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The parents of an eighth-grader at Alabama's Childersburg Middle School say their son was paddled after writing "Trump" on a blackboard. According to a discipline form sent home with the boy, students had been instructed not to discuss the recent election outside of history class. The teacher said the boy would have been disciplined for writing Hillary Clinton's name, too.

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  1. Paddlin’ the school canoe, that’s a paddlin.

  2. Well, as long as a ridiculous policy punishes everyone an equal amount how could a parent complain? I mean, if we can just get the cops to shoot a few more white people so the numbers seem fair that’ll be fine, too.

  3. Dear God, my SJW Derpfeed has outdone them again – a lengthy circlejerk on how you can’t be racist if you’re white because of “power and prejudice”. Uh huh.

    One of commentators is the most racist person I know, but it’s all against white people. So how convenient that you redefine the word racism so you can think you’re not racist.

    Oh and the first comment: “I would share this, but I’m pretty sure i’ve successfully purged my life of the type of people who need this type of information.”

    What the fuck is wrong with SJWs. You brag that you have gotten rid of any opposing viewpoints. I bet you also sing the praises of diversity

    1. you literally cannot make this shit up. When challenged with the dictionary definition “That’s a very limited, black and white, way of looking at words.”

      Oh then a mixed race (half black) joins the mix and is not having any of their BS. Bunch of white SJWs getting stopped by him is so satisfying

      1. Lo, these many and many moons ago, I was online referring to a person the online room knew as a “black man”.

        “O. M. G. You don’t say “black. They are African-American.”

        “Okay, yeah, but he’s British.”

        That’s when I knew that PC had gone too far. Everyone else just catching up.

        1. – “Bartender! I’d like an African-American Russian please.”

          I’ve actually heard that once. Some of these people have completely jumped the shark.

          1. I also heard a comedian once say,
            “I drank to much last night and African-Americaned out”.

            1. Orange is the new African-American.

            2. Bill Burr’s joke: “I think I want the black shirt, ummm I mean African American shirt.”

          2. Reminds me of the white immigrant from South Africa expelled for checking the “African american” box on his application.

          3. Guttermouth nailed it in the 90s.

        2. He’s African-American Irish!

        3. Heh. I remember seeing a video of Nelson Mandela taking questions from some American students, and some girl asked him how he felt about some issue or other “as an African-American”. He said “as a WHAT?”


          1. “I mean, as an African-African, sorry.”

      2. I lived as a white minority in a majority black neighborhood. I can tell you, racism is real and its perpetrators aren’t all white.

    2. I really love it when the SJW mask slips and they are honest for a second

      SJW: Sure you’re half black so yes your input is valid”

      “My input is valid or invalid weather it true or false. Not because of the color of my skin. That is a racist statement, putting you towards KKK status”

      1. I bet they have no idea that this type of thinking is exactly what created the Alt right.

        1. YOU HUSH, BOY.

          What sort of credentials do you have to be making that kind of talk, anyhow?

          1. Isn’t he a gaijin minority?

    3. A co-worker of mine posts links to Jezebel. Talk about fake news. Unfortunately I can’t unfriend her because i may still see her at events and shit.

    4. a lengthy circlejerk on how you can’t be racist if you’re white because of…

      Should that be “if you’re not white…”?

  4. Schools. *SMDH*. Last week my nephew, who is Japanese/White, sat through an English class where the Assistant Language Teacher spent the last 15 minutes explaining how ALL Trump supporters were racists and misogynists. She actually pointed out my nephew as she said this because she knew his father, my brother, was a Trump supporter. Being only 16, he just sat there and let the 25 year old skank from Chicago lecture and humiliate him. My brother is going in next week to meet with school representatives and is going to rip them a new one.

      1. Typically the biggest bullies are on some form of government payroll.

        1. They’re often the ones you legally have to listen to.

    1. Lawsuit. Settle for a good amount.

      1. Don’t know about Taiwan, but not here. At best a few hundred thousand yen.

        1. They don’t even throw in a lifetime supply of tentacle porn?

    2. Being only 16, he just sat there and let the 25 year old skank from Chicago lecture and humiliate him.

      Even at that tender age he knows that the next step is the School Resource Officer. Revenge is best served cold, and by his father.

      1. You mean like sushi, you racist?

    3. Most likely they’ll just call CPS.

      I had a reasonably pleasant thanksgiving, but a cousin who is a public school teacher was complaining about Trump’s appointment for secretary of education, and how she’s ‘anti-public schools.’ This same cousin, who has only been a teacher for several years, is also purchasing a house worth over hal a million dollars.

      Sorry, but I think it’s high time we slashed and burned the education system of its rot. Especially since the indoctrination is losing its last fig leaves.

  5. In Childersburg, Stephenson said the school called him and told him what happened. They then asked him if he’d rather his 14-year-old get paddled, or spend the day in in-school suspension. “I said I didn’t think they should be punished at all,” Stephenson said. “They said it caused a disruption.”

    He told the school his wife was on her way, but if they couldn’t wait for her to arrive, they should let his son make the decision. “I told them ‘I don’t want you to do anything,” he said.

    Couldn’t wait? What is this, 24? Was Jack Bauer there screaming at the kid to tell him if there were any other Trump truth bombs hidden away on other chalkboards?

    The old man was right. He wouldn’t have been disciplined for writing their old hag’s name. Next time, kid, just draw a Johnson.

    1. I always chose paddling. It’s over in a few seconds. After the principal figured out that we didn’t care about getting paddled, we always got detention and boy, did we have fun. So, again he let us choose. I still remember the principal saying “_____”, you’re such a pussy” when he chose detention over paddling. That would get the principal fired nowadays. Good times.

      1. I got into a fist fight in gym class and we both only got two swats. Now they would probably call the cops.

        1. In health class, which was linked with phys ed, they had drug education, which only got us interested because we learned what “euphoria” meant. Sex education (pre-AIDS) was also a fun part of health class. More good times.

      2. We never had to worry about getting sent to the principal to be paddled. If you got that far you probably got suspended. The teachers all had paddles and handled that level.

        Fist fight in gym class? (Or anywhere at school.) They sent you to the gym where the coach got out the boxing gloves.

    2. Paddle my kid without permission and without cause? Chad Bynum should be whipped like a runaway slave, then run through a woodchipper.

  6. Logistically, how does paddling work in 2016 America? You need to beat the children hard enough to humiliate them, maybe make them cry a little and lose their dignity, but you don’t really want to hurt hurt them. That gets you sued. Do the schools have to carry special insurance if they choose to beat their children?

    The teachers must have to be trained, for the school’s lawsuit insurance if nothing else. Are there paddling consultants who go from school to school in Alabama and teach the teachers how hard to hit the children?

    And what about equipment? The paddle you’d choose to thrash a daydreaming kindergartner obviously wouldn’t make an impression on the 17-year-old you just caught getting blown in the janitor’s closet. Do paddles get heavier as grade level increases? And who sets the sizes and weights of the paddles? Is there a subcommittee of the state legislature that decides this?

    Furthermore, who supplies the paddles? It certainly can’t be left to the teachers to bring in their own. That would be a liability nightmare, as I mentioned. So the schools must provide them. That implies that there are paddle vendors who lobby schools for paddle contacts. Are there traveling salesmen hawking the latest models? Do the schools select the lowest bidder?

    1. And what about the parents? There must be some kind of waiver that the parents sign allowing the school to beat their children. The idea of corporal punishment being a required part of public school is unimaginable in this day and age. So what kind of degenerate subservient peice of shit would actually sign such a thing?

    2. Huh, 19 states pay their employees to beat children. That’s an order of magnitude more than I would have expected.

      1. Beat the love of the State into them.

      2. You spank the child in accordance with his or her level of privilege. Since social justice is the purest form of justice, the dispenser of justice is free of liability, provided that pain-for-privilege levels are adhered to.

        1. Poor little Robert John Smith, V.

    1. “Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack?” [asked] J. Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan…”Probably not.”

      “More likely, he wrote, pre-election polls were “systematically wrong.” But the only way to resolve the lingering questions would be to examine “paper ballots and voting equipment in critical states,” he wrote.”

    2. Whatever the truth may be, I doubt that this will go anywhere. The party leaders on both sides pulling the strings are smart enough to know that taking the election away from Trump and handing it over to Hillary would end VERY fucking badly. Given the current political climate, it could well be the spark that ignites the Second Civil War.

    3. Anyone remember the “OMG Trump’s not fit to be POTUS because he won’t swear to abide by the results” headlines?

      1. They were simpler times.

      2. Yes, and I remember knowing the people who said that would not abide by any outcome that went against them. Same deal in 2000, along with blackmail and death threats against electors.

  7. Good thing they nipped this in the bud or next this kid would start grabbing cats!!!!

  8. The student was trying to honor the Dutch naval hero Admiral Tromp. Why are they disrespecting his Dutch heritage?

  9. ” The teacher said the boy would have been disciplined for writing Hillary Clinton’s name, too.”

    But he couldn’t spell it. Here’s some help…


    1. I..L..I…N…G…U…I…S…

  10. Maybe he wanted to learn about contract bridge.

    1. Or spades… oops that’s racist.

      1. Learning about spayeds is sexist, I suppose.

        1. Spaids?

    2. Spades?

  11. My first job out of High School was at St Paul and over the next 5 years Iearned so very much. Seeing the hospital torn down tears a small piece of my heart out. The Daughters of Charity and the doctors and staff of St Paul Hospital will always be with me..???????

  12. Talladega County Schools Discipline Referral Form sent home with the student: “Students were told on yesterday because of the sensitivity of the matter, not to discuss the election unless it was in history class.”

    “Not to be exorcising First Amend rites for long time.”

  13. Are we sure of this story? No mention of “Heil” or swastikas or any of the other stuff that is scribbled by people NOT caught red handed.

  14. Good morning and happy thanksgiving.

    1. More like Happy Spanks-giving!

      (sees self out)

  15. students had been instructed not to discuss the recent election outside of history class

    How old were they? 8th grade?

    fucking idiots. i blame teachers for turning kids into hysterical little emotion-bags. telling people they can’t even talk about the news of the day – why? because its *too traumatizing*? because – god forbid – people disagree, and they might need to learn to actually debate things or engage each other face-to-face?

    And how exactly do you enforce that without some totalitarian, ever-present oversight?

    and we wonder where progs get their ideas from.

  16. To be honest, I’m a little sympathetic with the school on this one. 8th graders are just old enough to be extremely anti-authoritarian, while clever enough to know exactly what buttons to push. They lack enough guile or tact to express views reasonably but sometimes enjoy getting other people riled up. And offended 8th graders can lack the emotional maturity to just suck it up (Ideally, they should be reaching that point, but even college students are currently incapable of it). Given how rancorous things are amongst grown-ups trying to talk politics in the wake of the election, which has led to property damage in major cities as well as numerous hospitalizations.

    That said, actually punishing the kid for this is idiotic. Make sure kids know you’ve called a moratorium on political discussions in the classroom since they should be focusing on algebra. Kids should understand that you can’t just should not, perhaps, throw your political perspective into every discussion in any venue. They can save it for history or social studies classes. If you see it, wipe the name off the board and just move on.

  17. The teacher said the boy would have been disciplined for writing Hillary Clinton’s name, too.

    “Disciplined” like having to “take full responsibility”, I’m guessing.

    My first impression here is that the teacher is a goddamned liar.


  18. Um, so if the kid went home and talked politics with his parents, the school would punish him for that, too??? Yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s hard to tell how far they’ll go with this stuff, anymore.

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