Election 2016

Video: Nick Gillespie and Walter Block Debate Whether Libertarians Should Vote for Trump

Soho Forum debate


On Tuesday night in Greenwich Village, I debated Loyola University economist Walter Block over whether libertarians should vote for Donald Trump. As the founder of a group called Libertarians for Trump, Block argued the affirmative position while I took the negative. It was an Oxford-style debate, meaning the crowd is polled before and after arguments and the winner is the one who gains the most adherents to his point of view. In Tuesday's debate, the victor was Block, who capped a raucous and feisty debate by denouncing me as "vile" and a "thick libertarian."

The debate was hosted by The Soho Forum, which produces monthly events of great interest to libertarians (even or perhaps especially "thick" ones such as myself). In January, for instance, Reason's Matt Welch will be debating New York magazine's Jonathan Chait regarding Barack Obama's legacy as president.

Jim Epstein posted the audio to the debate yesterday. Check that out here, and subscribe to Reason's podcast at iTunes to automatically receive new audio content as it's posted online.

Here's the video of the debate:

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