Trump Bullies on NYC Subway Weren't Real

A young woman has been charged for filing a false report about men trying to tear off her hijab on the train.



It was the hate crime that launched 1,000 ally memes: a young Muslim woman, Yasmin Seweid, harassed on the New York City subway by three white men shouting about Donald Trump and how she was probably a terrorist. According to Seweid's initial story, the men got up in her face, yanked at and ripped her bag, and tried to tear off her hijab—all while a car full of other train passengers failed to intervene.

"It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs," Seweid wrote on Facebook. "Trump America is real and I witnessed it first hand last night! What a traumatizing night."

Soon social media was filling up with admonitions about the negligent, heartless bystanders and cute, illustrated memes about how white women can save their brown counterparts from subway harassment. But perhaps the people of New York City aren't as bad folks feared: the incident never actually took place. Seweid admitted as much to police this week, telling them she made up the story to avoid getting in trouble with her strict parents for coming home late.

On Wednesday, the New York Police Department (NYPD)—who had initially opened a hate crime investigation into the incident—arrested Seweid on misdemeanor charges of filing a false report and obstructing government administration.

Her story is one of several high-profile "hate crimes" reported throughout November and December that turned out to have been fabricated, exaggerated, or misinterpreted. In a number of instances, messages initially interpreted as anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, or racist intimidation attempts were revealed to be the work of liberal-leaning individuals attempting to comment on Trump's presidency.


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  1. “””arrested Seweid on misdemeanor charges of filing a false report and obstructing government administration.””””

    Sounds like she should be charged with hate crimes against Trump supporters. Oh, wait, I forgot, they are deplorable so lying about them is ok.

    1. Would that fill your little snowflake heart with joy?

      1. So, what you’re saying is that you’re totally psyssed about people manipulating the justice system as long as it happens to people you don’t like?

    2. she should be charged with hate crimes against Trump supporters.

      This. “Hoist on her own hijab!”

    3. Hmm. How to hate crime enhancements work? Can they attach to any crime?

      1. Filing false police reports is a victimless crime, so there can’t be any hate crime enhancements.

  2. Why do all of these hoaxes take place in places so solidly politically monochromatic that it beggars belief?

    1. Didn’t you know, there a bands of Trump supporters, KKK and Nazis roaming the NYC subway system.

      White people are murderous thugs, just watch any episode of Law and Order and you can see how NYC is terrorized by them every week.

      1. I avoid the subway. I took a privately operated shuttle bus from Penn Station to JFK last time I had to cross that forsaken wasteland. It could be infested with clowns for all I know.

        1. I commuted on the subway daily from 86th & Lex to Wall Street for nearly a year without incident. Millions of people do the same all the time.


          1. But to stay on it for several hours to cross from Penn to JFK instead of taking the faster, more direct service just didn’t make any sense to me.

          2. Does being hassled by homeless panhandlers count as an incident?

        2. You should have your orphan slaves pull you in a rickshaw like a true libertarian would.

          1. I’m not a libertarian.

            And besides, have you seen what happens to a rickshaw when a New York Driver sideswipes the thing?

            1. It fixes the cable?

        3. I have been taking the NYC subway for decades. I can confirm there are clowns on it both figuratively and literally.

        4. *I avoid the subway*

          That’s great. But what do your personal proclivities have to do with an imaginary hate crime?

  3. In other Trump-bullying news, I see Time has an article hyperventilating about how dangerous Trump’s talking to Taiwan is: But Trump should be wary of wielding realpolitik in this land of fictions. Beijing regularly cites the “Taiwan question” as one of its “core interests,” and the topic is toxic even among otherwise politically inert Chinese. On Wednesday, An Fengshan, a spokesman for China’s policy-making Taiwan Affairs Office, said, “peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait will be seriously impacted” if the U.S. wavers on “One China.”

    Elsewhere in the news: New reports of China installing new anti-aircraft weaponry on those artificial islands they’ve built in the South China Sea. No mention as to whether or not peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait will be seriously impacted.

    I could see where Trump’s talking to Taiwan sucks up all the available concern such that there’s no concern to spare for the minor little detail of China building military bases all over the neighborhood.

    1. Is Time talking about the same Taiwan that we sell military weaponry to?

      1. That’s just business. The Chinaman understands that.

    2. Well on this site we got Chapman telling us “How Trump Endangers Global Peace”. I didn’t read the article (because Chapman) but I have one question when did we achieve World Peace? I do smoke a lot of weed and could have missed that one but I really think I would have noticed the celebrations in the streets.

      1. “When did we achieve World Peace?”

        You’ve been smoking for a while it seems, because that milestone was promptly achieved by the 2008 presidential election. Why else do you think Pres. Obama promptly won the Nobel Peace Prize? He has been just like the advanced aliens in the Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove,” — promptly stopping all current conflicts and preventing any new violence from erupting.

        Of course, all that wonderful goodness has been undone by this latest election. Instead of a TOP MAN of Peace, deplorables have voted in a TOP MAN o’ WAR — and not even the stinging jellyfish kind, although his hair might well include stinging cells that can paralyze any aquatic creatures.

    3. Taiwan and PRC are actually on the same side in the South China Sea dispute, so no, that doesn’t impact peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait at all.

    4. Elsewhere in the news: New reports of China installing new anti-aircraft weaponry on those artificial islands they’ve built in the South China Sea.

      Putting our support for Taiwan’s status on the table strikes me as an excellent piece of battlespace prep for addressing that issue.

  4. They’re all hate hoaxes until proven otherwise.

    1. Burden of proof on the accuser? That’s not very progressive of you.

  5. Most of these “Trump supporter” attacks and vandalism have either been false or done by some in the anti-Trump crowd to discredit his supporters.

    Most of the actual REAL violence (documented on video and police reports) are coming from the anti-Trump crowd attacking real or perceived Trump supporters, or just whites in general.

    1. Anyone know what ever happened in the wake of that incident in California where Leftists physically attacked the neo-nazi rally? Shortly after the attack, there hadn’t even been any arrests, despite video.

      1. Welp, found this at the SPLC, of all places.

        Anaheim ? Feb. 27, 2016

        Three people were stabbed and one person was critically wounded during a violent melee at a Ku Klux Klan rally. Initially, 13 people were arrested, including William Quigg, the California grand dragon of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. But after reviewing videos, police released all the Klansmen and charged seven counterprotesters they said had initiated the violence.

        1. William Quigg, the California grand dragon of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

          Needs moar PhD or Esq

          1. You’re thinking of the Reconstruction Klan, maybe some of the members of the 1920s Klan.

            It’s been undergoing a process of reverse gentrification.

            The only PhDs are the undercover government agents.

  6. Legitimately curious how many of the initial reports have been corroborated? I’d expect some were true.

  7. Is the Clinton campaign shitting the bed with lights on a possible reason they lost the election?

    Turn that bus around, the Clinton team ordered SEIU. Those volunteers needed to stay in Iowa to fool Donald Trump into competing there, not drive to Michigan, where the Democrat’s models projected a 5-point win through the morning of Election Day.…..ump-232547

    1. Wrong thread.
      You all can pull off my hijab any day.

      1. We’re not falling for that… again.


      1. Money shot:

        “They believed they were more experienced, which they were. They believed they were smarter, which they weren’t,” said one Democratic consultant.


    3. Wow. Very long story, and if true, paints a picture of arrogance, control-freakishness, and utter naivete of the Clinton campaign. Imagine how terrible she would have been as president.

      BO was an awful president too, but at least he knew how to campaign.

    4. What exactly were these volunteers supposed to be doing, anyway?

  8. At least she escaped the stoning for breaking curfew.

    1. The money shot?

      “…telling them she made up the story to avoid getting in trouble with her strict parents for coming home late.”

      I won’t make any premature commentary of how strict exactly the parents might have been, but if they were Christians and the kid did this I imagine the headlines would change to ‘Religious Zealot Parents Emotionally Scar Child’. I’m sure that won’t happen here, and I also imagine a lot of people are going to probably read a bit too much in between the lines of that.

      Personally, I think this is just about what any teen would do when they know they’ll be busted by parents looking to keep them safe at home (This is NYC, not exactly a town with a 5,000 population where everyone knows everyone). It’s just that in this particular case the media was slavering for a story exactly like this and they ran with it, facts be damned.

      Rather like Jackie in The Rolling Stone, it’s just to perfect not to print it. Retractions are cheap, after all, and no one reads those.

  9. My shocked face

    1. ._. 😐 .-.

      Oops, he rolled over.

  10. Surely this is a fake crime and falls under the jurisdiction of the Justice Dept Fake Crime Unit.

    1. Which then can inspire a TV show…Law and Order: FVU

      1. *dun dun*

  11. What the hell?, I haven’t even dusted off my SS uniform yet (it needs to be let out a little, I’ve gotten a little fat in the tail).

    1. Garment bags, Mr Lizard – saves the hassle of having to remove the dust.

      Though they won’t help with the, um, posterior dimensional issues.

    2. Can’t you just knock off your tail and grow a new one?

      1. He would get hopelessly mocked by his fellows for doing that.

  12. The people in the photo look like they just might be the most boring people on earth.

    1. They wouldn’t even be fun to punch the tar out of. They’d probably cry about how they deserved it for XYZ socjus bullshit.

    2. There’s only one Yasmin(e) who I want to see pictures of.…..raphy.html

      1. According to that page, she’s happily married to a strip club owner. Go figure.

      2. Thanks for the eye candy; and top-o-the-morning to you.

    3. The old lady appears to like Gene Simmons

  13. Virtually the entire democratic party and lefty big government edifice now rests on the pillars of fake news, fake hate, and fake racism.

    Without the real thing around, there’s hardly any reason for them to exist, so they’re left with no choice but to manufacture it out of whole cloth.

    1. Our current POTUS is still doing everything he possibly can to promote and maintain the narrative, every day.

  14. I got curious about the Waco biker shooting from 2015 and decided to see if I could find out where things stood. Found this little tidbit in the wikipedia entry:

    “About 135 motorcycles and 80 cars and pickup trucks from the crime scene were seized through civil forfeiture law and may be auctioned off by the county, regardless of whether or not their owners are convicted.”

    1. They gotta pay for all the ammo the shot at the bikers, you know. They didn’t budget for a massacre, and those things don’t come cheap.

  15. Where’s Al Sharpton? Surely this lying p.o.s. is as deserving of a champion as Tawana Brawley was. She will not have received justice until some businesses have been burned down.

    1. Al isn’t as young as he used to be.

  16. Lying progtards lie. What a surprise.

  17. Yes but it shows how young muslims are caught between old and new cultures and norms. The same is true of parents of ‘terrorists’ who often pressure their children into getting married and having kids at a young age – which puts them at great risk of self-destruction (where typical Americans would turn to booze and oxy).

    1. Because the last thing young males want to do is have regular sex with someone, and the last thing young females want is a baby of their own.

  18. Wait, it was the parents from the religion of peace who were the real bullies?

    I’ve never been more surprised.

    1. Yes – but this is relatively easy to address as compared to say, “Radical extremism.”

  19. She must have been influenced by Tawana Brawley….hahaha!

  20. I love the crappy cardboard signs these losers are holding. It’s like “OH, we are totally down with the struggle, just not, you know, down for paying for posterboard or anything”.

  21. attempting to comment on Trump’s presidency

    Well that’s one way of looking at it, I guess….

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