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    Another university student body wants to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from coming to campus, which is of course exactly what he wants. Milo's enemies are their own worst enemy.

  • Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn't have to pay University of Virginia's Nicole Eramo the $3 million she's owed.
  • Rush Limbaugh starts selling his audience on Trump's potential infrastructure stimulus.
  • Steven Pinker: don't panic just because Trump won.
  • Rogue electors think they can stop Trump.
  • Harvard University's cross-country team is in trouble because of remarks made by a previous iteration of the team.
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  1. Robby Soave|December 6, 2016 4:29 pm


    1. Hello.


      1. + Humbug?

  2. 1 Minute early. America is greater already.

    1. (Or even a minute early?how about that?)

      Total chaos.

      1. Looks like spontaneous order to me.

      2. This is the only way to defeat you, FoE!

        1. Firing at 9 steps instead of 10?

          1. Worked for Aaron Burr.

            Damn, I missed a ‘you know who else did that?’ opportunity didn’t I.

    2. Premature publication is nothing to brag about.

    1. I AM ALIVE !!!!

      I was hell banned for like three months…anyone miss me?


      Screw u guys, i’m going home!

      1. Who?

      2. What got you banned?

        1. He wasn’t banned. He just forgot his password.

          1. Ha! Well-played, Injun.

        2. a glitch in the spam banner. I mentioned it when I donated for the webathon…not thinking anything would come of it. I should have sent them an email months ago but it was a nice social experiment only being able to lurk….it hurt at times but a nice experiment.

          1. it hurt at times but a nice experiment.

            I said the exact same thing my freshman year.

            1. “That’s what *she* said!”


                1. UNPOSSIBLE.

            2. I said the exact same thing after spending the night with that freaky chick from San Francisco.

              1. So freaky, she had a penis?

                  1. Lean on Sheena

            3. it hurt at times but a nice experiment.

              What SIV said when he gave up fucking his chickens for Lent.

            4. +1 Milgram Experiment.

              1. +1 Milgram Experiment.

                Good observation, ZSG (in that the experiment was “nice” in the sense that it forwarded our understanding of human nature).

                Partially to “Mike Godwin” the thread I shall present this: If Hitler asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, would you?

                1. The correct answer is yes, I would respond by electrocuting Hitler. (It’s not as if I know him personally.)

                  1. Baby Hitler ?

                2. I’ve always had issues with the methodology in the Milgram Experiment and the way he reported the numbers and in the conclusions he drew. For example, Milgram never reported the people who participated in his experiment who came to the conclusion that it was a hoax, and yet continued anyway (because they were getting paid). There were definitely going to be some people clever enough to figure out that the reason they needed a volunteer to press the shock button is because they wanted to see what the volunteers did, not the supposed shock subject.

                  Additionally, the way he charted “compliance” has some weird reporting. Some respondents asked for the experiment to be halted and offered to forfeit the money they were being paid for their participation, and they were told that ending the experiment was not an option. Again, that says something about authority, but it also doesn’t say people will blindly accept authority at all.

                  Another issue is that the whole experiment crossed ethical boundaries, so actually replicating and verifying the results is problematic. Milgram did many variations, of course, but there have been allegations he misreported his figures and that over half of experiment subjects failed to comply.

          2. Clicking on the report spam button actually has an effect?

            Nice to know.

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              It’s just another experiment…

              1. It doesn’t work on everyone who posts comments. For an example, I will click on the “Report Spam” option whilst typing this post and you will clearly see that nothing

                1. +1 another one bites the dust

          3. Spam banner my ass. I hit “report spam” every time i see one of your posts!
            I keed, I keed. Welcome back.

          4. Reason shook you down, bandit. I bet Gillespie reported you as spam himself after he figured you for an easy mark that would pay to get back in.

      3. banned from this hell?

        1. You just go to a deeper level of hell.

          1. It’s hells all the way down.

            1. I’m told some of them are ‘special’

              1. +1 reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater

  3. “Steven Pinker: don’t panic just because Trump won.”

    Plenty of other reasons to panic, though.

    1. Make sure and bring a towel.

      1. +1 Douglas Adams

        BTW, have you seen that BBC has a new series based on the Dirk Gently novels? I’ve seen the first two so far, and they’re getting more into the groove as the episodes progress (IOW don’t give up on them based on the first half of the first episode).

        1. Been a long time since I read those books but the series at least seems to have captured the proper spirit.

          I’m up through all but the last one.

    2. Congrats on your official First (according to the traditional rules, which are not accepted by all here).

      1. This is not ‘Nam. There are rules. One of those rules is that the official first must reference one of the official lynx.

        I mean, has the world gone crazy? Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?

        1. This is the era of Trump. THERE ARE NO RULES.

          1. This is how we get Neegan people.

            1. Latest show, a character said of Negan, something like “just like taxes”

              Libertarian Moment!

        2. Well, he did reference the Pinker link.

      2. her did not use formatting…GET IT RIGHT!

        1. Oh, I didn’t know formatting was required. That disqualifies a lot of folks who don’t do html tags

      3. Huzzah!!

        1. Not true. Tony, for example, accepts any and all rules because he knows they’re good for him.

          1. Tony’s a sub. Totally makes sense. He’s been unmasked as Mook in SF’s fiction.

            And he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddling commentariat!

    3. Congrats EBS.

    4. Pinker: “The denial of the massive evidence for human-made climate change is atrocious and one of the most dangerous consequences of a Trump presidency. ”

      How can we take seriously anything this moron says. F him.

      1. The denial of the massive evidence that the climate models suck donkey cock and that anyone who claimed “the science is certain” are propagandists is atrocious, and one of the most dangerous consequences of the Left’s power.

  4. Steven Pinker: don’t panic just because Trump won.

    Panic because Hillary lost!

    1. I’d never go so far as to suggest that Trump deserved to win, but nothing is clearer than that Hillary deserved to lose.

        1. And for a lot longer. The electoral college thing can keep that scab raw and runny.

      1. and now the MSM thinks we deserve their daily installment of insightful conjecture of how Trump tricked voters into voting for him

      2. Yes, if no other good comes from this election, it is at least very gratifying that she lost. A fitting end (I hope) to her political career.

        1. Also, watching the lying MSM get their noses rubbed in shit makes a Trump victory worthwhile.

          1. It is pretty damn funny.

  5. Rush Limbaugh starts selling his audience on Trump’s potential infrastructure stimulus.

    Their stimulus is bad. Our stimulus is good.

    1. I forget what occasioned it, but I’m old enough to remember when an irritated Rush said he was through “carrying water” for Republicans.

      1. These motherfuckers have no shame. No shame. To do a show like Rush Limbaugh, of being a tribal cheerleader, you have to be able to shift your beliefs, or lie, almost at will.

        1. “shift your beliefs” ?? You spelled Shit wrong.

        2. I too would have no shame if I raked in the kind of money Rush Limbaugh does.

          1. Rush Limbaugh is not a political leader. He is an entertainer.

            This is why he succeeds and people like Rachel Maddow do so much more poorly. Because they are true believers and fanatics. They see themselves as grand priests, preaching to the heathens, trying to save their souls.

            Rush is a political activist of a sort, but he understands that his primary role is to entertain an audience. This is why he rakes in so much money, and this is why is allegiance can twist in the wind. On air his allegiance is to whatever will keep the ad revenue pouring in.

            1. I think Rush outperform Maddox because she has almost the entire media to compete with in the dispensation of intellectual handjobs to half the population.

              1. Maddow. Apple apparently doesn’t think she exists.

      2. I forget what occasioned it, but I’m old enough to remember when an irritated Rush said he was through “carrying water” for Republicans.

        IIRC, it was around the time that they won back both houses and still didn’t make a real effort to repeal ACA, or do anything else besides kowtow to Obama.

        Now he is all behind Trump until Trump pulls something like that. He mentioned something today that he would not stand for, can’t remember what it was. It was when he was talking about Al Gore’s visit to Trump Tower.

    2. I actually heard some of this. It was embarrassing, our would have been if I had respect for rush.

      The nutshell: their stimulus was just a payoff to unions while ours is gonna build great stuff!

      1. “Big beautiful ROADZ!!”

      2. “their stimulus was just a payoff to unions while ours is gonna build great stuff!”

        It’s kinda truthy that the first part of that statement is not far off. The Democrat political machine spread the money around and if you weren’t in the clique good luck to you getting some..

        I knew a guy in Houston that got on the gravy train through family connections through the City government. He was paid between $1,000 and $2,500 to make some older houses in the Hood more energy efficient. He was paid to recaulk the windows and reseal around doors. He had zero construction experience. He simply squirted caulk around windows and silicone around door jams. It was such a rip off like set up. He could do multiple houses a day using illegal labor and there was zero quality control checks.

        No comment on the second part/

        1. Rush specifically mentioned the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and Hoover Dam. And that these were build during the Depression.

          OK, Trump’s stimulus will be less rotten, but still put the nation further in debt, which will kill it in the end.

        2. Yeah, I heard part of it as well.

          I do remember that a big chunk of the “stimulus” went to pay teachers in states that had huge revenue shortfalls…

          As for “shovel ready” jobs, we got a butterfly park in our area. It was already a park, but they spent a few bucks sprucing it up. Woulda happened whether the feds paid for it or not… so not really a stimulus…

          And lots of streets got fixed up… new medians with plantings, faux brick crosswalks. It is definitely nicer.

          But not “infrastructure” in the way that the hoover dam and golden gate bridge are infrastructure.

      3. Well, he’s half right.

      4. The right top men.

    3. Ben Shapiro has the perfect take on this. Listening to his show while reading Reason articles pulls everything over to almost libertarian.

      1. I sometimes like to listen to his show on YouTube. He’s pretty good. I loved his critique of Hamilton.

      2. I’m a regular listener — one of the best guy to tear progs a new cornhole. His Bible analysis on Wednesdays is pretty interesting too.

    4. Ben Shapiro has a clip of Obama pulling the same thing in 2009, iirc.

  6. One minute early.

    “Because I read the comments and I care.”

    Epic trolling, Robbo.

    1. Wrong end of the horse is pictured…

      I keeed i keed. Don’t ban me again please.

      1. [furiously clicks “report spam” link]

        1. Tonio, he just came back for cryin’ out loud!

        2. god i hate you all so very much…

          1. I remember you, CB:

            Injun, as in from India|8.11.16 @ 4:33PM|
            He [Donald Trump] is campaigning for [HILLARY] for President.

            Charles Easterly|8.11.16 @ 5:08PM|
            In response to Injun I quote myself from an earlier post dated 6.14.16, a post in which I speculate that Trump is possibly a stooge to help Hillary Clinton get elected. I end the post with “You read it here first on H&R.” You began your response with my ending words.

            Clich? Bandit|8.11.16 @ 5:16PM|
            You read it here first on H&R.

            yes you did, but by ME!
            /slaps with white glove
            This means WAR Easterly.

            Charles Easterly|8.11.16 @ 5:39PM|
            You neglected to provide a link with which you could back your claim.

            Clich? Bandit|8.11.16 @ 5:43PM|
            forthcoming, as soon as my google fu is fine tuned.

            Does this help?

            Additionally: Did you ever fine tune your google fu?

      2. You were banned? For what?

      3. That horse has a glorious mane. And the animal in the picture ain’t bad either.

        1. As they say in Russia: “All this week, I am here!”

    2. Can I complain about the irrelevant picture, or is the horse some sort of joke or reference that went over my eagle head?

      1. I believe that is the fabled and oft-cited Robby Horse.

        1. The main isn’t silky enough.

          1. Mane. Fuck.

          2. What mane is?

            1. I mean, I’m sure there’s a Brony cosplay pic that works, but I’m not googling that on my work laptop.

        2. Derp. I blame my lack of sleep/caffeine.

          I would like to propose that the more amusing mental image is Robbie riding one of these.

          1. A cock horse?

        1. I don’t know if he likes us, but he’s been pretty good about pretending that he does lately if he doesn’t. 😉

          A hundred Robbyhorses couldn’t pull us away from the comments. Even Gilmore shows up, albeit begrudgingly.

          We should speculate about which members of the Reason staff actually like us and loathe us. Who dons the flame retardant suits to read the most flamin’ retarded comments?

          Even Tony got a comment from Ron Bailey. I can’t be the only one who was surprised.

          1. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say Robbie likes the commentariat, but I think he respects us.

            All of the writers who routinely get into the comments deserve some respect for that. Robby, Matt, Krayewski, Shackford, ENB and Bailey are all pretty good that way.

          2. I’d pretend to like anyone for $250k in donations.

            1. Playa nails it!

          3. We shall see when Robby moves on to the next outfit and reminisces about the ‘audience’ he had while at Reason.

            I predict: snark!

          4. They like me. I was first on the AMA.

      2. Something something robby horses something Rolling Stone something Title IX something hair care.


          1. And “do you have a journalism degree from Columbia? Huh? Huh?? Do ya??”

            1. Think how sweet it was when the lady who did have a degree from Columbia had to apologize.

            2. That is one of my all-time favorite quotes.
              I bet Robby has a framed pic of that quote in his house…I know I would!

      3. Alt-text, Chesty – what is it, how does it work?

    3. He’s not trolling, Tonio, he’s gingerly tweaking the nipples of some commenters while showing that he has a sense of humor.

      It’s disgusting.

      1. You wish it was your nipples?

      2. Hey, now! [crosses arms over chest to hide erect nipples]

      3. It’s disgusting

        Because nipple tweaks should be hard?

        1. With clamps and hot wax.

          1. Of course, with the nipple clamps attached to an electric generator, upon which a simple twist dial raises the power from 1 to 11. And as you slowly increase the dial, you say
            “tell me what I want to know or I’ll turn your tits to teriyaki!”

        2. Only after about a half hour of slowly intensifying teasing.

    4. Because I read the comments and I care.

      Sounds like a dealer I had…

    5. This is why I enjoy Robby.

  7. Rogue electors think they can stop Trump.

    This is just viral marketing for that new Star Wars movie.

    1. This is just viral marketing for that new Star Wars movie.

      “IT’S A TRUMP!”

    2. The cynic in me thinks that the surge of female leads in Hollywood was all related to Hillary 2016.

      1. Make-believe female leaders are better than that real one

        1. Uhhh… what real one?

          1. Merkel?

      2. Who is going to play her in the inevitable, hagiographic, biopic? Who will direct? Go…

        1. Charlize Theron, Roman Polanski…

          1. I hope Roman Polanski is not allowed to go anywhere near the child Hillary actress.

            /runs away

        2. Lena Dunham, Lena Dunham.

          which is going to be about the same number of people who will buy tickets.

        3. I vote Miley Cyrus to star and Eli Roth to direct.

        4. Huma and Huma, obviously.

        5. Morgan Freeman. Neveldine and Taylor will direct.

        6. 2nd effort…
          Jason Mews and Kevin Smith

        7. Judy Dench, Quentin Tarantino

          1. Dench would actually do well.

            1. You’re right. Make it Betty White.

          2. Lupita N’yongo will play Hillary, of course.

    3. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” said the Rogue Elector.

  8. Harvard University’s cross-country team is in trouble because of remarks made by a previous iteration of the team.

    And the children shall suffer for the sins of their parents, or something.

    1. Meh. This happens all the time. Do all of the players on a team that gets the scholarship death penalty deserve to not have athletic scholarships? No.

      1. No athletic scholarships in the Ivies.

      2. No, which is why if it’s in football, the NCAA tries to quietly funnel the innocent members of the offending team into the gracious, waiting arms of Nick Saban…

        1. Or Jerry Sandusky

    2. Pretty much the same argument as the race-baiters. “Long ago, people that looked like you owned slaves and were mean, so you suck.”

    3. Did reason cover the soccer team imbroglio?

      1. A whole soccer team of Natalies? Yes please.

        1. It sounds like a good idea, but I’m torn.

          1. For you, Jimbo

  9. Another university student body wants to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from coming to campus, which is of course exactly what he wants. Milo’s enemies are their own worst enemy.

    You leave Milo alone!


  10. Or even a minute early?how about that?

    Did Fist have a heart attack?

    1. He didn’t make enough of a donation, so they’re fucking with him.

  11. Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.

    Did they ask the judge *twice*?

    1. Maybe if they had not retracted their retraction…

  12. These Links are a fraud!

  13. Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.

    So the popular vote doesn’t count again?

    1. [golf clap]

  14. Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.

    I really wanted Sabrina Rubin-Erdely to get personally bankrupted, but that’s not going to happen.

    Thankfully, her reputation is tarnished forever.

    1. My prediction is that her apology/explanation tour will begin next Spring, which will result in a book deal.

      1. Let the Sabrina Rubin-Erdely book title contest begin.

        Please submit your entries!

        1. Please submit your entries!

          That works.

        2. Here’s my [brutal] entry:

          “How I got myself metaphorically raped on the broken glass table of public opinion.” by Sabrina Rubin-Erdely

          1. That was a heartless entry on my part, so I feel a tinge of regret.

            Please don’t show this to Virginia Postrel.

            1. Don’t apologize – that was great. Commenters don’t show weakness, especially to Postrel. However, you must apologize for apologizing.

            2. No regrets, Injun.

            3. Injun, you are so glamorous that even Virginia cannot help but applaud you.

              1. I thought VP was on to something when it was all dynamist/stasist. Glamour is less interesting.

                1. “Do you reject the glamour of Evil?”

        3. journalistic integrity: when opinion is fact

        4. “Just Because There’s No Evidence Saying It Happened Doesn’t Mean It Didn’t Happen.”

          1. With forward by Dan Rather.

            1. I’d rather Dan Rather not slather us with his blather.

              1. At this point, it really doesn’t mather.

          2. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” by Sabrina Rubin-Erdely

            1. “Everythings Eventually: I’m pretty sure a rape will occur at some point in the future” by Sabrina Rubin (formerly Rubin-Erdely, but my husband left me)

        5. How I rolled Rolling Stone (and didn’t even try!)

        6. Grab It By the Pages.

        7. No Haven: Just Because I Have A Degree From the Columbia School of Journalism, and Certain Other People Don’t, Doesn’t Mean I’m Protected When I Fail to do Even the Most Basic Fact-Checking when Presented with an Unlikely Story.

        8. Whore Hears a Who

      2. My prediction is that her apology/explanation tour will begin next Spring, which will result in a book deal.

        I’m guessing university-tour victory lap for ‘starting a dialogue.’

      3. Apology Tour?

        I fear you will be disappointed. Right now they are surely auditioning starlets to play her in Grab its Leg the Movie.

        After all if Mary Mapes and Dan Rather can come out later and claim they are martyrs of a vast right wing conspiracy simply for trying to pass off forgeries, why is Erdly going to apologize?

    2. I hear there’s an opening at the New Republic.

      1. She missed her shot at pulling this boner over there.

    3. You’re too optimistic, Injun. I’ll bet she lands on her feet at some feminist site, where she’ll be for lauded for “telling a greater truth” in the Jackie case.

      1. You’re probably right. Like the author of The Painted Bird, she’ll just claim it was meant to be fiction all along and it’s really such an incisive short story. Maybe she’ll win the Nobel prize in literature.

    4. I wonder what Janet Cooke is up to these days.

    5. Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.

      I think it’s actually their only hope. To pay off the debt they’d need to ask each of their subscribers for a million dollars.

  15. Another university student body wants to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from coming to campus…

    And, yes, that is a euphemism for gay sex.

    1. When did Milo start using euphemisms?

  16. Rush Limbaugh starts selling his audience on Trump’s potential infrastructure stimulus.

    So Rush Limbaugh is now selling what Paul Krugman has been selling his entire adult life?

    1. Homie gots to get paid, son.

    2. Krugs is officially deficit hawk now, like back in the Shrub years.

      1. Isn’t it amazing? Rush and Krugman have altered their positions of policy. It’s almost as if the White House is going to be run by a different Party or something.

        1. That is so poignant and hilarious at the same time. It is really all you need to know about our system: the fact that Limbaugh and Krugman have shifted to each other’s positions after a switch in the part of power.

          Also, apropos of nothing, fuck Alex Jones.

          1. Just so long as you know he’s agent of the Illuminati attempting to distract people from the real machinations of said Illuminati.

          2. That is so poignant and hilarious at the same time. It is really all you need to know about our system: the fact that Limbaugh and Krugman have shifted to each other’s positions after a switch in the part of power.

            Oh, you.

            This, Chipper, is in my opinion very observant, and partially why I dislike you far less than others*.

            If you were asked by me to consider a different word for “system” (the word you chose to use), what would be the most likely to resonate with your fellow commentator, Charles Easterly?

            Perhaps more importantly – what word would our fellow commentators have used?

            *Many of us who comment here are easily dis-likable, in my opinion.

            1. Speak for yourself asshole!


    3. But Trump’s gonna do it right! Walls and bridges. Why, every city in this great nation will have a wall. That will keep the roving bands of Vikings from being able to rape and pillage the way they want to.

      1. Oh, you’ve been to Minneapolis.

        1. The walls are OK for Minneapolis, but building more roadz is just going to confuse the shit out of our new Somali immigrants.

      2. Serene Doge of Amalfi Ioustinos Polkarios’s opinion of you has increased by 10 (Impressed by the grasp of pressing issues).

      3. The seasonal Canadian hordes from the Saskatch steppes will finally end.

        1. Ah, so you also live in Florida, eh?

          1. I would guess AZ.

            In nearly 40 years in Fla I’ve only seen two Saskatchewan license plates in here.

            When I lived in Saskaberia, the farmers mostly vacationed in either Arizona or Hawaii.

          2. It’s mostly Ontario around here. A young AceDroman met a ton of cute teenage Ontarians (is that a thing?) while they were on family vacations to the Gulf Beaches.

          3. It’s mostly Ontario around here. A young AceDroman met a ton of cute teenage Ontarians (is that a thing?) while they were on family vacations to the Gulf Beaches.

          4. It’s mostly Ontario around here. A young AceDroman met a ton of cute teenage Ontarians (is that a thing?) while they were on family vacations to the Gulf Beaches.

            1. OK, now you’re just bragging…

        2. After I was nearly killed this morning thanks to being cut off by a snowbird with a Quebec license plate: Yes please.

          1. Do not blame the majority of Canada for Quebeckers’ poor driving, we are not responsible for their behaviour.

            1. Oh yes you are.

              WE get quite a few Quebecers in NH too and they seem to be reasonable drivers. A bit slow maybe.

              1. Turning right on a red doesn’t exist in Quebec either. Kind of sucks when a cop pulls you over for something that is standard rules-of-the-road elsewhere.

                1. It doesn’t exist in Seattle either, and it’s perfectly legal. That and the secret knowledge of making an unprotected left turn.

      4. Which sucks, if you’re a Viking!

      5. Bear Odinson is going to have to stop freelancing and get a job when the Varangian Guard.

        1. They did have an epic retirement plan…

      6. “That will keep the roving bands of Vikings from being able to rape and pillage the way they want to.”

        Hey!! Pillaging and plundering is part of my culture and heritage, you bigot!! My ancestor Ivar the Boneless didn’t lead the Great Heathen Army on a rampage through Britain, martyr a Catholic saint, and carve the Blood Eagle into King Aella just to let our proud traditions of raiding die!!

        Check your privilege, I’ll burn down as many monasteries as I want!! It’s my culture, and don’t you dare try to appropriate it.

        1. “Be it so. This burning of monasteries is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn monks alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the monks are consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.”

          1. Bitch, we got drakkons, we’ll be gone before you’re carpenters even start on the gibbets.

            Plus, don’t worry. I don’t burn MONKS alive. I take after Great-Great-Great-Great Grandpa Ivar. We proud Ua Imair don’t waste monks to the fire, those monks are valuable archery targets.

    4. He’s always been a shill.

  17. Rogue electors think they can stop Trump.

    They’ll never work in this town again!

  18. Rush Limbaugh starts selling his audience on Trump’s potential infrastructure stimulus.

    Can Cash for Clunkers II and Son of TARP be far behind?

    1. Can Cash for Clunkers II and Son of TARP be far behind?

      Ahem. It will be Cash for Escalades, and TARP = Totally Awesome Reflecting Pool.

      Remember this is Trump operation now, much classier.

  19. “Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.”

    From the link, it looks like RS published the entire story again *after* they knew it was bogus with a disclaimer at the end saying something to the effect that ‘they weren’t sure all the particulars were true’?
    Stick ’em with another $3m!

  20. Oh, Germany, why do you keep doing stupid things?

    German energy suppliers can claim compensation over the country’s phasing out of nuclear power by 2022, a court has ruled.

    Judges did not agree with power plant operators that the shutdown, ordered after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, was an “expropriation” of their assets.

    But they ruled the government should agree a deal to compensate the firms.

    The phasing out of nuclear power is a flagship policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

    Judges tried their best to give Merkel a free hand in crafting the deal, and acknowledged that “It was permissible for lawmakers to take the accident in Fukushima as a prompt to speed up exiting nuclear energy to protect the health of people and the environment,” but damn, she’s just fumbling all over the place.

    1. So the government didn’t steal their livelihood, but it ought to give them welfare anyhow? That sounds like the EU.

      1. They rendered assets worthless and probably broke many contracts. Certainly a form a of government “taking”.

        1. Sorry, I was paraphrasing the ruling.

      2. If the EU doesn’t hand out welfare, what is the EU for then?

      3. Surely you don’t expect a government to admit wrongdoing?

    2. Why do they keep calling Fukushima a “disaster”. When I imagine a nuclear power-plant disaster, at least one person has to die of radiation exposure.

      1. More people died at Chapaquiddick than Three Mile Island.

        1. And how many coal miners die each year?

          1. In America, almost none since they’ve gone more or less exclusively to open pit mines.

            1. Thanks, didn’t realize that. You couldn’t get me down a mine shaft for less than $1,000,000 a day.

      2. Wait 75 years and I guarantee you’ll find some people who died from Fukushima.

        1. That’s great news for someone who was 30 when it happened.

      3. A few people killed themselves over it (no shit). Does that count?

        1. The Japanese kill themselves if they fart in public.

    3. Percentage of the people championing a nuclear ban who claim to be environmentalists: Higher or lower than 98%?

      1. I’ll take the over.

    4. It was permissible for lawmakers to take the accident in Fukushima as a prompt to

      engage in horrid fearmongering.

    5. You know what else has just become a flagship of Merkel’s government now that her ass is getting handed to her at the polls?

      Burka ban.

      1. I don’t think that lasts a week. People who want it don’t believe her, people who believe her don’t want it.

    6. It was permissible for lawmakers to take the accident in Fukushima as a prompt to speed up exiting nuclear energy

      Because Germany is known for earthquakes and enormous tsunamis. Fukushima could happen anywhere at any time with no warning!

    7. So the capacity of the nuclear plants is going to be replaced with what that os go I ng to becsafe and kind to ghe environment and not result in rolling brownouts or high energy bills?

      1. Did Mickey Rat just have a stroke? Has anyone heard from him since this post?

    1. I was assured that those Persians don’t have nukes, and would likely nuke Israel first.

    2. What if they try to nuke Riyadh, end up blowing up their magic meteorite in Mecca instead? Would that be the end of Islam?

      1. Good question. I think they should do it so we can find out.

      2. That would be one hell of a shanked try. Those two cities are not exactly close together.

        1. Persian to metric conversion error?

  21. Harvard University’s cross-country team is in trouble because of remarks made by a previous iteration of the team.


    1. Say repahrations!

  22. Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.


    1. I consider it debt forgiveness. TAXABLE.

  23. In order to stay out of controversies, I just eat SpaghettiOs

    Like most good controversies, the spaghetti bolognese spat consists of a series of nested disagreements. The most basic concerns whether or not bolognese can be eaten with spaghetti at all. “They don’t even eat spaghetti in Bologna,” explains culinary historian Linda Pelaccio. “They eat a wider noodle.” The number one choice, she says, is tagliatelle?a long, flat ribbon of pasta, about a centimeter wide, and cooked fresh instead of dried.

    1. I tried an expensive restaurant in Amsterdam on a business trip. There was an item on the menu — something something bolognese. I ordered it. My first taste was “fuck this — it’s SpaghettiOs”.

      1. “Bolognese” usually refers to a kind of meat sauce, which is actually quite good, goes great with gnocchi or lasagna.

        When I was in Bologna I did not recall seeing ‘spaghetti bolognese’ at any of the restaurants I went to.

  24. Rogue electors think they can stop Trump.

    I find their lack of faith disturbing.

    1. Aren’t you quoting from the wrong side?

  25. Life in Obamacare’s Dead Zone

    I tried to get Obamacare,” Foy recalls. “I called the number, and when the woman told me what it would cost me, I just about dropped the phone. She told me I’d needed to make at least $12,000 a year for there to be any help to make it something I might be able to afford. Which still doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, even now, that having no money meant I got no help when I really needed it.”

    She also learned that she could not expect any help from Medicaid, which in her home state remained available only if you fit the criteria sometimes known by the shorthand “poor and” ? poor and pregnant, poor and disabled. As a single childless woman, she could forget about it. There was no going to a doctor, even if she felt, as she put it, “like I was falling to pieces inside.”

    When asked about the story Kevin Williamson said “Die whitey, die!”

    1. According to the most recent census data, the uninsured portion of the United States population has fallen to 9 percent, with the sharpest drop registered among those living in households with incomes of less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level (which, translated into dollar terms, is the equivalent of an income of $48,600 a year for a family of four, or $23,760 for a single person). According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 11 million people have purchased private health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, and a majority report incomes between 100 percent and 250 percent of the federal poverty level. It would seem that lower-income Americans are among the greatest beneficiaries of the A.C.A.’s reforms. And yet in some states this same population also remains, paradoxically, among the reforms’ greatest losers. This subpopulation is living inside a kind of “dead zone,” as Foy put it to me one day, searching for the right metaphor to describe her predicament. A long and suspended silence, she called it, “like when you can’t receive a single call, a single text.”

      1. Don’t forget:

        (a) Medicaid isn’t insurance, its welfare, so people who have Medicaid shouldn’t be counted as having insurance, any more than someone cashing a SocSec check has a job.

        (b) @5mm people lost policies when OCare went into effect, so you have to net that out of any pick up on the exchanges.

        (c) There has been a mild recovery in the job market, resulting in more people who have insurance through work. Which would have happened without OCare.

        All told, the pickup in the commercial market coverage attributable to OCare is negligible at best.

        1. (d) insurance isn’t health care

          1. ^this

        2. (e) There are still 30 million plus uninsured. The point of this was move towards full insurance. If you had told people in 2010 that 6 years after this thing passes there will still be 30 million uninsured, it doesn’t pass.

          1. Something about passing it to find out what’s in it.

            Like my stool.

            I don’t remember eating any corn.

          2. Part of how the exchanges work is forcing people onto medicaid. This accounts for part of the increase…. folks who wouldn’t have signed up for medicaid get put on the roles.

            Of course there are screwups.

            My family has been part of the uninsured several times over the last few years because the exchange computer system is a disaster and it keeps spewing off half-completed updates and the state computers then declare eligible for medicaid, so they drop our insurance.

            And then I spend a couple of months trying to rectify the whole thing, paying back insurance for a couple of months where I was unable to use my insurance because they had dropped my family. Because the exchange told them to

            We’ve also been dropped twice because they said they didn’t have documentation of citizenship for one or another of us. How in the world you could pretend that you don’t know if a 4 year old is a citizen when you have their social security, 4 years of tax returns, a copy of the birth certificate and you were the insurer of record when she was born…. not to mention that you are the federal government, and all of that information is at your disposal anyway….. that’s beyond me. But they always resolve it after a couple of months.

            Gonna have to go back to a company job so I can get ordinary group insurance. My “I’ve never heard of this company” insurance is going to run me about $30k, all-in this year. (there are no companies you’ve heard of available in my area.)

        3. “(b) @5mm people lost policies when OCare went into effect, so you have to net that out of any pick up on the exchanges.”

          Whoa whoa whoa, that can’t be right. Obama said over and over again that if you liked your plan, you would be able to keep it. This must be some of that FAKE NEWZ I’ve heard so much about!

      2. “like when you can’t receive a single call, a single text.”

        NOW millennials truly understand the horror!

    2. How these dead zones formed is a matter of unanticipated consequences. The A.C.A.’s architects did not predict that the Supreme Court would rule in 2012 that it was up to each state whether to expand Medicaid eligibility, which is how they imagined Americans with the most modest incomes would receive coverage. Even though the federal government would have helped fund the expansion, 19 states opted for ideological reasons not to do so, arguing that they are pushing back against government bloat and the fostering of dependency. A result was that the residents with the lowest incomes in those 19 states were now caught between two nonoptions: They made too much to qualify for Medicaid, or didn’t qualify at all, but they also made too little for publicly subsidized insurance on the exchanges, their income not high enough to trigger the refundable tax credits and cost-sharing that could make the possibility remotely affordable to someone making just a few dollars above the federal poverty level.

      1. I’ve worked with a local charity for retarded adults for the past thirty years. Over this time, the organization and the parents of the charity’s clients have facilitated and encouraged full-time employment in jobs suited for their limited abilities. We have also encouraged thrift with the understanding that, in the long term, the parents wouldn’t be around forever, people need savings for a rainy day, and people need savings for the inevitable event that age and health would mean the end of gainful employment. As a result, most of the charity’s clients have accumulated significant savings.

        For some reason, we all thought that it was important to think long term. We had failed to notice that the welfare state punishes those who think and act in their own long-term interests.

        Now the age and health of clients is such that many are unable to work full time, and have earnings less than 100% of poverty line. That means that they are unable to qualify for the ObamaCare subsidy, and must pay the same rack rate for insurance as a millionaire. They don’t qualify for Medicaid, either, even though they are profoundly disabled, because we foolishly encouraged them to save for their retirement.

        Whatever you’ve read about ObamaCare, no matter how bad, the real truth is worse.

        1. I’ve worked with a local charity for retarded adults for the past thirty years.

          That is a long time to be with Reason.

        2. Me too. With a certain philandering governor’s wife. We’re not allowed to say “retarded” anymore. Oh, and they tried to organize a boycott of Tropic Thunder, which is why I watched it in the first place.

          1. “Philandering governor” doesn’t exactly narrow the field much.

            1. He’ll be bach.

              1. Where’s he Haydn?

          2. We’re not allowed to say “retarded” anymore.

            Well that’s gay.

      2. “unanticipated consequences”

        Yeah, no one saw this coming! Such a surprise!

        “opted for ideological reasons ”

        That, and Medicaid’s costs grow in conjunction with healthcare costs, and states can’t run deficits for decades unlike the feds.

    3. You know who else fell to pieces?

        1. +1 Flopping fish


          1. No one cares about the right answer.

      1. Humpty Dumpty?

      2. Jenga?

      3. My lego effigy of Hitler?

        1. I think effigy is the wrong term for hagiographic icon.

      1. No one who speaks German could be a evil man.

    4. And the Republicans want to destroy this program!

  26. What does it mean if I’m so sick of my job and so sick of living in South Florida that I’m actually happy that I’m going to spend a week and a half at the in-laws’ house over Christmas?

    1. Where are the in-laws? Maybe you just like that city or state?

      1. In-Laws are in North Carolina. Would love to live there but the work isn’t there.

        1. Work is where ya find it, son.

        2. What part of NC? I love the Asheville/Hendersonville area. NC seems like a better state than Virginia, too.

        3. Weird….. I’m in South Florida and my family is in NC….. You aren’t married to me, are you?

    2. You’re still sane?

    3. That you are in need of thoughts and prayers?

    4. Obviously that you need to quit your job and move in with the in-laws!

    5. It means you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

      1. “What do you make of this?” A boat, a corsage…
        “Hey, how about some coffee?” No thanks!

    6. You’re a Millennial.

  27. Yay, Canada made it to BBC News!

    Outrage as ‘lock her up’ chant hits Canada

    Canadian politicians have expressed outrage after protesters at a political rally chanted “lock her up” about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

    Protesters erupted into jeers at a rally against a carbon tax, hosted by the right-wing Rebel media group.

    “Lock her up” was frequently chanted by Donald Trump supporters in reference to Hillary Clinton during the US election.

    Mrs Clinton was under FBI investigation over her emails but Ms Notley has not faced any criminal probe.

    A particularly delicious quote is near the bottom

    Ms Notley’s NDP-led government has planned to introduce a broad-based carbon tax on gasoline in a conservative province struggling with a downturn in the oil sector.

    Yeah, downturn in oil sector is perfect time for socialists to bring the carbon tax. Then, when inevitable recovery happens, mad mad tax profits!

    1. NDP gonna NDP, no matter where they are. Mixing socialism and Christianity is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do, it triples your moral conviction and makes you believe that freaking God wants to you set up a carbon tax.

      1. Why would God…need a carbon tax?

        1. The ways of God are mysterious and ineffable.

          1. I once had a girlfriend that was ineffable…

    2. Is there any part of our culture that those pale, flannel-covered rustics won’t appropriate?

      1. Alberta. Less flannel, more cowboy hats.

    1. But they’ll pay for themselves in around 5500 years!

      1. Don’t forget that there’s plenty of copper in those, so they’ll hold some of their value.

        1. Nope. Hobo recycling in 3…2..1… $110,000.00 art installation/eyesore removed…

    2. In just over 5000 years they will have paid for themselves!

      1. I think my favorite part is that nobody did any kind of wind study to see if they had prevailing wind speeds in the operating threshold.

        1. But surely Mother Gaia would look approvingly on the turbines and cause the wind to blow…

    3. Once they are working to generate electricity, they will produce so little power ? $1.50 worth of electricity a month in savings ? that at least one council member is regretting her decision to purchase them.

      Regretting enough to — oh, I don’t know — RESIGN?!

      1. Well, if nothing else, they can still be useful models used to illustrate the economics of wind generation. Just not the way the council members were thinking when they voted to spend other people’s money.

    4. I mean, look at them! How much power can possibly be generated there? You’ve got what looks like maybe 8-10 square feet of area per blade. In air. Unless you get a 200 mph wind, you’re going to need a propeller than what’s on the front of your average small plane.

      1. We’ve got some of those puppies at a park down near Hollywood in South Florida. I have always wondered if they actually made enough electricity to be worth anything. They are kinda cool looking, but they don’t rotate very fast and they aren’t too big…

        1. Oak Ridge, TN has a wind farm brought to you by every FDR fan’s favorite, TVA. I have never seen a single blade on any of them move. Ever.

          1. Yeah, but that’s because of the radiation.

    5. Holy Mother of Baldr!

      That article is just…so many things to quote… I will settle for

      The wind spires were not intended to generate enough revenue to pay back the cost, West said.

      “When the project was underway, one of the top five council priorities for economic development was alternative energy,” he said.

      And, unless the whole thing is some sort of The Onion satire site, that’s actually some fine journalism. With figures, facts, statements from multiple people involved, written clearly and without injecting opinion directly.
      Shit, it’s a satire site, isn’t it?

      1. “economic development” — You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    6. Isn’t it enough that we stepped forward for Mother Gaia?

      1. Dicks out?

    7. You can’t put a price on smug feelings.

      1. But can quantify unicorn farts.

        It’s $100k per fart.

    8. The majesty of wind technology, powering literally tens of homes across the land!

    9. The return on investment is over 50 years.

      Yes, in the sense that 5500 is over 50, that is true.

      1. There is no return on investment — you could put $100K in a checking account and earn 1/4 percent and still out perform these things. And that’s not even taking maintenance into account.

    10. City Councilwoman Sissi Bruch said last week the turbines were intended to do more than generate electricity.

      “They were also meant to educate folks about wind power,” she said

      Well, hopefully they’ll finally do exactly that.

      1. “When the project was underway, one of the top five council priorities for economic development was alternative energy,” he said.

        Ms. Bruch, perhaps these wind turbines have even educated YOU a little bit on wind power.

        1. Sissi Bruch is a Democrat, so it is unlikely that she learned anything. (If she were a Republican, I’d have made the same comment.)

    11. At least they haven’t fallen apart like the wind turbines in Addison, Texas did.


      The 2012 project cost $1.2 million and was supposed to generate 75,000 kWh per year. However, turbine blades came crashing down on an office’s conference room table in 2014. Even if it had worked, there’s no way that it would ever have been economic. The gross value of energy generated was just 0.7% of investment, and there has never been an energy project that could be sustainably maintained for less than 1% of investment.

      So, yes, it was a civic education in the economic viability of wind power.

      1. If only there were a link.

    12. Tundra and I live in a town where our green wind turbine froze. I think the did some big retrofit a while ago and got it to work.

      We also spent $900K to install solar panels on a county building. If estimates are to be believed, we will save $15K a year from them … starting in 2070

      1. You live in the same town as Tundra?

        “I’m busy, something suddenly came up! Maybe next time.”

      2. Why don’t they make the wind turbines out of solar cells, and tie the rotary motion to an oil pump?

        1. And I bet they could work a hamster running on a wheel in there somehow too.

      3. Holy shit about the frozen hydraulic fluid. Did not one fucking engineer think of this or realize this before spending millions of dollars? Someone better have gotten fucking fired.

        1. The engineers were excuse makers standing in the way of progress toward utopia, and were sacked.

        2. Engineer: “This isn’t going to work. The hydraulic fluid starts to solidify at 0F”
          PM: “Great, so go live is scheduled for April 1, and as long as we’re actually installed by September 1, the check will clear.”

          1. Actually, its probably the lubricant, not the hydraulic fluid.

          2. Or: “haven’t you heard? Global warming is going to take care of that.”

    13. The point was never to generate electricity. it was to generate millions in contracts to hand out to connected people.

    14. “Maybe we’ll discover that if we had another three somewhere else down there on the waterfront, we could begin to generate something, and it might become more meaningful.

      See they just didn’t prog hard enough yet.

      1. Some context – it’s even stupider than when quoted alone.

        Let’s not be so quick to be critical before they even work,” Downie said.

        “Maybe we’ll discover that if we had another three somewhere else down there on the waterfront, we could begin to generate something, and it might become more meaningful.

        “I still like the notion that we are using new technologies here and that some [electricity] may be going back into the grid.”

        1. Economies of scale. He doesn’t understand that it’s going to take 3x the investment to lose 3x as much money.

        2. What a complete fuckstick.

          I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I haven’t met many politicians that understand sunk costs.

    15. “They were also meant to educate folks about wind power,” she said.

      Oh, they definitely have.

  28. That’s a great photo of Sarah Jessica Parker.

    1. I could have sworn it was John Kerry. They all look the same to me.

  29. Why do Democratic electors think they can stop Trump.

    If GOP electors want to do it, they can, they don’t need D electors help at all.

    1. i hope they splinter, leaving clinton even less than the 219 or whatever she has alloted now.

      1. I do to, but its like they dont even understand how the system works.

  30. That Robby Horse has one fine mane, almost better than Robby’s hair. Look out, Robby!

    Because I read the comments, and I care

    You’ve certainly endeared me to you. 🙂

  31. Harvard punishes entire men’s team for ‘crude’ comments made by past team members

    Let the lawsuits begin.

  32. Good news – Vincent Price is alive and looking younger than ever.

    He’s going to be the new President of Duke University, and he *seems* to be into open debate:

    “So the diversity of Duke is a huge attraction to me. I think we can do more on that front, but it requires being open and honoring free expression?even when we confront ideas that we find very different, very challenging, even offensive, because that’s when we’re tested and our commitment to open expression is tested. And basically through our confidence and our faith, on the other side of that difficult conversation is a meeting point….

    “I think the best response to problematic speech and behavior is more speech. The community has to identify it as a problem and then work collaboratively to address it. Duke doesn’t have speech codes and nor does the institution I [currently] serve [referring to Transylvania University, oops I mean Pennsylvania]….What one community would define as a matter of conduct another would define as a matter of a speech. If the community is robust, if students, faculty, staff, administrators, confront those issues together, we’ll learn.”

    1. Uh… diversity? Rich, obnoxious, mostly white, largely from New York and New Jersey, skewing heavily Jewish… overwhelmingly liberal…. that’s what counts as diverse?

      They did have a black miss america and a white porn actress. So I retract my snottyness. That does count as diversity.

      1. that’s what counts as diverse?


  33. You call that a Robbyhorse?

    THIS is a Robbyhorse.

    1. Now THAT’S what I pictured.

            1. I thought Robby was the guy who liked Legend of Korra, not a chibi maid animes.

              1. There is much about him we do not know.

            2. What the fuck am I looking at O.o

      1. Um, you use bing? Do explain.

    2. Robbyhorse = 1 part Shadowfax, 1 part fabulous hair

        1. Note: NSFW
          Note 2: Crusty would.

          1. “Would” is the incorrect tense.

            1. Infrastructure Stimulus.

    3. With hair like that… is it wrong that I kinda wanna fuck that horse?

  34. infrastructure stimulus.

    How is it that no one in the media seems to realize that this term is *(not even a) coded version of –

    Hand out money as fast as possible to all the party crony-constituents – hopefully in one gigantic [branded as the “Resurrecting America” or “Reinvestment and Recovery”] Bullshit Bill which only the wonks ever read and is so complex that even when the fact-checkers wave the data in their face and shout “98% OF INFRASTRUCTURE IS ALREADY FUNDED BY PRIVATE INDUSTRY OR THE STATES“….and that our ‘infrastructure isn’t crumbling at all’… no one pays the slightest bit of attention and everyone says, “Well that sounds like a fantastic idea!”

    “Infrastructure” is like a magic word that makes people instantly turn into drooling morons. It means whatever they want it to mean.

    Sy Hersh’s idiot son (who was a fact checker @ the New Yorker at the time) told me that federal infrastructure investment was GREAT!… because “Roads and Schools”. When I explained “municipal bonds” and “property tax”… he squinted his eyes and said He’d Need to Fact-Check that.

    1. i was in a rather nice debate the other day, talking about my distaste for most federal spending. most of the time, our conversations are informative. we talk at the practical and real, as well as the philosophy and theoretical.
      this time though, it went right to roads and schools.
      i had to be very careful in how i worded my response.

    2. Is there any persuasive evidence that we’re presently suffering from some kind of liquidity trap? The liquidity trap was in 2008.

      Trump is proposing a public works project as a jobs plan. The progressive minds in the press rationalize it as stimulus like the Bush Administration told us that the Iraq War would pay for itself. I’m not sure Trump is talking about his infrastructure plan as stimulus per se.

      Rush isn’t talking about it that way:

      “Remember, Trump’s not a conservative. So small government, less government, that’s not how he sees things. And I’ve tried to tell people this from the beginning of the campaign.”

      —from the link

      When Rush says that “Trump’s not a conservative” that is not a ringing endorsement of Trump.

      Yeah, if you’re experiencing bottlenecks at ports, airports, highways, etc. you can “stimulate” growth through infrastructure spending–but that’s not about multiplier effects and the marginal propensity to save. I’m not hearing Trump say anything about multiplier effects. I’m hearing him talking about crumbling infrastructure and jobs. The stimulus aspect is just Democrat propaganda.

      This is a make-work project, and I bet it will be concentrated in states Trump needs to win four years from now–Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Paul Ryan’s own Wisconsin.

      Make-work projects aren’t necessarily about stimulus. They are about spending. They’re about votes.

      1. I don’t know what you mean by ‘liquidity trap’ or how that’s relevant to this ‘stimulus/giveaway’

        I do know this = the standard formula for a presidency is,

        Term 1= spend like a drunken sailor. This will help you achieve …
        Term II = where you then actually try and pass some significant piece of legislation

        1. Stimulus is supposed to be the remedy for the liquidity trap. Basically, you try to get around consumers’ reluctance to spend by transferring their future income to the government through deficit spending–because the government doesn’t save. They spend every penny they get–especially when consumers are scared.

          When the government spends, it creates more consumer income to the people who work for government contracts, the have a marginal propensity to spend, etc.


          The justification is supposed to be the liquidity trap. If there’s no liquidity trap, then there’s no justification for squandering the consumers’ future discretionary income through deficit spending. Fer goodness’ sake, if economic growth depends on discretionary consumer spending in the future, and the progressives have the government eating all that seed corn today, then they shouldn’t call it “stimulus”. We should call it “cronyism”.

          Anyway, that’s what I meant by liquidity trap and stimulus.

          Trump’s plan isn’t really stimulus. It’s just a vote buying jobs plan.

          1. It’s just a vote buying jobs plan.

            pretty much what i said above.

            1. And that’s pretty much what I said above what you said–so there!

          2. Liquidity traps are just a rationalization for ratcheting up the government toward full on socialism.

            Market monetarists (David Beckwith and George Selgin especially) make a pretty good case that you really can get out of a liquidity trap just by expanding money supply. Fiscal policy is neither nevesssry nor even particularly good at doing that anyway.

  35. “Rolling Stone has asked the judge to overrule the jury so it doesn’t have to pay University of Virginia’s Nicole Eramo the $3 million dollars she’s owed.”

    Yeah, Rolling Stone shouldn’t try to not pay the $3 million because of what’s right.

    Children’s’ minds work that way.

    In fact, they should give her more money than that–because of what’s right.

  36. Chipotle: So Shitty Even Its Executives Think They Suck

    “Service”? The reason i only ate there once was because i couldn’t abide watching 5 high-school dropouts manhandling food with rubber gloves, slopping ingredients into a paper bowl like in early-industrial assembly line fashion. I don’t think i cared if the cashier asked me if i was having a nice day.

    1. Fuck you. Chipotle is awesome and you’re a terrible human being for thinking otherwise.

      1. Stop embarrassing yourself. Just stop.

        1. He’s just living up to his moniker.

      2. Eat Tijuana Flats down south. Better food, plus beer, plus not given to poisoning their clientele.

    2. Or…executive wants to fix things!

      Do you even PR, bro?

      1. That’s not how PR works. PR means you say you’re making things “better”. that doesn’t necessarily mean acknowledging things suck. He’s just admitting that half their outlets fail by their own quality-control measures.

        1. OK, how about “giving our stores a brand-new look that you’re gonna love!”

          1. You might as well give a band-aid and a kiss to a hemophiliac with a shotgun wound

            1. I’d sooner click on one of HM’s links than on the one you gave, thank you all the same.

              1. someone doesn’t know how to hover-over links

                1. I think he’s right. $200 or less. I don’t have time to wait; I’ve moved on to other things.

      2. Chipotle is tasteless faux Tex-Mex imitation cardboard for those who have no appreciation for food and think that a belly fulll of stuff is best measured by time to service and saving a few pennies as well as name brand coolness.

        see: Starbucks

        1. Chipotle isn’t Tex-Mex, it’s California Burrito.

    3. The ingredients are fresh, the burritos taste great, . . .

      I swear. Chipotle has just become the Nickleback of fast food. People hate on them just because.

      . . . except where Nickleback actually sucks (but no more so than any other popular band), the food at Chipotle tastes great.

        1. So your problem isn’t with the menu or food, it’s all about the e coli?

          At least Playa Manhattan is an honest food snob.

          The other day, there was a piece about a woman who after trying to shoplift beer 1) threw a dog into traffic to try to distract the police 2) took a shit in the back of the squad car when they finally arrested her.

          Playa’s criticism of her was that she had poor taste in beer!

          1. No, I criticized her for ONLY stealing 3 beers. It’s not worth going to jail over 3 beers. At least get a 24 pack, so you’re drunk when you get locked up.

            It’s just common sense. If I have to explain it to you, you just won’t get it.

          2. So your problem isn’t with the menu or food, it’s all about the e coli?

            Oh, no. My problem with chipotle covers multiple dimentions – existential, aesthetic, economic, cultural…

            1. I can see that nobody ever clicks on my handle. It’s been that way for months.

              Is there any way to turn that into a YouTube video?

              1. “clicks on my handle”

                these euphemisms

      1. It’s bland. My wife and kids like it for some reason, but for that kind of money I’d rather eat two nice cheeseburgers.

        1. It isn’t bland.

          They warn me beforehand that the steak is really spicy all the time.

          Bland is the food at McDonalds.

          Fresh ingredients plus three levels of hot sauce is not “bland”.

          1. There’s not been once where I’ve remarked about how tasty the food is there. I only eat it when they insist we go or they bring it back. There is absolutely nothing memorable about what they serve, Hence: Bland.

            1. Their chips are good though. But not good enough for me to visit Chipoltle on my own.

          2. Wait, where do live? Midwest?

      2. I’d rather go to most any independent taqueria than Chipotle. Or even a good taco truck.

        Of course if you don’t have any of those, maybe look to import some Mexicans into your town to do the jobs Americans won’t do.

        1. They just put a Kogi in my local Whole Foods. Ate it today, actually.

          1. Yeah, that’s real authentic.

            Bring back Mrs. Gooch’s!

            1. Korean tacos ARE authentic. Kogi invented them.

              Besides, the McMartins molested kids in the Mrs. Gooch’s.

              1. Kogi is more fusion-y, but I’ve definitely had Korean/Mexican “fusion” which was basically korean BBQ in a tortilla.

                Not that I’m complaining. Just think it’s about time to admit that the tortilla has won the edible container contest, beating out hoagie rolls, pita pockets, bread bowls, and a bunch of other things followed in last place by lettuce.

                1. You have to drive past a selection of authentic Mexican restaurants to get to the Whole Foods from Manhattan Beach.

                  He has to drive past Amigo’s Taqueria to get to “authentic” Korean tacos.

                  1. I’m in the Manhattan Village. Amigos is the other way.

                    Don’t think I didn’t have their fish tacos for breakfast yesterday, because I did. If I make it to 10am without eating breakfast, I always get fish tacos.

                  2. Nothing says authentic like a taco place owned and operated by a family from Beirut.

                    1. At least the Al Pastor will be authentic.

              2. How can so many things be wrong in a three sentence post?

                “Korean tacos” is an oxymoron, and anything that’s an oxymoron can’t be authentic.

                And I haven’t even started talking about the McMartins yet!!!

                1. I know, I know. The McMartins didn’t molest anyone. I went to the preschool. Kee MacFarlane was a fraud, the entire thing was a witch hunt, etc etc.

                  Still, if you like Mrs. Gooches, they definitely molested kids there. Same with Chipotle.

                  1. Say hello to your new favorite band:


                  2. I know, I know. The McMartins didn’t molest anyone. I went to the preschool. Kee MacFarlane was a fraud, the entire thing was a witch hunt, etc etc.

                    Frontline did an excellent documentary and expose on the whole thing back in the early 90s.

                    1. I’m sure they covered everything but the Chipotle molestations.

      3. Chipotle is the worst. Taco Bell is fucking better. And if you want something along the lines of what Chipotle is attempting to do, just go to Qdoba and save some money.

        1. Honestly, I think HotHeads is better than Chipotle… It’s not 150% authentic Mexican cuisine, but it’s cheap, quick, and it fills you up. Heck, if you get chicken or steak and lay off the guac and sour cream, it’s not even that bad from a nutrition standpoint.

    1. Naming a trangender kid the “Holly Ball King” has to be at least a microagression, right?

    2. I think the kids of today have totally changed the meaning of these kings and queens of school dances, typically making it into some joke election of the most downtrodden kid in the school, the one kid who will actually be inspired by winning.

      Some day people will be stunned to know that there was a time when the prom queens were considered to be the most beautiful and best-liked girls in the school, a true honor, one that their husbands would still be talking about when they were 60.

      Instead, now it’s “let’s vote for the opposite of what it used to mean” and each time an unusual winner arises it’s some sort of ‘breakthrough’ worthy of the press. Not many boundaries remaining, though, so it won’t be news much in the future, just ‘normal.’

      1. Carrie has a sad.

      2. Much like the way weddings are more about the parent-families than the bride and groom…

        …most stuff with kids these days isn’t about their “subject matter”, but themselves. By constantly handing out awards/prizes/honors to the “marginalized” among them, they achieve a collective moral-back-patting. “we’re good people because we believe good things”. It also baits a minority to point out the superficiality of the exercise, allowing the majority to then know exactly who they are superior *to*.

        1. e.g. which is why the proggy media *needs* the Alt-Right to be actual Neo-Nazis threatening the fabric of America/

          Its not enough that they’re just a tiny fringe within a fringe, no more significant than the 4chan boards they evolved from. They need to be a “thing” so that they can validate the RighThinking people’s constant narcissistic struggles against them.

          1. Its not enough that they’re just a tiny fringe within a fringe, no more significant than the 4chan boards they evolved from.

            Yeah, that’s where the AltRight came from!

        2. “we’re good people because we believe good things”.

          It never occurs to them to question whether those things are good. I haven’t found that to be true.

          1. all that matters is that there is consensus that these things are “good”. The thing itself is not important; the consensus is.

            e.g. take “Fracking” for example.

            I was approached by a early-20-something activist on the street a few years ago and implored to sign a petition banning the activity in NY state.

            For amusement, i asked the dude to explain how fracking worked, and why i should oppose its use.

            I actually warned him in advance that i knew a bit about the physics/geology/chemistry of conventional drilling and its potential environmental hazards, but i was unclear on why Fracking was necessarily more-dangerous. “Please”, i said, “Compare-contrast the two”

            You can guess that it didn’t go well for him. He couldn’t even name the ingredients in Fracking Fluids. Much less cite the difference rates of methane/benzine emissions of fracked vs. conventional wells.

            He basically knew nothing. He didn’t know whether natural gas was more or less polluting than Oil. He didn’t know where the water-table is located relative to typical fossil-fuel deposits.

            Even after it was abundantly clear he knew nothing about the subject he was so passionate about, i asked him, “How is it you can be so sure that banning fracking is actually a good idea?”

            That was the one thing he was absolutely convinced of. Because “Everyone Agrees”.

  37. Winner of funny-headline-of-the-day award (so far)

    Pipeline Protestors Ride Out Storm in Shelters, Casino

    what a vast gulf a comma can bridge.

    They get quotes from people in “teepees” (*for fuck’s sake, its a tent you pretentious cunts), but none unfortunately from those warming themselves around the $5 craps table.

    1. I also think the correct spelling is now ‘tipi’.

      TeePee’s was an awesome road house where I bought beer underage all the time.

    2. I keep seeing stills of this dude in a replica US Cavalry hat at the protests, and people are cheering him. It confuses the fuck out of me. Whatever he is saying, is there anything more disrespectful than showing up in US Army gear from the 19th century at an Indian reservation?

  38. You win this time, Robert.

    This time.

    1. I predict we get an Angry Groovus in the mornin’. A-yup.

  39. “Another university student body wants to stop Milo Yiannopoulos from coming to campus”

    Student body?

    Maybe if you “student body” you mean a university organization called “Coalition Against the Ultra Right.”

    If they represent the “student body,” why did they write an open letter to the whole campus community? Since the campus community includes students, they’d be writing a letter to themselves.

    Seriously, I suspect this is a group of activists drawn from the flakier elements of the student body. Of course, flakiest in such a context generally means “most influential.”

    1. I always get the most influential biscuits.

    2. I’m not sure why many of the Reason writers don’t like Milo. He’s a true force of good against college SJWs, he’s their kryptonite.

      1. Association with the ‘alt-right’, Trump supporter, populist, natural provocateur, oddly traditionalist for a flaming homosexual. All and all, a dangerous faggot.

        1. Are they supposed to blow him because he is provocateur, because as far as I can tell that is all he is.

          1. He is a provocateur, but at least in my eyes he’s quite a bit more valuable than just that, especially as a voice against the Feminazis. This interview that he did with BBC was really good:

            1. His interview on the Joe Rogan podcast was worth it.. very entertaining two hours that eased a dull drive.

              1. You would think that the Reason guys would love Milo and what he stands for, but they don’t. It’s so weird, he openly says that he likes and supports libertarian thought in his lectures even though he doesn’t agree with its “tedious” nature. Is being a Trump supporters that much of a turn-off?

                1. It isnt just Trump supporters. There is a lot of left leaning going on behind the curtain.

                  1. That’s another part that I don’t understand. You would think that Reason would try to hire writers that fit the views of the commentariat, since those are the majority of people that read the articles. Is leftist pandering really that tempting to them? To me, the Libertarian message is far more effective if marketed towards the right because more people on the right are open to new ideas, at least from my experience.

                2. Libertarians have been in a defensive posture for what, 250 years. This gets tiresome. The alt-right is all over the place and sometimes creepy, but its something you can identify…like this: Caitlin Jenner is a male. How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?

                  1. “The alt-right is all over the place..”

                    *pull a small gap in curtain, peers outside. Checks pistol*

        2. I thought I had been reading the alt-right for several years before hearing of Robert Spencer. Hell, I even read Larry Auster while he still alive. Having Milo be the poster boy for the alt-right is delicious.

          1. Milo doesn’t even identify with the alt-right, but it doesn’t matter because it’s become an amorphous term that lefty journalists just use to refer to ideas that they don’t like. It’s the new “tea party”.

            1. Exactly

            2. Ditto “neoliberal”.

      2. I’m not sure why many of the Reason writers don’t like Milo. He’s a true force of good against college SJWs, he’s their kryptonite.

        I don’t know either. I find him dreamy, except for that Trump shit.

    3. Iowa State just cancelled the event after trying to extort additional “security” fees last week (they previously requested $500 which was raised and paid), then demanded more money. This is seriously disturbing and I’m frankly concerned that Reason seems to be ignoring the greater censorship issues at-play.

      1. NDSU canceled too.

        Sounds like it wasn’t the school so much as the worry that the security wouldn’t be enough to hold off the hordes of pipeline protesters who are a couple of hours away from Fargo.

      2. do leftist groups have to pay $500? If conservative start acting like fucking babies at leftist speeches, will they be cancelled?

        Fuck the Heckler’s Veto. These people are more fascist then Trump ever will be

        1. No matter what progs say, fascism is a leftist ideology. It’s national socialism that’s only to the right of the even deadlier Soviet communism. It features all of the favorite traits of the left: media censorship, book burning, one-party rule, limited social liberties, etc.

          1. Communists hate fascists and vice versa because they compete for the same people, leftist authoritarians.

          2. What’s their take on frog memes?

            1. Hmmm, don’t know (Rushes to check the SPLC)

              1. New Link

                (I don’t yet have the forum code figured out)

            2. Someone please teach me how to code in the forums, I’m still new…

              1. [a href=”your link here]test[/a]
                only replace the brackets with the greater than/less than signs, which get stripped out. Or use chrome and get the reasonable plugin

            3. Here’s my last try at a link. Hopefully it works this time.

        2. Leftists don’t need security, since they are the only people who pose a violent threat to anybody speaking.

      3. That ‘extra security’ scam seems like SOP now.

      4. Another school went one better on Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager. They cancelled their appearance on short notice due to “logistics concerns.”

    4. I would be surprised if it wasn’t organized by someone bused in. I would think Milo has a team of pinko’s assigned to harass him wherever he goes.

  40. Milo – decent troll

    Excellent troll –

    Robby Soave|December 6, 2016 4:29 pm

    But Trump still pissed off an entire country by answering the phone. You’ll get there, guys.

    /really back-handed way to say well played

    1. i was on the road for work today, so npr was on a lot. the outrage is hilarious

    1. These euphemisms.

    2. Yet nobody replies to my Vincent Price link.

    3. Something of an oddity.

    4. Buzz Aldrin is such a badass, 2016 isn’t going to have time to carry him off.

  41. Wait a minute…how can Milo be a part of the alt-right? He doesnt have the secret Nazi haircut.

    1. The only people who would know about secret Nazi haircuts are Nazis and those who spy on the Nazis.

      Otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a secret, would it?

      1. Apparently many of the people who belong to the alt-right cadre of nazis are the last ones to find out they do. It’s that super secret.

      2. Wasn’t there a photo spread, right here at Reason, of the secret haircut evidence? The only little glitch was the haircuts don’t show up on digital cameras.

    2. I don’t think that dude who went to St. Marks prep had a secret Nazi cut. Its like he went to the barber with stills from every movie about Nazis ever and said, “give me that one”.

  42. Why is John so opposed to self-driving carp?

    1. He flounders with new technology?

    2. I got him really riled up today. A+ Great fun. Would do again.

    3. John’s a real American. No Chinee hacker gonna control is F-150.

  43. I’m the only person having sex in Japan.

    But I’m part of the problem…

    Why is this being portrayed as bad? Japan are doing what the whole world needs to do if we are to stop global warming, climate change, and irreversible destruction of our wildlife. Just think how c02 level would fall with 2 billion fewer people on the planet. Well done Japan.

    1. irreversible

      Make up your fucking mind

      1. It’s almost too late again, isnt it?

      2. I’ve seen that screen name used before, and it has never produced anything close to coherent or insightful.

      3. It’s too late! We have to do something!

    2. Mr. Peter doesnt know that population levels are not a cartoon in his head but a self correcting system. The Japs are packed onto a small island like sardines. This causes people to lose interest in reproduction. Thin them out a bit and they will start screwing like rabbits.

    3. The obsession with CO2 makes Gen Jack. D. Ripper’s rant about fluoride seem the height of sanity by comparison.

      1. You nailed it! CO2 is the 21st century fluoride!

        1. I would say DDT, but whichever.

    4. Looks like it’s time to send an exploratory committee, stat. I volunteer.

    5. NewtScamander can do his part by not reproducing, ever.

      1. But it looks like he had fallen in love with the American witch by the end of the movie. In the sequel, I’m guessing Newt Scamander will have children with her (and breed full-bloods, not no-majs).

    6. Going by the map in the article, it appears sub-Saharan Africa and parts of the Middle East are picking up the slack. All good.

      1. Of course, those areas with high birth rates also suffer from high rates of infant mortality and low overall life expectancy. So your fears of the Brown Zerg Horde are unfounded.

        I would still recommend constructing additional pylons, however.

        1. Oh now, I was not trying to express a fear of a Brown Zerg Horde, I was just pointing out how other parts of the world are picking up the slack for the Japanese. But ya, those parts of the world are a crap shoot as to how long one lives. The death rate map is interesting too. Seems the Russkies and Ukrainians are kicking the bucket at quite a pace. My guess is non filter cigarettes.

          1. Cigarettes, alcohol and drug abuse, lots of STIs, poor diet, Soviet era pollution, radiation in a couple places, take your pick.

        2. I knew it had to be a Starcraft link!

    7. Japan has the same birth rate as Germany, and is just under most of Western Europe. Yet, we never see the litany of “Those Crazy Celibate Krauts!” articles as we do for Japan.

      I wonder why that is.

      1. Too much fun linking to scheisse porn and cannibalism?

    8. I’m the only person having sex in Japan.

      If you are the only person, does that really count as having sex?

    9. Pretty sure our carbon emissions have been going down for almost like a decade while our population has increased and gas prices have declined.

  44. So. How much did Reason raise thus far?

    1. $2

      1. I ain’t givin’ you no tree-fitty, you goddamn Loch Ness Monster! Get your own goddamn money!

    2. Bitcoin and bullion only.

    3. Tree Fiddy

  45. Christian-owned bed and breakfast must host gay weddings

    This totally wasn’t the SJW plan the whole time. I’m being super cereal you guys.

    A decision forcing a Christian-owned bed and breakfast to pay a same-sex couple $30,000 for refusing to host their wedding ceremony will stand.

    Because destroying businesses to appease assholes is the best response to this problem.

    1. These people are agitators. Their goal is to cause strife, to divide people, to destroy the traditional values and mores that cement a peaceful, successful society. You are correct. Their goal is to appease assholes, destroy lives and businesses.

      1. But apart from that, their idea of state-recognized same-sex “marriage” is fully libertarian!


        1. Well Eddie, if most really did believe in defending freedom of association the bakers and bed and breakfast people would be unmolested while Bruce and Andy lived quietly and happily together down the street. Neither you nor I would know who any of those people are because we would be busy looking after our own.

          1. No, you don’t understand. There just aren’t enough gay-friendly bed and breakfasts and wedding planners!

      2. Fuck those assholes. Turning a fairly straightforward matter of equal protection of the law into a cudgel for their culture war.

        1. Maybe they didn’t like gay people for no good reason, who knows. These assholes seem intent on giving them a good reason not to like them though.

    2. “Because destroying businesses to appease assholes is the best response to this problem.”

      One way to fight this would be to have a couples wearing white sheets go to the nearest NAACP hall to try renting it for their wedding. I’d love to see the gov’t tell the NAACP that they had to rent out their space or pay $30,000, but I won’t hold my breath.*

      *Yes, I know the naacp is not involved, but the SJWs and govt would have a tough time explaining why one example to verboten, and the other is not.

      1. Political opinions aren’t a “protected class”…yet. You sometimes get articles in the left-wing journals declaring OMG it’s totes legal for a private company to fire you because of politics, OMG!, and you have a few jurisdictions banning certain kinds of political discrimination, but it hasn’t yet been added to the federal civil rights laws.

        More fun would be to try to have a Muslim baker make a gay cake, or an anniversary cake for the Battle of Lepanto, and indeed some people have done the former (I haven’t heard of Catholics being jerkish enough to try the latter).

        1. Particular Political opinions aren’t a “protected class” and never will be. FTFY

    3. Christian-owned bed and breakfast must host gay weddings

      And this is why you need to donate to Reason. So the editors can explain to you how government sanctioned romantic entanglements are the lubricant of society.

      Nobody has to host poly weddings, yet.

  46. Tom Ford Thinks All Men Should Be Penetrated At Least Once

    “I think it would help them understand women,” he told GQ’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner. “It’s such a vulnerable position to be in, and it’s such a passive position to be in. And there’s such an invasion, in a way, that even if it’s consensual, it’s just very personal.”

    Ford then noted, “I think there’s a psyche that happens because of it that makes you understand and appreciate what women go through their whole life, because it’s not just sexual, it’s a complete setup of the way the world works, that one sex has the ability to literally?and is expected to and is wanted to?but also there’s an invasion. And I think that that’s something most men do not understand at all.”

    Thank you Tom Ford for proving once more that there is no Peak Derp.

    1. So this Tom Ford fellow is trying to mansplain to us about the inherent weakness of womenfolk?

      1. Tom Ford is the antithesis of the traditionally fit suit, which probably makes him a sworn enemy of commentor Gilmore.

        1. I’ve never really paid any attention to the ‘haute couture’ parts of men’s fashion (*i don’t know who actually wears it except for runway models and rockstars)…. but what i’ve seen of his stuff, i’ve generally liked. I don’t know that i’d actually be able to tell the difference between one designer’s “too-small suit” and another’s. I confused him with Thom Browne all the time.

            1. Yoga With Beluga Whales At The Vancouver Aquarium

              I assume that was a metaphor of some kind.

              1. The suit link I was going to post.

                However, whale-watching yoga was apparently thing.

                1. neither here nor there, but I agree completely with the “fixes” the guy makes w/ bond suits. I’d never noticed how silly-tight they made them. It doesn’t make him look ‘jacked’, it makes him look cheap.

                  1. Exactly. And regular people try to emulate that style, and of course they look even worse.

                  2. I just watched Spectre, and I thought at full speed, the suit in the beginning sequence (after the costumes) looked good. But maybe that’s because Bond is about the only person on earth who you actually see who has the right fit to both his suit cuffs and his shirt cuffs.

      2. No, Tom Ford is signaling that he is in the closet. I can only imagine what his inbox looks like. Email, I mean.

        1. Tom Ford is signaling that he is in the closet.

          he was gay-married before it was even cool.

    2. Oh, a “designer and movie director.”

    3. Well certainly, the nature of gender roles in the sexual relationship affects the way we function in society. You want your son to have lots of sex. You don’t want your daughter to.

      But I’m not getting fucked in the ass.

      1. You want your son to have lots of sex. You don’t want your daughter to.

        One is left to wonder where the sons will be getting all this sex if the daughters aren’t supposed to be providing it, though…

        1. … incest subtext unintended

        2. This is how the gays take control.

        3. Your daughter. Other people’s daughters are merely a gateway to spread your genetic code.

    4. After 50, aren’t they all?

      *a proctologist’s glove snaps tight*

      1. Let my glove open your backdoor! Let my glove open your backdoor!

    5. “I think it would help them understand women…..”


    6. it’s such a passive position to be in.

      You’re doing sex wrong, Tom Ford.

    7. Give me a pussy and I’ll be open to it.

      1. I don’t think it works that way.

    8. it’s such a passive position to be in

      I think he’s doing it wrong.

        1. Did conversion therapy render him gayer?

          1. I’d wear that jacket, thing is sweet.

        2. I think I saw that guy in the What What in the Butt video.

        3. For the first few seconds i was sure it was a Key & Peele sketch.

          Also = that tie says “don’t you listen to this here boy, y’all”

          1. If Moynihan donned it, would you advise against or let nature take its course?

            1. I don’t think anyone alive could wear that combo except for a very-gay evangelical black guy. anyone else, it would be assumed to be some sort of costume.

              And yes, i’m including Don Cherry and Craig Sager in that assessment. As always, there’s a “Sportscasters & Magician’s Proviso” when calling something ‘unwearable’

              1. Oh, it’s not a trick, Gilmore.

                It’s an illusion!

        4. He’d be a lot more believable if he didn’t have such a death grip on that microphone.

    9. So this is that shit claiming that unless you will have gay sex you are homophobic, or does that one come later? IIRC, this is about the third trip for this crap since the late 1980s.

    10. Message to Tom Ford. Men do not have vaginas. Not the same thing. You’re welcome.

  47. You are holding my train schedule hostage for a donation. You bastards. Were you behind the collision at Brooke this morning?

    1. Train schedule, eh? Brooke? More like Rat voted NOVA, amirite

        1. That was pre-death train days.

      1. It is hostile territory, but abundant in prog tears.

        1. I’m just a midwesterner. Your coastal world frightens and confuses me. Sometimes when I hear about the Acela corridor, I think maybe I’ve forgotten some Asimov story. I don’t know. My midwestern mind can’t grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know: when a man talks about boarding a train to commute to work, he’s most likely talking about the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.

  48. Which of you apes could use this?

    Meet the Back Blade!

    1. We are all porn stars now.

  49. How did this Onion article end up on Slate?

    Obama Warns the Country About How Much Power He’s About to Hand Trump

    The document and the speech together sure seem like an acknowledgment that Obama, partially because of his own administration’s actions, is handing unprecedented presidential powers to someone he clearly thinks is unequipped to handle them responsibly.

    If only the people who wrote the Constitution had considered this scenario. Then they could have included provisions for the sole purpose of preventing the president or any part of the govt from having too much power.

    1. well, actually, the Constitution didn’t even give rights to POC or women. it clearly favored property owning white men, and gave them exclusive power.

      1. this was funny, dammit.

    2. That fucking moron isnt handing anyone anything. The voters handed the power to Trump. Obama’s job is to get the fuck out of the way.

      How many people have power, think they need more, and think no one else on earth is qualified to wield that power?

      He is a disgrace.

      1. Remember the financial crisis, right after the election? Bush called him to keep him abreast of what was happening, and Obama called a press conference and announced that He was evaluating possible solutions and He would decide on the course of action.

        When Bush came out with TARP, Obama very quickly held a presser to announce that he had decided to provide this much needed relief to the economy. Despite being months away from taking office and not even having a full slate of cabinet selections made.

        Funny how quickly people forget things.

  50. I just overheard part of a Trump speech on TV in the background (*introducing Mattis as his sec-def nom), and i think what he said re: the use of the military is possibly the farthest he’s ever gone as far as expressing a “non-interventionist” argument.

    He even seemed to be admitting that his view during the campaign was not exactly what he’d always had in mind. He specifically said, “we’re fighting around the world in places we shouldn’t be at all”.

    He followed this with a bunch of “we’re still going to have the strongest military ever, etc etc”… but he really went out of his way to emphasize that he sees ‘reducing our footprint’ as part of his core mission.

    It was bizarre. It actually sounded like he meant what he was saying… at least in that it was stuff it didn’t seem like he needed to say. Maybe its partly the influence of Mattis, who knows.

    1. I hope so. We need to gtfo of the middle east.

      1. It will be fun to see the Democrats try to explain why we should be there if he does.

        1. Eh, their capacity for cognitive dissonance removes a lot of the entertainment value.

      2. Almighty, Since the Libya debacle I have been asking anyone that would listen “What did we get out of that? What was the goal? What are we doing in Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan? What is the end game?

        All I have gotten in response is crickets.

        If Trump does even one of the things he said tonight he intends to do (gtfo of the ME top of my list) he will be the best president since Reagan. If he accomplishes all or a significant portion of it we really will be looking at a libertarian moment.

        1. I’m with you. I liked his response at one of the debates to that shrill harpy who thought the debate was between Trump and her. She asked what he was going to do about Allepo and if he would let it fall, and he basically said, bitch Allepo is already gone.

          To your point, there us no end game. It comes down to which army of psychopathic fucking child rapist pieces of shit do we want our troops supporting over there. We’re being purposely drawn in to this shit by both sides. We can’t fix detroit, much less the shit show over there.

          1. So where is Allepo? 😉

            1. Don’t they still live in colonies?

          2. You forgot the cannibals.

    2. He specifically said that he will not engage the military except to defend essential American interests. No more fucking around with interventions and deposing foreign regimes “we know nothing about”. He has been saying this sort of thing from the start.

      1. He has been saying this sort of thing from the start.

        Maybe. People chose to hear his “i’ll bomb the shit out of em” (re: ISIS) and his “Its going to be the best military ever” bragging… and read his rhetorical-military-fellations as being “warlike”.

        I do think there have been times he made similar statements about reducing the US military footprint… but the thing i found so odd about it was how specific he was in emphasizing that the goal is “less conflict”…which seems to me not the sort of thing most Team Red people would have done. And he seemed very self-aware that what he was saying was a break with the past. What was notable about the speech was that it came across (despite plenty of his usually goofy banter) as very much sincere and entirely his own opinion, and not something calculated simply to do well with his audience. There were parts where he even sounded vaguely apologetic – as in, “I know you people don’t want to hear this, but….”

        1. That is true. A lot of people didn’t hear it because they didn’t want to. They still don’t want to. Tomorrow there will be a new slew of “Trump is a tyrant! A white supremist!” while everything he said tonight will be ignored.

          I agree he sounded sincere but you have to be careful with guys that sound too good to be true. A lot of really bad people started out that way. I like what he said but I am not going to stop giving him the hard stare.

          1. totally agree. my reaction here is mostly about the the tone – less about the content. If and when they put the thing on youtube i’ll go back and find the parts that i mean, because the thing i found surprising was not so much what he was saying, but more that it sounded like he was trying to “come clean” and tell people ‘hard truths’. it was just a different posture than what i’d heard before.

            1. Earlier, before the speech, some bobble head was interviewing a Trump supporter. I wasn’t paying close attention so I don’t know who they were.

              Interviewer : “Trump doesnt sound like a typical politician. He doesnt sound like a typical Republican…”

              Interviewee: “Because he isnt a Republican or a politician. Do you honestly think he would be here if Obama hadn’t taken us from bad to worse? Or do you think he would be out making billions?”
              *barely perceptible slow head shake*

              The bobble head was genuinely flummoxed. I am beginning to think that journalism school brainwashes people as badly as the People’s Army. They can only see things one way.

          2. What I find interesting is that Trump sounded bellicose toward ISIS while Clinton advocated enforcing a no-fly zone against Russian and Syrian aircraft over Syria.

            But we were supposed to be worried about Trump starting world war III.

            Is it just me, or does shooting down Russian aircraft over Syria sound just a skosh more likely to start world war III?

            Meanwhile, the non-interventionist isn’t up on the details of interventionist issues and gets crucified.

            1. The Dem leadership was never serious about defeating ISIS. ISIS was just another pawn in Obumbles 12 dimensional chess game. If I was cynical and paranoid I would say Clinton’s plan to bring in a million Syrian refugees had some angle to it that involved increased domestic terror and ramping up the security state.

              I probably would say something like that if some foreign dignitary backing Clinton had said something along the lines of ‘terrorism in the US will be more common so get used to it’. Y’know, something like that.

        2. PeopleCucks chose to hear his “i’ll bomb the shit out of em” (re: ISIS) and his “Its going to be the best military ever” bragging… and read his rhetorical-military-fellations as being “warlike”.

          The non-interventionist, anti-entangling alliance nationalism, as much as his “outsider” status is why Trump drew so much opposition from the establishment cener-right and “movement conservative” wings of the Party.

        3. “I know you people don’t want to hear this, but….”

          Now I get what you’re saying. Trump was addressing a crowd in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg. He’s pro military but anti-war, including wars where many in the crowd likely served and/or lost loved ones.

          1. *that’s probably part of what i was getting. I wasn’t aware his audience was so solidly military (I just heard most of it in the background while the TV was on in the other room)

    3. It actually sounded like he meant what he was saying

      It’s what he always says. Why wouldn’t Trump mean it?

    1. Jesus Christ, they’re still going with that?

      Is all of this missing the point deliberate?

    2. There isnt an honest word in that tripe.

      1. Its Vox. They’re a bunch of earnest kids with 90 IQs and no desire to read a book trying to look smart by “explaining” things without citing any evidence. So, basically, like talking to your idiot cousin who can’t spell Iraq with a three letter head start tell you why 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy to corner the oil market.

  51. Since the beginning of the Mosul offensive in October, ISIS has launched about 600 suicide attacks. To put that number in perspective, there were about 3,000 kamikaze attacks during WW2.

    1. If only they would commit even more suicides.

    2. Can I get an cost efficiency breakdown on those suicide attacks? Carriers varied in price and New Orleans class cruisers cost around twelve million dollars. I think the Japanese would win overall, converting to modern U.S. dollars.

  52. So basically Trump just promised to nuke North Africa. Yay.

    1. As mentioned above some people just hear what they want to hear.

      You are supposed to gather data and then draw your conclusion, not the other way about. Are you one of those people that fucking love science?

    2. How else are we going to stop Zombie Rommel? You ever think of that dajjal? While you sit here and pontificate Zombie Rommel is eating the brains of poor, innocent Libyans! He must be stopped, and since the chemtrails didn’t work and Mossad can’t teleport a robot into his body to give him a heart attack, this is our only chance! We could always sacrifice some children to Satan and ask him for a favour, but he’s always busy this time of year with the Christmas suicides, and children’s blood is really hard to get out of the carpet.

  53. Pinker gave endless excuses for why Trumpkins are too irrational to vote in their own best interest. He is either delusional or extremely cynical. Though, I’m starting to wonder if there’s even a difference.

  54. From the Pinker article:

    “…since 2002, more Americans have been killed by right-wing American terrorists than by Islamic terrorists.”

    This claim is backed up by a link to a Newsweek article in February:

    “…the right-wing militants who, since 2002, have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have. In that time, according to New America, a Washington think tank, Islamists launched nine attacks that murdered 45, while the right-wing extremists struck 18 times, leaving 48 dead.”

    Why use 2002 as the cut-off point, I wonder? Also, after that article was published in February, there was the Pulse night club attack in June, where according to Wikipedia 49 people were killed, more than the number of victims of right-wing attacks from 2002 to Feb. 2016, even if we believe Newsweek.

    1. more Americans have been killed by right-wing American terrorists than by Islamic terrorists.

      How many right-wing terrorists were left-handed? Huh? Answer that!

    2. “Right-wing” I assume means “no plausible Jihadist sympathies.”

    3. Oh, look, those statistics aren’t universally accepted.

      If Pinker actually relied on this study, he should answer the objections.

      1. I wonder why they never give specific examples of right wing extremist attacks.

    4. This is the same bullshit that produced this “desperate front page graphic” the NYT ran the day after the San Berdoo shooting.

  55. even if we believe Newsweek

    That is a big IF. I’m having trouble remembering any “right-wing” attacks. I don’t doubt that I didn’t hear about all of them and I’m likely forgetting some. But 18 attacks?!

    Are they throwing straight-up nut jobs like Dylan Roof and the guy who shot Giffords (and others) into a great right-wing conspiracy?

    1. It’s fun to show how Newsweek is full of crap *even if* we accept their sketchy “facts.”

    2. Eh, Roof may be nuts but if you shoot up a bunch of black people because you are a goddamn racist, yeah, I’ll give it to you.

      As long as, say, something like man murdering his wife and stuffing body in a suitcase because she was going to divorce him goes under ‘honor killing’ and thus counts under Muslim terror.

      Ooh, I wonder if they counted Eliot Rogers – a man so misogynist he murdered twice as many men as women!

      1. Eh, Roof may be nuts but if you shoot up a bunch of black people because you are a goddamn racist, yeah, I’ll give it to you.

        Racist, yes. But why does that automatically make him “right-wing”?

        1. Got lumped in….50 years ago? 60? If not during ww2? “Extreme right wing” is big on blood and soil. Race easily slips into it.

          You can rail against it and wish it were different like Faulkner’s archetypal Southern boy, but it’s a battle as lost as the one in 1863.

          Ain’t fair, but is how it is, sadly.
          Or will you say that not a single Muslim terror attack took place because, hey, CAIR said so, anyone murdering people isn’t a real Muslim?

          1. but it’s a battle as lost as the one in 1863.

            That’s what you think. Goddamn Neo-Boers getting their hands on time machines.

            1. I read that book many years ago. Very entertaining. Hard to believe it never got made into a movie with Stallone or similar ilk.

              In the end, after winning the civil war, Robert E. Lee frees the slaves anyway, and his supporters defeat the South African neo-nazi time travelers. And so the overall world ends up just the same, only a somewhat different way of getting there. Oops, I should have said spoiler alert.

          2. And of course there is two different “racism’s”, right? If a Black Panther kills a white person, that is left-wing violence? Oh wait, there’s no such thing as left-wing violence. I’m so confused…

            1. Implying some kind of non-white racism? While theoretically possible, in, say Rwanda, it does not exist in US and thus is easily included in the study with a number 0. Done!

              Oh fuck, I should add “dripping with sarcasm” disclaimer to my most of my posts, shouldn’t I?

              1. Sarcasm? You were being sarcastic? I figuratively had no idea!

                1. When I get down to literally quoting SJW dogma without exaggeration, it’s best to be sure.

              2. You need to be more of a stickler about such things.

    3. “Right wing” is pretty goddamn broad a descriptor too. Weirdo castle-doctrine militia fight? Right-wing attack. Neo-Nazi beat down? Right-wing attack. Anti-abortion activists assault a doctor? Right-wing attack.

      I mean, if they read the Unabomber’s manifesto and his criticism of modern left-wing politics they’d probably classify him as a right-winger.

      1. Such an easy bait-and-switch, isn’t it?

        Start with “extreme right wing”, then refer simply to “right-wing” from that point on. If sorely pressed, point to the single instance of “extreme” to of course clarify you didn’t mean ALL right-wing people.

        And in the meantime, the meaning drifts, like a fully occupied de jure duchy…

  56. We in shitpost mode? If so, Daily Mail has Germany’s Mr Flirt Teaches Refugees How To Pick Up Women.

    Mark Steyn’s comment (you know nothing, John Titor!):

    You mayt scoff at Mr Flirt’s technique, but in a pilot program Angela, a 62-year-old German woman, found herself attracted to 1.3 million Muslim migrants in just one year!

    1. Is this the “How Not To Rape” course that feminists want to be taught to men?

    2. ‘God created you only for me,’ he said, then tried another: ‘I love you. Can I sleep over at your place?’
      Horst Wenzel winced, but caught himself quickly.

      “See, that’s alright, at least there’s a can in there, not a will, baby steps. Now can anyone tell me the proper gift for a woman after several years of courtship? It needs to be something special, something they’ve always dreamed of having. Like Danzig…I mean, shit! A diamond necklace, yes, a diamond necklace.”

      you know nothing, John Titor!

      You know, I could just travel back fifteen minutes and post this before you, but it isn’t worth the hassle of creating an alternate universe.

  57. So will the studio make more off of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ticket sales or Baby Groot merch?

  58. Oakland warehouse; no update on fatalities, but the focus has shifted to what, why and how (to fix):
    “Sheriff: Warehouse fire probe focused in area full of appliances”…..776828.php
    One outlet, twenty people, hot-plates, toaster ovens, everybody hoping ‘the other guy’ was watching the store, and that yields this comment:
    “silverbullet02 Rank 9732
    @Inspectors51 Most of these are kids… were you thinking about fire codes when you were 20? Common sense, I know, but we can’t rely on that and expect our young people to be safe. Public safety should be the #1 priority of the city government, and it’s pretty clear from anyone paying attention to the news, along with this horrifically tragic event, that it’s not the case.”
    Kids. 20 years old. Rely on the gov’t to keep you safe.
    Sure worked here!
    And no link (maybe they’re embarrassed), the paper had a ‘guest editorial’ by a lawyer who had no better competence to write on the matter than an average gas-pump-jockey:
    ‘our artist community’
    ‘affordable housing’
    ‘rent control’
    Throw them on a table top, add some verbs and you got it.

    1. Agh…urge to Godwin…rising….

      You know who else used a massive fire to increase their political power?

      1. The Bureau of Land Management?

      2. Daniel Burnham?

      3. Mrs O’leary’s cow?

    2. Can they vote to increase my taxes, or make things I do illegal? Then they’re old enough to know better.

      1. Yep.
        “Most of these are kids… were you thinking about fire codes when you were 20?”
        The SF BoS hoped to lower the voting age to 16, since you have to be about that mature to think the SF BoS is doing what it should.
        It is somewhat surprising that it did not pass.

  59. “Google Timelapse shows how Bay Area, other cities change over 30 years”…..695422.php
    Unless you focus in tight on, say, the development in SW Marin on Hwy1 (where you can’t push a bike anymore) there really isn’t a lot of change.

    “…it’s easier to spot climate-related changes, especially at Northern California’s Lassen Volcanic Park and the area around Lake Tahoe…”
    Strange, I didn’t see a single bear or deer on the maps spelling out ‘climate-related change’ with rocks; ya think maybe they just pulled that out of their ass?

    1. “…(where you can’t push a bike anymore)…”
      That portion of Hwy1 was the first eighth of the Sunday morning run from Mill Valley Junction to Pt. Reyes Station and you used to be able to use most all the road if you were watching the traffic ahead.
      ‘Can’t push a bike there anymore’, ’cause someone might be pulling out of a driveway where they weren’t earlier.

  60. Holy comment thread. I just logged on hoping for the usual daily dose of 300-400 comments on mundane matters around us. But 600+?? Whaas up with that??

    Granted, I have been stuck in the lab for over 14 hours so I am a bit behind the news cycle…

    1. Blame it on the fact that there was only one article after the PM links dropped, and it was a bit of a nothingburger.

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