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In roughly 30 minutes, beginning sometime after 8 a.m. ET, I will be doing what Reason staffers also do in return for your generous donations: Represent you the best I can in a non-libertarian broadcast venue consumed by tens or hundreds of thousands of people. In this case it will be on MSNBC's PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, a program I have been going on about once a month for the past year or so, and where today I'll be talking with fellow panelists Joan Walsh and Yamiche Alcindor about President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet appointments. Why subject myself to such punishment? Because it ain't punishment, silly, it's a privilege! Where large conversations about politics and policy are taking place, Reason intends to be there, speaking candidly for the truth as we see it, while advocating for Free Minds and Free Markets. I'll also being going on MSNBC in the noontime (ET) hour to provide political analysis, and Katherine Mangu-Ward is also scheduled for the 4 o'clock hour, to deliver more of the same. We mangle our weeknights and Sundays so you don't have to!

In the past week, for example, Anthony Fisher appeared on Fox Business Network's Kennedy (a show we played at least a small role in incubating) to talk about good and bad reactions to Fidel Castro's death, I went on FBN's Intelligence Report With Trish Regan and The Blaze's The Dana Loesch Show and Buck Sexton Show to do the same, Peter Suderman went on Kennedy to talk about the Obamacare ramifications of nominating Tom Price to secretary of Health and Human Services, I did a half-hour on flag-burning politics for SiriusXM Insight's Stand Up! With Pete Dominick, and hey look, if it isn't our old friend Kennedy hosting me and other Party Panelists on Carrier, Goldman Sachs, and weed:

But for some reason you people enjoy us in more hostile environments. Such as minutes 7-11 or so of this appearance on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue, in which Lou Dobbs starts barking at me over space policy (!), saying "This is the great thing about libertarians—they don't know half the time what they're talking about!"

Nick Gillespie over the years has had some memorable scraps on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, including with Rachel Maddow, Donna Brazile, and Braddock, Pennsylvania, Mayor John Fetterman:

And no trip down Reason staffer media-appearance memory lane is complete without Bill O'Reilly trying desperately to defend his own children from the scourge of Jacob Sullum:

Is there a new PBS show trying to channel the spirit of Bill Maher and Intelligence Squared? We're on the pilot (and subsequent episodes). Some independent and libertarian-friendly content burning up the ratings on CNN? We're all over it. That rare newish medium that Reason hasn't totally leaped into? We'll totally leap into it. Our job is to insert ourselves into conversations that are already happening, wherever they're happening, in addition to bringing as many of the happenings as possible right here to reason.com.

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  1. Sunday Lynx! This is great since my people cannot participate in the Saturday posts.

    1. And here’s my contribution.

      Thanks, Obama!

      I’ve been trying to cheer up my proggie friends by telling them that they voted for a dishonest plutocratic warmonger and what they got was a dishonest plutocratic warmonger. They do not seem to appreciate my efforts.

      1. Well, it’s not all his fault. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

      2. But my interpretation of his vagueness and platitudes told my spidey sense that he was anti war. What happened??? I can only look to the Great Spirit in the sky.

        1. That’s where you’re gonna go when you die.

      1. It’s funny. Usually after a Pres steps down, the laurels come out, even from critics. It seems with Obama, people are sharpening their knives.

        1. Didn’t Reason award him the Nobel Peace Prize before them, but after The Onion?

          1. Possibly. I’ve been pretty drunk most of the past eight years.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE0ZB1HDeao

    Let’s talk about sects. Hell, Robby was posting about a new Zelda game, so CK2 seems like a fair ground for discussion.

  3. In this case it will be on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, a program I have been going on about once a month for the past year or so…

    This is the first I’m hearing of it. Prediction: Bland tie.

  4. Damn, Matt’s going to be surrounded by a fraud, a Nation writer and I assume the other panelist is a socialist also. Here’s betting he gets talked over every chance they get.

    1. Also he’s too nice. At least Nick offered to take Mayor Juggalo outside and kick the hsit out of him.

  5. It looks like Sharpton figured out what pendulums do.

    1. Physics is hard.

  6. If Trump would ‘destroy’ unions for federal workers I’d be all for it.

    1. Since wages and benefits are set by Congress, the federal unions don’t have that much power. They are a money making racket for the Democratic party more than anything. That is a good reason to destroy them for sure. But, it is the state and local government employees unions that have the real muscle and have effectively bankrupted blue states.

      1. “But, it is the state and local government employees unions that have the real muscle and have effectively bankrupted blue states.”

        “Biggest union reaches deal with California government”

        Details to follow, but huge union, ‘negotiating’ with D bureaucrats; what could go wrong?

  7. http://www.newsbusters.org/blo…..nder-trump

    Sex is going to be a lot less fun with that son of bitch Trump in the White House. Trump apparently ruins everything.

    1. If I’m going to be under somebody having sex, I’d rather it be a nubile young lady than 70-year-old Donald Trump.

      (John may be a gerontophile in addition to a chubby chaser.)

      1. The link said sex would be a lot less fun. So you can’t call me a gerontophile. Read the posts Ted.

        1. You seem to be disapproving of Filipovic’s assertion. I therefore concluded that you’d like sex under Trump.

          1. So you’re saying that John is a slavic glamor model?

    2. Because when It comes to getting laid, the feminists are the experts on what makes a man sexually attractive.

      1. Yeah, she is actually half way cute, but I doubt sex with her was all that fun to begin with. Notice the permanent smug look on her face. There is nothing sexy about smug

        1. She’s cute, but don’t stick you’re dick in crazy is in full effect there.

          1. Yeah three words; false rape allegation.

        2. Are you nuts? Smug is the perfect look for revenge sex!

    3. Jill Fill doesn’t know what sovereignty means.

    4. Good article to understand the warped thinking of a feminist. Trump will replace Obamacare which means no free birth control, which means less slutting it up, which means sex is less fun.

    5. Filipovic needs to hang out here. We could talk about sex, baby.

    6. This is not the first time a feminist admitted that her policy preferences were derived by a desire for consequence-free “recreational sex.”

      Another key manifestation of this is abortion. Abortion must not be restricted because if it were, recreational extramarital sex, with guys who you wouldn’t want to be the father of your children, would be more “risky.”

      Ergo unborn human beings are not persons with constitutional rights, QED.

    7. All sex involving penetration is rape, anyway.

  8. GIFs substituting for video are a good reason not to donate to the Webathon.

  9. Sad beard’s greatest hits


    Yglesias works with stupidity like other artists work with clay or canvas.

      1. The Daily Wire can’t be expected to have the bandwidth to do a complete accounting of the stupid things he has said. That would take years and cost millions of dollars. You would end up with on hell of an Encyclopedia Stupidica but it would take a monumental effort.

        1. *Retardica? *Derpttanica?

  10. You knew it was coming. The ideology is never wrong and never loses. It is only stabbed in the back by saboteurs. Obama was never a Progressive.


    1. it is at least encouraging to know that someone, somewhere has a plan.

      You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying!

    1. I wonder why they are doing that. Are they worried that dissidents will vandalize the places?

      1. It’s consistent with their commie-iconography from Day 1. It’s about the Revolution, and July 26, and Che, and Granma, and resisting the Yanquis, and NOT about the Castros. That way it can totally be about the Castros (or better said, Fidel).

        1. they have dizzying intellect.

    2. That sounds about right for communist regimes, they’re going to memory hole anybody that wasn’t sufficiently Communist.

      1. Like Stalin, Fidel will now be blamed for everything. Castro just wasn’t a real communist and that is why he failed. See my article above about how Obama is not really a Progressive.

  11. http://www.wsj.com/articles/my…..1480723518

    But the damage to my reputation had been done, and perhaps that was the point. Studying and engaging on climate change had become decidedly less fun. So I started researching and teaching other topics and have found the change in direction refreshing. Don’t worry about me: I have tenure and supportive campus leaders and regents. No one is trying to get me fired for my new scholarly pursuits.

    You just run everyone who disagrees out of the profession and viola; consensus. The science is settled. What a fucking fraud.

    1. Isn’t that kinda the point? To get rid of the “deniers’? He should just be glad Nye didn’t push to have him thrown in prison!

      Wouldn’t that be the ultimate example in this farce? An engineer passing judgment on an actual climate scientist who happened to have a differing opinion.

  12. I’m generally okay with Welch’s appearance here. Dark blue suit, white shirt (NO BUTTON DOWN COLLAR) and light blue striped tie.

    Also, drink. he got to say the word “libertarian” a couple times.

    1. I give Welch a lot of shit, But he really does look like the frontman for a ska band.

      1. The “But” here is confusing.

        1. The “But” here is confusing.

          Words you will never hear from jesse.in.mb.

        2. OK, could you go on Kennedy and ask them to pick it up?

          1. She has been sporting the short hemlines, like a beacon for Roger Ailes to return.

  13. I keep hearing how awful it is for Trump to be picking rich business people instead of long time ‘policy’ people or long time members of government. You know,the people that screwed up the last 16 years.

    1. They are terrified of the prospect of Trump doing an acceptable job and showing the world just how stupid and incompetent they actually are.

      1. This is true. And as Adans said, the last 16 years have given him a VERY low bar to hop over.

        1. About the height of the average sidewalk curb.

    2. Yes, people like Obama Clinton,Kerry,Chaney,any head of the V.A and on and on, did such a bang up job.I saw Ash Carter now says the U.S. needs to keep troops in Iraq after ISIS is defeated . Same old, same old.

  14. So last night, I decided to indulge in Afghan food at an excellent Chicago-area eatery. This was to celebrate our nation’s latest glorious victories there and the imminent total and permanent defeat of the forces of… that which is not to be named, but it’s not (((us))). Across the way, I noticed a fellow wearing lederhosen who had on his table a large chunk of cheese into which he was busy drilling holes. I thought this a bit curious, so summoning up my Jew courage, I approached him and asked, “What are you doing and why are you doing this?”

    He looked up and explained, with a noticeable Switzerdeutsch accent, “I am making zis cheese edible. A brrroper cheese vill have holes to let ze flavor ceerculate.”

    I responded, “But this is an unconscionable expense. Besides the waste of the cheese that’s being removed, your labor component greatly increases cost without value-added.” He reddened, scowled, and shot back, “If making this into something a ZIVILIZED person can eat is not value-added, zen you have no idea of vat ‘value’ is!”

    I calmly pointed out that the theory of flavor circulation doesn’t have any scientific support, and in fact, one could argue that this would cause volatilization and actually reduce the flavor. I added that the French and Italian cheses, certainly not lacking for flavor, were undrilled. He looked rather angry and then… narrowed his gaze at me. At that moment, I realized whom I was actually dealing with.

    1. ‘narrows gaze for Swiss’

      1. After encountering me, he will not be narrowing his gaze again anytime soon. This involved French roofies, ropes, muriatic acid, and garbage bags. Don’t ask.

        1. Everyone should have a hobby.

  15. Do you know why you never see elephants hiding in trees?

    They’re really good at it.

    1. ‘ golf clap ‘

    2. I just saw that exact joke on the FB page of a fellow commenter. I may need to examine the Friends list to recommend who ought to be un-friended.

        1. I figured it out. You’re toast. Crusty, crusty toast.

          1. No, I figured it out. Crusty is Penn Jillette!

  16. Is there a way to make a donation the old fashioned way – that is, to mail a check to an address?
    One of the IT guys at work said I should make the acquaintance of someone known as “Lily the AT&T girl” if I wanted to learn more about superphones and the like. What can “Lily” teach me?

    And you kids get off my lawn.

    1. It’s a trap. Lily is going to lure you out back and euthanize you.

    2. Lilly can teach you how to lust after large-breasted, Uzbekistanian Jews.

      1. Unfortunately, those will be men with moobs.

      2. I’d shake the dew off that Lilly.

        1. I’d gild that Lily with dew!

      3. OK… somehow Youtube does not have any clips of her with a cobra on Silicon Valley.

      4. Be careful, Uzbeks are the weak link in the great chain of socialism.

  17. Important referendum in Italy today:


    1. And the Austrians could elect the former head of the far-left Green Party as their next president.

      1. Well, one of the parties that *could* grab power in Italy is ‘Five star movement’ which is headed by a socialist comedian. While Le Pen continues to make noise in France.

        Good times ahead.

        1. If they vote no, it could pave the way to Italexit.

        2. The difference between media coverage of Bepe Grillo on the one hand, and Le Pen and Trump on the other, is startling.

          1. How do you figure?

            1. BepeGrillo is a socialist, which means he’s not a racist. Since people like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro didn’t have a racial bone in their body.

              1. Except from what I know of him, he’s not racist in their mold. I could be wrong.

                1. I would imagine not, just as I imagine Sanders isn’t. It was more of a smart-ass comment on how ‘right’ vs. ‘left’ pols are discussed in the media.

                  1. Ah. Figured that much.

                    I think that’s what Ted was alluding to.

                    1. Yeah. Look also at how populists like Syriza and Podemos are viewed vs. the FP? in Austria.

    2. “It will make the EU defensive and inward-looking, and more incapable of addressing the problems that are giving rise to the populists in the first place.”

      Jesus, what self-important delusion. The EU is a massive bureaucracy of nearsighted technocrats who have been devoted to ignoring the differences among member nations (when they aren’t adding to them). They are incapable of addressing problems, since they are dedicated to never noticing them in the first place.

      1. It’s like that old investment mantra when short-term volatility rock portfolios: You’re in it for the long-term!

      2. This so much. Just ditching the EU and Euro and having free trade between all of Europe would work much better. Add in the U.S. and Canada and you’d have a power trade block that others would beg to join.

  18. This seems much too good to be true, but a picture on twitter supposedly shows Castro’s hearse broke down and had to be pushed by soldiers. For all I know it’s the DPRK News of Latin America.

    1. Did you SF the link?

    2. So kinda like Arafat without the enthusiasm and random gunfire?

  19. I dig the new magazine format. I almost wish I had donated more than $30 and a baby picture. ALMOST.

  20. Chile verde today. 3.5 pounds of pork butt, braised in tomatillos, jalapeno, onion, garlic, fresh orang juice, and homemade broth. Fresh tortillas, queso freso, with pickled carrots. Rum n cokes today.

    1. Borscht today. Thinking beets, probably beets. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

      1. (((Borscht)))

    2. Sounds wonderful. I roasted a pork tenderloin yesterday. I use a dry rub and and it set in the fridge for a couple days first. Had a green salad ,carrots,onions,peppers,Roma tomatoes oil and balsamic and a hunk of blue cheese on the side to snack on with a SA lager. Pizza today. Dough’s made. Need to pick up some anchovies .

      1. Noyce. Homemade pizza is the tits. The wife and i will geek out and make two 3 pound deep dish pizzas. Cook one and freeze one. The sauce, mozzarella, and dough are made in house. Need to get a meat grinder so we can make our own sausage.

        1. I’ll say it before you are attacked. DEEP DISH IS NOT PIZZA.

          1. It’s the BEST pizza. Or for sake of argument and agree it is something different, it is BETTER than ‘regular’ pizza.

            1. You are worse than a pedophile.

      2. Could I recommend you pair those anchovies with strong oil cured black olives, piave veccio, and spicy arugula?

        1. I am using black olives,roasted garlic,thin sliced Roma’s ,portabella mushrooms and olive oil on a thin crust white pizza. I also have the last of the basil leaves from the garden.

      3. Hmmm. Maybe I should make pizza today.

        1. Deep dish pizza?

    3. I made a couple bacon sandwiches for breakfast, if that counts.

      1. Bacon always counts.

  21. Meet the Press tards first cow of the morning is over Taiwan phone call.

    1. Pence nailed it pretty good. Replied with Obama’s fawning over Castro was met with praise, now Trump call from a democratically elected leader is condemned. (not exact words)

    2. Nothing says support of the “free world” like shitting your pants over the prospect of upsetting the giant baby CCP autocrats that are holding a giant bag of debt. Trump is potentially going to be more pro-Taiwan than the Lightbringer? How???

      1. Andrea Mitchell is now bitching that Trump/Pence are not properly blowing the communists. She is having a cow over the president of Taiwan being called the president of Taiwan, etc.

        That National Review boy, Rich Lowry, gave an answer that the Reason staff could do well to memorize, but we all know they won’t.

        1. Would you kindly oblige or at least paraphrase? I’m not watching. Commend you for your service.

          1. When Chuck Tard prompted Lowry to agree with Mitchell, he replied (partly joking, iirc) that the editorial policy of National Review is that mainland China is a province of Taiwan and they were not going to condemn him for that at all.

            This looks like the pence clip of the Taiwan president phone call.

            Transcript should be here eventually.

    3. I do not understand the the tip toeing around China. They are dependent on trade to the point any interruption would sink their economy. They have large bubbles in banking and real estate .Most of the people are very poor. Their army is mostly used to keep a billion people in line and their navy is very small and poorly trained and is out matched by Japan.. Also,corruption is wide spread and hinders real growth. They have also pissed off most of their neighbors.I don’t get it.

      1. All of those things are exactly why leftoids find it a paradise and don’t want anything in their program interrupted.

        1. Except for the large but anemic military. The leftards want that powerful enough to kick our ass.

      2. They have also pissed off most of their neighbors.I don’t get it.

        Actually, no.

        With the expectation of eternal enemies Japan and Vietnam, China has successfully engaged in a charm offensive in SE Asia for the past decade while we sat with our thumbs up our asses. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, etc. have noticeably shifted towards China. Even the yowling about the Spratlys is mostly theater at this point.

        Also, quite frankly, when it comes to trade, we need the Chinese more than they need us. As you stated, most of the people are very poor. So a trade war isn’t going to hurt them very much. The American soi-disant working class would be eviscerated by even a moderate rise in staple goods. And that would hurt Trump’s bid for re-election a lot more than it would Xi Jinping, who was recently named “Paramount Leader” of the CPC.

        1. Also, quite frankly, when it comes to trade, we need the Chinese more than they need us

          Yeah, I don’t know about that. There is plenty of cheap labor and there are places to build factories all over the world. Moving would be a bitch and cause instability, but the US economy is WAY more stable than China’s. If China’s bubble starts to burst, it would devastate them. If the US bubble bursts, it would suck but not be an existential crisis.

          1. Without us, whose coke would they pee in?

        2. Nepal is a “charm offensive?” Seriously?

  22. “I will be doing what Reason staffers also do in return for your generous donations: Represent you the best I can in a non-libertarian broadcast venue consumed by tens or hundreds of thousands of people.”

    So, the reason you haven’t been appearing on right-wing shows is…you think they’re already libertarian and don’t need you? They don’t want to book you? What?

    1. He has to wait for the 2016 Time Person of the Year announcement before he has the leeway to do that.

  23. “On the Lord’s Day”

    This might not be as transgressive as you think.

    I can’t speak for other religious groups, but on Sundays and holy days I’m “obliged to participate in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and abstain from strenuous physical work.”

    If Welch is bound by a similar requirement, then he will hardly violate it by making media appearances, unless those media appearance add up to “strenuous physical work.”

    1. Could be some heavy lifting with Donna ‘Bobo’ Brazile.

    2. So, if someone were to ask you to help them move, it had better not be on a Sunday? I’m going to start using that one.

  24. Good morning my frankentrumpkinsteins. I can’t believe you got Kennedy. I’ve just about had it up to here with your assimilationisms.

    1. Nothing deescalates quite like a giant ASCII penis. 8==========D~~ ~~o

      1. Hey – that’s my schtick.

  25. “The Lord’s Day” is on Saturday according to the Ten Commandments. Unless you’re a Catholic, you should follow the Ten Commandments. Maybe it doesn’t matter which day you worship on if you’re Catholic because with all that idol worship, looking to priests instead of Jesus for forgiveness, etc., you might be looking at brimstone anyway.

    Ever notice how they can rewrite full sections of the Ten Commandments, delete parts, split up others to keep the count at ten–all so they can allow for idol worship, worshiping on Apollo’s day rather than Saturn’s, etc.–but they can’t change the commandment on adultery to allow for divorce, homosexuality, or wearing a rubber thing on the end of your dingy?

    Moses had to hike back up the mountain to fetch another tablet after he lost his temper and smashed the first one–since God wanted it clear to everyone that the commandments were written by God’s own hand rather than by Moses or a priest. But, hey, according to the Catholic church, apparently, God makes mistakes, too, and over the years, the popes knew exactly where God got it wrong and fixed it for ya–that’s why they make the big bucks!

    Although . . . Pope Francis expressed sorrow for the death of Fidel Castro, so . . . I don’t know if he was bearing false witness, there, but he sure as hell ain’t infallible–and that’s regardless of whether he’s speaking ex cathedra, pro cathedra, sub cathedra, or twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

    1. Anyway, if Sunday is sacred, it’s only because that’s the day the Redskins usually play. Can’t believe they’re underdogs. Jordan Reed may be out, but I’d still take the ‘skins even if they were at -3.

      1. Yes.

        1. I can’t believe that Detroit is almost a full TD underdog against the Saints, KC is a 4.5 point dog in Atl, and Oakland is only favored by 3 against the Bills. I wish I had some money so I could bet it and become poor.

      2. “if Sunday is sacred, it’s only because that’s the day the Redskins usually play”

        Yeah, I can’t think of anything else important which happened on Sunday.

        “Pope Francis expressed sorrow for the death of Fidel Castro”

        “The Vatican’s carefully crafted 9-line telegram avoided using words of support, going instead with strict formulas, hence showing closeness to those who are grieving but avoiding being seen as supportive of the Castro regime.

        “Not all global leaders took the same position.”

      3. As a Browns fan,I have nothing to add. I mean zero, nada, a big O.

        1. 🙁

        2. I’m better than you because I cheer for a superior sports team.

      4. People certainly use Lord’s name a lot more on football Sundays.

    2. Take that Papists!

      A friend of mine who is an anarchist-libertarian and an atheist just married a woman who keeps the Sabbath (as a Christian). I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

      1. Ar pagan names for days of the week are not god given. There’s no reason, other than social inertia, that the sabbath is honored on Saturday or Sunday instead of Wednesday or Thorsday.

      2. “An atheist just married a woman who keeps the Sabbath (as a Christian). I’m not quite sure what to make of that.”

        I’d give three to one odds she’s an Adventist.

        They keep Saturday holy for the same reason Adventists like Desmond Doss wouldn’t kill people. It’s in the Ten Commandments, they take that really seriously, and Jesus lived by that standard.

        The sacrificial law was moot once Jesus died (on Passover) and the temple was subsequently destroyed, but other than the sacrificial law becoming moot once the sacrifice it symbolized and foretold actually occurred, nothing else really changed. Adventists typically won’t eat pork, etc. either–although that’s not like breaking one of the Ten Commandments.

        Righteousness by faith was always the real standard before Jesus died, and the Ten Commandments are still the standard after Jesus died.

        “For Abraham was a faithful man, and God accounted it unto him as righteousness”

        —-Genesis 15:6

        ” Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

        For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

        Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

        —-Matthew 5:17-19

        1. “I won’t pretend to understand what you’re saying here,”

          I kind of figured that.

      3. Incidentally, you’re lucky if Catholics become mildly perturbed by Christians telling them that they’re not following the Ten Commandments.

        Baptists in Virginia lose their fucking minds.

        At first, they’ll tell you that you shouldn’t take the Ten Commandments so literally, but once they get past that point, and you show them that they’re openly violating the Ten Commandments, it’s such an affront, it’s hard to describe. What’s the point of forcing everyone around you to obey the Bible if as a Baptist you’re not following the Ten Commandments yourself?

        It’s like an honest liberal being taken to task by a libertarian for being a phony on civil rights. It’s like an old school Republican being taken to task by a libertarian for being a phony on free market capitalism. It’s like that only a hundred times more so. Fundamentalist Baptists aren’t supposed to be taken to task by other fundamentalists citing the Bible.

        “Jesus says you’re full of shit” turns them into Baptist Tonys.

      1. I won’t pretend to understand what you’re saying here, but there seems to be an underlying assumption about the church needing gatekeepers or something.

        Just judging by Jesus’ life, Christianity seems to have been meant for prostitutes and tax collectors. The central idea is that once you plead guilty to having been responsible for the murder of Jesus, any condemnation of other people is effectively a denigration of the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice because it denigrates the people he deemed worthy of his sacrifice.

        And how can you sit in judgement of other people when you’ve already plead guilty to the worst crime ever? Either Jesus died because of your sins, or you’re so superior to other Christians that you can sit in judgement. Can’t have it both ways.

        I don’t know if the hang up here is really Catholic ideas about original sin–Jesus had to die because of my sins, not Adam’s–or if the hang up is really about Protestant ideas like righteousness by faith. Either way, I might rather cross myself in front of an idol before I confessed my sins to a priest and asked for penance.

      2. We’re judged by God–not the church. Any standard higher than his judgement is a blasphemy.

        The Catholic church has played funny with the rules that God wrote by his own hand for centuries. If you’re not saved by God’s magnanimous judgement through faith, you’ll be judged by the Ten Commandments–just like Jesus was . . . and it won’t be the Catholic revised version.

        Those laws are the ones we’ll live by in perpetuity. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not lie. This is natural law. They’re the center of a libertarian society! Different societies have different things they consider murder, stealing, etc. but they all have a prohibition against murder, stealing, etc. We don’t need politicians to explain these rules to us. We don’t need priests to explain them to us either or tell us whether we’re okay.

        Jesus died for you (second person singular). That makes you worthy. End of story. No priests needed.

  26. I assume Kmele’s mad about the explosion.

    A plain fist bump is all real men need.

    1. Kmele is Matt’s black friend. He felt like his place was being taken.

      1. I had a black friend,then he voted republican and turned white.

  27. I am impressed with Jacob. I have long been pro-“drugs”, even though I don’t use them. and, yes, if they weren’t illegal I would be eager to experiment to see what I can discover about myself and life. I would advocate for brain hacking whatever the method while acknowledging that, of course and like with everything, there is a certain amount of risk involved. All this aside from my belief that the government (other people) have no right dictating what you may or may not do with your own body.

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