Obama Expands Targets for Airstrikes, Ohio 'Shooter' Actually a Stabber, Dylann Roof Will Represent Himself at Trial: P.M. Links


  • Ohio attack
    Adam Cairns/TNS/Newscom

    President Barack Obama's administration has decided to classify Somalian Islamic terrorist group Shabab as being covered by the current Authorization to Use Military Force put into place after the Sept. 11 attack. This increases the extent by which Obama—and subsequently incoming President-Elect Donald Trump—can use military force against a group of terrorists that didn't even exist back when the attack happened.

  • Despite the initial reports of an "active shooter" on the campus at Ohio State University (and the now-instantaneous "When will we do something?" narratives that follow), the attacker did not use a gun. Instead he crashed his car into students and then jumped out and started stabbing them with a knife. He was fatally shot by a University police officer. Nine people were injured, one critically.
  • A President Trump may refreeze relations with Cuba, which would be bad news for its suffering citizens (even taking into account dictator Fidel Castro's death).
  • Obama will end his term as president trying to push through loads of new regulations via executive actions that Republicans are promising to reverse.
  • Dylann Roof was given permission by a judge to represent himself in his trial for fatally shooting nine people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina. He faces the death penalty.
  • California cities are considering taxing streaming services like Netflix in order to grab more money for oversized city employee pensions—er, I mean, "municipal services."
  • Today's blindingly stupid outrage involves an ice rink in Japan freezing already dead fish into its ice.

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