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Minorites, Not Whites, Will Save the U.S. Constitution in Trump's America

If only they'll need it more


The American right has long been telling itself a simple morality tale that goes something like this: The white Christian establishment is the original source and

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continuing guardian of America's tradition of liberty, free markets and limited government and minorities are a threat to it because they don't share the same attachments. In their telling, especially minorities who come from quasi-socialist countries are preternatural welfare queens quite happy to suck from the government's teat. One of the major arguments that restrictionist right-wing pundits make for clamping down on immigration in fact is that immigrants, hailing from non-Euorpean countries, dilute these American principles.

But Trump's triumph shows this morality tale to be a fairytale, I note in my column at The Week. The reasons white Americans voted for Trump are complex, no doubt. But one big one is that they lapped up his promise of shielding them from foreign competition through a protectionist trade policy and a restrictionist immigration policy. In other words, they have no exceptional attachment to the free market, even though they have grown up in country that allegedly understands its wonders. As for government handouts, whites are just as eager for them as minorities, given that they don't seem all that perturbed by Trump's promise to maintain and even expand the entitlement state and even offer new handouts such as his child tax credit to everyone making under $500,000.

Indeed, they are so eager for the government to protect their economic interests that Trump's anti-Constitutional social agenda did not bother them that much. Consider what America may look like under President Trump:

Trump vowed to end the "war on cops." He ran as a law-and-order candidate who isn't likely to have much use for reining in police abuse, especially if Rudy Giuliani is his attorney general. In fact, Trump has explicitly promised to expand racial profiling and stop-and-frisk policies. He speaks of African-American communities with casual disdain. He vowed to ban Muslims from the U.S.A.

He also wants a mandatory death penalty for cop killers.

If whites voted for Trump despite all this, where will the first line of resistance to all his anti-constitutional ideas come from? Not from them but from minorities, Trump's main victims.

So Trump will likely unleash a new era of constitution-based minority activism, renewing the nation's appreciation for the constitution. This is exactly what America's (white) Founders intended.

Go here to read the whole piece.

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  1. American Reich!

    1. But seriously, we’re going to pretend that the intellectual tradition of liberty that apparently just randomly sprang up in a few places in the world was all due to the colored people who moved into white countries?

      I get that Trump is a shitty candidate and will likely be a shitty president, but I thought we could avoid the stupid race baiting on this site.

      1. I think her point in all this is that most of the unconstitutional things Trump has proposed threaten to affect minorities (or outsiders) more than white Americans. So, they will be the ones who have to make those legal challenges.

        1. What would those be? She doesn’t list any other than the cop killer thing. And protectionism is not unconstitutionall.

          1. Failing to give foreigners unfettered access to the US welfare state is unconstitutional, damn you!

        2. Putting aside that protectionism is a “benefit” to all citizens and residents of a country regardless of ethnicity, her argument is basically that minorities will suddenly become champions of limited government in a cynical exercise of identity politics, not because they normally value it.

          So really it’s pretty much insulting everyone.

          1. It is nothing but the kind of collectivist horse shit that I thought Libertarianism was supposed to reject.

      2. Forget it Volren, it’s Dalmiatown.

  2. Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” ? President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009.

    “Get over it.” — Marion Barry, 1994

    1. “Bitch set me up”
      — Hillary Clinton, 2016

  3. This may all be true, but none of this is evidence that minorities from third world countries will embrace a free market economy and “save” the constitution.

    Your headline is silly. Clickbait for progs and SJWs.

  4. Getcher bile bucket! Bile buckets! Express your bile in this convenient bucket!

    1. I don’t think the comments have ever outdone Skikha in that regard

      1. I don’t recall her ever wishing commenters dead.

        1. i guess i missed that. did she even rate a woodchipper, or was it more of the banal “DIAF” type thing?

          1. Look at Mikey’s 12:01 comment.

            1. I mean, he has zero credibility, of course. But a Bile Bucket Buckaroo has to make a buck where he can.

              1. i’m trying to think of a mangling of Shikha’s name that would live up to Mike’s “Block Yomomma”-isms but falling short.

                Little help, anyone?

                1. Shishkabob Dalmation

                  1. Shiksa Damnation?

                  2. She’s not Korean.

                  3. Oh, now people are asking me what i’m laughing at.

                2. Mikey calls her Dipshit Scumbagetta, apparently under the impression that she’s Italian. It’s pretty bad.

                  1. Fuck, that’s kind of funny in its stupidity.

                    1. I really need to compile a Best Of Mike M. list to preserve his dumpster fire of an intellect for posterity.

                    2. Unlike most blind squirrels, Mike finds a nut once or twice a week. But more often he belives his own turds are delicious acorns.

                3. Sheesha Dogma

                  1. Not a Mike M. styling, but in the same spirit I’ve always liked “Shikha virus”. Admittedly, Zika’s not in the news as much these days, but remains worthy IMO.

                4. Shikkka?

          1. I know. She fails the paper bag test, so she’s not human to you.

              1. You never have.

    2. I don’t like Dapmos but even I think that is a bit harsh on her.

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      Ewww, I don’t want that one! It already has bile in it!

      1. You bile it, you bought it, sir or madam.

        1. ‘Xir’ is actually xits honorific of choice.

  5. How did I know it was a Shikha Dalma piece by only reading the headline?

    1. the racism?

      1. The butt hurt and bitter tears.

        1. The childish Trump photoshop.

          1. something, something, Hitler?

            1. TrumpyMcChimpHitler!!!11!!!!!

      2. Ugh, white people. They just ruin everything don’t they?

        1. You said it! They and their medicine just ruined infectious disease epidemics for the poor microbes.

  6. So the evidence of the evil Trump menace is the death penalty for people who shoot cops and some protectionism? Weak tea even for Dalmia.

    1. No one here is a big stop-and-frisk fan either

  7. So people who know very little or nothing about the philosophy that underpins the Constitution will suddenly spring up to defend it because of magic dirt?

    *passes bong to the next person*

    1. Bong? This calls for a rag and paint thinner.

      1. looks like a picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue

        1. +1 Vector Victor

            1. Now I want to watch gladiator movie.

  8. Ahh fuck, she’s still alive too.

    I know it’s wrong of me to ask for so much when I’m already so blessed, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

    1. Any song of Sudderman?

  9. So Trump will likely unleash a new era of constitution-based minority activism

    Not if it’s led by the activists and protesters we’ve seen since the election. These are the same, young, adolescents that follow “black lives matter” and demand safe spaces on college campuses. They’re openly against the first amendment and don’t offer any arguments based on the Constitution since it was written by racist, sexist, white men and is simply a tool of the oppressive patriarchy with Trump as the latest MAN-ifestation.

    1. I was wondering if this was written in some bizarre alternate universe where most college students and third worlders actually believed in liberty and understood the contents of the Constitution.

  10. “The American right has long been telling itself a simple morality tale that goes something like this: The white Christian establishment is the original source and continuing guardian of America’s tradition of liberty, free markets and limited government and minorities are a threat to it…”

    Literally none of my disturbingly conservative family (be they democrat or republican) have ever expressed an opinion like that.

    Now, they may say that about certain types of immigrants, but I seriously doubt anyone is lumping ALL minorities together as some kind of existential threat to liberty, free markets, and limited government.

    Jesus, it’s not like the Republican Party is made up of only white people Shikha.

    1. Trump got a higher percentage of both blacks and Hispanics then Romney. Are the 30 % or whatever Hispanics who voted for Trump race traitors?

      1. Obviously a bunch of Uncle Tom?ses.

      2. Senior. Policy. ANALYST.

        1. They ought to change it from the Peter principle to the shikkha principle

        2. They wrote that wrong. They meant ‘ANAL CYST’.

      3. He only got those higher percentages because of RETHUGLIKKKAN VOTER SUPPRESSION STUPID ID LAWZ OMG I CAN’T EVEN!!!


      4. Trump got a higher percentage of both blacks and Hispanics then Romney. Are the 30 % or whatever Hispanics who voted for Trump race traitors?

        This is an example of your subconscious racism John. Where did you get that stereotype that black men can’t be white supremacists? From KKK monthly?

        1. Meanwhile, men voting for a woman who abused her husband and said that men aren’t the real victims of war because the women related to them have a big sad when they die is proof that Hillary doesn’t loathe men.

          I call these men who suffer from acute internalized misandry ‘Uncle Kyles.’ I’m trying to start a meme here, help me out.

          1. +1
            would retweet

      5. He got a higher percentage of a smaller number (fewer people voted in 2016 compared to 2012). So this little factoid isn’t too terribly illuminating.

        1. He got a higher percentage of a smaller number (fewer people voted in 2016 compared to 2012). So this little factoid isn’t too terribly illuminating.

          (Trump) 30% of 110 million is 33 million.
          (Romney) 18% of 120 million is 21.6 million.

          11.4 million more votes seems rather significant to me…

      6. Trump got a higher percentage of both blacks and Hispanics then Romney. Are the 30 % or whatever Hispanics who voted for Trump race traitors?

        How about this stat. 63% of white men voted for Trump. 96% of black women voted for Hillary. Which group is the racist and sexist one?

    2. Exactly, there’s Uncle Toms and misogynist women, too!

      1. Don’t forget the homophobic LGBT and Islamophobic Muslims.

      2. And all the self-hating male Uncle Kyles who voted for Hillary.

    3. No, Shikha’s not completely wrong here. I have heard that same argument from others on the right. They tend to come from the quarters of the alt-right however, the ones more likely to believe that minorities/non-Christians are inferior and don’t deserve the blessings of American liberty.

      1. Fair enough.

      2. I’ve never heard it…ever, except from Shikha, and other liberals.

  11. I’m usually more pragmatic than this, Dalmia.
    But you fucking suck, and you’re really horrible at disguising your hackery as impartial analysis.

    I mean, are you really that fucking retarded?

    Yeah, all whiles voted for Trump. All. No minorities voted for Trump. None. Ergo, something something save the constitution. Why didn’t I think of that????

    1. She is a senior policy analyst Playa. She knows these things

      1. You’re right, John: she’s an expert on these things. It says so right on her profile page!

    2. Shikha is blissfully ignorant of the fact that Trump did slightly worse than Romney among white voters, and did significantly better than Romney with black and Latino voters.

      But, those insane, counterfactual left-wing narratives won’t build themselves!

    3. According to exit polls, it appears some white people actually voted for Hillary Clinton.*

      Does this mean the race-war is cancelled?

      (*speaking of those exit-poll things, i really wish they’d cross-tab them so you could see what the relative significance of each group was. who cares if one person won X group by Y% if that group was a tiny slice of the voters? Also = i think anyone who insists on MAKING VERY BIG DEAL OUT OF SLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN ONE CATEGORY while ignoring all the others is sort of silly. Is the next article going to be how “Married People” have betrayed America by voting disproportionately for Trump? )

      Also I had sort of expected the fantasy prognosticating about Trump’s “likely policies” to take a back seat now that he won the election… thinking that was just a campaign thing.

      Seriously, you can’t be a “Policy Analyst” when the policies are entirely figments of your imagination. It doesn’t work that way.

      1. It’s the 53% of white women breaking for Trump that really galls them. Apostates are always more reviled than infidels.

        1. They failed to vote VAGINA!! BURN THE WITCHES!!!1!!!

          1. Jezebel has already run an obit for intersectionality.

            “I have heard the Trump voters singing each to each
            but I do not think they will sing to me…”

            1. I know peak derp is unobtainable, but I’m glad to see Jezebel won’t give up shooting for it.

        2. Yup, the threat is always within the walls, never outside them.

          1. “Let the Visigoths in, what could possibly go wrong?”
            – Honorius


          YOU ARE DEAD TO ME

          (likelihood of finding this somewhere on twimblr: 100%)

      2. Is the next article going to be how “Married People” have betrayed America by voting disproportionately for Trump?

        Yup. That’s how collectivism works. Even though I voted for Gary, I bear partial responsibility for the Trumpocalypse because I’m white. And white people are… what would a certain person say, a “problem race”.

        1. You know who else… uh, hang on…

        2. What do problems and solvents have in common?

      3. I missed the early part of election on Tuesday (basically everything before 8pm PST). Were those exit polls accurate about how people voted?

    4. Her tears are delicious.

  12. Nothing better than a Shikha Dalmia post to uncuck the commentariot.

    1. Would it be too much to ask to retire this meme? It’s Veterans’ Day – give it an honorable burial.

      1. Eddie, you’re begging for sense from The Man Who Lays With Chickens. You’ll find no succor there.

  13. Dalmia is legitimately too stupid to understand that this is the rhetoric that got Trump elected. She immediately devolves into collectivist stereotyping of the ‘horrible statist whites’ and the ‘wonderful minority activists’ who will save us. Immediately framing it into a ‘white people bad, racial minorities good’ dynamic. When in reality, libertarianism itself is a minority belief among both whites AND racial minorities. Dalmia’s ‘minority activists’ are, by a vast majority, not going to advance the cause of libertarianism, but advance their own interests. It’s two tribes fighting over who gets the couch shell, not some noble, principled fight.

    If Dalmia was not a hack collectivist, the question being asked would be “How do we advance libertarianism as libertarians when racial groups are closing ranks and attempting to receive benefits from their tribal nature?”

    1. If Dalmia was not a hack collectivist, the question being asked would be “How do we advance libertarianism as libertarians when racial groups are closing ranks and attempting to receive benefits from their tribal nature?”

      That would force her to disavow her notion that whites are the quintessential tribalists in this country. Heck even India was free of the scourge of tribalism until Trump inspired them to commit genocide.

    2. Robbie Soave just got through posting a column on how Trump gained support from whites who were sick and tired of being told they were the only evil identity group in the country. And as if to prove his point…we get this drivel.

      At least she didn’t resurrect the Penis Logo issue.

  14. Trump has explicitly promised to expand racial profiling

    Bullshit. Unless you’re referring to “Muslim applicants for immigration” – and they are not a “race”.

    and stop-and-frisk policies

    You can argue it’s bad policy but people in high-crime areas tend to support this, you know.

    1. Trump has explicitly promised to expand racial profiling

      Expanded border policing runs on racial profiling. When they are pulling over people who might be illegals to check their papers they are going after people like me. And they aren’t going by nationality that you can guess by a glance.

      And stop-and-frisk has always been about ignoring the 4th to punish people for exercising the 2nd, or just plain old WOD bullshit.

      1. Agreed, except border policing doesn’t run on racial profiling. How many American’s do you imagine are illegally crossing the border away from checkpoints to get into America, one wonders. And I can tell you from experience that they will pull over almost everyone at the checkpoints. You will get extra scrutiny if you’re driving a windowless panel van and happen to appear Hispanic. I’ll concede that point readily.

        The thing I don’t understand is that everyone seems to acknowledge that we’re about to get a lot of nominee’s added to the Supreme Court. Yet SD is indicating that Trumps Supreme Court will be good to activist minorities, while Trump is simultaneously an evil bastard that’s against minorities. Well, she might be right on the second point but how would activist minority lawsuits being sent to Trumps Supreme Court end well for them if it’s truly such a nightmare scenario?

        Of course, we’ll need to wait and see if those nominations actually come out the way Trump promised. I doubt they will, but I remain cautiously optimistic about it.

        Beyond the Supreme Court, I imagine Trump to be terrible. He’ll probably be terrible on the court as well, but I’ll wait until the writing is on the wall since there’s literally nothing to be done for it.

        1. Border policing extends one hundred miles from the border. Trump has promised to expand it one hundred more.

          1. Trump has promised to expand it one hundred more.

            Of course, if he really does appoint constitutionalists to SCOTUS, they will smack it down.

            1. There is already a SCOTUS ruling allowing it. They would have to be both strict Constitutionalists and willing to overturn precedent. Those two flavors of jurisprudence rarely go hand in hand.

              And how many people will die or go to jail on ancillary charges brought by the searches before it worms its way through the courts?

              The only thing Trump is at this point is not-Hillary. That still leaves him a million shitty other things he can be. Obama had all this blank slate enthusiasm in 2008 and look how garbage he turned out.

        2. “Agreed, except border policing doesn’t run on racial profiling.”

          “You will get extra scrutiny if you’re driving a windowless panel van and happen to appear Hispanic.”

          So, racial profiling then.

          1. I’m sure you’ll acknowledge that there’s a difference between a program that solely targets people based on race and a system that takes race into consideration along with a host of other indicators such a size of vehicle and ability to see inside the back of said vehicle.

            Actually, I’m pretty sure you won’t.

            I would much prefer addressing the incentives for people to illegally immigrate to the United States, including foreign relations with Mexico and South America, but that probably won’t ever happen. Lord knows the Democrats aren’t any more serious about it than the Republicans, so it’s a pointless conversation in reality.

      2. Meh. I get racially profiled when I apply for a job thanks to collectivists like Sikha Dalmia pushing aff. actions, so I can’t say I understand why I should care. Why should we white folks be doing our damnedest to protect the rights of minority groups whose spokespeople are at best ambivalent, at worst outright antipathetic to ours?

        See this is how identity politics works.

  15. Every other writer seems to have mellowed since the election ended, but not Shikha. Colour me skeptical, but I have a hard time believing leftist protests to be virtuous.

    Even if they do lace their hey-ho chants with some semblance of the Constitution, it’ll likely be like the anti-war groups where it’s cause there’s a R in office, not because they actually care. Or even more likely, it’ll be just more of the same racial activism we’ve seen the past few years.

  16. So Trump will likely unleash a new era of constitution-based minority activism

    Before or after he leads the Hindu’s in their extermination of all the Muslims in India?

    1. Nah, they’re all brown; better to just drop a nuke on the lot of them.

      That’s what dajjal keeps telling us, anyway.

  17. Oh, this is too good to be true. I realize the Buttplug has no credibility and tarran says it’s not even sentient. But in response to my claim that LFPR is at a 40-year low, the Buttplug has insisted that it’s due to boomers retiring.

    Except, after I did a cursory investigation of the data, the over-55 LFPR is at a 40-year high. So all of the loss in labor participation has come from people under 55.

    Put another way, the only reason the unemployment numbers look so good under Obama is because older people are working more. The BLS has basically written off younger people as counting towards unemployment.

    How does one build long-term success when younger people don’t have jobs and aren’t even looking for work (according to the BLS, anyway)?

      1. While Tarran is probably correct about the lack of sentience, replies like yours are incredibly helpful to those of us that see such opinions in the real world. You’ll never change shriek, but others appreciate it. Thanks for the info.

    1. … and tarran says [Shriek is] not even sentient.

      That’s because he isn’t! Why do you people deny the truth that is so obvious?

      1. Meh. I can correct stupid shit even if it comes from a vacuous lack of intellect.

        Good to see you, though. The anarchist position has been poorly represented as of late.

        1. I didn’t intend to criticize. Just reemphasizing my point. 🙂

          Honestly, I had no idea that things were as bad as you laid out and I am grateful that you did that research.

          1. The employment problem is a problem, and you know it’s a problem because at first they used bogus numbers to report on it and then it disappeared entirely when people routinely called out their bullshit on how much ‘better’ everything was.

            If you don’t report on a thing at all, it goes away right?

            There is a ‘recovery’ but calling it anemic is overselling it.

    2. Butt-plug’s on the ENB thread offering a link to why you’re wrong.

      1. Yeah, he’s offering the source of his talking points, but they’re both wrong on the actual data. It’s not hard to look it up, but apparently Buttplug and the media shill he reads can’t be bothered to go to the BLS website.

  18. Nothing says pragmatic analysis like photoshopping a Joker face on your political opponent.

    1. Just remember, when Republicans did it to Obama, it was racist. Whiteface is racist. Against whom I’m not sure, but it definitely is.

  19. Not from them but from minorities, Trump’s main victims.


  20. Dang, this one here hurt my feelings.

    I still respect your right to cut me down with words, Shikha. I hope one day after you’ve calmed — and washed the bloody gore of my disfigured corpse off your hands — you’ll realize that I was never your enemy.

  21. So Trump will likely unleash a new era of constitution-based minority activism, renewing the nation’s appreciation for the constitution. This is exactly what America’s (white) Founders intended.


    Hey Shikha, remember how you:
    -Posted a story blasting Trump for something a parody twitter account said?
    -Wrote at least one article talking about Hillary’s inevitability?

    You’re an idiot.

  22. From

    Why are tears salty?

    Tears are composed of salt and water because the human body has high concentrations of both salt and water. Salt is found in virtually every cell in the human body. In total, there is around 1 cup of salt in the average adult human body. Salt keeps cells hydrated by pulling water into cells when necessary. When people cry, plasma fluid is pulled from the cells in the lacrimal gland and is secreted through the tear ducts. This fluid is full of salt, electrolytes and metabolic waste products of cellular processes. Tears are a way the body secretes these products to get rid of them.

    1. Yes, but why are they delicious?

      1. Salt enhances the taste of despair.

    2. See recent Sargon of Akkad vid about Trump opening a salt mine.

  23. Glad you are OK Shikha.

  24. I had sort of expected the fantasy prognosticating about Trump’s “likely policies” to take a back seat now that he won the election… thinking that was just a campaign thing.

    His victims are piling up like cordwood AS WE SPEAK!

    1. He has that magical R power that allows him to dictate policy and outcomes even while not in office. Remember all those people the DNC hired to cause violence at his rallies? Think about it, he’s already created more jobs than Obama.

  25. In all seriousness Reason: Is this really what it takes to be a ‘Senior Analyst’ at your foundation? If you need someone to regurgitate tribalist hyperbolic idiocy I can write this stuff for you for a third of what Dalmia costs. Bear in mind I don’t have a green card but I’ll get across the border anyway.

    1. Not once Trump builds the Northern Wall, you won’t.

      1. Not if we build the Southern Wall to keep the American expats out first!

        1. Our wall will be so much classier than your wall. It’ll be yuge.

        2. Except all of the proggies threatening to leave have since decided that even having to live in the Trumpenreich is better than Canada.

          1. Ouch! The unkindest cut!

          2. You say that like it doesn’t fill me with joy that we won’t have even more smug progressive cunts in this country.

            1. I say it because I’m bitter that the cunts are staying here.

            2. Actually, even I, an American, was kinda hoping Bryan Cranston would go through with it and move up there. There was already talk of a Canadian spinoff of Breaking Bad where this time Walt White starts running an illegal maple syrup operation without the consent of the syrup producers’ cartel. I believe the name was going to be ‘Lightly Brushing up Against Bad.’

    2. Bear in mind I don’t have a green card but I’ll get across the border anyway.

      Trump will cancel NAFTA — and easy-to-get visas for Canadians will be gone.

  26. There is something called the Protestant work ethic. Protestant_work_ethic

    You don’t have to be Protestant to benefit from living in a society that emphasizes hard work, frugality, delayed gratification, personal initiative, being self-made, etc.–just like you don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from living in a culture that believes every individual is important because Jesus died for each of us individually.

    If atheist, gay rights activists were successful in arguing that they should be treated just like everyone else, having a population who believed in “do unto others as you would have done unto you” didn’t hurt their efforts one bit.

    I’m not saying that Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and atheists can’t be, shouldn’t be, or haven’t been amalgamated successfully into the wider culture, but the capitalist culture we’re talking about them amalgamating into is dominated by Protestantism.

    First Amendment religious freedom is a point of Protestant doctrine, and the Protestant work ethic is an artifact of Calvinism.

    I know there are other cultures with similar artifacts who came to them independently–individuals with similar artifacts in their cultures seem to thrive here in this culture for that reason. God bless all of them that come here–each and every one–wherever they come from.

    But the Protestant work ethic is a real thing, even if Donald Trump’s policies aren’t living up to it.

    1. Yeah, I love protestants and their work ethic (my handle is a riff on a favorite song that is emblematic of the modern idea or it)

      But like all good, it walks hand in hand with an evil, in this case the slaver/authoritarian mentality.

      Indeed I’m currently sitting through a doc on Carrie Nation, a “raging protestant work ethic on wheels” if there ever was one.

      Cuz you remember how Jesus turned water into wine and was promptly arrested for bootlegging while all His faithful disciples cheered on the civil authorities.

      I love protestants but from a religious perspective it’s better to stick with the Church founded by the Man Himself.

      1. the Church founded by the Man Himself.

        The Anglican Church? (Wrong Man?)

        1. Pretty sure he was referring to Zoroastrianism. Zoroaster, what a guy, was The Man.

          1. Buddhism?

            Dude knew branding.

      2. “But like all good, it walks hand in hand with an evil, in this case the slaver/authoritarian mentality.

        Abolitionism and Protestantism were no strangers.

        Do the terms Second Great Awakening and Third Great Awakening mean anything to you in terms of abolitionism?

        I don’t know where you get the idea that slavery mentality graduates from the idea that everyone should read the Bible for themselves, that they’re all equal in the eyes of God to the point that we don’t need a priesthood, etc.

        . . . and that’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about Protestantism.

        The idea that nepotism is corruption and that if “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, then there’s something wrong, that doesn’t flow naturally from Protestantism either.

        When comparative politics looks at the cultural differences between northern and southern Europe, you know what they generally ascribe the biggest difference to? I’ll give you a hint, southern Europe doesn’t have much experience with the Protestant work ethic.

        Congratulations to Italians, Irish, and immigrants from other Catholic countries who escaped from a culture where your position in society was primarily determined by kinship rather than personal effort.

        1. Abolition arose from giving large groups of busybody women (the ideological predecessors of the modern soccer mom) political clout.

          I know, I know, TIWTANLW.

  27. Go here to read the whole piece.

    Nah, i’m good.

  28. My biggest concern about Trump is the proposed increase in border control. As Reason has well documented, the Border Patrol is one of the most flagrantly tyrannical Federal law enforcement agencies in existence.

    And they don’t just fuck with the brown skinned, they’ll fuck with anyone who doesn’t respect their authoritah.

    1. I’ve persuaded my wife to consider moving somewhere outside the Constitution-free zone once the kids are off to college.

      1. You know hardly anyone lives in those places, right? Because the vast majority of the population lives within 100 miles of a border or point of international entry.

  29. He also wants a mandatory death penalty for cop killers.

    Even the ones who needed killin’?

    1. By the way, if you guys happen to see Tony, AmSoc, etc. before I do, be sure to link this to them with all my love. 😉

      1. I caught american socialist trying to necrophile a dead thread yesterday. I don’t believe Tony has been around since Monday. Somebody should probably run by his mom’s house and check on him.

        1. He was yucking it up in a few post-election threads, but his heart wasn’t really in it. Probably dehydrated from crying.

          1. Yep, I saw him around a bit in some of them (before I shopped this pic, so he hasn’t seen it yet).

            It’s like you could feel the quivering lip, the scrunching of the eyes, the rapid pulse as they imparted tiny shudders into the keys as he typed. He put on a brave face for us. Tough little soldier.

            Hilariously, he’s taken it all to mean that we all secretly wanted Trump, that little black-and-white world he lives in dominating every (pseudo) thought. I voted for Johnson, but to AmSoc, that’s as good as a vote for Trump.

  30. “So Trump will likely unleash a new era of constitution-based minority activism, renewing the nation’s appreciation for the constitution. This is exactly what America’s (white) Founders intended.”

    A new era of constitution-based minority activism? As opposed to the old one? TDS has scrambled Shikha’s brain. I want to like her. I try. Her naked racism makes it impossible.

  31. The idea that the groups that thrive on identity politics are going to suddenly rediscover the primacy of the individual when the going gets tough is laughable at best.

    You’re expecting them to throw away the one thing that has given them political collateral.

    1. This is, in a way, as it should be. After all, the whole purpose of the Constitution is to protect minorities the individual from the tyranny of the majority.


      1. Individualism is a tool of the white patriarchy to oppress minorities, you pig-headed neanderthal!

  32. Seriously, Ms. Dalmia, this is worthy of a face palm. First, Trump’s given little, if any, indication of enacting “anti-minority” policies. The biggest indication that’s been offered to date of his supposed racism is the fact that he refers to “the blacks or the Hispanics”. Secondly, the organized groups supposedly representing the groups in question have shown little, if any, interest in aggressive constitutionalism beyond their identity group’s immediate interests. By and large, its’ been efforts by the organized groups to curtail traditional constitutional protections that have helped fuel the rise of the “alt-right”. Finally, your entire model of group identification simply doesn’t square with the fact that most Americans simply don’t particularly judge individuals as members of groups (even if we eagerly judge groups).

    1. The man has been a public figure for over 3 decades and was never once accused of racism until he ran for President as a Republican.

      1. That “R” after your name confers automatic and instantaneous racism.

        1. It’s no coincidence that “racism” “rape” and “republican” all start with the same letter.

          1. And Democrat, dimwit, dumbass, and Dalmia

  33. Minorities like this one maybe.

  34. Hey Shikha, I live about an hour’s drive from the Nevada Test Site. No detonations or missile launches so far, but I’ll make sure and keep you posted so you can scoop the rest of the media when (not if!) the Trumpocalypse all-out nuclear war takes place.

  35. Shikha,
    Glad you’ll be around to hold this President in check. You may even gain some integrity back. Your tears are delicious but after they dry, remember that this is not the end of the world. It may even boost the Libertarian party’s membership.

  36. Why do we keep letting white people get away with this!!??? WHY CAN’T WE STOP THEM!!!

  37. SD;DR for me from now on every time I can tell from the title that it’s hers.

  38. Is protecting cop-killers from the death penalty really a big concern for minority communities?

  39. Dalmia, the average minority cares as little about the rights of white people as the average white person does about the rights of minorities; probably less in fact. The most racist people I’ve met in my life have been Indian or Middle-Eastern, followed by African Americans (quite often those groups have considerable animosity toward each other).

    The Hutus are not going to save the constitution from the oppressive privileged Tutsis.

    If, in 2016, you’re still talking about how your tribe is going to save the country from another tribe, you’re a bigot and you should stop publishing your opinions in order to save yourself the embarrassment.

  40. “Minorites” has a meaning, so for a sec I thought this article would be more interesting than the author intended. I’d recently read of them in The Name of the Rose. Then I realized it was a typo.

  41. This is the biggest pendejada I have read in a long time , If you think Hispanics are going hate big government you are super wrong. People In Latin American elect the person who is going gives them the most hand out.( and the other minorities are not far behind in the big government thing).

  42. Most Hispanics back deportation, want immigration cap cut in half

    An election eve poll finds sweeping support for immigration enforcement even among most Hispanics in the United States, potentially bolstering Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

    The Pulse Opinion Research survey found that 51 percent of Hispanics believe that there has been “too little” done to enforce immigration laws. What’s more, by a margin of 49 percent to 36 percent, Hispanics “support a policy causing illegal immigrants to return home by enforcing the law.”

    Another key finding: Most Americans want a cap of 500,000 immigrants a year, about half the current level.

  43. Shikha, how does Mexico treat foreigners and immigrants? Here is a summary of two excellent 2006 research papers exposing how Mexico discriminates against illegal and legal immigrants.

    Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the United States of America:

    Quotes (but read the whole article):
    Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony.
    Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society.
    The Mexican constitution expressly forbids non-citizens to participate in the country’s political life.
    The Mexican constitution denies fundamental property rights to foreigners.
    The Mexican constitution guarantees that immigrants will never be treated as real Mexican citizens, even if they are legally naturalized.
    The president of Mexico must be a Mexican citizen by birth AND his parents must also be Mexican-born citizens (Article 82), thus giving secondary status to Mexican-born citizens born of immigrants.
    The Mexican constitution states that foreigners may be expelled for any reason and without due process.

  44. Minorities have been a consistent supporter of gun control, tax increases, various anti free speech legislation, and hordes of nanny state measures.

    How often do democrats propose to vaporize due process and 1A rights on behalf of these minorities? Just take a look at the fascist liberal CEOs making threats against employees who might have voted for Trump. A few states now allow judges to grab guns on nothing more than second hand testimonies.

    People of all color have a rich, decorated history of voting for crappy candidates. Whoever’s running Venezuela was voted in by non white people.

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