Donald Trump

Just What the Country Needed: Yet Another Video of Smug Celebrities Whining About Trump

A boot stomping on a human face and muttering 'Dear members of Congress,' forever.



As Anthony Fisher previously observed, "Liberal Celebrity Videos Failed to Stop Donald Trump, But Trump's Victory Has Failed to Stop Liberal Celebrity Videos." Today, we are confronted with yet more evidence of this, courtesy of Art Not War's latest masterpiece, #StandUpForUs.

Sally Field, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Wright, Rosie Perez, and a bunch of mildly famous people you've never heard of, have a message for members of Congress. For emphasis, they say so several times. Stop me if you've heard this one before:

Dear members of Congress.

Dear members of Congress.

Dear members of Congress.

Dear. Members. Of. Congress.

Watch the full thing here.

"The important thing is that our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters have been given yet another opportunity to browbeat us," writes The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher. "In their minds, they lost because they just didn't sneer at us enough. After all, they're on TV and we're not."

Speaking of sneering liberals:

Har har.

Too many people in the media and entertainment industries don't seem to understand that folks hate being treated like morons. I'm not thrilled about America's choice for president, but I wasn't thrilled about the other choice, either. I'm supposed to be shamed for not wanting Hillary Clinton, a key supporter of the disasters in Iraq and Libya, to fly the plane?

Smug liberalism is a problem: unfortunately, smug liberals will be the last identity group to admit it. In the meantime, Trump will be happy to continue profiting from the resentment said smugness inspires.

#StandUpForUS from Art Not War on Vimeo.