Thomas Massie

Rep. Massie Hasn't Heard From Trump Transition About Any Possible Administration Role

Massie hasn't met with anyone from the Trump transition team.


Gage Skidmore

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), says he has not met with anyone from the Trump transition team and does not know if he was being considered for the position of director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) or for Secretary of Energy. A source that said they worked for the Trump transition team earlier told Reason that Massie's name had come up in talks about the OSTP position.

"This is all just speculation," Massie explained. "But from my end, I would consider either of those positions if I was approached."

Massie stressed that before he made any decision he would assess where he could "provide the most value" and whether that was from the legislative branch or the executive branch.

"My thing here in Congress is we need to restore the balance of government, and reassert legislative authority," Massie said, pointing out that Trump would not do that because it wasn't his role.

"That's the role of our leaders here in the House," Massie continued, "so because he's going to be aggressive and try and get his agenda complete, I don't hold that against him. At the same time there's a role for Congress to play, and right now that's the role I'm in, which is, OK, how are we going to pay for all this?"

Massie told Reason he believed the primary role for the director of the OSTP, also known as the president's science advisor, would be "to separate the pseudo-science from the science" since the president is likely to be approached by a lot of different people seeking money for a variety of ideas.

"I think it takes an in-depth analysis of a lot of different proposals that are brought to the president to determine which ones have merit, scientific, or economic," Massie explained. "Somebody that can do the math, and the analysis, or assemble a team that can do that."

Massie said he believed one of Trump's biggest assets during the transition is that people underestimate him, comparing the president-elect to Kentucky's governor, Matt Bevin, a businessman who unsuccessfully ran against Mitch McConnell in the 2014 Republican senate primary before winning the 2015 governor's race. Massie says no one was expecting Bevin to win the general, and that he was trailing in four or five independent polls taken before the election.

"Then when he came in office, he's been by all measures at least by Republican measures a very successful governor in the first 11 months," Massie explained. "What he did was he assembled an incredibly talented cabinet."

"So many people underestimated Governor Bevin when he came in, based on the campaigns and the expectations set by his opponents," Massie continued, "that when he came in he so far exceeded all these expectations. I think you'll see the same with Trump."

Massie predicted that Trump would be "way more serious than anyone in the media predicted, and I think he's going to be vey competent."

In July, Massie said he believed Trump was better than 90 percent of his fellow members of Congress. Massie told Reason he believed Trump was showing himself to be better "in understanding how the country works, in connecting to people outside of the belt way, in terms of organizing groups that work, versus the dysfunction that you see here in Congress." Massie suggested a lot of that dysfunction came from Congress being full of people who are "ill-equipped" to organize anything. "Trump has experience with organizing people and talent and producing results," said Massie. "And I think Donald Trump's better than 90 percent of my colleagues at doing that."

The Trump transition team's press information has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Massie spoke at Reason Weekend earlier this year:

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  1. Isn’t Massie one of the few “good” ones in Congress? Leave him there – if Trump wants to help out he should go through the House and offer ambassadorships and other honorary positions to all the shitweasels clogging up Congress, get rid of a few of them.

    1. I’d love to see him replace McConnell in the senate. May that old corrupt shitweasel bugger off ASAP.

      1. Rand has a much better chance as majority leader. And I won’t complain if that happens.

        1. Oh, I agree. I just meant I want McConnell to be striken with dementia and get lost in the woods so Massie could take the newly junior senate seat.

          1. Oh, I agree. I just meant I want McConnell to be striken with dementia

            Dementia basically happened to Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd, and neither one of them went away – it just kind of turned into Weekend at Bernie’s situation for their respective staffs.

            Mitch’s term-limits will be decided by entropy, and nothing else.

            1. And Hillary could have been POTUS for 8 years, dementia aside. Hell, we could have had an 8 year episode of Weekend at Bernie’s 3.

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            2. 50 years from now, McConnell will spend his evenings in the DC Galapagos tortoise exhibit and his days in the Senate.

              1. Yet despite all this, today his wife gets named the new Sec’y of Transportation.

                (Why couldn’t it have been Bob Poole?)

          2. He’s already stricken with dementia. That didn’t stop Harry Reid or John McCain from sticking around for decades after the dementia was well established.

          3. Christ, guys. I was just zigg-zagging around the token disclaimer.

        2. Are you saying that Rand Paul may actually become Majority Leader? Or is this comment just pointing out how poor Massie’s chances are?

          I haven’t been paying any attention to that kind of thing so I legitimately have no idea what’s going on.

    2. One of the best.

  2. Massie told Reason he believed the primary role for the director of the OSTP, also known as the president’s science advisor, would be “to separate the pseudo-science from the science” since the president is likely to be approached by a lot of different people seeking money for a variety of ideas.

    Seems like a good reason to abolish the office.

  3. So has Trump appointed any libertarians yet? What the hell happened to Theil? I thought he was on the short list for something?

    1. Why would Trump appoint libertarians? He wants to surround himself with loyalists and no libertarians supported him.

      1. Well, that wasn’t my question and it’s also not true, as Peter Theil is a very vocal supporter of Trump and also spoke at some of his events.

        1. Being gay, Thiel is no libertarian!

      2. Hugh’s idea of a libertarian is someone like Conor Friedersdorf, Will Wilkinson, or Matt Yglesias.

      3. Well I think Trump’s staff wants to surround him with loyalists, toadies and sycophants. Because Trump has the maturity of a 15-year-old, and needs loyal people who will protect and defend him no matter what his latest outrage is.

      4. ” no libertarians supported him.”
        John did.

        1. Again, no libertarians supported him.

    2. He did appoint Donald F. McGahn as White House Counsel. McGahn has something of a reputation of being a libertarian.

      1. He could appoint me to head a department in HHS, and I’m actually qualified to do so.

        (Seriously, how could I get my name put on a list for Trump? Then he’d have a libertarian)

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  4. Like this guy knows more about racism them little rich white kids.…..-a-racist/

    1. What exactly has Trump done to indicate he’s a racist? I mean to any reasonable person. The left also call everyone who’s not a leftist, a racist, which has sort of made the term meaningless.

      1. Leftists make same mistake with their insults that they do with their central-bank money, such to say print so many that any one of them becomes worthless.

        1. Consider that line stolen.

          1. Why steal the line when you could just print more of them?

      2. He called ‘Those people’ lazy, and said of some black dude, ‘look at my African over there’ or sommat (I can’t be arsed to remember exactly or Google it). So yeah, pretty weak shit, with all the douche-baggery things you can pin on Trump racism is way down the list.

    2. Trump ain’t a racist, he’s a psychopath.

      As I am a mental health professional, for me the motivation for his “overreaction” is clear. When he says, “millions of people voted illegally” for Hillary, he manipulated the press to question whether Democrats voted illegally which lead the press away from investigating vote rigging. More than likely, he is aware of vote tampering. As you recall, during the debates he kept saying the election was rigged?within that steely brain, he knew that it was rigged, for him. One can assume he is privy to the purging of millions of Clinton votes and/or millions of voters illegally voting for him. This is what is underneath his swagger and accusations. When he described Mrs. Clinton as “Lying Hillary” and “Crooked Hillary” he was taking the onus off his lying, cheating, illegal behavior. The Post and the rest of the press in their naivet?, were duped.

      Mr. Trump is a psychopath. He is manipulative, lacks empathy, is charming, disregards the rights of others or laws and feels little or no guilt. His only motivation is to win, regardless of the consequences to the United States or the world.

      1. Trump ain’t a racist, he’s a psychopath.

        So, a president.

        1. That would be sociopath, which better fits the description given above by a mental health professional!

          1. Potatoe, potato.

            1. Mental health professional, dude in mom’s basement

              1. Mental health professional, dude in mom’s basement


            2. Vice President.

          2. Yeah, I thought that was a prerequisite for the office nowadays.

            1. That was in reply to Quincy. The 6.9% beer is kicking in. I should probably slink off before I make a bigger ass of myself than usual.

              Goodnight, gents!

              1. Don’t go! We can be asses together, united in asshattery!

          1. Wonder if that guy would describe Pol Pot as a racist or would the power structure preclude that.

            1. Who knows? He claims to be a psychiatrist, but can’t distinguish between a psychopath and a sociopath. He probably doesn’t know who Pol Pot is.

              1. Speaking of psychiatry, check out the Peterson link below. Yes, I’m a shill for this guy.

              2. The poster has no idea what he/she is talking about, you are correct. And he later describes himself as ‘licensed’, which most likely means he is a “licensed marriage and family therapist”, which is often the result of getting a degree from a no-name ‘professional’ college. They are WAY below the level of psychiatrists (who are board-certified physicians who went to medical school and at least four years of residency training after that) and below even psychologists and social workers.

                In fact, in many states, they are not even allowed to diagnose — which would explain his use of the colloquial “psychopath’ instead of the more appropriate ‘antisocial’.

                The most hilarious parts are the replies to him that say ‘you really nailed it — you should send this to the media’ as if the guy made the discovery of the century. Instead, he looked outside and told us if it’s sunny or not.

                Most public figures have to be so self-obsessed to get to that level, that they meet many of the criteria for what used to be called the ‘cluster B’ personality disorders (PD). Politicians tend to be more along the lines of Narcissistic PD, actors (especially actresses) Borderline PD, wall street barons Antisocial PD (sometimes called sociopath or psychopath).

                Interestingly enough, there’s nothing “psycho” about “psychopaths”. Their issue is they never view anything they did as morally wrong. Thus the exploitative banker or Bill Clinton can both fall under this category.

      2. He is manipulative, lacks empathy, is charming(?)

        Lefties don’t know which way the panties go on anymore if they’re into calling Big Orange ‘charming.’

      3. Ha. I’m pretty sure even Trump’s supporters don’t think he’s charming. In fact I suspect his utter lack of charm is considered by them to be a ‘breath of fresh air.’ Like how after listening to a bunch of pretentious, sanctimonious yuppy douche bags prattle on at a dinner party for three hours, you actually find that hobo on the bus ride home rambling about the Pope being an alien somehow refreshing.

        1. Does said hobo have a newsletter or blog I might subscribe to?

    3. Well, while this doesn’t disprove your general point I must say that when BET put Peter Popoff back on the air to target black evangelicals is when I stopped believing that they care at all about “their people”.

  5. “In July, Massie said he believed Trump was better than 90 percent of his fellow members of Congress. Massie told Reason he believed Trump was showing himself to be better “in understanding how the country works, in connecting to people outside of the belt way, in terms of organizing groups that work, versus the dysfunction that you see here in Congress.”

    At least one guy got #MAGA.


  6. Good.

    Decent people like Massie and Rand Paul shouldn’t get near this president’s administration. They should stay in Congress where they ought to serve as thorns in the side of the big spending party.

  7. OT, but looks like Goldy Sucks got their boy in.

    Drain the swamp!

    1. Yeah, another disappointment, especially since a CATO guy was reportedly in the running.

  8. Missed lynx, but in case you missed it, Jordan Peterson goes on Joe Rogan’s show a couple days ago and gives an unbelievable interview. Highly recommended.

    1. Thanks straff. Going to take a while to get thru it but the first half hour makes me want to.

    2. Yeah, that’s a good interview.

  9. “A source THAT said….”

    “A source WHO said….” unless the source was inanimate or Tony.

  10. Today in Derp

    -On MSNBC today, some doctor was being interviewed about the OSU attack, and the caption at the bottom said “DR: IT WAS A BLESSING HE DIDN’T HAVE A GUN”. Maintain that narrative, guys.

    -Not to be out-dumbed, the vermin at CNN suggest American women should all start wearing hijabs because feelz.

    -Meanwhile in Germany, lefty pols have concluded that the most pressing security issue is rightwing extremism.

    Dr. Johannes Thumfart describes “imperial citizens” as being from the same “nest” as “Brexiteers” and supporters of Trump. Despite the country already having some of the world’s strictest weapon laws, he believes Germans should be further disarmed.

    Writing in Spiegel on “imperial citizens”, he says right wingers in Europe share “an ominous alliance with Putin, who is armed to the teeth” and that the EU is “particularly suited to inspiring loyalty and heroism”.

    Thumfart believes America’s right to bear arms is “racist” because white people tend to use their guns to commit suicide rather than murder “each other en masse”, which he says black people do.

    1. CNN is unwatchable anymore. I’d rather watch MSNBC or Fox. If you’re gonna ideologue, just fucking ideologue FFS.

      1. It’s so sickening I took it off my TV package. Replaced it with Velocity.

      2. Yesterday I was in the airport waiting for my Southwest flight (so you’ve basically got to stay around the gate or lose your spot in line) and there was a TV blaring CNN which I thus couldn’t escape. I hadn’t seen CNN in awhile, and you’re right, it truly was embarrassing. Not only was the piece above shown, but the entire news program was taken with various shots at Trump.

        They made a huge story about the ‘unproven 3 million illegals’ vote’ while not even mentioning the absurd and crazy expensive Wisconsin recount (how many hungry families could you have fed for the cost of that recount, Jill, to use one of your own concepts) — which was the catalyst for that Trump tweet — until barely mentioning, almost mumbling it, five minutes later.

        Then the scrolling news at screen-bottom is a nonstop feed of things like “Trump proven wrong again about all concepts”.

        But oh, my. This scarf lady once had someone spit out a car window near her. She’s sure it was a hate crime.

        Perhaps she was a little paranoid and the guy was just chewing Skoal, and was just spitting out juice, not at her. But of course, everything is a hate crime now in Trump’s America, right CNN?

        How shameful they’ve become. I’m with you, staffinrun, I can’t see watching CNN again.

        How about we all stop watching CNN, like those who shave their heads, in solidarity with people who aren’t pliant morons?

        1. there was a TV blaring CNN which I thus couldn’t escape

          I believe there is an app you can install on your phone that overrides those public TV feeds with this looped.

    2. Thumfart believes America’s right to bear arms is “racist” because white people tend to use their guns to commit suicide rather than murder “each other en masse”, which he says black people do.

      First of all, Thumfart? *laughs uncontrollable at stupid name*

      Secondly, THE FUCK?!

      1. Well how are you going to smell your own farts, genius? Cup your hands under your ass like some sort of heathen? Might as well vote for Trump in that case.

        But seriously, I had to take a second look to make sure Domestic Derpident didn’t post that.

    3. “Thumfart believes America’s right to bear arms is “racist” because white people tend to use their guns to commit suicide rather than murder “each other en masse”, which he says black people do.”

      What in the wide world of fuck does that even mean?

      1. I think he was trying to say the 2A is racist because it causes more harm to black people than white people.

        He might just be stupid though.

        As Sowell has observed numerous times, human behavior is not uniform at all. It is stupid to be surprised that different groups who behave differently experience different outcomes.

        1. Well, since the 2A, while it allows one to own a firearm, does not direct us to shoot anyone. Be it our white self, and or our black neighbor, whichever case arises in ones life. So I am going with he is stupid.

        2. Goddammit!

          Refreshing, it’s a thing. Sorry.

        3. He’s saying what all Liberals believe. Black people aren’t intellectually or morally capable of having 2nd Amendment rights so we should do away with those rights.

          1. He’s saying what all Liberals believe. Black people aren’t intellectually or morally capable of having 2nd Amendment rights so we should do away with those rights.

            I’ve also learned from Liberals that Black people are too stupid to get a photo ID, even if they’re free and though you need one to do virtually everything these days. And even though the Liberals can never even find one black person who doesn’t have a photo ID so they can do an outraged interview for the TV news, college professors insist there’s millions of adult black people without a photo ID, because they’re so stupid. And even if every black person has a photo ID, requiring a photo ID to vote will keep black people away, because Liberals think they’re too stupid to vote because of ‘voter-suppression’ photo ID laws.

      2. Well, fahrt (mit umlaut, but bugger if I know how to do that *shakes stick menacingly at pedants*) is a form of the irregular German verb for “to drive”, so I’m guessing his name means goat-herd or some such thing.

        As for the rest, I don’t even know, brah.

        1. C’mon, It’s pretty obvious that it means he has his thumb up his ass.

          1. ^Oh, so much this. He actually embodies it.

        2. ‘Fahrt’ means ‘journey’. One of my favorite German words is ‘Lebensfahrt.’ Which basically means ‘life journey.’

          1. That is the most meta thing ever.

      3. I know I said I was going to fuck off upthread but if my retard translator is working properly he means white Americans encourage gun ownership so the darkies will kill each other off.

        Like I said, retarded.

        1. Also, are not around 2/3rds of all gun deaths in this nation suicides? And not the vast majority of those suicides commited by white people? And as a whole far outnumber the gun related deaths caused by black on black violence?

          1. Perhaps black people are trying suicide just as much as whitey, but get different outcomes because tricknology?

          2. Also, are not around 2/3rds of all gun deaths in this nation suicides? A

            Yes. the last ‘official’ rough numbers i recall were “~35,000 ‘gun deaths'”, of which 23,000 were suicide, 11,000 homicide, and under 1,000 which were accidents.

            1. Now that I’ve had a few minutes to think about it I get that the murder rate would still be higher among the black community if my fuzzy math holds water but the cause isn’t because of some nefarious cultural intend by whitey to reduce the black population.

              If anything, most black on black violence can directly be attributed to drug prohibition. Obviously a great deal of illegal drug sales are done in poor areas by people who decide the risks are worth the financial gain. With no legal recourse, many disputes are ended in violence. You really care about the black community and want to wipeout a huge percentage of the murders in this country? End the fucking drug war.

              Now some contend that the drug war itself was founded on racism, which is mostly true. But presently I attribute it to misinformation and idiocy.

              Hanlon’s Razor and all.

            2. You can get the CDC’s stats on death, including that from a variety of violent causes, here.

              The data’s incomplete, and 2014 is jacked up for some reason or other.
              Looking at 2013, I found 32,849 violence-related firearms deaths.
              11,208 were classed as non “legal intervention” homicides.
              21,175 were classed as suicides.

              I think cops are responsible for the rest.

              I had thought it was more of a 50/50 before I looked at the numbers, but GILMORE’s much more right on the money.

              IIRC, and you shouldn’t trust my recollection, given the foreword, but about 2/3 of the homicides were classed as part of ‘organized’ crime for varying levels or organized. Drug trade/gang shit, IOW. About a quarter were domestics/family violence that got out of hand. The rest were the rest of the panoply of violent crime.

              Pretty low, considering.

      4. Seems to be along the same lines as Planned Parenthood is just genocide against black babies.

        Although gun control originally did have a lot to do with outlawing Saturday Night Specials, which was indeed at least partially based around racism. But I’m not giving the benefit of the doubt here.

        1. In many cases it is older and far more bigoted than the 1960s – 1970s push to ban inexpensive handguns. Gun control in Michigan is a great example. It started in (IIRC) 1923 after the Ossian Sweet trial. Mr. Sweet, a black fellow, lived in predominantly white Detroit. One evening, he happened to notice two Klansmen attempting to burn down his house while he and his family were still inside. He ran outside and shot both Night Riders dead and was promptly charged with 2 counts of capital murder. An all white jury acquitted him on both counts after less than an hour of deliberation. This so enraged the fine, upstanding MI pols that they immediately established County Gun Boards who would have discretion over which county residents were to be allowed firearms. Blacks were not allowed to serve on these boards and were universally denied permission to exercise their 2A rights. Fuck gun control! Never forget, never forgive, never again!

          1. What an interesting version of that incident.

    4. So, the left’s descent into lunacy and eventual irrelevance continues unabated.


      Strangely religious rhetoric.

      I think the good-luck is that there was someone else nearby who *did* have one.

      1. Didn’t you know, Gilmore? Lucifer invented firearm technology tricknology in 1666. And, just like Prometheus, gave it to the people of the Earth, corrupting many.

        Their incarnate evil is what drives people to murder. And, as we all know, it how you kill that matters.

  11. Why does this article have a picture of Alfred E. Newman in it?

    Just got in: Between the radio and the TV I have heard Hillary’s 2005 speech supporting a ban on flag burning about 20 times. As I suspected Trump trolled them again.

    Krauthammer: ” Trump just lays a big piece of cheese out there and they cant help but take the bait. I would advise them to stop.”

    1. Americans elected straight-Milo Yiannopoulos.

    2. Also Krauthammer: “No one notices that he never said he wanted to change the law. He was expressing sentiment.”

      1. Trump is on record saying that Scalia was his idea of a great USSC Justice.

        Scalia on flag burning: “If I were king, I wouldn’t go about letting people burn the American flag. However, we have a First Amendment which says that the right of free speech shall not be abridged, and it is addressed, in particular to speech critical of the government. I mean, that was the main kind of speech that tyrants would seek to suppress.”

        Once again, Trump is luring his opponents into doing something stupid like having a nationwide flag burning day or something. Then, he will have every reason come out and tweet that flag burning is a form of political expression, protected by 1A, and that his opponents have done a great job of expressing their hatred of America because that’s who they really are.

    3. Except, of course, if he’s serious, and not trolling….

      1. You are on about that again? Good lord, it turned out exactly as I predicted.

        Go read his book Jeff.

    4. Expert work, trolling Clinton weeks after winning the election. Maybe he’ll whine about Ted Cruz some more tomorrow.

      1. Such sweet salty tears–he wasn’t trolling Clinton, silly prog–he was trolling you!!

        Thank you so much for not being able to help yourself.

  12. Breaking news! The Trump administration is not appointing a libertarian-ish rep to any cabinet position!

    Next up … water is wet!

  13. Hey, guys. ‘Member when Trump said he was going to build a wall and deport Muslims and everyone lost their damned minds. Now he says he oughtta revoke the citizenship of people who burn a flag, and we’re all “…fucking Trump…”

    1. I wish it would become that easy to revoke citizenship.

      1. Apparently it is that easy to provoke the citizenship.

  14. HuffPo: Jewish Teen’s Birthday Ruined As Friends Make Swastika Cupcakes

    However, HuffPo stressed that it is still perfectly fine to use the word “Nazi” to describe anyone you don’t like.

    1. Of course they made the cupcakes, you can’t force a baker to make Nazi cupcakes, that’s only for certain protected groups.

    2. Relevant to this story:

      The day after the election, two swastikas were spray-painted on a building in Philadelphia, according to

    3. I would have all those ignorant little shits watch ‘Night Will Fall’. Start to finish. No wimping out.

      1. I would have all those ignorant little shits watch ‘Night Will Fall’. Start to finish. No wimping out.

        Not familiar with that one. But the famous one (*which our freshman HS class watched) is the (french?) doco “Night and Fog

        I’m going to take a wild guess that they don’t actually make the freshmen kids watch that anymore. Its basically 2 hours of extermination-camp stock-footage.

        1. It is somewhat frustrating to find the movie. YouTube wants ten bucks to watch it and I can only find the trailer.

          This isnt stock footage. The guy who shot the footage, probably much of what you saw, recruited Alfred Hitchcock to help him edit it into a proper documentary.

          1. Re-released on blu-ray recently:…..4vQZyhy_0c

    4. Mmmmmmm….Nazi cupcakes.

    5. The girls who frosted the cupcakes said they were trying to be funny.

      Uhm, yeah? But omg like they so totally weren’t.

    6. I did Nazi that coming, did Jew?

      1. This was intended as mockery of the assholes who ruined her birthday, not the person whose birthday was ruined.

        Actually, it still sucks. My apologies. Won’t happen again.


          1. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

            1. Not so fast, where do you think you’re Goering?

    7. You know who else got cute little swastika cupcakes on their birthday?

  15. I didn’t get a call from the Trump people, either, but you don’t see me bitching about it very much.

    1. But did he grab your p*ssy?

    2. You called him first, didn’t you? Probably like, .02 seconds after the election was called.

  16. Get a a load of the cucks who donated to treason !

    1. Some Libertarians would say that you are a conservative “Cuck” SIV. =D

    2. I tried a a, didn’t take(belch).

  17. Massie is going to need a greenlight from Romney.
    Just saying. =)


    1. Thanks, I’ve been trying to get rid of some hippies.

  18. I’m on the short list for 1 month trip overseas to improve my Pig Latin. Should be fun.

  19. Christ. The mask has fallen off for more people in 2016 than anytime in my life.

    Geraldo ‘Piece of Shit’ Rivera is on FOX right now gushing and slobbering over Fidel Castro. It isnt like I didn’t already know he was a pinko piece of shit already, but I bet a lot more people have his number now.

    1. Maybe he should take another trip to Syria in order to re learn his forgotten lesson ?

      1. Venezuela. And no Potemkin bullshit. He has to live in the countryside with an average Venezuelan family.

        1. Then open the family vault on prime time TV.

  20. Anybody know how to stop Chrome from crashing? I can open youtube and reason at the same time, but when I try to open anything else, it never loads.

    1. Reason was crashing my chrome repeatedly until I disabled “flash” in it. Shockwave crashes were common but only if I had reason tabs open. No longer.

      1. It was the worst site for me. Hyperion threw out a hot tip for Ghostery. No problems since.

    2. Use adblocker and noscript.

      And Reason, the swipe to change pages on mobile sucks. Get rid of it please.

      1. it really is the worst. and it happens when the page loads at an odd size. all of a sudden i need to try to zoom in and move left. impossible.

  21. I like Massie but somebody should tell him about this modern invention called shampoo.

    1. Is that somebody Robby?

    2. And there are still 23 varieties available!

    3. Hobbits have naturally shiny hair

    4. The first thing you learn at MIT is that you are too smart to use shampoo.

  22. “Up onto the overturned keel
    Clamber, with a heart of steel
    Cold is the ocean’s spray
    And your death is on its way
    With maidens you have had your way
    Each must die some day!”

  23. In the spirit of fawning Castro eulogies:

    Darth Vader passed away peacefully today in the presence of his son and mentor. An energetic administrator, he had a special touch for inspiring those around him. Some of his accomplishments include capturing a notorious smuggler, rescuing a kidnapped princess, and overseeing the construction of a major defense installation, which was successfully used to settle the Alderaan Crisis. A skilled pilot and warrior, he inspired his troops by fighting alongside them. Grand Moff Tarkin has ordered all imperial flags to be flown at half mast in honor of his memory.

    1. Is Tarkin immortal?


    Mika turns on Fauxchontas. The white man forever betraying the Indian.

    1. She’s out of her fucken mind. She sounds like the stupid lefties up here after Harper won a MAJORITY government when they screamed ‘2/3 of the country didn’t vote for him!’. Duh, no shit you illiterate buffoons – THAT’S always the case in our system. You win with about 30% of the vote but it’s irrelevant because it’s about the SEATS you win.

      God this people are vile ignoramus. And Warren has NO EXCUSE to be acting like some sort of nutcase witch hunter. All she’s missing is a fucken Bible to hurl across the floor.

    2. Wow. This is the first time I’ve ever heard Mika speak her mind so eloquently. I’m not a MSNBC regular, though, and I thought her role was just to nod her head and agree with Joe. She’s absolutely right, of course, but I kind of hope the left rejects Mika’s counsel. The left really needs to turn the invective up to 11 and do more often and in more outrageous ways. The Trump people — people like you, John — need to get it through their tiny, stupid brains that they are racist, homophobic, misogynistic, Islamophobic, transphobic, fundamentalist, violent, gun-toting haters.

    3. …shrill . . . unmeasured and almost unhinged…

      Yeah, but that could be almost any leftist these days.

    4. Warren, like most high level politicians, is probably surrounded by sycophants 24/7 perpetually telling her she’s right about everything. There will be no introspection from her. She is always on the warpath. It’s her only setting.

  25. Someone in PM links passed along the story of Chairman Mao’s order to kill sparrows, which led to a locust invasion, which contributed to the Great Chinese Famine. Being ignorant of this particular topic, I read the wiki. Highlights:

    Yang Jisheng:

    In Xinyang, people starved at the doors of the grain warehouses. As they died, they shouted, “Communist Party, Chairman Mao, save us”. If the granaries of Henan and Hebei had been opened, no one need have died. As people were dying in large numbers around them, officials did not think to save them. Their only concern was how to fulfill the delivery of grain.

    …the central government decreed several changes in agricultural techniques [such as] close planting, whereby the density of seedlings was at first tripled and then doubled again. The theory was that plants of the same species would not compete with each other. In practice they did, which stunted growth and resulted in lower yields.

    Another policy…encouraged peasants across China to eschew normal plowing depths of 15-20 centimeters and instead plow extremely deeply into the soil…in shallow soil, useless rocks, soil, and sand were driven up instead, burying the fertile topsoil and again severely stunting seedling growth.

    What a hoot. Central planning FTW!

  26. All right, which one of you is DeDe Teeters?

    1. Someone has a dirty mind.

  27. Fidel Castro is dead. My heart aches. It really does. Today, on my day off, I set to get to routine chores I’ve neglected the last year or so, but the sky is grey and grim; like my soul. I couldn’t stop thinking about this towering, charismatic individual who fought on all our behalf. Yes, all of us. Sometimes it takes a great man to put the weight of human misery on his (and one day her! I hope and pray that in my lifetime I will see a woman as strong, brave and endearing as Fidel. One who could chomp on a cigar as crustily as any man! This is the dream; the hope Fidel left us) shoulders to lift us up and shout, ‘See?! SEE these people! You can’t ignore them as they are hoisted upon my shoulders! I will keep them there until you all face your own filthy hypocrisy and greed!

    This is Fidel. Fidel is hope. Fidel is love. Fidel is loyalty. Fidel is joy. Fidel is class. Fidel is liberty. This is the the lesson he has left us.

    He has given more to freedom than any leader ever could. By way, of literacy and health care he left people a gem of what true freedom looks like. He made sure it was not a privilege but a right. And he could only do so as a strong dictator. There was no need for ‘democracy’ because democracy lets in too many wolves to exploit the people. The system of government IS Fidel. He could take a decision on a dime if necessary. There is no need for Cuba to sign treaties on climate change. All it needed was Fidel.


  28. Fidel was a pit bull. A ferocious jaguar. A raging rhino in the face of imperialism. Here was this one man. This incredibly special man standing as if 10ft tall facing down the mightiest and most corrupt of all nations the United States of America. His pointing weapons at that satanic country was the single greatest act of defiance of the 20th century. In that one act, he summoned all the oppressed to nestle in his soul.

    I’m shaking as I write this I kid you not. This is how important he was for humans of all creeds and races!

    And what of the dead and imprisoned? Do you not see it sometimes takes blood and tears to achieve a caring society? Those people did not want to partake in the experiment and could not be trusted or called upon to bring forth a new Cuba wallowing in the utter death and despair brought on by Batista. Sometimes you need to crack heads to reach your goals and objectives. But Cuba wasn’t a revolution for an island; it was a global civil war. I wish people could just see the big picture.

    He did not live long enough to see his revolution through. There’s much work left to be done. Literacy can still achieve more. Achieving a perfect healthy society within its grasp. It will be up to his successors to continue the dream. The path he charted for Cuba. It won’t be easy.


    1. “Fidel was a pit bull. A ferocious jaguar. A raging rhino…”

      Wait, he was a furry?

  29. The charm and beauty of Cuba is in its rustic nature; its architecture and ever endearing classic cars! You have not lived to witness the genius of a Cuban playing his trumpet on the hood of an old car as the sun sets behind him! Oh, what I’d give to see it one more time! The sense of humanity I felt that day could never be replicated. And it is because of Fidel. What is decadence to uninformed Western capitalists, is vitality and innovation to us! We fight to keep at bay the dark and static forces of Western capitalism. We must keep our soul pristine.

    Don’t make Fidel’s work go in vain! I will heal. And when I do repair my aches and pains, I will think back on the promise of Cuba and Fidel’s dignified existence.

    Te amo, Fidel!

    1. A delighted grin has spread across my face, Rufus. Excelsior!

  30. I found the anti-anti-Trump derangement screed that I’ve been thinking.

    The idiots on the left keep getting more and more hyperbolic with their deranged criticisms…. and it keeps ending up with rational folk who have no use for Trump whatsoever being pressed into defending him, despite their utter disdain.

    This guy makes a lot of the points I’ve been making, like there are only a couple thousand “white supremacists” at best. Not really a crowd that is going to carry you to the White House.

    For crying out loud people, haven’t you learned your lesson yet? There’s plenty to criticize about his Orangeness without having to resort to unhinged hyperbole.

    1. I think these guys forget that although there are a lot of racists in this country, their racism isn’t really a defining issue for them. As such its not a reliable motivation to hang a campaign on – not anywhere near the scale that someone’s religion (like pandering to the Christian Right) is.

      Hardly anyone is going to support a ‘keep X down’ platform when all they really want is to not have to deal with people who identify as X.

    2. In my inclination toward minimalism, I’m increasingly of the opinion that Trump won mainly because of two things: trade and immigration. Both are perceived by the working class to take jobs and deflate wages, and he positionaed himself more anti-trade and anti-immigration than Clinton, who nonetheless refused (because of incompetence or principle, we’ll never know) to defend either trade or immigration the only way they can be cogently defended: on free market principles.

      Sure, throw on the secondary issues of Trump seeming tougher on Islamic terrorism and the PC-backlash. But my thinking is, trade and immigration. Those were the big things that, if they didn’t drive the working class into Trump’s arms, they kept them out of Hillary’s.

      White nationalism, sexism, alt-right, etc. are red herring that were primarily hyped up by the left to rationalize after the fact. Scott Alexander’s post there is pretty good.

    3. This part is fun:

      “I avoided pushing this point any more since last October because I didn’t want to look like I was supporting Trump, or accidentally convince anyone else to support Trump….I thought and still think a Trump presidency will be a disaster.

      “But since we’re past the point where we can prevent it, I want to present my case.”

      OK, then, you knew the racism stuff was vastly overblown, but you didn’t want to challenge it too much before the election because, false as it was, the racism narrative might keep Trump’s votes down.

      1. Not to blow my own horn or anything, but when I noticed that my candidate (Castle) sounded like an anti-vaxxer, I went ahead and told y’all. I didn’t say, “wow, wait until the election is safely over so I can share that bit of info!”

    4. Yes, they’ve learned their lesson. The lesson is that they have to move further to the left and double down on identity politics. Also, they just have not talked down to those flyover yokels enough yet to make them realize they have to get in their place and listen to their betters.

      And that’s not sarcasm.

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