Donald Trump Elected

Clinton not making concession speech tonight.


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Donald Trump is projected to have won in Pennsylvania, which has put him over the top for the presidency, with 276 electoral votes and a number of states still in play.

At the beginning of the day, Trump had about an 18 percent chance of winning according to, which aggregates data on bets placed on the election. By 10pm ET, he had a 75 percent chance. After midnight, it was north of 90 percent. It is now at 97.6 percent.

Clinton called Trump to concede, but did not give a concession speech tonight. John Podesta spoke earlier at the campaign headquarters in New York City, saying the campaign wasn't over yet and that every vote needed to be counted, and telling supporters to go home. Clinton did not answer a question on the campaign trail about whether she would concede if she lost, rather repeating that it was "horrifying" that Trump did not say so.

Trump is now taking the stage at his campaign headquarters, also in New York City.

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  1. Trump- President elect. Most Reason staff sad for Hillary.

    1. I was certainly wrong about a landslide and NY state going Trump. I was right about PA and OH going Trump and the “swing states like Georgia” not being swing states.

      The media, RINOs and pogressives never saw this coming.

      I collect progressive tears curbside.

      1. You know, nothing lubricates a firearm like liberal tears.

    2. Dalmia and Chapman hardest hit.

      1. I’m sure Richman will easily identify (((whose))) fault it was.

      2. There will be good deals on kitchen gadgets at the McSuderman’s moving sale.

  2. I love “I told you so”s. Don’t even like Trump — didn’t vote for him — and I still called it.

    People don’t like being taken for fools. Virtually every policy in America is either antagonistic in some way to working class types, or fails to take their opinion into account. What the fuck did you fools think was gonna happen?

    We can thank God that the Wicked Witch is now dead, surely. And hopefully Trump surprises us by doing a halfway decent job.

    1. Hillary will never be heard from again except how her criminal trial is going.

      1. I half expect her to stroke out after the loss.

      2. Thank Jesus. The world deserves a break from the Clintons.

        1. Sorry. Hillary’s indictment will be sometime in January 2017.

        2. Chelsa will redeem her mother some how some day she will avenge her mothers loss to the great right ring conspiracy

    2. I thought it was going to go the other way with the very slimmest of margins. I knew it was going to be nowhere near what the MSM was predicting from polling data.

      They were shotgunning everything to try to seal it up. When I heard the news that they were pinning the blame on Putin and Russia for Wikileaks and doing everything they could to avoid being caught lying about the authenticity of the emails, I knew it was already going to start drawing a lot of people into a tight race. Comey’s letter hit them much harder than I expected. I think they already knew at that point how dire it was – it was looking like 2000 all over again. Undoubtedly they had their own polling numbers that were unmolested.

      The stink of desperation was on the White House and just kept wafting forth. I’ve never seen an incumbent President pull that hard for his party at the end of his term, and Obama’s always been aloof. The fact that he got out there, that he put Michelle out there, that he pulled out every stop suggested that they all knew something was wrong. Demagoguery was performing much better than expected and they didn’t know how to combat it.

      I didn’t predict this outcome, but I mentioned my suspicions a few days back “I think they underestimated the rabidity of Trump fans.” I have no doubt that Democrats voted in the primaries for Trump to fix the race. They shooed away the flies around the stink of their leaked emails, but flies always return to a good pile of shit.

      1. If there’s anyone to take the blame for President Trump, it’s the DNC and conspirators in the media. They would do anything to clinch a coronation for her, anything at all except play it straight.

  3. Brexit, Cubs win the World Series, well what did you expect?

    1. Let me check the Book of Revelations…

  4. Now is America great again?

    1. It is! Woohoo!!! Wait, what?

    2. Trump’s making America great again will probably be as successful as Obama’s bringing us hope and change.

    3. Hey, Michelle Obama: “I am finally proud of my country!”

      As Michael Moore put it, this is “the biggest fuck you” voters can do.

  5. I was completely wrong. I never thought Trump could win. Congratulations to him.

    1. Congratulations to Florida for medical marijuana. Onward to full re-legalization.

  6. Really not getting anything out of seeing Trump win but I am enjoying knowing Hillary has been dispatched from the political landscape.

    1. She’ll be back. She’ll be running for office two years after she dies, ffs.

      1. Well, she’ll have the right constituency voting for her for once. If the dead can’t vote for one of their own, and a Democrat to boot, who would they vote for?

      2. Yes. She’s both a carpet bagger and a bad penny. Bound to pop up somewhere else.

    2. A happy retirement to her, wherever she ends up spending it.

    3. That’s what you think. She eats brains for breakfast.

  7. What might make politicians shit their pants even more than a Trump presidency? Maine voters approved instant runoff voting tonight also.

    The politicos absolutely must, must strangle that baby in the crib.

    1. As Maine goes, so goes…oh, well, anyway, it’s a good idea.

  8. Its probably better to have an idiot like Trump as president who could surround himself with people who are intelligent than a criminal like Clinton who will simply appoint more criminals to cover her crimes.

    1. Idiots rarely surround themselves with intelligent people.

      On the radio coverage, they were saying that experienced Republican allies like Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and Newt Gingrich will have to pull Trump aside and explain to him what it means to be president.

    2. We can hope.

    3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      See this?

      This is why we have Trump.
      This is why we’ll keep getting Trumps.

      Because these people can’t understand that they were wrong.
      They are the stupid ones.

  9. Trump has a better electoral college than Dubya did in either of his elections. Really, Trump’s election is a reputation of Dubya and Rove long-term election strategy: Expending white votes for illegal immigrates.

  10. Picture the final scene in Dangerous Liaisons when Glenn Close’s character gets hissed out of the opera house.

  11. Awwww shiiiiit.

  12. At least you guys are owning all the stuff you said about Trump.

  13. Quick, worthless analysis – what went donkey-wrong?

    1) Hillary’s health. Because she’s in such bad shape, she made very, very few public appearances outside the debates. CBS reported that she hadn’t been in Wisconsin since fucking April. I know she wasn’t drawing huge crowds, but people like to see their candidates in person. And Trump was all over the place, probably because he’s not on death’s doorstep

    2) Media backfire. What better way, in a year where sentiments against the establishment run high, to turn off swing voters than by having the vast majority of the legacy media in your corner? People may not buy the whole “press bias” thing, but they can read a stacked deck – and they impulsively prefer not to play that hand.

    3) The stench of corruption, the charm of a tax form. Donald is a piece of shit, Hillary is corruption made flesh. But Donald can do what Hillary’s husband can – connect with people. Every other phrase out of DT’s mouth is something like, “Great people, terrific people”. He gives the impression that he likes people. For that, people can look past what a POS he is. Not so with Hillary; she’s Anna Wintour in a pantsuit. Every bit of positivity in her speeches is just meaningless pap, delivered through a phony smile: “Working families. Good jobs with good wages. I fight for the American people.” and so on.

    1. …butbutbut THE POLLING DATA!

      This will all be worth it just to have gotten the opportunity to watch Rachel Maddow descend into furious, impotent despondency on live television last night.

      1. And Paul Krugman, who by 10:30pm on the night of the election was already making the ridiculous prediction that the markets would never recover from this. Up 265 points on the Dow or +1.4% at 4:30 on Wednesday. Economists shouldn’t make predictions!

  14. Facebook has been hilarious. The drama and freaking out is so much more entertaining than I was expecting. I also note that so far, all the straight white people have been shrieking and gnashing their teeth and posting memes about how all minorities are quivering in fear tonight, and the three celebratory posts I’ve seen have been from a gay guy, a black guy, and a Latino.

    1. see my roommate said the 1st generate immigrants who vote for trump arn’t real immigrants…

      (just like how hilary only got 51% of women in Florida)

      Pretty much it’s all blame these stupid white males and everyone else must have voted 100% for Clinton

      1. I came to the realization a few months back that part of the reason lefties have gotten so socialist and are so violently opposed to the concept of individual liberty is because they can’t understand the concept of individualism whatsoever. They try to lump everything into trends, or “systemic” whatever, because they can’t fathom the concept of every single person on the planet being different and having different backgrounds/needs/opinions/beliefs. They must lump everything into groups with set, expected behavior patterns or they break down. This is why they just can’t handle minorities who vote republican. They NEED all people of a certain trait set to be the same in order to function.

        1. Yup. Had a conversation last night that I thought was pretty indicative of the Progressive mindset. A woman said, “If the country’s divided it’s Donald Trump’s fault.” I said, “Seriously? ‘Basket of deplorables?'” She said, “Well, they are.” I chuckled and said, “You just called everyone who disagrees with you deplorable and you don’t think Clinton had a hand in making politics more divisive?” Her reply: “I don’t appreciate your tone. You just made this very personal, and I’m really offended right now.”

          God damn, this is gonna be a fun four years.

      2. Something tells me there were a lot of closet voters for Trump. But, they’ll never own up to it.

        PC works in mysterious ways. It completely stiffels free expression.

        1. A Bernie Bro I work with seems unusually jolly today.

    2. God, I might have to stay off Farcebook for a while. My online Canadian friend is being SUPER cringeworthy right now. “Thanks America for this birthday gift of Trump, SARCASM.” “No proof she did anything wrong, she was like, the most qualified person to run for president in my lifetime. First Lady, senator, Secretary of State.” God, his Canadian schools really did a good job of brainwashing him.

  15. I’m drunk…also go home America you’re drunk.

  16. I would just like to say I predicted Trump would win. Everyone, especially Cytoxic who just knew Clinton would win should just walk into the ocean. When do I start at reason because they were too pathetically stupid to see all the discontent that obviously many millions justifiably feel.

    1. Like I said months back. After Trump wins, how long would fucking dumbass clowns like Cytotoxic hide from these forums and wait to return to see if no one remembers his assertion that “Hillary is guaranteed to win?”

  17. /7 Ding. Dong. The Witch is dead. The Witch is dead. Ding. Dong. The Wicked Witch is dead. /7

  18. Completely surprised. I thought the wicked witch would win handily – though I never made any public prediction.

  19. Prog freak out.

    Exists from the USA to Canada are jammed.

  20. Where’s AmSoc? Where’s Buttplug? Should someone do a wellness check?

    1. They’re going to go hibernate for a while. When they think everyone will have forgotten their blustering about “Hillary will win” they’ll be back.

  21. Where’s Hillary? Somebody please make a Hillary Downfall video.

    1. They did that a long time ago. Lonesome Rhodes.

  22. Soave and company are blaming this on racism. What really happened last night was an utter repudiation of Progressivism and the so-called “social justice” movement that’s controlled the country for the past eight years. I voted for Johnson, but I’m glad Trump one. There, I said it.

  23. Big Media tried hard to distort the facts and mislead the American people again. This time they failed, despite being outspent 3 to 1 by the opposition Trump overcame the media bias to win …not because more whites voted for him , but because fewer minorities voted for Clinton. Trump got 3 times the share of the Black vote than Romney 4 years ago and the same percentage of the white vote as Romney. Yet the media ignore this narrative. Trump also did no worse than Romney with hispanic voters, despite the media narrative which claimed he would do worse with hispanics.

    1. One lumps so called minorities together as a voting block at one’s peril.

      They don’t move in lock step and they often dislike each other as much as any white racist dislikes them.

  24. I was cleaning up a vomit-covered 3 year old in the middle of the night so I didn’t watch the final returns. I am shocked but not surprised and started to think about a week ago that Trump would pull it off. Not that I am terribly happy about the results but I have had to stay off Derpbook because the near-suicidal ideation of many of my “friends” is a real downer.

    I am reminded of waking up the day after the 1980 election to my mom sobbing because she was convinced that Reagan was going to start WWIII now. Didn’t happen with him, and it won’t with Trump either-he’s an assclown at best and a conman at worst, but is anything but dangerous.

  25. RE: Donald Trump Elected
    Clinton not making concession speech tonight.

    I told everyone here to invest in brown shirts and jackboots, and everyone laughed at me.
    Who is laughing now?

  26. had a friend post -and this is legit- suicide hotlines for people who might be inclined to off themselves if trump won. i felt it was too early to suggest that maybe what might make them want to do such a thing is that she and people like her were constantly telling others that their world was going to end if someone else won the election.

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  28. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  29. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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