American Respect for Police Hits a 49-Year High

And confidence in the cops has recovered from last year's 22-year low.


The percentage of Americans who say they have a "great deal" of respect for "the police in your area" has just leaped from an already-substantial 64 percent to 76 percent, the highest number the Gallup pollsters have recorded since 1967:


1967 was another year of protest and backlash, and I suspect this surge reflects a similar dynamic. The high-profile shootings of police officers in Dallas and elsewhere probably played a role in that bump.

Another recent Gallup result is less striking but no less significant. This survey asked about people's confidence in police, not their respect—and it came out in June, so it appeared too early to be influenced by events in Dallas:


Unlike the other poll, this one is in line with the usual results. But it also shows an almost complete recovery from 2015, when the figure hit a 22-year low. This year's respect numbers may turn out to be an outlier, driven by sympathy for slain officers; but last year's confidence numbers may well be an outlier too.

That rise in trust is driven pretty much entirely by white people: This year just 39 percent of nonwhites told Gallup they had a high level of confidence in the cops. (For a recent attempt to detect the strength of this cynicism, go here.) Nonwhite respect for the police, on the other hand, leaped this year, though not as high as white respect did:


Note that while the respect question asks specifically about police in the answerer's area, the confidence question does not. I think the respect responses reflect more than just local factors—obviously, since I think they're influenced by events like the Dallas shootings—but that difference is still worth keeping in mind.

(Correction: This post originally misidentified the previous high as having taken place in 1968. In fact the year was 1967.)

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  1. More proof that the American people are just fucking stupid.

    1. All people are stupid and, in general, completely dishonest. Not just with others, but themselves. Right now its unpopular to say you don’t respect cops outright. Doesn’t mean actual attitudes have changed.

      1. To give people the benefit of the doubt – I think people are so afraid of repercussions now that they are much less willing to answer a question like this honestly. People know the police are petty and are prone to lash out. People know their every communication is being recorded and analyzed. We’re all still pretty sure that nothing is going to happen, but why take the chance?

        Instead of saying people are stupid and dishonest, I would say that, in general, people place the safety of themselves and their family over influencing the results of some stupid poll.

        1. Instead of saying people are stupid and dishonest, I would say that, in general, people place the safety of themselves and their family over influencing the results of some stupid poll.

          And this valuation for safety could also lead to the poll numbers being accurate. When people see rioting in major cities on the news, it reminds them of why police exist in the first place and would naturally produce greater sympathy for the police, despite any other reservations about the police the populace may have.

          1. I suppose, although anybody who’s actually called the report writers police for anything in the past would likely disagree. Given that they’re armed and highly mobile, it’s astonishing how obviously useless they are if you actually need real protection. They seem to mostly exist to document crimes after the fact and keep the lower classes interacting with the system.

    2. American Respect for Police Hits a 48-Year High
      And confidence in the cops has recovered from last year’s 22-year low.

      Good job, BLM!

    3. On this point, I would not go as far as stupid. I attribute this to successful brainwashing. Preying on all the fears our government falsely create, we need this very friendly military force to protect us from these imaginary fears. “To Protect And Serve”. These officers work for the governments best interests, not the public’s. “Officer Friendly” coming to your children’s schools so that children can learn that these uniformed militants are there to help them. There was recently an article discussing how juries will never convict an officer for accidental shootings, and that is because juries understand the risks these jackboots take and how life and death every decision is. I believe it is because we have been trained to never question our protective overlords. That officer had to shoot that unarmed man to protect you, you ungrateful sot.

  2. So it seems that the professional activists who took over BLM have achieved their goal; The police will be able to beat people with impunity for a few more years.

    1. Exactly this. They made it all about race, ensuring nothing will be done. Mission accomplished.

      1. Well, the white folks weren’t doing anything about it.

        1. They might have if a bunch of thugs without a mission didn’t block traffic and throw rocks at them. The cops are abusing us, now we’re going to abuse you! Duh, will you help us? This usually does not produce a desirable result. I mean, some white people who had joined BLM in protests were told to go home because they’re white. Sometimes you can just defeat yourself with no help from anyone else if you try hard enough.

          1. But the “Blue Lives Matter” coalition will still want to shoot black men carrying menacing cell phones, wallets, e-cigarettes, etc., “for fear of their lives”. To immunize LEOs against such frightening sights (black men carrying what, in a LEO’s wildest imaginings, MIGHT be a weapon), some have advocated masses of protesters “baiting” LEOs with toy handguns at the tip of fishing poles, for immunizing the LEOs (getting them used to the sheer terror of it all). My friend Leroy Titus has put up a web page with details, arguing that this is a bad idea? See http://www.ChurchofSQRLS.com\BLAM\ http://www.churchofsqrls.com/BLAM/ for details. ? Comments?

      2. This. I have been a proud cop hater for most of my life. Most of my gripe is on a lower level. I hate that police are mostly used as collection agents to fund local governments. I hate the generally Shitty and Superior attitudes they take when dealing with us lesser plebs. Seat belt laws and cops willingness to use them as a pretext for all manner of intrusiveness piss me off. I think DUI roadblocks are ridiculously unconstitutional, no matter what the supremes say. Fuck theor compelling government interest. Cops and politicians regularly collude to pass nanny state laws that are used to extort money from the citizenry. I could go on and on.

        Then the BLM assholes come along and totally fuck it up. They took what could have been a genuine protest movement with potential to enact reform and turn it into something that gains sympathy for the damn cops. They have protested all the wrong killings of civilians by police. They dropped the ball bigger than shit by making it all about race. They could have gotten a much larger segment of the population behind them if that had gone after all unjustified police shooting. Instead they alienated a huge segment of the population and actively turned people who could have been their allies against them. They have probably set police reform back decades. Idiots. Had a golden opportunity and instead decided to riot, loot, shoot some cops, race monger, and make everyone who legitimately is against police abuse look bad.

        1. They have probably set police reform back decades. Idiots.

          You say that as if that wasn’t the goal of most of the professional activists that flocked to the movement.

          If they win, they have to give up the glorious struggle and get regular jobs…. as that nameless environmentalist in Niven and Pournelle’s Inferno wailed in protest “without the movement, I would be nothing!”

          1. yours probably right. change that to useful idiots.

          2. Great story, one of their best

        2. The biggest coup is one you didn’t even know happened.

          Gov agents routinely infiltrate protest groups. Gov agents steer groups away from actual problem which is police shootings of anybody that is not actual self-defense.

          1. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

          2. I can never tell if the government is supposed to be completely incompetent or super competent.

            1. *adjusts tinfoil beret*

              Either way, we The People get stolen from or dead.

        3. The goal all along was to agitate black people to turn out for Hillary in numbers similar to what Obama got in 08 & 12.

          Actually reforming policing practices isn’t even on their radar.

          1. Cynical is often accurate.

          2. ??? african american support for Team Blue has been 80-90% for decades. Why would this conspiracy be needed exactly?

            1. african american support for Team Blue has been 80-90% of those who actually show up to vote for decades..

              It’s all about turnout- If Obama got more than 50% of the ~25 million eligible blacks to show up, and Hillary only manages a more normal before Obama of 40%, that’s 2.5 million votes.

        4. Wow that’s a perfect post and I wish I could put it like that when I’m conversing with a cop lover; this is why I come here.

      3. Where their goal changed from police reform to “smash the system” agitprop, I somehow began to suspect that they were setting themselves up for failure.

  3. So a lot of Americans like it when the cops kill other people. I mean those are bad people, they must have been doing something. I’m not surprised at all by this.

    1. When the highly publicized examples are of violent criminals and they see people rioting over it, the abuses get harder to see. Instead they see irrational complaining by equally violent thugs.

      1. Congratulations demop media.

      2. I watched a documentary on SneakerHeadz yesterday and they talked about how the shoe industry is responsible for a hundred deaths a year because thugs beat and kill people for their shoes. So people are incapable of assigning blame to the actual perpetrator.

        1. CORPORATIONS!!1!1!1!!1!1

        2. Now that is some tasty derp.

        3. Seriously?

          How many deaths is the Federal Reserve responsible for, then? How many people get beaten and killed over federal reserve notes every year?

          1. You’ll be shocked to learn the mother of one of the victims turned the crime into a full time advocacy group that got Michael Jordan to say killing people for shoes is bad. I’ve never known a mother to turn the death of her child into a soap box before.

          2. The Treasury prints dollars, but since we’re talking about misattributed blame it’s fitting.

        4. The solution seems simple to me. Don’t wear $200 shoes in the ghetto. If you absolutely have to have $200 shoes and you still live in the ghetto, then your priorities need fixing. If you cannot fix your priorities and have to wear $200 shoes in the ghetto, get a gun and shoot the person trying to steal your shoes. Problem solved.

          People have been rendered incapable of thinking by the shitty education system bestowed upon us by our benevolent government.

          1. And if you are going to wear $200 shoes, get something nice and not some ugly, stupid sneakers.

            1. Does not compute. The more expensive, the uglier. Without fail.

              Well… fuccbois. What are you gonna do.

              1. It’s like buying an Escalade and putting gigantic shiny wheels on it. Yes, it looks stupid to most people. But look at me, look at me!

              2. Hey I love my new jordan superflys and my steph curry 2.5s.

          2. On the topic of shoes I’m somewhat miffed that I get worse prices direct from the Manufacturer (and slower shipping) than I get from Amazon. I’m not talking a few dollars, I mean it was less than half what the direct sale would have run.

            On the topic of Ghettos, I never really understood the rationale behind most of the actions the residents took. Fortunately I was able to move out.

            1. Agreed. I’ve been using finish line.

          3. Wear $200+ shoes and carry a gun, as protected by the 2nd Amendment. See how many criminals try and steal your shoes then.

          4. People have been rendered incapable of thinking by the shitty education system bestowed upon us by our benevolent government.

            It isn’t, and never has been, the job of schools to teach people not to kill each other for expensive sneakers. The surrounding culture either does that or is a sick and failing culture.

          5. Despite what some folks would have you believe, generally speaking a person capable of the foresight and responsibility to not spend more than they can afford on a juvenile fashion statement is also capable of making decisions that result in their leaving the ghetto, and the opposite is also true.

        5. That’s leftism in a nutshell. Like when my commie mayor faux-blames himself (really, “the state” – i.e. some stupid agency) for the beating death of a child instead of, say, the mom’s boyfriend.

          1. Well, you can’t just have people being responsible for themselves. It takes people in government. I mean those people magically transform into a a super enlightened protector of everyone else upon election by the lesser people.

          2. Say hello to your next mayor, ex head 9for tge guardian angels Curtis Sliwa.

        6. This was a huge problem when I was a kid. Wearing Kangaroos (the sneakers with the pouches) in my neighborhood in the early 80s was up there was like walking around with 20s hanging out of your pockets.

  4. It’s an election year. People just get sucked into the nationalistic hyperbole and respect for authoritarian figures naturally goes up.

    1. That chart doesn’t show a pattern of spikes in election years.

      1. SEE?!? It’s part of the conspiracy to not poll in alignment with elections. They’re noisifying the signal and signifying the noise.

      2. I am assuming that the “points” on the graph show years the polls were run and the lines just drawn between the times when the data was taken. So if you don’t poll during election years (presidential) you can’t see an uptick.

        But I also agree with many that post that protesters, and not just BLM, are usually not viewed favorably by Americans (it’s a weird sort of irony about US citizens that they don’t embrace other’s free speech). So protesting against something will have its own sort of blow-back. The more active the protests the more people want to protect the status quo. At least for a while.

        1. I am assuming that the “points” on the graph show years the polls were run and the lines just drawn between the times when the data was taken

          You are correct. There is a result for 2000 in there; I thought there was one for 1992 too, but I misread the chart.

        2. But I also agree with many that post that protesters, and not just BLM, are usually not viewed favorably by Americans (it’s a weird sort of irony about US citizens that they don’t embrace other’s free speech).

          While it may be true that many US citizens don’t embrace other’s free speech, this doesn’t really have anything to do with the general populace’s unfavorable views towards protesters. The protesters who are most highly reviled tend to be those who have gone beyond anti-social speech to engage in anti-social action, up to and including criminal action. When people see protesters blocking traffic, rioting, looting, committing arson, committing assault, and even committing murder, they rightly despise said protesters. All of these things have been done under the banner of BLM, and even though most of these actions (especially the worst of them) are denounced by the leaders of these movements, the acts are still indelibly associated with the protesters and therefor the protesters are collectively despised.

  5. All that tells me is that only 24% of the people polled have been the victim of a crime and then asked the police for help.

    1. the math checks out.

  6. Sort of inevitable once the cause of police reform was captured by BLM and their fellow travelers.

  7. What the hell is wrong with people? Fuck the police.

    1. Cops have been a culture war football for decades now. And black people pointing out that aggressive policing mostly falls on them in the intercity makes it into virtue signalling for people to support the police, whether they approve of that or are just in denial that it happens.

  8. Thanks Obama.

    1. Thanks W. Bush.

      1. Thanks, FDR.

  9. If babies don’t want flashbangs exploding in their cribs, maybe they shouldn’t have parents that are accused of dealing drugs.

    1. It wasn’t even the parents that were accused…

      1. If babies don’t want flashbangs exploding in their cribs, maybe they shouldn’t have parents that live in a domicile not current occupied by people who are accused by an unreliable informant of dealing drugs.

        And they absolutely should not expect to see anyone punished for the mistake misapplied but legitimate use of force.

  10. “The high-profile shootings of police officers in Dallas and elsewhere probably played a role in that bump.”

    Or maybe bashing the cops through BLM isn’t as popular as people think and generates a backlash.

    Sort of like having a porn star who specializes in bukkake and gang bang videos accusing Donald Trump of being disrespectful toward women.

    1. You’re correct, they haven’t helped their cause by highlighting dubious cases while ignoring egregious ones and taking the racial angle.

    2. I also think it’s partly due to minority activists being so eager to alienate white people as the great, ignorant demon that just can’t ever understand, so they should shut up and butt out.

      OK, 13% minority. We don’t understand. We’ll just stay out of it. You go ahead and clash directly with police unions yourself, since you’re the only innocent here. Pick whatever narrative suits you. “Racism”, the great American sin, is always a good choice.

      Oh, weird: police unions are kicking your ass. How is that possible?

  11. No one can protest effectively anymore. Or maybe ever.

  12. On the subject of BLM, the cynical libertarian in me says that is has zero to do with police violence, and everything to do with keeping blacks on the reservation and showing up to the polls once Obama leaves office. The Dems need something that motivates black people to actually show up and vote besides a guy with black skin running for office. Hillary sure as shit isn’t going to do it.

    1. It’s all astroturf.

    2. I too share your cynical view. Perhaps we should start a newsletter?

      1. Wouldn’t it be easier to just subscribe to Alex Jones’s?

        1. Did they get St Augustine cleaned up from the hurricane?

    3. Yep. When you’re a dismal failure and can’t point to positive accomplishments, this is how you have to operate.

  13. Isn’t this an advantage for the ‘LAW AND ORDER’ candidate, the Donald? Who is anyone kidding, Hillary will militarize and lower accountability for the cops just as much as the other team purple guy. And I assume either of them are going to double down on the drug war. The progress we’ve made will quickly go into reverse. Maybe the death penalty for weed will solve most of our national woes.

    Shillary vs the Donald. Choose your Duterte.

  14. I think the Reason writers should just step down and let the commentariat write the articles. My first article will be about nothing. Not even one line of text. The comment thread will be the best ever.

    Besides that, I don’t think the articles will change that much. Except that the words fuck and ass will be used a lot more.

  15. OT, but I think somewhat connected because I assume many care more about it than police keeping them safe:

    HUNDREDS of yoga-pant loving women march on man’s Rhode Island home after he writes scathing letter claiming they look ‘disturbing’ on women over 20

    More than 300 people marched in their yoga pants on Sunday to protest a newspaper letter by one man who told women to stop wearing their Lululemons.

    Alan Sorrentino caused an uproar in Barrington, Rhode Island after he said it was ‘bizarre and disturbing’ when adult women sported the tight athletic wear.

    ‘Not since the mini-skirt has there been something worn by so many women who should never have it on in the first place,’ he wrote in a ‘Letter to the Editor’ published in The Barrington Times on Wednesday.

    300 fat white people got out off their couches to stand outside an old white guy’s home!

    1. I thought hippos had thick skin.

    2. I don’t understand why they protested the letter-writer and not the paper that chose to publish his letter. The paper thought it was an opinion worth hearing?

      1. The ungoodthinker had to be punished.

    3. God he’s such an idiot.

      He could’ve just come out and said that yoga pants look ugly on everyone under 25.

      Then he could’ve grabbed a six pack, sat back on the front porch, and enjoyed the free college coed yoga pants parade.

    4. I guess they are too caught up in their own lack of self-awareness to realize they are just proving his point, en masse?

      1. The million pound march.

        1. That’s a lot of yoga pants.

          /d entendre

          1. We’re gonna need a bigger studio.


        2. Cellulite on parade!

          We’re fierce, we’re dimpled, and we’re in your face!!

  16. A ceasefire in the War on Cops?


    1. If the cops and government officials are not scared of us, then we are doing something wrong.

  17. Can “respect” be understood in the same sense that i have “respect” for rabid dogs or bears with cubs, giving them a wide berth whenever i suspect one is near? In how I slow down when i get to that overpass where it makes sense for a cop to be parked behind?

    I respect that cops have a job to do which often involves enforcing lots of shit they shouldn’t have to. The respect vanishes when i witness how often they choose to escalate enforcement of petty shit into use-of-deadly-force because they perceive any hint of non-compliance as a threat.

    1. The respect vanishes when i witness how often they choose to escalate enforcement of petty shit into use-of-deadly-force because they perceive any hint of non-compliance as a threat.

      Just as there is a zero-tolerance policy for anything that may put officer safety in danger, there is a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance. They do not enforce the law. They enforce their will. Their job is to make people do as they say. As in comply. That is it. Doesn’t matter if it is lawful or not. They issue commands and initiate violence when they are not obeyed. That is their only function. I have zero respect for the police because anyone who would choose to make that their profession is not worthy of being called a human being.

    2. I suppose that’s a kind of respect. But it’s not the word I’d think to use. “Wariness” is more to the point. I very much doubt that’s what the vast majority means when they say they respect police.

      1. I agree with “wariness”. I “respect” the police exactly like I “respect” a bull that I’m inside a corral with.

      2. Respect. Fear. Same diff. Cops don’t care.

  18. OT: McAuliffe’s SuperPAC paid $500,000 to campaign of wife of FBI official overseeing Hillary email investigation


    Originally reported over WSJ. Pay close attention to the timeline.

    1. I wish I could find the poll I saw yesterday where they asked random people about things like Hillary’s email server, and lots of other scandalous stuff surrounding her and her campaign. Only about 12-18% even knew anything about any of it and the ones who did used the internet as their primary news source. IOW, the MSM are not reporting on any of this.

      1. Their marching orders are to stop Trump.

        1. The left’s goal has always been controlling 100% of the media. They’ll come after the intertoobz soon enough. Utopia cannot exist while dissenting opinions are allowed.

          1. The left was completely surprised at how powerful the internet can be after many of their big secrets got hacked and released publicly.

            When the FBI were serious about Apple being forced to write a program to force attack iPhones, I knew the writing was on the wall for online dissenting voices.

        2. Given the all-out partisan assault by the media, it’s amazing Trump is even making a race out of it.

          1. Because half of the country hate the MSM more than ever.

            There’s no doubt that Hillary would enter the Whitehouse as the most unpopular president ever elected. And that will only go downhill from there. Only the small percentage of far left are going to cheer on her wholesale destruction of the rule of law and shredding of the constitution. Of course, all Democrats and some Republicans will just accept it.

            1. I dont think hill-dawgs support comes from the far left of team bleu. the far leftists were voting for bernie, and a good chunk of them will likely be voting for jill stein / abstaining / justifying a hilldawg vote with the same lesser of two evils bullshit that has broken our electoral system & then complaining about her. yall forget this lady’s hubby was the guy who started welfare for work & cranked the drug war up to 11.

        3. And it’s enough to make me want to vote Trump (I can’t and won’t be doing so). Hillary is a candidate who will be illegitimate to a large number of Americans. Not just despised, but illegitimate. And yet here is the media openly carrying water for her in the most brazen fashion, and ignoring scandal after scandal to focus on the most inane bullshit they dig up on Trump. They bombard us with the negative Trump shit 24/7.

          This country needs a Brexit moment. Something to tell the elites that, you know, you aren’t going to just get away with all of your bullshit. You can’t just piss on my leg and tell me its raining as you arbitrarily enforce laws and enrich yourselves.

          These people are eroding respect for America’s institutions more than Trump’s words ever could.

          1. Once Hillary is done with one term, there will be no turning back. We’ll be on a one way slide to the far left. She’ll end what’s left of the rule of law and we’ll have a majority leftist high court for a generation. They’ll be nothing that the left will not be able to do. 2nd amendment will be basically gone, first amendment severely limited, drug war ramped up to new heights, militarized police on steroids, and we’ll be in non-ending conflicts all over the world. The middle class will be eviscerated, taxed out of existence. The country will be practically unrecognizable in 10 years.

            1. 2nd amendment will be basically gone, first amendment severely limited, drug war ramped up to new heights, militarized police on steroids, and we’ll be in non-ending conflicts all over the world. The middle class will be eviscerated, taxed out of existence. The country will be practically unrecognizable in 10 years.

              Not to mention that private and home-schooling will, once again, become disfavored if not illegal, warrantless espionage will be ordinary, SJWs will be cemented into power in the FHA, DOEd, DOD, FDA, etc., single-payer will be implemented, abortion will become federally subsidized, using the enforcement arm of fedgov to punish political opponents will happen daily, the corruption will make Nixon look like a choirboy, and cronyism will multiply and become more naked. Add on to all of this that the various leftist flavors of authoritarianism will shift into the center of the Overton window as a fawning media dare not criticize Ma’am Furher.

              Frankly, I doubt she accomplishes all of that, even in 2 terms. However, even if 10% of it were accomplished, we’re in for a scary future.

            2. For this to happen, you’d have to get some government organization taking control and regulating the internet…

              Oh yeah, net neutrality…


    3. an FBI official who would go on to help oversee the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email practices

      there’s a lot of air between “FBI official overseeing Hillary email investigation”, and one who “would go on to help”

      It suggests he wasn’t in that role when the donation was made?

      At the time of the campaign and of McAuliffe’s support, McCabe was associate deputy director. He later was promoted to deputy after the campaign ended, assuming an oversight role in the Clinton email investigation.

      ‘an oversight role’

      fine, at best you get “potential conflict of interest which was disclosed”. The only way you get anything more is if you can detail *how* his oversight influenced the investigation. Which you’ll never get (unless there’s documentation)

    4. What’s potentially more interesting question is = how many senior FBI officials coincidentally have familial ties to people in public office?

      and how many of the ones connected to the DNC have gotten promoted in the last 8 yrs?

      It speaks to the whole issue of politicization of the bureau. which the media and admin keeps insisting is “beyond reproach”…. but without any particular evidence, just insisting that the FBI is part of some noble tradition of being above the political fray, which i think isn’t actually as well-supported by history as people pretend.

  19. I think all cops should become congressman and all congressman become cops. This will either fix everything or ruin it beyond repair.

  20. I think all cops should become congressman and all congressman become cops. This will either fix everything or ruin it beyond repair.

    1. Start by fixing the squirrels, then move down to cops and then congressman.

  21. I can’t say I’m surprised. The vocal front of people who criticise police is Black Lives Matter, and they are obnoxious, ostentatiously stupid jerks. Further, they tend to champion punks who arguably should have been shot, and do so stupidly. One might almost suspect that BLM was put in place to bolster public support for the police.

  22. On the other hand, you have shit like this. You can feel some sympathy for the people pushing for greater police presence.

    1. Lamonte, D’markeo, Dvonta, Chazerae …. i am reminded of the argument made by this guy, who Robby got very-typically-Robby about

      1. His real crime was using “the” ahead of racial designators.

      2. I thought the fad of making up names would have fizzled out by now (I remember it in the seventies!) but nope.

      3. Look at the pictures of those guys.

        Cesare Lombroso, call your office.

        Jesus, what a bunch.

  23. of course, you have to distinguish between respect for their authority and respect for the quality of their work.

  24. Again I find myself out of step with mainstream ‘merica. Stunning.

  25. “Dear Local Police Force,

    We hope you know how much we ‘respect’ you.

    Obsequiously Yours,

    The Public”

  26. I blame TV. Three hours of propaganda every night.

    1. I was gonna say this but scrolled down first. Every episode of a cop show has Supercop staring down an armed thug and using reason to disarm the thug. Just like real life.
      And ofcourse there’s the rat squad behind every corner trying to screw over and fire all the cops for a missing dotting of an i

    2. I told you this would happen a year ago

      I said WE ARE WINNING

      The public realizes that black lives matter and the media had fed them a line of bullshit about police they have seen the acquittals and the evidence come out in Ferguson and now we are more loved than any time in the past 50 years

      Fuck yea!!!!!

  27. I TOLD you guys this a little while ago

    QUOTE ‘we are winning’

    It initially went down because the press lied (hands up don’t shoot) for the BLM idiots etc but when the truth finally came out – JUSTIFIED

    then we have acquittals and dropped charges in Freddie Gray and the prosecutor now advocating cops shouldn’t be allowed BENCH TRIALS (I’m shocked … a prosecutor advocating for curtailing due process and civil rights… not)

    American public sees through the lies and WE PREVAIL. Bodycams FTW!!!


  28. The long intervals between polling could hide a lot of variance. This is climate science quality charting here.

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