Trump Could Dismantle Title IX, Facebook Glitch Says Everyone Died, Lena Dunham Doesn't Want to Understand: P.M. Links


  • Lena
    Tina Fultz / ZUMA Press / Splash News/Newscom

    Sheesh. First Donald Trump becomes president, then Facebook tells us we're all dead. What a week.

  • Executive power must be limited—now more than ever—and liberals should join libertarians in this effort.
  • While I expect Trump to push for a lot of policies I oppose, his education priorities are, well, pretty in line with my own. Trump could actually rein in the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.
  • Harry Reid had some choice words for Trump supporters.
  • This takedown of Vox is a real gem.
  • Here was Lena Dunham's reaction to Trump's win, from her Lenny newsletter:

A lot of people have been talking about how we need to try to understand how this happened and what's going on in the minds of the people who voted for Donald Trump. Maybe. Maybe. But maybe let's leave that to the strategists, to the men in offices who need to run the numbers. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it's not the job of the abused to understand their abuser. It's quite enough work to know about and bear the hatred of so many. It's quite enough work to go on living.

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  1. Executive power must be limited?now more than ever?and liberals should join libertarians in this effort.

    No, we elected a strongman for a reason!

    1. Hello.

      And the madness continues.

      I just saw a woman get raped and groped by a man in broad daylight. He yelled, ‘Trump wooooo!’

        1. Pay your bet.

      1. My god, has Zoolander kowtowed to the Trumpenreich so quickly? Are precious NAFTA dollars worth this disgrace?!?

        1. I don’t blame him. Look at Trump’s Hair. Look at PM Zoolander’s. If I had hair like our Beloved PM, I’d want to know the secrets of Trump, for the future.

          Also, it’s not like his daddy’s attitude to women was different from Trump’s…

          1. My dream scandal is Trump meeting with Zoolander and making a comment about how great his mom’s ass was.

            1. “You know, I watched your father when he was in charge of Canada. That man really knew how to grab them by the pussy. And they all let him. I bet you get laid almost as much as I did your age. Seriously, though, your wife is nice and everything, but Melania has some friends from old country your should meet so you can upgrade. Hey, I love marriage. That’s why I did it three times!”

              Wait, why does Trump in my head sound like Rodney Dangerfield?

              1. Because he gets no respect?

            2. My dream scandal is Trump meeting with Zoolander and making a comment about how great his mom’s ass was.

              Joke in Canada in the mid seventies –

              Bob: Ya heard Trudeau has a new patio at his hoase*, eh?

              Doug; Eh?

              Bob: Yeah, Margaret laid the stones, eh.

              *phonetic rendering. 🙂

              1. My brother’s co-worker was an ex-NHL guy – he says he walked into his hotel room once and a pair of teammates were, uh, teaming Margaret. Man, the 70’s.

            3. My dream scandal is Trump meeting with Zoolander and making a comment about how great his mom’s ass was.

              That doesn’t actually sound unrealistic. At all.

      2. Fuck, another Mexican was just dragged out of my office building and deported for no reason. And half of my co-workers cheered!

        (The other half, of course, have not come out of hiding since around 3:00AM Wednesday morning.)

        1. I just saw police in Trump masks pick up an innocent woman drinking coffee at Starbucks and drag her away while everyone cheered them on!


          1. What, it’s spread to Montreal? Who knew that There were Trumpistas who speak French?

            1. No, Anglos have risen. It’s gonna be bad news for pure laine.

            2. IT’S EVERYWHERE.

        2. You forgot to mention that they were wearing Trump/MAGA ski masks…

      3. First, you rape them. THEN you grope them. It will leave your victim stunned and confused.

        1. Shock and Awe, Part Deux!

    2. “Until someone they like gets in power, and then all bets are off.” is the part of the sentence Robby always forgets.

    3. “It’s quite enough work to go on living.”

      Please don’t bother.

      1. “It’s quite enough work to go on living.”

        Spoken like true royalty.

        Spoiled, entitled, self-anointed royalty.

  2. ‘Drain the Swamp’? Trump’s Potential Cabinet Fills Out With Washington Insiders…

    1. In other news just as surprising as this: Water is wet

      1. So are tears. Sweet, delicious tears.

    2. Buttplug, we can enjoy your tears and still, at the same time, recoil with horror at Trump’s cabinet choices.

      1. Tears?

        I survived the Bushpigs. Trump will be easy.

        I’ve known the choice was shit for a long time.


        2. Hey PB, I’ve got a funny joke for you. Are you ready? It’s really funny. It goes like this:


        3. Oh shreeky! Hey since CO ok’d Physician Assisted Suicide, how’s about a hot date with me and my wife.

          She’s just dying to meet you.

          1. “Groovus from the top ropes, people!!!” *Mad Gene voice

            1. I prefer to imagine it in good ol JR’s voice.

          2. I’d rather not hear physicians talk about killing people – am I an oversensitive snowflake?

            1. Fair enough, Eddie. If I offended you, I am truly sorry. And no, you are not being a snowflake. For reals.

              That said, shreek has been a strident proponent of killing off people at both ends of the life spectrum: my wife and I would simply give him the chance to remain faithful to his deeply, deeply held convictions and save other insurance policy holders money by not paying for his multitude of medical maladies.

              1. I see where you’re coming from, and it’s probably fair to say I’m not a big fan of Shreek.

                I don’t have very high expectations of him, but I have higher expectations of physicians – kind of a reverence, and in your case I want to see you as a brave doctor ministering to the sick in a beleaguered country, not as lowering yourself to the level of an Internet troll.

                I think a good insult needs a certain level of implausibility – like when I suggested to another commenter that I would dig up his dead mother and have my way with her. We all know that’s in good fun, but if I were a gravedigger it might sound less tasteful. If you see what I mean.

                1. Addendum – I don’t think you’d ever cooperate with that wicked CO suicide law, but there are some libertarians (I don’t mean Shreek) who believe in such a law, unfortunately, and I think they’re wrong in all sorts of ways, thus my sensitivity to the point.

            2. I believe in the, “You first!” Doctrine when it comes to these matters, Eddie. shreek already knows my position on it, assuming he still takes his lithium. Besides, she’s not licenced in the USA anyway, and I am not licenced in CO, either. I just really don’t like him; he may be a sock, but real people out there agree with him wholeheartedly.

        4. We weren’t sure you could survive more than eight years up Obama’s ass, though.

    3. More accurate title: “Big old rehash of rumors and pundits’ predictions about Trump’s cabinet, plus a few new names”

      1. Correct-a-mundo.

  3. Here was Lena Dunham’s reaction to Trump’s win, from her Lenny newsletter:

    Robby knows his audience.

    1. Wait alt-text from Robbie???

      1. GTFO. Next your gonna tell me that Donald Trump was elected Pres…huh? Cubs won the world series? *runs to bunker

        1. It the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.

      2. Not just that – a good alt-text from Robby???

        Folks, he did it. Trump is truly Making America Great Again!

    2. Lena Dunham is some feminist: Let’s leave all the strategy stuff and analysis to the menfolk. Who wants some cookies?

      1. ^Sugarist

      2. Division of labor. Menfolk wonks do the policy and serious nodding, she does shrieking and taking clothes off. Gotta play to your strengths.

      3. In the time it took her to write that screed, she could have made me a sammich.

        1. Are you sure you want that, Anacreon? You *have* seen her naked, even by accident, at least once, right?

          1. True, but she also looks like she knows her way around a sammich. May be worth it if blindfold is involved.

            1. Blindfold for you, ball gag for her.

      4. Are they spirit baked?

        1. What’s sad is in the movie “Golden Child” putting blood in the kid’s gruel was one of the ways they were trying to turn him evil. Life imitates fiction.

  4. Trump could actually rein in the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.

    Let the fratboy pussy grabbing commence unmolested!

      1. Grope and strange, if you wanna go slang.

        1. Ooh, that’s good.

          There is a new meme going around about Obama being New Hope, Trump being Empire Strikes Back, and Bernie being Return of the Jedi.

          People’s invariable response is that Empire was the best movie.

          1. Bernie bros as Ewoks? It all makes sense!

            1. Considering the Endor Holocaust, it does put it in better perspective, no?

          2. That makes Bush II the Revenge of the Sith and Bill Clinton the Attack of the Clones.

        2. Quality. Consider it stolen.

      2. Good one, chief!

      3. [golf clap] for Injun

      4. And Injun wins the thread in five minutes. Good grief.

    1. Fratboys have pussies?

      1. Just give it a few years. Someone will sue a frat for its male-only membership rules.

        1. Already happened, decades ago. Most (all?) fraternities dropped their formal “Little Sisters” programs after a member of one sued to become a member of the fraternity.

      2. Back pussies.

    2. If Title IX abuses are finally put to rest and colleges and universities everywhere can finally breathe a sigh of relief, I only have one question:

      What Robbyhorses with Soave ride? That’s almost all of them, dead, buried, rotting in an unmarked grave where they should never be found.

  5. I wonder how many Democrats voted for Trump in the open primaries thinking he would be the easy to beat Republican. Those tears would be especially tasty.

      1. HA HA
        / Nelson Muntz

      2. Hahaha, member when John Stewart was praying for Trump to run for the comedic value?

        1. Jon Stewart. John Stewart is the greatest of all Green Lanterns.

          1. Sodam Yat says pfffft on John Stewart.

            1. A frilly pink thing|11.11.16 @ 6:05PM|#

              How.. how did you post from 15 minutes in the future?

              1. oooohh.. nevermind..

      3. Thank you for posting that link. Seeing smug arrogance comeuppance is the sweetest form of schadenfreude

        1. It is the cigar tip, dipped in a snifter of ham tear brandy.. to be savored…


      5. I may never stop laughing. Ever.

        1. I wonder if he ever wrote the check ?

          Nah, I’m not really wondering.

      1. Salon? That right wing rag?

    1. It would have been easy, had the Dems not nominated a candidate who was about to take the nose dive of the millenium.

    2. Back during the primaries, a hardcore prog friend of mine had a Facebook status that said, “My master plan to destroy the republican party with Trump is coming to fruition!”

      I feel like going back and commenting if his master plan included getting him elected.

      1. “I got ’em right where I want them!”

  6. Here was Lena Dunham’s reaction to Trump’s win, from her Lenny newsletter:

    What? She ate a 1-pound ice cream cake sitting naked on a toilet?

    Dunham’s IQ is inversely proportional to her weight.

    1. Thanks, Injun. I was going to pick up dinner on my way home from work. You just saved me the money.

    2. You’re killing it Injun.

    3. Stop it Injun. My face is hurting from laughing so much.

      Jesus christ, this Trump win is the greatest thing that has happened in my lifetime. The entertainment value is beyond measure.

    4. Seriously Injun, next time you’re in Indy I’ll buy you a beer. You’ve earned it.

      1. They call it firewater, sir!

    5. And I just threw up in my mouth at that mental image.

  7. ?Here was Lena Dunham’s reaction to Trump’s win, from her Lenny newsletter

    Why would you possibly think we would care? This is why we mock you, Rico.

    1. This stupid website is the only reason I know who she is.

    2. Her Proggy tears are too unhealthy for consumption.

      (too much fat, not enough vitamins),

      Plenty of acid though.

  8. Hey protesters, get off my lawn!
    Tired of the endless military interventions that are making the world less safe? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about Trump using executive orders to issue decrees like a monarch? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about a possible war with North Korea, Iran, etc.? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about the possibility of nuclear war? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about Black Lives Matter voices being ignored? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about LGBT rights being trampled? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about your friends or family being deported? You should have voted for Gary
    Worried about the criminal justice system going unreformed? You should have voted for Gary
    Finally, if in spite of all of that you still voted for the poster child of political corruption, then fuck you for wasting your vote and putting Trump in power.
    You should have voted for Gary, slaver.

    1. Bill Weld didn’t vote for Gary.

      1. Didn’t you read the comment you replied to? He should have.

        1. I was throwing Bill Weld shade, just looking for opportunities.

          1. Fair enough, but pls throw him brick next time.

    2. Wanted a vagina in White House? Shoulda voted for Weld.

      1. He’s just Gelded, not going for the the Full Banana Split Monty.

    3. +1 photo of Gary breathing through his mouth and standing around with his hands in his pockets

    4. Maybe next time libertarians should run a ticket that doesn’t sound like a reminder about why you should wear pants to shop class.

  9. Harry Reid had some choice words for Trump supporters.

    He’s talking about Bill Clinton, right?

    Bill never hit 50% of the vote.

    1. The crowd going ape-shit over Donald should have been the canary in the coal mine

  10. Guys, I got you a present. Scroll over the picture.

    1. Have you seen this on twitter yet? It’s beautiful

      1. I am tempted to print that out and frame it.

      2. It is most certainly not “her job”

      3. “My party dress felt tight and itchy”, was Bill Clinton there that night?

    2. He’s right! You can use the cursor to hide her face.

      1. How the hell big is the cursor on your computer???

        Because, DAMN.

        1. I have Spot Cursor on my workstations, so’s I can make cursors YUUUGE, even at very high screen resolutions.

          It’s more than adequate.

          1. I have Spot Cursor on my workstations

            Damn, that tricknology is TYTE!!

    3. Rico the alt-text was appreciated. By me at least. A venerated and well known member of the commentariat. And definitely not some no-name has been drifter who maybe posts thrice a year.

    4. Excellent job on the links, your election autopsy blog post, and especially making alt-text right again….

      Erm, you know what I mean, Robby.-)

      Well done, Froot Sooshi! *grins*

      1. Excellent job on the links, your election autopsy blog post, and especially making alt-text right again….

        And for not making the alt-right text again!

    5. On time, with alt-text.

      Congratulations Rico, you’re doing your job. Here’s your participation medal.

      1. FINALLY.

      2. In Trump’s America, there won’t be any participation medals. You do get a free coupon that entitles you to a 10% discount* to be had at any of the participating resort spas of Trump Hotels.

        *(does not include any hair styling)

    6. ::Pats Rico on the head::

      Good boy. Here’s a treat.

    7. She looks positively radiant! Thanks, Rob.

    8. Good man, Robbo. We will still pick on you.

      1. Oh, yes. Most definitely…. Once again, Robby, ENB – bestower of “Fruit Sushi – has given us another toy for us to play with at your expense: Performance Woke.

        And its cousins Equivocally Woke and Ambiguously Woke.

        1. Ooooh I missed that! Link please. And if you didn’t see…I need a good borscht recipe pretty please.

          1. I did, and I responded to it, good sir. I hope you have access to good venision and turnips.\-)

            1. I’ll check that thread. Thanks! I loves the turnips, it’s good for my beetus.

            2. GM, got a recipe for solyanka?

              1. Not immediately on me ATM. When I talk to my MIL later this morn, I will ask her for her recipe, since I don’t know one by rote off the top of my head. Remind me in another thread, yes?

                One of Dr. ZG’s few faults is she is a terrible cook. I mean, Joyce Barnaby levels terrible cook (Didja like that one, tarran?-)

                Soljanka is basically UKR’s Chop Suey Soup, as you know.

                1. OK, I’ll track you down later, ???????
                  I’ve never had Chop Suey Soup, so I’m not sure if that was a dig or high praise.

                  1. high praise

                    It’s basically delicious leftovers thrown together as a yummy, salty soup. With the ubiquitous sour cream, I heartily recommend.

  11. The wall just got ten feet taller


    1. There is two R’s in furry.

    2. /r/The_Donald is leaking.

  12. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser.

    Foot stomping will be the leadership style when millennials come of age and take the mantle of governance.

  13. This takedown of Vox is a real gem.

    I look forward to Vox going the way of Gawker. Seriously.

    Go out of business already, scumbags.

    1. Not while Clinton Foundation lives and breathes!


      1. Dude.

        You’re supposed to let someone ELSE “oooh” your burn.

        1. No, I just realized that, IF Vox goes down, it’s BECAUSE CF died first!

          Injun is just effective in his condemnations – two orgs with one phrase!

    2. “In fact, because we see facts through partisan lenses, facts alone are useless. People are irresponsible with knowledge; facts just make them better equipped to argue for their own side.”

      There is something to that. Facts without context is trivia

      1. Facts without context is trivia

        Facts are simple and facts are straight
        Facts are lazy and facts are late
        Facts all come with points of view
        Facts don’t do what I want them to
        Facts just twist the truth around
        Facts are living turned inside out
        Facts are getting the best of them
        Facts are nothing on the face of things
        Facts don’t stain the furniture
        Facts go out and slam the door
        Facts are written all over your face
        Facts continue to change their shape

        1. that reminds be of a ditty about beer or beer labels or something

      2. This is true. I think of “studies show” and “the data confirm” as the prime examples of fact-heavy but context-devoid argumentation. Like those “studies” that “prove” people live longer in single-payer countries.

      3. Meaning comes from context

    3. There were some weak parts of that takedown though. The writer seemed appalled that anyone could oppose government safety standards. And while Sad Beard is a risible figure he shouldn’t be knocked for the occasional instances where his instincts steer him near the truth.

      1. “Don’t knock the broken clock”, you mean?

  14. Here was Lena Dunham’s reaction to Trump’s win, from her Lenny newsletter:

    “Politics is hard.”

    1. You guys don’t understand! She coulda had class, she shoulda been somebody.

  15. Executive power must be limited?now more than ever?and liberals should join libertarians in this effort.

    Yokeltarians and HitnRunpublicans out; cosmotarians and Liberaltarians in!

    1. General Crusty Juggler, reporting for duty!

      1. General? You’d be lucky to rate comfort woman.

        1. Don’t blame Monte Crusto. He was told being a Yeoman Purser was much different that what the job actually entails.

        2. That’s three- star General Crusty Juggler to you, bub.

          1. That’s three- star General Crusty Juggler to you, bub.

            Oddly and perfectly appropriate for this comment.*

            * I KNOW you are singing along Crusty! HA!

              1. So you say

        3. Crusty only comforts after the fact.

        1. That is a hilarious picture.

          1. Reminiscent of Dukakis in the tank.

            1. Also like John Larroquettes character at the end of Stripes.

    2. And now we get back to what’s important: Accusing everybody here of not being sufficiently libertarian. Or Tulpa.

      1. And now we get back to what’s important: Accusing everybody here of not being sufficiently libertarian

        That’s what libertarians do best!

      2. Shut up, Tulpa.

      3. Libertarianism: Fuck winning, we’re skipping straight to the purges!

        1. Where do I park this woodchipper?

          1. In the handicapped spot, of course.

      4. Reported as spam.

      5. Well we do need to keep track of the posters who will offer apologias for all of Trump’s most anti-liberty actions.

  16. You know, eventually it’s all going to die down. Enjoy the freak out, try not to respond (I’m choosing my words carefully) because there’s no room for rational discourse as they’re not seeking it and just wait it out.

    I’m guessing the Trump phenomena is just going to suck the air right out of these pant shitting dimwits.

    By the way, I’d invest in Huggies with all the pants shitting that’s going on.

    1. All I give a f*** about right now is the SCOTUS.

      IF (you can’t really trust Cheeto Jesus) we get solid originalists to replace RBG and Scalia’s seat, I will be happy. Hillary would have screwed us all majorly.

      Maybe we should be thanking Lena Dunham, Miley Cirus, etc. for campaigning for Hillary and getting her defeated.

      1. You know, Injun, if one looks back on Obumbles and his results with SCOTUS, he got smacked and rebuked a lot more than he cares to admit. Yes, yes, he got his precious PenalTax (maybe the incoming Repubes will take that matter up; I am not confident of this, personally), but overall, SCOTUS has not been as kind to him as he probably initially thought, The Wise Latina, in particular.

        Aside from Janice Rodgers Brown, I’m pretty sure that ANY SCOTUS nominee he puts up (and gets confirmed, let us not forget the other part of the equation, and Senate is down one McCain’Graham acolyte) will rule in ways that one either won’t anticipate, or flat out disagree with.

        For (mostly) better, (sometimes, many times) worse, SCOTUS are their own people, and that shouldn’t be lost sight of. And this is as someone whose Single Issue for this election happens to be SCOTUS

        1. Maybe his crazy ass Obamacare decision was Roberts’s ridiculously prescient method of destroying the Democrats.

      2. Your postings today should earn you a fifth of fine scotch Injun. You are batting a thousand.

    2. Good advice from Canada. As usual…

      1. Yeah, I only comment on the election here. I’m giving my proggie friends time to work through their issues.

        1. Forever is a long time, PD.

    3. I’m savoring every delicious proggie tear right now while I can, because the hangover will be four years of Trump.

      1. ^This

      2. Aptly put. We have maybe two or three more days before we start freaking out over all the future liberty violations from Il Duce.

    4. You may be surprised by the stamina of the dimwits. I expect the freakout to last until spring at least.

      Don’t forget, people (in positions of prestige) are STILL claiming President Bush stole the 2000 election from AlGore

  17. Don’t worry Lena, the list of things I expect you to understand is infinitesimal.

  18. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser.

    Yes, yes, of course. Retreat into your safe space echo chamber and insult and demean the vast right wing hick conspiracy. And, above all, keep crying wolf.

  19. Trump could actually rein in the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.

    Let’s compromise and call it… Title IX.V

  20. to the men in offices who need to run the numbers

    Whoa… sexist much, Lena?

  21. just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser.

    So Lena’s kid sister shouldn’t try to understand her.

    1. +1 Campus Republican named Barry



  23. just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser.

    Everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton is an abuser and a rapist. You know who else called a large number of people rapists? Oh, I know Lena, baby, you’re only fighting fire with fire, right?

    1. Winston already feels small and abandoned. You don’t have to rub it in.

    2. Winston’s mom’s vagina should’ve been abandoned a long time ago. The Crusty’s of the world keep filling it though.

      1. Rustic. Clean. Affordable.

        Winston’s Mom, available at your local bordello.

    3. Wow, did they actually film the interrogation scene from Brazil in one of those? I always thought it was a green-screen effect. But photo #6 is almost identical.

    4. Wow, SIV could fit his whole chicken farm in there.

  24. Alt-text, more like alt-right text.

  25. ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress Lea DeLaria says she wants to ‘take out’ Trump supporters with baseball bat

    She captioned the quote by suggesting a different response to voilence writing, “Or pick up a baseball bat and take out every f?king republican and independent I see. #f?ktrump #f?ktheGOP #f?kstraightwhiteamerica #f?kyourprivilege.”


    1. He looks like he could swing a mean bat.

    2. That bat smells like rotten pussy. No one wants to grab that.

    3. A lot of straight white Netflix subscriptions pay that cunt’s salary. I am a little bit hesitant to continue to share any more of my privilege with her.

    4. Wow, those Trump supporters sure are violent.

      Oh, wait.

    5. Maybe I can finally convince my wife to stop making us watch that fucking show.

      1. Season Three it essentially became Sappho Summer Camp Shenanigans!. Unwatchable if you want even a modicum of reality.

        If you want a good women’s prison drama, check out Wentworth.

        1. Fuck yes. Love Wentworth. Infinitely better than OITNB.

    6. We hate you, too, Boo!

      1. If you have not seen Narcos, you should def check it out. Very good and true to life telling of Pablo Escobar story.

    7. I did it like this. I did it like that. I did it with a…

    1. Egyptians are gay as fuck

      I am also confused why some (like the US) have a “wife beater sunburn” and a shaved chest, while Macedonians actually look completely normal. Shaved chests are weird, yo. And in truth, a real macedonian would probably have a beaver-pelt of chest-hair, not the light dusting of an average male.

      1. Manscaping is proportional to the starting jungle?

        1. And you’re a very sexy girl very hard to please
          You can taste the bright lights but you won’t get there for free
          In the jungle welcome to the jungle
          Feel my, my, my, my serpentine
          I,I wanna hear you scream

        2. Manscaping is proportional to the starting jungle?

          You can’t “manscape” a greek/macedonian. There would be nothing left when you were done.

          One of my best buddies in college was greek. He shaved his face with a straight razor twice a day. He still had “5 o’clock shadow” within 2 hours.

          1. Lol, had an Italian bud like that. You could actually watch his beard grow.

      2. Egyptians are gay as fuck

        Based on the picture? Then uhh, Americans are also gay as fuck.

        1. My thoughts: why do I have to live in the country with the most unrealistic expectations for what a man should look like?!?

          1. There there, FM. *rubs dadbod belly*

        2. Yeah, pretty much. The tank-top sunburn really seals that deal.

    2. I note with the usual dismay displayed by my fellow Canucks that they didn’t show the ideal man from Canada (if they even bothered to send the image there).

      Ah, fuck it. I know whoever they’d sent it to here would’ve just sent back a picture of The Hair That Walks Like A Man?.

  26. I would have figured Lena felt a certain kinship towards Trump. After all, she is a self-admitted molester.

    1. “When you have fame, money, and a career of gratuitous nudity, those toddlers, they just let you do it!”

  27. Giant Snowballs Have Appeared on the Siberian Coast

    Located above the Arctic Circle, the small village of Nyda, with a population of just over 2,000, sits on the Gulf of Ob, a freezing arm of the Kara Sea. Just over a week ago members of the village started noticing that at one spot on the coast, fields of giant snowballs had begun to spontaneously appear. Ranging from the size of a tennis ball to the size of volleyballs, the icy spheres came from seemingly nowhere, but have an uncanny uniformity.

    OMG Mother Nature is weaponizing!

    Apparently as the tide came in, it contacted a layer of frost, covering the beach in ice, and then as the water slowly receded, it left bits of ice that spun on the wet sand creating spheres. The odd phenomenon was confirmed by a representative of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, quoted in the Siberian Times story.

    That’s just what she wants you to think.

    1. Global warming? It’s global warming, right?

    2. Wun Wun lives!

      1. The Night King voices his support for Donald Trump.

    3. They’re Horta eggs.

  28. Pat Boone: Donald Trump’s win is a slap in the face for Hollywood

    Artist and Trump supporter Pat Boone thinks the Republican’s presidential win is a slap in the face for Hollywood’s top stars.

    “Donald Trump’s extraordinary, vehement win is an enormous censure, a humongous? slap to the grandiose, spoiled Hollywood super-rich, supercilious, super indoctrinated, over advantaged swarm,” he told FOX411.

    1. Hollywood needs something bigger than a slap.

      How about a baseball bat to the head? Over to that Orange is the new black actor.

    2. Pat Boone is alive? Or is he one of those heads-in-a-jar from Futurama?

    3. Isn’t Pat Boone the guy who made his living taking songs from black people before the internet existed?

      Well, that’s all the proof I need Trump wants to bring back slavery.

  29. Here’s some weekend LULZ for you people.

    A co-worker quoted Samantha Bee. Yes, that Bee! As if she is some kind of intellectual. LOL.

    1. She’s on the TV behind a news desk. Of course she’s smart!

    2. What was the quote? “Republicans are raping everyone!”?

  30. So the people failed Hillary Clinton, they failed in their resolve to see her vision through. You know who else claimed a nation failed him?

      1. You know the rules Injun. Off to the America Great Again Camps? with you.

        1. In defense of Injun, I didn’t give him a lot of material to work with. Sometimes the best answer (when juxtaposing with HRC) is in fact, Hitler.

          1. *whisper “Don’t stick up for him, they’ll take you too.”

    1. Let’s do this game correctly –

      Aaron Burr?

    2. That guy who spilled his popcorn?

  31. Why include a snippet from a hobgoblin? Do hobgoblins even have the right to vote?

  32. Update, 4:06PM: It appears everyone is back to life. Some users, however, are reporting that their Facebook friends who actually died are popping up as alive.

    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Thanks a lot, Trump.

  33. It’s quite enough work to go on living without the love of Odell Beckham.”

  34. I saw a pack of wild dogs tear a black baby to bits. When they were done, they barked “Trump, Trump” and ran away.

    1. I eagerly await a new set of captivity narratives. I Was a Feminist Prisoner of Trumpkins.

      1. A litany of Trump-attributed race-crimes

        only 60% are hoaxes this time.

        1. “I turned around and there’s a really buff guy wearing a Trump shirt,” freshman Leena Aggad said Friday. “He reaches his hand out to my forehead and attempts to pull my scarf off.”

          Haha, uh, the “really buff” part really smelled the most bullshitty.

          1. Its also amazing that news reporters seem to be rushing to publish any bullshit high-school students will tell them. “What’s that you say? a 10 second video clip on youtube? That’s the most substantiation we’ve had all day!”

          2. I googled “”He reaches his hand out to my forehead and attempts to pull my scarf off.” to see if it was taken out of some sort of Harlequin novel. Got 5 pages of links to various news sites.

          3. Buff privilege.

    2. Eh. I had no idea how tiresome the new White Man’s Burden really is. I have two lynchings to attend this weekend, I am attending the burning of a synagogue, and I am co-organizing a ritualistic Matthew Shepherd-like killing of some dumb queer. All that is in addition to my weekly immigrant group grope team duties! Man, it’s tough.

      1. One of the great fake pun names from the National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook (which was much of the starting point for what became Animal House) was a social-studies teacher named Dwight Mannsburdan.

      2. If you need some r&r just stop by my new commercial rape dungeon, now open for business over on 47th. You can’t miss the neon sign.

  35. So Canada has a long history of taking bad ideas from the United States and doubling down on them (for example, we picked up socialism from your labour movement, thanks guys).

    I think the only logical thing is to elect Don Cherry to the office of Prime Minister.

    1. That’s “labor” movement. And it resulted in a lot of crying babies.

      1. No, that’s ‘labour’, you degenerate colonial rebel scum, desperately trying to write the Queen’s English but failing due to your inbred flipper hands.

        1. I’ll stand for degenerates.

          Much like the whatever the fuck it is that Quebecois speak is closer to original French than the current Academie version, the escaped colonies preserved writing and accents closer to the Good Queen Bess’s English.

          Unless you mean Queen Victoria’s English? The word for that is German.

          1. Of course a Slav wouldn’t appreciate the quality of Germanic, Anglo-Saxon language, you speak like half-brained drunks and scratch malformed Greek petroglyphs on everything!

            1. Yes, because we didn’t smash the Roman civilization we found and let it uplift us, instead of living like troglodytes until monks were finally able to pass some education into your skulls.

              Vikings went far too easy on you lot. We should have set up an aggressive Varangian Alliance between the Norse, the Rus branch and ERE!

              1. AGA! URA!!!!!

              2. You wear your Roman chains so easily, Slavic man. Those of a Germanic nature prefer to hold the chains, not wear them. Such is the fate of your race, to be corralled like cattle by men of greater distinction. Or Turks.

                1. Hey, did you know that 11th November is also Polish Independence Day.

                  Though maybe Teutons just weren’t good at stuff.

                  And speaking of Turks vs Germanic nations

                  1. You forgot the part where Prussia and Austria eat two thirds of Poland. And then run their parts better than the Russians.

                    1. As is the customary gratitude of Germanics to those who defend them from Islam…

                    2. Pffft. Slavs are just slaves who are so illiterate they can’t even spell what they are correctly.

          2. …whatever the fuck it is that Quebecois speak is closer to original French than the current Academie version…


            1. Er, it’s closer to the “original” Norman French than the current Academie version (I oughta know, my cousins over there give me a taste of it whenever they wanna make fun of the Quebecois).

        2. No, that’s ‘labour’

          How do you pronounce valour? Does it sound like velour? If not, you’re spelling valor and labor wrong.

    2. I thought it was Kevin O’Leary who was gonna do that?

    3. I would absolutely vote for Cherry.

  36. Facebook has a glitch and says people are dead? IT’S A CONSPIRACY!

    This is not at all funny to me! I know it scared at least one person. It looks like everyone being targeted is “liberal”. We need to find out who did this and who is being targeted.

    No, asshole, it’s because all your friends are liberal that you think that because you live in a goddamn echo chamber.


  37. Liberals will be right with you there on limiting executive power as soon as they can figure out how those limits will not apply to future Democrat presidents.

  38. In “Sexting” related news….. parents are suing the DA to stop him turning their 14yr old daughter into a sex-criminal

    didn’t know you could do that. sue the DA, that is.

    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) ? The parents of a 14-year-old Iowa girl are suing a prosecutor to stop him from charging their daughter with sexual exploitation of a minor or child pornography for sending suggestive photos of herself to a boy.

    The lawsuit filed in federal court asks a judge to issue an injunction preventing Marion County Attorney Ed Bull from filing criminal charges against the girl who sent two photos to a boy in her school last spring via Snapchat. The boy apparently shared them with other students and they were discovered among many others during a sexting investigation at Knoxville High School, which has about 600 students.

    1. Pretty sure Reason’s covered this one.

      I’m glad they’re suing the DA. Fuck him.

    2. Let’s have some gender equality! Crush her.

  39. I’ll say it again. Lena Dunham absolutely has the most punchable face I’ve ever seen.

  40. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human

    Oh, PUH-LEASE, Dun(g)ham… You aren’t considered human because of your appalling, disgusting behaviors and looks. Woke Ugly AF, indeed.

    1. Dun(g)ham

      [holds up card = 8.9 “Yomommas”]

      1. Thank you! Thank you…

        Just so glad I could mix my disgust of all things LD with a stab at copying the BHO insults found around these parts*

        *I don’t know “who”, or the whole “what”, to be honest.

  41. In case you’ve been wondering what happened to John Kerry… he’s been Deployed To Antarctica, which, according to Ben Rhodes, “has nothing he could possibly fuck up”.

    In related news, the Ozone Hole has released statements contradicting Kerry’s claim that its “probably getting bigger”.

    1. Here’s hoping he finds the Mountains of Madness and gets eaten by albino penguins.

    2. Antarctica doesn’t deserve this.

    3. Oh, he’ll find a way to fuck it up like Teevee from ‘North of 60’.

      You get a lifetime of Rufus rapes if you get this reference.

      1. North of 60 is a 1990s Canadian television series depicting life in the sub-Arctic northern boreal forest (north of 60? north latitude, hence the title). It first aired on CBC Television in 1992 and was syndicated around the world. It is set in the fictional community of Lynx River, a primarily Native-run town depicted as being in the Dehcho Region, Northwest Territories.

        Most of the characters were Dene. Some non-native characters had important roles: the restaurant/motel owner, the band manager, the nurse and (during the show’s first season) the town’s main RCMP officer. The show explored themes of Native poverty, alcoholism, cultural preservation and conflict over land settlements and natural resource exploitation.

        Fun for the whole family.

        They tried to establish ratings for the show, but the numbers were muddied by the massive spike in suicides following its broadcast.

        1. That’s our Beloved State Broadcaster!

          Funny how really popular shows (Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys) don’t come from them…

  42. “Executive power must be limited?now more than ever?and liberals should join libertarians in this effort.”

    Holy shit. After laughing my ass off I am at a loss for words.

    1. Hmm…In retrospect, maybe it was a bad idea to remain silent over the past eight years while the president murdered American citizens and unilaterally sent us to war kinetic military action.

    2. Liberals need to make the effort when they are in power. Any other time is meaningless.

  43. Ah, shit, I was just getting ready to leave work, and two black guys just got hate-crimed by a toothless fat white guy in a baseball cap.

    1. That’s nothing…I just looked out the window and I saw a bunch of messicans going SOUTH! I don’t know why, this is Illinois, they will always be welcome here until Chicago secedes.

  44. It’s quite enough work to know about and bear the hatred of so many. It’s quite enough work to go on living.

    Maybe Lena needs to conjure herself up a tiny violin.

    Can someone point me to the video/transcript of the speech where Trump said Women, PoC, Gays, and Trans are not human? I must have missed that one. That’s big news! You’d think it would be blared from the rooftops daily by the media….

    1. Can someone point me to the video/transcript of the speech where Trump said Women, PoC, Gays, and Trans are not human?

      What part of “Make America Great Again” didn’t you understand? It’s as clear as day.

    2. Progressives hate their opposition with a pure and burning passion. Many of them have hatred of such magnitude that it borders on psychosis.

      They assume that their opposition hates them back. Since progressives are such enlightened, righteous, tolerant, wonderful, and special people, and since they know that their opposition is a basket of deplorable, irredeemable, ignorant, redneck, sexist, white-privileged cis-gendered shitlords, progressives are certain that the opposition’s hatred must be rooted in bigotry as intense as their own.

      1. 🙂

        Best political show ever.

        No, when I look at the picture, I’m trying to get the joke.


        She was drunk on beer! LOLOL!
        Asians were helping her!

        I really got nothing else.

        1. Agreed. Too bad they only have 6 episodes a season.

      1. That is such a bad pour, the worst pour in history. Believe me, I know pours, I have the best pours, and this pour was a disaster.

        1. Ah… insider beer joke. Bravo.

  45. It’s quite enough work to go on living.

    Well, if it’s just too hard…

    *fixes a hemlock and tonic*

    1. I read it as “hammock” and tonic and thought “that does sound relaxing”.

  46. Is it for true Trump is going to block Canadians from commenting here at Reason?

    /holds back tear.

    1. Firewall will be yuuuuuuuuuuge. We’ll smuggle you in using a maple syrup darkwebsite.

  47. Jesus, I’m off the board for a few months and Trump gets elected. What is wrong with you people.

    1. What do you mean, “you people”?


        1. Johnny Cash was a cotton picker.

          1. Every time I choose which shirt to wear today I’m a cotton picker.

  48. I’m hearing something about a woman with a Hijab who was attacked by people wearing “Make America Great Again” hats… and it turned to be a lie? Don’t these lies usually last weeks through the news cycle until a right-wing reporter like Robby or Scott Shackford start asking questions?

    1. Not only did they have those hats, they were also wearing UVA frat sweatshirts.

      1. What’s Duke Lacrosse, chopped liver?

  49. Didn’t Trump say men could piss in women’s bathrooms at Trump Tower if they want?

    At what point did Trump out himself as a homophobe? Or is it just that once you’re one thing, you’re all things?

    1. Here’s what I picked up from Facebook.
      1) Trump, just like every other politician, at some point said something against same-sex marriage = TRUMP HATES GAY PEOPLE
      2) Trump said something about repealing Obamacare, which apparently is the only think keeping people with AIDS alive = TRUMP HATES GAY PEOPLE
      3) Trump offended other people that normally vote Democrat = TRUMP HATES GAY PEOPLE
      4) Gay people mostly vote Democrat, and Trump won = TRUMP HATES GAY PEOPLE

      1. You should replace the word “politician” in item #1 with “Republican,” but otherwise accurate.

        Don’t forget, the Dems were perfectly content to ignore TEH GAYZ for decades, until it was completely safe politically, but they remain champions of gay rights nonetheless.

    2. A good example of that is how libertarians are somehow in charge of everything, and to blame for everything that happens that the duopoly dislikes.

      1. Yep. Voting for GayJay made me, among other things, a Hillary supporter, a Trump supporter, literally Hitler, worse than Hitler, a liar, a pussy, a coward, a cuck, and a misogynist.

        1. And also, your vote belonged to Hillary. It was hers, and you withheld your essence from her.

        2. Somehow you forgot to add ‘fucking stupid’ to your list, I wonder why…

        3. Nope. You just wasted your vote.


      2. And how deregulation causes regulatory capture.


    US President-elect Donald Trump has said in an interview he is open to leaving intact key parts of President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill.

    Mr Trump, who has pledged repeatedly to repeal the 2010 law, signalled he was receptive to a compromise after visiting the White House on Thursday.

    He told the Wall Street Journal he favours keeping two main parts of the bill because “I like those very much”.

    One is a ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    The other provision that the president-elect told the newspaper he favours allows young adults to be insured on their parents’ policies.

    Mr Trump told the Journal it was his hour-and-a-half meeting with Mr Obama that had made him reconsider his calls for an all-out repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

    “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,” the president-elect said at Trump Tower.

    Keeping the must-issue provisions while getting rid of the coverage requirement will actually make Obamacare even worse. And I didn’t know that was possible.

    1. And I didn’t know that was possible.

      We could keep Democrats in charge of it. How’s that for ‘even worse’?

    2. JB, by allowing those thing, that is how you get the mandate that everyone be covered or pay a penalty.

    3. He’s pretty suggestible.

    4. Go look around at a typical food court and see if you want to be in the same insurance pool as those people…

  51. I’m tempted to set up a parody Twitter account with all these fake stories about #welcometothetTrumpnightmare.

  52. Over in the UK, The Pointman has published a very interesting take on Donald Trump’s victory:

    He’s an amazingly private person. The straight names and dates stuff about him is all there and easily findable, but scratching beneath the surface to find out what actually makes him tick takes some real sleeves-rolled-up determined research. There are nuggets of personal information about him scattered in out of the way places, but invariably by people he’d helped out quietly. They do attest to a strong character with some deep motivations that’ll keep driving him onwards. He’ll never retire.

    Getting an idea of the true character of any person is a process of collecting small personal but telling details about them. It’s like gathering pieces of a puzzle and fitting them together to get a picture beneath the presentation surface of them. He neither drinks nor smokes, which are unusual attributes for a man in high-stakes business. It’s a puzzling detail which when you do enough deep-dive research into him you find an older brother whom he adored but who killed himself on alcohol, smoking and other excesses. You may have noticed in his acceptance speech, everyone in the family got a mention, including that late brother. His history is he never abandons a loved one or a friend, even a dead one.

    1. Everyone knows for sure a lot of false information about Trump, but there’s two things all the people who actually know him agree on. The first is that he’s a loyal friend, almost to a fault. He uses his money to help out individuals he meets and never uses such private generosity for publicity purposes. He’s been hurt on several occasions by people mistaking his kindness as some invitation to abuse it, and throwing a media tizzy when he cut them off.

      The second is, if you cross him, he’s relentless and will make it his business to get even with you in the end, no matter how long that might take. A very pertinent example will illustrate this. Out of the blue in 2011, Obama invited Trump to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. In what was possibly the most tasteless display of presidential authority to publically humiliate a private individual, Obama delivered a carefully rehearsed script intended to do nothing more than crush Trump.

      It was an ill-judged twenty-minute piece of self-indulgence as well as the worst mistake of Obama’s entire life. If there’s one thing I’m sure he’d like to take back from his entire presidency, that bad bad decision to humiliate Trump would be it, and you could see it on his face last Thursday when they met for the ritual presidential handover pleasantries.

      1. Trump sat through the whole humiliation in granite-like silence surrounded by hundreds of the great and the good of Washington who were having a good old snigger at his expense, but I’m willing to bet you that experience was the moment Trump decided to run for president, if only to disassemble every shred of that decidedly modest set of accomplishments referred to as Obama’s legacy.

        Well worth reading in full.

        1. Ah man. Now I’m rooting for him.

          1. I’m reminded of Machiavelli’s lecture in the Prince about the importance of not making any enemies you don’t need to, especially if you can’t destroy them.

        2. Don’t make me like him, dammit.

          1. I know, right? That’s the sort of humiliation that could move mountains. I now hope that was mentioned during the Oval Office photo shoot.

          2. If true, that really does explain a lot to me why he ran. When he first started to run. I thought it was some sort of “Gotcha” joke to play on the masses. Then he kept running. Had me completely baffled why.

        3. Dammit indeed. Tarran you suck. 🙂 I was willing to just ride him out as another shit president. Except, I can’t hate on a guy who really is a good guy. Now I have to go and fact check all this. There goes my evening to weekend.

  53. Lena, show us on the doll where you wish Donald Trump had touched you.

    1. And your sister’s too, Lena.

      1. *suddenly understands reference, vomits, seeks mind bleach*

  54. Today I was on the border, doing my part to help the New Underground Railroad. Ever since the election America’s gone dark, and all we’ve heard a half-truths and stories too horrible to believe were true. We’d found a nice spot, few patrols, a small fence separating the poor American expats from Canadian freedom.

    We saw them come out of the forest, desperate, huddled masses, their dyed hair tangled and dirty, their eyes behind wide-brimmed glasses giving us the thousand yard stare. Their throats were raw, but we could still hear them croaking out the Fuck Trump song. Some looked like they had lost several dozen pounds in three days. Must be from some cruel starvation camp I thought. When they saw us waiting on the other side of the border, a look of relief appeared on their faces.

    1. But then something rustled in the treeline behind them. Out of nowhere, a half dozen Brazilian slave mastiffs surrounded the poor refugees, their eyes hungry, but their intense training stopped them from making a move. Out of the forest came several white men in overalls carrying shotguns. The largest stepped forward, his grin a broken piano keyboard.

      “THERE YOU IS.” He belched. “YOU THINK YOU GO UP TO LIVE WITH CANUCK FAGGOTS? YOU LIVE DOWN HERE. YOU SUFFER. YOU MAKE MURICA GREAT AGAIN IN SLAVE PITS AND FUCKIN’ CAMPS.” He grabbed one girl and she screamed as he dragged her off into the woods. The rest of the Trumpkins, shotguns raised, lead the remaining prisoners back. We continued to hear their cries for help until they faded into the apathetic woods.

      And I wept for their fates.

      1. It’s true what JT says.

        I’s was there.

      2. Awesome.

      3. This is only day three.

  55. “Amid Tide of Red on Electoral Map, West Coast Stays Defiantly Blue”

    Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California, said the election inspired him to team up with “enlightened” leaders in the West to “push back aggressively” against policies on immigration and the environment from the future Trump administration.

    “We are a nation state,” Mr. Newsom said, referring to the state’s diversity and vast, dynamic economy.

    Nation state? Oh fuck you.

    Yes, there are areas of anger and strain, from the high-desert ranches of eastern Oregon to coal towns in northwestern Colorado to strawberry farms in the Central Valley of California to steel towns struggling to reinvent themselves.


    1. I keep hearing all this California is it’s own country bullshit. If this is true why didn’t California pass universal health care years ago?

      There were absolutely no constitutional or legal issues that prevented them from doing it until the ACA made it a national issue.

  56. “Trump Could Dismantle Title IX”

    you say that like its a bad thing. Equality sure. Screwing men over doesn’t sound like equality.

    1. He’s gonna drop the ‘I’ in ‘X’.

  57. I’ll just leave this right here….


    1. A broken link? That’s mighty courageous, stepping on sugarfree’s toes like that.

        1. Spot fucking on.

          1. The most epic mansplaining i’ve ever seen

        2. Nice! Who is that guy?

          1. With 30 seconds of looking, it’s an act, but a good one, no doubt with heartfelt meaning. YouTube channel

      1. Saw that earlier; why can’t we have good political opponents like that? Christ, I may have disagreed with Hitchens on 80% of things, but he was worth listening to.

    2. A leftist who understands why Hillary lost. A very rare person.

      1. Good rant but he is missing one piece.

        There’s a very good reason the left refuses to debate, and resorts to ad hominem attacks, and insists on living in their bubble.

        It’s because reality and reason are not on their side of the debate.

        Despite all their histrionics, they know this.

  58. “It’s quite enough work to go on living.”

    So, all of them are “survivors” now? The “survivors” of sexual assault may object.

    Who would be surprised by riots and false accusations if these people actually believed that they are fighting/working to “go on living”. Further, if Clinton endorsed Dunham and Dunham’s views, and Clinton is endorsed by most feminists… oh well.

  59. Peggy Noonan writes in the WSJ that Trump should hire the Establishment figures he beat, Ann Althouse has a great teardown of it.

    Trump needs help, she says. And these people need jobs and power, she doesn’t say. The elite, her people, lost the election, but they should have the victory anyway, because a “young man” and a “beautiful lady” spoke of fear. Throughout the whole political season, Trump was battered with the fear of fear, and now he’s won and he’s told to pander to the people who said whatever they could to oppose him, the people who stoked the fear that he needs to prioritize calming. As if it could ever be calmed, as if his opponents will ever stop stoking it.

    1. “Mr Trump, please cuck yourself.”

      I swear, these people. Sadly he will probably do it.

  60. Ok, so after the last few days of seeing/hearing about the worldwide progressive meltdown, I’m a little disappointed that no one has taken the time to cash in one some hilarious comedy sketches (Because let’s be honest SNL, Onion, and so forth are going to use the same material).

    Just off the top of my head: A commercial in the style of Kentucky Fried Chicken, where the product is soda and the main ingredient of choice are the favored “progtears”. You go make sure to cut to the process of making the beverage, the actual farming of said tears, and the satisfied customers at the end of the shot. Seriously people, now is the time to have fun with this event before it stops being funny.

    1. You’re almost too late.

  61. Apparently in his latest show, Trevor Noah compared Trump voters to Wildlings and Trump to John Snow… which is probably actually the most surprisingly charitable analogy I have heard of yet for Trump supporters.

  62. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it’s not the job of the abused to understand their abuser.

    So there is no need to understand militantn Islamist sand Nazis.

  63. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why

    I’d like to know where all the hordes of people for whom being anti-any-of-the-above is a deep and defining concern are, as opposed to the vast majority of people who don’t give a good goddamn what you are, unless you’re screaming in their face, and/or taking/breaking their stuff.

  64. If blacks came out in record numbers to support Clinton, most liberals would eat up all kinds of narrative that a struggling class of people rose up against an unjust establishment that kept them down. They would actually DEMAND that we buy into this.

    Trump won because struggling whites in the rust belt felt left behind and Trump’s populist “America’s first message” inspired them. They mercilessly blitzkrieged the blue walls, which was abandoned by 6 million democrats.

    That’s it. It’s simple. The math is not hard to figure out. Fair minded Americans would sympathize with their countrymen on that side of the country and ponder how we can help them get back on their feet. But the liberals are obsessed with identity politics to the exclusion of ALL ELSE. Even though republican voters gave a historic win to a GOP candidate who approves of gay marriage and trashed George Bush, these people are playing some movie in their minds in which Trump squads hunt down the LGBTQ.

    LGBTQ! Inclusion! Diversity! That’s all you see on their twitter feed, facebook, etc. They’re still obsessing over a couple misguided lines by Donald Trump and conjuring up Hitler fantasies. They reduce a undeniable revolt of American voters as rednecks resurrecting the Third Reich. You would never from these people that Obama killed thousands of innocent lives with his drone strikes alone.

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