Fred Flintstone Confesses: I Participated in a Genocide

The Flintstones weighs in on the election.


So this came out today:


Here's the summary on the publisher's website:

It's time to "Bedrock the vote!" With the Bedrock mayoral race heating up, the local middle school decides to join in on the fun by holding their own election for class president. Will Ralph the Bully punch his way to victory? Or is there a new kind of candidate waiting in the wings to start a revolution? Meanwhile, Fred and Barney reminisce about their days fighting for their city as part of the Water Buffalo army.

Some pages from the comic are posted here. They don't show that "new kind of candidate," so I don't know whether it's a guy named Bernie Sandstone. But the story does have a Trump stand-in:


Clod's dad Mordok turns out to be the man who demonized the Tree People and led the invasion that wiped them out and seized their land, allowing Bedrock to be built. (He also gave out free hats.) So apparently we've reached the "The Flintstones tackle war and genocide" stage of the presidential campaign.

Some of you are going to complain about this, but come on: Wouldn't you rather live in a universe that contains this comic book than one that doesn't? The next time someone tries to tell you this election has been unrelievedly terrible, just remind him it at least gave us a chance to see Fred Flintstone say this: