Trump Taps WWE Co-Founder for Cabinet Position, Michigan Recount Halted, Lawsuit Seeks Constitutonal Protection for Tasers: A.M. Links


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  1. President-elect Donald Trump has selected World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) co-founder (and failed Connecticut senatorial candidate) Linda McMahon to be the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA).


    1. Former Republican Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Linda McMahon?

      1. I thought she ran for Senate?

        1. Am I misremembering? It was some statewide office she shouldn’t have been as close as she was.

          1. Senate, twice, lost both times by about the same margin.

      2. OH and Linda McMahaon from the topropes, and there goes Gawker.

    2. He got her to agree to this by grabbing her by the pussy.

      1. But, to be fair, it was just a prearranged fake move.

        1. [perfunctory applause]

          1. *grabs dictionary – looks up ‘perfunctory’*

    3. WOOOOOO!


    4. You better watch out or she will put a Curb Stomp on you followed by a Piledriver!

    5. WWE is a successful business, but since it’s tainted by association with the sort of slack-jawed yokels who attend tractor pulls this will further enrage the progs. Another brilliant troll.

      1. Agreed. I keep waiting for the first head to explode live on MSNBC.

      2. You are partially right. A large minority of the ICW (Internet Wrestling Community) are pretty hardcore progressives or at least SJWs.

        1. Seriously? That is unexpected and a bit disturbing.

          1. So are they there for the rednecksploitation?

            1. You embrace that it’s a work and watch for the story telling and cool fake fights.

              Or you sarcastiwatch as most of the writing is bad enough to be funny.

            2. They mostly exist to bitch about the state of women’s wrestling, accuse everyone of being racists, and complain about Vince being an old white guy.

            3. Commies love professional wrestling.

          2. It IS pretty disturbing that there is an “Internet Wrestling Community”.

            1. Meh it’s not that different from people being fans of a tv show and arguing about its storyline.

          3. This is the organization that unpersoned Chris Benoit after the…incident. They literally pretend he doesn’t exist. They should feel right at home.

            1. You know, usually when someone references some news story and I have no idea what they are talking about I feel a little embarrassed.

              Not so much on this one. Never heard of the guy and not too worried about it….

              1. Well in Benoit’s case it was darkly hilarious because after he died they had a ton of coverage about him, lamenting his death and talking about his career. Then it comes out that he committed suicide and killed his wife and son (likely the product of severe brain trauma). And suddenly he didn’t exist any more.

              2. Chris Benoit was a wrestler, murdered his family and killed himself. WWE wiped him from the books when it happened.

                1. I had never heard of him, but a quick google showed why the WWE unpersoned him: lots of rumors that he had suffered brain trauma from so much head bangin’ rasslin’.

        2. Internet Wrestling

          I thought that was the thing done here in comments, no?

          1. No, this is more of internet jousting.


        I miss HERC.

        1. I miss HERC.

          -1 phone number (call me or you’re a pussy)

          1. Or wait, was that Donderoooooooo that would leave his number in threads and tell people to call him? I get all the old trolls mixed up from time to time.

            1. Yes, that was him. Dondero, who once claimed Rudy Guliani was a better libertarian than any of us.

            2. I don’t think Herc was tractor pulls, that was Bo, Shriek or one of the more lucid trolls. I believe it was Donderooooooo with the phone number. Sug? Anyone?

              1. HERC was all caps fever dreams about the Illuminati.

                1. Don’t forget the cats.

                2. Conspiracy theory:

                  Agile Cyborg is HERC on different drugs.

              2. MNG was TRAKTER PULZ!

                1. Ah, yeah, I did mix them up. MNG, however, I don’t miss.

                2. Yes. I was the inspiration when I said I shop at WalMart. MNG told me to have fun going there on the way to the Tractor Pull. He said it, but I inspired it.

              3. MNG was the tractor pulls bigot as I recall.

                1. Is there a fucking echo in here?

                  1. No, I think it’s a celibate echo.

                    1. Echo isn’t celibate, she just has an aural fixation.

                  2. Is there a fucking echo in here?

                    No, Narcissus was too busy for sex, admiring his reflection.

      4. Big business isn’t small business!

    6. Wait! I think that’s The Secretary of Education’s music!!!!

    7. Continuing the existence of something as unnecessary as the Small Business Administration is pretty damn low…

      1. I would love it if they existed to hammer on States that put obstacles in the way of starting a business, etc.

        1. What a novel idea: a federal agency devoted to eliminating stupid regulations that create barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation.

          Maybe it will be tried in one of the alternate universes.

          I’d be satisfied if the WWE chief simply were to body-slam the SBA!

      2. I have worked for private business — both extremely large corporations and small, privately held companies — for the past forty years. Meanwhile, my father-in-law toiled in the bowels of a Federal Building and on the road at lender/borrower offices as an SBA auditor.

        Few agencies of the federal government are as thoroughly useless to the general welfare and common defense as the SBA. The last thing in the world that a rational, genuinely private business wants is to borrow money from the government and to become subject to its audit and controls. Of course, there are those who do get SBA financing as a form of rent-seeking and exploitation of taxpayers. These are not genuinely private businesses but quasi-political businesses. And, of course, there are banks that exploit SBA loan guarantees, but I’m reckon that everybody who reads Reason understands that the banking industry largely operates an agency of government.

    8. Hello.

      I hope Trump just smiled and humoured Lenny Di Caps.

    9. John Stossel hit hardest. (Again)

    10. John Stossel hit hardest. (Again)

    11. One of my criticisms of Trump has been his lack of understanding of Small Business Issues. While WWE is large, it hasnt always been. I think McMahon may actually understand small business.

      I am okay with this pick.

    12. One of my criticisms of Trump has been his lack of understanding of Small Business Issues. While WWE is large, it hasnt always been. I think McMahon may actually understand small business.

      I am okay with this pick.

  2. Greg Lake: King Crimson and ELP star dies aged 69

    Greg Lake, who fronted both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died aged 69.

    One of the founding fathers of progressive rock, the British musician is known for songs including In The Court Of The Crimson King and I Believe in Father Christmas.

    He died on Tuesday after “a long and stubborn battle with cancer”, said his manager.

    The news comes nine months after Lake’s band-mate Keith Emerson died.

    Keyboardist Emerson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, coroners in the US said.

    Lake’s manager Stewart Young wrote on Facebook: “Yesterday, December 7th, I lost my best friend to a long and stubborn battle with cancer.

    “Greg Lake will stay in my heart forever, as he has always been.”

    1. RIP. “What a lucky man he was.”

      1. Doodly-doodly-do.

    2. Palmer soon to make the trifecta?

      … or too soon?

      1. Or Powell to throw people off.

          1. Then trifecta complete!

          2. If he died again, it would really throw people off.

          3. According to wikipedia, he did two (or three total) ELPowell albums AFTER his death.

    3. ‘(blank)…(blank)….and Palmer….!’


    4. Fuck cancer.

  3. A federal judge has put a stop to Michigan’s presidential recount.

    So we have our second court-selected GOP president in a row!


      /prog chant

    2. Half of Detroit votes may be ineligible for recount…../95007392/

      1. Many jammed when voters fed ballots into scanners, which can result in erroneous vote counts if ballots are inserted multiple times.

        Nothing to see here, move along

    3. I heard a report on the radio this morning that so far, the Wisconsin recount has resulted in an increase in Trump’s margin of victory.

      Thus far, in the battle of baseless claims of election fraud, Trump seems to be the closest to being correct, doesn’t he?

      1. Is that like winning when you shadowbox?

        1. You should have seen the other guy.

    4. Funny to listen to Jill Stein almost hyperventilating over this.

      No, Jill, they’re not “scared” that the election will be overturned. Michigan said it would cost the taxpayers a lot of money (probably correct), and that recounting the vote as an “audit” and not because the vote is actually being challenged is not appropriate.

      1. Part of the rationale was that Jill Stein sued for the recount and is very unlikely to win the state even if there was massive YUGE vote fraud.

        This just tickles me pink! The Dems screwed up the 2000 recount lawsuit by trying to cherry pick counties. Here they screwed up by paying Jill Stein to sue as their proxy, whereas if they had sued directly, they might have got it. But they didn’t want to look like the hypocrites they are after braying so loudly that Trump would be a sore loser and demand a recount.

        How stupidly short sighted. Typical for any politician, but this is two elections they’ve “lost” because of short sighted legal strategy.

        Makes me laugh even when I don’t buy their stories.

      2. Trump’s shown himself to be a pretty effective Twitter troll, but between siphoning off votes from Hillary and then scamming her campaign team and followers into giving her money for Rust Belt recounts, Stein’s giving Trump a run for this year’s title.

    5. The judge was appointed by Obama.

  4. A Georgia police officer testified in the murder trial of two of her colleagues that their use of tasers that led a man’s death was “unnecessary.”

    Someone’s not going to be a cop very much longer.

    1. Yep, that’s a firin’.

      1. More likely that she’ll decide it’s in her best interest to leave the force “voluntarily”, as in the Serpico version of “volunteering” to quit.

  5. Question for firearms folks – have any of you had experience with the carbine variant of the Taurus Judge (aka the ‘Circuit Judge’)? I keep debating if I want to buy one, but so far haven’t found enough information about its qualities as a firearm on its own to make that call.

    1. I don’t know much about it, but I think that revolver long guns are neat. Which is the basis for most of my gun purchases.

      1. I have that reaction as well as “Hrm, .45 Colt and .410 shot?” I just want to know if it has issues with say, accuracy, reliability or rifling wear that need to be taken into account.

        1. No Sir it doesnt have problems with any of those. The problem is with velocity. between the short barrel and the cylinder gap in the pistol version shot shells will barely penetrate 1/2 in plywood.

          What do you intend to do with this gun?

          1. I have no lawn, and most of my shooting is done at the range. So I guess I’m a collector of firearms.

            1. The “Judge” is kind of like an amphibious car. It’s not a particularly good car and it’s not a good boat. The only thing that it really accomplishes is a work-around the prohibition of sawed-off shotguns.

              The prohibition of sawed-off shotguns deprives homeowners of their very best and safest weapon of self-defense in a house. The sawed-off shotgun has two huge advantages over a pistol. I seriously doubt that even one in five handgun owners trains well enough and often enough to be a reliable marksman in a stress situation. A sawed-off shotgun is pretty much a point-and-shoot weapon. The second advantage is that, after penetrating a wall the velocity of an 00 shotgun pellet is unlikely to be lethal, whereas any large caliber handgun round will pass through plywood and sheetrock like paper, thus endangering other home occupants.

              BTW, the Supreme Court erred when it ruled that the sawed-off shotgun had no military purpose. They were, in fact, used in WW I close quarters trench warfare.

              1. And the Germans in WWI wanted to outlaw the 1897 trench gun because of it’s effectiveness and it’s pump and shoot action(you just held the trigger in and worked the pump, very lethal).

              2. The “military purpose” thing is a really nonsensical standard. For one thing, anything that can be used as a weapon has a military purpose if it comes down to it.

                But if you are talking about what militaries actually use, then don’t hollow point/expanding bullets (which are often required for hunting) fall into the same category?

            2. I know you’re saying that you have no purpose in mind, but if you’re intrigued by caliber versatility, check out the X-Caliber shotgun from Chiappa.

    2. Rifling and shot is a bad combination – you’ll wind up with a huge spread on shot shells because of the spin being imparted by the rifling. If all you ever intend to shoot is .45 Colt and .410 slugs, it’s probably fine, but for shot, I’d find a dedicated smoothbore.

      1. but does it damage the rifling?

        And to what extent is the spread increased (how many inches over how many yards)?

        1. I shoot shot capsules in rifled barrels from my 44 mag and 45colt revolvers. It is essentially a .410 short fired in a pistol. I carry it for snakes when I am in the woods or fishing. At ten feet it has a 6 foot spread. That is really bad. It is ok for me because I usually shoot a snake at near point blank range. For anything else it is useless.

          What do you intend to do with this gun?

          1. That is a lot more spread than I was expecting.

          2. You’ve prepared and eaten snake in your life, haven’t you.

      2. I love how that gun is basically a sawed-off shotgun, but because it fires .45 it’s not legally a sawed-off shotgun. Good times.

        1. The NFA is pretty much a perfect example of Congress writing stupid laws about things it doesn’t understand. If that’s how they write laws about things easy to comprehend (guns are pretty simple), how the hell do you expect them to write a good law about something like healthcare?

    3. gotta love Taurus’ design team. “410 revolver? 380ACP revolver? fuck it. make em.”

    4. The carbine judge looks cool as does the pistol version but they really aren’t very good guns for ballistics. Very low power. The carbine’s longer barrel solves some of the problem the pistol has but not all of it.

      If you are going to spend that kind of money on a gun the judge is a poor choice.

  6. Mannequin challenge of gunfight misfires

    Police have arrested two people on gun and drug related charges following a mannequin challenge video that went viral.

    The footage was filmed in Huntsville, Alabama, and features 22 young people posing with 19 guns in a frozen gunfight.

    Police were alerted to the video shortly after it was posted on Facebook on 9 November and a raid of the house where it was filmed found multiple guns, ammunition, a tactical vest and several bags of marijuana.

    Police are still investigating.

    1. Can someone please explain what this particular internet fad involves? I’m just a young geezer who doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out.

      1. It’s what your generation called planking, but only vertical.

        1. Why can’t kids today just cram themselves into a phonebooth like we used to do?

          1. They can’t find phonebooths. The last time I saw something that looks like one, it was because there was a mvoie shooting location work for a period piece and they needed to hide the very modern parking kiosks along the historic road.

            1. They are quite common in Euro-landia, since purchasing fonekarts for publikfones is still a thing.

    2. What? On what basis did they raid the house?

      It’s funny that mannequining is involved. I only learned that that was a thing yesterday. Now I’ll probably see it everywhere.

      1. Black guys and guns. Need I say more?

      2. I was wondering this exact same thing when I saw an article about this yesterday.

        Hopefully the court has the damned sense to throw this out as a Fourth Amendment violation. They’d be stretching to even claim that shooting a video counts as “menacing” anyone or “brandishing” illegally.

        1. several bags of marijuana.

          Doesn’t this magically negate those pesky ‘amendments’?

          1. FYTW clause

          2. Were the bags of weed in the video?

            1. What does it matter if they were in the video? Bags of weed, dude! Bags of weed! Drugs!

    3. Probable cause?


  7. A lawsuit filed by the Firearms Policy Foundation in New York seeks to overturn a state-wide ban on private ownership of Tasers and other stun guns.

    Why would non-cops need a compliance device?

    1. Ask Warty.

    2. Ask Kitty Genovese.

      1. Speaking of fabulists and fake news.

        1. Oops, right you are.

          1. Still a pretty enraging story, given that two men did in fact witness and ignore the assault.

            1. Oh, and the police were called after the first attack. They didn’t show up until after the subsequent rape and murder, an hour or so later.

    3. If the stun guns aren’t deadly weapons what basis do they have for banning them? And if they are deadly weapons why are the cops allowed the liberal use of them?

  8. I’ve got something in my eye…

    Mississippian killed in Pearl Harbor attack returns home after 75 years

    The body of U.S. Navy Fireman 1st Class Jim H. Johnston has been returned home to Mississippi 75 years after he was killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    The body arrived Tuesday morning at the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport, where a ceremony was held. Johnston’s body was loaded in a hearse and was to escorted from Jackson to Wesson.

    Johnston was aboard the USS Oklahoma when it was attacked at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, by Japanese dive bombers, torpedo planes and two-man submarines. The USS Oklahoma capsized, killing 429 — the majority of whom were sailors and U.S. Marines. Many of those killed were never identified.

    “Initially we didn’t have the technology to identify all the remains, and they were buried in unknown graves on Hawaii,” said U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Carol Lynch. “Now, with the technology, we have been able to identify some of the remains. As we were doing that, the Department of Defense has reached out to family members, and as we identify them, we’re giving the opportunity to bring their loved ones home and to have them (buried) closer to home.”

      1. Probably on a ghost ship.

    1. “””the majority of whom were sailors and U.S. Marines.”””

      I am betting that almost everyone on board was either a sailor or marine

  9. “Leonardo DiCaprio Just Met With President-elect Donald Trump on Green Jobs”

    Someone please tell me how in the HELL I’m supposed to be able to tell fake news from real news these days.

    1. What is a green job? It sounds like jacking off a vegetable.

      1. It’s actually an extortion racket with a different coat of paint.

    2. It’s all fake. You don’t want to know what’s really happening.

    3. Hope it turns out like the Algore meeting.

      From Climate Depot article:

      ‘Trump listened to what Gore had to say at their New York City meeting and then he exercised his good judgement and did the exact opposite.’

    4. After Gore met with Trump, Trump went and did the opposite of what he was advised to do.

      Now DiCaprio’s going to take the plate? What’s with proggies and not being able to learn a lesson from anything whatsoever? Once they’ve struck out, they’ll call foul. Ok, I’ll stop making baseball references now.

      1. My post combined with yours looks like a double header.

      2. It’s just insurance. Now the two loudest “do something!” spokescelebrities have been given sit-down meetings with the President Elect on issues dear to their heart. They’ll be able to say he ignored their advice, but they won’t be able to say that he didn’t respectfully give them his attention.

    5. I’m sure that DiCaprio traveled to New York in a sustainable, solar-powered car rather than a private jet.

  10. Florida half-marathon runner makes wrong turn, gets lost for 12 hours

    VENICE, Fla., Dec. 7 (UPI) — A Florida woman running her first half-marathon made a wrong turn and ended up lost about seven miles off course for nearly 12 hours.

    Melissa Kitcher said she was about three miles into Sunday’s 13.1 mile Trail Hog Half-Marathon at the Carlton Reserve, near Venice, when she made a wrong turn and ended up lost.

    “I kept thinking to myself, ‘Wow, how do people run these trails? I can’t even walk them,'” Kitcher told WTVJ-TV. “When I hit the power lines I said, ‘Yes I’m definitely way off course. I’m lost.'”

    Kitcher said she brought her cellphone to help her stay on-course, but the device froze up two minutes before the race started and eventually ran out of battery.

    Race director Thierry Rouillard said he had no idea one of the runners was still missing when the race officially ended at 12:30 p.m.

    1. Kitcher said she brought her cellphone to help her stay on-course, but the device froze up two minutes before the race started

      This is what happens when you get near skunk apes. Who kept her safe from the various reptiles that would eat her while she was lost in the woods.


      2. Thats why we can’t get any good pictures of them. They jam the trail cams with their EMP farts.

    2. I can beat that time for sure.

  11. Leonardo DiCaprio met with Trump yesterday to push for clean energy jobs to be a priority in his administration.

    And ended up reenacting the portrait scene from Titanic.

      1. +1 lover boy!

    1. He’s the King of the World!

    2. DiCaprio used to run with a group of guys dubbed the pussy posse

      Perhaps that explains why Trump wanted to meet with DiCaprio.

      It certainly had nothing to do with anything outside of show business.

  12. Florida Man Brought Girlfriend Meth to Smoke in Hospital’s ICU: Deputies

    Burns, of Spring Hill, north of Tampa, was arrested after someone called 911 about a person smoking drugs in the ICU at Bayfront Brooksville Hospital, according to a report from WFLA.

    Deputies were told that a female patient was seen putting a glass pipe in her mouth and smoking it while she was on oxygen, which is highly flammable, the report said.

    Burns, who is the woman’s boyfriend and was her only visitor at the hospital, was searched by deputies who found a plastic bag and red straw, which had a substance that field tested positive for meth, the report said.

    1. Its bone stupid, but at least he loves her.

    2. I’ll be this guy.

      oxygen, which is highly flammable

      Strictly speaking, no it isn’t.

      1. “I tried to burn oxygen in a pure oxygen environment, but nothing happened.”

      2. Will the fake news ever stop??

      3. Don’t worry, it’s inflammable.

  13. 112-year-old Nepal woman says she’s been smoking for 95 years

    NUWAKOT, Nepal, Dec. 7 (UPI) — A Nepalese woman believed to be the country’s oldest at 112 years revealed a surprising fact about her life — she’s been smoking for 95 of them.

    Batuli Lamichhane, of Nuwakot, is indeed 112 according to her ID, but local residents said she could be as old as 114.

    Lamichhane attributed her longevity to keeping active.

    “You will probably die earlier. People of this modern age have too much stress. And those who do not work or are idle in their old age won’t live long. If you study a lot and work hard, you’ll live a long life. Be happy!” she told TIG Media.

    The super centenarian also shared a surprising fact about her life — she’s had a daily pack-and-a-half habit for the past 95 years.

    1. And yet the firemen still won’t come!
      Her 1st 17 yrs. she didn’t look so hot, but then she blossomed.
      Bet you never had a pipe that held that much!

    2. Well, smoking is less a death sentence and more like playing Russian roulette – sometimes the chamber is empty. It doesn’t surprise me that a smoker got lucky and outlived the vast majority of humanity.

      1. To hear the anti-smoking lobby tell it, being in a room with someone who passed through a puff of cigarette smoke fifteen years ago condemns you to death by lung cancer.

  14. Tina Fey jokes that the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election is “not enough celebrity music videos urging people to vote.

    I guess she doesn’t mind getting excommunicated from a group whose power is on the wane.

    1. She’s been up in progressives’ grill for a while now. Not too long ago she bitched about PC bullshit at the Oscars (covered by our very own Rico Soave)

      1. I wouldn’t give her too much credit–this is from her interview with Letterman:

        “In a world where the president makes fun of handicapped people and fat people, how do we proceed with dignity?” she asked.

        Is she fucking kidding? The very industry she works for has been doing these very things for decades and continues to do so. Nuke Hollywood today.

      2. She took her role in VEEP to heart.

    2. 30 Rock was great. If you think Tina Fey supported you, you were probably wrong.

      1. I always enjoyed 30 Rock. The more underplayed the better.

    3. “Never go with a hippie to second location.”

  15. A keyboard is not a typewriter…

    Man fired gun near woman he said was typing loudly

    On Sunday afternoon, a 70-year-old woman was typing on a computer in a bedroom as Grigsby sat in another room. He had been drinking all day, a police report said. The relationship between the two is unknown.

    The woman told police Grigsby walked into the bedroom, laid down on the bed, then complained the woman was typing too loudly. After the woman told him to leave, he got up and went out of the room, then came back with a .380-caliber handgun, according to the police report.

    He stood by the woman in the bedroom and fired the gun into the bathroom, she told police.

    “This is me not shooting you,” the woman remembered Grigsby telling her.

    1. 20 Years in prison. Firing a weapon in a domestic assault.

    2. I have conference calls with women who I swear are typing 100 words a minute on a vintage IBM clicky keyboard the whole call.

      1. Back in college, I was in the computer lab working on something or another. There was a guy who was just slamming the ol’ Vax terminal keyboard like an ancient typewriter. It was getting very annoying when you are trying to concentrate on a programming assignment.

        Apparently it was a bridge to far for someone else – who walked up to the key slammer and started yelling at him.

  16. Obama Family’s 2015 Hawaii Vacation Cost Taxpayers $4,823,206.88

    (Washington DC)?Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained records from the U.S. Secret Service revealing that its travel expenses for the First Family’s 2015 Hawaiian vacation cost taxpayers $1.2 million, which bring the total cost of the vacation trip to at least $4.8 million. This was the Obamas’ eighth Hawaiian family vacation. The trip has become an annual event for the Obamas. To date, Obama’s and his family’s travel expenses total at least $85,029,819.

    The records obtained by Judicial Watch for Obama’s Secret Service travel to Hawaii reveal the following expenses totaling $1,234,316.67:

    Hotel and lodging costs totaled $1,000,458.63
    The Secret Service spent $165,893.88 on car rentals.
    Air and rail expenses totaled $67,964.16.

    1. That is about $5,000,000.00 more than we should have spent.

      1. Nobody needs 23 kinds of deodorant.

        1. What I mean is, any official should foot the bill for their own vacation, and if they want security, they should foot the bill for that too. The taxpayer should not have to pay for a millionaire’s leasure time. These are not legitimate expenses for the government to be paying.

    2. And where is the prog outrage about this? They are all puffy and hissy about the cost for Secret Service protection at Trump Tower.

      1. I know you don’t think those partisans really mean anything but “other team BAD!”.

        1. Next you’re going to tell me that the Santa at the mall is just some wino in a red suit.

          1. HE IS!?!?!?!?!

            Oh dear, what will tell the children…. *breaks down weeping…*

    3. $165,893.88 on car rentals


      1. They refused to get the insurance and then let the Secret Service drive.

        1. Rental Card Insurance is not an authorized reimbursable expense. The USG self-insures.

          source; I review and approve Defense Travel System shit.

      2. They didn’t have a Mileage Plus card, so they had to get the “insurance”.

      3. Badly-planned fuel agreements?

      4. They let the hookers hang on to and return them?

      5. Getting the Michelle smell out ain’t cheap. Some of the cars had to be junked it was so bad.

        1. IT WAS BEYOND B.O.

        2. Wait, is Michelle a distant cousin of STEVE SMITH?


            1. *now wasH no more

    4. Congress should make the president pay for his or her own vacations out of pocket.

      1. That seems unfair. All of our employers pay for our vacations.

      2. Actually, since Troomp is a bona fide billionaire, he would naturally be the best pres (especially since he is eschewing all the perks of being POTUS since he already has his own stuff) to institute all that, “The President should buy his own stuff and pay for all his own fun times,” this would be an excellent show of that BIPARTISANSHIP that is highly vaunted as, “Meeting in the Middle.” The gold standard of political discourse, as it has been progsplained to me.

    5. Isn’t the whole idea of Camp David to not get these kinds of bills?

    6. These people have no respect or dignity for the country.

      So we’ll he give a speech about responsible spending too?

    7. I read somewhere that the UK royals cost the country around $40M a year, which is excellent value for money as a tourist attraction, but the Obamas (and presumably all Presidents) cost the US $1.4B a year, excluding all the campaign stuff which is supposedly paid for by the DNC.

      Sure ain’t getting any $1.4B value out of that.

      1. Furthermore, the property officially held in trust by the UK royals generates $200M a year for the treasury of the UK, so royalty is actually a net financial gain for the UK.

    1. But will trigger grand mal seizures in all who see it.

      1. Gotta take the good with the bad, UCS.

        1. +1 Mrs. Garrett.

    2. In other news, smelling your own farts helps beat dementia too.

      *gets idea for new club in the Villages*

      1. I think instinctively I knew this all along.

  17. Hustler store and Chuck E. Cheese will not be neighbors after all

    Dozens of people took off work to fill the public assembly room.

    “This represents the efforts of a lot of people in the business community and the neighborhood,” said Dennis Fulk, who works for a nearby faith-based organization.

    They wanted to show the board of zoning appeals they did not believe a Hustler Hollywood store should be allowed in an area zoned for residential.

    “Why they would go to such a family-centered venue and locate themselves adjacent to something like a Chuck E Cheese, is beyond comprehension,” said Scales.

    Representatives for Hustler pledged to keep certain words like “erotica” and images off their signs to make it more family-friendly. Despite those promises, the board felt they would be an adult entertainment store.

    1. “Dennis Fulk”, eh? Unfortunate name in this case.

    2. Fathers of small children disappointed.

    3. OMWC hardest hit.

  18. Harry Reid shows why his deep insights were so valuable to the country in an interview with Politico.

    To hear Reid tell it, the party’s electoral collapse wasn’t a result of poor messaging or even a bad candidate. It stemmed from looser campaign finance rules, FBI Director James Comey and the influence of a few powerful individuals ? namely the Koch brothers, his long-running nemeses.

    Soooooo…… his candidate outspent her opponent by double…. and almost triple in the scary world of super PACs where evil things like the Koch brothers live….. but somehow it was loose campaign finance rules that swept Trump into office.

    They talked about Steve Jobs having a Reality Distortion Field around him that bamboozled others…. I think maybe Reid has a reality distortion field around him that bamboozles Harry Reid.

    1. I wonder if the Kochs feel pleased they are living rent free in Reid’s head, where he sees them lurking in every shadow.

      1. From everything I’ve read, the Kochs pretty much sat out this election once Trump got the nomination.

        But the facts matter little to a liar like Reid.

    2. Reid and Pelosi are despicable assholes. They can’t be gone soon enough.

    3. Oh, and lest you think that super-rich billionaire Trump was able to round up a few rich donors like the Koch brothers to fund his campaign, here’s what the Washington Post had to say on the subject of small donors:

      Clinton’s campaign has directly received 16 percent of its money in donations of $200 or less. Trump’s campaign has directly received 27 percent of its funds from small donations.

  19. President-elect Donald Trump has selected World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) co-founder (and failed Connecticut senatorial candidate) Linda McMahon to be the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

    He should have gotten Vince. Fake press conferences to counter fake news!

    1. +1 folding chair to the back of a reporter’s head

  20. US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years

    Life expectancy in the United States has declined for the first time in more than two decades.

    Data from the National Center for Health Statistics showed a drop for men from 76.5 years in 2014 to 76.3 in 2015, and from 81.3 to 81.2 for women.

    The preliminary figures show rises in several causes of death, especially heart disease, dementia and accidental infant deaths.

    Life expectancy last fell during the peak of the HIV/Aids crisis in 1993.

    Can’t wait for Bailey to Voxsplain this to us.

    1. See what happens when Castro dies?

      1. All the funerary sacrifices dropped the life expectancy?

    2. I’m sure that Obama blames Bush.

  21. Winter tires people…

    Watch this slow-motion pile up unfold on an icy Montreal street

    I would absolutely hate to be the driver of one of these cars, but it’s hard not to laugh at the scene that unfolded on a Montreal street Monday. “Hilariously unfortunate,” maybe.

    Cars, buses, police cruisers and (oh, the irony) snow plows careened slow-motion down the slightly inclined street. I don’t imagine a lot of work got done on this block ? everyone was too busy watching and filming. No serious injuries were reported according to the CBC.

    After some time, and many crunched fenders, officials decided to block off the street. But even the police cruiser that was there to prevent more accidents ended up sliding down the ramp.

    1. Don’t live cold enough for the liquid that makes up the majority of your body to turn solid.

    2. What gets me is that this happens every year in cold climates, as if nobody saw snow coming for the 450,000th year in a row…

      1. I assume everyone thinks they can wait until the 2nd storm of the winter to winterize their car. I would.

    3. Obviously the solution is to ban winter driving.

      1. Stockholm is working on that.

    4. Everyone up north assures me they all know how to drive super-duper well on snow and ice, so this can’t possibly be in Montreal.

      1. You can drive in snow. No one can drive on ice.

        1. Yeah, everyone I know from, say, north of NJ, assures me wholeheartedly they know how to drive in ice.

          Then I watch the Weather Channel and see the biggest winter pileups occur north of NJ, while people in the south just abandon their cars on the interstate and walk home before they smash into an 18-wheeler.

          1. Temperature is a major factor. Ice at sub-zero temperatures is not very slippery. At 32 degrees, it has a nice sheen of water on top of it (just like at the skating rink). There is no fucking way to drive on ice when the air temps are around 30 degrees.

          2. Here’s my theory –

            Everyone “knows” they can drive in these conditions becuase they have done so in previous years, yet months of warm and dry conditions have made them accustomed to having proper traction. Thus they hit the season with a mindset of “it’s cool, I got this” until they realize the muscle memory has been trained back the other way and end up all over the place. By the spring, the old aptitudes get retrained and you don’t see the same level of insanity as the first storm of the season.

      2. Even here on the West Coast of Michigan, which gets tons of lake-effect snow, people still drive like ass hats during the first snow fall. Either too damn cautious (which isn’t that bad) or super-aggressive.

        And the number of 4X4 trucks or AWD vehicles I see in the ditch!

        I used to drive a RWD BMW in the snow, with it’s near 50/50 front-to-back balance, it had an unnerving desire to spin out. But with a set of Blizzaks and the help of the stability control, I never got stuck even on unplowed country roads. It was a bit unnerving though since it required a lot of faith in the electronic nannies.

    5. Winter tires people…

      Tell me about it. I think it’s because it gets dark early so people start thinking about going to bed earlier.

    6. Quebecois cops are as dumb as ours, I see.

    7. Neither the bus drivers nor the plow driver tried to steer into the skid in order to get the wheels to stick to the road. They just turned the wheel hard over, ensuring that they would slide all the way down the hill.

      Do they not teach professional drivers how to drive in icy conditions up there?

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Plus, the busses and the snow plow were going way too fast before they started their slide. Maybe slow down a little and test the road conditions before barreling down a noticeably icy hill?

      2. Relax. It was the very first day and it was all black ice. I even slid. Trust me, if there’s one thing Quebec does right it’s living, functioning and existing in snow. It was a one-off one of those things incidences.

  22. In a statement to The Associated Press, Terry Tamminen, the CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, confirmed the meeting at Trump Tower in New York City. Tamminen said the pair gave a presentation to Trump, daughter Ivanka, and other members of Trump’s team on how focusing on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs.

    “In conclusion, each of those million people must do what I did–convince a doofus celebrity, or the federal government, to pay them to do something utterly pointless.”

    1. how focusing on renewable, clean energy could create millions of jobs

      Gosh, why hasn’t that tried before.

      What a crock of shit.

    2. “Hey, Ivanka, want to meet DiCaprio? You have to sit through this BS presentation, but then you can get his autograph.”

      I would love to hear what The Hat and The Hair thought about that.

    3. All it takes is ten thousand windmills and a few million bird corpses to replace one coal plant!

  23. “President-elect Donald Trump has selected World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) co-founder Linda McMahon to be the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA).”

    Someone please tell me how in the HELL I’m supposed to be able to tell fake news from real news these days.

    1. Is it coming from one of those stalwart redoubts like the New York Times, MSNBC, or CNN? Real news.

      Is it coming from Fox News, Red State, Breitbart, or any of these dozens of outfits helpfully curated for you by a communications professor? Fake news.

  24. Michael Barone: The collapse of the political left

    It’s not surprising that newsmagazine editors expected a move to the left. The history they’d been taught by New Deal admirers, influenced by the doctrines of Karl Marx, was that economic distress moves voters to demand a larger and more active government.

    There was some empirical evidence in that direction as well. The recession triggered by the financial crisis of 2007-08 was the deepest experienced by anyone not old enough to remember the 1930s. Barack Obama was elected with 53 percent of the popular vote?more than any candidate since the 1980s?and Democrats had won congressional elections with similar majorities in 2006 and 2008.

    Things look different now, and not just because Donald Trump was elected president. It has been clear that most voters have been rejecting big government policies, and not just in the United States but in most democratic nations around the world.

    Leftist politicians supposed that ordinary voters with modest incomes facing hard times would believe that regulation and redistribution would help them. Evidently most don’t.

    1. How does the election of Donald Trump imply that voters didn’t want a bigger government?

      1. Forget it, Bingo… it’s Baronetown.

      2. I think the author should have said they dont want a bigger progressive type government which would make more sense. Trump is a different flavor though more preferable in my mind

      3. They want a huger government.

    2. Perhaps they are unable to face the actual truth – that SJWs and identity politics are done. I’ve seen some rumblings from progs that liberals are about to throw “minorities” under the bus, but it is clear they are afraid that they themselves (progs) are going to be frozen out of the DP.

      1. …but it is clear they are afraid that they themselves (progs) are going to be frozen out of the DP.

        This would literally be the best thing ever. Progs are the absolute worst wing of the Dem party. They’re so bad I don’t know whether to call them fascists, communists, or communo-fascists. If their filth would be removed from the Dem party, and the Dems moved more to the right on fiscal policy, they would be a party I would consider. Not until then though.

      2. Perhaps they are unable to face the actual truth – that SJWs and identity politics are done.

        No they aren’t, Tonio. They have been temporarily kicked into the corner and currently glowering and licking their wounds, but as old farts die off, then they will start taking over Human Resource Depts. and in addition to owning Higher Ed and Education in general. They are simply biding their time, learning the concept of patience.

    3. My fav science journal swept in with their own stupidity: Researchers baffled by nationalist surge. Their explanations are funtastic!

      Many economists see this political shift as a consequence of globalization and technological innovation over the past quarter of a century, which have eliminated many jobs in the West. And political scientists are tracing the influence of cultural tensions arising from immigration and from ethnic, racial and sexual diversity. But researchers are struggling to understand why these disparate forces have combined to drive an unpredictable brand of populist politics.

      The concept of people just being fed up with lies and condescension is beyond their grasp.

  25. hoo boy…

    The Nationalist Spirit of 2016: A Conservative Spring

    The chief conservative complaint about both Trump and Brexit is that they elevate nationalism, a focus on your own nation and people, at the expense of a more global agenda. They see this new nationalism as a betrayal of conservative ideology. We see it as a return.

    Conservatives have been nationalists since the days Disraeli wrote novels in London. For Irving Kristol, for example, nationalism was at the center of conservatism. As he saw it, “the three pillars of modern conservatism are religion, nationalism, and economic growth.”

    This is another way of saying that Kristol did not confuse conservatism with liberalism. He was firmly committed to entrepreneurship and free markets as the only road to economic prosperity. But he was also relentless in warning that, if left unchecked, liberal individualism and the profit motive would destroy the bonds of national unity, the family, and civility in public life.

    1. Nationalism is one the most destructive isms and one in which liberals generally fell into in the 19th and 20th century. In fact, nationalism is a key reason why Europe committed nation-suicide with two world wars.

      So yeah, I wouldn’t be too keen on claiming to be one.

      1. I’d say another -ism, imperialism, was actually the cause of the world wars. Nationalism alone isn’t destructive, it is only when it is paired with certain other -isms, such as imperialism, racism, or protectionism, that it causes problems. I will give you that it amplifies these others, though.

  26. Discrimination suit alleges black temp workers passed over for Hispanics

    The alleged discrimination took place at MVP Staffing’s Cicero branch office, which the lawsuit claims was directed by clients not to send African-American workers to their companies for assignments.

    Those wishes allegedly were communicated using code words, according to testimony from former dispatchers and on-site representatives given in prior cases and attached to the filing as evidence. For example, according to the lawsuit, “guapos,” which translates to pretty boys, would be used to refer to African-Americans to suggest they don’t want to do dirty work. The terms “feos” (translated to mean “dirty ones”),” “bilingues” (bilinguals) and “los que escuchan La Ley” (referring to people who listen to Spanish-language radio station La Ley) were used to refer to Hispanic laborers, the lawsuit alleges.

    Christopher Williams of Workers’ Law Office, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, said such a model is prevalent in the fast-growing temporary staffing industry, where competition between agencies puts pressure to keep wages low.

    1. Ugh. I’ve had to deal with these before with my temp candidates out on a job. Had one guy – black, over 40, gay, disabled, and a veteran – get passed over for a perm position in favor of an inexperienced 24 year old cute white girl. It was a recruiting position for tech folks, so to be honest I think the 24yo hottie would be much more likely to get in-demand candidates to call her back.

    2. Ugh. I’ve had to deal with these before with my temp candidates out on a job. Had one guy – black, over 40, gay, disabled, and a veteran – get passed over for a perm position in favor of an inexperienced 24 year old cute white girl. It was a recruiting position for tech folks, so to be honest I think the 24yo hottie would be much more likely to get in-demand candidates to call her back.

  27. Apropos of nothing, I just had my first (and so far only) wisdom tooth erupt my gum line yesterday. At 30. I haven’t had any dental x-rays since I was 17 or 18. There were no wisdom teeth on the images at the time. Mother nature is a filthy cunt.

    1. Sorry to hear that.

      I was lucky, my jaw is long enough that all four wisdom teeth grew in straight at the typical time and don’t have to be messed with.

      1. The opposite for me. I was in braces and a Herbst appliance for 3.5 years because of my undersized jaw and dental crowding. This one’s coming in at a pretty severe angle, but not bad enough to affect my other teeth yet. It’ll have to go at some point though.

        1. Try some HGH – I hear it makes your jaw grow. That’s why Olympic track stars are always wearing braces.

    2. Enjoy the pain killers, brah.

      I still have all of my wisdom teeth but have suffered from cracked teeth, one that was growing in backwards, and any number of crowns. I know, from experience, most of the painful procedures.

      1. After I had mine removed I ran around the waiting room shaking everyone’s hands and thanking them (for what, I have no idea). Then I woke up at my parents house with some giant fucking balloon person (a get well soon thing from my aunt) hovering by my bed, so I stab it with a pair of scissors. Good times.

        1. Anesthesia is pretty interesting. I vaguely remember waking up and leaving the office. Then lying on the ground outside at home. I was told that I spent some time running around the lawn with my arms out making airplane noises.

          1. All these stories make me feel like I missed out. I just remember walking out normally, getting driven home and dozing on the couch for a few hours.

        2. I was in high school when I had mine taken out – I was 16 I believe. When my mom came to pick me up, I was still pretty groggy from the anesthesia so one of the nurses put my arm around her shoulders to help me out to the car.

          When we were almost to the car, I stop, look at the nurse, and say “We should do this again sometime…”

    3. May god have mercy on your soul.

    4. Don’t be a pussy. If it comes in wrong, get it pulled. If it doesn’t, let it be.

      1. You’re the one with the kidney stones, right?

        I’ve had a few. After that, getting teeth pulled is nothing.

        1. My wisdom teeth all came in fine when I was 17. I’m 43 now and one broke in half earlier this year. Only took some Novocain, got it pulled, then drove home 10 minutes later with a mouth full of gauze. My wife was like the stories everyone else is telling though.

        2. My dad had an acquaintance who had been shot twice and also passed several kidney stones. He said given the option he would vastly prefer being shot again.

          1. My mother, who has three children, admitted that kidney stone pain is worse than childbirth.

      2. It’s definitely coming in “wrong”, but isn’t causing any pain yet. If it’s like most of my other teeth it’ll be up to a year before it completely descends anyway. I’ll get it pulled when I can afford it.

    5. Should have joined the Army. They’ll would have pulled your wisdom teeth at age 18 whether you need it or not.

      1. You missed the part where they are just coming in at age 30, I think.

    6. I am a mutant, I have no wisdom teeth, so I’m lucky but not very wise. Suggestions for my superhero name will be appreciated…

  28. But we need to examine it ? and we need to do so through a feminist lens.

    I believe work is human ? survival is the most intense job of all. I love to work. I enjoy my labor and observing the fruit thereof. I consider work a fundamental element of being alive.

    Capitalism manipulates this element. It reduces our labor to what we do to make money within this system and places that work on a value hierarchy. That hierarchy then serves to justify denying some people a basic living wage.

    Capitalism depends on a culture that reduces the value of our lives to the value of our labor when sold as a commodity in the formal economy.

    We deny the inherent worth of people who are unable to sell their labor in recognized markets, whether because of a disability or because they do traditionally feminine work that is seen as something to be freely taken.

    1. Capitalism depends on a culture that reduces the value of our lives to the value of our labor when sold as a commodity in the formal economy.

      What the fuck does that even mean?

      Value is subjective, lady. Your life is worth absolutely nothing to me. But it’s probably worth a lot to those close to you.

      1. But it’s probably worth a lot to those close to you.

        Not if she hangs out with other feminists.

      2. But it’s probably worth a lot to those close to you.

        Probably not if she is the hysterical, paranoid, neurotic mess she portrays herself as.

        1. I should have seen that coming.

          For the sake of argument, let’s say that some normal people capable of having relationships think like that.

          1. Actually, I mixed up the threads. I was talking about the Hillary crying lady below. Apologies.

            1. Funny that it followed a very similar comment by UCS that was meant to be there.

              1. These things happen when the stars are right.

        1. Wait, didn’t leftists used to argue that the social safety net was the publicization (is that a word?) of charity and philanthropy?

        2. So she bitches about “commoditization” then engages in that herself. Outstanding.

          1. It’s different when she does it.

    2. Capitalism depends on a culture that reduces the value of our lives to the value of our labor when sold as a commodity in the formal economy.

      If this were true we’d work more, not significantly less, than our predecessors. Instead we fill our leisure time with hard work (gym time, marathons, gardening, home renovation) and television to distract ourselves from idleness. And not only do we do these things gratis, we pay abundantly for the privilege. We’re long past the point at which we need to work to survive. We now work to keep ourselves occupied for all the time we’re not working, which is the bulk of it. Compare that with the subsistence farming that was commonplace only a few centuries ago and tell me you’d rather have backbreaking poverty over an embarrassment of leisure.

      What a muppet.

    3. That is some first rate argle bargle right there.

  29. Cultural enrichment is progressing as expected in France.…..t-our-eyes

    1. ^^^ A near duplate of this is written in novel The Camp of the Saints

    2. Sweden is trying to catch up and Germany in a close third.

      Open borders for the win. They deserve a chance at the good life, don’t they?

    3. Multiculturalism is the belief that diversity makes us strong and that all cultures are to be valued.

      If you do not agree, you’re a racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic hater worse than Hitler.

      Look, I like falafel and baba ganoush and chicken ghee as much as anyone, but that’s the extent of my appreciation for Muslim culture. Shari’a is fine for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan … I don’t care … but keep it away from Texas … and if you want shari’a in Texas, you’d probably be best to keep your distance.

  30. No You Can’t : Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss

    The LA traffic was thick and my mind, as it does in heavy traffic, started to wander. I’m a comedy writer, but suddenly I was thinking up stories about post-apocalyptic worlds where women revolt and take over the planet. I started thinking about writing a song. Something that captured everything I was feeling. A love song, a fight song. Something to show the world that I was still with Her.

    I am her. The words flashed through my head. And suddenly, there on the 101 freeway, I was down the hole again. Tears streaming, sobs choking, heart breaking. The realization hitting me. I am Her.

    And here was the root of my pain. This wasn’t just about the disappointment that my candidate lost. Or the fear of what Trump will do to this country. It felt like my very soul hurt and I realized that it was because of what this election said to me as a woman. It said no.

    No, woman, stay in your place. No, woman, you are not good enough. No, woman, no matter what you do, you will not win, you will not be the boss of me.

    1. “I’m a comedy writer…”

      I’m doubtful. Maybe she writes those Samantha B. ads.

    2. What dreck.

        1. Such dreck.

          1. Much dreck.

    3. I’m a comedy writer

      You sure are, lady.

    4. Mmmmmmm, the salty ham tears just keep coming! Delicious!

      No, woman, you are not good enough. No, woman, no matter what you do, you will not win, you will not be the boss of me.

      Goddamn right. You think I want some vile shrieking harridan telling me what to do? Get a grip, lady.

    5. “Lorraine Devon Wilke
      Nov 28
      Beautifully articulated and a mirror of what SO many of us are feeling. I cry at least once a day thinking about the loss of our advancement as women, the loss of our children’s safety and open-hearted future, the loss of a progressive, compassionate America now at the mercy of a hateful, unstable, and regressive little man who’s busy tweeting like a tantrumming tween and surrounding himself with the worst of American society.
      And we could’ve had HER? that’s worth weeping about.”


      1. Apparently this is what happens when people live long, comfortable lives.

    6. A nice warm cup of salty prog tears is a great way to start the day.

    7. So when’s the shitty feminist version of Falling Down coming out?

  31. World’s fattest woman who weighs astounding 78 stone goes out for first time in 25 years

    Her family says she was born weighing five kilogrammes (11lbs) and diagnosed with elephantiasis ? a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a sufferer’s limbs and arms. A cerebral stroke aged 11 left her bedridden.

    And it was all downhill from there. What a life for that poor woman.

    1. In her case, I can say it’s probably the medical conditions.

    2. That’s actually someone who has little control over their weight. I feel bad for her.

    3. something John something bunk

    4. Good luck to her. Sad.

      Notice once again the compassionate bureaucracy almost derailed her.

    5. Ok, I’ll be the cruel one…

      There are some people who just are at absolute bottom in the genetic pool. It almost seems more cruel to keep this poor woman alive.

      That being said, if there are people who care about her enough to take care of her, more power to them.

  32. More sexy prostitutes from my hometown.

    1. I think I caught something just looking at the first picture.

    2. Wood: photo #9

      though she looks like she could rip your head (which one?) off if she’s in a bad mood.

    3. #1 *may* be Marilyn Manson.

    4. I knew better than to click that. Damn

    5. Speaking of scraping the bottom of the genetic barrel.

      You know what a drug-addicted prostitute, who was probably worked over by the arresting cop, needs most?

      A couple weeks in jail, a court date, and unpayable legal fees, that’s what.

    6. i’m afraid to click on that for fear of recognizing someone.

  33. Lost and found: Japan tags dementia sufferers with barcodes

    A company in Iruma, north of Tokyo, developed tiny nail stickers, each of which carries a unique identity number to help concerned families find missing loved ones, according to the city’s social welfare office.

    The adhesive QR-coded seals for nails — part of a free service launched this month and a first in Japan — measure just one centimetre (0.4 inches) in size.

    “Being able to attach the seals on nails is a great advantage,” a city worker told AFP.

    “There are already ID stickers for clothes or shoes but dementia patients are not always wearing those items.”

    You know who else tagged people with identifying numbers…

    1. I thought it was funny when barcode tattoos were a popular thing for a while. Did people want to pretend to be prisoners from the future or robots or something?

    2. The Social Security Administration?

    3. Dolores?

  34. Milo is awesome. Wearing a mask, he participated in a protest against himself holding a “Milo Sucks” sign.…..niveristy/

    1. Milo is a vile human being whom I can’t help but like.

      1. I recall liking his writing before he went on the “flaming ego trumphant” schtick that has made me loathe him as a human being.

        1. He’s a troll who targets some of my least favorite people on earth. I don’t follow Milo nor do I have many shits to give when he goes somewhere and does something, but I can’t say that his antics bother me. I hope he keeps it up.

          1. When he was just a byline on an article, the content of his writing was cogent, coherent and rational. Now that he’s known for his trolling, the content of his writing is “look at what a fabulous person I am”. They are not interesting to read anymore, as in “I can’t tell how he manages to keep his job when the work product went to shit” uninteresting.

            1. I think his current position at Breitbart(?) rests on his celebrity status.

              1. I just find that odd, as whereas I would previously read articles with his byline, I now actively skip anything by or about him on the site.

                Maybe I’m just odd.

                1. WEIRDO!

                  Once upon a time I subscribed to his youtube channel, hoping to see some podcasts and speeches that I could listen to while I do the dishes or whatever. But alas subscribing to his channel just floods your feed with two minute long blurbs about fabulousness and such, Not terribly stimulating.

          2. The term “shock jock” comes to mind.

            Taking him entirely too seriously at this point seems to be folly.

            His next stunt needs to be burning himself in effigy. That will really get the “wait, what?” element going.

            1. Yes. This is exactly the kind of shit that made Howard Stern famous. Taking what his critics hated about him to 11 in an entertaining way.

        2. The guy is truly loathsome but, for some reason, I can’t help but like him for being the consummate troll of the progressive movement.

    2. OMG, that is brilliant.

        1. I’ve heard he doesn’t like fat lesbians. That’s breaking down some barriers right there!

  35. So delicious i am posting again: krugabe going off the deep end…..lary-loss/…..lary-loss/

      1. 2016 is too rapidly coming to a close for my taste. Janet Reno and Fidel Castro shuffled off their mortal coil. If only old Krugnuts would join them. There’s still time, oh prophet of doom! Have an aneurysm already!

        1. The year has brought about something better than Krugnuts demise. Instead, Krugman has gone stark, raving mad and goes to Twitter to display his insanity.

          He seriously thinks that he’s doing the progressive movement a service by tweeting about “WWC” “anger that liberal elites don’t respect ordinary folks’ prejudice”, which obviously displays his seething contempt for real people who elites refer to as the white working class. He calls everybody who voted for Trump “fools”.

          Long live Krugman!

    1. Speaking of fake news…it was fun to watch him roll back “the economy will collapse under Trump!” after he won. Shocking, because he won the Nobel Prize, and they don’t just give that out for no reason…

    2. Krugman thought he had a Secretary of the Treasury appointment in the bag.

      The guy has been faithfully shilling for the Democrats for two decades, trading on his Nobel Prize and sacrificing his intellectual integrity. And, for what? Only to see his dreams shattered by Donald Trump.

      Imagine how disappointing the evening of November 8 was.

  36. Leonardo DiCaprio met with Trump yesterday to push for clean energy jobs to be a priority in his administration.

    Leonardo DiCaprio has taken virtue signalling to a new high form of art. Someone give that guy an Oscar. I bet he doesn’t even know he’s just virtue signalling though, he’s so into the character of the sanctimonious actor/hero that even he thinks it’s real. I bet DiCaprio got smoke blown up his ass and walked out of that meeting convinced that he changed the course of human history.

    1. Or he drew Trump naked

      1. *Paging SugarFree. Mr. SugarFree, please pick up the red courtesy phone*

        1. That scene writes itself.

          Besides, I love Leo and he can do no wrong in my eyes. Anyone who has banged that many models is living right in my book.

          1. I bet he’s grabbed as much pussy as Donald but for some reason nobody in the media ever talks about it.

            1. All his girlfriends leave happy, and usually marry well within a couple of years or so.

              1. Leo is like finishing school for beautiful starlets?

    2. If he really believes his own shit, is it really virtue signalling?

      It is possible to do what you think is right, publicly, without it being virtue signalling?

      1. Don’t be dumb, Zeb. Doing pansy SJW stuff is always virtue signaling.

      2. If he really believes his own shit, is it really virtue signalling?

        He can believes what he wants. I’m sure a great many serial killers consider themselves decent and caring people.

        The only thing he’s produced outside of film is some top shelf virtue signals. How could you describe it as anything else? He flies to the UN on his private jet to give a speech full of platitudes, then he flies home. Rinse and repeat.

        It is possible to do what you think is right, publicly, without it being virtue signalling?

        Well of course. You don’t think it’s even up for debate about the “good” DiCaprio is doing? Great question begging though.

        1. Come on, man, you have absolutely no basis to think that I think that DiCaprio is doing good and plenty of reason to believe that I am opposed to the green jobs nonsense that he is pushing.

          1. If his very public commentary about climate change is more about concern for the climate, as opposed to “hey everyone look how concerned I am!”, I’d be fucking shocked. That’s Actors with Opinions 101.

    3. I’m going to be very worried when DiCaprio starts a free cell phone company.

    4. I bet he doesn’t even know he’s just virtue signalling though, he’s so into the character of the sanctimonious actor/hero that even he thinks it’s real.

      Kind of like you and the character of the ancestor-worshipping retard?

      1. I’ll try to remember you as an asshole, despite how forgettable you are.

        1. That really hurts my feelings. If only I were as worthy of remembrance as your FAMILY LANDZ.

          1. I really don’t know what you’re going on about.

        2. Well, minus the “reatard” part, there’s sort of a point there. Don’t we all do a lot of virtue signalling? You do seem to make a point of making your views on the values and traditions you consider important known at every opportunity. It’s not going to win you friends among progressives, but it’s also a sort of virtue signalling.
          I’m not trying to insult you. Signalling to people that you are “one of them” or not is a pretty essential part of human communication.

          Or perhaps I misunderstand your intentions in keeping such a keen eye out for “virtue signalling”.

          1. What fucking point? That I’m a Taoist? So operating off that definition of “virtue signalling” then, there’s really no such thing as “virtue signalling” separate from speaking any string of words that contain any kind of value judgement.

            You’re right though, Zeb. DiCaprio is doing the Lord’s work.

            1. I don’t know why you think I am saying anything at all about DiCaprio.

              The point is that you go out of your way to make your views on what is virtuous and good known. Which isn’t bad. But is virtue signalling.

              My interest has nothing to do with DiCaprio. I’m just curious what you, and others, mean when using that term. It seems like it’s supposed to be a negative thing.

              No need to be so sensitive and jump to ridiculous conclusions about my intent and views on Leonardo DiCaprio.

              1. Well, minus the “reatard” part, there’s sort of a point there.

                He wasn’t making any qualitative commentary about the concept of “virtue signalling”, he called me an ancestor worshiping retard. You point out that “he has a point”, aside from the retard bit. Nice of you to concede that I’m not retarded and all that, but he doesn’t have a point. He’s a schmuck that grasps for any way possible to call someone a racist.

                Back on the topic of virtue signalling, I’ll repost what I already posted and wasn’t addressed on that issue and leave it there.

                So operating off that definition of “virtue signalling” then, there’s really no such thing as “virtue signalling” separate from speaking any string of words that contain any kind of value judgement.

                Which is not correct, imho.

    5. The only person less self-aware of his celebritard status is Matt Damon

    6. The ringleader of the 1990s pussy posse was just looking for a few tips from the old master.

  37. Here you go. Check this prog out about Trump being Time’s guy of the year:

    1. They’re not going to let go of this fabricated ‘hate crime spike’ stuff are they? They’re really going to double down. I’m ordering a barge load of containers filled with pop corn and beer. This is going to be epic.

      1. No, they’re not. It’s accepted wisdom that the KKK is now in charge of America.

        1. Look, it’s not just the 62 million people who voted for Trump who are racists, there’s also the closet racists who didn’t even vote. We’re a country of racists! As soon as Trump is sworn in, whitey gonna go crazy and burn down the ghetto, set hijab clad wiminz on fire, make slantey eye faces at the Orientals, throw burritos at the Meshicans!

          1. It was almost believable – until you got to the wasting food. I don’t believe they’d do that.

          2. I wish whitey would throw free burritos at me.

          3. So the Mexicans and Chinamen are getting off easy. Thereby guaranteeing Trump’s reelection.

      2. Some asshole in NYC pushed a muslim lady-cop down some stairs and the local news was giddy with joy. They haven’t talked about anything else for days.

        1. I thought violence against police is excusable, even admirable.

    2. This is how to do an interview. The last third got a little too belligerent, but I don’t know if there is a way around it.

      And this is exactly what bothers me about current political coverage – going back a couple of decades. There is never a thoughtful followup, never an allowance for a long-form answer that the interviewer disagrees with. Never an exploration to find out what the candidate/official really thinks. Just get the talking points out and then move quickly to the next talking point. Wrap it up with a stinger about how great the interviewee is, or how sad it is, depending on your viewpoint.

      Obama never got tasked to really explain his views on anything. Joe the Plumber was the only guy to ask him about the implications of redistribution. No reporter ever sat down and asked him to explain the justification for robbing Peter to pay Paul, or more importantly the Constitutional justification for such actions.

      You could have done a whole hour on just the constitutional implications of any number of issues during his candidacy and presidency, yet nobody ever even tried. The only long-form interviews were puff pieces about the kids and life as a president and such, with a few talking point questions tossed in.

      1. The press has been impotent and incompetent since the 91 election season when they covered the draft issue with such ridiculous credulity. The final nail was when Christiane Amanpour dared to ask Clinton a followup question about his campaign promises about Bosnia. She was put on unpaid leave the next day, and the era of a 4th estate was officially over.

        Now you can watch the pres corps get handed out their questions live on CSPAN before Obama speaks. “Chuck, you get the first question on healthcare, then Mary we’ll come to you for one question on Aleppo – with a followup on ISIL…”

  38. I’ll relieve rts of his Vancouver duties for this morning:

    1. “Proof that Communist China is infiltrating Vancouver”

      I figured it was the Commnunist Canuckistanians invading China.

  39. “A federal judge has put a stop to Michigan’s presidential recount”

    Stein on Thursday morning called the decision disheartening, but added, I still have 6 million dollars, neener neener neener, suckers!

    1. I think it was a brilliant strategic move for the Clinton campaign to stick the recount on Stein. Notice how every article is careful to label it as “Jill Stein’s recount”.

      A nice tactic to keep the stink of failure off of the Clinton brand. And even though Clinton “was forced to join the recount effort”, you never hear it called the “Stein-Clinton recount effort”. This despite the fact that it was Clinton operatives who cooked up the plan, took it to Stein, delivered the fundraising and now control the legal strategy. Never mind any of that. Stein is the one who made the speech. So Stein recount it is.

      1. The whole thing is so farcical I can’t believe they got away with it. Or maybe I can.

  40. Nattering Nabobs of Negativism on NPR: Some US FedGov health population statistics guy noticed that the statistical life expectancy dipped by 1/10 of a year, and now it’s a public health crisis. Predictably followed by hand-wringing about the “epidemics” of suicide and opiate abuse.

    1. Maybe Trump will fire all the statisticians. I’m really tired of them.

      1. Wasn’t there once a Scot who was governor of Singapore or Hong Kong, who banned the collection of economic statistics on the basis that it encouraged gov’t meddling? I seem vaguely to remember reading something about it here.

        1. Financial secretary in Hong Kong

    2. It’s too bad the Republicans didn’t jam Obamacare down our throats, because then that would clearly be the cause.

  41. Starting to watch the webcams and snow reports from Copper Mountain! Snow, baby, snow!

    1. A-Basin or GTFO.

      Just kidding. It’s great everywhere. Man, I miss CO.

      1. Breck is still my favorite

    2. As someone who had to freeze my balls off in the subzero temps to go to work this morning, you’re welcome to it.

      I’m proud to say I’ve lived in CO most of my life and have never set foot on a ski slope.

  42. Other Michigan news: MILegalize files for Writ of Cert in US Supreme Court for denial of ballot petition on recreational use in Michigan.

    “The MILegalize United States Supreme Court Petition for a Writ of Certiorari was filed yesterday. (December 6, 2016).

    The state has been served with notice. Once a docketing number is issued third parties seeking to file amicus briefs have 20 days to request permission from the parties. MILegalize welcomes amicus briefs from anyone supporting this important battle to protect both petitioning and voting rights and sensible cannabis law reform. The case may set groundbreaking national precedent for both First Amendment rights and cannabis reform as an early test of the Trump administration and a new Supreme Court bench.

    The case raises First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment due process and equal protection violations due to the gross injustices perpetrated by the Secretary of State, Board of Canvassers, and Bureau of Elections in refusing to process MILegalize’s 354,000 signatures . . . .

    1. Fuck off, asswipe.

      1. I didn’t know the backstory until I read about it last night. Who would have thought it was some Trumpkin thinking that HRC was running a kiddie porn ring.

  43. The Chron didn’t put it on the e-version, but here’s a typical written panic:

    “New Report Warns of West Coast Tar Sands Oil Invasion”
    “The West Coast is about to fall victim to a tar sands invasion, unless our leaders choose to protect the health and safety of our communities and say no to Big Oil,” said Anthony Swift, deputy director of NRDC’s Canada Project. “At a time when the nation is moving toward a clean energy future, there is no reason to welcome the dirtiest oil on the planet into our communities.”

    I guess this is sorta like GMO oil?

    1. Is the author trying to say that the tar sands themselves are going to ooze over the west coast like soem sort of giant petrochemical amoeba?

      1. The Blob: Part II

      2. I’ve been to Santa Barbara and walked the beaches of Goleta. And then I scraped the tar off my feet.

        1. One of the towns along the coast uses the Amerindian word for ‘tar’ as a name.

          1. What bothered me more were the oily patches when I tried paddleboarding. I’ve been an inland desert-dweller all my life, being out on the ocean was disconcerting enough without worrying about taking a header into floating tar.

            (I felt pretty stupid when we got out past the end of the Goleta pier and into slightly choppy water and was certain the water was teeming with sharks, and then a swimmer in his 60s paddled up and bobbed for a few minutes while we chatted.)

  44. What’s up with old people and cell phones? /Seinfeld

    My dad leaves his off all the time to “save the battery” even though he has a charger in the car.

    And the v-mail is full so I can’t leave a message warning them about the roads for their trip here to look at houses.

    1. Text messages, dude. Or do they not do that? I know that some old people (like people even I consider old) have this irrational dislike of text messages.

      1. My experience is the opposite: older people (60+) who I know seem to have embraced text messages full force, often to annoying levels.

        1. My 70 year old boss is now texting. Hopefully not sexting. *shudders

      2. My parents text on an iPad (bigger screen) and even Facetime, but never on their phone. For my wife’s folks, it’s like magic voodoo.

        1. related: my mother-in-law bought some fancy digital camera and is always taking pictures during the family get-togethers. But she doesn’t know how to download them, so there are several years of photos on there – unseen until the day someone (not me!) walks her through the process.

        2. Its amazing, before my first kid, my mother never had her cellphone on, or with her, or charged. About a month before the baby was due, she just magically learned how to remember to charge, carry, and use her phone. Since then, I can probably count on one hand the number of times a text message hasn’t been seen by her.

  45. Children of Steelworkers Union Official Threatened after Father Exposes False Claim by Trump. While I absolutely condemn the attempt to suppress free speech, and particularly that the threats were directed at children, I can’t help but notice a certain level of irony that someone is using coercive threats against a union leader; normally that works the other way.

    1. Jimmy Hoffa might not see the irony.

      1. Hard to see much of anything when you’re buried in a 55-gallon drum under mountains of trash in a Jersey landfill.

        1. I think he’s still alive in that 55-gallon drum.

  46. No story about our first Somali Congressperson being threatened by a DC cabbie?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that she will never actually file a claim with anyone, will not take any questions about it and will definitely still not respond to questions about who exactly her second husband was (hint it was her brother – for immigration purposes)

    1. What I really want, is for more people with a victim card to move into my community to accuse everyone of oppression while they enjoy the highest standard of living and exposure to more opportunity than anywhere else on earth that they play that card.

    2. ubiquitous cameras and yet no evidence? bullllllllllllshit

      1. When some mook films herself berating her Uber driver for his dashboard hula-dancing doll and posts it online expecting acclaim for her brave stance on dashboard hula-dancing dolls, it’s kinda difficult to believe this woman wouldn’t at least, like, try.

    3. WTF? Half the DC cab drivers are Somali.

      Ok, not half, but a shitload of them are. Also Ethiopian. Maybe it was an Ethiopian.

      1. Well, Ethiopians and Somalis don’t exactly get along…

        1. Like Haitians and Cubans.

    4. “The cab driver called me ISIS and threatened to remove my hijab. I wasn’t really sure how this encounter would end,” she wrote, adding that she rushed out of the cab.

      Omar didn’t say if she called police or planned to contact the cab company.

      I understand not getting the cops involved, but you’re not going to call the cab company and make a complaint? I smell another Shit That Never Happened hate hoax.

      1. The taxi company, or any taxi company in the city, should be on a soapbox calling for more information so they can fire the guy. Really go on a witchhunt over it, demand she disclose everything.

        1. Also, notice she didn’t bother to describe what the cab driver looked like–she just said that she was yelled at and jumped out of the cab.

          As Juice points out, there’s a high probability that if this did happen, the driver was a black Ethiopian, who are typically Coptic Christians and have been fighting with the Muslim Somalis for a while now. If only we had a professional class of writers dedicated to finding out these sort of details!

          1. “American Christian threatens Muslim Somali immigrant.”

          2. IF it happened – which I very much doubt – it happened because she got in a fight with the driver over something unrelated. Probably got uppity with him because she’s so important now.

            The alternative is to believe that there are no muslims in DC calling cabs.

  47. A-Basin or GTFO.

    Absolutely. After St Paddy’s Day ’til June.

  48. Trump Taps WWE Co-Founder for Cabinet Position

    Since when is the SBA a cabinet level agency?

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