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Relay for Life
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A teacher at Ridgewood High School in New Port Richey, Florida, pulled Tyler Powers out of class and told him the survivor T-shirt from Relay for Life he was wearing did not meet the school's dress code, which says no logos on clothing can be larger than a quarter. Powers, who has survived two bouts with cancer, was told he could change the shirt or spend the rest of the day in in-school suspension.

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  1. Hey I went to school there!

  2. He chose to change into a new shirt, a blue Ridgewood High School T-shirt.

    I want to see that shirt. I will bet a very large sum of money the logo on that shirt is larger than a quarter.

  3. I love it when schools threaten students over the very pettiest things. The more that kids get a chance to see adults misusing and abusing authority without thinking about the consequences, the more libertarians we’re going to have in the long run.

    Indignities are little things that people crystallize and keep in their memories to carry around with them a long time.

    I feel sorry for the kid for having to put up with this, but the valuable lessons you get out of schools aren’t always the ones that came from the textbook or lecture.

    1. The State is the biggest bully of them all.

      1. These better angels are kicking my ass.

    2. Well that was true enough for me but I also more lefty when I was younger thinking that if they just got the right people in…Of course once I saw how that actually works out I ran in terror to the libertarian party.

  4. The school district said the teacher who approached Powers was simply following the rules.

    Reason, make a new daily article called, “Simply Following the Rules”. No shortage of material.

    1. I like ‘people who need to meet a wood chipper’ better.

      1. People who need to be grabbed by the pussy.

        1. If the list includes with Selma Hayek and Scarlett Johansson I’d like to ‘lend a hand’.

          1. more like back page, end of chapter girl…with glasses

  5. And that’s what a education degree produces. People that enforce petty rules with threats and intimidation.

    1. It goes beyond education majors. Scolds, prudes, finger-waggers, and other sanctimonious buttinskies take on any trapping and use any excuse for pious bullying. It is something like parasitic meddling. They gravitate to churches, schooling, government jobs, etc., but it seems they are thicker on the ground and bolder these days. Most of the sjw-type harridans you see lately would have been in former days the prissy nags and harpies haranguing men about drink and women about their immodesty.

      1. Nothing is more American then beer and nearly nude women..

        1. and a couple of guns!

    2. Let’s be honest here. There are plenty of teachers out there that would love nothing more than to throw a lot of these stupid, frivolous rules out the window. They’re not able to. The SJW plague has tendrils everywhere. The children are good spies because they can’t keep their mouths shut and even young kids know how to obtain and use leverage.

      But, Mrs. Snow lets us wear shirts with logos on them. Mrs. Snow finds herself hauled before some condescending piece of shit who threatens her while simultaneously explaining how this is all better for the kids because some social science paper that was never replicated said so. Mrs. Snow complies, what else is she to do?

      She’s not allowed to use discretion because kids are assholes. Johnny Gangbanger wants to wear a band t-shirt that contains language encouraging violence and is an in-group signal to others that he’s in a particular gang. If Mrs. Snow uses discretion and lets Suzie Straightlaces wear a shirt with a logo that isn’t disruptive and encourages something positive, Johnny’s the kind of shit who will rat her out because he didn’t get his way.

      1. Mrs. Snow is just as apt to tell Suzie Straightlace that if she is permitted to wear her shirt with a logo that isn’t disruptive then that will inevitably lead to Johnny Gangbanger wearing his gang signaling t-shirt.

        Mrs. Snow is apt to tell her film & society senior class that if Ginger, a six foot doppelganger of Rita Hayworth, is permitted to wear a mini-skirt, then the next think you know, Erma, a five foot one slob with more chins than a Chinese phonebook, will want to showcase her knew micro-mini.

        1. my eyes!!! it burns!!! Ginger is also, no doubt, identifying as a “female woman” today…

          1. She’s identifying as Gilda and looking for her Johnny Farrell.

      2. yeah, the 99% that give the 1% a bad name…

    3. Legal system + Public schools = No Common Sense. If schools were private then they can make these subjective decisions. When I went to Catholic school they had no uniform day once a month. But the teachers/administration could prohibit any clothing they deemed inappropriate. I disagreed with what acceptable (and would actively try to get wear shirts with messages they were against but didn’t know it yet) but they were free to make their “common sense” decisions without fear of a lawsuit because it was completely voluntary that my parents sent me to their school.

  6. OT, it seems all the violence from the election is coming from the left. Imagine that.

    1. Eventually they’ll cross someone’s range markers

      1. Yeah,but their skinny little vegans. Not much meat there for you and your kind.

        1. Nothing wrong with grass fed mammals. Just have to pan fry them lightly.

        2. sort of like woodcock, need a bunch to get enough to eat…

          1. Or dove,which are great on the grill,and plentiful..

            1. free range vegans?

  7. Their school, their rules. Don’t like it send your kid to a different school.

    Also, hey Tyler – No one likes a braggart.

    1. Little shit was probably promoting violence by bragging about kicking cancer’s ass, too.

      1. #mutatedcellsmatter

  8. no logos on clothing can be larger than a quarter the King’s penis.


  9. no logos on clothing can be larger than a quarter

    A quarter of what? A quarter of an apple pie? Cherry pie? Garbage can lid?

    Yeah, a little discretion, or even a don’t wear it again admonishment would be appropriate. But “just following orders” is the proggie way.

    1. Hey, they’re “Stronger Together”. Like a bundle of sticks is stronger than just one stick. They believe in bundle-of-sticks-ism.

  10. I’d like to see the shirt, but I have a suspicion that the teacher wasn’t thinking cancer when she saw “relay for life.”

  11. The new dress code is part of a pilot program aimed at improving academic and discipline problems at the school, including poor test scores, attendance rates and gang activity.

    Restricting logo size ought to do it. It’s science.

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