No Ceasefire in Aleppo, Kasich Vetoes 'Heartbeat Bill,' U.S. Teens Smoking Less Pot: A.M. Links


  • Abdullayev Timur/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    Fighting and bombing are still underway in Aleppo, despite a supposed cease-fire deal that was to allow civilians to get out of the besieged Syrian city. Syrian President Bashar Assad claimed the case-fire was wanted by western countries to save "the terrorists."

  • Ohio Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would ban abortion just a few weeks post-conception but approved a 20-week abortion ban.
  • According to a new national study, marijuana use is down among eighth- and 10th-graders and while it rose slightly among 12th-graders, it was still less common than in 2012.
  • The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down a state law passed in 2014 that would have required abortion-clinic doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hostpital.
  • At least a dozen more men have been charged with promoting prostitution for posting to Seattle-area escort forum The Review Board.
  • Stanford University has filed a 29-page response to a lawsuit brought by a female student who says the school mishandled sexual assault cases by not pursuing and punishing an alleged assailant when the victim didn't want to and wouldn't cooperate.
  • Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

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    1. I second that emotion.

      1. A second hand in motion.

        1. It takes two hands to handle your whopper?

          1. You know who else had a Whopper?

            1. David Edgerton & James McLamore?

            2. Damn, now I’m hungry.

            3. JFK, as well as his successor LBJ, as I understand it.

    2. Well played.

    3. Hello.

      What? No link to Alan Thicke?

      1. The father of that singer?

        1. Kirk Cameron sings too? *swoon*

      2. You take the good
        you take the bad
        you take them both
        and there you have
        the Facts of Life

      3. Alan Thicke died playing hockey, which is the most Canadian way possible. Except maybe dying by drowning in coffee from Tim’s.

        1. Better than strangling yourself in a hotel closet while jacking off, that’s for sure.

          1. Lets ask Crusty before we get ahead of ourselves.

            1. The trick is not to die, stupid.

              1. And build up your neck muscles?

        2. In other words, he died like a man.

          1. Fox alpha, d00d.

        3. His heart couldn’t handle all the coffee he’d drank before the match?

          RIP You Magnificent Bastard

        4. …the most Canadian way possible.

          Slipping on a bag of milk – drunk on Molson – while ducking out of the way of a rampaging moose at a pond hockey game while Nickelback sings “O Canada” in French and English. Wearing some combination of flannel and denim. Apologizing.

          RIP Dr. Seaver.

          1. [crash] “Sore-y!”

          2. no syrup.

    4. Now you’re just showing off your awesome insider powers way too much.

      1. I would never work for an organization that would have me as an employee.

  1. Fighting and bombing are still underway in Aleppo, despite a supposed cease-fire deal…

    Bad negotiators.

    1. Fake News strikes again

    2. SURPRISE!

      The “negotiators” just needed an excuse to drink that chilled champagne. Don’t worry, Lurch has put a new bottle into the bucket for their next breakthrough…

  2. 267) Obama to loiter around DC after he leaves office

    I thought this guy claimed to be from Chicago or Hawaii or some such place? Shouldn’t he get back there? But no, he’ll be remaining in DC:

    “Obama will not have a long commute. The office is about a mile from the Kalorama neighborhood in Northwest D.C. where he and his family have decided to live when he leaves office?”

    Has any president before ever had the ego not to leave when his time was over? Bush II went back to his ranch in Crawford. Even Clinton had the decency (?) to find a place in New York. But Obama is THAT important to the free world that he just can’t go.

    1. I (and others) have said it many times before — Obama is all about Obama. Staying in DC will keep the focus on him longer. That’s what he cares about.

      1. Keep in mind, too–he and his camp are in a power-struggle right now with the Clinton mafia over who is going to be the Democrat standard-bearer for the next 4-8 years (or until Hillary dies of a stroke and then a vampire hunter puts a stake through her heart just to be sure). I’m sure a lot of his motivation for this is to be sure that Bill and Hillary don’t neuter his people, which is a lot harder to do from Chicago or Hawaii.

        1. Standing?! Really?! For an FDR joke? People like you need to be sent to some kinda camp to learn about being sensitive and polite. Perhaps a camp in a rural Utah desert

          1. Think a simple “narrow gaze” would’ve sufficed, but excellent catch.

    2. It’s pretty amazing. Same with Hillary still giving speeches. They’re trying to usurp power. I’m convinced.

      1. I figured that Trump’s announcement that he would not pursue prosecution of Hillary was his way of telling her to go away and shut the fuck up. If she keeps this shit up he may change his mind.

        Yes, they are trying to usurp power.

        1. I truly hope once he gets in, he totally goes Kill Bill on her ass.

          1. No, it would be a big distraction. He should have the FBI et al further investigate and indict her if warranted (obviously, yes). Then he should let the trial continue until near the end. Then, he should pardon her, saying she suffered enough. Those added months of mental torture and then the pardon would reduce her to the puddle of goo she is.

    3. It helps that he does not seem to have any ties to anywhere.

      1. Sure he does…the golf course!

    4. He has a lobbyist’s instincts, and the swankier parts of DC are a great place to see and be seen if you’re a big deal in the political class. Besides, DC is Hollywood for ugly people, as they say.

    5. For what it’s worth, the neighbors in Harlem hated that Bill put his office there. Shut down traffic every time he showed up or left.

      1. I doubt that will bother the denizens of the scummy, villainous hive where Obama will be, it will just be a sign of how close to the lightbringer they are.

    6. “Obama will not have a long commute. The office is about a mile from the Kalorama neighborhood in Northwest D.C…”

      Isn’t that the Kenyan Embassy?

      1. The Kenyan embassy IS in Kalorama. Good catch.

    7. Trump should offer to make Obama the ambassador to Kenya.

      1. Didn’t Kenya make Obama Ambassador to the US?

    8. Now hold on. I have lots of criticisms of Obama, but it says righty in TFA that he is staying so his kid can finish high school. That is an admirable thing for he and his wife to do, and I see no reason not to take that reason at face value.

      1. Mike, it’s the holidays. Let them enjoy their narrative.

      2. I don’t accept anything from Obama at face value, but that is a decent reason to not move.

      3. ?Porque no los dos?

  3. According to a new national study, marijuana use is down among eighth- and 10th-graders and while it rose slightly among 12th-graders

    Are these kids so high they don’t even know what grade they’re in?

    1. It’s taking them more tries to get to 12th grade.

  4. UN drops Wonder Woman because her breasts are too large

    But the choice of the white, curvaceous and scantily clad superhero attracted heavy criticism. Almost 45,000 people signing an online petition calling for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to drop the character and dozens of UN employees protested at UN headquarters on the day of the appointment.

    “Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent ‘warrior’ woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions,” the petition said.

    “It is alarming that the United Nations would consider using a character with an overtly sexualized image at a time when the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls.

    1. I wonder how much the new cinematic Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, being Jewish figured into this.

      (((Wonder Woman)))

      1. It’s surprising how feminists embrace Wonder Woman.

        She was created by a man for their male readership.

        1. It’s like feminists being all excited about Westworld.

          1. Needed moar Rachel Evan Would.

            But Thandie Newton has aged very well.

            1. I should find Thandie Newton attractive but I don’t. Strange.

              1. I should find Thandie Newton attractive but I don’t.

                Yeah, she doesn’t do anything for me, either. She looks like a grandma at this point.

                1. You guys are weird.

                2. A slutty grandma! /just ewwed myself.

                  1. Nice euphemism… ewwww

              2. Strange

                Being gay is not considered strange.

        2. Almost 45,000 people signing an online petition…

          How many of those 45K were from the US? Who the fuck else signs petitions for this kind of weak shit?

          White people Liberal douchebag problems.

      2. Nah. I suspect most of the whingers would be perfectly happy with her being played by Amy Schumer.

        If you’re partially right, maybe they’ll settle for Melissa McCarthy.

    2. Yeah, the Taliban kill or maim anyone who will even be a teacher to girls, Boko Haram and ISIS take girls and women as slaves….but the UN is on the job vs a comic book character!

      1. UN Superhero: The Blue Knob.

        1. Superpower: pimping children and spreading cholera.

      2. Yeah, it’s weird they thought they’d need someone more powerful than Wonder Woman to fight such serious problems.

    3. I saw a report on this last night. I think they were gibbering on about WW being a violent American woman. Stoopid pussies. Wonder Woman is Amazonian!

      1. So for $80 a year, you can get 2-day Justice Shipping for free!

      2. I’m pretty sure she’s an Amazon from Lesbos.

    4. “overtly sexualized image”

      If they’re referring to her costume, it actually make s a lot of sense considering the fighting and physical adventuring she does. Do gymnasts wear overly sexualized costumes?

      “a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions,”

      I can’t speak for every image ever presented of Wonder Woman, but in general in the comics, she is presented as an attractive but reasonably-built woman. She is definitely not Barbie, more like a Rosie the Riveter type.

      1. Yeah, I mean, I haven’t kept up with comics, but I don’t remember her as especially T&A heavy. In fact, I remember as a child thinking of her as basically the female equal of Superman.

        1. The female equal to 70% of Superman.

        2. I forget, does the Lasso of Truth work on Superman?

          1. I don’t recall. I’m thinking mostly of the old Superfriends cartoons.

            1. Form of… Wonder Woman’s bath-water!

          2. I’m more of a marvel fanguy, but magic works on Superman, so theoretically the lasso of truth should work against Superman.

          3. I believe so, since it’s magic and Supes is vulnerable to magic.

            (take with a grain of salt, since I’m more a Marvel geek than DC)

    5. I’m a bit of an expert in this area, and I say with confidence that those proportions aren’t even close to impossible.

        1. Google Hitomi Tanaka if you want to see impossible proportions.

          1. I tried but I kept getting the Grand Tetons.

      1. I love that the article quotes the inane protesters as bitching about an impossibly curvaceous woman just above a picture of the not-especially-curvaceous – but-nevertheless-I’ll-be-in-my-bunk Lynda Carter.

    6. “But the choice of the white, curvaceous and scantily clad superhero attracted heavy criticism.”

      For the first time in years, the African contingent stood firmly behind America.

    7. The Daily Mail article on this also quoted people saying it was a problem she was white and therefore didn’t represent all women, as if there was some skin color she could have that would satisfy that

      1. Of course, there is. Green, blue, purple…

      2. That’s the same “logic” some other idiots used when they tried to memory-hole Shakespeare the other day.

    8. Couldn’t they put her in one of those burkinis?

    9. While the Russians and Assadites barrel-bomb Aleppo into oblivion, the UN debates a comic book character….

      *cracks desk in half head-desking it just that hard*

      1. Debating pointless nonsense is probably the best thing for the UN general assembly to be doing at any given time.

        1. Yeah, even if they were discussing actual events, it’s not like they’d do anything other than demand more scam money for their villas/mistresses/coke habits.

    10. the headline news in United States and the world is the objectification of women and girls


      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the headline news in the US is the democrats trying to steal the election from the republicans.

    11. I’m pretty sure given the character’s background she is supposed to be ridiculously attractive, being blessed by Aphrodite and all. Unless they retconned it. Who knows.

      I’m still trying to figure out whether the people who selected a fictional character as “UN Ambassador for XXX” are dumber than the people who went through the trouble of creating a petition to remove her.

    12. Oh.

      When I first saw there was an article about them dropping Wonder Woman from a position of outreach, I was like “Finally, some damn sanity!! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to appoint a fictional character to ANYTHING??”

      But now my illusion has been shattered, for the reason for pulling her was just as stupid.

  5. According to a new national study, marijuana use is down among eighth- and 10th-graders and while it rose slightly among 12th-graders, it was still less common than in 2012.

    No one wants to get into their parent’s stash on the weekends. That’s so lame.

    1. It’s up for 12th graders because some of them are 18+.

    2. I don’t know. I always kind of wished my parents had a stash I could get into. And I had several friends who were quite happy to get into their parents’ stash.

  6. ?Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

    “The movie was beautiful and magical until I remembered that Donald Trump will be president and the cold bleakness of reality came crashing down on me again.”

    1. Suderman writing at Vox. I am shocked.

  7. Warty Hugeman and The Girl With the Nazi-Ray Eyes: A Warty Hugeman Time Travel Adventure

    Chapter Three: My Favorite Weapon Is The Look In Your Eyes

    Warty tore off the arms of his baggy jumpsuit.

    “The prisoner will not alter their clothing in any way!” the girl yelled.

    He wadded the arms of the jumpsuit together and threw them into the corner. Warty began to forcefully rub his biceps and triceps, kneading the skin to activate his oil glands. His bulging muscles began to glisten in the actinic lights of the cube prison.

    “What is the prisoner doing?”

    “I’m self-oiling. Jealous?”

    He struck a sudden pose, knotting his musculature together. The girl took an involuntary step back.

    “Stop that,” she blurted.

    “Stop what?” he asked and tore open the front of the jumpsuit, exposing his massive pectoral muscles.

    “Your body?” she began.

    Warty reached over to his water tube, took a handful and rubbed it over his head.

    “My body,” he said.

    Warty let the top of the jumpsuit fall down around his waist. He ran through a set of poses designed to destroy the rational parts of her mind: The Front Lat Spread, The Front Double Biceps, The Side Chest? on the Rear Lat Spread she cried out. By The Side Triceps, her knees buckled and an alarm began to cycle.

    1. “Nein!” screamed The Baron as he ran into the room. “Nein!”

      The girl snapped to attention.

      “What do you think you are doing, Hugeman?” The Baron demanded.

      “Just a little isometrics, Fritz,” he replied innocently.

      The Baron slapped The Scepter of White Rage against the girl’s side and laughed.

      “You cannot seduce her, Hugeman. This girl is the result of fifty generations of selective Aryan breeding. She is of the finest stock. A living weapon for the ZeitF?hrur! She wants nothing of your mongrel genes!”

      “Of course not,” Warty murmured and slipped back into the Front Lat Spread.

      The Baron shifted his weight uncomfortably. “I am sending in more guards!” he snapped.

      Warty only smiled at him, looking back over his shoulder from a Rear Double Biceps.

      “Be brave!” The Baron told the girl. “Remember your breeding and your oath to the ZietF?hrer!”

      “Ja, Baron,” she replied.

      Warty dropped to the floor and did knuckle pushups until The Baron scurried away. He sprang to his feet when he was gone.

      “Fifty generations of breeding?” he asked, making a fist to ripple the muscles in the forearm of his free hand. Warty ran his hand slowly down his abs and into the loose front of his jumpsuit.

      “Yes,” she said. She shifted her hips and crossed her feet like she needed to pee.

      “How did they manage that?”

    2. “Your technology, Warty Hugeman. We cannot travel in time, but we can violate locality to speed up gestation and maturation. It still took the ZeitF?hrer over three hundred years working in secret to create me.” She looked down at herself and smiled.

      “Should you be telling me this?”

      “No, Warty Hugeman.”

      “Then why are you?”

      “You?” she looked away.

      Warty got very close to the transparent wall of the prison cube.

      “You are the only real man I have ever met,” she whispered.

      Warty stepped back and tore off the jumpsuit completely. A huge pink penis jutted from his waist like an angry forearm.

      “But,” the girl stammered, “we took your Schwarzewaffe!”

      “I grew another,” he said as six more guards stomped into the empty space. They headed right toward him.

      “I’ve learned to always have a back up.”

      Warty backed up a few steps as the new set of guards approached the cube. They were all yelling at him in broken German. He waited until they were all close and struck the Most Muscular pose. A huge pair of testicles slid out of his body and all the guards fell over.

      The girl with Nazi-ray eyes stepped over their twitching bodies, lifted a hand to the cube and Warty felt a rush of displaced air as it disappeared.

      Rosawaffe,” she grunted and grabbed it with both hands.

      Check back tomorrow for Chapter Four

      Catch up on the entire adventure so far.

        1. I did not see that coming

          I think that is tomorrow…

      1. I’m not sure whether I should complement you on this or see if your state allows for a 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold.

        (ok I’ll read more tomorrow)

        1. Why not both – it might be madness…but it is a beautiful madness!

      2. You got a concealed carry permit form that DoomCock?!

        1. That is just crazy talk, you can’t conceal one of those…

      3. A huge pair of testicles slid out of his body and all the guards fell over.


          1. Yes, that’s what i meant.

      4. Oh my lord. I need to DVR this so I can binge instead of having to wait for next installment…..

      5. You’re just playing to stereotypes with that link.

        1. Red meat for the “I hate SugarFree” crowd.

          Real link

          1. Who could hate you, you inglorious bastard?

        2. This flirts with deus ex machina. The sudden appearance of phallic redundancy? And the protagonist didn’t come to any realization. He didn’t work past his obstacle. Instead he just fell back on what he always does, which is seduce the female character. I don’t know.

      6. Alternative chapter title: The Most Muscular Pose

        1. That is the name of my next child, my autobiography, and my favorite sexual position.

          1. Citizen X is Rip Torn. I knew it. *Confetti Canon*

      7. I googled rosa waffe…Code Pink “would”.

      8. Today’s reason to live fell like a petal from a dying flower.

        1. Just took the rest of the day off, myself.

  8. Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

    Oh my, is this shade? If so, well done.

  9. whatever happened to fisticuffs or pistols at dawn?

    Florida Man Arrested for Flashing Man During Parking Dispute

    The incident happened shortly before 1 p.m. Friday on the 1200 block of S. Hayes Street, near the Pentagon City mall.

    “Following a verbal dispute between two parties over parking, a male subject allegedly exposed his genitals to a male victim,” according to an Arlington County Police Department crime report.

    “Officers conducted a canvas of the area and located the suspect,” the crime report continues. “Bret Wayne Reichenberg, 34, of Palm Beach FL, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and drunk in public.”

    1. Is “Wayne” the middle name of every Florida man?

      1. For some of them, it’s “Dwayne.”

        1. Pronounced “duuuhh Wayne”.

          1. Dwayne Wayne Dookiestain, wipes his butt on everythang. -some cruel guy who has a brother with that name *innocent look*

          1. KISS MY ASS, BITCH, I’LL BE AT DWAYNE’S. [punches Swiss]

            1. Or should I say, +1 volume 7.

    2. I am Brett L of Clearwater, FL just to clarify.

      1. I actually was thinking of you (ain’t that sweet?) when I posted this.

      2. Your middle name is still Wayne though, right?

    3. Bret was just ‘presenting’

      Florida Man #2 realized he could not hang and ran to the police in shame.

  10. “At least a dozen more men have been charged with promoting prostitution for posting for posting to Seattle-area escort forum The Review Board.”

    How is this not a 1st Amendment violation?

  11. At least a dozen more men have been charged with promoting prostitution for posting for posting to Seattle-area escort forum The Review Board.

    So drugs and sex are now scourges high enough of the list of dangers to public good that they trump constitutional protections.

  12. Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

    How many times during the review did he rail against Trump?

    1. Once, but it was continuous, so no one knows what his opinion of the movie was.

    2. Suderman is the part of the foundation of the rails that are against the Trump Train?.

  13. Ohio Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would ban abortion just a few weeks post-conception but approved a 20-week abortion ban.

    Good for him. No abortion should take five months.

    1. Oh well. No Nikki v. John battle I reckon.

    2. I think the 2016 presidential election cycle took a little longer than 5 months.

      1. That is why there NEEDS TO BE A LAW!

    3. The idiots just cannot help but overreach.

      20 weeks isn’t viability, and will be struck down.

      If they had gone 24 weeks, or even 22, I think it would stand. Griswold specifically said that states could regulate/ban abortion after viability.

      1. Griswold v. Connecticut is about contraception rather than abortion.

        It was Planned Parenthood v. Casey that set viability as the standard for the cutoff of when the state could intervene in a woman’s choice.

        Roe v. Wade had set it at the third trimester.

  14. No, officer, I’m not selling real babies on the internet

    Kathy Cadle was at home talking with her grandson on the internet when her boyfriend, Casey Kaspirack, interrupted and said an officer was waiting to talk to her.

    “Casey kind of freaked out so he just told me, you need to come and talk to this cop,” Cadle said. “(The cop said), ‘There’s a report of you selling a baby.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

    It was not a joke. Sgt. Frank Goscewski told the stunned Cadle that he had been investigating her and talking to friends of hers “for the better part of the day,” Cadle said.

    “I said, well do you want to see what it is you’re investigating? So I bring him the baby and he just got this big grin,” Cadle said.

    What she handed to Goscewski looks and feels like a real baby, except it isn’t. Cadle, along with her sister, Rachel Smith, inherited a love of baby dolls from their mother, Dolores Cadle, and started painting them after she died three years ago.

    lock her up anyway… weirdo.

    1. “I said, well do you want to see what it is you’re investigating? So I bring him the baby and he just got this big grin,” Cadle said.

      So the cop was into it?

      1. Paging OMWC, an expert opinion is needed here.

  15. At least a dozen more men have been charged with promoting prostitution for posting for posting to Seattle-area escort forum The Review Board.

    Is this from the musical reenactment?

    1. Now I’m seeing a string of Johns dancing the can-can to this musical number.


  16. A classic for the ages has just been created.

    3 Things My White Husband Needs to Know About the Black Baby We’re Going to Have

    There are a litany of physical things we need to do to put the proverbial bun in the oven ? sonogram to check the health of my uterus (history of fibroids makes this mandatory), pap smear (history of HPV make this mandatory), genetic testing for me and you (history of children with special needs makes this mandatory), and weight loss (arthritic knees will make the added weight of pregnancy painful and uncomfortable).

    However, there is no blood test you can take or vaginal swab I can provide that can prepare you, White husband, to raise our Black child.

    Yes, our Black child. Because even though our child will technically be biracial, having a biracial child who is half Black means you have a black child (by social, legal, and sometimes medical standards), and that comes with a whole new set of rules.

    While your oldest White child may be targeted for his mental illness, statistically speaking, our Black daughter is 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police. So yes, there are some things you need to know before we embark on this journey.

    1. So what she’s saying is that she subscribes firmly to the Jim Crow “One Drop Rule”.

      1. Ol’ Jim didn’t mean acid.

    2. I didn’t even have to hover to know that came from Everyday Feminism.

      I still choose to believe that site is parody.

      1. It has to be a parody. No woman who is in an interracial marriage would talk that way to her husband. This is how people who say “I have a lot of black friends” talk (when referencing their cleaning lady and the guy who works in accounting and sometimes joins the group for lunch as “friends”.)

    3. While your oldest White child may be targeted for his mental illness, statistically speaking, our Black daughter is 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police.

      Awfully nice of this woman to put her mentally handicapped white stepson in his place. Normal, healthy black woman is higher on the hierarchy of oppression than a disable white male.

      1. No, she is clearly not a normal, healthy woman of any pigmentation. She is clearly insane.

        1. And apparently riddled with various medical conditions and overweight.

        2. It’s a fair cop…

          /python voice

    4. Author of such journalistic insights as 3 Ways Burlesque* Has Made Me A Better Mom and I Strip Because Too Many Women Hate Their Bodies.

      *This picture is why “no” is always my answer when invited to a burlesque show.

      1. That is a lot of woman. John approves.

        1. Her body is why I hate women.

          1. I thought your dysfunctional pancreas was what made you hate.

            1. No, the pancreas makes me emotional and prone to lash out, asshole.

              1. How long have you had these trans-sexual leanings?

      2. If MacAfee would’ve won, that could’ve been our first lady.

    5. OMFG. She must be soooo bloody annoying. ‘My black baby this, the dingo at my baby, did you meet my 2.5 bi-raical daughter? Please look at her and see I’m not racist. Did I mention I have a black son? Did you know it’s not true about fried chicken? Blah, blah.

      God, you want to smear sour cherry jam in their faces. No wait. Make that apricot jelly. I hate apricot jelly.

      1. Apricot jelly is, in fact, the worst of all possible jellies.

      2. God help this poor black kid if he ever asks for fried chicken for dinner.

    6. “having a biracial child who is half Black means you have a black child (by social, legal, and sometimes medical standards)”

      Fear of a Black Planet

      1. I fear for their child.

    7. “You will be as black as Jeter.”

    8. Im sure her white husband is threilled to be publically “black-splained” too. Very classy all around.

      1. I’m going to guess he has some massive issues of his own.

        1. Are you implying he ejaculates prodigiously?

          1. That’s tomorrow’s chapter, Mr. Skip Ahead.

          2. Not when she’s there.

      2. We’re all taking her word that she has a husband at all?

    9. So yes, there are some things you need to know before we embark on this journey.

      And item number one is that the first thing your wife sees when she looks at you is white privilege.

    10. 1. We’re Raising a Social Justice Activist

      Today, more than ever in our lifetime, this is crucial. Not just to the world that our child will grow up in, but also, to our child’s survival.

      So I think I’m coming around on the whole abortion issue.

    11. Kinda sounds like she shouldn’t be procreating at all…

    12. I have to ask, because I’ll be damned before I click through.

      Will it be half black because he’s white and she’s black, or because both of them are white, and the real father is black dude?

      1. Mom is black, dad is white. Though that did become clear until a ways into the article.

    13. “our Black daughter is 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police”

      Is that statistic actually true?

      1. I suspect that the number will vary between 10x and 0.1x more likely based on a number of life choices the daughter in question makes.

      2. Well, for one thing, more likely relative to what?

        And, for another thing, even if skin color and/or sex had some predictive power, a lot of other factors have far stronger predictive power than those.

        Finally, Bayes. That is all.

  17. Smart bunch there –

    Typo led to Podesta email hack: report

    Last March, Podesta received an email purportedly from Google saying hackers had tried to infiltrate his Gmail account. When an aide emailed the campaign’s IT staff to ask if the notice was real, Clinton campaign aide Charles Delavan replied that it was “a legitimate email” and that Podesta should “change his password immediately.”

    Instead of telling the aide that the email was a threat and that a good response would be to change his password directly through Google’s website, he had inadvertently told the aide to click on the fraudulent email and give the attackers access to the account.

    Delavan told the Times he had intended to type “illegitimate,” a typo he still has not forgiven himself for making.

    The email was a phishing scam that ultimately revealed Podesta’s password to hackers. Soon after, WikiLeaks began releasing 10 years of his emails.

    In late October the firm SecureWorks identified a account and WikiLeaks-released email that appeared to have been used to attack Podesta’s account.

    1. Total bullshit. The campaigns are notorious for using the cheapest, fresh out of college labor they can get. Delavan probably wasn’t qualified in the least to be doing what he was doing.

      1. They also claim the had low-tech security because they were underfunded.

        1. because they were underfunded

          That’s astounding in its brazenness.

          1. because they were underfunded

            $1.2 billion just doesn’t go far these days.

            1. Because I have the time (conference calls are stupider than your stupid face), the quote from the NYT story:

              There were aspirations to ensure that the D.N.C. was well protected against cyberintruders ? and then there was the reality, Mr. Brown and his bosses at the organization acknowledged: The D.N.C. was a nonprofit group, dependent on donations, with a fraction of the security budget that a corporation its size would have.

              “There was never enough money to do everything we needed to do,” Mr. Brown said.

              1. There probably wasn’t that much money left after they paid all of their innumerable pollsters and consultants.

                The parties are graft machines. Worrying about network security just gets in the way of the goal.

              2. I love how these people think corporate IT is just full of fucking money. Usually its two Unix nerds who have fought their way up from the call center because they hate the idea of shit being wrong who probably cost the company $200k/year total including salary, benefits, and $8000 worth of laptops and monitors.

                1. and $8000 worth of laptops and monitors.

                  This silly point is actually inversely proportional to the size of the company as measured by revenue.

                  The more revenue the company makes the less they are willing to spend on simple rigs to keep the nerds happy. It is the damnedest thing. Such a low cost (in the world of corp. compensation alternatives, equipment is about the single cheapest). A pair of 36″ flat screens, a brand new tower, a test server(s) a local (same building) rack, and a nice top of the line laptop would make most corp geeks swoon…and forget about the salary/bonus/vacation/life. Really, even though i consider myself closer to the outside of super techie I STILL would be much more likely to stay if they supplied a modicum of decent equipment. 10-15k, spent once every three years (maybe two) that is depreciable…i just don’t understand their logic. Spend the cap=ex and the op-ex will be nearly free.

        2. Call Soros for another few million.

        3. Well, which is more important, paying goons to dress as Trump supporters and punch old ladies, or paying for an IT guy, when some idiot college kid can probably just do it, or whatever.

        4. They only raised 1.2 billion!

    2. And these are the people screaming and telling people it was the Russkies, huh?


    3. He accidentally typed “illegitimate” instead of “legitimate”?

      BWAHAHAHA yeah right. Just own up to it: you’re a tech-illiterate ignoramus who fell for obvious bullshit.

      1. My thoughs too. That is some post-hoc cover your ass going on there

      2. That would have changed “a legitimate email” to “a illegitimate email”.

        Even OUR IT helpdesk know enough grammar to know when to use ‘a’ and when to use ‘an’

    4. So how it was that Podesta’s emails got leaked is a documented fact, but still the left goes on and on about Russian involvement as though their email system was locked up tighter than For Knox and could only be foiled by powerful Russian spies. I guess that’s less embarrassing than the prospect of being phished by a middle-aged man living his mom’s basement.

    5. That would be two typos, then: it should be “an” “illegitimate” email.

  18. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is a fucking psychopath

    1. There’s a creepy video of the piece of shit at

    2. Only half as bad as Trump

    3. Only half as bad as Trump

      1. But not as bad as the squirrelz?

        1. Orange squirrelz are the worst

        2. Half as bad as half as bad as Trump is one-fourth as bad as Trump. So maybe just Hitler and Mussolini bad, and not Stalin and Mao and the Devil rolled into one bad.

        3. Only a quarter as bad as the squirrelz.

    4. I read somewhere he’s been admonished by his doctors for abusing narcotics normally proscribed to cancer patients. Not sure if it’s more ironic or more hypocritical.

      1. If he’s been using fentanyl recreationally, he might not be around much longer.

  19. On an Amtrak to NYC. 😀

    1. Poor, poor bastard.

      Both Amtrak and NYC.

      I’ve suffered that fate.

      1. I love visiting NYC and Amtrak in the NE corridor isn’t bad – I get on a train a mile from my house and get off at Penn station ~6 hours later.

        1. Visiting I can somewhat grasp, it’s like staring at wreckage.

          Most of the times I was there it was passing through to get to an airport.

      2. I love visiting NYC and Amtrak in the NE corridor isn’t bad – I get on a train a mile from my house and get off at Penn station ~6 hours later.

        1. That is kind of you to take the squirrelz with you on the trip.

          1. We are riding through the Virginia forest… lots of squirrelz blocking the wifi from working on this train.

    2. See if Amtrak still sells margaritas in a can and then don’t buy one.

      1. How about Prince Albert in a can?

        1. I never understood why you’d can penis ornaments.

      2. geezus…coffee through the nose on that one

    3. I took an Amtrak to DC a couple years back. The only update they seemed to have made to the trains since about 1986 was a slight misting of urine.

      1. It gives it a real big city feel.

    4. I’ve had good experiences on Amtrak to/from DC, but once bus services took off they became a way better value. A fraction of the price, similar speed, wifi; it’sa nice!

      What are you doing in NYC?

      1. Work tomorrow – visiting with one of my employers investors to review some market research data. Taking the train back down Friday.

  20. Democrats Hold Better Odds of Winning the House Than the Senate

    Sen?ate Demo?crats need to pick up three seats to re?take the ma?jor?ity, which would re?quire de?fend?ing all 11 of their vul?ner?able mem?bers while de?feat?ing someone like Ted Cruz in Texas or Bob Cork?er in Ten?ness?ee. Don’t bet on it.

    But if an anti-Trump wave hits the coun?try, House Demo?crats would be well-po?si?tioned to take ad?vant?age?if they re?cruit ef?fect?ively and of?fer a more mod?er?ate im?age than they’ve presen?ted in re?cent years. They need to pick up 24 seats to re?gain the ma?jor?ity, around the same num?ber of Re?pub?lic?ans who are rep?res?ent?ing con?gres?sion?al seats that Clin?ton car?ried.

    1. Welcome back, Blue Dog Democrats…

    2. I predict that the Dems are going to lose their asses in the mid-terms.

      1. Depends entirely on the economy. Economy good, Dems lose. Economy bad, Dems win.

  21. According to a new national study, marijuana use is down among eighth- and 10th-graders and while it rose slightly among 12th-graders, it was still less common than in 2012.

    What are they using to get high? Is it Halo? Whippets? DOG FILTER? IS IT DOG FILTER?!?!?!?

  22. San Diego cops allow K9 to bite unarmed, naked man (who was pinned to the ground by 4 cops) for 44 seconds. Nothing happened to the cops, of course. Taxpayers shelled out a $385k settlement.

    In the police video, you see officers asking the naked man to walk up the hillside toward them. He complies with their commands until he gets to the top of the canyon.

    You hear the officers ordering the man to “turn around, turn around.” He says “no” several times in a defiant voice.

    Just two seconds later, and without warning, the K-9 officer gives his police dog the command to bite the subject.

    The dog takes down the man immediately. Then four officers pinned the man to the ground, but allowed the dog to violently bite the man’s leg for 44 more seconds. Other San Diego Police Officers hold the subject down and cuff him.

    1. There was a case in San Diego years ago where a convenience store owner called the cops concerning a man with obvious mental problems who was hanging around. The cops showed up in force with a K9 unit. The homeless man was carrying a stick and yelling about how he was terrified of dogs. So the cops sic the dog on him. When the homeless guy runs from the dog at the cops with the stick in hand (because he was surrounded), they shot him dead.

      1. What homeless problem?

    2. Bonus: the guy will now be disabled for the rest of his life. Bonus bonus: the city says they did nothing wrong.

  23. Trump’s Threat Damps Companies’ Plans to Move U.S. Jobs Abroad

    President-elect Donald Trump’s threat of retribution against companies that move jobs out of the U.S. is already having the effect he probably intended: some business leaders are pausing plans to seek foreign addresses.

    Ross Baldwin, whose San Diego-based firm Tacna helps U.S. companies set up manufacturing operations in Mexico, said three new clients put their plans on hold until they see what Trump does as president.

    At the McAllen Economic Development Corp., which assists companies seeking to expand across the Mexican border from the Texas city, two of five companies currently considering a move have put the brakes on their plans because of Trump, said Keith Partridge, the development corporation’s chief executive officer.

    Trump’s Twitter vow that companies shifting jobs out of the U.S. will face “consequences” under his administration introduced new and difficult-to-gauge political risk for businesses considering offshoring to lower costs. The incoming president’s passion for the cause was underscored at his Dec. 1 rally to celebrate an agreement he reached with United Technologies Corp.’s Carrier unit to keep about 800 factory jobs in Indianapolis instead of moving them to Mexico.

    1. If Obama had done this you motherfuckers would explode.

      1. It is bullshit

      2. Obama did do it.

        Whenever a president tells a company how or where they should do business it is wrong. I think the difference between Trump and Obama is: Trump sees companies who move as taking jobs and hurting people. Obama sees companies that move as taking his precious tax money since all money a person or company makes belongs to the government, and the government will let you know how much of it you can keep.

      3. Don’t project your double standards onto the commentariat here. The only real value in what Trump’s doing here is that it’s turning a bunch of Marxist liberals into free-market afficiandos for the next 4-8 years.

        1. Free market? No, they’re just going full on Big Business corporate-cronyist, without sensing even a whiff of contradiction. Principals over principles, after all.

      4. ‘Friendly’ lizard, my ass.

    2. I give it a week before business heads explore the idea of setting up foreign shell companies through which to do business in the US. Can’t leave if yer foreign to start with.

      1. They’ll just buy/merge with small overseas companies and make that their HQ.

  24. Admittedly, the entries in TV science fiction have been better this past year, but I guess hadn’t realized how hard they’re trying to make women the physical badasses in just about every show. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

    2016 Gave Us Some of the Best Female Sci-Fi Characters on TV

      1. Xena can kick my ass any day. In fact, I”m extending an invite right now.

        1. Television was better when there were enormous busty women in scanty leather armor. And Bob Barker.

          1. Not sure I’d care for Bob Barker in scanty leather armor…but to each their own!

            1. He kicks down doors and uses his sword to spay and neuter your pets!

          2. and Alan Thicke

    1. I quickly scrolled because I have not watched any of those shows, which brought me to the first three comments:

      What was the controversy with The 100? I just caught up.

      Share ‘

      Lake Desire Melissa Lepley ? 8 hours ago

      Lexa was killed off the same way as Tara in Buffy, 15 years ago. Lesbian tv characters always seem to die, especially in SF/F. You can Google “bury your gays” for more background and analysis since I just casually followed the controversy.
      Share ‘

      Melissa Lepley Lake Desire ? 8 hours ago

      Aaaah. Okay. Thanks!

      1. Ew. I should have previewed that mess.

      2. “The 100” controversy was especially dumb because everyone in that show dies. People die more often than in Game of Thrones.

      3. It’s funny how much Joss Whedon is being thrown under the bus by the social justice crowd that he actively wants to be a part of. After the Black Widow controversy he quit Twitter (don’t know if he came back) because he was being bombarded with complaints. You’d think that would make him maybe question his association with them, but nope, instead he ranted about how they should be attacking Republicans instead of him. Stay classy Joss.

        1. He’s actually gone stark raving mad:

          Voter suppression
          Russian hacking
          FBI collusion
          He has the office
          Keep investigating
          Keep protesting#NEVERtrump

          Trump supporters are like Adrienne Barbeau in “Creepshow”, too busy insulting us to see what’s coming for them

          Ryan & the GOP were always gonna fall in line for Trump. Libs quibble, evil shrugs.

          “Stronger together” wasn’t a slogan. It was a warning.

          This year, “White Christmas” is reaching “Baby It’s Cold Outside” level creepy for me #ThanksDonald

        2. He also said something about Patton Oswalt being a better choice for President… well, let’s see what Oswalt is thinking:

          This fucking election. Fucking Trump.
          These newest revelations, that Russia hacked the election. Piles of evidence, teetering up to the sky. That Russia ALSO hacked the RNC and are holding them over a barrel because of what they know. Which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frightening.
          And the boiling chaos that’s resulting from it. I’ve got conservative friends actually DEFENDING Russia on this. I’ve got progressive friends gloating that we’ve finally had done to us what we’ve done to other countries. That Hillary somehow deserves this. That WE somehow deserve this. That infuriating cliche about, “It’s actually GOOD ifTrump destroys everything it’ll start a revolution BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH…”
          And in the middle of it all is Trump — bloated, grinning, oblivious, wearing his cheap baseball cap and ruining people’s lives with his Twitter. While all around him — smarter, better, exhausted people scramble around, trying to sweep up a china shop he keeps stumbling through, laughing the whole time at these stupid nerds picking up the broken pieces on the ground. Losers. Weak.
          Trump doesn’t spread evil. He doesn’t even spread chaos. Evil and chaos are beyond his abilities…

          Clearly well-adjusted, both of them.

    2. Eleven in Stranger Things was a cute kid. Don’t know about these other chicks. Maybe it’s because young dudes spend so much time playing video games nowadays it’s impossible to actually picture them doing anything active?

    3. +1 Jeb Bush for Supergirl

    4. I got into a discussion with my wife about something like this. She said something along the lines that referring to “we” and “they” in regard to a policy position the NGO she works for is taking was othering and therefore bad. I made the argument that it simply recognizes that people ARE different, and they all have different perspectives, goals, ideas, and capabilities. Recognizing that people are individuals is a good thing, because you’re acknowledging that each person matters. Ignoring differences and thinking of people as some sort of collective where everyone is planed down to some theoretical mean is lazy and dehumanizing. Differences are what make people important; people who are equal are people who can be replaced.

    5. Yeah, the whole waif-fu thing leaves me pretty cold.

  25. Read this NYTimes story on the russkies CYBERWAR. I was wondering why my proggy friends weren’t promoting this on facebook. About halfway through, you come to the conclusion that the Democrats are too stupid to rule us.…..-news&_r=0

    1. Honestly, i came to that conclusion in about 1998.

    2. Even Mr. Podesta, a savvy Washington insider who had written a 2014 report on cyberprivacy for President Obama, did not truly understand the gravity of the hacking.

      I just… I can’t… what the fuck man? We’re ruled by idiots.

      1. So Podesta wrote a report on “cyberprivacy”, then gets his email password phished not only because he’s an idiot, but because he’s an idiot that didn’t listen to the IT experts that told him it was a phishing scam.

        1. It’s Kafkaesque in its absurdity.

          1. Kafka would throw up his hands in bewildered disgust.

        2. Apparently the IT guy wrote him back and said it was a “legitimate” email when he meant to type “illegitimate,” so Podesta clicked on the link like a goon and gave up his password when he could have used some common sense and gone into his account directly to verify–or at the very least, change his password to something more complex than “Pode$ta”.

          1. Any “IT guy” worth his/her salt knows that you do not give users assessments of fact or technical opinions. You give clear and concise directions. “Delete this email and do not respond to it”, for example.

  26. Putin Is A Threat To Democracy, And Democrats Want To Invalidate The Election To Prove It

    Despite the suggestion of some clumsy headline writers, there’s no evidence (so far) that Russians tampered with votes or changed the outcome of 2016 in any tangible way. Fortunately, even if Putin had tried, our regional, decentralized voting system ? the sort of system many Democrats would like to federalize ? makes it virtually impossible for anyone to hack an American election.

    This fact hasn’t stopped some from making reckless charges about the legitimacy of Trump’s win. “Did the combination of Russian and F.B.I. intervention swing the election? Yes. Mrs. Clinton lost three states ? Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania ? by less than a percentage point, and Florida by only slightly more,” Paul Krugman recently wrote. Neither he, nor any of the other people making similar assertions, have any real evidence to back up the contention.

  27. Stargazers discover priceless planet which has clouds of RUBIES and SAPPHIRES

    “When we say clouds, they’re definitely not like clouds on earth,” he explained in science journal Nature.

    Unlike the fluffy white vapours we’re used to on Earth, the new Hat-P-7b’s clouds are made from corundum ? the same mineral that produces rubies and sapphires on Earth.

    And if alien life does exist on the brave new world ? some 1,000 lightyears from ours ? they’ll definitely need a brolly.

    The scorching planet gets so baking hot the minerals vaporise in the atmosphere ? raining liquid jewels on the world below.

  28. ‘Are you truly incapable of shame?’ U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power blasts Russia, Syria over Aleppo ‘evil’

    Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., offered a stinging rebuke, telling “the Assad regime, Russia, and Iran ? three member states behind the conquest of and carnage in Aleppo ? you bear responsibility for these atrocities.” This assault on humanity “will not end with Aleppo, and it will not focus on terrorists ? it never has, and there is no evidence that it will,” she said, dwelling on the word “terrorist,” Assad’s label for any opponent. “Clearly, young children ? they must be terrorists because everybody being executed, everybody being barrel bombed, everybody who’s been chlorine attacked, you’re going to be told they are all terrorists ? every last one of them, even the infants,” she said.

    There is more. It’s adorbies that she once again seems to care about human rights.

    Related: The Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is located on the 42nd floor of the Waldof-Astoria Hotel.

    1. She then Tweeted:

      #Aleppo is joining Rwanda and Srebrenica as defining historical events that embody evil. #Assad, #Russia, #Iran know no shame.

      1. So I guess the red line about chemical weapons was a throwaway sentence.

      2. Umm .. I do believe the country that fits that description is yemen..…..n-6319191/

        1. NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!


      3. Is she implying that the people that Assad and the Russians are fighting are the good guys? Pegging Assad and Russians as the least bad actors in syria is closer to the truth.

    2. Power is an notorious interventionist.

      1. Yes. However, since she works for the most powerful country in the world it is pretty lame for her to criticize when others intervene.

        Russia’s ambassador said that Power was acting like “Mother Teresa” when the United States has its own track record

        And then she Tweeted from her ridiculously swanky digs. Smart power at its best.

        1. Hey, she’s married to superdouche Cass Sunstein, what else would you expect?

          1. Cass Sunstien believes the Star Wars prequels were underrated.

            1. Cass Sunstein asks if you’re “ready to rock” and then puts on Nickleback.

            2. When Cass Sunstein serves up hamburgers, they’re topped with Kraft singles.

              1. Cass Sunstein likes his steak well done, and dipped in ketchup. Hunt’s ketchup.

                1. Cass Sunstein’s favorite color is beige.

    3. Russia cares about Russia /history books

    4. Just to recap in case I’m mistaken or lost.

      Russia/Assad fighting ISIS, correct?

      1. My understanding is everyone is fighting everyone over there. Thats why it sucks but as also definitely worth staying out of. No way to keep your hands clean.

      2. For the wrong reasons, so Nyet.

      3. Yeah but the rebels in Aleppo are all center-left liberal democrats fighting for women’s rights and transgender bathrooms, although they pay taxes to ISIS and routinely forward them the equipment given to them by the west, don’t let that distract you from the humanitarian crisis at hand.

      4. Sort of. The Assad regime is very clearly prioritizing the “moderate” groups. ISIS gives them a justification to clean house so they’re taking it. Only group that is really focusing on ISIS is the Kurds, because their other option is death (Kurds are generally seen by other groups in the Middle East as almost like the Thugee, historically bandits and raiders to be wiped out).

    5. Just a reminder that this Irish banshee was partially responsible for convincing Obama to get involved with Libya.

  29. Man robs bank with note written on rehab discharge papers

    Police say a Philadelphia man signed himself out of a Chester County drug and alcohol rehab center, took a cab to a nearby bank and robbed it using a note scribbled on his discharge papers.

    Twenty-five-year-old Jamal Goodwin was arrested Tuesday and charged with robbery, theft and other offenses stemming from Monday’s holdup at Malvern Federal Savings Bank.

    Police say Goodwin took just over $5,000 in cash before fleeing in a Main Line Taxi cab.

    Unfortunately for Goodwin, police say he left behind a gym bag containing $2,700 worth of the stolen money in the cab along with his wallet and driver’s license. Also in the car were two sweatshirts that a bank teller said belonged to the robber.

  30. At least a dozen more men have been charged with promoting prostitution for posting for posting to Seattle-area escort forum The Review Board.

    They should have called it The Revue Board. It would have made the story less confusing to me.

  31. Take your little girl there…

    Dutch restaurant serves up ‘My Little Pony Burger’ made from real horse meat

    The offbeat food truck Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier, which translates to “The Unwanted Animal Kitchen,” now supplies its “My Little Pony Burger” year round to Babbe Hengeveld, a chef who runs her own restaurant Food Guerilla, reports Vice Munchies.

    Keuken van het Ongewenst Die has been serving the burger periodically for years and the patty itself is made from the meat of butchered, aging horses that have worked at a local amusement park, Slagharen.

    The idea behind the unusual protein is to ensure that the meat from older horses isn’t wasted when the animals are put down.

    1. Food trucks?

      How am I supposed to find a Food Truck in the Netherlands?

      1. You wouldn’t like it anyway. But maybe you could find the colorless soup truck or the gruel-mobile.

        /I keed

      2. Look for a trailer being pulled by two dozen straining bicyclists.

      3. Tulpa hit hardest.

        1. My first thought (before I remembered the reference) was that he’d stepped out in front of a food truck and qas quite literally hit.

          1. A dream is just a wish your heart makes.

  32. Fighting and bombing are still underway in Aleppo

    Where now?

        1. GET A BRAIN, MORAN

  33. Anti-Trump Elector Chris Suprun Paid For Ashley Madison While Bankrupt And Married With 3 Kids

    Anti-Trump Texas faithless elector Stephen Christopher “Chris” Suprun, who wrote a widely-shared op-ed in The New York Times about his decision, in which he claimed ideological superiority over Trump, which would prevent him from voting for the President-elect on December 19 as he is required, joined and paid for cheating website Ashley Madison in 2012, using the same address registered to his 9/11 charity, while bankrupt, likely unemployed, and married with three young kids, after he and his working wife owed over $200,000 to multiple creditors ? and that’s just the start of it.

    sounds like a libertarian…

    1. Ahhhh as predicted, the character assassinations of political opponents will continue into the next regime.

      1. “into the next regime”? How about “forever”!

      2. Eh, in Suprun’s case it’s the equivalent of Jimmy Swaggart getting caught with a prostitute in a hotel. Self-righteousness only works if you’re actually righteous, and someone bragging about their own supposed purity better damn well be pure.

    2. Well, at least we know he’s consistent about being faithless.

  34. Trump’s latest cabinet appointments are more committed to smaller government than LP-VP candidate Weld’s would have been.

    1. I’m trying not to pick at my progressive friends too much. They’re having a hard month. But I did have to put up some Dr. Strangelove.

      1. +1 Mein Fuhrer…I can walk!

        1. “Have you ever seen a [Russkie use a computer without hacking], Mandrake?”
          “No, Jack I can’t say that I have.”

  35. Salon endorsing trickle down economics via the military industrial complex? Say wuht??…..45-states/

    1. Progressives are now reflexively defending Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and the CIA. As if we needed more evidence of their complete intellectual bankruptcy.

      1. No doubt.

      2. “Goldman Sachs isn’t really that bad, ya know.”

    2. Power means opposing your competition. Whatever position they take, you take the opposite position. They oppose something, you endorse it.

      Swap around as needed.

    3. Fuckin LOL at Salon ‘tards fanning their face over potential job losses for military contractors.

  36. FOX is airing a segment in a minute playing up the suffering in aleppo. Goddamned war mongers. What is it with these people? They are as bad as the open borders crowd.

    Look, the world is a largely uncivilized place with over 7 billion people in it. We cant fix that. We don’t have the room or the resources to take in the 4 billion people who would come here if they could and we cant police the world to keep all the tribal savages out there from killing each other.

    1. You should listen to the BBC news sometime. Their reporting on Aleppo is incredible. And, strangely, it’s often followed by a story on the plight of refugees in Europe.

    2. I keep asking all my peacenik friends who want to DO SOMETHING!! about the civilian casualties in Aleppo how many civilian casualties they are willing to accept to “fix” the situation. They are under the impression that sending in the Marines will cause all sides to stop fighting at once. Its weird how the Marines become magical forces for good or evil in their mind.

      1. Look, the only way to be sure we stop all the fighting in Aleppo is to nuke the city from orbit.

  37. We need to find some way to make this happen.

    David Burge

    We only need to flip 270 votes to get President Dave Burge #InformTheElectors

    1. I, for one, support this idea.

      1. All of his speeches will fit in 140 characters!

        1. Did you see his Cabinet picks? He has my vote.

    2. Bourbon in every cabinet and a hotrod in every garage!

      1. What about those of us who have to deal with streetside parking?!

        And if the cabinets are full of bourbon, where am I going to put the rest of my stuff?

        1. Oh my god dude you don’t like ANYTHING

          1. I point out legitimate logistical issues that need to be addressed and you turn to character assassination.

            You really are a political operative.


              1. I live in upstate new york – subjecting a car like that to the winter weather and the salted roads is just BARBARIC!

            2. No, when faced with the prospect of free bourbon and bitchin’ cars, you’re all “ugh, really?”

              1. Uncivil thinks bourbon tastes like wood…how would he know how wood tastes? Hmmmmm?

    3. Actually, just flip enough from Trump to Burge so that he finishes 3rd and Trump is under 270 and let the house elect Burge.

    4. Actually, just flip enough from Trump to Burge so that he finishes 3rd and Trump is under 270 and let the house elect Burge.

  38. Labor Secretary nominee Puzder changes tune on immigration reform

    Andrew Puzder, fast-food mogul and President-elect Donald Trump’s labor secretary pick, said he backs Trump’s plan for immigration controls to protect American jobs, reports RealClear Politics. In a statement released to the public, Puzder said that if confirmed as labor secretary, his moral and constitutional duty will be “to serve U.S. workers.”

    Notably, Politico called this a “retooling” of his original immigration stance. In an op-ed published earlier this year, Puzder claimed that deporting 11 million people would be “unworkable.”

    Puzder said that immigration controls will increase wages and ensure that vacant jobs are offered first to American workers. He said that spending trillions of dollars on jobless benefits and welfare for out of work Americans while hiring foreign workers to fill jobs “makes no sense. “

    1. Whoa. Labor Secretary to advocate for American labor? SLD, this may not be the most efficient allocation of scarce resources that have competing uses, but it does seem like the Secretary of Labor should advocate for American labor to be employed where possible in preference to foreign labor.

      1. Absurd. The American Dream is to buy cheap crap with your welfare check.

  39. ” save the terrorists ” is that like save the whales? Will there be a telethon ( or at least go fund me page)?

  40. “Ohio Gov. John Kasich has vetoed a bill that would ban abortion just a few weeks post-conception but approved a 20-week abortion ban.”

    If the trends in the state legislatures continue, the Republicans may have the power to propose amendments to the federal Constitution after the midterms–without the support of any Democrats. That’s probably the best shot we’ll ever have to get federal spending under control with a balanced budget amendment.

    The biggest threat to that outcome will come from those within the Republican party who will want to use that power to propose amendments that ban abortion or gay marriage. We’re going to need people like Kasich to save us from those who would snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    To Trump supporters everywhere, please be advised: Republicans do much better in an environment in which social issues like abortion and gay marriage are not emphasized. Those wedge issues work to the Democrats’ advantage–that’s what makes them wedge issues.

    Want to get serious about replacing ObamaCare with markets, a balanced budget amendment, not squandering our standard of living for global warming, and turning the tide against the institutionalization of PC bullshit?

    STFU about abortion.

    1. Republicans do much better in an environment in which social issues like abortion and gay marriage are not emphasized.

      They can’t help it, Ken. They have two years of power, so they will do whatever they can to push retarded legislation about abortion and every other social issue none of them have the ability to confidently explain.

    2. We’re going to need people like Kasich to save us

      Welp, I guess we’re doomed, then.

      1. He did the right thing here.

    3. You realize, don’t you, that Ohio Right to Life supports Gov. Kasich? Both in signing the anti-late-abortion bill and in vetoing the heartbeat bill?

      While some prolifers want a heartbeat bill, Ohio Right to Life opposes it as basically inviting the federal courts to reaffirm Roe v. Wade. Ohio Right to Life is trying for an incremental approach.

      In short, you may want to postpone your end-zone victory dance.

      1. This is a dispute among prolifers as to the best means to restore protection for innocent unborn life.

        It’s highly premature to insert prochoice triumphalism here.

        1. It isn’t about pro-life triumphalism.

          It’s about robbing the progressives of an easy wedge issue nationally.

  41. Syrian President Bashar Assad claimed the case-fire was wanted by western countries to save “the terrorists.”

    Sounds about right.

  42. There Is No Right-Wing Equivalent to Political Correctness

    In a new piece, Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration-policy analyst at the Cato Institute, contends that, “Conservatives have their own, nationalist version of [political correctness], their own set of rules regulating speech, behavior and acceptable opinions,” a phenomenon he labels “patriotic correctness.”

    If Nowrasteh means that conservatives tend to find conservative opinions more acceptable than liberal ones, well, duh. If he means that conservatives tend to object to liberal viewpoints, well, duh again. It should even be admitted that, like all collections of human beings, conservatives sometimes succumb to groupthink. But Nowrasteh completely blurs the line between a conservative objecting to a heterodox opinion and a conservative attempting to suppress that opinion by punishing anyone who expresses it. He even throws out the t-word ? “tyranny” ? to describe this allegedly sinister Bizarro PC.

    Nowrasteh reaches back 13 years for some of his first examples, “Freedom Fries” and David Frum’s 2003 cover story on “Unpatriotic Conservatives,” suggesting this description of victims of tyranny started out as a “Things that Annoyed Me Over the Past Decade and a Half” listicle. You may have noticed that everyone calls them “French fries” today;

    1. Ultimately it comes down to the right and left’s differing versions of human nature. The left’s version is anti-rational, if not downright evil and leads to all sorts of sanctimonious behavior. No man is more oppressive than the one oppressing you for what he believes is your own good.

    2. Oh really? Try suggesting to conservatives that maybe blowing up wedding parties and funding dictators creates more terrorists and see how they react.

      1. Just burn a flag

      2. Why do you hate america? Are you a muslem?

        1. I just really like cocktail parties, alright?

      3. I think the point is that they would get all P.O.’d, but they wouldn’t hound you from a job, engage in lawfare, get you disciplined or expelled from university, etc.

        1. That may have been true until recently, but I see no reason to believe that they (a) couldn’t and (b) wouldn’t do it once they had the means to do so.

          Indeed, there’s so much talk about “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” talk going on from the right, that I think it’s only a matter of time before we see *plenty* of it.

          Not that I think it’s unacceptable. Cloward-Piven/Alinsky tactics work whatever your ideology.

      4. How is that political correctness? They disagree with you. And maybe they are right. That thought ever crossed your mind?

        I get it you think that every terrorist has a personal grudge and that the only way to beat terrorism is not to try. But to say that disagreement with that is the same thing as PC is even more asinine than your understanding of the causes of terrorism.

    3. Yeah saying right wingers have political correctness is retarded. Now lets talk about important stuff like jailing people who burn sky cloth.

  43. Maximum delusion

    My wife told me I messed a great program yesterday, where the German press blasted the American press for doing not only a lousy job of reporting during the General Election season, but actually what seemed like deliberately letting the Republicans lead them around like they were obedient dogs on a leash.

    She was in the States for a while earlier this year, and saw it for herself, but never thought they’d be SO complicit in favoring one party over the either during the general election. The German program said the American press neglected facts, repeated innuendo without verification, and generally ignored substance in favor of sensation, whether backed up by facts or not–in short, they all became either greater or lesser versions of Fox “News.”

    From the comments:


    I can barely watch CNN or MSNBC anymore.

    And I used to be a news junkie.

    I can’t stand how complicit they were in this debacle.

    And I can’t tolerate that orange face.

    21. Ditto. Joy Reid and Lawrence O are all I can stand.

    And I record Samantha Bee, now playing the role established by Jon Stewart of being a better informed truth teller than the news media. She has been incredible from the beginning.

    1. The media is partly to blame for Donald John Trump’s victory, in that they did not report accurate news about him, and only reported sensationalist news about Clinton.

      1. The media is partly to blame for Donald John Trump’s victory, in that they did not report accurate news about him, and only reported sensationalist news about Clinton.

        Is that some sort of sick tasteless joke?

        1. Is that some sort of sick tasteless joke?

          No, it is not the gnarled underside of Citizen X’s feeble dong.

          1. The ladies call it “the tickler.”

      2. Yes. That is exactly how i remember it too.

    2. So the lesson for that person was to choose a person worse than the media in Bee?

    3. I’d blame the mainstream media, too. They went all in for Clinton, which gave Trump a huge ground swelling of support.

    4. The old adage in comedy is that it’s never funny if you have to explain the joke. Thus the reason progressive comedians are able to be so successful is because their audience is composed of people who don’t want to think and thus never demand the joke to be explained.

      So when, for example, Samantha Bee produces a jaw-droppingly vapid segment that compares how easy it is to buy a gun versus how hard it was to rent the NRA’s trademarked Eddie the Eagle costume it works because no one in her audience is going to stop and wonder why that’s a dumb, pointless comparison.

    5. I don’t know how to comment on that. It has no connection to reality that I can discern.

      1. It’s bizarre. Joy Reid? The woman is a dullard. I’d at least understand someone like Amanpour.

  44. Ohio Gov. John Kasich … approved a 20-week abortion ban.

    I thought it was the Ds who wanted to be more like Europe.

  45. Why Don’t Poor People Move?

    Bailey went back to McDowell after forty years away, to see how things had changed. Because the coal industry has withered, it’s worse than ever there; McDowell is the poorest and sickest county in a poor state. The average life expectancy for men ? 64 years ? is the lowest of any county in the United States. Bailey wrote a piece for Reason attempting to answer the question, “Why don’t people just leave?”

    A second aspect of Bailey’s story about the poor whites of McDowell County is the role of family and community in perpetuating the habits of poverty across generations. You really need to read Bailey’s story to get the whole picture, but the gist of it is that people don’t leave because that’s where their people are. If a poor person left McDowell County ? assuming they had the money to pay for the move and to establish themselves elsewhere, which is a lot to assume ? they would be moving from a place where they knew just about everybody to a place where they would be a stranger. And not just a stranger, but a stranger with no money, leaving them extremely vulnerable with no one to help them. You can see why the idea of leaving would be unappealing. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

    alot more detail than I can quote.

    1. Sam Kinison looms large

    2. I had trouble explaining to lifeling academic dean of Undergraduates why it cost money to go on co-op. He just kept falling back on “But you get paid” part without my being able (at the time) to articulate the up-front costs (moving, security deposit, first month’s rent, food, all before you get your first paycheck) that were prohibatively high for someone whose bank balance was $0 most of the time.

    3. Maybe they’re staying because they know that the coal industry isn’t “withering”, it’s being intentionally targeted for destruction by the leftists in Washington.

      Now that the America-hating Block Yomomma is on the way out the door and a supporter of America and capitalism is on his way in and the EPA is about to be put in the corner where it belongs, coal jobs will start coming back again.

      1. Coal’s not coming back even if the regulators back off. Natural gas is too cheap.

  46. Trump’s national security adviser has a problem:

    Although Flynn lacked authorization to share the classified material, he was not disciplined or reprimanded after the investigation concluded that he did not act “knowingly” and that “there was no actual or potential damage to national security as a result,” according to Army records obtained by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act.

    During the presidential race, Flynn campaigned vigorously for Republican nominee Donald Trump and drew attention for his scalding attacks against Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified material. Clinton was investigated by the FBI for allowing classified information to be transmitted on her private email server when she ran the State Department. No charges were filed against the former secretary of state, but the issue dogged her for more than a year.

    At the Republican National Convention in July, Flynn called on Clinton to drop out of the race for putting “our nation’s security at extremely high risk with her careless use of a private email server.” He egged on the partisan crowd in chants of “lock her up,” adding: “If I, a guy who knows this business, if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today.”

    Flynn did not respond to requests for comment.

    1. If you’re waiting on a lot of Flynn defenders to show up here, you should probably grab a snickers.

        1. By Trumbo. Trumbo did him in.

    2. String ’em up.

    3. String ’em up.

      1. Man, twice?! You are harsh…

        1. Once from his neck and once from his … wherever?

    4. the investigation concluded that he did not act “knowingly” and that “there was no actual or potential damage to national security as a result,”

      People who thought Hillary should get off for precisely this reason are upset that Flynn did, as well?

  47. Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

    Fuck Pete Macadoodle Suderweigel, and fuck Vox.

    Let his Obama-loving dumb ass work there where he belongs full time so he can leave us the fuck alone.

    1. Too coherent. Needs moar Block Yomomma.

      1. I have to agree with him.

    2. Writers padding their resumes at Reason before fully jumping to some “respectable” JournoList/Wikileaks-indicted left-wing propaganda organization. What’s not to love about it?

      1. Even Balko appears to have succumbed to the Fake News hivemind. Sad!

        1. Ugh, really? That is indeed sad… I haven’t seen Balko articles linked much anymore (which is kind of funny in that I would often come across them referenced elsewhere when he was actually at Reason) so I didn’t know.

          I knew he wasn’t exactly a radical for capitalism, but you’d think that after experiencing eight years of the palace guard media he’d be inoculated against such idiocy… but perhaps when it comes to such things I’m guilty of wishful thinking.

          Hope being invited to the cocktail parties with the rest of the merry band of folks shitting themselves about the PROVEN FACT that Russians rigged the elections for Putin puppet Drumpfler is worth it.

    3. The important question is, did he do it better than Kurt Loder did at reason?

  48. Stanford University has filed a 29-page response to a lawsuit brought by a female student who says the school mishandled sexual assault cases by not pursuing and punishing an alleged assailant when the victim didn’t want to and wouldn’t cooperate.

    That’s a gross mischaracterization of the plaintiff’s claims. The lawsuit claims that Stanford was actively discouraging alleged victims from pursuing the disciplinary process, and pressuring them to settle for informal no-contact orders; the lawsuit alleges that previous victim didn’t cooperate with the process because she felt like she was not going to get a fair hearing.

    As often is the case in recent times, Reason only provides the side of the story that lines up with their preferred narrative.

    1. Taking this out of the hands of the police and putting it in the hands of university apparatchiks seems like it might lead to undesirable outcomes. Maybe thats just me, I dunno.

    2. Fuck off, Tulpa.

      1. If what he is saying is true, he has a point. In that case, fuck off reason for giving Tulpa a good point.

        1. Maybe a little bit for the first one, but why people are dicking around with university disciplinary systems when there are accusations of rape or sexual assault is beyond me anyway.

          The second issue isn’t Stanford’s problem. They don’t control what the alleged victim’s perceptions. If she won’t even try the system because she thinks it will not do any good that’s not their fault.

          1. *perceives. Oops.

          2. They shouldn’t be telling people not to come forward. They should be telling people not to lie.

    3. Nothing prevented her from taking this to the police, so I frankly don’t give a shit if she was unhappy with how the school wanted to handle it.

  49. Sex at Stanford? Is Robby pissed you didn’t save that for him?

  50. So a few FB friends are trying to get this meme off the ground. As if they could refrain from pantshitting long enough. Oh, and the projection is strong in this one.

    1. I won’t be watching the inauguration – but I can’t think of a time that I ever did.

      1. After the amount of smug bullshit associated with the last two, it would be nice if this were a small affair. I do, hope, however, Kayne West performs. Overpraising the “genius” of Kayne and Beyonce is a requirement for all white hipsters. Their tears and butt hurt over Kayne performing at the inauguration of the dark night of fascism falling on America would be especially delicious.

      2. I wouldn’t miss this inauguration for anything.

    2. It is actually a good suggestion for Progressives. If they would turn off their TVs and smart phones and get a life that doesn’t revolve around politics, smugness and butt hurt, we would all be better off.

    3. Like anyone would notice. They just cant get it through their heads that the country has rejected them.

    4. Its way easier to just skim the transcript of the speech and skip all the bullshit.

    5. It takes place in the middle of a Tuesday. Other than partisans, who watches these things to begin with?

  51. “Energy Department rejects Donald Trump’s request to name climate change workers, who remain worried”…..793061.php

    Wait for it

    1. I tried to read the article, but anyone who honestly regards skeptecism as being the “flat earth” position can’t be taken seriously.

    2. The high comedy of making Rick Perry Secretary of Energy is something even I wasn’t optimistic enough to dream. It is just fucking awesome.

    3. There was utterly baseless scaremongering elsewhere about how they’re apparently backing up climate data because of the fear that Trump will destroy it. Oh, this wild ride never ends.

      1. Is that the same climate data they’ve refused to release to anyone not a dyed-in-the-wool hot-earther?

  52. Very confused by the Stanford case. fundamental complaint is that they had sex a few times. On last encounter he wanted a bj. She said no. He said mean things and cried. She comforted him and then he put her in an arm lock. No actual sex.

    Stanford references a coercive text by her to him but does not reprint it.

    Dont be crazy. Don’t stick it in crazy.

    1. And don’t let crazy stick it in you. Doesn’t sound like the guy really has it together either.

      1. 19 year olds are stupid, inexperienced, and reactive, film at 11.

        1. Yeah, maybe it’s not so much a case of bad choice of sexual partners as the stupidity of turning normal teenage sexual drama into a federal case (so to speak).

  53. So how is poor ol’ Huma doing these days?

    Vanity Fair wants you to know!

    1. She’s still featured as Hillary’s email password – huma69.

  54. Peter Suderman reviews La La Land at Vox.

    His new home? Good place for him.

    1. Vox is the epicenter of SJW idiocy

      their latest article takes the cake that the newest movie finally acknowledges the substantial WAR them in Star Wars…

      y’know, the series that opens with a scene of warfare, and is named Star WARS

  55. In almost all cases, it’s inappropriate (even in admin proceedings (vs criminal) to punish an alleged sex assault perp when the victim won’t cooperate.

    granted, many cops are punished for violations when a victim won’t cooperate, but there has to be substantial independent corroboration.

    most sex assaults have little to no independent corroboration apart from the accuser, so if they refuse to cooperate, of course the suspect should not be punished in almost all cases.
    from reading the article, it’s vague but its pretty clear universities tend to err on the side of punishing the accused despite not enough evidence, but if a victim won’t even name her attacker for a year, etc. what the fuck does the “victim” expect? I know Laci Green and Anita say we should always believe “victims”. I don’t automatically believe ANYBODY, and no investigation is fair if the investigators take claims with no skepticism and fail to investigate

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