Donald Trump

Protesting Donald Trump's Election, Not Wars, Surveillance, or Deportations

Protests about personality not policy are bound to be counterproductive.


Protests and vigils have erupted in major cities and smaller towns across the United States in response to Donald Trump's election as the 45th president last night. Students in California also participated in a walk-out, and there were protests at some college campuses. It turns out it's important for everyone to vote, but also to vote in the correct way.

Protesters chanted various anti-Trump slogans, with some calling attention to Hillary Clinton's apparent victory in the popular vote. The protest in New York City was organized by Socialist Alternative NYC, which blamed the Democratic Party for failing to stop Trump, insisting the party should have nominated Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton. Based on the results, where Trump performed at about the level of the last two Republican nominees, Mitt Romney and John McCain, while Clinton received millions of votes fewer than Barack Obama did, any other Democratic nominee would have done better.

Some protesters burned American flags, but there were no immediate reports of violence at the demonstrations—protests in the Bay Area last night over Trump's victory did descend into violence, and may do so again. Anti-Trump protests are not a new thing this election cycle, nor is violence, although these are the first after the democratically-held election on Tuesday. In Mid-October, video released by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas showed a Democratic operative bragging about hiring protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies. In March, Trump, then in the midst of his run of primary wins, said protests like the ones that occurred in Chicago outside the Trump Tower had "energized" his supporters. Those protests also did not have specific messages on policy. In June, I wrote that attacks by anti-Trump protesters on Trump supporters because of the danger he posed as an imperial president was an exercise in blame-shifting. "Those so concerned about what Trump might do to the country that they feel called to stalk and attack Trump supporters should take a long look in the mirror instead," I wrote. "It'll have the added benefit of not building more support for Trump, as violence against his supporters certainly will." The tactics and the attitudes underlying them continued, and probably helped Trump pull off one of the biggest upsets in modern presidential history.

Outside of demonstrations surrounding specific police shootings, and the anti-Trump protests, there seem to have been few major protests in the U.S. in the last eight years over the kinds of policies—like U.S. wars overseas and even immigration policy—that purportedly animated protests during the Bush years. Certainly, the candidate produced by the party that claims to be concerned about these issues did not reflect an electorate that voted based on those issues. Clinton was the architect of a number of U.S. interventionists and an advocate of policies like the drug war that contributed to the refugee crisis at the southern border. The Obama administration ramped up deportations, and has continued to rip families apart into its last year.

Trump's election has already re-ignited concern about these issues. The left has rediscovered the usefulness of limited government power, as Robby Soave noted Tuesday night. Although Republicans retained control of Congress in the elections, a number of Republican members did not endorse Trump. While failed presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is a pro-interventionist fan of executive power, others, such as Kentucky's Sen. Rand Paul, could become important advocates of limited executive and government power and non-interventionism. Arizona's Sen. Jeff Flake, another Republican who didn't endorse Trump, meanwhile, is likely to press Trump and Republicans on immigration. Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan tweeted a picture of himself, Kentucky's Rep. Tom Massie, and Rand Paul, with the the caption "We're putting the band back together #teamliberty".

On one level, the protests are a neat demonstration of the First Amendment, and would be so if the roles were reversed, although I'm skeptical if tonight's protesters would feel the same way. A progressive friend suggested Trump supporters would have gotten violent if Clinton won—not an uncommon belief. Clinton called the idea that Trump might not accept the outcome of the election, as protesters appear to be doing, "horrific." The protesters are also risking the salience of the message against policies there is now an opportunity to try to push a new president in a better direction on, and avoid the bipartisan continuity of the war on terror and related policies from the Bush administration to the Obama administration.

Donald Trump may personify the problem of unchecked executive power, but the problem is with how the system has developed into that position. Many Obama voters believed they were voting for "change," but President Obama brought a lot of Bush policies along with him. Guantanamo Bay is still open, the U.S. is engaged in military operations in at least half a dozen countries, the post-9/11 security apparatus remains in place. Obama did not personify the solution to unchecked executive power or violent U.S. foreign policy. The solutions have to be codified (and, woah, actually are, in the Constitution), with a rollback of the decades-long project of accumulated executive power and a restoration of co-equal branches of a Constitutional government. If the debates are again made about personalities, the opportunity for positive change could be lost, yet again.

NEXT: Will Trump Supporters Like What They Get?

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  1. I was under the impression though that the protests are about his “racism”, which seems to be solely based on his proposed immigration policy of securing the border and not letting muslims in without being vetted.

    1. I never understood how that is racism. Mexican is not a race. Neither is Muslim (what ‘race’ is Muslim?)

      1. Progtards are too fucking stupid to understand that words have specific definitions. Not whatever brainless shit the progtard bleats out randomly. They don’t speak so much as gibber.

        1. Progtards aren’t necessarily stupid (as in low IQ), but they are typical low-information voters living in an echo chamber. Most have no fucking idea what the candidate they are voting for supports. [this is not an endorsement of the antithetical Conservatards]

          1. Here’s a post from Wednesday on our local community online bulletin-board in a San Francisco suburb. It tells you everything about the prevailing young people’s opinion on this election, and what our school systems have brought us:

            So many times we don’t speak, out of fear of saying the wrong thing. Today I want to put that aside for a moment, because this feels important to say.

            If last night has left you reeling, if last night has left you feeling that our country has said to you: “you don’t belong,” or “you are less”, if the last months have left any mark of fear on you for yourself or your children or your family, because of your skin color, your religion, your country of origin, because of who you love or who you feel yourself to be; what I want to say to you is this:

            I am glad you are here in our little town, with me. My family is grateful for the presence of yours.

            There was a record number of responses, all extremely positive, many thanking the poster for her ‘courage’ in posting this. Not one person saying “really? What in the world made you think anyone had anything to fear from a peaceful election?” But of course, Hitler just took over, right?

            1. It was blue HItler against pink HItler, and blue Hitler won.

              1. +1 or 2 containers of gasoline

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            2. Well, if there IS a Hitler involved, he/she is in the shadow government. It was Hermann Goering that got elected a few nights ago.

              So there.

          2. “Protests were underway in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Portland, Ore., St. Paul, Minn., and Seattle.”
            Let’s see, how did those states vote? Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Trump, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. 100% of the EC in those places went for Clinton 7-1.
            So these protesters are protesting the outrage at all the Trump supporters whose voices were silenced in their state by the winner-take-all EC?

        2. “Racism” is a magic word for “do what I want without question!” It worked so well for so long that the left is now failing to understand their over-reach. As if not letting unvetted muslims from the Middle East freely into the country is somehow akin to turning the dogs and water cannons on our own citizens…they seriously just don’t get it.

      2. race to the bottom where it is really hot and there are no virgins as rewards only flames?

    2. There’s also the issue that most other countries tend to enforce their immigration laws. If you want to move to Canada or Australia tomorrow, you should have started on the paperwork a few years ago. You also need to have a marketable skill or a ton of cash, a clean criminal record, and speak the language.

      So either Canada and Australia are racist against Americans, or they want some control over who moves to their country.

      1. What is Christmas Island?
        What is Nauru?
        What is Manus?

        Having an Aleppo moment, dear press?

        1. But Australia is so progressive, they’ve banned guns and everything. They even have laws about violent video games to prevent people from going on a killing spree, by flying around and shooting fire from their hands after playing Saints Row 4. They must be cool with millions of undocumented immigrants moving into their country and demanding government benefits.

          1. Australia is providing a valuable model of the progressive police state. Buyer beware.

            1. It’s also illegal there to not show up for voting

              1. its also illegal to be illegal in Australia if caught you are banned for life from coming into the country

          2. “But Australia is so progressive, they’ve banned guns and everything.”
            They’re doing their damnedest to keep gays from marrying, too, so if you’re gay, not a good idea:

            “Australia turns down national vote on same-sex marriage”

      2. lots of other website the commenters are asking why they won’t immigrate to Mexico. its rhetorical of course since we know they don’t want to live next door to their maids and Mexico has some of the toughist immigration laws around, heck even U.S. citizens of Latino ancestry are not allowed into Mexico.

      3. or they are rightly concerned about protecting their current citizens? Imagine that!!??

    3. 1. The only people in America who want border control are white people.
      2. All non-white people in America want open borders.
      3. All persons entering America legally are white.
      4. All persons entering America “illegally” are non-white.


      1. Sadly, this is what the left really believes.

        1. And who are you to say they’re wrong?

    4. Not so worried abou the SC(R)OTU(M)S. If I’d have known that Christie would be considered for AG, I would have voted for *shudder* Hillary.

      1. Really? AG is pretty much the default position for the most Statist asshole available.

        I could see a Giuliani AG as a thing, and it wouldn’t be that different from Lynch. Drug warriors gotta drug Warrior.

        1. I don’t think Giuliani wants a full time gig at this point. I had figured Christie for AG since he dropped out and endorsed Trump.

          1. Andrew Napolitano for AG. He always asks us what we think.

            1. Do you think he would be a good AG? Better than Christie? But is he young enough? Would he get along with Donald?

              1. Yeah, I saw what you did.

          2. Christie is anti-weed. Is he 10A enough to continue turning Obama’s blind eye in regards to state-level legalization or would fed enforcement of drug laws be coming soon to a dispensary near you?

            1. I’d bet on the latter. Christie isn’t just an ordinary asshole, he’s that kind of asshole.

            2. I’d bet on the latter. Christie isn’t just an ordinary asshole, he’s that kind of asshole.

            3. so the key is repeal the CSA. Then AtG Christie won’t have any choice.

      2. The AG almost always gets fired for not seeing the forest for the trees. It’s basically a bureaucrat’s last job before becoming completely irrelevant.

  2. “Never invest power in government that you would feel uncomfortable leaving in the hands of your worst opponent.”
    -Ben Domenech

    The Progressive Left will never take this to heart because power over others is their main objective.

    1. The Progressive Left assumes that unless the power of government is in their control, it’s unfair because anyway they need those powers in place to help us from ourselves. Can’t you see? They love humanity.

    2. Christie is our worst opponent. It matters at this point.

      1. Ashcroft Jr. Or Jumbo-sized Ashcroft.

        1. Nixon in a fat suit. Christie’s not going to jump on every SoCon hobby horse like Ashcroft, but he’s going to be bad on the WOD (including MJ federalization – he did everything he could to make NJ’s medical regime as restrictive as possible), surveillance, and basically any other criminal justice issue.

          1. Yep. Bridgegate leads to him. Can’t be proven YET.

            1. It’ll never be proven because he didn’t technically do anything. It’s like the IRS going after conservative groups – the boss doesn’t have to say anything, he simply creates an environment where this type of activity is expected.

  3. Trump will launch new wars and witch hunts including a surprise nuke attack on North Africa. He made a promise to the Trumpkins and they will hold him to it. The younger generation must revolt against its chubbier, frustrated future selves.

    1. Is this some kind of performance art, are you really the much of a stupid cunt?

      1. Stupid cunt. [I voted!]

        1. Stupid cunts are the best kind if they’re hot.

          1. But not cray-cray.

      2. Not mutually exclusive. Pretty strongly correlated, in fact.

    2. “He made a promise to the Trumpkins and they will hold him to it.”

      Yes, because politicans never, ever break promises made during the campaign.

      *cough* Obama *cough*

      1. *cough* Woodrow Wilson *cough*

        I want to go back in time and start the “Woodchippers for Woodrow” movement!

    3. Wow, the pussy is still alive, and he came back a lot quicker than I thought he would!

      I hope you will seriously consider the self-deportation option, Davey boy. Go join Lena Dunham and the rest.

    4. Wow, the pussy is still alive, and he came back a lot quicker than I thought he would!

      I hope you will seriously consider the self-deportation option, Davey boy. Go join Lena Dunham and the rest.

    5. WTF? Did you miss that window you tried to jump out of?

      Of course you did – you’re that stupid.

  4. God what a bunch of fucking sore losers, just like my facebook feed. These people would be the first to gloat and be snarky if Hillary won, so fuck them.

    Notice there were no riots when Obama won, despite how ‘racist’ this country is.

    You think burning an American flag isn’t what got Trump elected in the first place you fucking idiots? Never seen a Mexican flag burned at a Trump rally, because I’m pretty sure the whole world would know about it

    1. But at some point over the eight years a dozen or so skin heads or something took over a ranger station and wouldn’t leave and stuff. They had guns and shit. So don’t try and compare THAT shit these demonstrations. They’re not terrorists like those other guys.

  5. We were warned there would be violence from extremists who refused to accept the results of the election. And they were right!

  6. Papier mache!

    1. And some people say that fine arts majors don’t learn anything useful.

    2. Trump pinata.

  7. Hey i posted something! Fuck these squirrels or fuck the reason web programmers. This site had been the suck for at least 24 hours.

    1. The squirrels are protesting the election too.

      1. It’s ’cause no one even noticed my write-in campaign!!!!

    2. Suderman has the key to server room, and he’s too derpressed[sic] to come to the office.

    3. They’re going Dr. Doom on the servers.

        1. I’m just gonna blame the squirrels, it worked fine in preview mode. If you don’t get the reference, just GIS Dr. Doom squirrels.

          1. What kind of perverted fanfic would that call up?

            1. Most likely some Steve Ditko comic about about Dr. Doom being defeated by squirrels. Squirrel Girl is canonically one of the biggest badasses in the Marvel comic universe.

              1. Do you have Squirrel Girl’s cell phone number or email address? Asking for a friend, ya know…

      1. I think that’s MEEE that they tried to draw (a bit inaccurately; I’m more furry than that) biting Dr. Doom in the biceps…

  8. “Protesters chanted various anti-Trump slogans, with some calling attention to Hillary Clinton’s apparent victory in the popular vote.”

    Just for my own sanity, Krayewski is right about what they’re saying, but Hillary did not win the popular vote. Both Trump and Hillary fell short of a majority.

    The interesting thing about this for me, I was concerned that Hillary winning an election despite everyone knowing she disregarded the rule of law would effectively give her a mandate to disregard the rule of law.

    My primary concern wasn’t what Hillary might do with a mandate to disregard the rule of law. I was concerned about how the American people might react to seeing the rule of law completely disregarded so.

    I had no idea how bad things have already become with progressives on that front. Do they really think society will ignore 200+ years of precedent and the rule of law–just because they’re protesting?

    Thank God Hillary lost.

    1. Every time they stomped their feet and cried their parents acquiesced, so yes, they really do think this will get them what they want. Fuck my generation for raising such a entitled bunch of pussies.

  9. Saw a vid of some kids in Portland this morning. There must have been dozens of them! Dozens, I say! They were kicking newspaper racks into the street! Oh, the humanity!


    1. Apathy is the American way. If we were informed voters, it would be a different world.

      1. Like umm… Pluto?

    2. I’m in Chicago this week. I’m staying 3-4 blocks from the Trump Tower here. I walked to the hotel from the office, went out for drinks and dinner with a coworker and never knew a protest was going on.

      When I got back to my room, I turned on the TV and CNN was reporting on the protests. The Chicago protest looked pretty good, so I walked over to see what was going on.

      There were maybe a couple hundred protesters clogged into one side of the entrance to the bridge over the Chicago river. Pretty good mass, but if you looked around, there were maybe 100 folks scattered around. So the riot was packed into a stretch about 15-20 yards long and two lanes wide.

      The cops were pretty chill. The protesters mostly yelled “Fuck Trump” over and over.

      The highlight for me was when another group of about 100 or so people came marching up from somewhere and started playing music on a cheap amp. For a while, the crowd looked pretty big. They played a song which seemed to consist entirely of the lyrics, “fuck Trump”. After about 20 minutes some guy climbed a light pole, unfurled a Mexican flag and told everyone to turn around and “take it back to the streets”. Then the second group wandered off playing music.

      As a fat, older white guy wearing a blazer, I at no time felt worried that the Revolution had started and they were coming for me.

    3. yeah the widdow kidzin Portland are quite the beasts. Blind ones at that. Ask some how things got better under the kinyun. Or ask them what is so good about Bernie. (“oh, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!”) Then ask them from whence the funding will come for the free college and free medical care they rant for. Inflation has stolen their Parents’ retirement so there wont be anything left fpr them. Inflation due to the money games gummint played to “fund” so many progressive and socialist programmes… like the ones that guarantee welfare mommies raising their illigitimate offspring by themselves, guaranteeing (almost) their future as gangbangers in the “hoods” of ChiTown.

  10. Children getting blown to bits by our bombs right now. That”s actually happening in the real world. But hey let’s be outraged by the imaginary actions of the next president.

    1. That just means their parents won’t have to explain Trump to them. Major issue averted.

    2. To be fair, he has talked about going after their families, so that sounds a lot like a policy that would be continued.

      1. Oh well then Clinton supporters should be happy that it will be business as usual.…..comments=1

        1. That’s some Not Safe For Sleep videos.

    3. Don’t worry – the left will discover this in a few months and use it as proof as to Trump’s racist fascism.

  11. Donald Trump may personify the problem of unchecked executive power, but the problem is with how the system has developed into that position.

    With the exception of the hyperbolic and unsubstantiated (so far) first half of the above sentence…overall great article as usual Ed.

    Using the word “may” is marginally better than using “will”, but the sentence just comes off as a bit Robbyesque for my tastes.

    Donald Trump may could personify the problem of unchecked executive power, but the problem is with how the system has developed into that position.

  12. Related:

    Eight Lies Progressives Were Told About What Will Happen If Trump Wins

    I’m so angry right now. A lot of good-hearted progressives are needlessly trembling with fear today, and it’s all the fault of the despicable tactics run for a year and a half by the amoral Clinton campaign. There were many lies that were told to frighten Americans into voting in support of Hillary, concocted by the neoliberal think tank and reported as fact by the corporate media (with at least some modicum of moderation and accountability) and by paid internet shills (with absolutely none). They brutalized the American psyche with baseless fearmongering, and people are still suffering from it for no good reason.

    Written by a progressive, so you could share this with your prog friends if any of them need “talking down”…. before saying “I tried to tell you”.

    1. Thanks.

      It’s rare to read to read a leftist piece that is somewhat sane and sensible, and doesn’t come off like a talking point. That’s why I enjoy reading Paglia, and miss Christopher Hitchens. Even when I disagree with them, they at least have some good points they thought out for themselves, rather than coming off like they were spoonfed by some Journolist. Or if they were, they at least managed to hide it behind some clever writing.

    2. To be fair, as someone (Yogi Berra, I think) once said, it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

      We really have to wait until he’s out of office before we know whether he started a nuclear war or got rid of Roe v. Wade (equivalent atrocities in author’s mind, apparently).

      It’s like what I was told about George W. Bush’s secret plan to impose laissez faire economics on America. At the time all I could say was I see no evidence of it (though it would be nice). In fact, no such laissez faire conspiracy emerged.

  13. I would like to make the transition to criticizing Trump.

    I mean, as I tell my progressive loved ones – I already voted against him twice (primary and general), you lamewads only voted against him *once.*

    But right now, the lefty anti-Trump people are so wrong that their wrongness seems to be the main issue.

    As I pointed out, Trump is basically a New Deal Democrat – though he’s not as racist as FDR until and unless he puts American citizens in camps. You can imagine how well that went over.

    1. puts American citizens in camps *because of their race.*

      1. Japanese is not a race.

        1. But it sure got people into camps at Roswell, Cristal City and other places. There is a pretty good book–Last Train to Crystal City–on enemy alien internment camps.

          1. But it sure got people into camps

            Had NOTHING to do with their race because “Japanese” is NOT a race. For the same reason New Yorker is not a race, Or Alabaman, Pennsyvlanian. Or even American.

  14. When a black, brown, or be-vaginaed President drones you and your family or wedding party, you go to heaven and are given 72 gender fluid virgins.

  15. Never mind the +19 Trillion dollars public debt, there are many more important issues. Not that I think Trump will enable paying that down.

    1. Soon we’ll hear protests about his heartless program of right-wing austerity!

      1. Because the new wpa will only be $1TT instead of 2 and we’ll waste too much money painting the noise barriers gold. Hell, since it’s trump we’re talking about, he could very well appoint krugtron the ineducable as treasury sec..

    2. Why not declare bankruptcy, like Trump or Puerto Rico? That would teach those Chinese commies to be brainwashing Dems with econazi global rotisserie carbon taxes.

  16. Don’t worry. Soon we’ll start hearing from Code Pink again, and hear talk about “why hasn’t that warmonger Trump brought back our troops yet.” You see, war was fine and dandy when Obama was leading it. Now it’ll be “war for oil” again. They’ll probably also complain about the NSA and how we can’t trust *Trump’s* government to listen to our phone calls and read our emails.

    1. And shortly thereafter, the same people who had been vilifying the Koch brothers as the epitome of Evil for the past eight years will be reaching out to the folks here and whispering siren songs about “liberaltarianism” and “returning the Constitution to its rightful place.” I just hope Reasonoids are smart enough to see through it this time.

      1. Depends on the definition of Reasonoid. The people in the foundation seem to have more sense than the people running the magazine.

  17. When are these people going to wise up and realize the focus of their anger should be a Democrat party that foisted a horrid, hopeless nominee upon them via a rigged primary.

    My guess is never, at least not if the media have anything to do with it. A media who are not merely biased towards the left, but are in active service of the party poobahs.

    1. Clinton got 3 million more votes in the primary than Sanders did. Whatever scale-tipping the DNC may have done becomes fairly moot in face of Clinton getting millions more votes. It was only as competitive as it was because of the very undemocratic delegate and caucus system that Sanders was complaining about. Straight popular vote, and Sanders is a small footnote.

      I also strongly question the idea that Sanders would have performed better in the general. His base was white people. Trump’s base was white people. Historically, white people vote conservative. So the accurate read on this is that Hillary lost white people because she wasn’t left enough…? I get that Sanders probably had the better read on the current voting period – populism is in – but it would be so a-historical for a far lefty to get a majority of white votes. I think it more likely that Sanders loses by an even bigger margin than Hillary did.

      1. You really think Sanders, and any other potential alternatives to Hillary didn’t know the game was fully rigged against them?

        The handwriting was clear to anyone remotely paying attention. Pointing to any specifics from a rigged outcome hardly arguing against the outcome being rigged.

        1. Yup. The Dem party’s treatment of Sanders was almost a rerun of the Republican party’s treatment of Ron Paul when he last ran as a Republican. Same stupid games, same predetermined outcome.

      2. Not to defend Bernie Sanders, but since when did the Democratic Party have an obligation to accommodate, or treat “fairly,” a socialist who had never been a member of the party until he decided to run for their presidential nomination? The Democratic Party is a private organization, and if it chooses to give favored treatment to establish party members over interlopers, I do not see a problem with that.

        1. Sorry. I should’ve said, “not to defend the Democrats?”

        2. Completely, 100% agree. The parties are private institutions, and they can select anyone they want. This is directly in conflict with the established norms at this point, but it’s well within their power.

          I’m just pointing out that the meme that the whole system is rigged and that’s the only reason Bernie lost is totally wrong. Even in the most open and democratic of primaries, Bernie loses. All available evidence points to him losing even worse than he did. With that in mind, small amounts of favoritism doesn’t mean anything.

          Now, one can still make the argument that the DNC picked the wrong horse, and in light of Clinton losing it’s hard to argue against that.

      3. Considering dem super delegates announced for Hillary before any of the primaries, that might have unduly suppressed voting for anyone not Hillary

        1. I kind of doubt that as being a huge factor. People who vote in primaries are typically the most politically aware and knowledgeable voters (even if they are also hopelessly partisan). I would expect most primary voters to have an idea on how the system works and know the roll of delegates and how they’re allocated.

    2. Nonsense. Sanders lost the primary but a large margin. Considering his lack of support among non-whites, and Trump’s popularity with whites, and a whites typically vote conservative….Yeah, Sanders probably loses by an even bigger margin than Clinton did.

  18. It’s gonna get *real* interesting when President Donald “Law & Order” Trump starts rounding up these clowns.

  19. Oh the irony of people who had been wetting their pants and claimining to be “frightened” over Trump threatening not to accept the election results are now themselves not accepting election results. Frightening, isn’t it?

    OTOH, it did not take long for dissent to cease being racist and to once again become the highest form of democracy, did it?

    1. Yes and the hypocrisy of the media is once again on display on how they report on protests.

      If Trump had lost, the media who helped hype the narrative that Trump supporters were violent (and downplayed the fact that the DNC planted people at Trump rallies to start fights) would have been screeching to high heaven if two people with homemade signs showed up anyplace in the country to protest the vote.

      The media always gives a pass to or actively applauds leftist protesters. These people were blocking highways, vandalizing property and yelling obscenities but that is all cool since they are leftists.

      It is another rerun of the difference in how they covered the Tea Party rallies vs the Occupy Wall Street groups. They went out of their way to try and portray the Tea Parties as dangerous and violent with zero evidence that they were anything of the sort while slobbering all over the Occupy groups who generally trashed the place where ever they were and caused all sorts of trouble for the people living in the area.

    2. “OTOH, it did not take long for dissent to cease being racist and to once again become the highest form of democracy, did it?”

      I’m not sure what it is they’re trying to show. 50 million people voted for each of the two big candidates. Why does this group of a thousand or so schmucks making up a negligible fraction of that electorate feel their opinion is deserving of special attention?

  20. “‘Principles?’ You misspelled ‘principals.'”

  21. “Donald Trump may personify the problem of unchecked executive power….”

    Sorry that position has already been filled by Obama.

  22. . In Mid-October, video released by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas showed a Democratic operative bragging about hiring protesters to incite violence at Trump rallies.

    I guess its safe to talk about that now.

  23. Donald Trump may personify the problem of unchecked executive power,

    You can complain about his abuse of “unchecked executive power” when he’s actually abused it.

    Right now, all of that is just FUD spread by the Clinton political machinery. And the same FUD is causing Clinton’s followers no end of grief, as they worry about all the ridiculous scares that Clinton fabricated in order to engineer her route to the White House.

  24. No, these are “solidarity gatherings.” Please keep up with the newspeak.

  25. If I were Trump my first act would be to stop funding any public college that put any limits on free speech in any form. Colleges have become little more than indoctrination camps for the Progressive Left. Then I would kick the UN off US soil followed very closely by withdrawing from NATO. I would then tell Mexico to lock down their southern border and wipeout the Drug Cartels or all trade with Mexico would cease. If they complied I would open the border. Next he should get Congress to work on redefining birthright citizenship to apply only to children of citizens. But then what do I know.

  26. Barry is a cool cat, a hipster doofus who continue Bush’s wars and started a few of his own.

    By his own admission, Barry smoked the doobies and when he became President, continued the racist and un Constitutional war on drugs.

    What a hep cat!

  27. It’s amazing to me how Ed and Robby post on basically the same things and that Ed’s articles are sensible whereas Robby’s are mostly just social signaling.

  28. Donald Trump may personify the problem of unchecked executive power,

    Only to morons. The man has never held public office before.

  29. unless these protesters are prepared to start a civil war their chants will fall on deaf ears but they better quit with the violence and cops better start breaking heads or they will have a fight and they will loose.

    1. Some of them are definitely on TV calling for revolution and casualties. Still not sure how they expect to win a firefight using gun control.

  30. Would it be rude of me to say that the liberal Democratic protestors are idiots for protesting Trump, and not the system that allowed Trump to be elected president? I had hoped, and still have the slight hope, that this election would be a wake up call about the electoral process and the Duopoly control of the process. But if all they can do is complain about Trump, they’ll never figure out the source of the problem.

  31. Any chance the left will realize the importance of unfettered free speech now that Trump has won?

  32. Anyone notice that, despite all the talk about violent Trump supporters, all the violence seems to be directed AT Trump supporters?

  33. I’m still trying to get good numbers on Gary’s votes, but it is looking like a good 300% increase in law-changing spoiler votes. The nicest thing about having a third party to work with is the chance to heckle butthurt commie looter democrats for awhile after so much heckling of christianofascist looter republicans. So no matter which gang loses, you never run out of I-told-you-sos!

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  35. The protesters are not protesting excessive government power. They are protesting excessive government power exercised by the wrong people.

  36. Other than the fact that anyone is free to protest anything they feel aggrieved about, my understanding is that these protests are more to do with the Electoral College which seems to increasingly to elect the candidate who gets the fewest votes. If you combine that with the rather obvious voter suppression measures employed by Republicans I can understand why some citizens are unhappy with election results.

  37. If Clinton had won, the Trump supporters would have stayed home, and the Clinton fans would have taken to the streets to celebrate their glorious victory over the forces of darkness.

    The exact same number of cop cars would be burned either way.

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