Trump Could Dismantle Title IX, Facebook Glitch Says Everyone Died, Lena Dunham Doesn't Want to Understand: P.M. Links


  • Lena
    Tina Fultz / ZUMA Press / Splash News/Newscom

    Sheesh. First Donald Trump becomes president, then Facebook tells us we're all dead. What a week.

  • Executive power must be limited—now more than ever—and liberals should join libertarians in this effort.
  • While I expect Trump to push for a lot of policies I oppose, his education priorities are, well, pretty in line with my own. Trump could actually rein in the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX.
  • Harry Reid had some choice words for Trump supporters.
  • This takedown of Vox is a real gem.
  • Here was Lena Dunham's reaction to Trump's win, from her Lenny newsletter:

A lot of people have been talking about how we need to try to understand how this happened and what's going on in the minds of the people who voted for Donald Trump. Maybe. Maybe. But maybe let's leave that to the strategists, to the men in offices who need to run the numbers. It should not be the job of women, of people of color, of queer and trans Americans, to understand who does not consider them human and why, just as it's not the job of the abused to understand their abuser. It's quite enough work to know about and bear the hatred of so many. It's quite enough work to go on living.