Oakland Mayor Disses Nevada's $750 Million Subsidy for Raiders—Then Proposes $200 Million Subsidy of Her Own to Keep The Team In Cali

Will city leaders ever learn?


Tuscan Raider
bdearth/Wikimedia Commons

Despite saying it would not be "responsible" for Nevada lawmakers to spend $750 million worth of taxpayer money to lure the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf is now out with her own publicly funded deal to keep the team in the city.

As reported by The San Francisco Chronicle, Schaaf is proposing to lease the Raiders' current stadium site—jointly owned by the City of Oakland and Alameda County—to local property developer and former Raiders player Rodney Lott, who would then build the team a whole new stadium. For Lott's trouble, local taxpayers would contribute $200 million toward infrastructure costs and lease him an extra 35 acres of onsite land for retail development.

The city and county for their part would receive an unspecified share of "non-football revenue" coming from the stadium, along with the glittering prize of tax revenue generated from Lott's newly constructed retail outlets.

The hope for Schaaf is that this will give National Football League team owners an "Oakland option" when they vote on whether to approve the Raiders' move to Las Vegas in January 2017.

It's unclear whether this last-minute effort will prove successful. Schaaf requires approval from both the Oakland City Council and Alameda County's supervisors to make good on her proposal, and both bodies remain deeply skeptical.

County officials reportedly took no action when the plan was presented to them last week, as it lacked appraisal by an independent auditor along with detailed revenue forecasting. The city council also reportedly responded to an earlier version of the Mayor's stadium outline with a "flurry of questions" and has not approved this latest iteration.

The plan is reminiscent of a disastrous deal undertaken by the city and county in the '90s to lure the Raiders back from Los Angeles. In 1995, the two local governments agreed to issue $197 million in bonds to pay for renovations and new luxury boxes for the Raiders' stadium, while promising taxpayers that new stadium revenue would cover the debt. When that revenue didn't materialize, however, taxpayers were left holding the bag. Oakland denizens spent $15 million last year alone digging themselves out.

Mayor Schaaf has repeatedly assured her constituents that the new deal will "not repeat the mistakes of the past." Yet based on the outline she has presented, it's not clear how she intends to avoid them.

Indeed, as Reason readers will know, stadium deals are everywhere and always a raw deal for taxpayers. The revenue and jobs they portend to generate rarely materialize, leaving instead a legacy of higher taxes and/or forgone services.

For more on why massive subsidies to wealthy sports franchises are bad public policy, check out this Reason TV feature on the topic:

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  1. Funny, no one ever cared before they went 9-2. The Raiders really do need a new stadium, but I don’t think anyone should be on the hook to pay for it. Let them take donations from the fans. If Oakland gets enough donations first, they stay, if NV first, they go there. If no one gets it, they continue to play foozball in the swamp.

    1. The fans could collect funds with a charity mugging marathon.

      1. They could just raid the other side of the Bay after their next game. They’ll already be dressed for it.

  2. There’s a reason the team is called the Raiders and not the Taxpayers. Nobody is afraid of taxpayers.

    1. Never been fucked over by a Raider. Now my fellow taxpayers….

      1. The Washington Trumps. The Washington QE’s. The Washington Cops. There are a bunch of scary names the Redskins could change their name to.

        1. The past existence of the Washington Senators was scary enough, thank you.

      1. DC Appropriators!

  3. Who knew Winston’s mom is a Raiders fan?

    1. Who do you think ‘The Black Hole’ was named after?

    2. And her favorite player is QB Timmy Fuckerfaster.

  4. Oh, this is yummy:

    Philadelphia city attorney caught on camera doing some anti-Trump vandalism with a pal:


    1. No, see, he was merely capturing evidence so he could prosecute a hate crime later!

      1. Can’t be a hate crime because the target of the vitriol was a white cis-hetero shitlord. They are not a protected class.

      2. Maybe they’ll get him on the open carry.

    2. When I saw anti-Trump vandalism, I thought it was going to be a swastika.

      1. Hey, I’m still watching the Joe Rogan video you posted yesterday interviewing Jordan Peterson. Quite possibly the most excellent thing I’ve seen all year.

        1. From the comments on that video you can see we aren’t alone in our praise of Peterson. Rogan knew enough to shut up and let the guy go. Devastating analysis of the thought police.

          1. It’s great because he doesn’t sneer at people that disagree with him, he very carefully ties in the use of leftist/Marxist ideology and post-modernism with the threads of tyranny– and how scary this whole thing is. The ‘forced pronoun’ laws and rules are merely a symptom of a much larger problem– a problem where the post-modernists and marxists view all interactions as power struggles. It’s fascinating.

            1. Damn skwerlz ate my post, but I agree. In his debate with a U of T “constitutional law professor” he says people will be jailed under the HRC rules on pronouns. She calls him silly, insisting it’s just a fine. “And what happens when I refuse to pay the fine?”. Beautiful.

              1. That is pretty good. I just started, but he already quoted me about how the USSR being gone leaves us without a good bad example.

          2. Repost for me, please?

            1. In case straffin’s gone: Here

        2. Very good interview. Would love to go to one of this guys talks. He teaches just down the street from.

        3. Yeah. I never thought much of Rogan’s TV work, but his podcast is consistently excellent.

          1. he’s a stoner jock-comedian, but he’s always congenial and – while not super bright – always interested in what people are saying (*getting high helps obviously) which is really what makes the conversations good.

    3. I told my wife this morning, it’s like the media is trying their hardest to get me to like Trump. The more ridiculous the reporting and the more salty the butt hurt, the more I like the guy.

      1. Don’t worry, you’ll hate him soon enough. We’ll always have those yummy tears from election night though.

      2. “salty butt hurt”… sounds pretty gay, NTTAWT

    4. “He should be fired from our city’s law department immediately.”

      And be required to *personally restore* all the vandalized stuff, right? RIGHT?!

    5. Jury nullification was intended for defendants as stylishly put together as Duncan Lloyd, Esq.

      1. 50 bucks says there’s a red/moscato blend in that glass, or something similarly effeminate.

    6. “Since election day, pro- and anti-Trump graffiti has been reported throughout the city. In early November, spray-painted swastikas, racist graffiti and references to Donald Trump and Nazi Germany appeared in South Philadelphia. Anti-Trump graffiti has been reported on bus shelters and on the exterior wall of City Hall, where “Not my President,” was spray painted and removed Nov. 12.”

      Hmmm…that all sounds like *anti* Trump graffiti to me…where’s the “pro-Trump graffiti”?

      Maybe the “racist” graffiti was pro-Trump? But it’s really short on details.

    7. One wears a blue blazer, khakis and a rakishly-tied scarf. He carries a glass of wine.

      WHAT A CUCK!

      Did I do that right?

    8. See? Trump *is* the cause of vandalism and hooliganism!

    9. the man in the blazer turns out to be Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd

      And he’s carrying around a glass of wine. *in the street* And his name is *Duncan Lloyd*. #SoWhiteItHurts

      “If the image of an upper-middle class city attorney clad in a blazer and sipping wine while vandalizing an upscale grocery store with an anti-Trump message strikes you as perhaps the most bourgeois sight imaginable, that’s because it is,” Joe DeFelice, Chairman of the Philadelphia Republican Party said.

      Now there’s a name that knows a guy who knows a guy.

  5. Tried to get my wife to do “The Oakland Option” once. Had to sleep on the couch for a week.

    1. Disappointed that searching ‘The Oakland Option’ in the urban dictionary turned up nada. I was hoping to learn a new salacious euphemism.

    2. When The Urban Dictionary has no definition, I do not doubt this.

      1. Pervert. 😉

      2. It involves The Snake fumbling in the Red Zone.

        1. Oh, well done.

        2. So you prematurely ejaculate on the taint?

  6. So, who in the AFC West could be the Jawas? My guess in San Diego, because they have the large troop carriers and tons of tech gear.

    1. Also, they’re in the desert.

    2. Well, there’s already the Squaws, the Donkeys, and daaa Raaiiiderrrzzzz. So, that leaves the San Diego Dolts.

    3. Can you imagine if Comic Con moved to in the NFL season? By some bulk tickets to a Chargers home game, and all the Jawas show up.

    1. He was from Pittsburgh? That’s funny, I don’t remember french fries as one of the toppings on a Big Mac.

    2. But did he get any Royals with cheese?

      I’ll show myself out.

      1. I don’t know what I expected.

    3. In his casket will be an extra casket lid.

  7. The Autumn Wind is a pirate
    Blustering in from sea,
    With a rollicking song, he sweeps along,
    Swaggering boisterously.

    His face is weather beaten.
    He wears a hooded sash,
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    And a bristling black mustache.

    He growls as he storms the country,
    A villain big and bold.
    And the trees all shake and quiver and quake,
    As he robs them of their gold.

    The Autumn Wind is a raider,
    Pillaging just for fun.
    He’ll knock you ’round and upside down,
    And laugh when he’s conquered and won.


    1. ^^As probably the only Raiders fan who comments regularly here, I’d like to say: this guy gets it.

      1. Nope, there’s at least 2 more of us, who will admit to it.

        1. Raiders fan here.


        2. Raiders fan here.


          1. Also a Raiders fan since watching Plunkett as a kid. Since the Niners moved to Santa Clara they are now my one and only NFL team.

      1. But what music would you have underneath the reading? NFL Films music is the best.

  8. an unspecified share of “non-football revenue” coming from the stadium, along with the glittering prize of tax revenue generated from Lott’s newly constructed retail outlets.

    I’m sure some concession stands and a shopping center will generate that $200mil real quick.

    50-100yrs, tops.

  9. Meh. Let them self destruct and cannibalize each other.


    1. Social media seems designed to foster this kind of public shaming.

      And thank God for that. Haven’t checked, but does Racebook already exist?

    2. Conor Friedersdorf seems to me to often fall into the same camp as Freddie De Boer …
      (*and sometimes some of the writers here as well)

      …in that, if and when they criticize behavior of the left? Its always for the purpose of *trying to improve them*.

      It seems to be that the only thing they can find objectionable are the *methods*…. and there is an implicit assumption that their GOALS are indubitably the right ones.

      Conor’s piece starts with

      The coalition that opposes Donald Trump needs to get better at persuading fellow citizens and winning converts….

      Is it that the people who rioted in portland have *great ideas*, and are just lousy at articulating them?

      Just like ENB’s recent piece ended with

      And while there are certainly some parallels between the alt-right and historical hate-groups, considering them all interchangeable isn’t merely inaccurate, it also obfuscates the kind of real and meaningful differences that are crucial to understanding (and stopping) the alt-right’s rise.

      it reminds me of ‘rape culture’ proponents saying we need to “END RAPE”.

      What’s really worse? The mere existence of racists?… or some *cure* that presumably ‘ends’ them?

      I respect these people and enjoy reading their stuff – but this tic never fails to annoy me, and often spoils what seems to be the beginnings of some political insight.

      1. Gilmore, i often enjoy your posts, and usually respect your opinion, so let me return the favor, and let you in on the secret to enjoying Reason’s writers: wait until drunk before actually reading. You will seldom notice those tics if you drink enough.

        Alternative: who reads the post? Skip to the comments like everybody else.

        1. wait until drunk before actually reading

          1. i meant to say, “i’ve been drinking less.” Which is probably a mistake.

            1. I don’t drink any more. Of course, I don’t drink any less, either.

  10. I think the question of which city gets the Raiders should be answered by: What city would you be more comfortable wearing a gimp suit in? Since that is totally acceptable attire for a Raiders game, but little else.

  11. I’m surprised Silicon Valley hasn’t aimed the cash-hose Oakland’s way for a new stadium. So many hipsters in the Valley, and the Raiders are the PBR of football on the west coast.

    1. You think hipsters are going to hang with and drink with Raiders fans? no way jose

      1. Probably not a good idea. Raider fans are the only fans in the NFL who are crazy enough to come to Baltimore and start fights with Raven fans.

        1. They should start a fight with Ray Lewis.

        2. I have only encountered them at a game I went to when I was traveling through Phoenix. They even picked fights with the most polite fans. Which IMO are Cardinal fans. Raiders fans are a different bunch.

  12. Why I hang out at H&R:

    I just had company leave. It was a local guy and his wife. I hunt with the guy sometimes, they just dropped in and I made some coffee. After a little small talk the guy brings up bigfoot. He’s a believer. He claims he saw one once and it is clear that he sincerely believes he did. If there was such a thing it would not surprise me for it to be around these parts. Between Colfax and Winnfield there are virtually no people, just miles of piney woods with intermittent swamps. His place is on the edge of that wilderness. His tale immediately made me think of this:


    I have linked to that before for the sake of STEVE SMITH jokes here for y’all and I am sure by now most of you have seen it. This time I dragged him over to the computer and pulled it up for him. I tried to be serious and not laugh.

    After he watched it I turned to him and said in as serious a manner as I could “So it’s true. Bigfoot eats, shoots and leaves.”

    I got a blank stare and about ten seconds of dead silence. Then he said “So, you believe me?”

    Fuck. What a waste of a good joke. He’s a good guy, but goddamn.

    1. “Bigfoot eats, shoots and leaves”


    2. What the fuck are you talking about? OF COURSE bigfoot is real.

      He even used to post here. I saw him WITH MY OWN EYES at the last function at Reason headquarters.


  13. A tiny face with gargantuan leotards spilling off his pen.

    1. I think I see where you’re going with this.

  14. The Raiders should move to Mexico just so we can see Trump lose his shit about it and tell some old story about Al Davis raping a prostitute.

    1. At least when he calls Raider fans rapists, murderers, and drug smugglers, he’s probably telling the truth for the most part.

    2. Trump need only make fun of Mark Davis’ hair.

      1. What is it with billionaires and not being able to fix their hair? I worry about the future of humankind.

        1. Mankind. Or are you no longer a cis-shitlord?

          1. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me. Mankind, to boldly grab pussies that no man has grabbed before!

    3. Everybody knows that Marcus Allen raped the prostitutes while Al watched… Until Marcus got cold feet about the whole thing.(that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it)

  15. Look at this:

    Just a regular guy and been sexting teens pics of you weewee? Go to Jail, get on list and lose constitutional rights, for life.

    X-Senator, member of political elite doing same: Go to luxury hotel disguised as ‘Sex therapy clinic’, magically reappear a month later, all is good!

    The Weiner is back!

    1. He checked with Clinton; she had the info.

    2. I had no idea there was a spa for horses in NYC.

  16. Why are the Raiders fans in Oakland at all? This will be the second time the Davis family has screwed them over yet they keep showing up for games.

  17. So thick nuts spill green ricket jizz from their city pavilions and the poor turds wearing ties with dream halos get all velcro on the hairy balls in the silk golf shirts and the marble foyer suits get all nasty with the up and coming rainbow seekers with white ankles and all the cocks get inserted into all the right holes in the moshy plush basement and out comes politics.

    1. I read this to my girlfriend.
      “Wow, that’s how politics is born!”

        1. No joke, she sent that to me a few weeks ago.

          1. I watch your chest move up and down slowly with each breath when you sleep.

            1. So you’re the guy who keeps donating to keep my webcam on!

  18. I didn’t see it in the article:

    “Oakland officials say they will not contribute any taxpayer dollars toward building a new stadium for the Raiders, even if that means the team will move back to Los Angeles.”
    Schaaf ran on ‘no taxpayer dollars for Raiders stadium!’
    And then:

    “Oakland and Alameda County have been trying to pay off the millions they used to upgrade this stadium for the past 14 years and they have barely made a dent. On the $200 million bond, the city and county still owe $160 million.”
    That was 2009; I understand the latest has $95M still owing.
    The Davises, pater et peres, have played Oakland like a fiddle for decades. At least SF managed to dump the ‘9ers on the Santa Clara taxpayers.

  19. “jointly owned by the City of Oakland and Alameda County?to local property developer and former Raiders player Rodney Lott,”

    Huh. Must be Ronnie Lott’s brother.

    1. Missed that…
      Ol’ 9-finger Ron…

  20. OT, more TDS: Trump causes more hate-crimes, vandalism and hooliganism!

    “American Flags Burned Outside Trump Hotel After President-Elect’s Flag-Burning Comments”

    1. Your next link better have some camel toe, or I’m done.

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    1. I’m glad you saved Dave, AC.

      1. Dave’s not here, man

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  27. Prediction-
    The pipeline protests (read: Burning Man on the Tundra) will be over by the end of next week.

    If not, some hippies are probably going to die.

    1. “By the end of NEXT week, some states will be running 36 F BELOW NORMAL.”

    2. “”some hippies are probably going to die.””

      I’m still waiting for the downside here.

    3. “In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault said the protest would continue even though protesters have been ordered to vacate an area where they have set up camp by next Monday.
      “We are in for the long haul,” said Chase Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.”

      Ignoring for the moment that Iron Eyes is probably texting away on some tablet made possible by carbon-based technology, and that the claim of possible drinking water harm is a red herring, and that Iron Eye’s fundy religionisting is made irrelevant by A-1, and that he’s a racist opposed to ‘white people’ fucking up his fucked-up protest,
      I hope he freezes his damn ass off and has to survive on Spam.

      1. Spam made from pigs who slopped on some AmerIndian ‘sacred lands.

      2. The FBI should ambush them like they did with the Bundy people in Oregon. I mean, that is how the federal government deals with trespassers, right?

        1. I’m calling SARC!
          Just ’cause I know ya, CJ…

          1. You old coot, if you trespass on federal land should be murdered; it is very simple.

            The difference between the coverage of the North Dakota pipeline and the Oregon Bundy people popped into my head.

            1. “The difference between the coverage of the North Dakota pipeline and the Oregon Bundy people popped into my head.”

              As it happened, I wandered into a store to buy some ‘technical’ materials to help with a product development project on 4/19/93, and the owner had the TV running. Think Waco, TX.
              I left with what we needed, mostly, but regardless of my lack of sympathy for fundies, that was sickening to watch and worse to read about later.
              So sarc, and you got it.

              1. Waco and the Oregon Bundys are not really comparable, but certain elements were calling for the death of the Bundys who were hanging out in an unoccupied federal area in Oregon, and seems like the same certain elements have no problem with whatever is going on in North Dakota. However, you are right that at some point that’s far too many Americans become complacent with the extermination of those who annoy us for a long enough.

                1. I understood Oklahoma City. I deplored it, but I understood why Waco pissed people of so much; the US government declared war on innocent people. Yeah, their religion was strange: First Amendment. They had guns: Second Amendment.
                  Why are we burning women and children?
                  Fucking Janet Reno should have been hung.
                  But yeah, OKC wasn’t right either.

                  1. Hanged, i believe is proper, not hung

                    1. I have no doubt that she was hung.

                    2. *teenage girl: eeewwww

    4. BTW, someone here directed me to Comanche Empire (and I apologize for forgetting who that was). It was written by a ex-pat from some Scandahovian country which granted the writer a bit of grace in that he couldn’t be charged with US-white-cis-bullshit. It did not pull punches, and neither did the tribe; those folks fought above their weight!
      I just did an Amazon search and none of the Souix titles seemed to suggest the same honesty.
      It is a reservation, so perhaps that’s what our benevolent gov’t ‘gave’ them, but other than that, I have a hard time believing that a tribe would settle in ND year-round, unless there was a really nasty tribe to the south.

      1. Most news articles will describe the pipeline as “on the doorstep” of the reservation. Meaning “not within”.

      2. So, my understanding is that northern praries were abandoned in the winter. Nomads, right? Also, many tribes were resettled in areas that whitey didn’t find desirable, although I believe the Lakota people did claim that territory, hence the names North and South Dakota. Don’t call them Sioux. Seriously, you’ll get into a fight.
        Anywhoose… other tribes were resettled there, in the most undesirable land. They’ve been there over a hundred years now, so even if some part wasn’t ancestorally sacred, after 5 generations things… ah shit, am I gonna be graded on this?

        1. The Great Spirit grades on a curve.

    5. Yeah, not even clicking the link. I assume it’s gonna get cold. Yeah, the snowflakes, ironically enough, won’t be able to handle the cold.
      Also, you know who else’s plans got disrupted by the winter?

        1. Oh no u diint

          1. “You’re a sick motherfucker, mac.”

        1. Jesus, you’re like Dennis Miller, only 40 years ago when his references were current.

      1. Your high on Tuesday is going to be 22F

        1. Yeah, with a low of 6. But, the sun will shine, I’ll bet you $100.

          1. Oh, and, you know, Denver, unlike camps out on the frozen prairie, has heat, indoor plumbing, and various merchants selling a wide variety of food, drink, and non perishable items as well.

    6. My brother lives in Bismarck. One winter about 15 years ago the high for the day never got above freezing for over 90 days.

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  30. Oops. City attorney identified in connection with anti-Trump graffiti

    The surveillance footage shows two men ambling casually along a tony stretch of Germantown Avenue in Chestnut Hill. One wears a blue blazer, khakis, and a rakishly tied scarf. He carries a glass of wine.

    It looks like the end to a night out in an upscale part of the city, until the second man is seen spray-painting a wall of a newly constructed grocery store. His message: “F- Trump.”

    The wine drinker captures the act on his cellphone.

    While the tagger remains unidentified, the man in the blazer turned out to be Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd. No charges have been filed, and as of Wednesday evening, the city was awaiting more information before taking any administrative action.

    1. Easy:
      “Trump Causes Hate Crimes!”

      1. I speculate that it would be easier to fire the guy for an open container violation than for just taking a video in a public place.

        But that’s just a guess.

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    bent by and was earth
    created by space for this?
    Obamas, Bushes, Reagans,
    Clintons, and Trumps to crush
    us? I wish I was a fucking monster
    president crushing robot and after
    that i would crush all the others
    and set all the humans free
    but I would still be in love
    with Kellyanne and enb

    1. ENB is cool, but Kelly and Conway is pretty evil. You should save your infamous fat cock for the non-evil political blondes, not that I would ever tell you

      1. What to do with your truly infamous raccoon-fucking fat cock.

  32. my fingers do not understand reality
    and my knuckles spin dreams
    like grey clouds swirling near the
    corners of tall red oaks
    and there exist few trees as
    beautiful as the pristine red oak
    with its shaft so steely and
    shocking and its leaves shudder
    against a falling fall and even then
    the leaves of a red oak fall
    like anarchist blood red with
    fucking goddamn

  33. i also run like an electric raccoon from
    kings and if you don’t think america
    is run by king you can take my fat cock
    down your fucking throat
    back to the electric raccoon
    this odd furry fucking smiling beast
    chimped a wire with his mouth
    and since if you eat a wire
    your fucking teeth don’t let go
    the electric raccoon smiled
    and screamed through clenched
    electrified teeth all sorts of shit
    and dreams about indians and
    fast cars, and old pickers and winos
    the fucking electric raccoon made
    me fucking go, ‘shit’
    I need to go electric because that
    goddamn raccoon lived some shit…
    and as I thought this the electric
    raccoon clenched his last clench
    and the fuckers heart gave out…
    under the outlaw red oak moon
    a pale ghost raccoon arose from
    the dead body of the electric raccoon
    and it paused and looked into my
    fucking eyes and said “be free, old friend,
    and avoid eating fucking wires”
    Well, ok, ghost raccoon I don’t FUCKING eat

  34. does this page seem too fucking bright?
    Like we are supposed to hang out with the fucking
    devil and glass and not be fucking weirded out by the goddamn bright?
    Fucking wish this fucking place came with a lamp, brother and rare sister
    goddamn feel like my nickles are planking white sheet screens
    might have to head off into old frayed screeds and mistakes
    poured into weeds and open shrieks and dancefloors
    might have to wind my goddamn tribal boats into a river
    of my own downwind making
    but when and if agile does leave… i leave this majestic avenue
    a lover of his brothers and sisters of Reasonic verse and
    note. the utterance of svelte reverance. the deciduous uprising of moments
    expressed across the drams of threads.

    i love you forever, my jungle of beauties

  35. everything is all
    and the moments
    of minutes are explicit
    with explosions of
    who, when, and today

  36. Look at it this way: It’s saving the taxpayers $550M. When you’re swimming against the tide?these stadium deals seem to be immensely popular in most cases?this may be the best achievable. Drive a hard bargain there, & try to cut in other matters where the current isn’t so strongly in favor of spending.

  37. Will city leaders ever learn?

    Will Reason writers please stop calling politicians “leaders”?

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