Trump Tweets About Nukes, Ivanka Harassed on Flight, Suspect Sought in German Truck Attack: P.M. Links


  • nukes
    Sdecoret /

    President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted that America should expand its nuke program until the rest of the world "comes to its senses" on nuclear weapons.

  • Ivanka Trump was harassed by a passenger on a JetBlue flight. The passenger was booted off after apparently yelling at her that her father was "ruining the country."
  • When a black church in Mississippi was burned in November, people believed/assumed it was a hate crime. Now authorities have arrested a parishoner they accuse of setting it.
  • Florida's Supreme Court ruled today that more than 200 people on death row were given unconstitutional sentences. This is a result of a previous U.S. Supreme Court decision that declared the way the state implemented the death penalty was unconstitutional.
  • German authorities are searching properties connected to Tunisian Anis Anri, their suspect in the deadly truck crash attack in Berlin. His fingerprints were found on the truck.
  • Carl Icahn will be Trump's adviser for overhauling regulations. RNC spokesman Sean Spicer will be Trump's press secretary.
  • The Syrian military claims the last of the rebels are gone from Aleppo and they've fully recaptured the city.

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