Will Donald Trump Be the Peacenik President? Was He Elected Dictator? And What's the Deal with Thanksgiving?

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In recent podcasts, we've talked with "renegade" historian Thaddeus Russell about why he thinks Donald Trump will be a "peacenik president," one less likely to indiscriminately bomb random countries (though Russell says Trump will be awful in the Middle East).

And we've talked with food historian Rachel Laudan about the origins of Thanksgiving as a uniquely American meal designed to give the finger to European elites.

And we talked with libertarian Republican Rep. Thomas Massie about how Trump wasn't elected dictator and it's well past time for Congress to assert its role as the first branch of government.

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  1. NYT discovers gov’t dicking with the economy isn’t a good idea:

    “Trump and Carrier: how a modern economy is like a parking garage”

    Headline missing from several years back:
    “Obama and Solyndra: how a modern economy punishes foolish ‘investments'”

    1. I thought the economy was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

    2. These people are hard to take seriously

    3. It really must be hard for most partisans to keep track of which side of an issue they are on that day. It’s like that old line about the Soviets about how the future doesn’t concern them because they know what’s going to happen, but they never know what the past is going to be today.

      1. “You can change the past; you just can’t change the future”

      2. Let us talk about the future, for that is where we must all spend the rest of our lives.

      3. We’ve always been at war with EastAsia.

    1. Do they even have a $4 option?

  2. What can I get for $5?

    1. Well, the politician may not be a rapist, but he’s certainly an adulterer.

      1. OK, maybe the rumors are bogus…maybe he’s *not* an adulterer.

        That covers the possibilities.

        1. I can guess this much, they’re not going to expel him from Parliament even if he is an adulterer (which maybe he isn’t), unless they also think he’s a rapist.

          1. To be clear, he might be an adulterer, and he might not be.

            I’d need better evidence than this woman to think he’s a rapist.

            1. Better? She’s a nut case.

              And yeah, if he’s an adulterer it likely makes him the rule and not the exception.

              C’man Eddie. Let’s not be naive!

              1. Why do you think I said it’s unlikely they’d expel someone for adultery alone?

              2. Ah, she needs a therapist and added a space.

          2. I didn’t read most of these comments. Are we talking about Ted Cruz?

    2. I do enjoy a good blood-boiling.

      The media and the public create something from nothing and ruin someone without a trial, without investigation.

      It is the job of the police to doubt both stories, to collect evidence that might convict or exonerate and present that to a court and for a court to decide. It is the job of the media to be skeptical too. They have a responsibility to the public to not whip it into a frenzy in order to deny someone the chance of a fair trial. It is the job of the public to presume innocence.

      Failure at all levels of society. The person I want to blame most is her, and she’s doesn’t deserve blame because she’s a diagnosed crazy person. That is something that the media should have dug into and found out. It should be a requirement to assess the mental state of someone claiming rape if they have never undergone an evaluation before because the accusation alone is so damaging and government has a responsibility to get it right.

      1. Pretty much all This.

  3. Apparently Trump made (or took) a call with the president of Taiwan. Place your bets!

    A. Reason staff will condemn Trump for upsetting a time honored diplomatic tradition established by Jimmy FUCKING CARTER for God’s sake.

    B. Reason staff will embrace the open acknowledgement of a government that at least gives a nod to liberty.

    C. Reason staff will shut up about it after accepting their new iPhones, designed by California Communists and manufactured by slaves in the PRC. Because a company from the ROC owns the factory.

    1. D. Reason does an article acknowledging that Trump did the right thing, while saying he’s a HYPOCRITE for failing to also do an allegedly similar thing in a different area of public policy.

      1. Now this is a man who RTFAs.

    2. E. There will be a Dalmia article saying that Trump did the right thing by taking the call, while at the same time saying how dangerous he is on immigration and trade and calling him a racist, xenophobe, sexist, bigot monster in the first sentence.

      1. Is that before or after she gets her new phone?

      2. Did you notice that the comments on her most recent article are disabled?

        Someone doesn’t want the commentariat to have a say. Once a leftist, always a leftist.

        1. Are you kidding me? Ok, I have to go see this…

          1. Just left a comment there, so not disabled.

            1. On this article? By what voodoo? I click on “Leave a comment” and the thing blows up.

              1. Ok, when I peruse the articles, I don’t even see that article… I have to look again.

                1. I see, that’s not a H&R article, it’s under archives, so wouldn’t have comments.

                  1. It is not marked as one that appeared in print/digital. I was unaware that there are some articles that can’t have comments that aren’t also from the published side of things (which is one expected exception).

                    Then it’s just incredibly shitty coding to have the link appear there for leaving comments and explode when you click on it.

                2. It’s under the “New” section when you click on the button under “Top Stories.” It will also appear in the list of articles written by her if you click her name.

              2. If you just click on the link ‘view this article’, it blows up.

                1. I see that too. How can something get published to “archives” but have a date for today and not have the “from the January 2017 issue – view article in the Digital Edition” note at the top? Those don’t even have dates either.

                  The links explode because they go to /blog/… not /archives/…

                2. Fixed now, as in it doesn’t blow up.

                  Interesting editorial choice, placing it on the H&R page, it is the top article right now.

          1. Nope, he’s talking about a different article, and it’s not H&R, so no comments.

    3. Reason’s delay in covering this Taiwan story is because:

      A. Saturday
      B. Ezra Klein hasn’t told them what their opinion is yet?
      C. Both


      1. D. We needz moar money!

    4. F. Reason has a multi-part expos? on the horrors of conscription, featuring Taiwan.

  4. I have to repair a two inch water main today. Outside. Think I’ll wait until it warms up. Bejebus, it’s cold this morning.

    1. It is. i saw a crew working outside campus, looked like a water main. Cold and dark. I’m lucky and get to be inside. Good luck!

    2. Go to this bodega. They serve virtue signalling.

      1. But then he’d have to go to the People’s Republic of Boulder and deal with all the California transplants and hipsters. Better just to freeze your balls off working outside than put up with that.

        1. Ugh, now I see that the Bodega is in Denver. They’re spreading.

          1. There used to be a lot of scuzzy white males in Denver (full disclosure, I used to be one) so there’s a firewall to the Boulder insanity there.

            1. Boulder has a few libertarians around. Most seem to be retired electric and mechanical engineers.

              1. School of Mines folks, I’m guessing? Don’t know too much about Boulder or CO in general, but from reading about it it doesn’t seem all that different from any other collegiate echo-chamber around, maybe besides its sheer size.

                1. cu plays a huge role, and there’s a lot of hippies here. most moved in, and most are of the super prog type. the older ones are real hippies- limited possessions, true lifestyle change. Back in the day, this place was huge for gov contracts. lots of nasa projects. the engineers seem to tend libertarian.
                  I moved here 3 years ago, so i might not have the best take.

                  1. I was thinking about applying to grad schools in Colorado next fall, including Mines and CU; it’s kind of a hotspot for geologists for obvious reasons, and I have a high tolerance for progs and hippies due to my daily exposure to Chapel Hill folks.

                    1. I like it here. plenty to do, good weather.
                      golden is cheaper to live in, but only by a margin. both are great schools.

                    2. Another NC Reasonoid!

                      I don’t think Chapel Hill Town Council will be pleased to know that there are 2 libertarians living within the town limits.

                    3. Considering that the GOP office was firebombed in the same county about a month ago, any conservative or libertarian living here probably should stay silent outside of Reason or maybe Breitbart until next year. And even after that, I’m not entirely sure that the derp wave will fully subside.

                    4. I grew up in Chapel Hill (infancy till 5 year old). I remember hippies, and especially “streakers”. There was a midget that owned a hobby shop at the Eastgate shopping center that was a friend. We lived in a big apartment complex, and we used to go play in the woods. On the north side, there was a creek and we would watch the older kids catch crayfish. On the south side there was a big bamboo stand that we would run around. In the evening, 10’s of thousands of birds would congregate in the bamboo. We’d pick blackberries, and watch them flock in. Be sure to check the blackberry for bird poop though.

                    5. A favorite pastime for kids was creating mischief, and avoiding Rudy, the apartment complex manager. We would climb across balconies and enter vacant apartments and run around. We would climb into the empty pool during winter and run around. That Rudy really hated kids. One time, a 3rd grader named Bo was picking on us younger kids. I was in kindergarten and I just blasted him in the mouth. Then I wailed away on him. He left the little kids alone after that.

                    6. I kicked a wasp nest and they stung the shit out of my legs and ankle. We used to go to a shop called “The Shrunken Head” and my parents would make fun of hippies. We’d by Double Bubble green apple gum at the candy store next door, and my brother told me that those two dots were from rattlesnake fangs. Susi and Satomi Hayashi were my neighbors. I’d go to their apartment and we’d draw stuff. They had a bunch of pens and stationery with Hello Kitty and stuff. Don’t go all the way down to the basement of the stairwell. If we were really good, at recess we could go and play in the woods. Don’t sleep with Matchbox cars. Streakers!!

                      Chapel Hill circa 1969-1975.

        2. hey! I’m only a little hipster.

          1. Wasn’t an implication that everyone living there is a crazy leftist or hipster, of course. Just most of them.

            38.2% of Boulder County voted for ColoradoCare (amendment 69) [Source] which was slapped down incredibly hard across the rest of the state. Deep blue with a decent chunk of pinkos among them, without a doubt.

            1. they are here, and they have numbers. 10 cents for a plastic bag. they passed the soda/sugar sin tax.

                1. Maybe besides the one holding that sign, the “men” in that picture don’t look all that enthused to be there. Maybe they all got dragged in by their SJW girlfriends? (Probably)

                  1. wow, i missed that article.

                2. In 20 years those kids will be trying to run the country, just like these two:


      2. Wow, that sign is disturbing.

        Are you people sure we have not reached peak stupidity?

        1. If you are seeking the peak of all things derp, you will never find it. Rolling Stone writers come pretty damn close, however: http://www.rollingstone.com/po…..ef-w453504

          1. Granted, that is a stupid article, but I do have to agree with part of it. The people, including Trump, who say he won in a “landslide” need to do a reality check. There was no landslide there.

            The rest of it though. Stupid.

            1. Unlike Bush/Gore, however, it was an electoral college landslide because of those three Rust Belt states that he won. It was just an incredibly strange election overall.

              1. The Watermelons have dropped one rust belt recount, PA.

            2. On a side note, I’m not fully sure if Trump really thinks that he won in a “landslide” or if he’s just riling his base up by simply being himself. Either way, these writers need to get a life.

      3. The sign says that they value, among other things, “your class”.

        I assume the sign means that they are welcoming to bums (aka, “the homeless”) and will give them free baked goods and coffee.

        1. The social signaling that it provides gets the derp base to pay even more for stale, overpriced muffins and watery coffee! Socialist utopia is coming!..wait a second…

      4. There has been a lot of talk of safe spaces in the week since the election. Some feel they are necessary. Others feel they are not for a variety of reasons.

        the term i can’t get out my head lately is ‘intellectual dishonesty’, and i think i probably need more words to describe these sort of common rhetorical-gimmicks that have become so ubiquitous

        in this case its another very popular one = suggest that you’re ‘presenting 2 sides’ when you’re really presenting one…

        ….or at least framing a debate as a question about whether something which exists is either good or bad…

        ….when in fact that debate is really about whether such a thing can even exist in the first place; the setup begs the question, assuming it in fact does…

        e.g.”there’s been a lot of talk about racism this year; some think America should stop being so racist, others think niggers should stop whining”

        Calling something a ‘safe space’ suggests that in regular life, everyone walks around insulting each other (*with no consequences!)…. while the magic act of putting up a sign will somehow transform that area into an opinion-free neutral zone where good-behavior is proof that the policy is working.

        The very notion is insulting to people’s intelligence. Its like the Tiger-Repellant Rock.

        This isn’t even getting into the insane assumption that anyone can enforce ‘goodwill’

  5. Uh oh.

    People who are looking for the missing are encouraged to call the coroner’s office. I’ve never seen an announcement like that before.

    1. Wow, a horrible thing like this happens, about 8 miles from where I live, and I have to find out about it on a HandR link to a British news site?

      1. You’ll here a lot about it soon. I promise.

  6. Again, I will not even speculate on what the Donald will do. But part of the fun here is that we don’t know, right? So on paper the Trumputin appears to be a peacenik POTUS. We know that Hillary would be a war monger, so there’s a 50% chance Trumputin will be better.

    The NYT are shitting their pants over Trump taking a phone call from Taiwan’s leader. Keep on trollin, Donald, keep on trollin, it’s great for the lulz. And for the record, I agree with him taking the call. Fuck China’s commie leaders if they don’t like it.

    1. I estimate that there’s much better than a 50% chance that Trump will be better than Clinton would be.

      The problem with Trump is the fat-tail risk of his behavior.

      I’m not a fan of PJ O’Rourke’s endorsement of Hillary, but he was right in saying that she would certainly be an awfully bad president within normal parameters, but Trump would be susceptible to errors far beyond normal parameters.

      1. Anybody that thinks that Trump is going to be worse or better than any other presidents in the past 25 years have no idea either way, but you’re right that there is some small risk of him being catastrophically awful that Hillary doesn’t have because of either real or perceived volatility. Either way, it’ll be an interesting presidency and certainly not a boring one.

  7. I’m frying bacon in back grease. Is that sinful?

    1. Damnit! Bacon grease! How the hell did that come out as back?

      1. I’m seriously trying to decide what else to fry in this today. I have some big mushrooms, so that’s probably next. Later maybe a steak fried in this?

        1. Yes, mushrooms. And anything else that’s absorbent.

          Next, throw in your green vegetables. Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc.

          1. Spargelzeit! I have never done that before….gotta try it.

          2. Yes, mushrooms. And anything else that’s absorbent.

            Will Bounty work? It’s twice as absorbent as the other leading brand.

            1. You know, I saw a disorder about that. On Dr. Phil.

              1. I think I told you about the run-in I had with that asshole during the Hurricane Katrina evacuees work, right? I don’t even think he’s actually any kind of MD or PhD or any other degree where you can legitimately call yourself a doctor. He’s a “Doctor” like “Doctor J” or “Dr. Dre” is a doctor.

          3. Damn, that sounds good. I have some breaded okra too.

        2. After your done frying with it, use it to make a rue for some milk gravy.

    2. The only sin is to waste good bacon grease.

      Bacon can be fried in bacon grease, as should just about anything else you care to fry.

      The trick to getting good bacon grease is to never fry at high temperature. You don’t want burnt grease or burnt solids in the grease. And clarify and save the grease for use when cooking vegetables.

      1. Nope, low temp only. I’m not going to burn it. I fried about a pound of bacon in that same pan last few days, and it was very fatty bacon, so I have lots of it!

  8. Presumably at the very least, the media will report on whatever various entanglements we’re involved with at any given time, which is a huge improvement from the current state. And perhaps they may even ask questions like, “what is it that you’re actually trying to accomplish here is Syria/Yemen/Somalia/next shithole?” or even, “how are you measuring your progress?”

    Simply forcing the administration to have to answer questions like that would be a huge step up from the past 8 years.

    1. Which will further cement the notion, with the public, that the mainstream media are gigantic hypocrites.

  9. CNN reporting on Alex Jones reporting on Trump getting info from Alex Jones. I’m too drunk for this shit, but it’s fun.

    1. As crazy as Jones can be, I wouldn’t say he makes shit up out of thin air any more than CNN does.

      1. Alex Jones pumps out the content daily. CNN took a few things Alex had said and then juxtaposed it with things Trump had said, making it look like Alex is Trump’s puppet master.

      2. Infowars is Slate for right-wing people. Trump probably doesn’t get influenced by them any more than Obama gets from Slate.

        1. CNN vs Infowars. I’m loving it.

          1. two derps enter, only one can leave!

            1. Does the derp cancel each other out or do they magnify and form a peak if they meet in the same room? I bet on peak, but again there’s no such thing as peak derp.

              1. “Focused, concentrated derp like can burn through stainless steel like a flamethrower through a wall of toilet paper!”

              2. not sure. is infowars an antimatter?

                1. Possibly, we should try to harness its power and use some of it on Vox and Mother Jones’ writers. Either the derp gets so concentrated that it fissures or it mutes it all out.

    2. CNN hates it that their ratings have fallen so low that even Alex Jones is a competitor.

    3. Alex Jones is beyond the pale, but Van Jones?

      Says a lot about the Beltway Class.

  10. A short video about Coober Pedy, South Australia

    The best part is where the narrator talks about blasting himself a new room when he could get away with. “The cops don’t like it when we blast in town.”

  11. Tunnels under Naples

    A short film about some tunnels under Naples. Originally built as an escape route, they have been put to different uses over the years.

  12. Car mechanics charged for being “uncertified” to perform car inspections

    Four mechanics who work for the North Country’s largest auto dealer ownership group face numerous misdemeanor charges stemming from a 6-month investigation into practices involving automobile inspections, New Hampshire State Police announced Friday.

    The four worked for either Berlin City Ford or Berlin City Chevrolet, which are located in Gorham.

    The charges involve inspections performed by mechanics who were not certified by the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles, according to Staff Sergeant Andrew Player.

    Live Free or Die!

    1. “She saw that even though it was her own private property, she would be forced to take it in for a state inspection!

      1. The mob always gets its cut.

    2. The horror!

      I can only assume that people are dying by the thousands in the the 31 states that don’t require vehicles be inspected.

      1. What is really hilarious is the tards who live in states that require inspection, even insurance, assume every other freaking place in the country does too!

        Look back at the lame justifications for ACA. You can’t throw a rock without hitting one that says something like “since everybody is required to have insurance to drive …”

        NH and a handful of other states require cars to be registered, no matter what. Now THAT bullshit shows up as arguments for gun control! Had to banish a Facebook tard, who is in some aspect of the insurance business, for being an annoying ignorant ass about the issue. Where we both live, you do not have to register a car unless it is used on a public road.

        And you sure as shit do not have to have a driver’s license to own a car here either. Yet, that is more bullshit that gets tagged onto gun control ‘arguments.’

        1. What is really hilarious is the tards who live in states that require inspection, even insurance, assume every other freaking place in the country does too!

          I was about 7, growing up in the People’s Republic of Pennsylvania. Dad was giving the old Dodge Dart a tuneup, getting it ready for its yearly inspection, when I asked him why inspections were required. His Reply:

          “Son, can you imagine how dangerous the roads would be if people were allowed to drive anything they wanted to on a public road?”

          Living in my 5th state without a safety inspection. Yeah, dad, I can imagine.

          1. Three years or so ago I tried to submit an article to a Cosmotarian publication about the centennial of the driver’s license. Which I view roughly the same way we both view these stupid State inspections.

            The response from the muckety-muck was roughly the same as your father’s.

  13. A short story about one of the planes sent out to find the Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor

    In videotaped accounts he gave over the years, Wes Ruth said he grabbed his coat that morning, jumped into his convertible and sped with the top down for the airstrip.

    “I drove as fast as I could because ? I was concerned about getting strafed,” he said.

    As he neared the runway, the battleship USS Arizona had just blown up about a quarter-mile away. Pellets of gunpowder ejected from the blast began to fall from the sky.

    “It was snowing powder pellets about as large as my finger,” Ruth said in a talk he gave in 2011. They fell in and around his car.

    As the Japanese attack ended, the Americans wanted to locate the fleet from which the enemy planes had come. Ruth was ordered to go find it. “You take the first plane, the JRS,” he said a senior officer told him.

    He got into the plane with co-pilot Emery C. “Pappy” Geise, 35, radioman Oscar W. Benenfiel Jr., plane captain Amos P. Gallupe and two other sailors, according to the Smithsonian.

    Before they left, the senior officer presented them with three old Springfield rifles for protection. “We would have to shoot through the windows,” Ruth said.

    1. Great story. Thanks for sharing

  14. “Robby’s Hair Plugs” is on the donation scroll now. Nice!

  15. A shipwreck sheds light on Pheonician trade routes

    A team of divers has ventured 110 metres deep in the Mediterranean Sea to explore a 2,700-year-old shipwreck.

    The Phoenician ship is about 50ft long and lies a mile off the coast of Gozo.

    It dates back to the first part of the 7th century BC, making it the oldest wreck ever found in the central Mediterranean.

    Researchers have now uncovered new artefacts in the wreck which have helped shed light on possible trade routes for the mysterious Phoenician merchants.

  16. Until yesterday I didn’t realize how many experts on Sino-U.S. relations are on Twitter.

    1. Yes. The Jimmy Carter doctrine. It’s very important.

      1. Yes, sacred and cannot be torn asunder.

  17. File under: No, dig up, stupid!

    Jann S. Wenner of Rolling Stone didn’t bring up the topic of Fox News. President Obama volunteered it in an interview right after Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump. Asked whether he thinks the United States is a progressive country, Obama replied that Democrats are having trouble reaching white working-class voters.

    “There is a cohort of working-class white voters that voted for me in sizable numbers, but that we’ve had trouble getting to vote for Democrats in midterm elections,” said the president. “In this election, [they] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grass-roots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments.”

    1. And part of it *is* Democrats making arguments…”argle bargle basket of deplorables white women are stupid, white guys are racists argle bargle.”

    2. And apparently there’s some conspiracy where Fox News has been coercing and/or bribing every bar and restaurant in flyover country to play their channel. Because, no doubt, the hicks are too stupid to change the channel for something they’d rather watch.

      It couldn’t possibly be that people actually prefer to watch Fox News — perhaps because although they clearly slant to the right, they do bring in credible alternate viewpoints to debate, unlike CNN or MSNBC most of the time. And Fox will actually cover stories the Left would prefer you wouldn’t think much about.

      The Left are just going to keep pointing fingers until they’re in a circular firing squad.

      1. In their minds, the only reason people don’t vote for them is because they’ve been brainwashed by the Evil Reichwing Noise Machine, which can only be defeated if it is completely silenced.

        If only they could be exposed to the message of light from the One True Party, they would cease their wickedness and join the brethren in the flock of the chosen few.

      2. What bars and restaurants show news? And if they have tvs they are on silent

        1. And sports exclusively

  18. I was GOING to post a comment on Dalmia’s latest. She did a good freaking job. You know, it’s been a source of honest frustration that I wasn’t getting Reason’s hot take on the Modimunny Apocalypse. It’s kind of big, relevant news and we do have Dalmia.

    And then she turned it up to eleven and broke the knob off.

    But that assumes that India’s bloated, corrupt, and inefficient government can spend other people’s money better than they can. In truth, the government will waste the new funds while rich people, whose wealth has been confiscated, will cut back consumption and lay off their employees.

    But I can’t. Because comments on that article are fukkered.

    Reason, it’s a good thing I love you.

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