How Heterodox Is Your University?

New ratings reveal the good, the bad and the ugly about the intellectual diversity on 150 leading campuses.



The folks over at the Heterodox Academy have devised and published a rating of the intellectual diversity and free speech friendliness of 150 of America's more prominent universities and colleges. The goal of the Heterodox Academy group is to find "ways of improving the academy by enhancing viewpoint diversity and the conditions that encourage free inquiry." The founding academicians of the Heterodox Academy all endorse this statement:

"I believe that university life requires that people with diverse viewpoints and perspectives encounter each other in an environment where they feel free to speak up and challenge each other. I am concerned that many academic fields and universities currently lack sufficient viewpoint diversity—particularly political diversity. I will support viewpoint diversity in my academic field, my university, my department, and my classroom."

The group has just published its new Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges that rates America's top 150 universities (as listed by US News and World Report) ranking them according to their commitment to viewpoint diversity. The rankings are based on four sources including whether they've endorsed the University of Chicago Principles on Free Expression; the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education rating; Intercollegiate Studies Institute's Choosing the Right College Guide; and reports since 2014 of relevant events that suggest support or lack of support for free inquiry on the rated campuses. They assign each of the four criteria a value between 0 to 1, add them up, and then multiply the result by 25 to create a "Heterodoxy Score" for each school that ranges from 0 to 100.

A few highlights are University of Chicago which achieves the highest score (most open to viewpoint diversity) at 93.75 followed by Purdue University at 87.5 points. The lowest scores at 0 points are achieved by University fo Missouri at Columbia and University of Oregon at Eugene. Next tier of intellectually conformists schools with scores of 6.25 is occupied by Rutgers University, Northwestern University, New York University, Harvard University, and Brown University.

I am somewhat happy to report that my alma mater, the University of Virginia is in the tier just below Chicago and Purdue with a score of 62.5 points. Speak up more Wahoos!

I will a bit self-indulgently note that the initiation oath of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society (founded July 14, 1825) of which I was a proud member reads:

I, ________, a student at the University of Virginia, holding it to be true that opinions springing out of solitary observation and reflection are seldom, in first instance, correct; that the faculties of the mind are excited by collision; that friendships are cemented, errors corrected, and sound principles established by society and intercourse, and especially in a country where all are free to profess and, by argument, maintain their opinions; that the powers of debate should be sedulously cultivated–therefore associate myself with the Jefferson Society at the University of Virginia.


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  1. I think it’s a good thing when people are free to express themselves or exchange ideas so long as those people are right thinking or their speech is correct and nonabusive.

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      1. Spambot with an appropriate response. Well done.

        1. This “ratings” list must be satirical, because otherwise it would be preposterous. They place New York University, a beacon of ordered liberty, towards the bottom, with only a 6.5 rating! If this nonsense is intended seriously, all concerned citizens should fight back, and support NYU’s collaboration in ongoing efforts to stop the trolls and criminalize inappropriately deadpan mimicry of distinguished members of the academic community. Surely nobody will dare to defend the outrageous “First Amendment dissent” of a single, isolated, liberal judge in America’s leading criminal “satire” case? See the documentation at:

      2. Wait a minute, is this one of those “demisexual” things from the Morning Links?

      3. I reported this as spam – such hypocrisy!

      4. Is anybody else not impressed with the spambots’s earnings claims? They need to up their game.

      5. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. The only reason I come to H&R is to scoop up these unparalleled work-from-home opportunities.

        1. You need to get a paid commenter job.

    2. Sarcasm: expelled.

      1. Are you sure you’re not repeating the problem?

        Expelled with gusto!

  2. Of the schools from which I have my degrees, one has a score of 62.5, while two have a score of 37.5.

    1. For a total of 137.5! We have a winnah!

  3. Yikes. My graduate alma mater has a whopping 6.25 score. Makes me glad I’ve never given them a nickel.

    1. My alma mater is #2. The fact that Mitch seems to have turned the place around or steered it in a new direction since my grajiation pretty strongly indicates I should’ve given them fewer nickels.

    2. I “donate” at gunpoint.

    3. *sigh*

      My two schools have a rip-roarin’ 25 (with a special red-event) and 18.75.

      Now I know why I don’t give them money either.

      Of course, Indiana U. is so bad we call the town ‘the People’s Republic of Bloomington’.

  4. I’m not even going to check if my alma mater made the list.

    1. This is the appropriate response.

    2. I don’t have to, because Bailey straight up bragged about it. America’s Public Ivy!

      1. Wahoowa!!

    3. My undergrad didn’t.

    4. Oh, mine did…waaaaaay down.

  5. UC Berkeley 12.5

    But we make up for it with ugly chicks.

    1. *Slutty* ugly chicks, i hope?

      The slutty is all that matters. I picked a school w/ lots of super-hot chicks. But they were all debutantes who wanted to ensure your ancestors had immigrated no later than the 18th century and you could claim at least 1 major industrialist or wealthy-landowner in your recent genealogy. After a few dates I ended up banging the ugly ones because they were less trouble.

      1. Oh yeah. It also helps to have a “never go home alone” policy. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills for the big leagues.

      2. I wonder how many of those ugly chicks thought the same thing.

        1. silly, they just wanted dates for sorority functions.

        2. Most to all. I’m gonna say all.

          1. The fact that ugly dudes “settle” for ugly chicks and ugly chicks “settle” for ugly dudes is partial proof that the universe is working as intended.

            1. I dunno, i’ve seen plenty of mixed-attractiveness marriages. Enough people seem to be playing out of their league that we’re not in danger of speciating into Morlocks and Eloi anytime soon.

    2. Whenever I see a pic of the UC Berkeley campus, it looks like Candyland to me.

    3. Ugly chicks with hairy armpits.

  6. The Jesus-Shouters were let on campus again this year (good) and a protest formed to shout them down (good), but some violence broke out (bad) and a bunch of unrelated displays and information tables were knocked over (bad, but sort of funny.)

    1. a bunch of unrelated displays and information tables were knocked over

      i see xeroxed leaflets with pictures of aborted fetuses being swept away in a strong breeze

      1. The Jesus-Shouters don’t bring the abortion pics so much. I mean, they scream at you about it, but the extra-gory picture people have already come for the semester and are very quiet about the whole thing anyway.

        The Jesus-Shouters yell at everyone about everything. Two women walking together get yelled at about be lesbians; two guys get yelled at about be gay. A group of guys get called fornicators; a group of girls get yelled at about abortion. Sin, hell, damnation, Satan. The Jesus-Shouters are all fire and brimstone.

        1. A group of guys get called fornicators; a group of girls get yelled at about abortion.

          I mean, if the shoe fits…

        2. How many converts have they gotten?

          1. They are so obnoxious a lot of people think they are radical atheists doing performance art, but they are mostly older white guys and certainly look the part. They are deeply committed to the bit if it is some sort of reverse-psychology, they’ve been coming since I was an undergrad in the early 90s.

            A couple of years ago they showed up at the same time the “Read the Bible in Three Days” people were on campus. The nice, gentle Bible-readers were beyond embarrassed.

            1. Read the Bible in Three Days

              Spoiler alert: a dragon kills us all

              1. You got past the chapters of ‘x begat y begat z begat aa begat…’?

                1. You mean, the sexy part?

              2. Great, thanks a lot. I was only at the part where the main character was getting put up on a cross.

                1. Wait a minute, Jesus dies?!?

                  1. Wait a minute, Jesus dies?!?

                    You won’t BELIEVE what happens next…

                    1. *Lights the Switzy signal*

                    2. *narrows Protestant gaze*

                    3. Phew! Disaster averted 🙂

                2. Spoiler alert: he can see his house from up there.

                  1. He dies and is buried. Three days later he arises from the dead, emerges from the tomb, sees his shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter.

                  2. Get that one from Frank Vincent on the Sopranos?

                    Did you here the one about the Chinese Godfather?

        3. The Jesus-Shouters yell at everyone about everything

          Nashville was lousy with evangelical students, but they weren’t shouty at all…

          …the ones who were on campus proselytizing had this creepy ‘hip gen-x 1990s’-style which was more like Poochy from the simpsons… they’d be like

          “Hey bro, what’s hanging! if you want to rock out with me for a minute i’d like to drop some science on you about chilling with The Lord… and here’s a free T-Shirt…” (*that was an actual popular thing at the time) “…and here’s a beer-cozy… and hey bro, why don’t you come down to bible studies on tuesday? = we got some smokin’ chicas who are down with the Jeez..”…

          It was funny the first time. then it got old. Did I mention I was in a Christian Rock band? That’s sort of how it happened. I was slow to pick up on what was actually going on.

          1. We’ve got some pro-lifers who protest at an abortion clinic nearby.

            The nicest people, really. Older to elderly, no bullhorns, just some flyers and somebody to talk to if you’re having doubts.

          2. These aren’t students, but some sort of traveling show. Confrontational ministry. They show up for a couple of days, make Jesus sound like a real asshole and then move on.

            I’m sure they have some sort of proper name for their ministry, but I’ve never gotten close enough to see what it is.

            The Bible In 3 Days are students and set up by one of the campus Christian organizations, but they are aren’t confrontational. They read in two-hour shifts with a little PA system and occasionally have donuts.

            1. Back when I was a kid and there was no way to escape from it, the Evangelicals were insufferable. If you saw them coming, you would try to hide, but if you couldn’t, they would get in your face and tell you that you better accept Jesus right now or you’re going to burn in hell. And now the left have taken their place. The only difference being that if one of them gets in my face I can punch them.

            2. The Buddhists had donuts in basic, they had a great many 9-week converts. I did bible study after mass, they let you walk back on your own. Turns out that spiritual principles take a seat to more temporal concerns when you are knocked down a few rungs on Mazlov’s Hierarchy.

    2. I got a lot of shit for being an openly gay person who said that the Jehovah’s Witnesses should get to come onto campus and say what their deity supposedly thinks of us.

      1. One of those fuckers sneaked up on me one day when I was doing some landscaping. I had a shovel in my hand and came very close to smacking him up side the head with it because he startled me. Then he started with his evangelizing and I kindly told him to fuck off so I could get my work done. I put up with that shit pretty much my entire childhood and teen years, and I’ve had enough of it.

        1. There’s a Jehovah’s Witness church in my neighborhood and they apparently have a don’t-shit-where-you-eat policy, ’cause they’ve only knocked on my door once.

        2. Step 1: Invite them in
          Step 2: Listen and smile
          Step 3: Get them so drunk they don’t know what’s up or down as you drag them to the taxi you called for them
          Step 4: Enjoy decades of being left alone by embarrassed JWs

          * True story

          1. Let them in while cleaning rifles. Ask them where they expect to go when the die. Never hear from them again. True story.

        3. we almost never get them around here. Do get Jews for Jesus going door to door once every couple of years, though.

      2. So you’re not a real gay, then.


    3. a protest formed to shout them down (good)

      Eh. I’m not a fan of the heckler’s veto.

      1. I’m polite to everyone I meet unless they are rude to me. They start by shouting, shouting back is okay in my book.

      2. Personally, I find this varies from Jesus-shouter to Jesus-shouter. There are some for whom heckling would be a cruelty; others for whom it would be justified self-defense.

      3. It doesn’t sound like it worked that way with the shouters. If people are coming to campus to shout abuse at people, some counter-shouting seems reasonable. Sometimes people are just assholes and need to be told to shut up.

      4. Could be, of course. I’m a big believer in the Silver Rule:

        When somebody does unto you, then the Golden Rule allows you do unto them right back, as they have presumably done unto you as they wish you to do unto them.

        1. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind…

    4. You know who else flipped over display tables while filled with holy fire?

        1. Don’t make me assume my ultimate form! I will fucking wreck you!!

          1. She is a treasure, no?

            Crazier and nowhere near as cute as that girl who streaked a football game and later blew something absurd like .24, but still, she ranks up there.

            1. Holy shit, it’s reported as .341. No way that’s accurate.

    5. I stopped and prayed with two cute Mormon girls on campus a couple years back when they were petitioning people to stop and talk in the middle of the courtyard. Not really my bag, but I’m not opposed to participating in good nature with the quick activities of peaceful folk. I did do a little questioning about how they wanted to convert me, yet I was confirmed as a Methodist as a child — are you saying that my god and belief is lies and yours is true?

      Never really got them to say it, but I didn’t press very hard, just posited the notion. I get sick watching people cut down the religious folk as hard as they can in public places — I think you’d be harassing my grandma if she were here, and she ain’t hurt nobody nor does she preach conversion.

  7. Next tier of intellectually conformists schools with scores of 6.25 is occupied by Rutgers University,

    Not surprising from a school that would give a professorship to Brittney Cooper, the Shame of Rutgers.

    1. Hmm… Brittney Cooper / Chris Christie smush-smush pr0n…

      1. You monster.

        1. Extra-creamy vanilla swirled into extra-bitter chocolate… Their sweaty boobs slipping and sliding across each other…

          1. You’re a bad man, SugarFree. You write bad things, and you should feel bad. 😉

            1. I think it’s time for a tearful apology.

              1. Not until after my brief stint in rehab for insulin addiction.

            2. Isn’t it weird how, apparently, the moral compass is located in the pancreas?

              1. I was shootin’ that skag into myself like 3 or 4 times a day, man.

      2. What has been imagined can never be unimagined.

      3. A slow-motion sumo match lit by institutional florescents and lubed with french fry grease.

      4. GAH!!! You dick! Thanks for that image!

        1. Black ass momma, (black ass momma)!
          White ass daddy, (white ass daddy)!

          Mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)!
          mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)!
          Black and white butts, (black and white butts)!
          mulatto butts, (mulatto butts)!

          1. HM’s not here, man.

            1. I can’t imagine why not.

              1. He’s busy translating some ancient manuscript about Hittite butts, probably.

                1. She had a Hattusa face and a Zalpuwa booty.

                  1. Dat rack be all Wilusa, though. I’m all like, “Girl, let me take you down to Carchemish and show you my Cedar of Lebanon.”

                    1. “2-1.3-2?
                      Ha ha, only if she’s 3.4 cubits”.

  8. College is for fags anyway.

    1. Well I hear that there are more than a few LUGs on college campuses

  9. My alma mater even made the article. Go Mizzou!

    1. I’m sorry. So very sorry that you have to be associated with that organization.

    2. I was holed up in the engineering department which was along the edge of campus. Except for my first year and a half, I never really spent much time in the parts where the people yelling about God and telling women who didn’t wear skirts they were going to hell were.

  10. You didn’t list my school. How did you pick these 150? I want to know if I’m supposed to be insulted or not.

    1. The answer is always yes, and you can’t even.

    2. The group has just published its new Heterodox Academy Guide to Colleges that rates America’s top 150 universities (as listed by US News and World Report)

      Reading the article is for fags.

      1. Okay mister “Bothers to read reason articles – what does that actually tell us about that methodology of ranking to determine ‘top’ schools. I can find the methodology used for determinging the speech ratings, but am too lazy to chase down what sounds like a newspaper’s opinion on the matter.

        1. US News and World Report is a news magazine and has been doing college ranking for years now.

          Here’s an article on their methodology.

        2. US News and World Reports sounds like a magazine, not a newspaper; and two seconds of googling will lead you to their ranking methodolgy page.

          1. That is absolutely horrifying.

            They outright confess to being an exacerbating factor in tuition over-inflation in a complete unaware way.

            In an unrelated quibble, they’ve dropped either the newspaper or magazine label calling themselves “a multi-platform publisher of news and information”, but had this to say about their origins.

            U.S. News and World Report traces its history back to the weekly newspaper the United States News founded by David Lawrence in 1933.

            Anyway, thanks for your two seconds of google foo.

            1. And it turns out we were both right:

              In 1940 the United States News moved to a magazine format in order to attract more advertising

              1. It is mostly known as a weekly news magazine.

                Actually, at this point, it’s probably mostly known as the people who do the college rankings.

        3. Something tells me if you haven’t heard of the US News and World Report rankings, your school wasn’t on them.

          1. I had the problem of being white, male, too lazy in high school to get academic scholarships, not rich enough to pay for it out of pcoket, and neither poor or stupid enough to get additional state aid. So it was a case of attend the school that would take me, which according to the methodology listed, was not generalist enough to rank high because the liberal arts infestation had not taken over more than one building.

            AKA, RIT

            1. I didn’t know they excluded tech schools. Screw them.

              1. Only some, apparently MIT has enough breadth to make the list.

                1. Or maybe it gets higher marks for exclusivity as that seems to factor in more than it should.

                  “Reputation” is also one of those very fuzzy factors I didn’t care for. Yale and Harvard have high reputations, but 5/9 or more of their law graduates can’t grasp the basics of the constitution.

                  1. Can’t or won’t?

                    1. … I hope it’s ignorance but I fear it’s malice.

          2. Something tells me if you haven’t heard of the US News and World Report rankings, your school wasn’t on them.

            Or maybe you just aren’t a pretentious douchebag.

            1. Better than being an insecure moron.

              1. I’d think having to belittle another person’s education based on the ranking of their school on a fairly arbitrary list is more a sign of insecurity. And as a bonus, it also makes you look like a moron to people who aren’t pretentious douchebags.

                Just for kicks though, what school are you pretending you attended this week, Tulpa?

                1. He finally got into the police academy on his 16th try


                2. Waitlisted at university of phoenix.

                3. Nice try, but I was belittling him for not having heard of an extremely well-known publication. And suggesting that if that was the case, there was probably other evidence of his…problems.

    1. FSU 37.5
      UM 25

      Suck it Brett.

      1. I’m just horrified that U of R and RPI made the list. These are awful schools.

  11. The Jesus-Shouters are all fire and brimstone.

    Do they sing “Gimme That Old Time Religion” with banjo and washboard accompaniment? Because that would be cool.

    1. I’m not a religious man but I do enjoy a nice twangy gospel song.

    1. Tolerant people do not tolerate intolerance.

    2. Oh for fucks sake. If people aren’t threatening to kill you and rape your babies on the Internet then it’s because you aren’t news.

      1. That’s true. Is there anyone that does anything publicly that doesn’t get death threats on the internet?

      2. True, but that doesn’t stop the Anita Sarkeesians of the world from getting prime time interviews. May as well milk the victimhood racket for all it’s worth, fight fire with fire. I don’t like it, butstoic endurance of ones tribulations is, at this point, a recipe for defeat, however virtuous.

  12. This just popped up on my facebook feed from a local university.

    Student files lawsuit against Iowa State over First, 14th Amendment rights

    I remember working with some of the students during the Ron Paul run. Sad the university would threaten them and their careers over their political beliefs.

    1. “Sad the university would threaten them and their careers over their political beliefs”

      Isn’t this what Universities are for these days? Do they still do other stuff?

      1. “Do they still do other stuff?”

        Yes. They are the minor leagues for professional football and basketball

      2. Someone has to hire their graduates.

  13. What has been imagined can never be unimagined.

    Which incites one of my multitudinous pet peeves.


    The word “unimaginable” should be expunged from the language.

    1. unimaginable” should be expunged from the language.

      I can’t imagine why…

    2. So one night my cat puked on the living room rug. As soon as he started hacking, everyone turned to watch until he was done. When he finally finished and ran away, I made my daughter clean up the mess. She made some kind of comment how even though it was disgusting she could never make herself look away. My son said something about how she had no problem cleaning up the mess and her response made me laugh. She said, “I can wash my hands but I can’t wash my memories.”

      1. At least the cat did it while you were awake, so you didn’t have to find it with your bare feet at 6 the next morning after it had gotten cold.

        1. Well, that brings back a memory of lukewarm dogshit oozing up between my toes one morning when I got out of bed.

        2. That’s what he usually does.

      2. I let it “set” before even attempting to clean it up. Otherwise it just mushes into the carpet.

        Yeah, I don’t get a lot of visitors.

        1. “Yeah, the rug is supposed to look like that. No, i wouldn’t take my shoes off if i were you.”

        2. I let the dog eat it.

          1. If it’s kibble my cat will sometimes return later and take care of it.

          2. I’ve seen my dog eat goose shit, raccoon shit, candy wrappers, entire week-old pork bones, sneezed-in tissues, dead birds, rotten leaves, and crafting supplies, but he won’t touch cat vomit. He just looks at it and then looks at me like “You got a problem here, man.”

    3. Change that to What has been seen can never be unimagined, and click below:

      Click Here

      1. Oh fuck why did i click that WHY DID I CLICK THAT

        1. I recommend copious amounts of alcohol for recovery.

          1. Bullet to the roof of the mouth. It’s the only way.

    4. I can’t imagine how you can unimagine anything.

    5. I suppose it is a relative term.

      Take Tony for example.

      For him concepts like emergent order and voluntary cooperation are unimaginable because he simple cannot imagine anything happening without central planning and threats of violence.

  14. The Transgendered Kiwi

    This article argues that a performance of transgender is integral to the reproduction of New Zealand’s ‘national identity’. It suggests that because mediated ‘New Zealandness’ relies simultaneously on its exclusive self-conception as masculinity, and a requisite female adjunct to cast the resultant homosociality in heterosexual terms, New Zealand ‘femaleness’ is primarily recognizable as a misperformed masculinity. The gender binary that functions in the service of national identity is not male/female but masculinity as the gendered, and the transgendered, body. In order to demonstrate this, this article uses Judith Butler’s account of melancholic heterosexuality to examine the ‘Southern Man’ campaign devised to market Speight’s beer.

    How’s that for diversity in Universities? Money well spent.

    1. Beer ads generalized to comment on a whole nation? Sounds legit.

      Also, “transkiwi” sounds like a fruit that has also felt deep down that it is actually a vegetable.

      1. Ode to a Melancholic Transkiwi.

        1. American Poetry Review is dying for your submission.

          1. Is the publication, slammin’? ::wiggles eyebrows::

          2. Not finished with it yet. Still working on my version of The Rape of John Locke.

            1. Did you ever get La Vieille Femme Laide Sans Chevilles published?

              I saw pale O’Kefees and Breitbarters too,
              Pale alt-righters, death-pale were they all;
              They cried?”La Vieille Femme Laide Sans Chevilles
              Hath thee in thrall!”

              1. Thought my butchering of Ode on a Grecian Urn would have tipped you off that I have no literary chops.

                1. “Damn, girl… your urns are lookin’ Greek tonite!”

                  1. “I’d ode on dem urns, nam sayin?”

    2. This article argues that a performance of transgender is integral to the reproduction of New Zealand’s ‘national identity’.

      They are aware that they’re no more in control over their national identity than Canada, right? I mean Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood typecast the entire island for at least the next 50 yrs.

  15. The next time the UofC comes round asking for a little money, I might just oblige…

  16. “enhancing viewpoint diversity and the conditions that encourage free inquiry”

    That’s hate speech, Reason. How are you allowed to print this stuff?

  17. It’s kind of ironic for an organization claiming to favor diversity of opinion to make public endorsement of a specific letter worth 25% of the score for evaluating a school’s level of support for free expression. A university could very well be in favor of the principles contained in the University of Chicago statement without having explicitly endorsed the statement. But no, if you’re not ready to repeated Heterodox Academy’s new religious creed word for word, than off to the abyss with you!

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a nice research paper statement of problem served up to you on a silver platter. Run with it.

    2. “The Pretentious Man’s Tu Quoque”

    3. My you really had to dig deep for a reason to get pissed off at this one.

      I mean I think I deserve a novel peace prize. Just because I haven’t done anything doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to; it doesn’t make me, like, anti peace or anything. Those dickish Swedes actually want me to do something to demonstrate commitment to world peace to get the prize? How pretentious.

      1. “publicly endorse one specific memo” is a rather poor measure of “did something to demonstrate commitment to free expression”

  18. 43.75, live free or die!

    As a graduate student I was allowed (but didn’t take) access to a Bon Jovi concert during election season. On the other end of the spectrum, during undergrad, I voluntarily attended this great lecture on my free time for something called “ecofeminism,” completely unrelated to any of my courses. The lecturer strove to establish a “see! correlation = causation!” relationship between pornographic images and +30-year-old advertisement representations of the meat processing industry. Slides of hardcore pornography, tenuous grasp on the concept of cause and effect, and preposterous suppositions provided an early evening was ultimately a net entertainment and I walked away satisfied, though no chubby was had since the hardcore pornography wasn’t that great and sort of just Hustler calibre.

    On another occasion, when campus was essentially empty (I did not live on campus) I wanted to do some trolling after studying. So I put up sort of parody flyers on all of the public bulletin boards that I had made in Photoshop and photocopied off, that gave this sort of over-the-top the “Support the Troops” message which also sort of alluded that the Iraq War II problem could be solved by mass genocide. All of the flyers were ripped down by the next morning when I went to classes.

  19. 18.75 – w00t!

    Actually, I’m surprised my alma mater is even on the list. Barely.

    1. I was going to tr to suss out which it was… but that was a score for a lot of schools.

  20. US News and World Report is a news magazine


    1. It’s also a world report.

  21. I also have an issue with the FIRE rankings. FIRE has a very inconsistent position on universities like Bigham Young University or Liberty University. Even if that position can be justified from a strategic standpoint in terms of choosing what lawsuits to pursue, when it comes to purporting to rank universities according to their commitment to free expression, anyone who can say with a straight face “well, Birgham Young’s lack of support for free expression doesn’t count because they’re openly against free expression” is not a ranking that can be taken seriously.

    1. Bam, you’ve got another research paper just waiting for you. Do it.

    2. I had a similar thought. Maybe they should limit themselves to public schools…?

    3. FIRE has a very inconsistent position on universities like Bigham Young University or Liberty University.

      Is this argument sort of like the people who object to school-choice because (gasp) some people might willingly *choose* a religious school?

      1. Not really. Some people might want to go to the school that explicitly limits free expression. But those schools are still bad on allowing free expression.

        1. Sure but in that case I’d think it makes more sense to simply not include them at all rather than try to hold them to a standard which they already openly reject.

          Unless they fail on aspects of speech which have nothing to do with their own religious standards?

          1. Not including them makes sense, I think.

          2. If those “fallist” people at Capetown University from last week ever get into power and replace the Science curriculum with one on tribal black magic, should organizations rating universities on the quality of their science education give them a bad ranking, or no ranking because it’s “a standard they already openly reject”?

            1. I will give this a “5” on a 1-10 scale of stupid-analogies. Which is a partial endorsement!

      1. 1) The “warning” is yellow, the same as a moderate rating, so it is a partial endorsement.

        2) Even if BYU has a reason for being anti-free expression, that doesn’t change the fact that they are anti-free expression. That FIRE feels they have to dance around this rather than just coming out and giving BYU a bad rating leads me to question if FIRE actually supports free speech in general, or just free-speech for a particular type of person.

        1. And what particular type of person would that be?

          1. FIRE seems deeply concerned when private secular universities impinge the expression of religious students but is fine when private religious schools impinge the expression of non-religious students. That suggests they’re only concerned with freedom of religious speech rather than free-speech in general.

            1. As demonstrated by the bazillion court cases they’ve been involved in that don’t involve religious speech or religious schools at all.


              1. Can you point to any examples of them filing a case on behalf of explicitly atheist, gay, or left wing students?

                1. To be clear: FIRE defends student and faculty speech regardless of the viewpoint expressed or the speaker’s identity. If expression is protected by the First Amendment, FIRE defends it?period. That means we defend Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Democratic Socialists, and those affiliated with no party at all; Muslims, Jews, Christians, and atheists; environmental activists, animal rights activists, pro-choice activists, anti-rape activists, anti-war activists, and LGBT activists; free market advocates, pro-life activists, anti-immigration activists, and anti-affirmative action activists; student reporters, student government members, adjunct faculty, and tenured professors; and many, many more. FIRE even stands ready to protect the expressive rights of those who call for censorship, though we flatly disagree with those advocates’ goals.

                  Everyone of those is a link. See here.

            2. Yes, Greg Lukianoff, the pro-abortion environmentalist former ACLU lawyer, is obviously a plant for the Religious Right. You’re really batting a thousand today.

              1. And on the other hand, you have David French, who’s commitment to free speech includes arguing before the US Supreme Court that states have not just the power, but the positive duty to criminalize homosexuals. Because beating people into submission, dragging them out of their homes in the middle of the night, and locking them in a cage for being gay apparently doesn’t impact their ability to express themselves at all.

            3. You’re head is in your ass. FIRE has plenty of cases where they have, say, defended the rights of pro abortion groups, or anti Israel groups. Have you ever actually read the case studies on their website?

              And most if their cases have nothing to do with religious speech one way or the other; and it’s also worth noting that a purely private school regulating religious speech isn’t the same issue as a publicly funded one doing it.

              The impression I’m getting is you just can’t stand any organization that calls out the bullshit factories that are your cherished leftist institutions.

              1. The impression I’m getting is you just can’t stand any organization that calls out the bullshit factories that are your cherished leftist institutions.

                it could also be because stormy thinks religious institutions should be given special demerits for holding themselves to different standards, and that ‘religious speech’ isn’t actually a component of free expression, but rather its antithesis (*as he suggested above)

                1. Religious shouldn’t be given special demerits; neither should be given special exemptions. Every school that limits free exemption thinks they have a good reason for doing so. BYU deserves its red ranking just as much as all the super PC schools do.

            4. I suspect that if there were an explicitly Marxist-Leninist university (like an American campus of Patrice Lumumba University rather than the Gramscian Marxist colleges that dominate the American academic scene) that made no bones about promoting goodthink and punishing thoughtcrime, then FIRE would treat it the same way it treats Brigham Young.

    4. Does BYU get public funding?

  22. To be fair, any rape perpetrated by a Brown male student is a microrape.

    1. Half the time, the girl doesn’t even notice.

    2. “Brown male rape”
      That’s racist

  23. The link won’t come up for me, tried it several times in both Chrome and Firefox.

    1. Your computer is clearly homo.

    2. The Commentariat crashed their servers

    3. Let it load, it took a looooong time here.

    4. Ooops. I got scooped again.

      1. That’s not a very abstract masturbation euphemism.

  24. Alas, how far universities have deteriorated since the Middle Ages.

    Back then, the clash of contrasting ideas wasn’t just something you did as an optional add-on, it was part of the curriculum. Students had to learn to perform in “disputations” exploring the arguments for and against a proposition – logic and reason were in, vague appeals to feelings were out.

    Colleges (both secular and religious) have in too many cases pissed away their glorious Medieval inheritance.

    1. Students had to learn to perform in “disputations” exploring the arguments for and against a proposition – logic and reason were in, vague appeals to feelings were out.

      What would happen if a student were to repeatedly and emphatically make the case that God does not exist. Have you read any documented cases of this?

      1. 1240 ? the Disputation of Paris during the reign of Louis IX of France (St. Louis) between a member of the Franciscan Order Nicholas Donin, who earlier converted from Judaism and persuaded Pope Gregory IX to issue a bill ordering the burning of the Talmud, and four of the most distinguished rabbis of France: Yechiel of Paris, Moses of Coucy, Judah of Melun, and Samuel ben Solomon of Ch?teau-Thierry. The commission of Christian theologians condemned the Talmud to be burned and on June 17, 1244, twenty-four carriage loads of Jewish religious manuscripts were set on fire in the streets of Paris.

        1. Must have been the Vikings.

      2. “Angels dancing on the heads of pins” was the Medieval equivalent of today’s histrionic/hyperanalytical social justice term papers.

      3. What would happen if a student were to repeatedly and emphatically make the case that God does not exist.

        Until 1519, both sides had to swear to advance no argument contrary to Catholic Doctrine before they were allowed to debate. Smell that free inquiry?

        1. Smells like burning Talmud and JewSteak to me.

        2. Eddie doesn’t have a problem with that, though.

          1. C’mon, those heretics weren’t going to burn themselves now were they? QED

          2. What is the pursuit of truth if truth is not constrained to the already believed?

            1. I’m getting a sense of deja vu *checks on publication standards for climate science* oh, there it is.

              How things change…

          3. You may observe that I was discussing the disputations among the faculty and students at medieval universities – and not the debates with rabbis over the Christian-baiting parts of the Talmud – of course *debating* those passages wasn’t the problem, the burning was, which I never endorsed, so we’re going off track here.

            Of course, the *real* sick burn here is that modern universities are less tolerant, less logically rigorous, and more feelings-based than the universities of the despised Middle Ages.

    2. It was impressive what people accomplished at a University back then, but it’s a bit too apples to oranges to compare to contemporary universities. For all the silliness going on on campuses these days, there is still a lot of useful and interesting research going on at universities. There is only so much learning ancient languages and arguing about theology can do for you.

  25. My alma mater FTW. No surprise University of Chicago would rank highly,

    1. How many Labor Theory Marxists were in the economics department?

      1. You’re asking that of the UC of all places?

        1. Why not? University of Chicago is famous for its diversity.

  26. Heterodox Guide link is SF’d

  27. wow, if ol’ UVA isn’t considered all that bad, that’s pretty scary. It’s veered sharply left since I was there 20 years ago.

    1. Did it drive into the patomac?

    2. A university could theoretically be extremely left wing while still doing well on this list by allowing the students the complain about it as much as they like while completely ignoring their complaints.

      1. Theoretically being the key word.

  28. Is this another push for affirmative action for conservatives in universities?

    Here’s an idea: stop being science-denying assholes, and maybe you’ll get academia to listen to you. Professors in the hard sciences are, if anything, more partisan toward Democrats and liberalism than the academy as a whole. What screening process goes on to cull all the conservatives, I wonder? Maybe conservatives being stupid and believing in nonsense?

    People miss the one big factor: not the university moving to the left, but the right going over a cliff.

    1. Realizing how gauche it is to read the articles, Tony has taken it one step further and dispensed with even reading the comments.

      1. Saves a lot of time, and you’d be surprised just how little you miss.

    2. What a retard

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