Donald Trump Elected

Clinton not making concession speech tonight.


Gage Skidmore/flickr

Donald Trump is projected to have won in Pennsylvania, which has put him over the top for the presidency, with 276 electoral votes and a number of states still in play.

At the beginning of the day, Trump had about an 18 percent chance of winning according to, which aggregates data on bets placed on the election. By 10pm ET, he had a 75 percent chance. After midnight, it was north of 90 percent. It is now at 97.6 percent.

Clinton called Trump to concede, but did not give a concession speech tonight. John Podesta spoke earlier at the campaign headquarters in New York City, saying the campaign wasn't over yet and that every vote needed to be counted, and telling supporters to go home. Clinton did not answer a question on the campaign trail about whether she would concede if she lost, rather repeating that it was "horrifying" that Trump did not say so.

Trump is now taking the stage at his campaign headquarters, also in New York City.

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