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Former Edcouch, Texas, police lieutenant Vicente Salinas has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. Salinas took four kilos of cocaine from an evidence room. He was arrested as part of an investigation of a drug ring that used police officers to take drugs from other drug dealers to sell.

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  1. Former police lieutenant. That’s how you know they’re too guilty to even lie about, when their buddies and the union can’t even save their ass so everybody pretends he’s not one of theirs.

    1. Being demoted to Sargent would also make the “former lieutenant” statement true.

    2. No bodies buried in his yard? He’s a lightweight.

  2. Where is everyone? Hung over?

    I hope everyone had a blast yesterday. Sleep in, recover.

    1. So hungover I can’t sleep. Ich kann nur Orangensaft trinken und Deutch schreiben.

    2. I had ,I think,5 beers yesterday,kinda spread out.. I feel fine. My roast turned out great,nice and rare and have some leftover for today.

      1. A glass-plus of wine at dinner, and then spiking my eggnog with vodka.

        Unfortunately Christmas dinner turned into an emergency, when it turned out the frozen ham I had been thawing out had gone bad, so I had to thaw the leftover turkey steaks immediately. I’m just glad I had those in the freezer.

        1. Sorry to hear that Ted. Glad to hear that Adans.

          Christmas used to be so much work that these days, the wife and I being empty nesters, we just made a big pot of gumbo and laid around all day. We did the gifting thing last week so we just relaxed and enjoyed the day. Coctails, gumbo and teevee.

          1. Well, I was only cooking for two.

            The other bad thing is that my dad found the case of wine from which I was giving him a couple of bottles. I’d been putting the wine down in the garage, but with freezing weather, that’s not such a good thing. So I hid it in the deacon’s bench, since that’s in a corner and never gets used. But Dad decided to move it on Christmas Eve since my brother and his wife were coming over.

          2. Cocktails and gumbo? You are my hero. Cold meats, salads and wine, with the A/C cranked up down here.

          3. I had most of the family ovet Christmas eve for an oyster roast. I ate at least 6-7 dozen myself.

  3. You can beat and shoot defenseless citizens, you can lie on paper and in court about it afterwards, you can even scam huge amounts of overtime pay for doing nothing, but by God you will not make a profit stealing drugs from the state.

    1. Not a Philly resident, I guess.

  4. 4kg? Personal use.

    1. George Michael agrees.

      1. Agreed. Tense is important.

  5. “Christmas festival accidentally replaces ‘Hail Mary’ prayer with Tupac rap lyrics”…..ap-lyrics/

    Merry Christmas bitches!

    1. Hoe ,Hoe,Hoe Mu Fu

    2. Too bad they only link to RT.

  6. But when High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area officers received the bundles, they discovered four of the 15 bundles contained blocks of wood

    Should’ve used their drug field tests. Nothing missing here, Sarge.

  7. Down in Puerto Vallarta with my lovely wife and a couple friends… beers all day on the beach, then I grilled a kilo of shrimp with fresh salsa, guac and torillas, with a couple bottles of wine… – 30? with the wind chill yesterday back home…. it was a good day.

    1. FYI, the NYTimes had a feature on Puerto Vallarta in yesterday’s travel section.

      1. BBQ ribs, tossed salad, potato salad, and peas with the GF in Taiwan. And a bottle of Jose Cuervo, no hangover.

      2. I love this town, just a hint of the cartels and the policia are generally invisible and friendly. The grocery store has a passable selection of wine and Brazilian bikini fashion has worked its way north

  8. I spent the weekend in Del Boca Vista visiting my ((( mom ))). Two more days here before I can get back to civilization. I’m beginning to understand Florida Man.

    1. +1 Cadillac in the Everglades.

      1. I went to the grocery this morning- every car in the lot was a Medicare sled with a Florida license plate and a New York Giants bumper sticker. Her next door neighbor is Jack Klompus.

    2. Hope she has the a/c on for you.

      1. It’s down to a cool 85. So I’m only sweating a gallon per hour.

        I need alcohol or weed, and there’s none of that in the condo. And all the liquor stores were closed yesterday.

        I blame Obama.

  9. Happy Boxing Day, everyone!


  10. Got dumped on 6 inches overnight, but the littleuns enjoyed their haul.

    1. These euphemisms are getting disturbing

  11. I got a shiny new UN 2334 for xmas.

    And what did Santa bring my filthy little anarcho-frankentrumpkensteins?

    1. Umm… UN 2334 as well. Many, if not most, ancaps are opposed to Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

  12. “He was arrested as part of an investigation of a drug ring that used police officers to take drugs from other drug dealers to sell.”

    I see – the police were selling drugs they stole, to investigate a drug ring. I guess they sold it to drug dealers, but it seems the police are the dealers in more ways than one.

    But it kind of makes sense, in that they sell the drugs, steal them, and sell them again. That’s one way to make money, again and again. Seems like how the Mafia makes their money, and I guess the police wanted to fund themselves this way too. But it kind of defeats the purpose if all your buyers are out of money because you essentially stole all of it.

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