Trump and Pence vs. Free Markets, Jury Deadlocks in Walter Scott Shooting Case, Cops Won't Investigate Post-It-Note 'Hate Crime': P.M. Links


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    Jurors are currently deadlocked over whether to find a South Carolina cop guilty of murdering Walter Scott. A single hold-out juror is refusing to consider a guilty verdict, according to reports.

  • So the police don't think that "suck it up, pussies" post-it-note is a hate crime, after all.
  • Paul Krugman predicts that Donald Trump will betray the white working class voters who gave him so much support, which could be the first accurate prediction he has ever made.
  • Trump and Mike Pence aren't so keen on the free market.
  • Members of the Clinton and Trump campaign staffs insulted each other during an election post mortem at Harvard University.
  • The new Legend of Zelda trailer looks amazing.
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