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NYU Cancels Milo Yiannopoulos, Feared 'Attacks' on Islamic and Gay Students

Not a justification for campus censorship


Milo Yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos / Youtube

New York University will not allow the College Republicans to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to campus because the venue for his speech was located near the Islamic and LGBTQ Centers, and students who belong to those communities are "subjects of Mr. Yiannopoulos's attacks."

That's according to an NYU administrator's letter to the CRs, as reported by Inside Higher Ed.

It's true that Yiannopoulos is a venomous critic of Islam, feminism, and some aspects of LGBT culture (though he is gay himself, as he frequently notes). But he hasn't "attacked" anyone—he hasn't assaulted anyone, and his followers haven't either. Indeed, I would be more worried about someone committing violence against Yiannopoulos. In reality, these sorts of safety concerns are overblown, and are being used to chill speech.

What's really going on here is administrators are keenly aware of the fact that Yiannopoulos's message is deeply offensive to a whole lot of students. NYU, as well as a host of other universities, is using the imaginary threat of violence as a pretext to silence a point of view it doesn't like.

As the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's Ari Cohn told Inside Higher Ed:

"It's incumbent on administrators to not cut off debate and discussions because people are offended by them," Cohn said. "Nobody is being forced to go hear the speaker. In fact, students who are offended and disagree with the viewpoint should seek out the speaker to raise questions and try to them prove them wrong. It's an intellectual exercise."

And if students are tired of Yiannopoulos's shtick, they should stop legitimizing his perspective: censoring Milo doesn't stop him, it only proves him right about the state of open dialogue on campuses.

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  1. If your arguments are shit, which the left’s are, the best course of action is to shut the other perspective down. In a strange way this is rational behavior on their part.

    1. “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – Tyrion Lannister

      1. Milo attacks their idiocy and forces them to confront it for what it is.

        He’s gay so their usual shtick comebacks exposes their bullshit as bullshit.

        He scares them shitless so they try to silence him.

        1. Like I said in an earlier thread today, you can be as different or just as freaky as you want in today’s America and still be accepted, as long as you only speak the accepted speech and you vote democrat. Otherwise, they will try to cast you as a leper and exile you from society.

          Fuck the PC non-sense, it must be killed, and when it’s dead, it must be dug up and killed again and then burned to ashes and it’s ashes put on a rocket and fired into the sun.

          1. Trigger warning: Quite long. But worth it. Best thing I have read on this subject.

            I can tolerate anything except the outgroup.

            TL;DR: Liberals are directing all their hate towards their outgroup, just as they accuse conservatives of doing.

            1. Looks like a good read, thanks for the link. I bookmarked to read tomorrow. Too much club soda and gin this evening for me to focus on it right now.

            2. I can tolerate anything except the outgroup.

              This blog post is a contender for the best thing I have ever read on the internet, thank you for linking others to it.

            3. Scott Alexander is well worth reading, and yeah, he can sometimes be quite long winded. But almost always worth the time. This one is one of his classics. He once wrote an “anti libertarian FAQ” that is better than most of the strawman BS you usually see. But he has slowly converted to a “left libertarian” position. His comments section usually has a pretty good signal/noise ratio. Milton Friedman’s son David posts there quite regularly.

    2. When the facts are on your side, pound the facts. When the law is on your side, pound the law. When neither is on you side, pound the table.

  2. It’s amazing how liberal student groups and administrators are completely insistent in proving Milo right.

    And also I hate them for making me defend a piece of shit like Milo.

    1. This is how I feel exactly.

  3. Perhaps there’s room here for some division of labor: gay and Muslim students can perpetrate hoax attacks on one another, then blame them on the handful of Christian conservatives still unpurged.

    1. That’s less of a good idea and more of a description of what’s already happening. Also, leaving out the bi, trans, queer, cis-nonnormative, nonidentifier, and genderfuck communities is a microaggression (if I left anyone out I preemptively prostrate myself, kiss your feet, and beg forgiveness).

      1. You just microinvalidated me.

        I think.

        I’m not really sure but you may have.

        I need a hug.

        But not a sexy rapey type hug.

        1. I will give you a hug.

          After you’ve filled out you “Consent to embrace” form in triplicate and have it notorized.

          1. That would microaggress the notary. You’d have to get a different notary to notarize a trigger warning first.

  4. The left has nothing to fear. It isn’t like Republicans are going to do anything. They stand for nothing. And the Alt-right is just gonna whine in their echo chambers…..kind of like here at Hit-N-Run.

    1. Obviously they’ve got something to fear, the free and open marketplace of ideas… wait, you’re right. They have nothing to fear.

  5. “It’s for your own good.”

  6. The terrified that he’ll make funny faces at them!

  7. Robby is jealous of the hair.

    1. I think you have a good point here.

  8. But he hasn’t “attacked” anyone?he hasn’t assaulted anyone, and his followers haven’t either.

    That’s not quite what you ground your tampon with your gash wrote during the Milo/Leslie Jones Twatter Episode.

    1. If Milo ever runs for potus… Yes, I know he’s British by birth, but you know, that’s stuff is so old fashioned anyway, will the MSM run stories about him grabbing some dicks? Manginas hardest hit.

      1. Washington, Adams and Jefferson were British citizens…. or so I’ve been told…

        1. you’d think founding a country would get you a green card at least.

          1. Keep in mind the caveat in II.1.5 of the Constitution, allowing “a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution” to run ? all any possible candidate needs is a time machine set to June 1788 (when enough states had ratified it)…

            1. (That’s why I never worried about Ted Cruz’s eligibility ? check out the man in the doorway at the very left of H.C. Christy’s “Signing of the Constitution” painting and tell me that that’s not a time-travelling Cruz, taking advantage of such a caveat…)

  9. And if studentsReason commenters are tired of Yiannopoulos’s shtickReason’s stupid editorial decisions, they should stop legitimizing his perspectiveviewing the website and donating to the foundation: censoring Miloignoring O’Keefe doesn’t stop him, it only proves himTrump right about the state of open dialogue on campuses.the vast majority of political media.

  10. I think Mr. Soave’s assertion that “But he hasn’t “attacked” anyone?he hasn’t assaulted anyone, and his followers haven’t either. ” is missing the point — That the likes of NYU’s administrators really have taken to equating “hate speech” with physical violence, and don’t accept the validity of what you and I and the Constitution and centuries of history consider a perfectly logical distinction. I suppose the Chaplinsky case’s “fighting words” exception to the First Amendment was the first step down this slope, but here we are now, only picking up speed…

    1. How the fuck else are they going to beat the shit out of conservatives if “hate speech” doesn’t warrant physical violence?

      Sticks and stones will break your bones because the words you said, they hurt me….

    2. Well, they’re lying about the fear thing. They don’t actually believe “hate speech” hurts anyone. It’s just a desire to punish the uncool folks.

  11. Two questions: is that a picture of him on the Party Bus and do you think he can score some really good Special K?

    OT: CNN POLL– Overall: Clinton/Trump 50/38
    White non-college educated: Clinton/Trump 36/55

    1. I like how leotards simultaneously credit themselves for being tolerant by how many poor inner city criminals and uneducated retards vote for them and claim to be the party of smart people. Truth is if you removed the welfare queens from the shelves then America votes to the right.

      The Democratic Party is sustained by the uneducated.

      1. ? This. This right here. Someone finally had the balls to say what we all have been thinking. You, sir, win the Internets.

  12. Milo is a great American hero.

    1. Stunning and brave.

    2. Who isn’t even American, but who’s checking IDs?

  13. Yiannopoulos’s message is deeply offensive to a whole lot of students

    If by “offensive” you mean “pretend offensive”.

    1. Exactly.

      You’d think that a guy who routinely writes articles about “students being incredibly offended” by things like…. oh, everything from Cafeteria Food to Chalk Scribblings….

      … might by this point realize that “Students being offended” means absolutely fucking nothing.

      Yet he still says it as though people should *naturally* care.

      “Why, dont you realize their feelings were hurt?! What sort of monster *are* you?! Obviously there’s something deeply wrong with whatever this person says if students are getting upset about it!!”

      – What? Why doesn’t Robby ever “quote” this person and allow his audience to decide how ‘offensive’ they actually are?

      Well, obviously because he is deeply sensitive to your feelings! He wouldn’t want you or anyone else to also be offended by what offensive people say. The responsible thing to do is declare them ‘offensive’ and leave it at that.”

    2. I’m offending by their offendedness.

  14. NYU Cancels Milo Yiannopoulos, Feared ‘Attacks’ on Islamic and Gay Students

    Will they have the same concern about inviting feminist speakers who could unleash attacks on men or social justice warriors who load off against white people or even Asians, or is this concern more selective?

  15. Banning speech only radicalizes people and provides an excuse for violence. This is the expected outcome of Cuomo’s misguided BDS ban – resulting in an increasing cycle of extremist rhetoric like they are seeing in Europe.

    1. Yeah, the Israel-bashers might turn violent!

  16. University administrators certainly do like playing right into Yiannopoulos’s hands. The power of victimhood goes both ways.

  17. I do have to say I enjoy the thought of the stoner nerds at Columbia running amok like a bunch of Reagan-era Ole Miss fratboys. I’m from both their city and their conference; and believe me, the only New Yorkers whose safety those motherfuckers could put in danger are the kids at New School. Maybe the NYUers too, if they distract them by tearing their Hermes summer scarves first.

  18. Wake me when the robotic bees start burrowing into internet celebrities’ brains.

    1. I’m not your alarm clock.

        1. Little known fun fact — the survivors of this band, The Ides of March, became Survivor, of “Eyes of the Tiger” Rocky movie song fame.

    2. I thought this already happened and involved the robot Richard Simmons?

      1. No, first it was the dogs, then the bees, then the dogs with the bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you, and *then* the Richard Simmons robot.

    3. So nobody just binge-watched Black Mirror? Lame. I award you roaches no stars.

      1. I have the first 2 seasons. I don’t do Netflix so I guess I’ll buy the DVD for season 3 if it’s any good.

        1. Facebook, games, blackmail, immortality, war, Twitter. If you love/hate those things, it should be a blast.

  19. One has to go to the link to find the Administrator’s name:

    The event was canceled because of “concerns ? about the safety and well-being of our community,” Marc Wais, senior vice president of student affairs, wrote in an email to NYU College Republicans. In addition, he wrote, “For example, the proposed venue in this case is proximate to the Islamic Center, the LGBTQ Student Center and the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs,” organizations that include students who are “subjects of Mr. Yiannopoulos’s attacks.”

    Come on Robby, give Marc Wais front row coverage. He deserves it.

    1. “The event was canceled because of “concerns ? about the safety and well-being of our community,” Marc Wais,”

      It’s really unsafe to hear opinions that don’t match yours.

    2. “Marc Wais is an identical triplet, chocolate chip cookie lover, and Senior Vice President for Student Affairs at NYU.”

      Fuck, there are two more of him out there…

    3. organizations that include students who are “subjects of Mr. Yiannopoulos’s attacks.” most likely to throw punches at this event

  20. Has anyone read the comments on any Breitbart story involving Yiannopoulos? It’s an interesting mix of love and hate. I don’t know which side gets to ask where its country gone.

    1. Has anyone read the comments on any Breitbart story involving Yiannopoulos?

      I’ve never actually read a single Breitbart anything

      Which is funny, because people seem to show up here every now and then and insist that we’re all ‘typical Breitbart readers’

      I assume they’re probably ‘less awful’ than the Taki-mag commenters, but worse than Hot Air, etc.

      1. “I don’t even own a television.”

        That’s you. You’re one of those people.

        The site itself is a disaster, technically speaking. Just a bunch of extra garbage that loads, on par with itself! I took a look at one of the stories on Yiannopoulos for the sole purpose of seeing how he, as a (spoiler alert) flamboyant gay person, was received in the comments. I think it’s a good gauge of the state of the party.

      2. I don’t think I’ve ready any Breitbart stuff either.

  21. So… like a mosque near ground zero then?

    1. Oh no you diint!

  22. This not just in, but not covered by reason.
    The only reason article was how there was no voter fraud to see. The videos show the opposite.

    1. That’s every reason article on the subject. They are as naive as could be.

  23. Dirk Gently adapted by BBC America, Netflix. Not for the first time, but the original BBC series was cut after only 4 episodes.

    Also, Elijah Wood for some reason.

    1. Isn’t 4 episodes a long run by BBC standards?

      1. +1 season

        1. *series

  24. Regarding the linked video: That’s an awful lot of young handsome-looking white dudes for someone who claims not to be attracted to that sort to be surrounding himself with 24 hours a day as live-in “staff.” I guess he likes them for accessorizing, like the purses.

    1. He’s racist – duh.

  25. A wondrous new TV show is about to premier:
    “In 2074, climate change has wreaked havoc on the populace, and most governments have collapsed. Taking their place are corporations, who wield unlimited power. Be a good and loyal corporate citizen, and you will be cared for. Disobey, and you will be taken to the Quiet Room. Few have survived. Will you be one of them? Incorporated premieres on November 30”

    Evil corporations? No one’s done that before. Produced by Maaaaaaaatt Daaaamon.

    1. Be a good and loyal citizen, and you will be cared for. Disobey, and you will be taken to the Quiet Room.

      Amazing how throwing in the word ‘corporate’ suddenly turns a statist dream into a statist nightmare.

      1. I think the difference is ‘which side of the gun are you staring at’.

    2. In fairness, abusive state power is quite a common theme for dystopian science fiction. Even many of the “lawless” dystopias coexist with a despotic and intrusive police presence, giving us a vision that government may be ineffective even as it is authoritarian. In terms of anti-libertarian messages, the idea that the future involves “evil corporations” per se is much less significant than the idea that if we do not make sure that government is good and strong to protect us, private abusers of rights and wielders of violence are bound to step up to fill the resulting lawless vacuum, whether they be feral teenagers or megacapitalists.

      1. The problem I have with a lot of the ‘corporate dystopia’ futures is that they tend to make no sense and the corporations constantly engage in evil for evil’s sake. Sure, you get a RoboCop once and awhile that actually does a pretty good job, but then you get stuff like Elysium, where you have a magical medical healing machine that is apparently very cheap to use.

        And the evil corporate masters don’t use this to ensure their workforce is never sick or injured because…they’re evil and stupid. I mean, hell guys, don’t even give it to them for free, charge them and make more money (of course, the whole point is that it’s a metaphor for public healthcare, even though that is not a cheap miracle device). Or they’re apparently able to produce robots sufficient enough to perform a massive amount of labour tasks, but still operate their factories with low skill slave Mexicans.

        I mean, if you’re going to make an amoral corporate dystopia, make them actually amoral, not Saturday morning cartoon evil.

        1. The evil corporations in those silly movies are always doing the things in an imaginary world that governments are actually doing in the real world.

          Speaking of which, the lefties think they have this election in the bag and that Hillary is going to give us single payer health care and gun control.

        2. I actually lowered myself enough to watch the RoboCop reboot out of boredom one day. They changed some parts of the story and there is more political drama than in the original.

          It was amusing how the movie’s creators work so hard to try and convince you that robot soldiers and cops are a bad idea, especially when created by corporations. But if you look at what actually happens in the movie, not what’s being narrated to you, it makes an extremely convincing case for OmniCorp’s mechanical enforcers.

          It’s painfully obvious that OmniCorp and its CEO is supposed to the the ultimate evil, while the valiant Senators trying to keep the AI cops off the streets are intended as the good guys. But the plot backs itself into a corner (to keep Alex Murphy from being bad, even as a pawn of OmniCorp) and essentially demonstrates how the AI efficiently keeps crime in check, only resorts to exactly the necessary amount of violence, and is incorruptible.

          So aside from the “Evil Steve Jobs” CEO, OmniCorp is effectively on the side of less crime, safer citizens (even criminals), and zero corruption.

          1. Corporations run everything? Pohl and Kornbluth, The Space Merchants, 1952. Gladiator-At-Law, 1955. The cutting edge of 64 years ago.

    3. They’re remaking Soylent Green?

      (The movie was set in 2022; for some reason I thought it was set a bit closer to the present than that.)

    4. So the “state” wielding unlimited power is somehow awesome. This seems like another “if gov’t wasn’t around no one would be able to whipe their ass” crowd of douchebags promoting their bullshit idea through a TV show.

      Someone should just film themselves not paying their property taxes while trying to get their services from others. It will be far worse than some “quiet room”

      1. “the “state” wielding unlimited power is somehow awesome”

        It is, it’s just so totally awesome! Can I get some more free stuff?! Stop saying mean stuff to me! I mean it, I’m gonna… go to my safe space, I mean it!


      2. The state is us; why do you hate yourself?

    5. You know. A lot of people I have talked to about the original movie “Roller Ball” often mistake the conflict that drives the plot.
      It’s not “EVUL CORORASHUNS”
      It’s the Rule of Law vrs. Chaos.
      Also for a Corporate entity to rule the entire world. It would need to become a Government.
      There is no profit motive for corporate world rule.

    6. climate change has wreaked havoc on the populace

      Overused trope, or most overused trope?

      1. Nope random vague nuclear holocost thingy always wins

    7. “…and most governments have collapsed…”


    1. Wow, she’s got Betty Davis eyes.

      1. You probably like Gene Harlow too.

        1. And Hedley Lamarr.

  26. Who’s the guy who said this?

    “A wise and frugal government shall restrain men from injuring one another and shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement.”

    Team Purple and most Americanos strongly disagree.

  27. But for a refreshing break, click below:

    basking bikini beauties

    1. Ewww, gross!

      /Teenage Girl

      1. Lol.. lets hope that psycho crazy old lesbian look she’s got going on works on Putin when he comes to washington riding shirtless on a stallion… If she manages to beat Trump in the upcoming election… (sitting here dry washing my hands waiting for the election) mwahahaha

    2. Wow, they caught her in the precise moment just before the tooth-box launches out to attack the viewer.

  28. “What’s really going on here is administrators are keenly aware of the fact that Yiannopoulos’s message is deeply offensive to a whole lot of students. NYU, as well as a host of other universities, is using the imaginary threat of violence as a pretext to silence a point of view it doesn’t like.”

    I have been pretty harsh towards Reason lately, for good reason. I scanned the article twice and discovered no disclaimers from Robby. Good. Write more like this and don’t apologize to anyone.

    Stand up, look ’em in the eye and call things what they are.

    1. I like it when he trolls the commentariat.

  29. “What’s really going on here is administrators are keenly aware of the fact that Yiannopoulos’s message is deeply offensive to a whole lot of students. NYU, as well as a host of other universities, is using the imaginary threat of violence as a pretext to silence a point of view it doesn’t like.”

    I have been pretty harsh towards Reason lately, for good reason. I scanned the article twice and discovered no disclaimers from Robby. Good. Write more like this and don’t apologize to anyone.

    Stand up, look ’em in the eye and call things what they are.

    1. Hopefully, after the election, the Reason writers will stop trying to be journalistas and go back to reporting on libertarian topics.

    2. I call them server squirrels.

  30. Anyone who freaks out over a intelligent, mellow guy like Milo has some serious issues.

  31. Stand up, look ’em in the eye and call things what they are.

    Way to other the wheelchair-bound. :-p

  32. This is interesting:

    Democrats manipulating polls?

    I know, I know, we can’t talk about this, Trump is Hitler.

    1. Rasmussen has Trump right in the thick of it and even leading:…..atch_oct21

      1. I’d balance that against some other polls. All of them have a bit of a built in bias, and Rasmussen tends to have it’s thumb on the right side of the scale. They may be right, but I’d still look at a few others before drawing a conclusion.

        Even at that, this election has been so nuts, and the polls have been swinging so wildly, I’m not sure an accurate prediction is even possible.

  33. Also what Mr. Richman does not understand is that living under anarchy, a society follows rules.
    Anarchy is not chaos, and lawlessness.

    1. Indeed. But people conflate the two. Because easier.

      I bet you most people would be surprised to learn Anarchy is a legitimate philosophy dating back to Ancient Greece.

    1. Seriously Quincy. Did you even watch the Vermin Supreme video ??? =D

      1. “Won’t you have to raise taxes for that?”
        “No, they’re free ponies.”

        Truly, a statesman for our time.

      1. Truly a despicable politician. So she’s using Russia as her spring board into power? Is she fucking insane?

        Also. She asserts Russia isn’t interested in fighting ISIS (which is not true) and are only interested in keeping Assad in power (true). But the crinkle in cankles’ argument is Assad IS fighting ISIS.…..onths.html

        ‘I stood up to Russia’. That’s right up there with ‘I can see Russia from my house’ but I doubt she’ll be lampooned for it.

        1. Also, she’s picking a fight with a military Putin revamped and a country ready to reassert its interests:


          1. I think the notion of the “revamped/modernized” and therefore-threatening Russian military is much overblown.

            Sort of like the media idea that there’s been a recent “crime/murder” spike? (and/or “War on Cops”) The way they justify that claim is based on eliding the fact that the recent crime/murder rates (or police shootings) are at near half-century lows.

            iow, any change at all back towards what would otherwise be considered a “normal range” is suddenly being treated as an ‘abnormal rise’ which should be very concerning.

            And who is it being treated this way by? Mostly right-wing groups that want to project the idea of ‘rising crime’ and want to get people to fund lots more Cops & Tough on Crime pols, naturally.

            Apply the same basic idea there to Russia = Who are the ones now insisting that Russia’s military is concerning? wild guess = the same sort of people who want greater military funding and a more aggressive foreign policy?

            yes, the Russian military has asserted itself twice in the last couple of years – in Crimea/East Ukraine, and in Syria. But you’re talking about a military that is only barely resuscitated after decades of withering conflict in Chechnya. They’ve scraped together enough force to put on a show, and even these small efforts are putting strain on them.

            Most people whose job it is to evaluate these sorts of things say = “Russian Military Still Rubbish

            1. I tend to agree the Russian military is more theater than anything, but the key here is they are asserting themselves.

              Now whether it’s smart policy to stick your chest out to them is another question.

              I do find it interesting to note back under Romney, Russia was seen as a threat while Obama said they weren’t. And as you note, they did indeed make some noise soon after. Now, the table seems reversed. Hillary is taking a hawkish stance against Russia while Trump is more conciliatory.

  34. Meagan Kelly does Reason’s reporting job for them?

    Just cut your own nuts off already.

    What is this?

  35. Okay here is my reasoning. The country will recover from putting the Court Jester on the throne, and engaging in a disastrous trade war with China. The Human Race will have a worse time trying to recover from a Global Thermonuclear War with Russia. Hillary even commented on how long it would take for a nuclear response. Four minutes according to herself.
    Do you truly want peace ??
    Put that bitch out of power.
    Then we can have some breathing room to give the LP stolen taxpayer money, and make sure the court jester only gets one term as King.

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    1. FTW? What the fuck did that moron just say? Crikey … never mind.

    2. ‘Does government have a mechanism to convince Twitter to let me post?’
      Yes, the gov’t does. It shouldn’t and Milo wouldn’t like it if they used it for other voices.

  43. Foster mother tells of horror when she discovered ’12-year-old Afghan refugee orphan’ she cared for was a 21-year-old jihadi

    The boy, Jamal, was identified as being far older following dental checks
    His carer, Rosie, had been suspicious of his facial hair and gun proficiency
    The refugee was found with Taliban and child abuse material on his phone
    He since been arrested for assault and has been denied asylum

    1. Rosie told the paper’s Nigel Bunyan and Chris Pollard: ‘It’s ridiculous how everybody else could see it but not the social workers.’

      They’re either incompetent in the extreme or advancing an agenda. How horrible that the first possibility is the most desirable.

      1. “Politics is the mindkiller.”

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    You stupid goddamn FUCK

  49. Milo is like 9/11 times 10,000.

  50. This marble you FUCKED that dude you will divorce years later
    is going to stab us in the throat because
    globalist forces like to rape little boys

  51. daniel in 1987 hauled his fucking shit
    to a Sears house and turned over a fucking brick to
    get into his dinner house because his life
    was an empty ktichen and plato pulses
    and ufos singing under the green alohas

  52. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  53. I like to imagine Agile Cyborg’s comments as a Wesley Willis song.

  54. under your eyelids turn the dreams
    of today and tomorrow
    but you cannot know this because
    your pupils jerk off to the minutes of
    mental darts fired into the seconds of
    now and forever
    we are not designed to see and experience
    time as a vast peripheral orgasm of eye lightnings
    and pervasive Christmases and shit

  55. Also I’m not advising anyone to vote against Johnson/Weld, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Vermin Supreme, or anyone else.
    I can’t force anyone to anything, and for that I am grateful. Do what you want.
    I however would not be disappointed by anyone voting against Hillary Clinton. That rabid neocon needs to be put into retirement.

    1. Also Jimmy the Pirate advises against the chasing of neon bears and fuck punching of dicks who show up on Easter to eat cocks
      Also Jimmy the Pirate advises against the unleashing of hellacious turds growing angelic wings and flitting like blueish silver hummingbirds into the actual asshole of the goddamn universe

      1. Yes I am not a big fan of forcing people to eat neo bear cocks, or hibernation bear shit plugs for that matter.

    2. I approve of voting for Darrell Castle or Vermin Supreme. Other than these candidates the only acceptable choice is Donald J Trump. A vote for GayJay is like voting for Ellen McMuffin or Hitlery Kkklinton.

      1. Dude I just don’t get why you do not like Co-Consuls Garry Johnson/Bill Weld. Even I do not like Blue State Republicans, but you have an irrational hate for them. I think you need some of Vermin Supremes magic pony dust to clear your head. =D

        1. I’m voting for Calvin Coolidge. The dead can’t hurt you.

    3. Hillary’s winning New York by 20 points. I can vote my conscience with no problem.

  56. Pirate Party set to win in Iceland.

    Its members are a collection of anarchists, hackers, libertarians and Web geeks. It sets policy through online polls ? and thinks the government should do the same. It wants to make Iceland “a Switzerland of bits,” free of digital snooping. It has offered Edward Snowden a new place to call home.

    1. Release The Kraken

  57. esoteric ramifications of oxygen ships
    is the extensions built on the societies
    of ourselves and our gangster

    the great land mass of ideas where
    knights tromp and queens flex
    the great land mass of ideas where
    demons lurk where gold linings melt

    onward today into the most furiously scary
    whispers where the ghosts even cringe
    on the future of walkers and talkers- takers and fakers
    where the goddamn future melts on the crashing
    hell of merging fucks

    off we turn the switches of reality but knowing better
    night wolves awake and place their throat slashing hells
    into the lively hells of tonight, even. Like this this is happening
    right now under neath the cheesy streets…

    so Agile wishes for the great old Coot Outlaw to rise from the ancient
    canyons in the desert to fist bump a fucking future without goddamn
    progressive mice trembling like shitty drimbles under the crushing ancient screams

  58. the future is a timber of tumbles where doors
    lie and exist without and within and cry

  59. if you like your
    mind never look too deep
    if you like your
    never ever look too deep
    if you break this rule- I promise you
    you will find more
    experiences that will distract
    you from
    daily occupations
    never ever look too deep
    because underneath
    the stairs of your mind
    lie the hidden selves
    of your fears

      1. look under the lapping suns of
        your monsters, Deg

        old wallpaper printed from
        the dreams of very old books
        casts shadows into the hallowed
        tit for tat, deg

  60. Under the lightning of the suicide calls of my friend
    I ran into the sands underneath the tall pillars of
    a strange house on the edge of the sultan lake

    I could not run fast because the earth glued my
    fear under its boredom and david ran his
    truck into the lake and his screams actually
    echoed across the lapping oddness of ghost

    your arm pimples can cease because under an
    alligator moon I ran off a Black Swamp pier on the
    edge of comets and pulled David twitching on
    the benzos and caine from on top the bottom

    this last summer before the big festival I did this
    David was about to die
    and his shuddering body and blue skin
    walked that day after we planted a fucking tree

  61. You people are hearing a loud sucking sound away from higher education.

      1. Wesley Snipes did not pay taxes. All hail.

            1. What about New England style buns?

              1. I love brown bread in the can.
                Fuck anyone who says otherwise.

                1. Jimmy is clearly a pirate. What is this brown bread in the can bullshit?

                  1. It’s bread that comes in a can, that is heavily sweetened with molasses.
                    Butts Wagner you are in no doubt from away.
                    What is brown bread he asks !!!

                    1. I have a new mission next time I visit the supermarket. The top slice hot dog buns were a revelation.

                    2. Not available in SF, but right here:
             (Amazon doesn’t condense the addy? WTF? add boston brown bread)
                      No raisins, please. Sliced, some Phiily cream cheese and a bit of the jelly of your choice (blackberry preserves, thanks)

                    3. This is why I will kill you last Sevo. =D

                    4. The next thing you people are going to ask me is why anyone would use roses pig brains in scrambled eggs !!
                      You Fucking Heathens !!!

                    5. “You Fucking Heathens !!!”

                      “Hey, Barkeep! given this guy a shot of … On my tag.”

                2. “I love brown bread in the can.
                  Fuck anyone who says otherwise.”

                  Not sure why anyone would say you don’t.

                    1. I’ve gotten used to grinders, and bubblers, and frappes, and I’ve always said soda. But bread in a can?! Clearly, Jimmy is British or something.

                    2. I looked it up after I saw your first comment about it. I am genuinely curious now. Disclaimer: I’ve never purchased Spam.

                    3. It’s all good brother. =)
                      Just messing with ya. =)

                    4. Honestly its not a bad product. It’s a good food if you are into winter camping.

                    5. Fair enough. We could have kept this up all night, you townie.

  62. ADA suit in the offing:

    “No longer the Bay Bridge Trail to nowhere”
    “For the first time since the new span of the Bay Bridge opened, bikers and pedestrians cycled and walked from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island on the Bay Bridge Trail, the bike path built along the bridge.”…..154306.php

    First, YB Island is “nowhere”, and then the opening attracted crowds of, oh, tens.
    And then:

    “The new east span of the bridge, set to open in 2013, will feature a bicycle and pedestrian path, built at a cost of $50 million, but it will end at Yerba Buena Island.”…..245845.php

    Now, that was a prediction, and the total cost of the bridge went from a predicted $6.4Bn to well over $12Bn, and the problems caused by the Brown Bros demand for “LEGACY” do not yet have known corrections. Figure a life-time job for the engineers. And the bike path design foundered since it was too ‘pedestrian’ to coin a cliche’.
    So let’s apply the low end: $50M X 2 = $100M for those tens of bikers who rode it the first day and the 5 or 6 who will ride it every day thereafter.
    Ain’t we taxpayers generous?

    1. SF reduced a major southern route into the city (San Jose Avenue) by one lane for a bike path I’ve never seen anyone use. But I do see, regularly, the extra traffic congestion it has caused.

  63. Don’t say I didn’t ever give you cosmo cucks anything

    1. Oh, you’ve given us just months and months of abysmally stupid posts; don’t underrate yourself.

      1. Forget it Sevo.
        Its assholery all the way down the line of history.

  64. When people who take offense at what someone says gets to choose which speech is protected and “allowed”, we will soon be a population of mutes.

  65. The one comment I haven’t seen is what would happen if an anti-white-European speaker came to a mosque in NYC and there was a Christian church nearby. I assume the speech would be cancelled for fear of violence against the Christian church.

    1. Cats and Dogs get along better than most people, and they are prone to kill each other.

      1. Maybe. But people are really narcissistic. Domestic cats are just lone killers and domestic dogs are just stupid.

  66. OK, NFL craze sweeps the nation:
    “Kaepernick goes vegan, but claims it hasn’t led to muscle loss”
    “And yet Kaepernick, who confirmed to reporters that he went vegan nine months ago, claims he hasn’t lost any body mass.”
    (well, maybe not)

    And QB with a 57 rating seem to lack focus:
    “Colin Kaepernick wears Black Panther Party t-shirt to post-game press conference”…..49ers-bucs

    But reality intrudes:
    (Can’t find the link)
    Commenter on a 9’er board points out the ‘9ers have a bye week coming up and the odds are they are to lose…

    1. What would Joe Montana do? What would Steve Young do?

      Play for someone else . . . .

  67. Now this is how you do ironic, Alannis.

  68. So if the venue was located a bit further away, it would be okay?

    I don’t get your logic, NYU . . . .

  69. An intellectual exercise? Who the hell wants this at a college?

  70. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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