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Officials at Salem State University in Massachusetts suspended an art exhibit titled "State of the Union" after some students complained about a painting that depicted members of the Ku Klux Klan. According to the artist, the painting was inspired by "fringe groups" attracted to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and "the use of violence and intimidation of immigrant and minority citizens as central organizing principal by the candidate."

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  1. After the forum, at which students criticized the exhibit and talked about the pain it caused them, Salem State announced that it would close the exhibit for now and would consider further steps to take this week.

    “Doctor, can you help me with all this pain?”

    “Sure. Blink.”

  2. Hang the witches!

    Too soon?

    1. never, ever too soon to HANG THE WITCHES!!!

    2. We aren’t burning them anymore? I this an environmental thing?

  3. So this Trump voter tries to slip his alt-right propaganda onto a university campus, a safe space meant to keep our country’s children unharmed by hate speech, exposing them to dangerous negativity, and he expected to get away with it?

    Where is Shepard Fairey? Get him to decorate higher education. His creation was as pedestrian as Harley’s but at least it was so banal as to not even dare to spark a thought.

    1. Is there anything outside your knowledge structure?

      1. I can fake my way through anything.

        1. Even a simultaneous orgasm with Lena Dunham.

          Truly, our Fist is a wonder.

          1. A fist orgasm? Is that white knuckling it?

            1. If you have that problem then you need to adjust your tensioner

              1. lubricate your ball bearing over-thruster!

                1. I’m actually starting to miss the euphemisms.

  4. the use of violence and intimidation of immigrant and minority citizens as central organizing principal by the candidate.

    Wow, someone’s been drinking the cool-aid. Why is it that they keep putting rational people in the position of defending that idiot?

    The level of projection from the left this go-around is staggering. And then there’s this:

    At one point, Harley said that, with mixed feelings, he offered to remove the Klan image if that would allow the exhibit to otherwise remain open, but he said that students rejected that idea, as there were other artworks that bothered them.
    I saw a lot of projected anger in the room, and it had nothing to do with a thoughtful understanding of the piece,” he said.

    Oh… I think there was a lot more projected anger than he was aware of…

  5. At least the Emperor’s Guards were there to keep order.

  6. Somebody is in manic phase.

  7. I don’t know why they are complaining, they have diversity, both white and red KKK.

    I think the red ones are ATF and the white ones are FBI but I could have it mixed up.

  8. The use of violence and intimidation. Interesting. I can only think of one incidence of violence and it turned out to be a false flag by Clinton supporters.

    Thinking about the unbridled Trump hate vs the frequent soft shoeing and disclaimers when discussing leftists:

    I never understood the left-leaning libertarians. They talk a lot about being libertarian and even espouse basic libertarian principles, but the mask slips and they will tepidly adopt some leftist position. Gun control seems to be their favorite, I guess because guns are scary for most urbanites who have little or no experience with them.

    Libertarians and Progressives/Socialists/Statists are fundamentally different and completely incompatible.

    When you blow all the smoke away and shovel away all of the bullshit, leftists are people who claim that they are uniquely qualified to micromanage resources on everyone else’s behalf, a pretense for micromanaging other people’s behavior. Full blown they are like the five year old having tea with a play tea set. They want to arrange everything just so-so, tell their guest how to hold the cup, what to mix in it, what to say, how to sit and when to sip. It is about control. It is almost a kind of psychosis where they see other people as inanimate objects to be manipulated to conform to the world they wish they live in. What kind of person never grows out of that?

    1. The true libertarian just doesnt have those urges. They believe in self-ownership and don’t just give it lip service. They couldn’t care less what other people have or how they live their life. Think what you want. Say what you want. Love or hate, be rich or be poor, get fat, get stoned, they don’t give a damn because ultimately how other people live has no real bearing on how they choose to live themselves. Thats your shit over there, this is my shit over here. Put your hands on my shit and you will get an unapologetic ‘fuck you’.

      These two fundamentally different kinds of people find each other’s philosophy repugnant. I don’t think there is any such thing as a left-leaning libertarian.

      That is my morning rant. I need more coffee.

      1. I’ll rant with you.

        I am continually amazed at the number of people who are strongly motivated to control other people’s behavior. On the left it is “we are for freedom because we support the LGBTAI community” – immediately followed by bans on smoking, guns, foods, offensive speech…. pretty much anything and everything they find distasteful.

        On the right it is “we are for smaller government and freedom because we oppose the left and we support the second amendment!” – immediately followed by bans on drugs, abortion, porn…… pretty much anything and everything they find distasteful.

        Why is it that Libertarians are the only ones who really believe in “live and let live”? I run into people who want to tell everyone else how to live all the time. I just don’t have that impulse. I don’t have to approve of your lifestyle, and I certainly don’t need your approval for mine.

        It is as if everyone else is still living in High School and really, really wants to be the cool kids so they can lord over everyone around them.

        1. These two fundamentally different kinds of people find each other’s philosophy repugnant. I don’t think there is any such thing as a left-leaning libertarian.

          Hihn/AmSoc/AddictionMyth hardest hit.

        2. High School? More like my 5 year old grandson that visited yesterday. Every word and every action was designed to manipulate me into giving him what he wanted. I am sure that factors in; they cant look after themselves so they try to manipulate or use force to get you to do it for them. When he doesnt get what he wants he pitches a tantrum by passive resistance or squealing. Of course the proggie tantrum amounts to rioting and violence against individuals.

          Herd animals.

        3. Pro-abortion is not “live and let live”.

          1. Fair enough, depending on where you draw the “is a human” line.

      2. Well done, sir.

        1. OT: In 362 days, 3 hours and 37 minutes we get to watch Ohio State go into Ann Arbor and beat Michigan like a fucking drum just to shut that crybaby up.

          The countdown will be extra sweet this year.

    2. You rock Suthenboy.

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