Anti-Obama Protests as President Arrives in Greece, Trump Says Only He Knows Cabinet Finalists, Some Clinton Supporters Want Electoral College to Vote for Her: P.M. Links


  • Pacific Press/Sipa USA/Newscom

    President Obama arrived in Greece, while riot police there clashed with anti-Obama demonstrators.

  • Donald Trump says a very organized process was taking place for his transition, and that only he knew who the finalists for appointments were. Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.
  • A number of still outstanding 2016 elections include who won the governor's race in North Carolina.
  • Senate Democrats selected Chuck Schumer as the minority leader and named Bernie Sanders "chair of outreach," one of three new Democrat positions.
  • The officer who shot and killed Philando Castile was charged with manslaughter.
  • Police in Nigeria have foiled an alleged plot to kidnap an oil magnate that involved at least one military official.
  • Conor Macgregor says he wants $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules.

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  1. President Obama arrived in Greece, while riot police there clashed with anti-Obama demonstrators.

    Did they vote?

    1. OMG you fing hacker!

      1. Equality for the Commentariat!

      2. Am I supposed to wait all day for you people? I’m a very busy man.

        1. Citation needed. ^_-

        2. F off!

          *goes back to playing with puppies and coloring*

        3. That F5 key isn’t going to press itself!

      3. Don’t protest what cannot be changed. Both of you.

      4. A fig hacker? As that a euphemism for something?

        1. As I learned on Urban Dictionary today, it has something to do with sticking a ginger root up your ass.

          It apparently raises your level of alertness, so that you can post first.

          1. Select shape of ginger root carefully.

            1. Fist’s anus is very adaptable.

              1. Untrue. But In Through the Out Door is my second favorite Zep studio album.

            2. I have ginger root in my freezer

              1. Here’s a tip: thaw it out before inserting it in your ass.

                1. Well frozen would definitely make you more alert.

            3. I suggest this one.

          2. Is that what is meant by a “bum’s rush?”

    2. Hello.

      “Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.”

      Aw, the wittle little authoritarians respect and love democracy, eh?

      1. They just have a problem with the first petition to tell the electoral college how to vote.

      2. Eh, the Electoral College system is more of a Republic thing than a Democracy. Democracy would be the popular vote. Honestly I’m not sure which I dislike more. The Electoral College system seems completely foolish to me, but Democracy in its purest sense is essentially mob rule. They both kind of suck.

        1. The electoral college both allows smaller states to have more of a say in presidential politics and is a recognition of a state as a singular political entity.

          Also, what would you replace these systems with? Or is this a sideways arg for anarchy?

          1. As someone pointed out, having an election determined by the popular vote as opposed to the EC, would be tantamount to saying the World Series winner she be the team that score the most total runs as opposed to winning four games.

            1. Part of my own delusion was that if Gary could have won enough EC votes to keep the others below 270, he would have become president through the EC process and the rest of the country would have been totally cool with that outcome

            2. But if you had to have a baseball team on your side, you would want the one that scored the most runs, right?

          2. Well since the federal govt’s domestic powers are restricted to interstate commerce, it wouldn’t make much sense for the large states to have dominant representation in the enforcement of interstate affairs. No seriously.

            1. Having worked on Electoral Reform, that is pretty much the only argument for the present system that cannot be ably dismissed. Fortunately for the movement, nobody makes it.

        2. This isn’t rocket science. The Constitution is a treaty among States. The States were here first, and they didn’t want to be overwhelmed by a bunch of city wankers clamoring for more federal power.

          Hence the Electoral College.

          1. Federalism.
            Hear, hear!

      3. She’s a shoe-in for Missed Congeniality.

        1. It is spelled ‘Congenital’

          1. +1 victim class

      4. Uh, under strict “democracy” — rule by the people — Clinton would have won since she got the majority of the popular vote. You can complain that this shows a lack of respect for “constitutional norms” or “institutional traditions” something like that, but it doesn’t undercut “democracy.”

        1. Yes it does.

          “Democracy” also means accepting the rules and playing by them. Athenian democracy had a bunch of positions assigned by allotment, and no one after an election went “Wait, let’s vote on these instead!”

        2. No, she failed to get a majority, so she still wouldnt have won.

          Plurality is for wusses.

        3. If they had been campaigning for the popular vote, they would have campaigned differently. As it was, they campaigned for the popular vote in swing states, per the rules, and won/lost by the vote in swing states, per the rules.

          You can’t change the rules mid-campaign.

          1. ^ This is what I tell people.

          2. Agreed. I want reform, but is McMullin a thing if voters aren’t secure in the idea Utah isn’t going to matter anyway? Doesn’t Trump utilize his relative advantage (to other GOP candidates) in the northeastern states by scheduling stop after stop when it is so quick to travel to major cities in that region?

            By all means, let’s change the rules, but not when both candidates agreed to them in the first place.

        4. Nope. After all the fraud, illegals voting, etc. Hillary did not receive the most votes. Not even close.

      5. If that happened, I’m sure there would be no consequences, right?

        All the people who voted for Trump would accept the decision and vote for Democrats in the future.

      6. “Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.”

        I’m assuming the people proposing this, if by some miracle it works, understand what the full consequences of what such an action would be. Right?

        1. I’m assuming the people proposing this, if by some miracle it works, understand what the full consequences of what such an action would be. Right?

          I seem to remember this idea being bandied about after Bush v. Gore in 2000. I imagine it’s even more of a long shot now than it was then, as the legitimacy of Trump’s victory isn’t in question like Bush’s was in 2000.

          Still, if this did come to pass, I’d be almost willing to bet that Clinton would refuse to take office. If she did assume office under these circustances, her presidency would be crippled from day one. The Republican House and Senate would sit on everything; federal law enforcement and national security agencies wouldn’t lift a finger for her; and I dare say the military might refuse any orders she handed down. As badly as Clinton wants power, I think she’s smart enough not to step into a mess like that.

          1. I suspect the Republicans would investigate every aspect of her foundation, amil servers, Whitewater, everything they could think of going back to Arkansas, and impeach her the very first chance they got, and maybe multiple times. Even a few Democrats would think something was wrong, and the precedent it would set would reverberate like nobody’s business. The filibuster would disappear. The Republicans would rig the rules like nobody’s business. The states might get their Constitutional Convention.

        2. If it happened and the courts didn’t overturn that shit, it would evolve into a civil war. As it should under those circumstances.

        3. “I’m assuming the people proposing this, if by some miracle it works, understand what the full consequences of what such an action would be. Right?’

          I have pointed this out to my liberal friends, and they blithely state they would do the right thing even if it means they would be targeted for murder. Quite a leap from Facebook slacktivism to martyr, I say.

      7. If the Electors took their responsibility seriously they would vote for Gary Johnson. But they are partisans of the candidate who won each state, so very few are likely to stray. Since Clinton lost though, there’s no reason for a few not to throw some shade Bernie’s way.

        1. Moreover, they wouldn’t have run in the first place. I was never Trump headed into the conventions, and so did not run as an Elector for that reason. You make an oath, and I don’t believe screwing with people by taking false oaths connotes integrity. I wouldn’t have voted for Hillary anyway.

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  2. They told us that if Trump were elected, there would be a wave of violence:
    “Teen in Trump campaign hat beaten during school walk-out”…..618146.php


    2. But in all fairness it was actually because he was a total gaywad.

      1. Wait, I thought the gaywads (and the dorkwads) were true blue Clinton supporters.

        Or are they only cool with Bill because of his work with them?

    3. hundreds of students staged a walk-out to protest Trump’s election

      WTF? Who in high school gives a shit about this stuff? Nobody did in my day. WTF are we doing to our kids to make them act like this.

      Oh, and I expect to see hundreds of suspensions handed out. Yeah, right.

      1. WTF are we doing to our kids to make them act like this.

        Sending them, generation by generation, to indoctrination camps, aka public school.

        1. I went to public schools – in Team Blue territory – and it was nothing like this.

          1. Lucky you! I went to public schools in Team Red territory, and had a fair share of ideologically biased (toward progs) teaching of social studies, civics, health, and other classes.

            1. To be fair, it was the 80s. Slavery, gay camps, etc. The only thing remotely political I can recall is lots of “anti-prejudice” stuff in elementary school.

          2. I was extremely lucky (in a sad way). I went to public school in Governor Bubba’s Arkansas, but our World History teacher was a Holocaust survivor. We received a history education that probably wasn’t given to any other students in our state.

            We were also probably the best public school in the state at that time (especially given that is was rather rural).

            1. (especially given that IT was rather rural).

              …typing was never my strong suit, especially after three beers.

              1. the election is barely over and you’re only on your third beer? it’s good to know some people still have hope….

      2. First they came for my gun-shaped pop tart, and I said nothing….

      3. These kids are just fags and pussies anymore.

      4. WTF? Who in high school gives a shit about this stuff? Nobody did in my day. WTF are we doing to our kids to make them act like this.

        The kids probably don’t care. They’re doing it because they are getting extra credit from some old hippy prog teacher.

      5. You don’t suppose the teachers had anything to do with this?

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  3. Donald Trump says a very organized process was taking place for his transition, and that only he knew who the finalists for appointments were.

    Such an organized process, you’ll get bored of how organized it is.

    1. One and done, son.

      1. Sooo looking forward to Pres. Lulzy Warren in 2020…

        Think I’ll go barf now

        1. Seriously, that is who Democrats are pining for. Because the last time they ran a liberal from MA to stop an ostensible rube worked so well.

    2. Still holding out for Gary Busey.

        1. I would lay out time every day to watch that press conference. With popcorn.

          1. The highlight would be when he asks one of the hacks to run down to the corner to get him a meatball sandwich.

            UTAH! Get me two.

        2. Jeezus H Christie, Busey needs to be in a public facing role, like right now!

      1. Ambassador to UN?

  4. Donald Trump says a very organized process was taking place for his transition, and that only he knew who the finalists for appointments were.

    They will be spectacular finalists, very tasteful. Believe me.

    1. Unless they get fat… Sorry, Christie.

  5. Senate Democrats selected Chuck Schumer as the minority leader and named Bernie Sanders “chair of outreach,” one of three new Democrat positions.

    Chair of Outreach?

    Who needs 3 new types of Democrat positions while children are starving?

    1. That really sounds like some sort of participation trophy.

      1. Or a really shitty D&D magic item.

      2. You must sit in the Chair of Outreach!

      3. It’s their way of saying “Yeah, we torpedoed the candidate plenty of our base vastly preferred specifically to get our losing candidate on the stage, so sorry about that. See, he’s going to convince you guys himself that it was for the best!”

        It’s their attempt at reconciliation with young voters that could really screw them in a few years time if they accidentally realize that Democrats don’t give fucks about them. The Socialists are just about the last group of White people that are welcome in the Democrat party these days.

      4. Has to sit in the corner, well out of reach of a chair.

        1. F*K. Supposed to say “stand” in the corner.
          Oh well, it was a lame joke anyway.

    2. Translation: “You talk to them.”

    3. Chair of Out of Reach. As in basic economic understanding.

      1. I think they meant Out of Touch. With reality.

    4. So Bernie is no longer an Independent? Not that he ever really was, mind you.

      1. Considering the private jet and cash monies provided by the DNC, I think it’s safe to say he’s bought and paid for.

      2. He has “always” caucused with the Dems. He votes for their Sen Majority Leader.

    5. Chair of Outreach Outrage


    6. Perhaps Chair of Reacharound?

  6. At least those Greeks know you’re supposed to protest the sitting president. They send us some of their best people.

    1. ^Greek sex advocate. NTTAWWT

  7. “Senate Democrats […] named Bernie Sanders “chair of outreach,”

    “Chair of Free Shit” sounds much more impressive.

    1. Is there a ‘Chair of Inreach?’

      1. Who is the Chair of Reach Around?

      2. Chair of Reacharound.

        Nailed it.

      3. Chair of Reacharound?

  8. “Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.”

    Your desperation is hilarious. The election is over, shut up.

    1. Shhhhh!

      The longer her hope lingers the worse it will be for her. Let it be slow. We are shooting for a complete breakdown. I want her to die a long time from now in a padded room wearing a drool soaked Maosuit.

      1. Maybe it could come down to one electoral vote, and that native american guy from WA can cast the deciding vote against her.

    2. Maybe they can name her “Chair of Has-Beens”

    3. Anybody got a petition going to have the EC demonstrate a commitment to unity and comity and peaceful coexistence by unanimously voting for Trump? (Less one symbolic abstention to maintain George Washington as the only unanimously-elected Prez.) No? Hmmm….maybe nobody loves unity and comity and peaceful coexistence as much as they claim.

      1. They already know Clinton is going to lose, why waste their votes?

  9. President Obama arrived in Greece, while riot police there clashed with anti-Obama demonstrators.

    If you like your currency union, you can keep your currency union! Period!

  10. Conor Macgregor says he wants $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules.

    This Irish mick is gunna get himself REKT

    1. Agree. We Irish have always fought whether we can win or not.

      1. As should everyone.

      2. Agreed Bacon. The problem is, that we Irish have never really won lol. ^_-

        1. Primarily because the Irish were always too busying fighting among themselves to put up a real fight against anyone else.

    2. ‘Boxing rules’ is key here. Edge Mayweather I would think.

      1. I have always heard that a professional boxer would mop the floor with an mma guy if they fought it boxing style.

        1. That is very true. And vice versa.

          Personally, I find both of these guys insufferable, so I am not sure who I would want to win. I guess Mayweather is the bigger douche, since he likes to practice on women.

          1. Yep. Nobody likes women beaters.

            1. U no love Ray Rice?

      2. Edge? Macgregor would get destroyed. But he’d still get paid. He wants to milk his profile while he can.

      3. For $100 million how could Macgregor possible lose ?

        1. Does he still get paid if he reflexively kicks Floyd in the head and knocks him out?

    3. Are there non-Irish micks?

          1. Yes. They called us Orangemen.

            1. So…Trump? Trump is not an Irish name, is it? Come to think of it what kind of name is Trump?

              1. Wasn’t it changed from Drumpf? Sounds like some kind of German.

                1. You know who else was some kind of German?

              2. Not that Orange man. Orangeman being a Scot/Irish landowner when Britain was being a bully.

                1. From William of Orange. Dirty protestants the filthy Brits sent in to take our land and pacify the region for British rule. Really worked out well.

              3. Dutch-Irish. His father was from Wales.

                1. That’s why he dumped Christie – wrong whales!

            2. Sorry bacon, but if you’re any kinda Irish you’re a mick. You may not like it but that’s the way it works.

              1. It’s Venn Diagramming 101.

    4. I miss Irish.

      1. I can’t figure out why he went dark left.

        1. Even when they leave, the joke remains. I miss him too.

          1. He’s busy as Trump’s chief strategist, apparently.

        2. He pulled an Irish goodbye!

      2. It seems several people have gone missing.

        I know Epi was banned for some reason.

        Anyone seen Warty lately?

        1. Warty is around – he is a busy man, you know. Those doomcocks aren’t going to doom themselves!

    5. That is one martial art that shouldn’t me mixed.

    6. Boxing rules or IRISH boxing rules?? It makes a difference.

  11. “Police in Nigeria have foiled an alleged plot to kidnap an oil magnate that involved at least one military official.”

    Who will now need an American to help him deposit his money?

    1. [golf clap]

    2. +1 Nigel Saladu

  12. President Obama arrived in Greece, while riot police there clashed with anti-Obama demonstrators.

    Shouldn’t that be “Greece Mourns Obama”?

  13. A number of still outstanding 2016 elections include who won the governor’s race in North Carolina.

    Turns out it’s Trump.

    1. So much winning.

  14. A number of still outstanding 2016 elections include who won the governor’s race in North Carolina.

    Can they be like Belgium with no functioning government for ~2 years?

    1. When will Trump stand up and tell his supporters to stop the violence?


    2. “He wasn’t an elector, was he?” – Hillary voter

    3. Yes, murder is bad, thanks SIV. Unless it’s a murder of roosters.

      1. You’re just jealous that STEVE SMITH cucked Robby Soave in Cockalypse 2016.

    4. NOTE: NSFW sidebar!

      very nice tits though!

      1. It’s The Daily Mail

        I linked there so Ann Cox Chamber’s bird cage liner wouldn’t get the clicks.

        1. What’s weird is the nips were NOT blurred out when I first click and now they are.

    5. That’s just a love crime. Nothing to see here.

    6. Dead man’s parents say they have already forgiven their son’s killer and just want closure.

      WTF ? They don’t even know who did it yet ?

      I guess they are better people than I.

  15. A number of still outstanding 2016 elections include who won the governor’s race in North Carolina.

    Have they checked the trunks of cars for “missing” votes?

    1. Funny you should mention that

      “Durham defends handling of ballots in NC governor’s race

      “RALEIGH – Durham County’s elections board is defending itself against charges by Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign of wrongful or illegal conduct in the reporting late on election night of 94,000 votes cast in the heavily Democratic county.”

    2. Is this a subtle Rae Carruth joke?

      1. What’s Fred Lane, chopped liver?

        1. For some reason, I wasn’t aware of the Fred Lane story. I checked Wikipedia. Goddamn. Poor bastard. That bitch wife of his should be rotting away inside a woodchipper.

  16. Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.

    The coronation shall not be delayed.

    1. Didn’t “She” win the popular vote?

      I seem to recall only days ago this was the argument for why the EC should be dumped, like right now, in favor of a true democratic vote count.

      Suddenly they want this undemocratic bastion of racism to bend their way?

      1. She got a plurality of the popular vote, which would count as winning in a nationwide FPP system. The popular vote as of today (absentee votes are still coming in) stands at 46.8% R – 47.7% D – 3.3% L – 1.0% G. Contrary to initial reports, this election saw more people vote than in 2012 (although it looks like it will be less than in 2008 – which was the all-time high) and Donald Trump did win more votes than either Romney or McCain (although less than Bush in 2004). An interesting note: four of the last eight elections have been won without anyone getting a majority in the popular vote, so the electoral college does still have some utility in that it delivers a majority vote (of electors) even when no one wins a majority of the populace, thereby deciding elections without the need for runoffs.

  17. Supporters of Hillary Clinton are pushing a petition to have the Electoral College vote for her instead.

    Because democracy!

  18. Has anyone been following this New Balance thing?

    1. New Balance executive mentions offhand how Trump will be better for their business than Obama was or Hillary would have been.


    3. New Balance: No,we really aren’t.


    1. Man, white people ruin everything.

      1. I heard somewhere that New Balance makes their shoes in ‘Murica too or that they at least still have a manufacturing plant here. Burn them!

        1. Most of their manufacturing is done in the US (the Northeast, in fact, which is not the easiest place to run a manufacturing business in the US), which is why they think Trump would be better for business (as he might make imports more expensive, thereby giving a boost to domestic manufacturers).

          1. Hard to find American made NB shoes these days. Shoe store will usually have one or two models of NB made here with the rest made in China. I try to buy the American made ones if I can.

    2. I need a new pair … hmmm..

      I like Nude Balance.

    3. Goose stepping in New Balance doesn’t sound too appealing.

      1. Does Hugo Boss make track suits?

        1. Actually, they do. Doesn’t live up to the standards of their past work.

      2. Definitely more comfortable

    4. I believe 4 came before 2.

    5. That’s kind of a thing in Europe. Where people identify certain brands as some kind of intellectual property of nazis. I don’t really get it.

      1. It at least makes sense for companies that actually sucked up to the Nazi regime, Hugo Boss and the like.

        But then you have hilarious scenarios like Russell Brand lecturing people at a Hugo Boss event about how they’re supporting a Nazi business…and then driving away in a Mercedes.

        1. There are an awful lot of idiot leftist celebrities, but Russell Brand is definitely the dumbest.

          1. I actually thought he was pretty funny before he started fancying himself some kind of intellectual. The worst kind of dumb person is the one who thinks he’s really smart.

            1. I’m kind of amazed/almost impressed at the fact that he developed a Messiah complex after sucking cock for cocaine.

        2. Sort of. But by the same token, it makes sense to say that Germany is a Nazi country because it used to be run by Nazis. At some point, the past is the past.

          1. I’ve noticed that no one bitches about Mitsubishi.

            1. Never met my grandfather, I see. We’re now in year 75 of his eternal grudge against the Japanese.

            2. Everybody has zero complaints about them.

              1. *rimshot*

    6. I think I dropped that in the AM links yesterday.

    7. I will be an exclusive buyer of New Balance from now on.

    8. “White Nationalists”

  19. India seems to be coming apart at the themes thanks to some really stupid policy decisions.…..rrency-ban

    1. themes – seams, whatever.

    2. Shikha Dalmia hardest hit.

      1. I don’t think Shikha is a huge supporter of the Indian government.

      2. She’s not a fan of Modi.

      3. Shikha Dalmia hardest hit.

        She wouldn’t listen!

    3. I learned from that article that PM Modi wears his watch facing inwards. He just lost my support.

      1. Hey! I do that. Can’t have a bunch of damn freeloaders checking the time on my watch.

        1. I always did it because it is less likely to get broken that way.

    4. Wow. That’s staggeringly stupid.

      1. Amazing that they can invent a single policy stupid it can destroy the economy of a country with a billion people.

        1. I think I’ll be shorting emerging markets tomorrow.

    5. TRUMPCLOWN’S fault! /Shikha

    6. I live here. Hyperbolic, but lots of truth in the piece.

  20. “President Obama arrived in Greece, while riot police there clashed with anti-Obama demonstrators.”

    He should have worn a Make Greece Great Again hat.

  21. Yadda yadda, Canadian Beloved State Broadcaster Derp:

    The growing influence of feminist economics may be just what Trump’s America actually needs

    Despite Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in last week’s U.S. presidential election, an alternative way of looking at the economy ? called feminist economics ? claims to offer solutions far more appropriate to the problems the United States faces.

    In the rush to boost growth our leaders have been asking the wrong questions, and not just in the U.S., says self-described feminist economist Marjorie Cohen.

    “What are the things that people need?” asks Cohen, professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University. “Do we really need more and more stuff?”

    That doesn’t mean feminist economists are all anti-materialist leftists. Cohen says stuff is important, too.

    With a woman and a feminist at the helm, the U.S. might have spent its resources on the kind of human infrastructure that would improve people’s lives. Instead, she says, Trump is trying to rebuild a dirty-energy and metal-bashing economy that is just never coming back.

    Dear American lefties, you can’t just come up here and TAEK OUR DERPS!

    1. “With a woman and a feminist at the helm, the U.S. might have spent its resources on the kind of human infrastructure that would improve people’s lives.”

      Free Shoes!

      1. Nobody needs 23 kinds of shoes.

        1. i need AT LEAST 23 kinds of shoes

    2. “What are the things that people need?” asks Cohen, professor emeritus at Simon Fraser University. “Do we really need more and more stuff?”

      Such people never call for the State to consume less.

      1. I truly – TRULY – loathe people like this. Mind your business and stop projecting your values onto mine.

        That’s right Cohen. Just for that I’m going to buy ‘more stuff’ and then you know what else? Not use it just to piss assholes like you off.

      2. It is a reasonable observation that we actually need very little. The idiotic assumption is that we shouldn’t have things that we don’t need. No one needs anything besides basic nutrition and shelter. Hell, we don’t even need that. Just sitting there and dying is a perfectly viable option.

        Well, professor. One thing we don’t need in the least is professors emeriti at Simon Fraser suggesting that we have too much stuff.

        1. This is the same mindset that leads to: “If you don’t want the state to do XYZ, you must be against XYZ!”

    3. “What are you doing with all those phallic *numbers*? Let’s sit in a circle and talk about how the economy makes us *feel.*”

    4. With a woman and a feminist at the helm, the U.S. might have spent its resources on the kind of human infrastructure that would improve people’s lives. Instead, she says, Trump is trying to rebuild a dirty-energy and metal-bashing economy that is just never coming back.

      “Tampons in every pot, free birth control in every driveway.”

    5. Feminist economics….



      *bangs head on desk*

    6. I refuse to give this a click. Anyone got a cached version?

    7. What’s sadder, the fact that suggesting an American Gosplan is what passes for intellectual thought these days, or that there’s probably thousands of thousands of people who would hear this and think “Oh, that’s a great idea!”

    8. “Tenured prof that makes a great deal more money than she ‘should’ lectures people on improper allocation of resources, news at 11.”

    9. I don’t know where to begin.

      1. All these responses totally made the government money given to CBC worth it. Thank you, all.

    10. How is that re-branding of “socialism” going up there in moose-land?

      1. We call it Zoolandia these days, thank you very much. And it’s not “socialism,” it’s “current yearery”.

    11. There’s only three words you need to understand everything about this woman’s ideas:


      That is all.

  22. I for one would love to see the shit show of an overturned election. Just let me stock up on my supplies first.

    1. Like by beating up the kids wearing Trump hats?

      1. Well yeah. We can’t have a bunch of bullies running around, committing violence with their words. We need bullies committing violence with their fists.

      2. hatctivists

    2. On the bright side, kids usually do the exact opposite of what their parents want.

    3. Nothing says great parenting like turning your children into political props!

  23. “Anti-Obama demonstrators”? Truly these are the End Times.

    1. “Anti-Obama demonstrators” is just code for racists.

  24. The Clinton loss proggie tears high is almost worn off, but I am still enjoying the media butthurt.

    The media gave Trump an in-kind contribution of $2 billion in free advertising, thinking Trump would win the GOP primary and set himself up for a total loss to HRC.

    Hahaha! It’s actually really fun to watch the media cry now.

    Welcome back to your jobs after an 8-year vacation, losers.

    1. I love how all of the media is coming out in droves telling Trump what he can’t do. Doubling down on stupid. They would be much better off if they came at it in a less forceful manner. I hope Trump doesn’t turn into all that they are saying because of the shit they are flinging at him. Something something self fulfilling prophecy etc.

      1. Hillary probably would have won if the media had just reported the election straight. But they had to lie, exaggerate, and sensationalize out of habit. Like their preferred candidate.

        1. And to my great surprise, most of the public saw right through their reporting.

    2. Ebb and flow, my Hindu friend. There will be another surge of whining when the electoral college votes, then another one surrounding the inauguration. That latter one will be particularly delicious as they are planning a #NotMyPresident event in DC on inauguration day.

  25. I keep seeing calls for Howard Dean, aka the screamer, to become the new chair of the DNC. That would seem to be an unwise move for a party interested in returning to power.


    2. Hasn’t he been there, done that?

    3. It would be better than Keith Ellison, ex-Nation of Islam radical.

      I heard him deny that he was ever in the Nation on the radio recently. It is pretty easy to disprove so I expect the main stream media to simply ignore his history.

      1. Yes, but he has that magic something that Obama had and Hillary hadn’t.

        1. Bagger Vance, magic negro?

        2. You misogynist you! How dare you think that having boy parts makes one superior!


          PS: Yes I know what you meant.

  26. Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President
    She is an idea, a world-historical heroine, light itself.

    When people told me they hated Hillary Clinton or (far worse) that they were “not fans,” I wish I had said in no uncertain terms: “I love Hillary Clinton. I am in awe of her. I am set free by her. She will be the finest world leader our galaxy has ever seen.”

    I wish, in those exchanges, I had not asked gentle, tolerant questions about a hater’s ridiculous allergy to her, or Clinton’s fictional misdeeds and imagined character flaws. More deeply still, I wish I had not reasoned with anyone, patiently countered their ludicrous emotionalism and psychologically disturbed theories. I wish I had said, flatly, “I love her.” As if I had been asked about my mother or daughter. No defensiveness or polemics; not dignifying the crazy allegations with so much as a Snopes link….

    1. This was one of the official lynx yesterday afternoon.

      Somehow it’s not the dumbest article on that site posted in the last week. Or the dumbest thing said by someone associated with Lena Dunham.

      1. Missed yesterday.

      2. Yeah, but it’s too delicious to not repeat.

    2. Hillary Clinton Is More Than a President

      I would hope so, because she’s not that.

      1. At least Brother Keith has a plan for fixing the deficit

        “The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it,” Ellison continued, “The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare, housing ? all these things.”

        1. Oops, that was supposed to be a reply to my earlier comment about Keith Ellison

        2. Prog harder, Democrats. You can do it.

        3. “The government has a right,”

          It’s right here in the Bill of Rights. I’ll show it to you. Hmm, can’t seem to find it right now. I’ll show it to you later.

        4. That’s The Onion right?

          (please tell me that’s the Onion).

          Not even Ellison could be THAT brazenly stupid as to say that on the record.

    3. I am set free by her.

      Robert Ford truly is a psychopath, if he’s been making Hillbot hosts.

      More deeply still, I wish I had not reasoned with anyone, patiently countered their ludicrous emotionalism and psychologically disturbed theories.

      Oh, honey…

      1. Seems like a pretty big indicator of some type of psychological disorder.

        A personality disorder, perhaps?

        1. She’s mad she’s not pretty and never will be. So she identifies with Hillary who also is not attractive and never will be.

    4. As I said in a different thread about yesterday’s link, you left out the best part, when she asserts that the genius of Hillary outshines that of Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs.

    5. If only one reporter ? they knew about us ? could have published a headline like “Clinton Inspires Historic Levels of Adoration From Her Supporters” about the people who have had their lives transformed by the power of her brilliant campaign, unrivaled effectiveness, and extraordinary career. Just one headline like that, like the ones Bill Clinton got.

      The Atlantic did, you moron.

        1. Nobody expects the Clinton Adoration!!!

        2. “Okay, if only two reporters!”

          they may think they’re both faggots and they won’t take either of them.

          And three people do it, three, can you imagine, three reporters writing a headline of heroine worship for Hillary.

          They may think it’s an organization. And can you, can you imagine fifty reporters a day,I said
          fifty reporters a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
          walking out. writing whatever the Clinton campaign told them to… And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.

    6. At least it’s not a cult…..

    7. REASONED with anyone?

  27. Conor Macgregor says he wants $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules.

    Another Ambien commercial of a fight, and another win for Floyd.

    1. Hey, I’d fight Mayweather for only $10 million.

  28. Just let me stock up on my supplies first.

    Stifle, you!
    One of the absolute best things about the Trumpocalypse is the shelves are still stocked with ammo.

    1. Yeah, I hear you. I had been buying ammo and mags weekly in the run up.

  29. He’s cute when he’s angry

    “Here in stage 2 of the grieving process [anger], I?the educated, urban elite?find it hard not to be disappointed in and, in darker moments, openly contemptuous of these Trump voters. This is an unproductive emotional response, granted. It does nothing to assuage their concerns that the world is changing and they are being left behind. And yes, it’s of a piece with the same liberal smugness that turned so many of them off in the first place.

    “In my moments of Vulcan rationality?too few and far between this past week?I understand we need to engage with these folks, to try to persuade them, to conceive economic policies that speak to their needs. But I also fear that the Democratic Party is once again going to soften its embrace of civil rights and social justice to appease them, and that is something I cannot stomach. I would rather lose elections than forfeit principles.

    “So yes, we should reach out to them when we can, persuade them when we can; we should certainly not cordon ourselves off from them and ignore their interests. But we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that they are the past and we are the future, that we are on the right side of history and they are not.”

    1. You know who else thought their particular identity group was the future?

      1. Branch Davidians?

      2. Heaven’s Gate?

      3. Deep Dish Pizza and Nazi Wedding cake emporium?

      4. Bill & Ted?

      5. Agent Smith?

      6. Project Mayhem?

    2. I’m beginning to think they’d rather lose future elections and be able to whine about it than win them and actually be responsible for things.

      1. Even in power they dodged accountability as much as possible.

        It’s Bush’s fault.

      2. Hey, back off progressives, that’s our racket!

    3. ; cable news, which normalized Trump and hyperventilated over Hillary Clinton’s emails;

      I love this talking point. They are absolutely convinced that parroting “Hillary Clinton was cleared over emails” over and over and over again is treating her more harshly than any presidential candidate ever in history of everything everywhere.

      Though maybe they are right. If I lived in US, cable news handling of private email server would be…well, making me more likely to vote GJ, but for people like this, that’s basically being a Trumpeter.

    4. Anyone that describes himself as “the educated, urban elite” deserves a punch in the balls.

      1. Is there an Urban Uneducated Elite…oh…oh I think I see it now.

    5. Keep telling white people that they are the past and deserve extinction. That’ll really help everybody.

      1. You know who else told a group of people they deserved extinction?

        1. Sapiens to Neanderthals?

        2. Sapiens to Denisovans?

          1. Libertarians to Libertarians?

            1. That yokeltarians to cosmotarians, Sir.

      2. You gotta make sure to do it with the properly patronizing tone, though. Nothing will really win over the Trump voters like condescension. Pat them on their little heads and speak to them in soothing tones, using small words that their tiny little brains can comprehend, explain to them that – while you certainly understand their anger and frustration over their uncomfortably poopy diapers – their childish temper tantrums distract Mommy and Daddy from doing their Very Important Grown-up work and we simply don’t have time for their nonsense. That’ll fix things.

    6. Pretty sure he’s never had a moment of “Vulcan rationality” in his life.

    7. going to soften its embrace of civil rights

      10/10 would LOL again.

    8. Someone please tell this shitheel that it’s not actually “rationality” when the underlying themes are complete bullshit?

    9. Oh shit. I think I know that guy. (the writer of the IndyWeek article) If he’s who I think he is, he’s every bit the arrogant, beta-male douche he seems to be from his writing.

  30. Sanders: ‘Racist’ Bannon is ‘Unacceptable’

    “The appointment by President-elect Trump of a racist individual like Mr. Bannon to a position of authority is totally unacceptable,” said Sanders, I-Vt. “In a democratic society we can disagree all we want over issues, but racism and bigotry cannot be part of any public policy. The appointment of Mr. Bannon by Mr. Trump must be rescinded.”

    I keep seeing people say this, but they still offer no clue as to how he is a racist.

    1. The same way we know about so very many other things: consensus.

    2. The left’s outrage at this Bannon fellow makes me think he’d probably do an excellent job.

      1. The outrage is that he’s a member of that other team, the one that beat our ass.


        1. Except I’ve also been seeing these accusations from people from National Review or The Blaze.

          1. The Blaze is Glenn Beck’s outfit, who hates Trump. National Review pretty much defined Establishment Republicanism. They seem to want to evict someone they disagree with and are using everything at their disposal to accomplish that.

            1. They are all just butt hurt they bet on the wrong horse and Breitbart bet on the right one. They don’t think Bannon is a racist or anti-Semite. They are just pissed that he is getting access to the White House and a job and they are not.

            2. National Review, isn’t Mark Levin editor there? You know, the one who generally loathes the Establishment Republicans?

              1. Yeah, National Review is the intellectual conservative’s rag. They are pretty much the Republican opposition to the establishment Republicans. Maybe you were thinking of the Weekly Standard?

    3. Breitbart’s “Black Crime” category and something his ex-wife said in divorce proceedings about him not liking Jews (which may or may not be corroborated). I’m not sure if that all makes him racist (I tend to think no), but that’s the evidence that’s been put forward.

      1. “Black Crime” news category= not really racist

        “Chimp Out” news category= kinda racist

        1. How about Dicks Out for Harambe?

      2. something his ex-wife said in divorce proceedings

        Yep, that’s the evidentiary gold standard right there.

        1. Hey, it was good enough to give Obama his Senate win over Ryan.

      3. Those things prove that he’s a white nationalist, QED.

        1. I would like to know who put out the word that “white nationalist” was to be the descriptor used in all news stories.

          The DNC press machine was in a funk for about 36 hours after the election, but they are back in full swing now. Every single news story I’ve seen on TV about Trump’s appointments has used the exact words “White Nationalist” several times.

          Now, I’d wager that that particular label hasn’t been used in a national news story more than 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years. White nationalist hasn’t been a real thing since the late 70’s – early 80’s, and even then we were talking about a couple of thousand paranoid delusional types scattered across the nation.

          But suddenly everyone “just knows” that this guy they’ve mostly never heard of is a prominent “White Nationalist”.

          If that didn’t come in a memo from on high, I’ll eat my hat. Well I would. If I wore a hat. But those things aren’t really in style any more. But you get the point.

      4. something his ex-wife said in divorce proceedings about him not liking Jews

        The some thing was that he didn’t want his kids going to some specific school because the Jews that sent their kids their were raising whiny brats (and he didn’t want his kids to grow up to be whiny brats).

        Which is a) probably true, b) pretty funny & c) not anti-Semitic at all.

    4. He ran an article by a Jewish author saying that another Jewish person was a “renegade Jew” for allegedly endangering Israel.

      His ex-wife says he didn’t want his kids going to school with Jews.

      One of his articles suggested that women are “underrepresented” in tech because they don’t do well enough.

      I probably missed a few.

      1. You know who else…

        1. Whatever you were about to say, the answer is “Irish” isn’t it?

        2. The commenter known as (((Renegade)))?

        3. Palin’s Buttplug?

    5. Breitbart. Also, one time his ex-wife said he said he didn’t want his daughter going to school with Jews. No one knows if this is true, or not, but it’s what they got.

      1. He seemed to work o-kay with Trump’s Jew son-in-law.

        1. I think a several of the major executive positions over at Breitbart are filled by Jews. So maybe that narrative doesn’t work so good after all.

    6. Sanders new position is Chair of Outrage.

      He’s a renegade Jew.

      1. He sucks up to PLO terrorists, so yeah he’s a renegade Jew.

    7. “but racism and bigotry cannot be part of any public policy”

      +1 Van Jones agrees

    8. What I’d like to know is just who Bernie Sanders thinks he is to demand the appointment be rescinded on the grounds that it’s totally unacceptable. Lots of people kept insisting electing Hillary President would be totally unacceptable, but they went to their polling places to express that opinion. You know, the way a democracy is supposed to work. If the people had spoken and elected Hillary, I wouldn’t say they were wrong to do so, I’d just have to accept that I lived in a horrifying fucked-up country that would countenance Hillary Clinton as their duly-elected leader.

      As it is, I’m having a hard enough time coming to terms with the fact that I live in a horrifyingly fucked-up country where Donald Trump is seen as a suitable alternative to beating Trump, Sanders, Hillary, and half the sonsabitches in Washington DC to death, tearing their corpses to pieces, and displaying the remnants in town squares all across the country as a warning to would-be usurpers who’ve forgotten their place in the pecking order.

    9. “Sanders, I-Vt”

      That’s Sanders, DNC-Vt. now

  31. Tax Dollars at work =

    San Francisco teachers union offers anti-Trump lesson plan

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? The union representing San Francisco’s public school teachers has offered a classroom lesson plan that calls President-elect Donald Trump a racist and sexist man who became president “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”

    The United Educators of San Francisco posted the plan on its website and distributed the plan via an email newsletter to its more than 6,000 members. The school district has more than 57,000 students.

    It is unclear how many teachers have used the plan outlined by a Mission High School teacher, said union spokesman Matthew Hardy and school district spokeswoman Gentle Blythe on Wednesday.

    Blythe said the plan is an option and not part of the official curriculum.

    “Educators are entrusted to create lessons that reflect the California standards, support students’ social and emotional well-being and foster inclusive and safe school communities,” she wrote in an email, adding that teachers are encouraged to include various perspectives and not refer to people or political parties.

    1. Even if officially the plan is not adopted, the teachers will unofficially brainwash the kids.

      That’s how public schools work.

      1. ^This. And while this may seem like nothing now, eventually those brainwashed kids will grow up, vote, and be changing our drool buckets. We’ve already seen the current generation of brainwashed snowflakes, succeeding generations will only be worse. And get off my lawn!

        1. Not my drool bucket – singularity for the win!

      2. Thank God for the electoral college…

    2. Donal J Trump, MMM MMM MMM!


    Megyn Kelly goes full game for the Hollywood reporter. Is it just me or does she look more and more harsh and a bit masculine these days? She is still hot but something seems a bit off with her.

    Also, her husband’s name is Brunt. What is it with upper class white people and absurd names?

    1. Isn’t she merely David Bowie’s resuscitated corpse?

      1. I used to find her smoking hot. But less and less these days. And check out the picture of her and the other Fox News personalities, talk about Stepford Wives.

        1. Hey, John, her husband’s name is Douglas Brunt.

          So not that absurd.

      1. A little bit. It is a sliding scale. She isn’t Janet Reno or anything. But she just looks harsh and not as hot as she once did.

        1. She is 46. Most women don’t hold on to their A-game at that age, even those in the media.

          1. I agree but some do better than others.

    2. Brunt is his last name.

      I think you’re seeing more pics of her without full stage makeup.

      1. I just noticed her daughter’s name is Yardley.


        1. Upper class white people love giving their kids idiotic names.

          1. Hey now. Yardley English Lavender is a fine soap.

            In fact, they should have made ‘English Lavender’ her middle name.

    3. John, we know you like them plump and squishy so no surprise here.

    4. I don’t know about you guys and your weird take on whether the 45 year old journalist with the model’s looks is still hot, but it reminds me of a thought…

      Trump should appoint her as his press secretary. That would be epic.

      Except there’s no way she’s taking a 20 million dollar paycut to work in the white house. Still, it would be pretty funny.

    1. LOL. ^This.

      Also, see my comment above. This is what I was talking about. The media propped up Trump thinking he was the most likely candidate to lose to HRC. And they were wrong. LOL.

      1. What would be amazing to see is some form of documentation that they were actually doing this on purpose. Like maybe an email from the head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign listing the 3 Republican candidates that they wanted the media to prop up so they could run against them in the general election.

        Too bad nothing like that exists…

    2. What you have to remember is that ALL Republicans are racists who appreciate racist outcomes. There’s no conflict between those two ledes.

    3. Comedy gold.

  33. More Trump violence in the ATL:

    MARTA bus driver relieved of duties after tweeting Trump assassination threat

    She’s a legitimately scared “ally” of Radley Balko.

    1. Showing there are real consequences to acting like an idiot will go a long way in putting an end to this madness.

    2. Don’t you typically get a visit from the FBI for stuff like that? Oh wait, it’s Obama’s FBI, nothing to see here, move along.

      1. “Don’t you typically get a visit from the FBI for stuff like that? Oh wait, it’s Obama’s FBI, nothing to see here, move along. here’s a new iPhone.

    3. Pls meesteh SIV no more remind of Balko pls :'(

    4. What does Balko have to do with this?

      1. This

        Radley Balko ?@radleybalko Nov 15

        1. You know I love you, @reason, but I’m not getting your homepage right now. Lots of mocking the left, lecturing people who are scared…
        2. …and touting positives about Trump’s election. But just one article that I can see warning about the threat he poses.
        3.Libertarians should be directing energy at limiting power right now. Others who fear Trump should be allies, not targets of derision.

        SIV linked it and I’ve been cursing his name since last night.

        1. Fuck him. I’ve already promised not to say a damned thing about Trump until the proggies stop crying.

          1. So, never, then.

        2. Balko is a hero of mine. He’s been doing God’s work.

          After all these years at Huffpo and the Washington Post, I think maybe he’s been too deeply immersed in proggie culture. Time to come up for air, Radley.

          Also, we’ve been on the “why Trump sux” thing for about a year and a third now. The “here’s a list of possible good things about Trump as president” article is kinda a counter program to that. We all already know why he sucks.

          Our guy lost. You don’t see us running around crying about how unfair it is that the holiest of all holy men didn’t win.

          The proggies deserve derision for their reaction, particularly in light of the ridiculous and over-the-top screeds about Trump being guilty of Treason for holding out the possibility that he might contest the election results if their integrity were in doubt. Watch the Remy video for a reminder of just how amazingly free of self-awareness the HRC whiners are.

        3. Looks like Bezos’ brainwashing finally got to him.

        1. Would, but dude, where is the booty? Is it thicc? I depend on you for these things.

        2. “Nefertiti” is ancient Egyptian for “the beauty has come,”

          Cultural appropriation. Knew it.

    5. Tech CEO who vowed to murder Donald Trump with a sniper rifle forced to resign

      If there’s ever been a giant list of things you definitely shouldn’t do in a civilized society, threatening to murder the democratically elected leader with a sniper rifle is probably right up there at the top. Apparently nobody told Matt Harrigan, CEO ? well, former CEO, anyway ? of network security firm PacketSled.

      Progs are very violent. That’s why they supported Clinton the warmonger.

  34. The artistic genius behind the highly acclaimed conservative satirical site The People’s Cube has been arrested and released on $8,000 bail for putting up pro-Israel posters to combat a pro-Islamist conference at George Mason University. He now faces the prospect of five years in jail for allegedly committing a “class 6 felony.”

    Beloved satirist Oleg Atbashian (who has contributed to PJ Media) has gotten in trouble for defying authorities before: “Back in my Soviet dissident days, when I was collecting signatures in defense of Andrei Sakharov, I was screamed at, threatened, and lectured by the KGB and Communist functionaries,” Oleg says. “What I never imagined was that in the United States, the land of the free, I would not only be subjected to similar treatment, but go to jail.”

    The university had him arrested because they claimed he used permanent super glue and putting up the flyers was therefore vandalism. When I first saw this story I thought it was a fake. But sadly, it is true.

    Why is Rico Suave covering this?

    1. Link?

      Why is Rico Suave covering this?

      Oh, John…


        It won’t take the PJ media link. There is the intapundit post with the link in it.

          1. the United States, the land of the free

            LOL! Good one!

        1. Man, you’ll have to learn simeple HTML at some point.

          1. I do. what is the command to get the reason squirrels to take a link it otherwise won’t?

            1. the simple < a href = "link" > text < /a >

              I hope it comes through, I can see greater-than and lesser-than signs in Preview.

            2. It’s more of a ceremony than a command. First take off all your clothes and paint your butt blue…

            3. remove the s in https

              It like http much moar bettar

    2. George Mason University? The place with all the libertarians?

    3. Felony? That’s pretty fucking barbaric.


    Police: Pizza shop customer shoots 2 robbers, killing 1

    Not often does a feel good story like this come out of NOCAL.

    1. Before I develop any feelings about this, I’ll need to know who all of the involved parties voted for for President.

      1. And if it was deep dish.

      2. And how well they respect the Gadsden flag.

    2. The customer’s gun was properly registered, though police were still trying to confirm whether he had a concealed carry permit, Bartorilla said.

      Because that’s what’s important here.

      1. If he was on his own property he shouldn’t need a carry permit

        1. oh, “customer”. sorry.

      2. It’s like Al Capone. The authorities want to nail him for the malum in se crime of self-defense, but since they can’t they’ll try to get him on the malum prohibitum crime of not having a ccw permit.

    3. Dude, Levittown, PA, not NOCAL. Customer had a CCW, how he gonna get one of those in Cali?


    “Extreme Makeover” Couple Accused of Booting Adopted Kids Out After Winning Dream Home.


    1. It’s almost like there are certain ne’erdowells who use the adoption system along with the concurrent welfare benefits to perpetrate a fraud.

  37. I’m outta words for now.

    U Mass Students hold Shit-in

    1. That can’t really be…

      ::clicks link::


    2. I don’t know if I believe it, something about this story stinks.

    3. These protesters seem a little to flush with power for my tastes

    4. You’re full of shit.

    5. Whether they success will really be a crapshoot

    6. The primary goal of the protest is to convince the administration to convert additional bathrooms on campus into gender-neutral facilities by changing the signage, which the group believes will promote “trans inclusivity and safety on campus,” but GLU has also articulated two additional demands, pledging to continue obstructing toilets until all three are met.

      Did they even try *asking* the administration before staging their ‘protest’? get some signatures or something?

      It seems to me that many of these people do the “protest” thing not because they need to, but because they want to.

    7. leaders of the Divest group explained their interest in the “shit-in” by asserting that all progressive causes are interrelated, saying, “There can be no climate justice without gender justice. There can no be gender justice without racial justice. There can no be racial justice without economic justice. There can be no economic justice without social justice.”

      Therefore we shall sit in a toilet until Climate Change has been stopped and the poor are made rich

      1. That literally makes no sense. There is no possible way to make that into a coherent thought.

        “Climate justice” as a phrase is pretty dumb, but allowing its existence for the sake of argument, it would refer to making sure that the effects of carbon emissions from rich countries don’t affect poor countries, and any folk who are harmed by such effects are duly compensated. I really can’t see how gender enters into it in any way.

        The same goes all down the line. They are not even inter-related. Unless you just want to say “everyone who has a beef should team up”.


    15 year old Trump supporter beaten at suburban Washington Trump protest.

    1. That’s just protesting, John. Nothing to see here.

    2. In an unrelated story, I haven’t seen Crusty Juggler in the PM links.

      1. Shit. Threading/reply fail. DISREGARD JOKE.

      2. Sounds like you can use a bottle of my new product.

    3. MOSTLY PEACEFUL protest, you mean!

  39. The idea of getting the electoral college electors to vote for Clinton and overturn the election is such a social signaling circlejerk. First of all it’ll never happen and if it did there would be blood in the streets, non-metaphorical lefty blood mostly. They don’t believe their little petition’s actually going to work, right?

    1. The might believe it. A few days ago Fauxohantus said she was going to write a bill to repeal the electoral college, lol.

      1. A few days ago Fauxohantus said she was going to write a bill to repeal the electoral college, lol.

        Just tell her the Electoral College has AA policies for Native Americans like her. She’ll back off.

      2. Ratified by two-thirds of Congress, then three-fourths of the states. Seems legit.

        You have to admire how they game the system though:

        1. Put up an unconstitutional bill
        2. Have it voted down for being unconstitutional
        3. Then whine about the plight of your special interest group at the hands of the evil political opposition
        4. Cash in on low-info voters throwing you a pity-party

    2. Holding their breath until they get their way hasn’t ever NOT worked before!

    3. They don’t believe their little petition’s actually going to work, right?

      Meh. A few probably actually do believe that. A presumably much larger number know it won’t, but are signing to show their discontent.

    4. I should hope it’s just social signalling, that’s very high on the list of “how to completely delegitimize the government and start a civil war.”

  40. Is it now established fact that there’s been a huge wave of hate crimes in the last week? I keep reading/hearing this. Here is how my local alt weekly started an article:

    “The days after Donald Trump’s victory were tumultuous at best, violent at worst. Protests raged in cities around the country; hate crimes were committed in Trump’s name against the different groups he threatened ? outright or otherwise ? during the election, including but not limited to ethnic, racial and religious minorities and women;…”

    1. Proggies are rioting while the media is talking about phantom hate crimes of Trump supporters, that’s some first class projection.

  41. The left have lost the battle of ideas. It’s time for the mass freakout.

    1. They are pretending that Trump won the white working class as a way to avoid facing the truth that he only won the white working class because racial politics and division prevented it. The left keeps telling itself that someone destroying the economy in the name of the church of gaia and to pay off the non profits and public employee unions magically only harms white people and not everyone with a job.


    Have some pointless self defeating Prog rage. “There is no such thing as a good Trump voter”!! What happened to Hope and Change? These people’s tears will never get old.

    1. Check my links above — a year ago the same author argued that Donald Trump was a moderate Republican and that’s way he was winning.

      1. That is the same guy. God that is funny. Sorry I missed your posting.

    2. That writer is just a straight up bigot. What an asshole.

  43. The next generation of Democratic leaders is, um, nonexistent

    That will be part of a broader debate within the party about who will lead its next iteration — both in Congress and in the country more broadly — amid the denouement of the Obama presidency and the shock of Clinton’s failed ascendance.

    And the truth of the matter is that the current ruling class within the Congressional party is, well, old.

    Pelosi is 76. Her second-in-command, Maryland’s Steny Hoyer, is 77. Jim Clyburn, the 3rd ranking House Democrat, is 76. Many of the younger members who were seen as potential party leaders have moved on or up…

    ….there are some Democrats who could eventually fill the leadership vacuum created by Clinton’s implosion. But, none of them are an obvious fit today — which is when the party needs them. And that’s a problem.

    A buddy pointed out that 30% of the Democrats in Congress are from California, Mass and NY.

    The point is that even the “successful” democrat pols? are all from areas of the country where the politics are all 1-party rule in the first place. None of them have any experience appealing to a split-audience.

    1. My God. Hillary is one of the spring chickens in her party.

      1. Watch her run again in 2020. Can you imagine? Why not? Who will they have to stop her?

        1. Michelle Obama?

          1. A Michelle Hillary smackdown would be wildly entertaining.

            1. The Wookie would have trouble with the Elder God.

            2. Especially if Hillary won the nomination but lost her arms in the process.

            3. It would be an arms race.

        2. At the risk of ending up like John Oliver, I’m hoping like hell she runs again.

        3. Actually, now that I give it some real thought, I’ll bet a lefty businessman runs in 2020.

          1. One of the tech billionaires. Wouldn’t that be a train wreck?

            1. Mark Cuban has been very anti-Trump.

              1. Fuck Cuban. I thought he was a libertarian.

        4. Bloomberg

    2. California Democrats are a particularly odious breed. They treat the entire country as inferior and ungrateful for their enlightened guidance.

      1. They’re just lucky that they have nice weather which attracted Hollywood and Silicon Valley. They act as if it’s something they did that caused their state economy to be so robust, instead of the reality that they were all drawn to the already robust economy like moths to a flame.

        I mean come on. Who doesn’t want to live in a desert?

    3. They are doomed. In some ways I think Gillespie may be onto something with the whole Liberaltarian thing. The Democratic party is virtually nonexistent in large areas of the country. Unless Trump completely implodes, that is going to become even more so over the next few years. Screw taking over the GOP, why can’t the Libertarians take over the Democratic Party? I am not fan of the Cosmotarians but I would take them over the current version of the Democratic party.

      1. You’re going to have to convince those millennials that they can’t have their free pony.

        1. Give them a few years in the wilderness without any political power and let them finally have to get a fucking job and pay taxes and they will come around.

          1. Maybe. I think the ideas of individual negative rights is so foreign to them that it’s going to be a while.

        2. Millennials? I thought everything bad was the Boomers’ fault.

      2. Because you are not allowed into that club unless you goosestep to their group think theme.

    4. I thought Lizzie Chicawwawa was supposed to be the next great thing since wampum.

      1. She is 70 years old.

        1. It does kind of seem like they don’t have any plausible national candidates who aren’t fucking old.

          It’s kind of funny after having 3 relatively young presidents in a row. Maybe the Ds really are all used up.

          1. Donald Trump aside, you don’t just run for President. You have to have a national profile and donor base. You get that be being a governor or in Congress and making a name for yourself. The Dems have become such a regional party, they don’t have anyone who fits that description. In the past when they have gone too far left, they went and got a governor from a conservative state to get them back into the good graces of the country. Well, to paraphrase Rick Patino, Jimmy Carter isn’t walking through that door and neither is Bill Clinton.

              1. He would be over 80.

                1. It’s like a fucking 80s Politburo up in there!

                  1. Pan,

                    Jerry Brown was Secretary of State for California when Ronald Reagan was governor. And he was Reagan’s successor. That is how fucking old he is.

            1. Jeb Bush? For the lolz?

              1. I can see it and he would get crushed like a bug by almost anyone. The Bush’s are done in politics, at least as president.

                1. All of you ignore the obvious.

                  Shelia Jackson Lee is the face of the Democrat Party going forward.

                  1. Think it through.

                    She has the youth, the looks, the vocabulary, and most important the hairstyle and wardrobe to pull it off.

                    1. And she will be 70 in 2020.

                2. I can see it and he would get crushed like a bug by almost anyone. The Bush’s are done in politics, at least as president.

                  I dunno…. Billy managed to get himself into the news cycle this time around…

      2. My derpbook feed is full of her hagiogaphic self promotion being shared by my high school classmates:

        “Today I confronted a bunch of wall street executives and spoke truth to power. The capitalist running dogs soiled themselves in fear when confronted with the power of the people”

        They see her as the next coming. But… every politician coming out of MA into the national scene is a POS. They all have skeletons that are pretty horrible. They also are all buffoons. Dukakis and Kerry and “Tailgunner” Maura and Martha Coakley are not outliers. They are the mean.

          1. In all honesty. I voted fro Trump just to see people freak the fuck out. =D
            On my Derpbook feed. People are rediscovering the Rule of law, the First Amendment, and the Second Amendment.
            Mission accomplished.

            1. A fro would be an improvement for Trump.

    5. “there are some Democrats who could eventually fill the leadership vacuum created by Clinton’s implosion.”

      Shelia Jackson Lee for the win !!11!11111!!

      1. Julian Castro. Cory Booker. John Hickenlooper. Andrew Cuomo. Kamala Harris. Kasim Reed. Rahm Emanuel. Any random Kennedy.

        Running for President can automatically elevate you to “serious national political force” – just ask that one-term senator from Illinois that got himself elected President.

        1. But he had already been tapped as Presidential material the minute he declared his Senate candidacy. He’s so articulate and clean, you know.

          The establishment likes to pick their own candidates. That’s why all the pundits know who the likely nominees are two years in advance. They know who the party’s big donors are rallying around.

          Trump proved that the money people don’t control the elections if you know what you are doing. (did I really just say that? Crediting Trump with knowing what he was doing? Well, if it worked, you kinda gotta give the guy credit.)

          To show you how tone deaf proggies are, I heard a couple of folks opining that Van Jones would be a good nominee for the next race. And no, they weren’t joking.

  44. Anyone see that an Iowa state senator is trying to pass a bill called the “Suck it up Buttercup” law? He wants to remove federal funding from the schools who used it to provide safe spaces and grief counseling for students who couldn’t handle Trump’s election. I’m sure colleges will just move money around and SAY no federal funding went to that, but it’s a nice thought.

    1. Ironically, that would be unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination.

      1. Just remove safe spaces.

        1. Just remove ALL federal funding.

          1. Amen, JB. Simple solutions are usually the best solutions.

          2. The simplest solution being the best.

            1. I am forever bedeviled by that fucking Refresh.

              BTW, excellent point, geo.

    2. How about a ‘stop being a fucken dimwitted, pant shitting, self-entitled bunch of anti-intellectual buffoonish reactionaries’ law?

  45. “Conor Macgregor says he wants $100 million to fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing rules.”

    So that’s the price of his pride. Mayweather would embarrass him.

    1. He would never lay a glove on Mayweather. Even the best professional fighters can’t touch Mayweather. MacGregor doesn’t have anything close to the hand speed and punching skill necessary. Mayweather would kill him.

      1. Mayweather would kill him in standard boxing. MacGregor knows this, which is why he’s asking for $100 million.

        (Conor could take him under MMA rules though)

      2. Agreed. Teaching boxing is part of what I do for a living. Macgregor’s striker technique isn’t transferable fighting under boxing rules. The footwork and body angles alone between how one boxes and how one takes into account for a ground based attack are far more different than most people realise.

        He would look like a drunken bar brawler vs. Bruce Lee.

        1. MacGregor depends on closing with his opponent and immobilizing him. MacGregor knows how to punch an immobilized opponent at close range. The rules of boxing would not allow him to do that. And hitting a mobile opponent at some range is a whole different skill than anything MacGregor has.

          1. MacGregor depends on closing with his opponent and immobilizing him.

            I’m no fanboi, but have you even ever watched one of his fights? Because this is just plain wrong. MacGregor is known for his fast and accurate striking at any distance. That’s how he wins.

            1. You are both off, but John especially. Conor is a counter striker that relies on reach and an over the top straight left. His ground game is largely untested. Khabib will maul him.

        2. Teaching boxing is part of what I do for a living.

          I’m intrigued.

          1. Former amateur boxer for 10 years. Won a national title as a teenager. Got into raves and drugs in my early twenties. Fuck around in the construction field for awhile, settled on personal training and used to coach amateur boxing, now do it in small adult classes as a side job.

            1. Wow. I should take a boxing class sometime. Great conditioning.

            2. Nice. Good see to the Sweet Science being passed on.

              1. It’s a dying art in American sports. Sad thing is, boxing has nobody to blame but themselves. Fifty years ago everybody knew who the world championships were because there were only a couple handfuls of divisions and only one champ per division. Now, you have three divisions per classical weight division and what, five or six belts for each fucking class? Being the World Champ rings pretty damn hollow when there’s one hundred plus more assholes in you sport who can say the same thing.

                Honestly, does anyone really gives a fuck who the Heavyweight Champ is? It used to be the most glamorous sports title in the world.

                1. I love boxing. I do Muay Thai, so I get to miss out on a lot of the cool stuff from boxing, such as head movement and long combos. Boxers have great footwork and head movement.

            3. So when you see me rant incoherently from time to time with no definable point, blame it on the thousands of headshots, and the alcohol.

              1. *nods*

                Have you studied muay thai? Or better yet, muay boran?

                1. I did Taekwondo and Kempo briefly but it was too expansive for my family to keep me in past yellow belt. I still know how to pop out a man’s eyeballs with my thumbs.* Thanks, Kempo.

                  *I’ve never actually done this.

                  1. If you ever find yourself in Surin, Thailand, I can recommend my wife’s old gym if you want to learn muay boran and krabi-krabong.

              2. You get a free pass. What do we do about John?

            4. You’re literally this guy!

              No sarcasm, that’s an amazing story in two sentences!

              1. Reminds of that Chuck Norris site!

  46. A number of still outstanding 2016 elections include who won the governor’s race in North Carolina.

    Well obviously it will be the Democrat because that’s the way it always work.


    One listing posted by a man in New York City comes with a NSFW picture of his bottom and a simple message: “This is not a solution, but maybe a small, fun, cathartic escape. Take out your anger by putting me over your knee and giving me a hard spanking!” This sentiment is echoed in another New York listing that says “I voted for trump. If you are feeling angry about trump, and you feel like relieving some stress, use me as your personal kicking/punching bag. [sic]”

    Its good to see Crusty making some cash off of the election result.

    1. + Midnight Cowboy

  48. I believe in Democracy, but when my elected Queen does not win. I am going to protest against Democracy.
    Shit or get off the pot.

  49. So anyone ready for Lizzy Warren in 2020? Or Pelosi and Schumer in 2018?

    1. I’ve been prepping for a Warren run for years.

      Several caches of beans, bullets, and band-aids scattered throughout the land, actually.

      1. As John mentioned above, she is already 67 – she’ll be 71 in 4 years.

      2. Need a roomie?


        1. Number 4 has already applied.

          1. I really need to get my ass waxed, just for situations like this.

            1. 2021 AD: The Great Wasteland formerly known as ‘The United States’

              *In front of bunker door*

              Heroic Mulatto: How to pay hier for?

              Crusty Juggler: You osk no maney. You are olts man.

              Heroic Mulatto: WHAT? NO MANEY?

    2. Why just politicians? Trump opened the door. Prolly be Kayne or whoever is topping the tap charts at the time. Although they do have to be 35. Maybe Oprah.

      1. SJW psycho?

      2. Alec Baldwin? Michael Moore? Lady Gaga?

      3. topping the tap charts, ah those were the days.

  50. Don’t like the look of these protests. Are we going to get real Rotfront stuff soon? Either the proggies will get really violent and win which won’t be good or the right will respond to this and go full fascist…again not good.

  51. I wonder how Radley and Jesse’s Libertarian/Communist alliance will work out…


    My vote is for number five, the bird in the courtroom. Damn.

    1. It’s a tie between 4 and 8.

    2. Yum. When I visited Cambridge it was raining cats and dogs so it’s nice to see what’s under the raincoats and wellies.

    3. Now that’s journalism!

  53. So anymore Libertarian moment blathering? Either Trump will be not so terrible or the Dems will become more libertarian. The latter is doubtful (Remember the Bush years?) and the former is questionable…

  54. For Jesse Walker:…..?mpferbund
    After the end of World War II former RFB-members such as Erich Honecker and Erich Mielke were actively involved in the creation of the first police and military units of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

  55. So who will the LP nominate in 2020? Mitt Romney? Bernie Sanders? Endorse the Democrats?

  56. So how will the LP perform in 2020? Either Trump will be unpopular and the LP vote will collapse in order to stop to not spoil it for the Dems or Trump will be popular and the LP vote will collapse in order to stop to not spoil it for the Reps. Or they might be some big issue that will be really resonate for the LP and they will have a good candidate…

    1. Look to 1984 for answer: Reagan was riding high and popular. LP turned to David Bergland, a lawyer who was extremely well versed in libertarian principles, campaigned hard, few to no gaffes, not stoned, etc. And his vote total was next to invisible.

      1. Yes I was thinking of that…

  57. So isn’t Reason going to point out the pretty blatantly Orwellian “Love Trumps Hate” slogan?

    1. Love

  58. I’m teh disappoint at the lack of “Anti-Trump protests are the proof of the Libertarian Moment!” “Or they are the Natural Allies of Libertarians” (Well Jessie kinda did…) because if Teh Yutes can’t handle Trump they are obviously going to be able to handle Gary Johnson and his platform of eliminating the Departments of Education, Commerce and HUD and the IRS and NSA

    1. If you complain just a little more in a random thread no one at Reason will read I think they will finally start to listen to you.

  59. Y’all laugh but I’m thoroughly concerned some jack off celebrity will run in 2020. Clooney, Kanye, Gaga…Wouldn’t surprise me if they calculate if that guy can get elected I’m a shoe in!

    And then the Idiocracy came.

    1. Gaga definitely has the Mexicans and Ass-Sex part down pat so does she support pot?

    2. Won’t they all be Canadian citizens by 2020? One can hope.

      1. Politics by other means?

  60. James (Jimmy?) Carville says people will die if Clinton Foundation gets shut down.…..ump-2016-8

    1. I always enjoyed Bill Hader’s impersonation of him.

    2. “Carville says people will die if Clinton Foundation gets shut down”

      Some will of course.

      Those in favor of shutting it down most in danger.

    3. As long as those people are named Hillary.

    4. Fuck that guy. Shut it down, arrest everyone connected to it.

  61. “The U.S. presidents and administrations have played – and still play – a leading part in the bailout-linked plundering of our country … and their interventions are drowning our part of the world in blood and creating refugee waves.”

    No one would like to not intervene in your country or your economy more than I.

  62. So people talk about how the Whigs collapsed over Slavery and how this crisis was caused by the Liberty Party and the Free Soilers. What is overlooked is that what actually destroyed the Whigs was the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Missouri Compromise was a hill that many Northerners were willing to die on…

  63. You Know Which Other Democrats were upset that the Electoral College was biased towards the Republicans?

  64. Mayweather would likely Ivan Drago that mouthy little shit. I’d pay to watch that.

  65. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  66. i’m all for people who want someone other than trump trying to change electors minds. that’s the system we have and it’s not over until the electors cast their vote, even if we can pretty much predict how that will go. if anything, i’d wish the media would make a bigger deal of it, so we can compensate for the appalling lack of civics education in this country.

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