Fidel Castro Dies

Todo se muere.



Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has died at the age of 90, according to Cuban state media (more or less the only kind in the communist country). Castro stepped down from power in 2008, placing his younger brother, the now 85-year-old Raul, in charge.

The hagiographies on their way in the wake of his death will be similar to the ones that came when he stepped down from power. The most common refrains will be about Castro "giving" the Cuban people healthcare and education.

Michael Moynihan explained why those refrains don't work back in 2008:

What all of these pols and pundits lazily presume is that if the state of Cuban health care and education have markedly improved on Castro's watch, surely the situation was dire during the final years of the Batista dictatorship.

Well, not exactly. In 1959 Cuba had 128.6 doctors and dentists per 100,000 inhabitants, placing it 22nd globally—that is, ahead of France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Finland. In infant mortality tables, Cuba ranked one of the best in the world, with 5.8 deaths per 100,000 babies, compared to 9.5 per 100,000 in the United States. In 1958 Cuba's adult literacy rate was 80 percent, higher than that of its colonial grandfather in Spain, and the country possessed one of the most highly-regarded university systems in the Western hemisphere.

Cuba improved, as have most countries, on some of these indices in the years since the revolution. As reason Contributing Editor Glenn Garvin points out, "countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil have posted equal gains in literacy during the same time period without resorting to totalitarian governments."

In his lifetime, Castro saw Marxist-Leninism fall on every continent in which it was introduced. He even lived long enough to see China's communists largely give up on communism. In the end, he could look to North Korea for what, after tens of millions of deaths around the world, the 20th century project of communism amounted to. Cubans may have to wait for Raul to die as well before they can see communism fall in their own country.

Read more Reason on Cuba, and read about Castro's reflections on the universe and the "unimaginable" here.

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  1. Good riddance to a murderous piece of subhuman shit.

    1. How dare you say such things about a classic libertarian!


      1. amsoc is free to dance with Castro straight into the bowels of Hell.

        1. And with Baron Samedi.

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      2. AmSoc is busily preparing to capture the latin market with “FIDEL!” T-Shirts.

    2. Good riddance to a murderous piece of subhuman shit.

      Couldn’t’a said it better myself, bro.

      The loving terminology the headlines are using is fucking nauseating:

      Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader of revolution, dies at 90 – BBC News

      Fidel Castro, Cuba’s former president and leader of the Communist revolution,

      Fidel Castro, Cuba’s longtime revolutionary leader, dies at 90 – CNN

      Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Revolutionary Leader, Dies at 90 – NBC4 Washington

      Fidel Castro, Cuban Revolutionary Who Defied US, Dies …New York Times

      Only USA Today didn’t join the lovefest:

      Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dies at 90

      Between Trump winning and Fidel shuffling off, I’d be investing in Prozac futures right about now.

      1. And this is why USA today will not be mentioned by cosmotarians at DC cocktail parties until further notice.

      2. What! He’s been leading a revolution against his oppressive government for the last sixty years!

        1. thom, my boy. Revolution is not something that happens all at once. There is a revolutionary process. Perhaps if Castro had a few more centuries to work with, his Cuba would have been the envy of the world.

      3. Why are you all so keen to speak ill of the dead?

        1. Seems like the safest time.

    3. Just the kind of guy Obama will make a personal funeral visit for. Will Mrs. Clinton leave the fainting couch to join him? What about Bill?

      Will he declare US flags be flown at half-staff?

      National day of mourning?

      So many bets to make before sunrise.

      1. Send Biden to be his usual self. “Stand up and take a bow, Fidel!”

    4. Ditto Pat. 50 years past due.

      Rot in hell Fee-del.

    5. But that track suit that Adidas specially made for him was so snappy! Monster!

      1. Lots of mobsters wear tracksuits.

    6. Comparing Castro to subhuman shit is an insult to subhuman shit.

      1. Castro was not subhuman. He was human, all too human. But he was also inhuman. That he lived so long and well is another demonstration that there is no justice in this life.

        For those of you who join Pope Francis in mourning Fidel’s passing, I have no words of comfort. That you are mourning a monster is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. In no way do your rambling, incoherent sentiments come even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. All decent people and people of good will are worse for having heard of your grief. I award you no sympathy, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        1. Smiling Pope Francis is a worse monster than Castro because he claims to be God’s representative on Earth. He praises tyrants and denounces businessmen. He damns the US for materialism and sings the praises of a philosophical materialist who murdered thousands. He damns abortions while praising a system that used abortion to avoid difficult births that might lower their infant mortality stats.

          If there is a hell then Francis will be in a level below that of Castro.

          1. In Dante’s Inferno, the damned popes only made it the 8th circle of hell, which was reserved for all varieties of serious fraud. The 9th circle was reserved for treachery. Despite his familiarity with some of the worst popes in the history of the Church, Dante had not encountered a pope like Francis.

            1. Yes, it’s hard to betray all of humanity at once.

        2. Billy Madison: “Okay, a simple “wrong” would’ve done just fine.”

    7. “Good riddance to a murderous piece of subhuman shit.”

      He wasn’t subhuman; if anything his abilities were superhuman. That’s what enabled him to be so monsterously evil.

    8. My father was a Marine lieutenant on one of the blockade ships during the missle crisis. He was assigned to the first helicopter scheduled to land in Cuba if it came to war. True story.

  2. Why do the good have to die so young?

    1. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones”.

      Nothing will be interred with Castro’s bones.

  3. Now, his younger brother ought to follow his brother’s lead as he has always done.

    1. Apparently he’s resigning/”not running for another term” in 2018.

      Not holding my breath, but it does make me wonder what their plan was for after both of them had kicked the can.

      1. Apparently he’s resigning/”not running for another term” in 2018.

        Just like Abbas.

      2. Their plan was probably along the lines of what happened to “The People’s Temple”. If I were Cuban I’d be very cautious about any free drinks provided by the state.

        1. Cuba Libres for everyone!

  4. I say we give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize for driving the last bit of life out of Castro via his election.

    I guarantee that makes more sense than whatever excuse they made up for Obama winning.

    1. Is Trump going to attend the funeral with Obama and Clinton?

      1. Any American president should piss on Castro’s coffin but instead they’ll praise the monster.

        1. Any person with a shred of common decency should piss on Castro’s coffin, but that eliminates nearly all politicians.


  5. I can only hope that Communism in Cuba will follow his death.

    1. I was so excited, I wasn’t clear: I hope the death of communism in Cuba follows his death.

    1. Also, sharp on the timing, Krayewski. Way to show up that fresh unlicked cub.

    2. Not these great philosophers of western thought?

    3. Don’t the Dutch have a say?

      1. Um, no. God that was horrible.

    4. Needz MOAR Cowbell.

  6. Wow, the good news just keeps coming this month.

    1. You know the progtards who work in media will be in mourning for the next week. Probably romanticizing him for the young snowflakes that don’t actually read their columns.

  7. “Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!”
    “Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become ?” ch? Guevara

    This man helped put Castro into power. And people wear his visage on a fucking t-shirt.

    Not really sure what the point of my post is. Just expecting, as the article predicts, a lot of fawning admiration stories over the weekend. Puke.

    1. Che was no Agile Cyborg. I give it a 3.


      And so it begins…

      1. The comments show progressive idiocy knows no bounds. They use big words to think they are acting smart, but have absolutely know knowledge of anything. Castro is one of the great evils of the 20th Century, right there with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Che, Pol Pot, and others, yet these useful idiot leftists say how great Castro was because he was anti-American. Oops, I mean because he stood up to the US and the Embargo (despite every other country still trading with him), was a ‘leader’, delivered free health care and education, etc.

        These Progs are pure evil. They act like Trump is the next Hitler and the same day talk about how great Fidel Castro was. There is seriously something wrong with these people.

        1. They would have been singing his praises up to the point Che out a bullet in their brains. It’s hard to tell whether they’re ignorant, stupid, or evil.

          1. It’s hard to tell whether they’re ignorant, stupid, or evil.

            Not hard at all. They are.

            1. TheBigFatHenThe Cape
              A man who boxed way above his weight … and won. God must have agreed with Castro, that’s why he kept him on his green earth for longer than any of his old foes.
              Nov. 26, 2016 at 7:50 a.m.

              My condolences to the Cuban people on the death of Mr. Castro. He, just like any other leader was not immune to making mistakes, but there can be no doubt, that his interest was the advancement of the Cuban people, as a whole.

              OMFG these people praising a bloody dictator are pieces of shite.

              1. “his interest was the advancement of the Cuban people, as a whole”

                Nothing demonstrates this so well as the fact that Forbes puts Castro’s net worth at just $900 million after over sixty years of public service. Thus, he only accumulated an average of $15 million per year. For comparison, Bill Clinton was president for just eight years and has net worth of $111 million, which reflects about the same rate of accumulation. But Clinton also controls the enormous Clinton Foundation which funds his ostentatious lifestyle. And we all know how pure the motives of the Clintons are.

              2. Vile. Immoral.


        3. Progressivism (aka, liberalism in America) is a profound mental disorder.

          People who become afflicted with progressivism call evil good and good evil, put darkness for light and light for darkness, believe bitter is sweet and sweet bitter. They perceive themselves wise and are clever in their own sight, but their works do not prosper. They speak of equality and social justice, but in their actions they justify the wicked for a bribe and take away the rights of the just. They unseriously cry “Peace, peace”, but there is no peace.

        4. This is why I am pushing for a new HUAC to hit the progs hard now, while they are already weakened. Destroy them before they connive their way back into power. McCarthy had it exactly right about their kind.

    3. He had a hand in the Revolution. Later, not so much.

      1. Oh, I’m aware. Just pointing out how unscrupulous Castro was in his choice of allies. Anything for power.

        1. I’m talking physical hands.

          1. Maybe you don’t get the joke.

            1. Now that you pointed out it was a joke, yes.

              +1 Bolivian Butcher

    4. an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine


  8. The worst part of this is that Yale’s gonna have to push back midterms again.

    1. Unicorn Abattoir turned his key and and the ICBMs all launched. Safe spaces were full to capacity, the upturned faces of huddled masses streaked with tears. The MIRVs separated, falling to Earth and each burst in the air above campuses around the world. A deafening “ZING!” was heard and minds were blown.

  9. This is an unworthy thought, but I was thinking of the printer scene from Office Space.

  10. I’m not normally one to rejoice in the death of a human being but I’ll make an exception here. It’s a shame he didn’t end up getting Mussolini’d but I’m still holding out hope for his shitbag brother.

    1. Not even Saddam or Savanarolla? I find that hard to believe.

    2. I’m not normally one to rejoice in the death of a human being

      Questionable assumption.

    3. I’m not normally one to rejoice in the death of a human being but I’ll make an exception here.

      [cough] Janet Reno [cough]

      How soon they forget.

      1. Yes, this has been an awesome month, hasn’t it?

    4. how about a Ghadaffi?

    5. I am. I would have paid good money for an opportunity to personally torture that piece of shit. Not to gain information, but just to enjoy his suffering and his chillings wails of agony.

      I can only hope that those who praise Castro suffer in a similar fashion. Death to communism and all those who practice it.

    by Elise Rigoberta Davenport

    “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.” Tonight, the world just got darker.

    Fidel Castro is gone for good, and his legacy is a land free of the strife seen in places like Ferguson, Missouri – incidentally, a state which voted for Donald Trump. His Cuba remains a model for other nations, including our own. Cuba’s enviable health care system covered all of its citizens decades before our Affordable Care Act became the law of the land here in the US. Indeed, the greatest tragedy of our Cuban embargo is that Americans couldn’t see for themselves just how rewarding a healthy relationship between the state and its people could be. Free from the gridlock of big-dreaming Democrats thwarted by obstructionist, cynical Republicans, Castro’s people enjoy rum, premium cigars, baseball, and dominoes. The streets of La Habana flow with beautiful vintage cars almost completely absent from American streets today. A zest for the eternal, incompatible with American capitalism’s unquenchable thirst for the next new shiny toy, fills the Cuban spirit today as always.

    El hermanito Raul Castro, a youthful 85, will step into his big brother’s shoes. It remains to be seen whether Don Raul can fill the aching hearts of the Cuban people.

    1. The dissolution found in some of your species is quite impressive.

      1. Bumblebee humming bird, FTW.

      2. Mr. Lizard-

        I serve you Ms. Rigoberta-Davenport, spatchcocked on a silver platter.

        Won’t you please imbibe?

    2. “The streets of La Habana flow with beautiful vintage cars almost completely absent from American streets today.”

      Because those “beautiful vintage cars” lack passive restraints, lack mandatory crumple areas, lack environmental controls, and fail to meet the CAFE standards that leftists like you imposed on every car sold here.

      1. The streets of La Habana flow with beautiful vintage cars almost completely absent from American streets today.

        Because they can’t afford new models, you sniveling piece of shit. I’d be willing to bet that if you offered to trade a 5-year-old Dodge Neon for any one of those vintage cars, you’d have a waiting list of a month of people willing to take you up on the offer.

    3. . The streets of La Habana flow with beautiful vintage cars almost completely absent from American streets today

      Parody, right?

      1. Yea i think it has to be.

    4. “Free from the gridlock of big-dreaming Democrats thwarted by obstructionist, cynical Republicans, Castro’s people enjoy rum, premium cigars, baseball, and dominoes.”

      Where, where, to begin unpacking the nonsense packed into this single sentence….

    5. I would say this is parody….look at the first sentence.

      1. It is. Commenter Jr has previously declared his intent to attempt to parody far-left media types in short, satirical articles by preposterously named fictional people.

    6. How dare they leak the President’s eulogy!

    7. Another B+

      Your knack for this is scary.

    8. Ouch. Ugly.

      These people have no soul.

    9. If I had your talent, I would have no shame to sell those pieces to the progressives news outlets, as a freelancer under a pen name. Of course it’s full of shit, and if their editors are too stupid to realize that, and are willingly paying you for it, well those people need to be departed from their not-so-hard earned dollars.

    10. Well played sir.

  12. Was hoping for something like the way his buddy Che died, but as long as the murderous thug is dead…
    I’ll be drinkin` rum and coke tonight even though I hate rum.

    1. I love rum together with Tropical Punch Kool Aid.

      1. Bacardi 151, Diet Coke, and a couple of hours in the freezer and you have great slushie.

        1. What would the cocktail, “The Bautista” cnosist of? Rum and Coke (cocaine) would be unalterable.i

      2. *Tests Powder*

        Come with me, son.

        1. I’m the first to admit it – my tastes are not those of the connoisseur.

          1. But the same as the commonsewer.

            1. NTTAWWT. My favorite is Costco silver tequila.

              1. I’d cheers with cup of Flint tap water to Fidel’s death. It’s all good.

  13. Calls to ‘normalize’ relations with Cuba in 3… 2… 1…

    1. You’re a little late on that; JetBlue started JFK to Havana service in July and there’s more deals already in the pipeline.


        I knew about US to Havana flights, just DIDN’T KNOW THEY WERE FROM JFK!!!

      2. Is that where Air Force One and add-on flights are going to be departing for the US delegation funeral visit? How many extra planes will be required, just for those in elected office, to attend? Does the Air Force have enough planes for the press corps?

  14. “The grave dangers that threaten humanity today have to give way to norms that are compatible with human dignity”

    -Fidel Castro

    R.I.P. To a flawed, anticolonialist, and anti-imperialist revolutionary who did not kill a million people in the Middle East.

    1. “Meaningless pap full of idealistic buzzwords that dipshits will eat up in exchange for their liberty and property.”

      -Fidel Castro

      1. Not sure, but I think he made that quote in the context of talking about nuclear weapons

        1. Not a great year for socialists. Lol

          Merry fucking Christmas!

        2. Which he had on his island for a while. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Of course you do!

        3. Fuck off, asswipe. And make the world a better place: Die.

        4. “R.I.P. To a flawed, anticolonialist, and anti-imperialist revolutionary who did not kill a million people in the Middle East.”

          But did in other places.

          1. His travel was restricted, he preferred killing in his homeland.

        5. Which he managed to load up on, leading to the Cuban Missile Crisis

      2. ibid Carter, Reagan. Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, Trump, etc.. until I die.

    2. Um, WTF was an “anticolonialist, and anti-imperialist” doing killing people in Africa? Read a book sometime.

      1. He was fighting colonialists and imperialists……..n.html?m=1

        1. And he did such a great job of it — just look at the bankrupt state and perpetual civil war he left Angola in. Everywhere communism touched in Africa brought death and collapsed economies.

          1. The Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park, Miami is just a false flag to Amsoc.

            1. The one good thing about Cuba’s oft praised literacy rate is it makes sure everyone can read their executed friends, family, and neighbors names on their tombstones.

        2. Everybody?

    3. R.I.P. To a flawed, anticolonialist, and anti-imperialist revolutionary who did not kill a million people in the Middle East

      That was an accident. Angola is just too far away from the Middle East to count.

    4. did not kill a million people in the Middle East.

      He killed plenty closer to home. And if he had the capability to reach the ME or SE Asia or elsewhere, who knows? His co-philosophists certainly killed plenty.

    5. No he didn’t kill a million people in the ME. Add up the ones he murdered in Cuba, Africa and all over Latin America.

    6. Heh. The only thing keeping him from killing a million people in the Middle East was insufficiency of power. Poor bastard, he was stuck with just oppressing his own people.

    7. The same sentence just as easily applies to Hitler. Fight the good fight against those English slavery, Adolf!

      Also, if your going to credit Bush with all the people killed by Iraqi terrorists and insurgents (accounting for most of that ‘million’) we may as well also rally tha 300 thousand or so who have died in the Syrian Civil war (not to mention the ones in Afghanistan) to Obama, no?

    8. Middle East? No asshole, he had his hands full torturing and murdering his own people. You fucking piece of marxist shit.

  15. I’m pretty sure that when you have men with guns keeping citizens from leaving the country, you are a bad human being.

    How’s hell, Fidel?

    1. Or an employed human being.

    2. Gay sex Friday sucks. Not Satan’s meaning, of course. Monday to Thursday. no problem.

  16. I hope his death was painful.

    1. Not enough.

    2. I’m sure their fantastic health care system kept any pain to the absolute minimum.

      We should get something like that.

  17. it’s been a tough year with the deaths of so many greats, but never let it be said that 2016 didn’t also do us the occasional solid. Decades too late to have any practical benefit for poor Cuba, but still…

    1. Not as bad as 1971.

    2. 2016 also saw the Cubs winning the WS in more than a century, the Cavaliers shocking the 73-win Warriors for their ring, and the bitter old hag lose the election to Donald Fucking Trump. So there was plenty of good stuff too.

      1. “What am I, chopped murderer?” – Janet Reno

        1. DID they chop her up? If so, I missed out.

  18. Jesus fucking Christ, the hagiography at the NYT is disgusting. I’m going to bust open a bottle of bubbly when the fish wrap of record goes teats up.

    1. Right. They didn’t even mention Castro being in a Hollywood movie.

    2. The last couple of weeks have been pretty tough on the Weigelian scum at the JournoList.

      And I love it. I absolutely love it!!

    3. eh, the NYT article recognizes his wrongdoing while not outright condemning it. CNN is in full lovefest mode.

      1. CNN actually drove me to FOX this morning. Typically I watch neither, but this is a big news day.

      2. If the worst they can say about Fidel is that he was a mixed bag, then these people have no business lecturing anyone about fake news, or right and wrong.

      3. More reason to put everyone at CNN on a blacklist.

  19. I have the strangest mental image of Trump offering a green card to an adult Elian Gonzales in exchange for assassinating Castro. And Elian responding with “You know, I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice.”

    1. “Libertad! Libertad!…”

  20. Fox News showing live shots of Cubans in Miami dancing in the streets.


      Sorry, I just did not have enough desire to look at the Democratic Underground take, so I wrote it myself.

      1. I couldn’t find them on my cable dial. CNN was just talking about Castro shutting down all the churches in Cuba back when. Can’t wait until dome leftard tells me he was great for that, or for re-opening them in the 90’s, or both.

  21. Well, fuck. Finally. Hopefully it hurt.

  22. Bye bye, dickhead!

  23. Will his funeral be more orderly that Arafat’s?

  24. Listening to CNN and they’re ringing the changes – Fidel overthrew the Cuban dictator Batista, the rich fled Cuba leaving the poor behind, Fidel created a racially integrated society with universal healthcare and literacy, the popular leader was hailed by many for accomplishing so much… however, some critics say this came at a terrible price.

    Well, yes. Kinda like being bothered by an ingrown toenail and then having leprosy cause your foot to fall off. I suppose some critics would say curing the ingrown toenail came at a terrible price.

    1. Probably the same wreckers who had gall to question Stalin’s methods.

    2. Racially integrated? Cuba is one of the most racially diverse countries in the Western Hemisphere yet the ruling class looks like they just got off the plane from Spain. There isn’t a black face anywhere. If you’re black in Cuba and not a world class athlete then your life sucks.

      Read the shit that the “beloved” Che wrote about black people. Paraphrasing Che “They’re lazy, stupid and not fit for anything other than manual labor”. He makes the KKK look like an interracial love fest.

      1. Unpossible! Che is a lefty hero! They even wear t-shits with his picture.

        1. And the dumbest lefty of all is Carlos Santana who wears a Che t-shirt. Guevara banned Santana’s music from Cuba. He considered any kind of rock to be “nigger music” and Che despised black people.

      2. This explains why Castro was so keen to get involved in sub-Saharan proxy wars. Young Afro-Cuban men supplied the cannon fodder.

      3. “Read the shit that the “beloved” Che wrote about black people.”

        Somewhere on some college campus in America, there is a leftist dingbat wearing a Che Guevara shirt while rambling about how Donald Trump is a racist.

      4. I’ve heard lots of Cubans say that they think Fidel was accepted by Europeans as well as Cubans was because he was white and Batista was black.

  25. While any Cuban who experienced Castro will be celebrating for weeks on end, the left will eulogize a “complicated man” for all his contributions to healthcare and literacy. Then they’ll wonder why anyone with direct experiences under Communism refuses to vote for them. Have fun losing Florida yet again dipshits

    1. And for “standing up to” the USA. I distinctly recall the BBC and other outlets being troubled by Chavez up until the abortive coup in 2002 which the US didn’t oppose, and then suddenly all the world’s media outlets turned on a dime.

    2. That crap is already showing up on my Facebook:

      Oh 2016 you have taken with you so many that have shaped the world that we know..
      RIP Castro you singlehandedly impacted so many lives of Cubans and Americans.

      By a Boeing contractor I knew from DC, she is now in Alabama.

      1. If that could cheer you up, I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist, they played it when Margaret Thatcher passed away, why not Fidel Castro? They said all people are equal (but to paraphrase George Orwell in “Animal Farm” some are more equal than the others)! Here it is: “Ding-dong the witch is dead” for Fidel.

        1. Not for Hillary or Janet Reno?

          1. Mrs. Clinton is not quite dead yet.

            1. Maybe she will get her kingdom yet. She can be crowned queen of the nation of Commiefornia after Calexit.

      2. “…singlehandedly impacted so many lives of Cubans…”

        Cant argue with that.

        1. Can’t really fire AK-47 singlehandedly (recoil too strong).

      3. “Castro you singlehandedly impacted so many lives of Cubans and Americans.”

        So did Polio

    3. “While a complicated man who governed an authoritarian state, his contributions to his nation’s public health and infrastructure were genuinely remarkable.

      But enough about Adolf Hitler…”

  26. Meh, I can’t really feel good about this. Fucker lived 50 years longer than he had any justice to do. But it’s once again a revealing moment in sick leftist ideology in which a vile dictator is commendable for “standing up” the US despite unleashing poverty and misery on millions of people.

  27. Aren’t the doctors like slaves in cuba? Also im not sure their free healthcare is any good unless you are a party member.

    1. No. They aren’t LIKE slaves.

      1. That was funny.

        They make about $40 a month and Fidel would make them work in other countries that would ship him oil in return.

        The people are just another commodity for the state.

        1. They also avoid sending unmarried doctors, because the only way they can be sure they won’t flee is if they have a family back in Cuba to hold hostage.

    2. I seem to recall that Castro ordered up a Spanish doctor and airfreighted in medical equipment and supplies when he got sick. There were other stories that Castro actually travelled to Spain for treatment on occasion. I’m pretty sure that ordinary Cubans did not get such care.

  28. The leftist scum online is very quickly pointing out the hypocrisy of the United States for condemning Castro. After all, the US backs brutal regimes in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Setting the aside the obvious strawman that one must either support the US and its aims or be sympathetic to Castro and his acolytes, I can see one fairly obvious problem with this line of apology.

    US policy has always been coldly pragmatic, perhaps best summarized by the apocryphal quote regarding Rafael Trujillo in the 1950s “He’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

    Are Jeremy Corbyn, Dilma Rousseff and other world leaders and thinkers singing paeans to Castro and his regime because they genuinely believe in socialist dictatorship? Is that their ideal regime? That’s significantly worse, in my opinion.

  29. In addition to Jeremy Corby, Jimmy Carter and Dilma Rousseff, we can addJustin Trudeau to the list of slimey pinko fucks

    The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:

    “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

    “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

    “While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

    “I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Ra?l Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.

    “On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and many, many supporters of Mr. Castro. We join the people of Cuba today in mourning the loss of this remarkable leader.”

    1. While a controversial figure….

      And with the simple waving of hands, tens of thousands of souls pass unnoticed into the aether.

    2. To be fair, Trudeau has been on that list a long time.

    3. I’m beside myself in anger. Absolute anger.

      “On behalf of all Canadians,”

      The gall and arrogance.

      Eat shit you lousy progressive. You don’t speak for me.

    4. “Larger than life” is one way to put it. Hussein and Gaddafi were both larger than life. So is Kim Jong Un. Zoolander is a cunt.

    5. I expected this, what with the Trudeau family connection to Fidel and Trudeau’s habit of ignorantly praising authoritarian regimes (“China is great because green energy” is both untrue and the equivalent of saying “boy, you gotta love Nazi Germany for its infrastructure”).

      Say what you will about Harper he was at least willing to call out authoritarian regimes on their bullshit.

    6. “It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.”

      How’s he rate compared to, oh “President” Kim (the elder)?

  30. Picked a bad night to go to sleep early due to feeling sick. Would’ve gone down too Little Havana last night.

    I hope there’s a hell so Castro can burn there for an eternity.

  31. Even DU thinks Castro was a piece of shit (mostly)

    This evil basturd killed more than a few of his people, and imprisoned many more for the crime of speaking their conscience. He was a thug dictator who brought his country to its economic knees and has left it a total bsket case. He leaves this world a better place by leaving this world. I will not miss the miserable scum; his is one obituary I will read with GREAT pleasure.

    1. Do they realize that all of their heroes have killed millions?

      I doubt this comment is sarcasm:

      46. he finally seen that russia won the cold war by installing trump

      1. To be fair to DU, there are a few commenters there that I would place in the category of the Old Left, anti-communist yet pro-welfare and unions. The kind that would support a Jim Webb.

        The rest are a mix of full-bore commies and useful idiots.

        1. Most of them seem to truly believe that Obama will just hang around as POTUS until they find a way to declare Hillary the real winner. It’s still her turn after all.

        2. The kind that would support a Jim Webb.

          A few years ago that was over half the Reason staff. Now that Weigel’s gone, just half.

  32. Sing to “What do we do with a Drunken Sailor”

    What do we do with a dead dictator,
    What do we do with a dead dictator,
    What do we do with a dead dictator,
    Put him under glass

    I can think of no better tribute than to make his rotting, festering, corpse into a tourist attraction for western lefties.
    Add verses as necessary.

    1. Piss on his grave until he’s worm food.
      Piss on his grave until he’s worm food.
      Piss on his grave until he’s worm food.
      Early in the mornin’

  33. Cosmo hero Colin Kapernick mourns Fidel’s death and celebrates his glorious revolution.

    1. There is another one that needs a good kick in the mouth.

    2. A lot of true colors are going to be shown in the coming days.

  34. In accordance with the old Roman wisdom of nil nisi bonum, this is what I have to say:


    1. I’m however considering a list of people to speak some ill of while they’re still alive. George Soros likely to take the top spot.

      1. George Soros the Nazi?

        1. +1944 was the happiest year of my life

  35. They’re finally admitting it huh.

  36. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 55m55 minutes ago
    Fidel Castro is dead!

    1. I keep hearing his tweets are misunderstood. Is he going to the funeral or not?

  37. POS Rivera is on FOX now singing the praises of Castro. I would pay good money to anyone that would run onto the set and kick that motherfucker in the mouth.

    1. His warmup act was Juan Williams. I switched back over to CNN for a moment, then back. CNN is even more unbearable than Rivers and Williams.

    2. Now the real entertainment is up! Dennis Kucinich is funny as hell for his segment.

      1. Kucinich?! What the fuck? Why is he still relevant?

        1. Comedy factor. Has to be the comedy factor.

  38. It’s a shame the POS hung around for so long. Raul needs to follow along quickly.

  39. “Fidel Castro: world reacts to death of Cuban leader ? live updates
    Live Updating-The Guardian”

    Yes Guardian “leader” not “murderous asshole dictator” is the way to describe him.

  40. Is Obama going to award him some type of prize now?

    1. Nobel commitee working on as we speak. Will he be Time Man of the Year? Actually if they don’t give that to Trump, then everything they’ve claimed about making that choice in prior years is a lie.

      1. Trump can’t have any prizes because racist sexist xenophobe bigot monster. If he closes Gitmo and pulls completely out of the middle east and never drones a single human, he still won’t get a prize. Prizes are for good leftists only.

        1. Prizes are for good leftists only — with a strong preference for those with a significant body count.

          1. That certainly explains how Hitler won one.

  41. Looking around at the praise for Castro I guess we have to face the fact that half of the human race is just evil.

    1. Nah, man. Don’t fall into that trap. That line of thinking lends legitimacy to the idea that without Top Men to control us under threat of imprisonment and death our civilization would collapse due to our evil nature.

  42. I care much more that Mrs.Brady died. I had just made reference to her in a post a few days prior.

    1. You called her a milf didn’t you? You evil person.

      1. I believe we had a Ginger versus MaryAnn conversation going on and I said that we all know Mrs. Brady was the real freak back in the day. I’d like to think she remained so::)

        1. But what about Jan Brady? It was always Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

          1. I think Cindy turned out to be the party girl.

    2. Agreed. Florence Henderson played the mom that a lot of people wish they had and prior to the Brady Bunch she sang on Broadway. I kinda had the hots for her too. What’s not to like about an amiable, good looking blonde who can sing up a storm?

  43. Good. Rot in hell you murderous, piece of shit commie. He should have met a similar fate to that other murderer Che.

    Fuck them both.

  44. What’s that sound I hear from out west? Oh yeah, all the “celebrity” wankers in Hollywood weeping for the loss of their Great Inspiration and Fraternal Socialist Comrade Fidel. Mmmm more delicious salty tears to enjoy.

  45. I won’t be able to listen to world leaders (like our foreman Trudeau) and pundits gloss over what this asshole did and act as if he’s some sort of great person. Yahoo! called him an ‘icon’.

  46. See you in hell Fidel.

  47. Glenn GreenwaldVerified account
    ?@ggreenwald Glenn Greenwald Retweeted Rev Jesse Jackson Sr
    People will condemn this, of course. What was Castro’s posture on apartheid South Africa in the 1980s v. Reagan and Thatcher’s?

    Well on the one hand Reagan and Thatcher were diplomatic about their opposition to Apartheid. On the other, Castro sent 30,000 Cuban troops into Angola to fuel a civil war that killed over 500,000 civilians.

    Greenwald is really losing his shit on Twitter trying to deflect criticism of Castro back on the US and UK.

    1. That comment by Greenwald/Jackson is about as dumb as asking “What was Hitler’s position on the dangers of smoking vs FDR and Churchill’s?”

      1. Hitler was a staunch opponent of British and French colonialism and even made some brown friends in the Middle East over that fact. I guess Hitler wasn’t so bad!

    2. The embargo on South Africa was as wrong as the one on Cuba, right?

  48. The fawning over fidel castro is pathetic. Oh, but he gave them Healthcare!!! Seriously??? The people over there are driving around in cars from the 50’s!

    “about 27 percent of Cubans earn under $50 per month; 34 percent earn the equivalent of $50 to $100 per month; and 20 percent earn $101 to $200. Twelve percent reported earning $201 to $500 a month; and almost 4 percent said their monthly earnings topped $500, including 1.5 percent who said they earned more than $1,000.”

    Yeah, the top 1.5 percent earn less than the poverty rate here. Oh, but healthcare and educationz!! The people praising castro are ignorant, while others who’ve lived under his rule and have had their family members either killed or jailed have a totally different outlook on him.

    Such behavior reminds me of modern day socialists/liberals They yearn for for the feel good stealing of people’s property as they hide behind the state, while calling themselves compassionate. Yet if anyone kicked in their door and took their shit, they would scream bloody murder.

    1. But they don’t need an income, everything is free!

    1. This is one time I’m happy to live in South Florida. No memorials, no hagiographies, no equivocating on the local news. Just celebrating the death of a brutal dictator.

  49. Amsoc and Joe from Lowell hardest hit.

    Me, a grim smile. Fidel is facing judgment now, and I suspect he won’t be a fan of the results.

  50. As if hell wasn’t bad enough bad enough, now it smells like burnt Castro hair.

  51. I figure this would be a fitting article to make my first comment. What’s up people? Cuban Libratarian here from MIA. Long time comment thread reader.

    To the gentleman who this article is about. Rot in the most deserving and painful of hells you sorry piece of shit.

    To my grandparents who came with nothing but the close on there backs to this country after having everything taken from them and those in my family still stuck in that prison surrounded by water. Struggling every day to survive. Hopefully, the end of what that shit hole did to that amazing country is near.

    1. Funny how the people singing is praises never seem to have actually lived under his regime.

      Hello, and welcome.

      1. Funny how a lot of the coverage refers to his revolutionary efforts. Cause since about 1960 there’s not much to celebrate.

      2. There are millions of Cubans in Cuba who will mourn him. Just like there were millions of Russians who mourned Stalin, and millions of Chinese who mourned Mao.

        If a dictator is not overthrown during his lifetime and exposed as a murderous thug, he will be mourned. The state educational system’s indoctrination and the mainstream media’s propaganda will see to that.

    2. Hello, and welcome to being a libertarian. Don’t follow the SugaFree links, because they don’t work half the time, and when they do work you wish they didn’t.

      You’re not a real libertarian, but don’t feel too bad about that, because I’m the only real true libertarian around here. We’re cool like that. There are like 30 other guys that are the one true libertarians.

      1. I am Spartacus.
        Or am I Tulpa?
        I forget sometimes.

      2. I thought that shreek is the one true libertarian?

    3. Welcome, bro.

      1. Well, I just assumed you’re a guy since there are no female libertarians. /sarc

  52. Let’s also take this moment to reflect that Fidel Castro would have died decades ago if he received the same quality healthcare average Cubans receive.

    He had a personal doctor in Spain he would fly in as necessary.

    1. Have I mentioned yet how snappy that custom Adidas track suit made the old man look?

      1. How do you say “Depends” in Spanish

  53. [A] In response to questions about Castro’s firing squads Guevara once said, “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution. And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.”

    [B] “On May 27, [1966,] 166 Cubans — civilians and members of the military — were executed and submitted to medical procedures of blood extraction of an average of seven pints per person. This blood is sold to Communist Vietnam at a rate of $50 per pint with the dual purpose of obtaining hard currency and contributing to the Vietcong Communist aggression.”

    1. [C] Cuba Archive finds that some 5,600 Cubans have died in front of firing squads and another 1,200 in “extrajudicial assassinations.” … Children have not been spared. Of the 94 minors whose deaths have been documented by Cuba Archive, 22 died by firing squad and 32 in extrajudicial assassinations. –WSJ

  54. Watching CNN. Maybe my ears need cleaning but their coverage of Fidel’s death sounds like this. *Put on .5 speed for full effect.

  55. To quote an ols timer out west upon hearing the news that trudeau the first died in his sleep… Oh that’s too bad, I was hoping the sonofabitch would have suffered a lot more”

  56. Dies soon after Trump is elected? Fidel is a beta bitch.

  57. I think i’ll stay away from watching the coverage of this. I just bought a new tv and i’ll probably smash it if I keep hearing him referred to as Cuban “Leader” or Cuban “Revolutionary” one more time.

  58. Too bad that nothing will change in Cuba because Raul lives on, and he’s a spry 85.

  59. The man with no hands

    Don’t read the comments. Basically, Castro a hero and Trump will do worse.

    1. They see Castro as a kindred spirit, after all, a statist is a statist.

  60. The DU is a very disturbing look into the mindset of the left. Sick bunch of fucking retards.

  61. I, too, was saddened by the news of Castro’s death. Saddened because the monster did not die screaming in agony as he was torn limb from limb by those he imprisoned for “counter revolutionary thoughts”.

    What kind of depraved scum can praise a man who sent aircraft to machine gun people on rafts who wanted nothing more than to leave Cuba? He turned Cuba into a prison and gets hagiographic obituaries from American newspapers.

    1. “What kind of depraved scum can praise a man who sent aircraft to machine gun people on rafts who wanted nothing more than to leave Cuba?”

      Your typical leftist.

    2. A lot of it comes out of Fidel waving a middle finger at the US. Most people praising him probably know nothing of the atrocities but see him as a man who resisted US imperialism.

      1. Yeah, I doubt any of the kids wearing Che shirts are aware of his views on black people.

      2. Yet they don’t wear Hitler or Hirohito t-shirts and it could be said that no one resisted America more than they did. Che Guevara was a big Mussolini fan. I wonder if he wore a Mussolini t-shirt under his camouflage jackets.

        1. While I am happy the murdering thug is dead I am sorry that he did not leave this world like Mussolini, Qaddafi or Ceausecu. I will drink rum tonight to celebrate his death and for his brother and inner circle quickly join him in the cold dark Earth.

    3. The same fuckers that believe all Trumps voters are irredeemable and need to be rounded up. QED

    4. “What kind of depraved scum can praise a man who sent aircraft to machine gun people on rafts who wanted nothing more than to leave Cuba?”

      It was for their own good! They were drifting towards America, which is a terrible place where health insurance costs money and food deserts abound.


  62. It’s a stark reminder that to their very core, leftist don’t value freedom. How they can praise a man and system that fundamentally enslaved people, is beyond me.

    “But…but…but…, the free great healthcare”.

    Inmates in a prison and slaves on a plantation have “free” healthcare too.

    1. When you read or listen to the comments by the media, each one of them is saying the same thing, praising Castro for advances in education and healthcare. I swear they are all taking their talking points from the same source–the official Cuban communist news agency.

      1. Official Communist News Network?

  63. Anyone know who this guy is?

    Trump appoints Donald McGahn as White House Counsel

    Just curious, before CNN paints the guy as just another racist bigot monster.

    1. Oops, too late.

      John Demo
      funny thing about McGahn, I didn’t realize he was a racist. Guess we know now he is. its the only kind of trash that fits in the Trumpster’s closet/cabinet.

      1. Well, the only criteria for being a racist is that you are white, not sure why you’d pay attention to it for any means other than figuring out who exactly the left is scared shitless of because they will erode their power.

    2. I assume Trump has some pretty good lawyer.

  64. Thanks for the welcome Hyp. And yes, I am a

  65. Incredible how many people are celebrating evil.

    1. Many of them were feverishly working to vote a similar type of evil to office here in the states.

      1. I would say more than similar.

  66. Since you all have once again already said what I think, I’ll just leave this here.

    To me, Masters of War is about Fidel, those like Fidel, and the propagandists that excuse their actions.

  67. One of the last Cold War monsters has finally given up the ghost. If Cuba is lucky they might actually have a chance to reform and modernize their country once it’s out of the hands of the brutal family that has guaranteed half a century of stagnation and horror. Havana was not meant to be a developing world city. Castro made it what it is today.

    1. The sad tragedy is that no nation ever suffered unwillingly under a dictator. Castro remained in power because the Cuban people wanted him there. If he ever held elections he probably would have won by huge numbers. Look at his compadre Hugo Chavez who won re-election. The despicable crap written about Castro in the N Y Times most likely is an accurate portrayal of how most Cubans view Castro.

      Cuban refugees are a self selected group completely unrepresentative of Cubans still imprisoned on the island. These refugees value freedom and many risked death to leave Castro’s socialist island paradise. When Raul dies there may be a non-communist government installed but it will still be a statist tyranny. Russia had a chance for freedom but found Putin’s tyranny a relief from having to make their own choices about how they should live their lives.

      1. Damn, way to harsh on my parade with such an accurate statement. The tragedy is that 10’s of millions in the USA would jump on the same train.

        1. Here’s an infrastructure program: Build a bridge to take that train to Cuba with only Cubans allowed on return trips.


    Suell is in there with a fine take and he’s not alone.
    But there’s entirely too many of ‘he made the trains run on time’ apologists, and spouting the claims of literacy and medical care?
    You trust the stats of a country that can’t even figure out what its currency is worth?

    1. I don’t understand this OBSESSION WITH HEALTH CARE AND LITERACY as a guise to mask MURDER AND MAYHEM.

      What the fuck is wrong with these slime balls?

      Oh, I know. It’s not in their back yard. Easy for them to say.

    2. Is that mostly East Bay scum, or is it your neighbors?

      1. Playa, here’s how that goes.
        Within sight of my front and back doors, there are, by actual count, 16 former rental units which are no longer available. Except two, they are all owned by neighbors who profess support for rent control laws. Sorta like the neighbors who support the teachers’ union while sending their kids to private school.
        Suffice to say, I have little time to discuss such matters with my neighbors; if you want a decent conversation in SF, you need to be selective.

    3. Cheers Sevo, it is actually heartening to see how many commenters there don’t buy the “but he gave the Cuban people healthcare” bullshit. I do realize thought that the comment section on the Gate tends not to run not quite as far brain dead progressive as the City does.

      Text from my Brazilian buddy this morning:

      “Fidel Castro is dead. Would be nice to see Maduro follow him. Although the selfish Brazilian in me would like to see that regime to continue to crumble for longer as a reminder to the rest of the continent. At least until Lula dies.”

      El gran hijo de puta puede dormir en el barro ahora. Me voy a tomar un Cuba Libre a celebrar.

      1. Hey, Suell!
        See this?

        “Anti-Trump candlight vigil gathers in the Castro”…..o-11792164

        In a supposed article about that lefty shitpile.
        Keep it classy, Cooper! We love ‘unbiased’ reporting; we just can’t get any from your rag.

        1. I missed that. F’n repulsive they are.

  69. RIP you pinko piece of shit.

    Here’s to hoping he’s down in Hell taking Jose Fernandez fastballs to the face for the rest of eternity.

    1. I don’t think that the “Angels” would willing to release Jose Fernandez on waivers, but they might let him throw a few during the off season.

  70. Castro is an example of what our young millennials are capable of, if we just give them the chance.

    1. Are CNN, the New York Times, the NFL, and ESPN all hoping for bailouts? They realize who won the election, right?

      1. How does that change the bailout atmosphere?

    2. Just like East Germany! *swoon*

    3. All these articles taking this position are hopelessly childish. They’re picking their spots and running with it.

      It’s nauseating.



      All those dead by his hand.

      1. No kidding. The fucking communists treated their sports star like gods (so they could prove how wonderful their countries were) and the rest of their people like shit.

  71. It’s funny how concerned the progs always are about “offenses” against their aggrieved groups. I wonder if in all these fawning pieces the people writhing them think about how those Cubans who suffered at his hands feel listening to this crap.

    Or are we not anywhere on the leftist victim hierarchy. Can I claim to be “triggered by all this”?

  72. My Cuban friend’s mom: “I though that asshole died 8 years ago”

    1. You have to appreciate someone that eloquent.

    2. My Cuban friend (I sound like those ‘I have a black friend’ liberal) is rejoicing. His family lost everything to that parasitical shithead.

    3. My grandmother wasn’t that direct, but she thought the same as well.

  73. So it looks like I have 2 friends who posted fawning eulogies.

    One is in the Nation of Islam. He’s stupid, so he gets a pass.

    The other is a rich white kid who went to UC Santa Cruz. 37 years old, still has never had a job, works as a “musician”, living off an inheritance from his grandparents. Always talking about a revolution, posting about that pipeline non-stop.

    Castro: missed by everyone with IQs under 70.

    1. So it looks like I have 2 friends who posted fawning eulogies.

      One is in the Nation of Islam.

      Wait, what?

      1. There are some pictures of Farrakhan and Castro circulating right now.

    2. Wait. Don’t progressives hate people like him? It’s the whole point of the inheritance tax, no?

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  75. What’s Fidel’s net worth by the way?

      1. There you go.

        ‘Served his people’ really means ‘the people served him’.

        What else is new in the regressive realm of progressiveland?

        1. BTW, that site is very sympathetic to that murderous POS. Forbes had him pegged at least a couple $Bn some time back.
          Regardless, since he couldn’t very well spend it in that shithole, he probably did swim in it.

      2. And of course lefty doublethink convinces them that he deserved every centavo.

  76. BTW, neither Castro has issue, correct?
    Where’s the bench? Who’s in line when Raul kicks the bucket?

    1. This fucker. He’s considered “hard-line.”

      1. Interesting. Considering that Raul is, relatively speaking, less of an asshole hardliner than Fidel, and has actually loosened state control a smidgeon, I wonder if he will try to loosen things up enough that his replacement won’t be able to easily roll back any reforms.

        1. Raul will institute a few reforms, see who supports these reforms, and have them executed. An iron fist only opens to crush new victims.

        2. If not, Senor Diaz is liable to set in motion the chain of events that end with his head on a spike. But I’m an optimist.

          1. I guess that’s sort of whatI meant. If Raul opens things up enough, people will not be so willing to let Diaz tighten things up again. It’s not like going from Batista to an ynknown any more; they’ll know what it was like and won’t be willing to go back.

    2. They’re going to call up someone from the minors, probably Mephisto Rodriguez who’s batting .987. That means that he’s given concussions to 98.7% of the counter revolutionaries that he’s hit in the head with a bat.

  77. I managed to befriend a small number of the natives when I was in Cuba; I’m pretty sure that, to the last man and woman, they’re quietly celebrating right now. They won’t do it openly, of course ? such an action (akin to criticizing Che in public) probably carries a 5-year prison sentence.

    They’ll also be making mental notes of who all the informants for the Party are in their neighbourhood. When Raul finally kicks it, expect a large number of visits to these people at 3 A.M., followed by a bunch of bewildered neighbours at sunrise explaining to their local police how they didn’t hear a thing, they were sleeping soundly, and oh my goodness, who could have ever dreamed that something like this could’ve happened to dear ol’ Juanita?

    1. Exactly. The people will get their revenge.

      It would be cool if they take it out on Raul. String that asshole up and take back their money.

      1. Even better: The Cuban people can set up a functioning court system and bring offenders to justice.

        1. Let’s hope they wait to abolish the death penalty until after they’ve tied it out on the Inner Party members.

  78. It’s about time his handlers admitted he’s dead. He’s been looking badly embalmed in his publicity photos for some years now.

  79. It was Marx who first propounded The Divine Right of First Secretaries of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, was it not?

  80. Is there any truth to the rumor that Castro committed suicide so that he could go to hell, raise an army of damned souls then return to earth and reanimate the dead to begin the Zombie Apocalypse?

    1. “Curiously enough, that very same idea occurred to me independently.” – Michael Bay

  81. After the election of Trump and watching idiots without an intellectual and moral compass fawn over a murderous dictator, I posit not only are we mired in a Dark Age, we’re also witnessing a bloodless civil war to pull us out of it.

    1. “. . . bloodless [so far] civil war . . .”


  82. Fuck him. Good riddance.

  83. So, so sad to see the “George Washington” of Cuba depart too soon.

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