc.

    I’m sure they will just brush it off as him not “really” being black, and move on to more circlejerking.

  20. The marjory

  21. And $100 says that the author of the New Yorker cartoon will tell you that his problem with Donald Trump is that “he doesn’t believe in democracy”. The smug presumption of that cartoon is that there’s some sort of “pilot” of government who knows what’s better for you. The author confuses his/her policy preferences for “facts” that if the peasants just understood, they’d STFD and STFU.

  22. That was fucking hilarious. Everything I feared/hoped it would be. Just awful, tone-deaf, condescending.
    Keep up the good work Progs! You won’t be able to elect a dog catcher at this rate.

  23. “Meh”, People in a plane piloted by smug blind chimps and flying straight towards the side of the mountain would have to be complete Idiots not to try any better option available. I don’t think “smug” is really the issue here so much as the larger ones like “dangerous” and “incompetent”.

  24. “God, in your infinite wisdom, you have decided to take many well loved stars from us, in order to join you in heaven. Now, I know that you don’t want to hear her voice in your kingdom, anymore than we wish to hear it on earth, but haven’t we suffered enough? Please kill Sally Field. Amen”

    1. Nice one. 🙂

  25. War for fifteen years – no problem! But please, Congress, protect us from Trump. Crybabies. smh

  26. So the Art Not War people wanted Hillary? Got it.

    1. Yea, that threw me as well. Apparently, what Obama did in the last 8 years didn’t qualify as war. Just don’t tell that to the parents of the thousands of Middle-Eastern kids blown to bits by Obama’s fleet of drones….

  27. Dear celebrities. Dear celebrities. Dear celebrities.


    Thank you.

  28. Dear Leftcoast Lefty Leftards-

    Fuck the fuck off, you insolent prigs.

    That is all.

    /The actual majority of voters

  29. Love how these clowns went to Vimeo and disabled the comments after the disaster on the last one on youtube. Much *safer* that way.

    These people have no balls. They just want to lecture; not debate.

  30. Fucking comments are disabled for the video. Gee, I wonder why…

    Bunch of elitist pig fuckers.

  31. Even the video error message is smug

    “Some of your technology may be out of date, which means this video won’t play properly. Please upgrade your browser or install Flash.”

    Um, no. My technology is not out of date. I have a script blocker.

    1. Flash just needs to die anyways.

    2. Flash is out of date. Idiots.

  32. No. Here’s what we demand!

    Hands on hips, stomp foot!

    Watching the light go out of these scumbags over the next few years, as it ever so slowly dawns on them that their “demands” don’t mean squat, will be a reason to get up every morning.

    Fill my mug with liberal tears every morning!

    I also loved how they started off with a catalogue of their *feelz*, as if they had some magical power.
    The Power of our Feelz Compels You!
    The Power of our Feelz Compels You!
    The Power of our Feelz Compels You!

    Guess what? It really doesn’t. It just entertains me. Cry more.

  33. Robby, here’s the video for tomorrow’s article:

    Senator McCaskill Has A Message For Men

  34. Smug liberalism is a choice, not an identity group. Identity groups have to at least flirt with being born that way. Fwiw I imagine genes have some to a lot of influence over how you think, but that’s not the narrative.

    1. No, it’s not a choice. They were coerced by Republicans.

  35. Networking/Social Signaling is how actors and journalists get jobs.

  36. Smug Celebrities.

    Why are you supporting the war monger Hillary Clinton, who also supports the un Constitutional war on drugs?
    Did you support the Iraq War?
    If you didn’t, she does.
    Do you like to puff marijuana and/or sniff some coke?
    If you do, she’d have the DEA arrest and jail you.

  37. Clinton was NWO; TPP & NAFTA; Globalism. She was a War-Monger who publicly stated she’d provoke war with Russia; and she was Agenda21. Hillary & Bill Clinton have been cited as being THE most corrupt politicians in the history of The United States of America. 20% of her campaign was funded by Saudi Arabia. While Secretary of State, she mixed our State Dept. business with Clinton Foundation money-generating. She lied at the Benghazi hearings, and to the families of the deceased soldiers right over their flag-draped coffins about her refusal for accountability in that disgraceful incident. This is only the tip of the iceberg for her corruption. And, most recently, Michael McCaul, House Representative for Homeland Security, stated that she is guilty of TREASON for transmitting Classified & Top Secret information through her illegal private server; putting the security of America & Americans at grave risk. Anything they could conjure up on Trump paled in comparison with her heinous decades-long track record – and yet, people actually supported her??! The people who made this video are either extremely misguided or they were paid to make it.

    Personally, I am very grateful that I don’t have to awaken each morning with the dreaded fear of when I was going to hear the air raid sirens Hillary’s wars would have brought to fruition. I am grateful that enough of the little people; enough of the ordinary, decent people came to; and voted for Trump. God Bless America.

  38. Too many people in the media and entertainment industries don’t seem to understand that folks hate being treated like morons. I’m not thrilled about America’s choice for president, but I wasn’t thrilled about the other choice, either. I’m supposed to be shamed for not wanting Hillary Clinton, a key supporter of the disasters in Iraq and Libya, to fly the plane?
    False dichotomy.
    Morons who voted for Drumpf could have voted for Gary Johnson.

    No, they voted for him because his racism, xenophobia and women-bashing was quite alright with them.

    Supporters of disaster in Iraq and Libya never concerned the morons.

  39. Seriously, these video “messages” just get more pathetic after every supposed moral panic in which they are released.

  40. We need to start a retarded repeater media campaign.
    Because your rights…
    Your rights…
    Your rights are in jeopardy.
    Are in jeopardy…
    The State…
    The State…
    The State on the left and the right are both infringing on your rights…
    Your rights…

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