A.M. Links: Trump to Keep Connections with Reality Show, Geert Wilders Found Guilty of Hate Speech, Inmate Heaved and Coughed During Execution


  • Winter

    President-elect Donald Trump will remain executive producer on Celebrity Apprentice.

  • In Amsterdam, lawmaker Geert Wilders was found guilty of "of insulting and inciting discrimination against Moroccans," which he called an attack on free speech. The judge decided not to actually impose a sentence.
  • An Alabama inmate heaved and coughed for about 13 minutes during an execution by lethal injection process that lasted more than 30 minutes, according to witnesses.
  • Japan has ratified the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
  • They're trying to sell us all on this whole "Polar Vortex" thing again. Don't fall for it! We don't need new "scary" terms for everything!
  • Some east coast Senate Democrats are threatening a government shutdown over an extension of health benefits for coal miners not making it into the funding bill.

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  1. No shit?

    1. All my derp wasted in the other thread. I feel used.

      1. like a wet, wet rag

        1. A Sham-Wow!, Your Liege?

          1. A hooker bit that guy on the tongue. True story.

            1. Ah yes, Sham-Wow! Guy and Cannibal Hooker, a match made in Heavering.

              Cannibal Hooker cleans up quite nicely. She must have used a Sham-Wow!

      2. Not wasted, Lee. We proved that we can engineer around the lack of on-time links instead of waiting for someone else to provide them.

        1. It’s like a “Moment”. I don’t know what kind.
          Something starting with ‘L’?

            1. You’ve just lit the jesse signal.

              1. I thought this was the jesse signal

                1. I thought this was the Jesse signal.

                  Poor Jesse.

                  1. Guys, guys. Do Jesse’s signals contradict each other? Very well, they contradict each other. Jesse is large, he contains multitudes.

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      3. It got put up on cinder blocks like Castro’s hearse.

        1. Mikey, that was a cartoon. Cartoons are not real life, Mikey.

  2. Dad spends ?30k on surgery to look like evil Nazi supervillain Red Skull from Captain America comics

    Henry Rodriguez, from Caracas, Venezuela, splashed out ?30,000 on multiple procedures in a bid to turn himself into the Marvel comic book madman.

    Images show the 37-year-old’s journey as he first gets his eyes tattooed black, has implants inserted into his head and then undergoes a painful operation to have part of his nose removed.

    Rodriguez, who now calls himself Red Skull, has also inked his face with red and black and it’s unlikely he will stop the body modifications any time soon.

    1. Okaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy…….

      His kids won’t have any issues later in life.

    2. Not one word in the article about what he does for a living.

      1. I thought the photos made it clear; 100% social signalling, all the time.

        The eye tattoos are kinda cool though. I can only assume they routinely get requests for blue within blue.

        1. Pro Libertate’s name is now a killing word.

          1. [blinktag]PRO’L DIB![/blinktag]

      2. Venezuelan Walmart greeter.

      3. He has money and he’s in Venezuela.

          1. Well, he’s either doing something illegal (dirty capitalist swine) and hasn’t been caught yet, or he is party-connected. Who else has money in socialist systems who aren’t hand-selected Top Men?

        1. There’s no food to buy. If you have money, you might as well spend it on plastic surgery.

        2. Toilet paper dealer?

          1. Psst. Hey, man. You got any of that white stuff? I’ll pay extra for quilted.

            1. Wanna sample the merchandize? Let’s do a line together.

              1. Yeah, uh, I got some place to be, man.

                1. It’ll only take a bit, and he’s on a streak.

        3. Or their converting Bolivar to ? at the official rate instead of the market rate.

        4. So emularing a Nazi villian is not exactly out of his range then?

    3. Dumbass. If I spent $30k on cosmetic superhero surgery, I’d make myself look like that dude on Arrow and be drowning in pussy.

  3. Bald Florida man gets prison for stealing hair growth products

    The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says 36-year-old Andres Arias, of Boca Raton, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a racketeering charge in Warren County in southwestern Ohio and was sentenced.

    The attorney general’s statement says Arias was part of a criminal network that stole Rogaine, a dietary supplement and an over-the-counter weight loss drug, from drug stores throughout Ohio.

    According to the statement, Arias would fly from Florida to his target cities, rent a car and hit predetermined stores.

    He would then steal the drugs by hiding them in his pants and would ship them to associates in New Jersey for payment.

    1. I have a companion piece for that article.

      A Washington, D.C.-based group claims two Wal-Marts in Hampton Roads are discriminating by using security packaging on black hair products, but the retailer says such measures have nothing to do with race and everything to do with protecting inventory from shoplifters.

      Members of the Making Change at Walmart campaign held a news conference Wednesday in front of Suffolk City Hall, claiming that security boxes are being used on hair products for African Americans at Wal-Marts on North Main Street in Suffolk and on Tidewater Drive in Norfolk.

      1. Are those boxes products statistically more likely to be stolen? I doubt a store would waste the money and effort on extra packaging and security unless there was an actual financial benefit.

        1. That was the point of the article.

          “We are disappointed with these allegations because they are false and offensive,” Phillip Keene, a Wal-Mart spokesman, said in an email.

          Keene said some products are more frequently targeted by shoplifters and cited razors and baby formula as examples.

          “Unfortunately, the hair care items shown in the photo are heavily targeted by shoplifters in this particular store, so we are taking normal measures to protect the items against theft so they are available for the customers who need them,” he wrote.

          1. The Tidewater Drive one is the closest Walmart to me. I might have to go check it out.

            1. “Check it out”. Good luck. If you hear the alarm, drop it and run.

      2. Stop carrying those products. Problem solved.

        1. Wal-mart’s business model revolves around having tons of different stuff at cheap prices so that people feel compelled to do all their shopping there in one trip. Reducing inventory that attracts a certain subset of customers in is antithetical to their overall model. It forces them to pander to lowest common denominator suckasses in every possible way.

      3. I have no idea about pricing but would be interested to know if the “black” products have higher cost than the “white” products. You don’t shoplift sacks of cat litter or pea gravel, you shoplift small easily-concealed items of high value.

        1. Black Hair Matters, asshole.

        2. John Waers claims Divine once shoplifted a TV. Bless.

        3. Higher cost could be a result of shoplifting.

          1. Shrinkage ain’t just a problem for Costanza.

            1. Well, to be fair, his is more of the external variety….

    2. Rogaine, a dietary supplement and an over-the-counter weight loss drug

      It’s a dessert topping and a floor polish!

      (This is why the Oxford comma is used)

      1. CL-
        You have made my day.

  4. Heh, links, I hate AM and PM links. I want late nite links and if I don’t get them, I’m boycotting the comments section until all my demands are met.

    1. You and Sen. Manchin, right?

    2. You need to hold Robbie’s hair hostage. That may get their attention.

    3. Send an email to Carlos Danger. He’ll send you a link with alt-text.

  5. They’re trying to sell us all on this whole “Polar Vortex” thing again. Don’t fall for it! We don’t need new “scary” terms for everything!

    When you’re trying to dupe the sheeple into believing that man is having a permanent, negative effect on the weather for the purposes of implementing a totalitarian one-world government, it requires you invent all kinds of stupid fictions.

    1. Mike M. got the official first today. Congrats!

      1. I hate days like today.

      2. Thanks. And almost two hours after 9:00 too. Sad!

    2. Polar vortices aren’t fiction. They aren’t something new and scary either, but something that is always there.

      It’s actually a weakened polar vortex that causes the cold snaps. So basically what used to be known as a cold winter.

      1. Yeah, no shit. The polar vortex is just the air over the north pole and it happens to be rotating because the planet rotates.

        1. Mind. Blown.

      2. Back when “polar vortex” first became a thing in the news, the climate alarmists were quick to point out that the colder weather had nothing to do with climate change. Being curious as to why they wouldn’t seize on this as yet more proof of climate change I did a little searching and found an interesting article.

        There was a researcher back in maybe 2009 that suggested climate change could lead to weaker polar vortices, allowing colder air to more often invade North America and Northern Europe and leading to localized cooling but Michael Mann disputed that, saying they had already examined the issue and determined the models proved climate change would lead to fewer polar vortices escaping southward and therefore warmer winters were going to be the rule. (He didn’t go into how all that cold air staying trapped at the North Pole would simultaneously lead to all the ice melting, unfortunately.)

        I can’t find the piece again, but it stuck in my memory because the guy talking to Mann about it off-handedly mentioned that global warming leading to constrained polar vortices made sense because warm air rises so naturally warmer air in the tropics would rise to the North Pole and hem in the Artic air. I shit you not – the guy actually referred to the North Pole as “up”.

        1. 97 percent of scientists can’t tell their elbow from their asshole.

          1. I imagine science journalists need help getting dressed in the morning then.

        2. Well, his model probably has the North Pole as up, and it is therefore true.

        3. If anything, the poles are lower than equatorial regions. If you measure from teh center of the earth.

  6. Measure your penis and chat about mental health, young Swedes told

    A clinic in southern Sweden hopes that its new penis measuring tape will convince more young men to stop by for appointments.

    The tape, which measures diameter rather than length, is designed to help young men find the appropriate size of condom. It is part of a new project in collaboration with the Blekinge county council which aims to get more young men to visit youth clinics.

    “When you get guys to visit you can move on to mental health, so we want to get them here one way or another,” Emelie Svensson, a district nurse at the clinic told radio station P4 Blekinge.

    1. Not a lot of faith in the girth of their countrymen if they think measuring their wangs will get them to open up about their mental health.

      1. Maybe they hope to open up something else?

      2. I know right, help finding the right size condom? Does latex work differently in Sweden? Every condom I’ve ever tried fit perfec… er, uh… broke. I mean I’m practically reduced to using garbage bags. Anyway, did you see the game last night?

      3. What about their countrywomen?

        1. They’ve found the “benefits” of the country being flooded with Somali refugees.

    2. It’s measure your mental health and chat about your penis.

      1. We already have that in America. It’s called Hit’n’Run.

  7. I guess everyone else gave up?

    1. Or at work

      1. It’s not like I’m not at work.

    2. Just keeping us on our toes, I think.

  8. I have any number of asses memorized…

    Rump Recognition: Chimps Remember Butts Same as Faces

    While chimps remember faces as well, new research has found that the primates recognize the buttocks of their kin just as well as humans recall familiar faces. Not only that, but our hairy relatives also seem to utilize the same type of brain processing for their neighbor’s butt that humans use to spot a familiar face.

    The ability to recognize one another is important for social animals. For humans, the face offers important information beyond identity, such as attractiveness and health. For chimpanzees, their buttocks can serve the same purpose . For instance, chimps can determine if the rump they see belongs to a relative or to a female that is ovulating.

    1. I’m fairly sure that most human males look at female asses more than they do faces, so we probably share that trait with the chimps.

      1. Took the family to the zoo last weekend and at one point walked by a woman who was basically wearing a bikini and a cut-down romper (central FL has its perks), and totally had the body for it. I looked at my wife after getting an eyeful and said, “how come you don’t dress like that when we go to the zoo?”

        She laughed and answered, “I don’t have the body for it. She does. I don’t think I even looked at her face.”

        So apparently, my wife can male gaze.

        (I did look at the face, it wasn’t as stunning as the body, but it was attractive.)

        1. Women check out other women almost as much as men. It is known.

      2. “My eyes are up here.”

  9. President-elect Donald Trump will remain executive producer on Celebrity Apprentice

    It’s not like executive producers actually do anything. That’s what executive means.

    1. Will the credits read, “Executive producer – President Donald Trump”?


      1. It turns out he had a cold.

    1. Here, give him a box of Nurglings.

    2. The links are an hour and forty-five goddamn minutes late, they’re being heavily tag teamed by Longtorso and AM, and Mike M. got the by-the-rules first comment. What a shitty day.

      1. If it makes you feel any better, Longtorso’s bodypillow is getting a much needed break from getting tag-teamed.

        1. Longtorso’s dick is so small, his anime body pillow is still technically a virgin.

      2. Tis the season for cosmotarian holiday parties.

  11. Some east coast Senate Democrats are threatening a government shutdown over an extension of health benefits for coal miners not making it into the funding bill.

    They’re holding America hostage!

    1. The federal government has coal miners? Seriously, why should the budget have such a line item?

    1. The news is that Jarrett has a soul to crush.

      1. Trump must have found a Horcrux.

        1. He grabbed her horcrux. She let him do it because he is a celebrity.

      2. She bought it from Harry Reid, who is retiring and no longer needs it.

    2. Luckily, she doesn’t have one.

  12. How Donald Trump’s Presidential Tweets Will Quash Dissent?and Maybe Worse

    Let’s start by agreeing (I hope) that this is yet another norm of presidential behavior that Trump is going to stomp on. No president in my memory has ever done anything like this. Maybe here and there, a president groused publicly about a bigfoot columnist or the head of a big organization that opposed his agenda. But no president serially singled out people with invective and abuse, opening that person to cascades of harassment. Nixon at least kept his enemies list secret. Trump’s is as public as you can get, and it expands by the week.

    There may be no real consequences to this. I guess a Trump defender would say: “hey, Warren G. Harding used the new medium of radio, Dwight Eisenhower television, so can’t Trump tweet?”

    That is a bullshit argument. He can tweet. Barack Obama tweets. He just doesn’t tweet “the Walton family are a bunch of anti-worker goons who hate America and love China” or “Sean Hannity’s failing show is totally corrupt,” just as Warren Harding didn’t go on the radio and call Eugene Debs schoolyard names.

    1. Of course the Democrats don’t do that, they just email a journalist at a mainstream media rag and have someone do that for them.

    2. “Nattering nabobs of negativity” doesn’t count?
      How have people forgotten Nixon and Agnew? Yeah, Bush(es) and Obama were all worse, but come on. This is recent history all in all.

    3. No, Obama never tweets about evil guns, evil Republicans, or anything anti-Obama. He never tweets anything mean or derogatory or partisan. He never uses the bully pulpit. No, no, never.

    4. But no president serially singled out people with invective and abuse,
      So the Obama administration launching on Fox as a whole was different? How about Bill Clinton blaming Limbaugh for Oklahoma City? And on and on and on.

      No president in my memory has ever done anything like this.
      Seeing as how Twitter, historically speaking, is relatively new……

      Barack Obama tweets. He just doesn’t tweet “the Walton family are a bunch of anti-worker goons who hate America and love China”
      No, he just gives speeches he knows the media will ignore wherein he accuses half the country of being bitter clingers or closet racists or whatever.

    5. “…just as Warren Harding didn’t go on the radio and call Eugene Debs schoolyard names.”

      No, but Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson had him imprisoned. And Harding commuted the last sentence. But kudos to some twat over at the Daily Beast for having heard of Eugene Debs.

      And enough of this bullshit about how Barack Obama doesn’t personally target his enemies, even if he doesn’t do it on Twitter. I would think a State of the Union Address* would have a reach comparable to Twitter.

      *To use but one example.

      1. Obama doesn’t tweet them because he has drones, both physical for the foreigners and symbolic for citizens.

    6. call Eugene Debs schoolyard names

      No, instead Debs ended up in prison after being charged with sedition under Wilson.

      Which is so much better.

    7. No, Obama would never use the media to communicate anything that would demonize his political opponents. He’d never use Twitter to tweet about “Shadowy conservative groups” that threaten to oppose both him and to “undermine democracy”. He’d never use his podium to single out and criticize political opponents like the Koch brothers.

      No, Trump is completely different.

      1. Shhh. You’ll disturb their fantasy world.

  13. “Freedom of speech is one of the foundations of our democratic society,” the judge said. But he added: “Freedom of speech can be limited, for example to protect the rights and freedoms of others, and that is what this case is about.”

    LOL some people have to learn the hard way, I guess.

    1. “Freedom of speech is one of the foundations of our democratic society,”

      We have a democratic society, not a free society.

      “Freedom of speech can be limited


  14. ‘So many questions’: Shopper puzzled by snow globe ‘May cause cancer!’ warning

    CTVNews.ca Staff
    Published Thursday, December 8, 2016 8:29AM EST

    For years, cancer-causing products such as cigarettes have come with warning labels, but consumers at a Calgary-area hardware store were left scratching their heads when they picked up a home d?cor product and found a label warning of its possible health risks.

    Graham Bond was shopping at a Lowe’s store recently, when he noticed a decorative snow globe with a label that read: “Warning: May cause cancer! May cause an allergic skin reaction.”

    The notice left Bond perplexed.

    “Is it the paint, is it the liquid? Is it all of the above?” said Bond. “Which cancer is it ? I mean, it brings up so many questions about what you’re about to purchase.”

    Lowe’s Canada spokesperson Valerie Gonzalo told CTV Calgary the labels are there to satisfy a California law that requires manufacturers to put warnings on products containing any of 800 chemicals that state deems carcinogenic, even if they’re found at safe levels.

    1. And this is an example of how regulations for one state can fuck things up for everyone. Effectively, they have to slap that damn warning label on every single unit, not just those destined for California.

      1. Interesting how we have to have warnings these days (Don’t drink what’s in the snow globe) to replace the knowledge that used to be self evident (Don’t eat the yellow snow).

        Well, Californians, anyway.

    2. Damn. I have become so used to those stupid Prop 65 cancer labels that I knew instantly what this was. I knew before the vote what the end result would be, and it came to pass long ago — nobody in California even sees those things any more. They are as ubiquitous as push/pull signs on doors, which are wrong half the time anyway.

      1. I got gas at Chevron yesterday. I counted no less than 8 of those signs.
        Thank god I’m alive!

      2. I was unaware of this law. I would print my own stickers and start vandalizing store inventories in my spare time.

        1. Too late! There are so many of those damned stickers all over that no one pays them any mind. Throwing up a few more wouldn’t even be noticed. The Air Force ought to look into them for stealth technology.

    3. That sort of regulation has screwed over classic perfumes with nitro musks – given the choice between reformulating their perfumes, or slapping a cross and skullbones on the bottle, the perfume houses have decided to replace and reformulate, and they never quite smell right.

      1. That’s why i rely on my natural musk.

        1. +1 eau de moi

        2. [Plots to drug Citizen X and steal his musk glands]

          1. A new twist to the “I woke up in a bathtub filled with ice” story.

        3. It’s sooo good, we’ll have to put a Prop 69 warning on it, amirite!?

  15. Some east coast Senate Democrats are threatening a government shutdown over an extension of health benefits for coal miners not making it into the funding bill.

    Okay. Fine. Shut it down.

    They’re never going to get it.

    1. Wa-Woo-Woo-Woo!

    2. So, win-win.

    3. On a related note, those same midwestern (NOT east coast) Dems are threatening to shut down the Senate if the Feds don’t bailout the United Mine Workers’ pension funds.


      Sen. Manchin just needs to go home and live off his daughter’s millions she earned by jacking up the price of epi-pens.

  16. Can Diet Explain the Rising Death Rates of White Americans?

    This week, the British Medical Journal, after careful consideration, rebuffed the efforts of the Center for Science in the Public Interest to force the BMJ to retract an article by Nina Teicholz. She is the author of The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat, and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet, a great debunking of standard nutritional advice. In what has been dubbed “the battle of butter,” Teicholz assails the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which have (informally since the 1960s and officially since 1980), urged Americans to eat less fat and more carbohydrates (i.e. the food pyramid). Teicholz argues, and the BMJ confirms, that the “strong” link between consumption of saturated fat and heart disease is not supported by the evidence. Meanwhile, assiduously eliminating fat from the diet has caused Americans to substitute processed carbohydrates like grains, which are less filling than fat and may lead to obesity. It is notable that as Americans have followed the dietary guidelines, obesity has skyrocketed. And with obesity come the killers ? heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

    1. Enough of this dating unavailable men a half-decade younger than me. They’d never seriously consider a relationship with me, my two children and our needy dog. No. I wanted to find an equal.

      Presumably a man with two children and a needy dog, who dates women five years younger than him and bases his relationship parameters on semi-informed political opinions?

    2. She’s doing everyone a favor.

      1. No shit–although it sounds like the men she was interested in are just as broken as she is.

        1. All the better that they don’t reproduce.

    3. My radiator was cracked in two places, right at the top. “I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with you driving it,” one of the mechanics said.


    4. That whole article is FemaleBrainGoneInsane.txt.

    1. That whole site seems to be a lesson in why dating using apps is a bad idea.

    2. The woes of a young slutty bartender.

    3. So she got the ride of her life from some hot guy and then he turned out not to be boyfriend material? As a gay friend of mine told me, “You straights just need to learn when to hit it and quit it.” It was great advice.

      1. Your gay buddy is on to something. The straight community seems to suffer from an over-abundance of reflection, second-guessing, and over-thinking.

        1. Of course the gay community suffers from an over abundance of HIV and gonorrhea. So there is that.

          1. yeah, but that’s not due to complicating the basic simplicity of what happened the day/night before; that’s not being smart or careful.

          2. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re unlikeable. They’re lying to you. Keep doing what you’re doing.

          3. One of these days, John is gonna come out and convert to Islam.

            1. Gay Islam.

              1. He only wanted directions to that nightclub to get away from that nightclub shoot the place up.

            2. And then he’ll insist on being deported.

            3. Do you think his new Arabic name will be filled with Johnos?

              Ibin all-Jizz Muhammad?

      2. And soeth said the prophet James Joseph Brown

        1. Our friend John would have you look at the prevalence of single mothers in the black community. 🙂

      3. “As a gay friend of mine told me, “You straights just need to learn when to hit it and quit it.”

        Problem is that women are shopping for husbands. Marriage is the goal. Gays don’t have the same pressure. Do you really want marriage, gay friends?

  17. Film on Cuba’s gay intolerance pulled from Havana festival

    Drama spilled beyond movie plotlines and into real life Thursday at the opening of a Latin American film festival in Havana, where the authorities have excluded a movie touching on Cuba’s intolerance toward gays under Fidel Castro.

    They barred “Santa et Andres,” 33-year-old Cuban Carlos Lechuga’s second full-length feature, from the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana due to a “question of principle,” Cuban film official Roberto Simth said.

    “The film presents an image of the revolution that reduces it to an expression of intolerance and violence against culture and makes irresponsible use of our patriotic symbols and unacceptable references toward comrade Fidel,” Smith — director of the all-powerful Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) — said in a statement.

    1. Yeah, but Cuba remains unsullied by capitalist greed, and there’s literacy. Old cars…historic Havana…cigars?

      1. I’ve been led to believe that Cuba’s finest cigar rollers fled to the Dominican Republic years ago and the demand for the fabled Cuban cigar has been surviving off reputation alone.

        Never smoked one, so I really have no idea.

        1. You’re absolutely correct. The Dominican cigars bypassed the Cubans years ago. They’ve mostly been going on reputation and ‘unavailability’ to keep interest up. They’re pretty disappointing now by comparison.

    2. Too soon.

      1. That’s what she said.

    3. Cuban film official Roberto Simth

      I liked him better in The Cure.

    1. “Star in a Jar” is the title for SF’s next slashfic about Lena Dunham.

      1. Do you mean “Jar in a Star”?

      2. You are gonna need an empty 55 gallon drum for that.

    2. Because it’s nuclear, duh. Despite their fucking love for Science most progs are terrified of anything nuclear.

    3. That headline cause me to barf in my mouth a little, though.

    4. They made a hydrogen plasma and contain it magnetically. Very good! Now they have to get fusion. That’s tough. And then make it a net energy producer. That’s really tough.

  18. The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency

    Justice Samuel Alito: Well, in the Bob Jones case, the Court held that a college was not entitled to tax?exempt status if it opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a university or a college if it opposed same? sex marriage?

    Soliticitor General Verrilli: You know, I ?, I don’t think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is ??it is going to be an issue.

    With the mainstream media busy celebrating the Supreme Court’s ultimate recognition of a right to same-sex marriage, this didn’t get that much attention in mainstream news outlets. But in the course of researching my book, “Lawless,” I noticed that Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.’s answer was big news in both the conservative blogosphere and in publications catering to religiously traditionalist audiences.

  19. An Alabama inmate heaved and coughed for about 13 minutes

    Torture and much, much worse. We gotta do it, folks. Either we have a country or we don’t.

    1. Should’ve shot him, pistol-whipped him, the came back later to shoot and kill him.

      If the guy shoots the clerk in the store next to you for not giving him his money, you can’t regard him as a threat. You have to wait until he walks into your convenience store and points the gun at you before you can return fire. That’s what the NAP says, right?

      I mean, obviously, the solution is that *we* should’ve “reformed” him by using taxpayer dollars to keep him locked in a cage for the rest of his life. I mean, it’s the only practical or reasonable solution for him and the far more violent and unredeemable animals sitting on death row behind him.

      1. there is a part of me that has thought that if we are to have a death penalty with some potentially deterrent value, the criminal should be killed by the same means as the crime victim.

        1. I know we are capable of separating the sensory parts of the nervous system from the processing parts and destroying the processing parts faster than communication could happen between any of those parts but some people are would prefer to torture people to death so that they can pretend unicorns exist or that evil doesn’t.

      2. No, we need to stop creating animals in the first place. Just stop, mad.casual.

        1. We just need to teach murderers not to murder! Brilliant! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

          1. I see no possible downsides to being able to snap my fingers and make the criminally impassioned, mentally deranged, and functionally inhibited sociopaths do my bidding. And I’m okay with TOP MEN being able to do it so long as I get to pick the TOP MEN.

    2. I don’t support the death penalty, but I have a hard time feeling too bad about his 13 minutes of hell.

      1. Assumed – we don’t know if he was unconscious at the time.

      2. In my world, woodchippers would be neither cruel nor unusual.

  20. Meanwhile in Canada…

    Police warn P.E.I. drivers to stop being so nice after series of accidents

    Police in Prince Edward Island are warning drivers to stop being so nice to each other, after a number of accidents caused by motorists trying to be kind.

    Charlottetown Police Chief Paul Smith says there have been at least two accidents on the city’s busy University Avenue in the past week caused by one driver stopping and waving another in.

    “A good Samaritan gesture can sometimes have devastating consequences when you are looking at t-bone accidents,” Smith said in an interview.

    “When you are looking at four-lane roadways, the obstructions that happen when someone stops — particularly in an inner lane to allow someone out — they’re not seeing what’s coming up on the curb lane.”

    1. You’re too nice!


    2. I hate it when people try to be “nice” like that. If it’s heavy traffic and you stop to let someone in, that’s one thing. But fucking up traffic by trying to be nice sucks.

      Rules of the road (whether legally codified or not) exist for a reason. If you have the right of way, use it. Otherwise you are just confusing things or worse.

      1. I was trapped in a full parking lot with a bunch of old people last night after a concert. The elderly don’t play nice in parking lots.

        1. Try the parking lot at any 99 Ranch if you want excitement.

      2. I hate it when people try to be “nice” like that.

        I keep mentioning to my agent that I should get a break on both my homeowner and car insurance. I don’t think it’s fair that I pay the same amount as people who swerve to avoid hitting suburban tree rats.

        1. Anything smaller than a medium sized fox, there’s no way I’m swerving. For squirrels, I might even speed up a bit.

      3. It’s PEI. Heavy traffic doesn’t exist there.

        1. I suppose not. That was more of a general complaint about drivers who take it upon themselves to direct traffic.

    3. “I was waving something, officer, but it wasn’t nice.”

  21. An Alabama inmate heaved and coughed for about 13 minutes during an execution by lethal injection process that lasted more than 30 minutes, according to witnesses.

    Huh. I wonder how his victim died.

    Wilson was pistol-whipped and then shot in the head during the robbery, court documents show. Surveillance video showed Smith entering the store and recovering spent shell casings from the bathroom where Wilson was shot, according to the record.

    1. Wow that’s like worse than ISIS. We need to just bomb the hell out of these people.

    2. I wonder how his victim died.

      There is this thing called the 8th amendment.

      Though shooting in the head would be a better way to execute people than lethal injection in my opinion.

      1. Yes – and find out what country he came from and bomb the hell out of them so they can’t radicalize more of their followers.

        1. That’s a weird reading of the 8th.

        2. What are you going on about?

          1. Do not feed.

      2. Hanging’s always been pretty good if competently done. Shooting in the head’s more messy, and if you miss the correct spot it’s…unfortunate.

    3. And, of course, there is no such thing as a wrongful conviction. It doesn’t matter how clear-cut the facts are in this individual case; the documented existence of wrongful convictions tells me we cannot trust the state with this power, or if we must execute then do so humanely.

      1. If the conviction is 100% solid? And why do those people deserve humane treatment? I’m with you on being sure, totally sure, but can’t feel bad for a guy like that one.

        1. I’m with you on being sure, totally sure, but can’t feel bad for a guy like that one.

          Yeah, I’m certainly on board with the idea of avoiding the death penalty like the plague, but there comes a point when you’re betraying libertarian principles by allowing people to kill and steal under a disproportional threat of capture and punishment. Not that the death penalty should be used explicitly as a deterrent, but laws, even the strict libertarian property-rights ones, are pointless without consequences.

          Even giving him a nap, taking out a little piece of his brain, and giving him a job pumping gas in NJ would be, IMO, just as inhumanely terrible as killing him and still, in his mind, preferable to his current life situation. I’m not too broken hearted this guy suffered the way he did. I can see how in other cases it would’ve been inappropriate or excessive. I don’t feel that to be a failure on the people set on killing him however.

        2. I’m going to feel OK about people being executed in such cases. But that doesn’t change my view on what the law should be or what powers the government should have.

          I’m not going to feel OK about such a person suffering unnecessarily, though. I just don’t think that “good guys” deliberately inflict pain on others unnecessarily.

          1. I’m not going to feel OK about such a person suffering unnecessarily, though. I just don’t think that “good guys” deliberately inflict pain on others unnecessarily.

            I pretty much agree with this. I don’t lose any sleep over other people’s torture(s). But I don’t believe civility and/or justice involves lots of punitive pain in this manner. However, in some/many of these cases, I don’t think it’s the “good guys” choosing to inflict pain as much as necrophobics lying to themselves about what constitutes moral behavior and how to enact or enforce it.

  22. America, the Dumping Ground

    Whether or not the Australia scheme reaches fruition, it’s important to realize that it’s not unusual. For years now, the State Department has been using resettlement back in America-land as a way of making other countries’ diplomatic problems go away. They’ve done this with the Somali Bantu, Bhutanese in Nepal, Meskhetian Turks from Russia, Bangladeshi Rohingya from Burma, and others. What they have in common is that they are groups the State Department has decided to collectively move to the United States for foreign policy purposes. In other words, the refugee program is being used as a way of smoothing over diplomatic disputes in the interest of maintaining global stability, with the “irritant” populations being dumped in American communities for the hicks in flyoverland to cope with as best they can. This is yet another area of immigration policy that urgently needs change.

    1. Huh, makes sense that the refugee program would get used this way. I can see the benefits to having it as a diplomatic tool, but at the same time, it just reeks of who cares about the little people rhetoric that perpetuates our government. Kinda hope Trump ends up nixing this sort of thing.

    2. The Irish in Great Britain, The Jews in Eastern Europe. Its almost like the advantaged class don’t have the same impetus to leave their home and emigrate.

  23. Too little, too late, Scotty boy.

  24. “The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year ? it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said during a speech on Capitol Hill.

    She is so delusional I almost feel sad for her.

    1. Wasn’t a lot of the “fake news” stuff leftists attempting to troll right-wingers?

    2. Its weird how this fake news meme only took over after the real news outlets were unable to sway enough people with their propaganda.

  25. Dem Rep Gabbard: Criticism of Generals on Trump Cabinet ‘Offensive’

    Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a veteran of the U.S. Army, said of the criticism of President-elect Donald Trump picking generals for his cabinet, “I find it pretty offensive for people to outright discriminate against veterans.”

    She’s probably the only lefty I have any inkling of respect for after this election. Sanders and Stein, while highly disagreeable, initially seeming more honest but both folded after losing.

    1. Ron Wyden is deserving of respect as well. Not agreement, but respect.

  26. President Barack Obama ordered a “full review” of election-related hacking that many believe effected the outcome of the 2016 election.

    He is so delusional I almost feel sorry for him.

  27. The Supreme Court oral argument that cost Democrats the presidency
    …Justice Samuel Alito: Well, in the Bob Jones case, the Court held that a college was not entitled to tax?exempt status if it opposed interracial marriage or interracial dating. So would the same apply to a university or a college if it opposed same? sex marriage?

    Soliticitor General Verrilli: You know, I ?, I don’t think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is ??it is going to be an issue…

      1. What I remember the most from that was the sheer meanness of asking a pizza maker if he would cater a wedding — who the hell caters pizza at a wedding? The reality that the Dems had to pick on a small town pizza maker for such a setup was something that I think most people picked up on almost immediately, other than the usual crowd of proggie snowflakes on outings form their safe spaces, and I think there’s a good argument there that it was a milestone in support for Trump, and a milestone in showing the moral bankruptcy of proggies.

        1. That and when they went after the head of Mozilla. They are just nasty, evil fucks, all of them.

      2. Speaking of memories…What happened to the memberberries plotline in South Park?

  28. President-elect Donald Trump will remain executive producer on Celebrity Apprentice

    Celebrity Apprentice: Oval Office Edition

  29. In Minnesota, lawmaker Keith Ellison was found guilty of “of insulting and inciting denial of self-determination against Semites,” which he called an attack on free speech.

    Completely delusional – but I don’t feel sorry for him in the least.

  30. Some east coast Senate Democrats are threatening a government shutdown over an extension of health benefits for coal miners not making it into the funding bill.

    Something something obstructionist…

      1. She’s the worst Attorney General ever!

  31. They’re trying to sell us all on this whole “Polar Vortex” thing again. Don’t fall for it! We don’t need new “scary” terms for everything!

    But what will we do if we can’t have a massive freakout about every change in weather?

    1. Who has the energy to freak out over weather after the late AM links?

  32. Can I ask why we have such a difficult time executing people? I’m opposed to killing, full stop, but damn… it is really easy to kill someone.

    How about just give them a large dose of morphine and once they are under, just suffocate them with Nitrogen gas. Simple, quick, painless and cheap.

    Or go with the firing squad. Also cheap and effective. And has the bonus of putting the barbarism of state sponsored and methodical killing on display.

    Or my favorite, the giant woodchipper, just like they use for unwanted male chicks in the poultry industry. Over in less than 5 seconds, and way, way gory.

    1. Preet! PREEET! Get your ass over here !!!!

      1. Ass first? Now that’s an interesting variation.

    2. unwanted male chicks in the poultry industry

      Big Chicken has a transgender problem.

    3. How about just give them a large dose of morphine…

      Because the corrections system is dead-set against anything that would smack of an easy exit. Seriously. They want the executions to be as painful as possible and they keep trying to game the courts on that cruel and unusual punishment thing. Also, the fact that the AMA has forbidden its members to participate in executions in any way (including providing advice on the process) makes things more complicated.

      The state, convinced as always, of it’s own infallibility, is the problem.

      And I shouldn’t have to say this, but: I have no sympathy for the murderers and rapists. I don’t trust the state with that much power. The documented cases of false conviction are a convincing argument for humane execution if we must have executions.

      1. I agree, I also have no sympathy for actual murderers, but the death penalty is just another government program that doesn’t work. The fuckers can’t be trusted to get it right.

        1. Just because they deserve it (or worse), doesn’t make it right. And there’s plenty of cases where I would probably douse the asshole in lighter fluid and start the fire myself.

          But in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood, deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

          And if you are going to have state sponsored executions, lets get it right, OK? You don’t even have to get all exotic poison with cyanide gas. You can make it quick and painless by getting them stoned out of their gourd and then putting on a mask of pure nitrogen. Cheap and 100% effective. And meets the state goal of “not messy”.

          I prefer something guaranteed to get the death penalty abolished. Hence the woodchipper.

      2. There’s also supposedly the issue of drug companies not wanting to have their drugs used for executions due to lawsuits, bad press, etc.

      3. Didn’t the gas chambers get pulled because people thought they were too reminiscent of the Holocaust or some stupid shit?

        Even though they’re far more humane than this “lethal injection” bullshit that’s the norm now…

  33. http://www.theamericanconserva…..evolution/

    Two things about this. One, the Milo video is really good. Why can’t Reason TV do things like this rather the Jacket endlessly musing about the importance of the yutes? Second, the amount throat clearing and virtue signaling that Dreher engages in to avoid his right thinking friends for associating him with the wrong kind of people is quite comic.

    1. And it contains a promoted comment that is some very good advice to Libertarians who embrace the lefty cause de jour of “tolerance”

      As JB13 points out, the Brendan Eich thing might have been even bigger. As someone who works in tech and couldn’t even imagine donating money to an anti-SSM initiative, that whole thing hit me like a bolt of lightning, and completely changed my political thinking.

      I disagree up and down with the entire leftist project, but in a multicultural empire like the United States, I thought a soft sort of libertarianism was the best thing to strive for. The Eich affair taught a lot of us that no, “live and let live” is not going to be an acceptable equilibrium for the left.

      It doesn’t matter if you agree with leftist initiatives in part, you’re an ideological enemy if you disagree with any of it. And any of it can change at in any given week, given the passions of the mob.

      And they’ll come after your reputation, and your career, and your family. You’ll be proclaiming, “But I support same-sex marriage!” as you’re mobbed for some new sin that didn’t even exist last week in the fevered mind of people who’s grasp on actual, solid reality is tenuous.

      No thanks. Hitching your wagon to the ideology of the mentally ill or confused doesn’t seem like a long-term winning strategy.

      1. In Indiana?!?! Reason staff do DC, New York, and Chicago. The rest of the country is full of deplorables – or so they’ve heard.

        1. Forgot LA.

          1. Don’t forget the People’s Republic of SF and Seattle!

    2. that’s a good vid that will be watched by absolutely nobody that could stand to learn from it.

  34. http://torontolife.com/city/li…..supporter/


    1. She slipped! She swears.

    2. Ah, never mind. Fake story red flags in the first couple of sentences.

      1. The subject of the article is pretty hot. I doubt she has many problems finding men who want to bang her.

        1. It’s obviously made up.

          1. Why would you make something like that up?

            1. Why would you make something like that up?

              Same reason lefties commit hate hoaxes–they’ve pathologized weakness and martyrdom into virtues.

            2. Either made up or she is dumber than dirt. Did she really think a pro-gun, motorcycle-riding, former-Marine from Texas was a Hillary supporter?

              1. Seems like the proggie women seem to be more sexually attracted to the toxic masculinity of Trump supporting men than whimpish beta Hillary supporters when it’s time for the clothes to come off.

                I would be curious to know if they can recognize why that is and rationalize their own behaviors.

              2. She just moved from Toronto. Maybe she was just sheltered and though that all of California believed what runs in the LA Times and SF Chronicle editorial pages.

    3. WOW! Another one? There was another story about a Troompster getting lucky just upthread….

      1. It is probably the same one. But maybe everything is coming up Donald these days.

    4. The whore has a ring on her left hand ring finger as well. So that means her husband was cucked by a Trump supporter.

  35. Trump supporters should meet up with Mexicans on tindr and get dna samples so they can cry “Rape!”

  36. Yesterday Trump didn’t mention terrorism after his meeting with the victims of the OSU stabbings. Hey Trumpkins – keep your guy on message!

    1. That’s frikkin’ weird.

    2. You mean out of the woods where she keeps running into diehard supporters?

      1. You know who else had random woodland encounters?

        1. STEVE SMITH?

          1. What the fuck? Wow. I had a coworker who was raised in a Catholic sect that never accepted Vatican II, but I didn’t realize it had a whole Joseph Smith goes to Utah vibe about it.

        2. Paul Bunyan?

        3. Leonardo Di Caprio in Revenant?

    3. “Hillary Comes Out of Hiding a Month After Losing Election ? And Her Supporters Still Can’t Stop Crying”

      Tony’s been doing the same here for more than a month now; losers one and all.

  37. Trumpkins need to stage a terror attack but this time make sure the victims’ families are provided with curses against “ISIS” they can shout out when the cameras come by.

    1. Keep throwing shit against the wall AM.

      Maybe you will get lucky. Better dial the deep up a few notches though. It’s getting late and time is short for you to get some attention and start a derpgument.

    1. *facepalm*

    2. My first thought was no, a rickshaw would be peak Portland. But then I remembered using a rickshaw would be cultural appropriation. So, yeah, we might have reached peak Portland.

      1. They already have rickshaws.

        I saw an interview with Fred Armisen and he stand the show is getting hard to make because they will think up a skit idea that is completely wacky and out there for Portlandia, then find there are people actually already doing it.

        1. Trump’s election practically guarantees new material for Armisen for at least the next four years. 11/9 will be remembered by myself as the day that hipsters died.

        2. They outlawed rickshaws around here because apparently people are too dumb to decide if they’d like to pull tourists around in a rickshaw on their own or not.

        3. NYC has those too. It’s just a touristy thing in Midtown.

        4. When Tallahassee got a rickshaw company, I knew rickshaws had jumped the shark. Although the campus-Capitol-bar scenes (and campus could be FSU or FAMU, there’s a growing number of bars filling in the short distance between the two campuses) makes rickshaws doable, but the hills are a bitch and they have to play in traffic near the campuses.

      2. I usually hate lefty comedies, but Portlandia is one of the select few lefty creations that I genuinely enjoy on a weekly basis. Mainly because the people on that show are just barely self-aware enough to be able to poke fun at themselves.

        1. It’s the Blue Collar Comedy Tour for the left.

          1. If SNL writers had the foresight to model their show after Portlandia instead of progging harder, it would actually be watchable today.

    3. Of course, while Silly Trike is definitely silly, it admittedly comes with a few benefits, including environmental friendliness and a much lower chance of crowding city streets.

      Because nothing improves traffic conditions like being stuck behind a man on a trike on a gradient

      1. And it is not like there wouldn’t be more of them on the streets. I mean a guy on a trike can totally carry the same number of packages as a box truck.

        1. I think this is perfect for Portland:

          1) Their new “CEO envy” tax will drive productive businesses out of the city, and thus there will be fewer packages to pick up or deliver.

          2) The trike itself will be less profitable than a truck, allowing UPS to book much lower profits. The tax being levied on net income in the city, the trike will do a bang up job of reducing their tax liability.

      2. Because nothing improves traffic conditions like being stuck behind a man on a trike on a gradient

        Assuming UPS isn’t retarded, these rickshaws are token and will only be found in the side streets, strip mall parking lots, and corporate campuses that you don’t drive in/on/around anyway.

        The sort of places where you can look out the window of your office, nail salon, or organic grocery store and feel good that even a big evil corporation like UPS can provide such socially aware and environmentally conscious service.

    4. it admittedly comes with a few benefits, including environmental friendliness and a much lower chance of crowding city streets.

      Uh, bullshit. Either you’re crowding dedicated bike lanes with that lumbering behemoth or you’re crowding drivers on dual-use roadways.

  38. “For more than two decades Ronald Bert Smith has avoided justice for the cold blooded murder of Casey Wilson, who was first pistol whipped and shot in the arm after refusing to open a convenience store cash register and then shot in the head and left to die”

    Oh no, he coughed

  39. Apropos of nothing whatsoever, I saw a thing about some Filipino his father had named Abobis because he thought that was the name of America’s patron saint. Every time he heard the US sailors getting excited, they’d start invoking the name of San Abobis.

  40. Youtube videos don’t radicalize people to jihad. ‘Fake news’ doesn’t trick people into voting for the Trumpocalypse. Free speech doesn’t incite to violence. What does? BANNING IT.

  41. I’m running on a platform to abolish safe spaces for trolls. Can I count on your vote?

    I’m Jill Stein, and I approve this message.

  42. I guess this is supposed to make proggies feel better, but it just suggests they’re, uh, gullible to say the least:

    “The fake news stories that fooled liberals in 2016”
    “One of the most popular fake news stories in the months leading up to the election was published by ‘Winning Democrats.’ The article claimed Ireland was accepting refugees from American who were fleeing the possibility of a Trump presidency. The story got 810,000 engagements on Facebook before it was taken down.”

  43. Banning free speech incites violence, as Europe will soon discover. What else incites violence? Getting married at a young age and having a daughter. Even worse – 2 young daughters. Why? No idea. Your guess is as good as mine:

    1. Obama was 31 when he got married. That’s not that young. And in his own words “I’m pretty good at killing people”. By which of course, he means ordering highly trained military personnel to kill people.

  44. Reds under the bed.

    President Barack Obama has ordered a full review into 2016 election hacking by the Russians, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Lisa Monaco said Friday.

  45. Behind Sweden’s warm welcome for refugees, a backlash is brewing

    In an interview, [Swedish] justice and migration minister Morgan Johansson insisted that the government would not succumb to the demands of the far right, defending the country’s open-door policies as both a humanitarian necessity and a benefit to a country that needs skilled workers.

    If an open door policy accepting the migrants is in Sweden’s own interest “because Sweden needs skilled workers”, then what the fuck are they doing importing the world’s most illiterate, backwards, ignorant, low skilled, and low IQ migrants? Say what you will about the migrants “right” to migrate en masse anywhere they choose, there is no rational way to frame this as “being in the Sweden’s national interest.”

    These migrants offer nothing, they only take. They benefit from Sweden, Sweden does not benefit from them.

    1. resulting in Sweden now having the 2nd highest rate of rape in the world.

      Many now die their hair brown and.or cover it up to make themselves less of a target…

  46. “justice and migration minister”

    That pretty well explains it.

  47. I don’t recognize this post as anything.

    1. This tragedy only happened because you slept in this morning and failed to send in your Fist’s First on time. Lee Genes had to sub for you. He did the best he could.

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