Is There Time/Candidate Enough for Obamacare Implosion to Be a Factor in the Election?

Matt Welch discusses that plus Gary Johnson polling and collegiate Hallowween costumes on FBN's Kennedy tonight at 8 pm ET


Totally love Dagen. ||| Andrew Heaton
Andrew Heaton

On tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network at 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight), I join an energetic Party Panel of Dagen McDowell and Tom Shillue to talk about how the recent face-planting of Obamacare might affect the presidential race, given defender Hillary Clinton's attempts to run out the clock and critic Donald Trump's vague hand-waving about what he'd do different.

Other topics on the show include a brand spanking new Fox poll showing 44-41-7-3 percentages for Clinton-Trump-Gary Johnson-Jill Stein (which is a rare bit of good recent polling news for Johnson, showing as it does a two-point bump since a week ago), plus campus anti-Halloween B.S. from offense-averse administrators, and some gruesome Hispandering from Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Tom Shillue, here's the full clip of me appearing on Red Eye on Friday:

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  1. Just needs a few tweeks. Like every train wreck coke head.

  2. Matt, bringin’ the Reasonable to the discussion.

    1. That awkward moment when Matt starts criticizing Trump.

  3. Is There Time/Candidate Enough for Obamacare Implosion to Be a Factor in the Election?


    1. And the media will make sure of that..

  4. We just escaped fascism and modern day Nazism and WW III. But Obamacare!

    Don’t worry, we have very effective treatments for your Trumpalogia. Will it be covered? Haha don’t you worry. Now, please come with us.

    1. If you insist on being this stupid, can you at least not be so fucking boring?

      1. He can’t, because he’s… wait for it…

        …addicted… to it.

        1. He is addicted to being stupid and boring. But addiction is a myth!!

      2. It’s shreek, John. No, he can’t help it. He’s all messed up on the cankle juice.

        1. Heh heh cankle juice.. that’s some scary shizz man.

    2. Just voted. All but a few people were wearing Trump gear. Whites, asians, blacks and latinos all voting for Trump. Not a tv camera in sight.

      I cant wait for those votes to roll in outside Taxifornia and Oregon for Trump. Once people see that Trump won NY state, watch the tears fall from the progtards.

      1. Whites, asians, blacks and latinos all voting for Trump.

        LOL ok

        1. There is some evidence that Trump is doing pretty well among blacks


          He is almost certainly going to do better than Bush, McCain or Romney did. Yet, every half wit Washington Conservative is convinced Trump has turned the GOP into a white nationalist party.

          1. It would be hard for him to do *worse.*

            1. You would think being a white nationalist would do the trick

              1. Plenty of black people aren’t exactly fans of open borders.

                1. Less welfare money to go around.

                  Plus, black folks don’t like competition with the race card now they have one of their own as President.

                  1. Less welfare money to go around.

                    Maybe, but I think a bigger reason is the same one so many ex-Democrat lower-income whites flock to Trump: they’ve lost jobs and/or buying power too, from outsourcing jobs while generally increasing the labor supply.

                    Plus, has Trump made himself an asshole on the Drug War recently? He hasn’t liked that BLM guys spar with visitors to Trump’s rallies, but I haven’t heard go full-on Drug War the way people like McCain and Lindsey Graham do.

                2. Can you blame them when they are the one impacted hardest by it?

          2. Trump is doing well among all races, including black folks.

            Even more important, Hillary is not getting many black voters.

            1. Ok, you’ve gone too far. Hillary is getting MOST of the black vote, that’s a certainty. What the question is, is how many blacks will actually turn out and what percentage will Trump actually get.

          3. Hillary is almost just as sure to do no way near as well as Obama did with blacks.

            1. Not even close if for no other reason than blacks won’t turn out for her

              1. They don’t have to show up. Someone will vote for them.

          4. If I was betting, I’d say 10% plus or minus 1. 12 tops.

            1. That is my guess but with significantly lower black turnout.

              1. Yeah, definitely

        2. I know all sorts of people who are voting for Hillary and wear Trump gear.

          Not that you mention it, I know all sorts of Trump voters that sport Hillary gear.

          Oh, that’s right. People don’t do that.

          1. It’s a hipster thing. You wouldn’t understand it.

          2. In a lot of the country, people wearing Trump gear are risking their life. No one loves Hillary that much.

            1. So progressives are violent without guns?

              In my part of the country most people carry guns. So, not much crime.

              Lots of Trump signs in yards this last week.

      2. Did you see any unicorns with Trump gear?

        1. I didn’t make it to a Hillary rally this year. How were those 20 people dressed?

          1. Like hookers. They were all there to see Bill.

    3. Modern day fascism like forcing people under penalty of law to buy products from privately held companies?

      1. It’s a penaltax, you hater.

        1. Government is what we do together! At the point of a gun.

  5. After Bill Weld’s statement today that 7% of GayJay supporters should switch to TRUMP.

      1. D’oh!

        “today, that 7%”

    1. Weld truely was a horrible VP pick.

      1. If you think of a VP as “assassination protection,” he was an amazing pick.

        Just, you know, I don’t think that should have been a high priority on the list of traits….

      2. If you think that the goal of the LP is to maximize liberty, and that the election result that best maximizes liberty is Hillary losing, then isn’t the way to go, to nominate an LP VP (and Presidential, let’s admit) candidate that pulls voters more from Hilary than her opponents?

        So if that’s true, I’ve no problem with Weld. But I’m certainly not voting for him or Johnson.

        1. As Johnson’s numbers have fallen he isn’t pulling any voters from Hillary. That’s yesterday’s news if it ever was true. Weld has all but endorsed Hitlery in an attempt to move a few more #NeverTrump votes her way.

          1. Do you think Johnson’s pulling more from Trump or from Hillary? I just remember when Johnson was peaking, that Hillary’s polls dropped more than Trump’s, compared to polls from a month or two prior.

            Bummer if you’re right and more of his supporters are running back to Clinton.

  6. I refuse to waste my time listening to the Pod cast. But did Welch really rant against O’Keefe and the videos showing the Dem operatives engaging in voter fraud and such? I still have a hard time believing even Welch is that far gone. But maybe so. Can someone who has listened to it confirm this?

    1. I listened and what he said would absolutely shock you.

      1. Assuming that is true and you are not just fucking with me, which you might be, O’Keefe has balls and Welch and the rest of reason don’t. Reason claims to believe in what is a pretty radical ideology the implementation of which would require real change in this county but when it comes time to doing anything Welch and.company don’t want to step on any toes or do anything rash or that someone might take offense. They are as a group about as boring and conformist as there is. Yet they can’t understand why they never seem to get anywhere or change anything.

        1. I listened to it for you, John. Well, tried. Kinda.

          It’s 74 minutes in. It ends around minute 80 when they go into “I feel bad for you if you hate abortion, you still have to vote for Trump, despite the pussy thing.” Maybe they go back to it, I was too bored.

          Welch is just upset that there was nothing in the video and how it’s just about having guys dress in duck costumes. OK, maybe there’s something about PAC and campaign coordinating, which is illegal, but there’s just nothing really there. Just 15 minutes of video with no payoff.

          I also have no patience to watch the video to see if Welch is right. Fuck you all, this is your election, I can’t vote so I don’t have to care. Unless, as I said above, Trump turns out to be Rasputin Returned. You want more, cue up to minute 74 and go from there.

          1. Trump is going to do less about abortion than he will on removing firearms restrictive regulations. Which is to say, he’ll do nothing at all. So why would an anti-abortion advocate use abortion as a litmus test for picking Trump?

            1. No fucking idea. They were talking about Single Issue Voters, and I thought they were gonna give shoutout to SIV, but nope, abortion. Which, isn’t that and gay marriage one of the ways Trump differs from other GOP candidates, or is he now pretending to be against both? Could Google, but fuck it, I don’t want any Trump-related shit in my search history. It’s bad enough that HM’s links are starting to affect my YouTube feed.

              1. They were talking about Single Issue Voters, and I thought they were gonna give shoutout to SIV,

                No shoutout?

                *writes letter to president-elect Trump calling for Matt Welch to be deported to France*

      2. Really? Did he talk about grabbing pussies?

      3. You won’t believe what his third point about O’Keefe was. Jesus.

    2. Welch was really upset with what O’Keefe did to ACORN and NPR but going after Hillary is last straw!

  7. Would would would wouldn’t.

    1. Kennedy does pretty well in the over 40 mom class. Welch always looks like he bought his close in the boys department as Sears.

        1. Clothes. Welch brings dork chic to a whole new level.

          1. Welch brings dork chic to a whole new level.

            And there’s nothing wrong with that.

          2. He looks like the singer for a ska band.

          3. Welch is dressed just fine. I think you are subconsciously making fun of his face and glasses.

            1. I will admit that it’s a combo of the haircut, glasses, and suit that make me think he’s about to start telling people to pick it up.

    2. I’d tap the two in the middle fo sho.

      1. Speaking of tapping Kennedy… and she’s Libertarian-ish.

        1. She’s mine. I called dibs back in the day she was a VJ for MTV. Yes, kids, Music TV actually used to play, you know, music.

          1. You can have MTV Kennedy. I’ll take naked on a mule Kennedy.

          2. Every time a millennial mentions MTV as something good, I just laugh and laugh. I want to tell them that MTV was the first video showing program in the world.

          3. I’ll fight ya for her. Loser gets to choose between Martha Quinn or Julie Brown as a consolation prize.

            1. Loser gets to choose between Martha Quinn or Julie Brown as a consolation prize.

              Downtown” or “Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun” Julie? Screw it, either way I’m taking a bigger dive than Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King. Not that Kennedy’s anything but very pretty.

              1. Sorry, forgot about “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” Julie, and I even had that on vinyl. So I guess whichever Julie Brown you prefer.

  8. Spot the Not: John Podesta

    1. I think it’s time to open the books, on questions that have remained in the dark on the question of government investigations of UFOs, it’s time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there.

    2. Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the UFO files.

    3. I believe that President Clinton considered the legal merits of the arguments for the pardon as he understood them, and he rendered his judgment, wise or unwise, on the merits.

    4. More attention and more discussion about unexplained aerial phenomena can happen without people ? who are in public life, who are serious about this ? being ridiculed.

    5. There’s classified government information I’ve been trying to access, but someone has been blocking my attempts to get at it.

    6. The American people?and people around the world?want to know, and they can handle the truth.

    1. 3, to stay on theme.

    2. Gotta be number 6.


      1. That’s disapppppppppointing, with a whole bunch of extra p’s.

    4. 5 is the Not. Fox Mulder said that.

  9. Is Mark Walsh that guy in the middle wearing glasses?

  10. I will not hold my nose and waste my vote on Hillary Clinton, who is a bigger warmonger than Dick Cheney and supports the racist and un Constitutional war on drugs.

    1. What on God’s earth would make you even consider such a thing to begin with?

      1. The Libertarian Party came out and endorsed Hillary?

    2. bill weld told him to.

    1. With The Hoff I hope.

      1. David Haaselhoff almost made that show unwatchable.

    2. If course Gator greater than Hoff.



    Seahawks’ Richard Sherman dresses up as Harry Potter for news conference, because why not?

    Sherman dressed up in a Harry Potter costume on Wednesday to honor a request made by his son ahead of Halloween and played the Harry Potter intro music before he talked.

    “You’ve got to bring your own music,” Sherman said. “This is a serious occasion. It’s Halloween. My son told me he wanted me to wear something so it’s happening.”

    1. That’s cute

    2. Every once in awhile Sherman finds a way to remind you that he went to Stanford.

  12. Obamacare will implode just in time for Hercorruptness to introduce a national single payer bill into congress in probably mid 2017. I’m calling it right here folks. The glorious socialist health care revolution is coming.

    1. Is Hillary gonna do that from her recliner at home on an IV bag?

      The writing in on the wall. TRUMP 2016!

      1. Maybe you are right. I suppose that might be a less bad thing

        1. LOCK HER UP ! LOCK HER UP !

  13. I suppose no one around here, I mean the writers, have noticed that Hillary seems to be in a one way slide down in the polls, going on 2 weeks now. Trump is up in OH, nearly tied in FL, and about 4 points down now in PA as compared to almost 10 earlier. I’m not sure if the Trumputin needs Obamacare to save him.

    1. Trump winning PA should be enough for people to see the landslide coming. NY state for Trump will just make me laugh and laugh at progtards. I am one of the few people calling NY state for Trump.

      1. Oh good grief, Trump is not winning NY. If he wins OH, FL, and PA, he’ll probably win, not by a landslide. There’s not going to be any landslide either way.

        1. I’m calling NY.

          Remember, winning states are not won just because big cities voted for certain candidates.

    2. Trumputin

      Serious talk, if Donald took the mask off to show he’s Rasputin Reborn, I’d commit voter fraud for him!

    3. How many people have already voted?

      1. According to Democrats? Billions for Hillary!

  14. Amusing: https://youtu.be/kUGu7UCPT7w?t=3m1s

    “As long as it’s still a fetus.”

    “When does it stop being a fetus?”

    “When it’s born.”

    1. The first girl knew she was full of shit when she said what she did. You could tell.

    2. I’ve heard some leftists say that it stops being fetus when it’s useful to society. IOW, we can go ahead and abort all progs right now.

      1. Algebra, A fetus is just a clump of cells until it has mastered algebra

    3. Dude, it’s just some cells. Until it pops out and the baby fairy sprinkles some magical baby dust on it and *poof*! It’s a baby. This from the people who just freaking love science.

      1. As Maddox said, they don’t love science. What they love is pictures, and social signalling just how awesome and smart they are. Even though they are as dumb as a rock

      2. It has been firmly established that a fetus becomes a baby after it is anointed by the Personhood Sauce Gland as it exits the birth canal.

        I support keeping abortion legal because worse things happen when it is outlawed. It sure is interesting that discussions of abortions center on things like rape, incest, and birth defects when those are not among the reasons for over 90% of abortions.

        The most common reasons are “having a baby would dramatically change my life” and “can’t afford to have a baby right now”.

        1. Abortion in the US is, by and large, genocide on black embryo bodies as TA-NEHISI COATES could explain if he understood statistics. Instead he understands statistics only in regard to how many survivors get admitted to Harvard and secure themselves among the power brokers.

  15. We’ve traded issues in for group identities and aesthetics at this point.

    Hillary couldn’t possibly compete on the issues, so, just like Obama did, she turned everything into a beauty contest.

    It doesn’t matter where people are on the issues anymore. ObamaCare can implode. That doesn’t matter. The important thing is how you appear on various issues.

    Virginia Postrel was so right, and I’m not kidding. It’s all about glamor.

    If you don’t get it, then watch this video.


    And if you still don’t get it, then watch it again.

    1. I can’t see any way Hillary is winning a beauty contest. Even against the orange one.

      1. Whether you see it and whether it’s real are two different things.

        Hillary is winning because enough people are convinced that Donald Trump is ugly and that rooting for Donald Trump is ugly.

        She certainly hasn’t spent much time differentiating herself from Trump on particular issues. Even on what we would normally think of as issues, Hillary has turned them into a beauty contest.

        Hillary will deport illegal aliens by the millions just like Obama has done. The issue doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that the Hillary Clinton campaign and is cheerleaders in the media, academia, and elsewhere have convinced a critical mass of Americans that Trump is ugly on immigration.

        It isn’t an issue anymore. It’s like a wart in the middle of Trump’s face.

    2. “so, just like Obama did, she turned everything into a beauty contest”

      This seems like a really bad plan for Hillary.

      1. Fighting Trump on the issues wasn’t about to win her anything.

        How do you argue with, “but you’re ugly”?

        ObamaCare wasn’t popular when it passed.

        They couldn’t even get a gay marriage initiative passed in California.

        You know the old saying, “Beauty is only skin deep”? It’s true, but ugly goes all the way to the bone.

        People can oppose gay marriage as an issue and still think that opposing gay marriage in public is ugly.

        Racism is ugly as hell in polite society, but is polite society clamoring to move into black neighborhoods and send their children to inner city schools?

        Progressives didn’t win their arguments on the issues. They kicked our asses by convincing people that we’re ugly.

        We’ve been right on the issues for a long time, but that doesn’t matter if people think libertarians we’re ugly as hell. It’s better than it used to be, but if we ever come to have a big influence in national politics, it’ll be because a critical mass of the American people find us glamorous.

        Unfortunately, we libertarians are often tuned into the truth, and the truth isn’t always glamorous.

    3. But now we get this instead:


      Holmes would crank the office AC up so she could wear a black turtleneck comfortably while looking somewhat like Steve Jobs. She must have gangster tattoos up to the neckline.

      1. I’d like to give that bad girl the spankings she deserves.

    4. Well I get it. I’ve been saying for years that a presidential election is just a popularity contest. But seriously, the model has probably just been broken. Now it’s all about social signaling. And vandalism or even violence are fine and appropriate to show how much you care. My son can’t live in Trump world.

      1. My son can’t live in Trump world.

        Do you mind expounding a bit on that?

        1. I can’t speak for Hyperion, but there was a Hillary ad where the mother of an autistic boy said Donald made fun of the handicapped and “my son can’t live in Trump world.”

            1. The progtards have been using the line “I am Republican but I am voting for Hillary” for months now.

              Any Republican voting for Hillary was a RINO neocon anyway. Any Democrat voting for Trump has just finally come to their senses. Any person voting GJ/Weld is just smarter than the average bear.

              1. Any person voting GJ/Weld is just a useful idiot

      2. “Well I get it. I’ve been saying for years that a presidential election is just a popularity contest.”

        It isn’t about popularity.

        It’s about beauty.

        ObamaCare wasn’t popular.

        Wanting ObamaCare was made to seem beautiful.

        Opposing it is now both popular and ugly.

        If you’re running for national office this time, you’d rather be beautiful than popular on the issues.

        Trump lost the first debate big time.

        I think Trump completely crushed Hillary in the second, but that was the day after everyone found out he was ugly on pussy grabbing.

        When they took the polls, people said he lost. He didn’t lose the debate. It’s just that people saw him as ugly.

        Once you’re ugly, it’s hard for people evaluate you objectively.

        1. And this helps Hillary how?

          1. You don’t think making Trump ugly helps Hillary?

            The point is that beauty trumps issues this election. It isn’t even about the popularity of issues.

            ObamaCare is unpopular. So what?

            Trump is ugly. He grabs people’s pussies.

            With this logic, our next President will be chosen.

            1. You don’t think making Trump ugly helps Hillary?

              The point is that beauty trumps issues this election. It isn’t even about the popularity of issues.

              Monster vs. Crook.

    1. You think Hillary is going to blame Obama for her losing this election? Then Obama doesn’t pardon her as the last fuck you Hillary.

      You can just tell that Hillary is too evil for Obama and that is saying a lot.

    2. “i dont want no donald trump running this country like a business! I’m a human being!”

      I presume what that means when translated from political-psychographic-feels into English is, “White Man Gonna Cut My Food Stamps” or something.

      1. She is working in a business which she owns or pays her. That is completely different than how Trumps businesses are run.

        Of course, these were actors/actresses in the barbershop. But we can pretend things, like Hillary does.

  16. Pay up, Harvard!

    A founder of Harvard Law School profited from slavery in Antigua, so now the Antiguan ambassador says it’s time for Harvard to compensate the descendants of that guy’s slaves.

    The ambassador mentions Georgetown University, which decided that the descendants of some slaves they sold down the river in 1838 should be given the privileges of members of alumni families.

    The catch is that, unlike Georgetown, Harvard may not be able to track down the descendants of the slaves in question. No matter, says the ambassador:

    “He says that because locating the direct decedents of the Royall family slaves would be difficult, Harvard should instead extend scholarships to any Antiguan student.”

  17. Young man dies in war Hillary voted for, but just imagine how offended he would have been if he had heard what Trump said about illegal immigrants:


    1. I’ve seen a couple of horrible commercials by Hillary lately. One is some father of three girls talking to the camera about how he doesn’t want a man like Trump in the Whitehouse, because he doesn’t respect women. Another one is narrated by Morgan Freeman talking about the same thing.

      Since when is the president to supposed to be a role model for our children? Has our society degenerated so much that we look to a f**king politician to be an inspiration to our kids? The Constitution doesn’t matter? We’re doomed.

    2. See how smug that teacher is. Betcha that teacher never served his country.

      Hate to break it to the dead soldier’s family but they are fodder for something other than defense of the USA.

    3. According the video Dami?n L?pez Rodriguez was posthumously granted citizenship by President George W Bush.

      My grandfather from Ireland served for US army during WWI in exchange for citizenship. He didn’t get killed, but the trade is still the same.

      I’m not sure what to make of this. It’s not something that just happens to Mexicans, that’s for sure. WWI was equally pointless from the US’s perspective.

      Is it time to turn the EMPIRE knob down a few notches? I think so.

      1. There thousands of US military members that are not citizens and get fast tracked to citizenship after military service.

        If you have skin in the game, I am all for allowing citizenship in trade.

        1. But skin in ((( whose))) * game? Can’t find enough native warriors? Let’s bribe some non-natives to join the US military.

          You really think this is a good idea? Yes, I know, I’m arguing against my ancestry.

          * there is a curious lot of smart and influential Jews advocating American Empire and globalism. They’re not all like Fritz Freleng or the Cohen brothers. And there’s no shortage of Goys to carry their water for a quick buck.or a stake.

          1. I don’t think its bribery, but definitely quid pro quo.

            I met some good non-Americans looking to be citizens in my life. Far better than shipping in 100k Syrian refugees that hate us because we either blew up their street or they think we did.

    4. Mary Joe Kopechney would tell us she was happy to drown because it meant Ted Kennedy protected abortion rights. People love to die at the hands of Prog politians. It is an honor you racist dope.

  18. If I were running against Hillary, I would be going full bore on guns.


  19. Every ISIS song has machine guns in it:

    But this one has a screeching chimp in it (at 46s mark):

    1. I’m on enough lists.

      1. I like throwing the gov spies off. I watch an ISIS video that Derpman posts, then I watch some porn, then I send a random text message to Hillary’s campaign HQ, then I post here and then I watch old movies.

        1. Sometimes I just waive my fist and yell toward the sky. I think the spies are sick of seeing me giving the finger to cameras and looking up toward their satellites.

          1. I remember reading about Chinese farmers using rocks to spell out insults for US spy satellites. Probably not true though.

            1. Early in WWII, tossing the Japs in camps was justified in part, since the farmers among them planted the fields to direct Jap air raids…
              Plenty of smoke; never saw a fire.

              1. Early in WWII, tossing the Japs in camps was justified in part, since the farmers among them planted the fields to direct Jap air raids…

                I wonder how much the Niihau Incident shaped the opinions of TPTB towards Nisei internment?

                1. FDR was looking for any excuse. Germans and Italians were locked up too but only a few.

                  There was hysteria in the USA and the government perpetuated that, so everyone would let the government violate even more constitutional protections.

                  Food and material rationing etc. was all done under the guise of wartime necessity.

                  Remember that the next time government tries these BS false flags to seize rights.

          2. Sometimes I just waive my fist and yell toward the sky.

            How very Michael M. of you: “Those who curse the workings of the universe curse that which is deaf. Those who strike out at those workings fight that which is inviolate. Those who shake their fists, shake their fists at blind stars.”

            1. Corum was pretty cool. I’m not sure, but I think I like those books better than Elric. The Ice Schooner world was pretty cool, too. Not sure if I ever read any of the sci-fi versions of the Eternal Hero.

              1. I also preferred Corum over Elric with regards to morality, Denver J.

                I lent a buddy of mine my books. He preferred Dorian Hawkmoon.

                1. Michael Moorcock is an incredible, and prolific, author. I’ve read many, many books by him that i thoroughly enjoyed. The eternal city is a very powerful meme, as is the eternal hero.
                  One thing i particularly like is the idea that man created the gods, and so man (or man’s alien equivalent) can also kill the gods. Powerful stuff.
                  I also enjoy the “hero marching into chaos, creating the known world as he goes” part, and I believe the part you quoted came from one of those short stories embedded in the books.

  20. “Is There Time/Candidate Enough for Obamacare Implosion to Be a Factor in the Election?”

    Sure. Several more people will vote for Trump, doubling his count.

  21. Georgia minister hired for govt job. Govt demands copies of his sermons and notes. Minister fired after officials scrutinize his sermons.


  22. File under: maybe white men are not the source of all evil

    Tsujigiri (??? or ?? tsuji-giri, literally crossroads killing) is a Japanese term for a practice when a samurai, after receiving a new katana or developing a new fighting style or weapon, tests its effectiveness by attacking a human opponent, usually a random defenseless passer-by, in many cases during nighttime.[1] The practitioners themselves are also referred to as tsujigiri.


    1. I thought they tested Katana on convicts condemned to death. Never heard this before.

      1. Peasants basically had no rights in the Sengoku and early Tokugawa periods, not sure about later or before that. A samurai could kill one for absolutely no reason and there would be no legal repercussions. Unless, of course, the peasant was of another daimyo, and the samurai couldn’t think of a good excuse to justify killing him, i.e. disrespect or some such. And even then the punishment was probably an arbitration between your daimyo and his, or their intermediaries, over how much koku the peasant was worth.

        1. You know who else uses arbitration to settle what should be criminal matters?

          Yeah, I know the Samurai class were essentially the medieval equivalent of “made men” which is why there’s a lot of thematic similarity between old Japanese Samurai movies (which also share a lot of DNA with American Westerns) and mob movies.

          +13 Assassins!

        2. So samurai were basically cops?

          1. They didn’t have a union, so damiyo could demand they commit suicide if they failed.

    2. The long and winding road:


  23. http://nymag.com/thecut/2016/1…..exist.html

    New York Mag fails to understand that sometimes the jokes can write themselves

  24. Prediction: The Party Panel will throw cold water on Kennedy’s dream of a Trump victory.

    1. Will her dream be wearing a tight top?

      1. Kennedy is not losing her mind about Trump like the rest of them? That must go over well. Reason’s idea of diversity is Nick liking Lou Reed while Matt loves Lou but prefers Iggy and the Stooges.

    2. + Wet top and THOs

  25. Actual policy affecting the election?

    Ha! Fuck you Shirley, you jester.

  26. Welch hasn’t heard “I feel no ways tired”? IT’S IN REASON’S NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD VIDEO.

  27. Book plug alert! (A requirement for his appearance.)

  28. Interesting: how many people have ever lived and when they lived

    -If ghosts are real, there’s about 15 of them per person currently alive.
    -About 60% of all the people who’ve ever lived were born in the past 2000 years
    -About 33% of all the people who’ve ever lived were born in 1650 or later. So a large chunk of all art is from the past 400 years.
    -Only about 1% of all the people who ever lived were born before the invention of agriculture. That pokes a big hole the paleo diet idea.

    1. “That pokes a big hole the paleo diet idea.”

      On the contrary, it shows that people who eat the paleo diet were *tough.*


      1. I mean, they were an elite, and there were so few of them, they literally had the world to themselves!

        Whereas the cosmo diet is mainly cocktails and fruit sushi.

    2. I would like to know how many people gave their lives in order for us to know which mushrooms were edible and which ones were best suited for recreational use. Those people are severely under appreciated, man.

      1. You just watch which ones the animals eat.

        1. By the way I saw your comment about French-Canadians. Spot on. That’s why I believe they’re natural libertarians. They usually were right about things and find myself agreeing with much of what they said. They make up a bulk of Canadian history. Henri-Bourassa made interesting overtures about how WWI wasn’t our fight and was a great chance for Canada to mature as a nation. But the little Monarchist Anglos has to stick with the colonial mindset. Unfortunately, now they’re just fucking idiotic with the PQ in the way.

          1. had. I’m out of control tonight with the typos.

    3. The 1% were much more healthy then.

      1. I’m sorry. The math doesn’t add up. It only adds up when it’s on film. After heavy revisionism and editing.


        1. Ugh. Forgot to conclude with…./Tom Hanks.

    4. My takeaway from this information is condoms do not work and therefore should never be used.

    5. We’re counting abortions here?

  29. I just don’t think Obamacare is going to be a very big factor in the election and besides, with all the other ammo they’re using against Trump, does the media really even want to bring up the fact that it’s those evil obstructionist Republicans in general and not Trump specifically who’ve refused to fix Obamacare and that are totally 100% to blame for Obamacare’s problems? I could be wrong, I suppose, but I just don’t see how the Dems could use the failure of Obamacare against Trump personally so the media won’t make it an issue at all.

    1. Yep. Obo was trying to really help and those rethuglincans made him do bad things!

  30. ‘You may like’? WHAT DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MAY LIKE?!

  31. I love it when jihad sympathizers whine about MEMRI:

      1. I don’t get it. Was this supposed to be A-rab Jerry Springer?

        Also, it gets boring after a while listening to their blathering blathers. Da Jews this, Da Jooos that. We have Shel-don! for that.

    1. The immediate throwaway ‘Zionist’ line in these remarks always gets me. There’s some goddamn crazy conspiracy theories floating around the Middle East about what the ‘Zionists’ are doing. Oddly enough the Freemasons get some shit thrown at them too.

      The whining about MEMRI is great though. Go to their website and the first story is “Arab Writers: It is Time Arab Women Served as Heads of State.”

      Those damn Zionists, negatively portraying Muslims!

      1. My wife’s father’s brother (follow?) had a funny line a few years ago talking about Arabs after I asked him about whether they actually believed the stupid shit they say. He replied, ‘Who know? They believe in 1004 tales’.

        I spit out my Arak.

        Did I mention they’re Maronite?

        1. knows.

          What compels a person to miss a letter?

          1. What compels a person to miss a letter?

            A surfeit of compassion for the lost letter in question, Rufus?

            1. Ferhaps.

    1. “UT-Austin has been at the forefront of the fight to uphold affirmative active in college admissions. Just this year, it won a years-long legal battle against a white female student who sued after she was denied admission to the flagship university.

      “She claimed she wasn’t accepted because of the school’s “holistic” admissions criteria, which look at students’ various characteristics, including race. The suit went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the justices upheld the constitutionality of UT-Austin’s admissions policy.”

      I wonder if it would be possible to hold a holistic bake sale – sell a limited number of cookies, and in deciding who gets the cookies, have a committee examining all the factors by which to select those who would most contribute to, and benefit from, the cookie-eating experience.

      1. And you can buy the cookies on the installment plan, paying off the debt over a lifetime.

        1. With interest?

  32. Anyone but Trump could have beaten Hillary. There I said it.

    1. If that were true, Gary Johnson would be winning.

      1. AS THE GOP NOMINEE. It was an elliptical sentiment.

        1. Nope, sorry, only exact literalism will do.

    2. I don’t think that you are alone with regards to this sentiment, Fist .

      Also: check your living area. You might not be alone at all.


        1. Why, you intellectual Autarch, you.

          *Politely asks volunteers to do their most admirable efforts to shield the possible current locations of Fist from harm.*

  33. Reason‘s offices are begging to be SWAT’d on Halloween. CLOWNS!

  34. Shillue’s outfit is the worst outfit I’ve ever seen in my life. Speaking of clowns.

  35. SO LONG, DICKS. The Party Panel is out the door.

  36. Reason #4 why a libertarian might vote for Trump:

    4) Hillary will claim her victory as a mandate to do awful shit, and the wider the gulf between her and Trump in the vote count, the more of a mandate she’s likely to claim and the more likely people are to believe that she has a mandate.

    1. I don’t think you can change that at this late date. His handlers should have taken the shovel out of Trump’s hands when he was waist-deep, but instead he just kept digging.
      I’m predicting at least 325 EC votes for the hag now. It’ll be a landslide and the question is whether she pulls enough Ds to take congress also.
      Katy, bar the door!

    2. Ken, here is another reason why a (L)libertarian might vote for Trump.

      The above space is left empty by intention.

      I have been away from these H&R threads for a short while. As a reminder, I do not identify as a (L)libertarian and I clearly do not speak for any (L)libertarians.

      1. Well, how ’bout

        1) Defense against Hillary because she’s a threat to the rule of law.

        Can’t wait to see what she does once she has executive privilege, the bully pulpit, and the power to pardon.

        2) Hillary is a willful threat to the Second Amendment–she’s actually campaigning against it.

        3) President Hillary will insist on single payer (AKA the public option) before she signs ObamaCare reform but Donald Trump won’t.

        There, that’s four reasons why a libertarian might consider voting for Trump.

        I can’t think of a single good reason why a libertarian might vote for Hillary, but I’m open to suggestions.

        1. “2) Hillary is a willful threat to the Second Amendment–she’s actually campaigning against it.”

          Well, Trump is certainly willing to bar those *he* thinks are dangerous from owning guns, and once there is a class of that sort, you and I both know how they grow.
          Not sure I sse a real difference regarding #1. #3: Who knows? Depends on how he feels some morning.

          1. My point is that Hillary will nominate judges to the Supreme Court specifically because they’re likely to be hostile to the Second Amendment and accommodating of infringements on our Second Amendment rights.

        2. Oh, and as regards the hag; I can’t think of a good reason she isn’t behind bars.

        3. Thank you for responding, Ken.

          I had no intention to vote for Hillary Clinton (and will not), as I think you and perhaps others who have read my comments already knew.

          I can’t think of a single good reason why a libertarian might vote for Hillary, but I’m open to suggestions.
          Individuals of divergent opinions have their reasons for dong so, and I will not waste time quoting them or creating links.

          In four years you will get to vote again.

          1. Well, according to Wikileaks, she believes in free trade and open borders, so there’s that.

            While I’m not crazy about the latter, I do think free trade benefits everyone in the long run, unlike Trump wanting to start trade wars with pretty much everyone (except Russia, I guess).

            1. He said he wants to renegotiate all American trade deals. That is not a trade war.

              Going crazy with tariffs and trying to destroy other countries trade is a trade war. Its really what other countries have been doing to us and our progressive leaders make it happen.

      2. As a reminder, I do not identify as a (L)libertarian and I clearly do not speak for any (L)libertarian

        What is this “identify” crap? If you have an L chromosome, you’re a libertarian!


        1. Hello HM,

          I hope that you and your family have been experiencing the best possible lives (assuming that you’re all not completelyhorrible individuals, of course).

          Also this in regards to the links that I mentioned earlier this week in reference to you – “This Kills The Man”.

          Thus the “Shudders” – which I am confident you will now connect.

          1. I hope that you and your family have been experiencing the best possible lives (assuming that you’re all not completelyhorrible individuals, of course).

            Thank you. This evening, we had a wonderful German-themed dinner at the campus restaurant run by our culinary arts program.

            I hope you and yours are well.

          2. Goodnight.

  37. FYI on the earlier Weld post. Updated but no bump to the top of H&R.

    The Democratic Media Machine Is at it Again…False Stories

    1. Right, it’s the fault of the Democrats that Weld keeps saying this stuff.

    2. Weld walked back his endorsement of Hillary? NO, his “communications director” did.

      Weld is in full pants-shitting mode:

      WELD: I think there is a decent chance Donald Trump could win the thing.

      These fuckers are simultaneously disingenuous and delusional:

      CHOTINER: Well, if Trump is elected we won’t have a two-party duopoly but instead a one-party state.

      WELD: I completely agree.

      The Thousand Year Mexican Cartoon Frog Reich

    1. This guy has to be a performance artist. I don’t care that he has other videos saying the same things, he’s going to come out in like five years and say “holy shit, you people fell for this?”

      If not I’m recommending that everyone who ever listened to him voluntarily shoot themselves in the head to prevent the spread of his memetic virus. The remainder may live out their lives on some godforsaken island away from other human contact.

      1. There’s a possibility of that.

        But i don’t like regardless. Even if what he’s doing is some conscious parody of a SJW taken to absurd-extremes, it just makes Poe’s Law kick in, and its net result is simply to make actual rational discourse less possible.

        Its sort of a millenial-thing to not actually confront things directly, but go the long way around through extreme parody. In some ways it can be creative, but its also pussy-behavior. I prefer the Milo guy, who basically tells the SJW maniacs that they’re idiots right to their face. Its just more-honest – even if its rude or wrong. Which of course is why he’s considered some kind of inhuman monster who can’t be accepted in polite society by Robby-types.

        1. Its sort of a millenial-thing to not actually confront things directly, but go the long way around through extreme parody.

          How many layers of irony are you on?

          Like, maybe 5 or 6 right now, my dude!

          You are like a little baby. Watch this!

          1. i should add i don’t really see the value in obscurantist meme-battles either.

              1. I have no emotional response to any of this.

  38. Who here is Grump932, or whatever the number is, at the ace of spades site? Obvious meme crossovers

  39. Prosecutors act as it they are capable of judgement!:

    “SF filmmaker Kevin Epps says deadly shooting was ‘self-defense'”

    Altercation in a home; ‘visitor’ shot dead. Owner is an ex-con, barred from gun ownership. DA (right now) bringing no charges as ‘self defense is sufficient to override any gun prohibition’.
    I’m guessing that bringing charges would drag pro-A-2 attorneys out of the wood-work and involve a long and losing case for the SF DA.

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