Brickbat: You Know What I Find Offensive?


pepper spray
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Canada's Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu calls a proposal proposal by a Conservative Party politician to legalize pepper spray so that women can better defend themselves "offensive to women." She says the proposal "places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence."

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  1. Canada’s Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu is known for faking it. Especially when she’s worked hard all day and just wants to get some sleep.

    1. Da bitch stay in the kitchen where she belong ,bitch don’t need no pepper spray. Now,make me a sammich.

      1. I’m off to an office party. Already filled with beverages and plan to throw a few more down my Gulliver. You all have a good day and don’t let the bitch get you down.

        1. Damn,and I’m here drinking tea. Have fun.

  2. “Canada’s Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu”

    If we are in the business of declaring the world to be what we wish it was instead of what it is I have to say that Status of Women Minister is something that should not exist.

    1. “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.” Oscar Gamble

      1. You want it to one way. But it’s the other way.

        1. ….to be damn it

  3. I think she’s been tased a few too many times – obvious signs of brain damage.

    Attacker: “Give me your purse, now!”
    Woman: “Wait – I have this informational pamphlet that you should read so you can understand what you’re doing wrong.”
    Attacker: “What? – Oh, sure. Let me see it.”
    — 15 Minutes Later
    Attacker: “Wow, who knew I wasn’t supposed to attack women. Damn. Consider me better informed – have a nice evening.”

    Sure – that’ll work

    1. They just need the right TOP (WO)MEN to do the propagandizing! And then UTOPIA

      1. Maybe an afternoon special on the state tv station.
        Little tykes are all into the feel good anti-violence shows these days.

    2. I will wait for the TV special.

    3. Hands her a Sharia pamphlet. “See here? It says here that I can. You’re lucky that you’re fat and ugly, or I’d rape you, too”.

      1. Beautiful.

        *** fights back sobs ***

      2. Don’t you know anything of Muslims? Fat and ugly is exactly what they’re after. That’s why all the hot Persian women move here.

        1. If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make one pretty woman your wife; so from my personal point of view, force four fugly girls to marry you.

  4. The comments over there are a derp filled goldmine. My favorite so far-

    …we as a society have failed. We’ve failed to protect the victim from harm, and we’ve failed to protect the attacker from wanting to commit harm.

    1. You didn’t *protect* me from doing horrendous things! It’s everyone’s fault as much as it is mine.

    2. Holy Crap! You found the Mother Lode of Derp. That is El Derpado. The Seven Cities of Derpiola!

    3. Jesus, Canadiens are even bigger pussies than Americans?

  5. With the correct application of magical policy and legislative incantations, the very nature of man can be changed. There is no need for evil totems like pepper spray.

  6. I cant help but notice that no matter what the problem is progressive solutions always leave people unable to speak, unable to defend themselves, and unable to keep their own property.

    *scratches head*

    I wonder what that means.

    1. Not People. Just individuals. The People, as in the collective, as in everyone else, is always able to speak, defend themselves, and keep their own property. Individuals however must submit to the collective good and the collective will. They are the proverbial eggs in the omelet of good intentions.

    2. It means we’re all hapless livestock in their diabolic worldview, and that chaining us to the ground is their remedy for every conceivable ill and mistake. They’re slavemakers.

    3. They are the anti-libertarians. They cannot conceive themselves as anything but objects of the state.

      It makes me sick.

    4. In the progressive view, people who wants to speak, defend themselves, and own property are betraying a lack of trust in The Glorious Collective. Cue Darth Vader voice: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

  7. Penn Jillette on meeting Carrie Fisher

    I didn’t know what to say to Carrie to get a conversation started, but before I even sat down, Nina Hartley came over to say hi. Nina is a porn actor friend of mine, and she had just gotten new breast implants and she wanted to show them off to me. Nina wanted to show them off to everyone and I was so happy to be a subset of her everyone. Nina asked me how her new breasts looked and I told her, honestly, that they looked great.
    Nina then invited me to give them a feel. As Carrie Fisher’s ex-husband, Paul Simon, once sang, “Who am I to blow against the wind?” We were in public … but a very special kind of public. We were in porn public. I reached up under Nina’s shirt, checked out the surgery, and praised Nina’s after-market rack.

    Before Nina even left our table, Carrie said the first words she would ever say to me. “Penn, would you like to feel my breasts? I’ve been in legitimate features.”

    Wow. I fell in love. I was in awe. It wasn’t just the sexy, self-assured stunt of inviting a stranger to reach under her shirt that killed me; it was mostly the use of the phrase “legitimate features.” That’s perfect comedy writing.

    1. I don’t remember the movie but I once saw Fisher play herself. She portrayed herself as a stereotypical cynical hollywood type; harsh, demanding and insufferable. Now that everyone is eulogizing her she appears to have been the exact opposite.

      1. Angela, Peter’s boss at the Pawtucket Brewery.

      2. That represents a level of self awareness most Hollywood folks don’t have. Which does make it more likely that she really wasn’t like that.

      3. Sad to say that Fisher was never in the British comedy Extras. Every episode had famous actors playing themselves, mostly as exactly the hollywood type you describe. Hilarious. Patrick Stewart on Extras.

  8. Anybody capable of using the power of law to impair an individual’s ability to defend himself from aggression is a malignant malcontent. Perhaps the Minister would rethink her idiotic position on the subject were she to suffer an assault on her own person.

    1. She’d just express more dismay at ‘society’ not adequately protecting people from violence. It wouldn’t occur to her that she could take measures to defend herself. A would-be victim having to defend herself?? What an obscene proposition! In utopia there’s no violence in the first place (well, except what ‘society’ wills)! (Or much of anything else. Heaven, heaven is a place…)

      1. “Status of Women Minister Bitchface McAsshat proposes Federal Bureau of Precrime.”

  9. They should ban locks instead of placing the onus on people to secure their property.

    1. Ban everything.

      1. Especially panties.

    2. Private property is theft because ownership prevents those who really need the property from using it. It’s not fair. That is why locks should be banned. Well, not locks on my property. Just locks on yours.


      1. Logical consistency is for chumps.

        1. Consistency is for simple minded people. Only simple minded people find simple solutions to problems. Really smart people aren’t limited by consistency, and their solutions to problems are so complex that only really smart experts are able to understand them. Basically, if you can understand the solution to a problem, then the solution is wrong. But if you can’t understand it then it must be correct. Simple things like logical consistency must be wrong because they are easily understood.


          (am I doing this right?)

      2. Rhomann Dey – “You cant take other people’s property. That’s stealing.”

        Rocket – “What if I want it more than they do?”

  10. Why should we even have a military or police force?

    1. In case the peasants get uppity.

      1. Yep. Ultimately, the military and police exist to protect the political class from everyone else.

      2. In that case, we’ve got to reverse the trend we’ve been having for a long while of making military uniforms shittier and shittier. A bunch of fat dudes wearing current Army uniforms wouldn’t much scare any peasants. But these guys charging at them definitely will –

        1. Hugo Boss is what we need.

          1. He’s what Taiwan high school students need.

  11. The Canadian government is run by people who want to simultaneously eliminate people’s ability to defend themselves and import countless people from a violent, uncivilized culture. If they really were deliberately trying to destroy western culture what would they do differently?

    1. If they really were deliberately trying to destroy western culture what would they do differently?

      Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics

      3) The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.

    2. no fucking dope like a Canadian fucking dope…should not be let out of the hoose without a tether…

    3. Disarm the peasants
      Import criminals to terrorize them

      I want everyone to remember why they need us!

  12. 30 comments before 6am? You mammals are stirring this morning

    1. Need to act before you reptiles have a chance to warm in the sun.

      1. +1, Interspecies manoeuvre and conflict

    2. Your 6AM is my 7PM here in Eastasia.

      1. You’ve always in a happy hour in eastasia

  13. She says the proposal “places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence.”

    She’s in luck. Pepper spray can do that.

  14. I LOL’d when Patty Hajib called it a “proposal proposal.” What’s that, suggesting someone should offer someone else their hand in marriage?

    But then her underlying idea shows a total lack of reason. Patty, imagine your own daughter was traveling to an area known for frequent attacks on women, you know , like South Africa, India, or Sweden. Would you tell her to forget the pepper spray or any self defence because the onus is on the perps to NOT attack?

    1. Just say “I know kung-fu”. That should scare them. Until she pisses herself.

      1. Until she pisses herself.

        And don’t forget vomiting on yourself as well!

        1. My girlfriend has an aunt that was married to an Asian man (Korean, I think). They were walking in a city and some young dude came up to them, showed a knife, and demanded their money. The Asian guy, who was in his 50s and knew zero martial arts, struck a Bruce Lee-type pose — and lo and behold the mugger lowered his knife and sprinted like hell to get away.

          I’ve always loved that story.

          1. I had a Japanese exchange student friend in college and he would pull that when he got drunk. It never got old.

      2. +1 cliff claven

  15. Hajdu’s thinking is offensive to homeowners who have fire insurance. It places the onus on homeowners to mitigate damage rather than focusing on addressing and preventing fires.”

    1. metaphor works better with “fire extinguishers” rather than “insurance.” I’m going to get some coffee now — be right back.

      1. A capital idea!

        *leaves for coffee too*

  16. Canada’s Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu calls a proposal proposal by a Conservative Party

    Is this a proposal, or like a PROPOSAL proposal?

    1. It is one meant to stop rape-rape.


  18. “rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence.”
    As a man, I find that remark sexist, triggering, and gender-based violent. It implies that I am a source of violence, rather than the nurturing individual I see in myself.
    Incarcerate her immediately.

  19. Progressives hate self-defense, because of the self part. Comrades, you have no self; only the Glorious Collective to which you belong!

    I wish I was joking.

  20. Not to put too fine a point on it, but what planet are these people from? Her proposal has never worked in the history of higher organisms, but she thinks it will work this time (for other people)? I wonder if she rates a protective detail for her lofty position?

  21. The link is comedy gold, by the way. completely beyond satire.

    1. “Comments for this thread are now closed.”

      Can’t imagine why.

  22. It’s not impossible, but very difficult, to teach men not to rape. What a society can do is teach boys not to rape. If you bring in a male aged 20+ from a genuine rape culture, your society has a non-negligible chance of being stuck with a rapist. If you bring in a million males aged 20+ from a rape culture, women in your society are going to learn the true meaning of fear.

  23. Patty Hajdu is slamming Conservative candidate Kellie Leitch for her proposal to legalize the possession of pepper spray and mace…

    She says the proposal “places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence.”

    False dichotomy much? Could somebody show me on Amazon where one orders the pepper spray that can only be used on a man attacking a woman or is there some chance it could also be used defensively by a woman being attacked by another woman?

    1. Canada is only interested in preventing gender-based violence. Cat fights are encouraged.

    2. She assumes women would only use pepper spray to prevent rape, but muggings are far more common than rape and have nothing to do with gender (except that women are an easier target–weaker and their money is in an easily grabbed purse).

  24. so until we get this figured out, you’ll just have to get used to being raped….sorry.

  25. This is a joke, right?……right…?

    Please tell me this isn’t real

    1. Well… it’s definitely a joke, but it’s also real.

  26. More “Dora the Explorer” reasoning. Just tell the rapist “Raper, no raping” and they’ll stop.

  27. places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence

    The “onus” of freedom to defend yourself. We really need to live in different countries.

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