Emory's Social Events Are for Black Students Only, Sabrina Rubin Erdely's Salary: P.M. Links


  • Erdely

    Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.

  • The University of Michigan is hosting diversity forums that are segregated by race.
  • More bad news for the Trump campaign.
  • Sabrina Rubin Erdely was set to make $300,000 at Rolling Stone before the UVA debacle.
  • The latest dispatches from the UVA / Rolling Stone trial.
  • How students saved a racist from a life in the white nationalist movement—and repudiated safe space culture.

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    1. Hello.

      “The University of Michigan is hosting diversity forums that are segregated by race.”


      1. Don’t worry, the forums are separate but equal.

        1. I wonder if UM will use the opening line “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…..”

          /Zero Mostel

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      2. What is An Ohio State University doing?

      3. Free association for me, but not for thee.

      4. Irony is lost on this generation, as is humour, oh and fun… this generation is stupid. I for one will enjoy telling them to get off my lawn.

        1. Irony is lost on this generation

          That’s because they think it has something to do with rain on their wedding day.

          1. Since most are probably not married, I’d say it’s maybe a free ride when they’ve already paid.

    2. You know who else awarded gold stars to people?

      1. My teachers? They always said I was special.

        1. Forgot the “air quotes”

          1. My “bad”.

            1. I feel “sorry” for you.

            2. They were referring to the short bus type of special.

      2. My first grade teacher?

      3. My secund grade speling teecher?

      4. Hollywood?

          1. ^Wiener

              1. Nambla bait.

      5. Gosh, you people are dumb…it was Hitler, duh!


        1. Go back and look at these threads from ten years ago. They read the same because we never learn.

          1. Yea, but that’s why I keep coming back.

      6. Spain’s national football team?

    3. ON TIME. Gold star.

      Anti-Semitic much?

      1. Participation prize for you.

  1. Sabrina Rubin Erdely was set to make $300,000 at Rolling Stone before the UVA debacle.

    You can’t put a price on credibility.

    1. Or a Columbia journalism degree.

    2. I don’t believe you.

    3. Will be nice to see her have to eke out a living at the Paducah Shopper and Advertiser at $30K.

      1. Will be nice to see her have to eke out a living at the Paducah Shopper and Advertiser at $30K

        And she’ll probably have to write advertising copy at the Paducah Shopper and Advertiser as well.

        First effort:
        Full broaster chickens at Sal’s Market $3.99
        Individual white meat sections: $2.49
        Grab its motherfucking leg: $1.29

      2. She can always find a home at Jezzebel?

        1. She did some real damage to the cause. But at least she tried, so yes.

          1. She didn’t do any damage to the cause? it was those right-wing white males persecuting her!

            1. Plus, as always, it was fake but accurate.

      3. If Tony ever gets fired from the “East Side Dog Walker’s Weekly”, well, you do get to live in a gated cvommunity without poor people around

    4. this one was to be her first under a new contract that would have paid her $300,000 for seven stories over the course of two years.

      seven stories over two years for 300K. it’s confirmed. somebody has been slipping crazy pills into my morning tea.

      1. Look how much publicity and readership the UVA story had! Years after it was published, it’s still news – you can’t just buy journalism like that everywhere.

    5. You can’t put a price on credibility.

      But you can put a price on credulity.

    1. Adblock-blocked.

  2. How students saved a racist from a life in the white nationalist movement…

    Former racist.

    1. He’s white. Still racist.

      1. Did you find a new job yet?

        1. You’re not supposed to know about that.

      2. I need some muscle over here

    2. Nah, it’s like an alcoholic or a military general — once you’ve become one, you’re always one.

      1. Nah, it’s like an alcoholic…once you’ve become one, you’re always one.

        “You ain’t one ’till ya start goin’ to the meetings.”

        – Very old SNL skit

        1. Quitting is for losers

      2. So when they interview him on CNN, his title will be Bigot (Ret).

  3. Invulnerability illusion leaves younger people exposed to web frauds

    The ‘optimism bias’ is tricking more millennials into online swindles, says Better Business Bureau study

    1. I thought bring too trusting was what allowed the BBB to swindle them.

    2. Spider-Man hardest hit

  4. There’s a word for separating people by skin color.

    1. Targeted tanning salon advertising?

    2. Basketball?

      1. You win

  5. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.

    How did we get to the point where progressives started believing that “separate but equal” was totally cool?

    1. You sure that isn’t just returning to their roots, so to speak.

      1. [golf clap]

      2. I’m old enough to remember when nigger, ziggaboo and spearchucker were in common everyday use. The folks that would casually use those terms would also say “Segregation is natural – the niggras would rather associate with their own kind.”

    2. They always wanted that?
      Or, my real opinion, they just want power. Diversity isnt as much fun unless its forced and very exact in the ratios.

    3. It’s been going on for a while. A long-standing complaint about gentrification is that it may cause neighborhoods to be diverse rather than “diverse.”

      1. Hell, I’d probably pay to watch that happen.


    4. It’s the same position Derek Black had, before he went all goodthinkful.

      What’s the explanation? Horseshoe theory? Collectivism in general? Feeels?

      1. Historic ignorance

    5. “How did we get to the point where progressives started believing that “separate but equal” was totally cool?”

      Who do you think came up with it in the first place?

      1. That’s not how we’re remembering it

  6. “Sabrina Rubin Erdely was set to make $300,000 at Rolling Stone before the UVA debacle.

    That’s just good management.

    1. Now she’ll make $600k on the eventual book deal and paid speaking gigs on the Echo Chamber circuit.

    2. When you’re a teenage witch, it’s easy to cast a spell on your employers.

    3. How much does Jackie Coakley make?

      1. My therapy to USD calculator is broken at the moment.

    4. very exact in the ratios.

      I won’t know how to feel about this until I know what her male equivalent was also making.

      1. Interesting.

  7. Before I link it, has everyone already seen the video of Trump roasting Clinton?

    1. Nope. I heard he was booed.

      1. There are some incredible one liners in there.

        1. We could have this every Wednesday if we adapted the British tradition of “Prime Minister’s Questions”.

          1. It sounds better than it ends up being. It’s like having John Oliver retardedly throw questions at Jon Stewart, who retardedly quips back, except both are uglier and dumber than their Holywood counterparts.

            Though sometimes you get Maggy Thatcher after she was unseated as a leader, but before her resignation as a PM. Damn, damn, DAMN!

      2. Does the Cardinal ask, “Hey, howsabout them juggalos in that red dress, amiright? Amen.”

      3. Hello!! Cleavage!! Best line I thought was the one from Hillary. Donald is as healthy as a horse that Putin rides around on. I automatically had an image of shirtless Putin riding on Trump.

        1. Paging Barfman.

          1. Yeah, and when I was talking about cleavage, you thought it was about girl named Maria.

    2. Maria B deserves another song in her honor.

  8. More bad news for the Trump campaign.

    “Worse? How can it get any worse? Rigged rigged rigged!”

    1. The man with Donald’s ear,
      He had such gonorrhea,
      He whored all night
      For the alt-right
      Their discharge weren’t clear

      Friggin in the riggin
      Friggin in the riggin
      Friggin in the riggin
      Cos there’s fuck all else to do

      1. Second verse, same as the first

        1. Immmm henry the 8th i am!

    2. The man with Donald’s ear,
      He had such gonorrhea,
      He whored all night
      For the alt-right
      Their discharge weren’t clear

      Friggin in the riggin
      Friggin in the riggin
      Friggin in the riggin
      Cos there’s fuck all else to do

      1. Oh come on squirrels, you’re supposed to make up your own verse.

  9. The University of Michigan is hosting diversity forums that are segregated by race.

    It’s the groups that are diverse, not the individuals within each group.

  10. Women plan yoga pants parade

    Parade in response to a letter to the editor stating that “Not since the mini-skirt has there been something worn by so many women who should never have it on in the first place”. Editor Josh Bickford defended the publication of the letter.
    “At East Bay Newspapers, we have maintained the tradition of attempting to publish every letter we receive, adhering to standards for libel and ethical content,” he wrote online in response to critics. “In this case, he is not attacking any individual nor specific group.”

    1. I love the yoga pants ladies, keep it up. I’ll be in my bunk.

    2. he is not attacking any individual nor specific group

      Callipygian women?

    3. Yoga pants are the greatest thing ever. So comfy. I only wish it was socially acceptable for guys to wear them too.

      1. It’s acceptable for men to wear meggings, I am sure you can get away by wearing yoga pants.

        1. I thought those were called “long johns”.

          1. You can’t wear long johns out, Zeb; they are indoor pants. There are so many different ways to dress up meggings. My preferred way is to just wear a long sweater with them. THEY ARE SO COMFY!

            1. Try a little harder to be included in a Sugarfree horrorporn why don’t ya?

              1. The horrifying part is that he thinks meggings are just really long socks.

            2. What I’m hearing is that you’re confessing to being Pajama Boy.

              1. You clearly know even less about fashion than I do.

      2. I don’t want to see you in yoga pants, thank you very much.

        1. When you phrase it that way, he’ll just walk around pantsless.

      3. How good is your ass, Chip? If you don’t know, send me a profile photo that shows curvature.

        1. Ok, ass pics to Tonio and dick pics to Jesse? Trying to make sure I get my commentators straight.

            1. need a narrowed gaze over here

              1. narrowed gays are healthy gays

    4. I’ve never understood this “shouldn’t wear that” sentiment. Ladies, wear what you want; we’ll make absolutely revolting comments in the locker room afterward.

    5. Some people probably shouldn’t wear certain things for the sake of their own dignity. But if they don’t care, it’s nothing to me. Seeing an unattractive person’s body doesn’t actually cause permanent damage.

        1. I wonder how her knee was bruised?

        2. The thing that really amazes me about her is how shitty she managed to make herself look at such a young age.

        3. I know it’s supposed to be refreshing that woman would be so unencumbered by expectations of personal appearance, but I don’t feel refreshed when I see Lena Dunnam flaunting flab. More like revulsion. It doesn’t help that she’s a loathsome person either.

    6. “Yoga pants can be adorable on children and young women who have the benefit of nature’s blessing of youth. However, on mature, adult women there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public.”

      Nice job, Alan Sorrentino, you only managed to come off as vaguely pedophilic.

      Ladies, you’re doin’ God’s work.

      1. However, on mature, adult women there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public.

        Somebody has never googled “yoga pants milf.”

        1. And some of us never will.

        2. Why do milfs always have to have such huge tits? Aren’t there any a or b cup milfs? C,s are just too big

      2. That sounds like a dude that needs to go fuck himself immediately.

        1. When yoga pants go out of style I will dress in black for a week. No, a year.

  11. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.
    And separate water fountains?

    1. I hear they’re going to have separate sections on the bus too.

    2. If its filled with purple drank, ill change how i identify

      1. Grape cold medication and sprite? That is all it takes?

        1. Look, codeine is fun. If its coming out of the water fountain, im in.

    3. Let’s just separate everybody.

    4. Water fountains…

      You, Sir, win the interwebs. Well done. You know they would freak their shit right out if someone did that.

      1. I would pay good money for a public art display that had ‘Whites’ and ‘People of Color’ drinking fountains next to each other with a title like “Inclusive Fountains” or “The Waters of Intersectionality”.

      2. Not really, if you label them “Everyone” and “PoC Only”, they’ll see it as sticking it to the whitey.

      3. I’m not even sure they’d bat an eyelash at this point.

  12. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.

    Emory and ivory, live separate in perfect harmony.

    1. Damn it, damn it, damn it, Fist! Was totally set to make this joke. Fie upon your legacy, scoundrel!

      1. You could always riff off it somehow. Or make the joke and pretend you didn’t see mine.

      2. You should have riffed on it. Or made the joke then purposefully not acknowledged that Fist had already said the exact same thing.

  13. Super rich on a luxury car buying spree

    Warning: auto-play video

    The super rich are on a luxury car spending spree.

    A new report from consulting firm Bain shows sales of luxury cars are set to grow 8% this year to hit an all-time high, outpacing growth in all other luxury sectors including art, food, hotels and wine.

    Bain predicts that sales in the overall global luxury market will reach ?1.1 trillion ($1.2 trillion) this year, and 40% of that spending will be lavished on fancy cars.

    The vast majority of luxury car spending goes towards top-of-the-range vehicles from brands like Mercedes, BMW (BMWYY) and Audi, said Bain partner Claudia D’Arpizio.

    But the biggest sales growth — 20% plus per year — is happening at the very top of the market, which is dominated by brands like Rolls Royce, Ferrari (RACE) and Lamborghini.

    1. *Bubble popping*

    2. Anyone spending over 100k on a car that isnt a GTR is a fool.

      1. When the heart rules the mind….

        1. I get that. But if youre looking for power per dollar, a GTR is hard to beat. For the 30k range, its a WRX, the sti engine is expensive to maintain. Between the w and the gtr, it gets mixed. Bmw m3 or an audi s3 s4 would be my choice, but the new lexus is strong.

          1. No one spending more than $100k gives a fuck about power. Its about the prestige and the brand and the looks.

            1. and the old adage, ” because I can”

            2. *correction

              that # should be higher since there are plenty of regular ‘sports cars’ over $100k, and people do care about the output of the 911 turbo vs an R8 or AMG.

              but in the “luxury” segment (S class, alpinas, panameras, etc), its not about the HP/ton, really.

      2. I dunno. If I had the dosh to buy a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron, I’d be sorely tempted.

        1. I still like those high end cars. If you have the cash for more and are collecting go nuts.

      3. You say that now but when I spend six figures to get my gold plated Toyota Camry you’re gonna wish you had one.

    3. I follow Gucci Mane on snapchat (guwopsnap) and get just bought the most beautiful Rolls Royce I’ve ever seen. Candy red paint with white leather interior mmmm.

      1. Guy is a baller. Hes gone to 11 since he got out.

        1. And dude lost like 30 pounds, his old lady is gorgeous. Man I should have been a rapper and tattooed a ice cream cone on my face.

          1. Make 200k a verse man.

    4. Wow, how unforeseeable. Rich people can earn 0.9% with a money market account, or they can spend the money on a cool car that goes fast and gets them laid.

    5. Do these include Teslas?

    6. Anyone have any estimates on their ability to store value through a depression?

      Obviously they wouldn’t be worth much trying to resell them during the depression but coming out the other side how much of their original value would they regain?

      1. most high end cars do not keep their value. I suppose if you planned on using it as an investment it could hold up well on the other side.

        1. Car are not just subject to market forces but to entropy as well. You can just park them in you garage. It takes money and effort to maintain their condition even if you don’t drive them.

  14. So, have you ever wondered what kind of people PM Zoolander puts in his cabinet?

    EU-Canada Free Trade Talks Collapse Because Of Course They Do. For Fuck’s Sake. (note: link may not be actual headline)

    Canada worked really hard, and me personally, I worked very hard,” she said in French, expressing Canada’s disappointment ? as well as her own ? at this turn of events.

    “It’s become evident for me, for Canada, that the European Union isn’t capable now to have an international treaty even with a country that has very European values like Canada. And even with a country so nice, with a lot of patience like Canada.”
    We have decided to return home. I am very sad. It is emotional for me,” she told reporters. “The only good thing I can say is that tomorrow morning I will be at home with my three kids.”

    So yeah, basically our minister of trade talks like a reasonably bright 12-year old. And she’s one of the bold intellectuals of his cabinet (a journalists! wrote a book!).

    1. What a retard.

    2. I don’t think about PM Zoolander.

    3. What an idiot and embarrassing.

      Basically she mirrors her boss.

      1. ‘values like Europe’?

        What in the fuck is she talking about?

        1. What in the fuck is she talking about aboot?


        2. A nebulous claim to be sure. But there are at least some remnants of culture, philosophy and history that bind Europe with many of it’s former colonies. Though we both know she’s talking about some kind of adherence to leftist orthodoxy and groupthink.

          1. Exactly and mostly fixed against ‘not being American.’

            Our nationalists are not even interesting. Just boring and whiny.

            Was George Grant was anti-American? I can’t remember.


            1. George Grant was not a nationalist in the modern sense of ‘Canadian nationalist’ (i.e. whiny, self-righteous anti-American leftist). His nationalism was more a rejection of modern values and mix of the old Tory conservatism and Platonic values. He was also super-religious and hated abortion.

        3. Values like laughing at their funny French accent when they liberated Paris.

          1. To be fair to the French, Paris mostly liberated itself in an uprising, and first troops in were from French 2nd Armored Division (well, first first troops in were from a company made of Spanish Civil War veterans, many of them actual Spanish, because world is weirder than fiction).

            To be fair to the Germans, the reason Paris was liberated in an uprising is that French are not Slavic subhumans, so it didn’t receive the Warsaw treatment (mass rape, hundreds of thousands killed, block-by-block destruction – basically what a medieval sack of a city looks when you have 20th century tech and are really really pissed off it took you weeks of combat to conquer it).

            1. and first troops in were from French 2nd Armored Division

              Didn’t Eisenhower basically give that as a sop to DeGaulle?

    4. Ok. I just looked. It all makes sense. It’s Chrystia Freeland. This woman was the editor of the FP Times at one point. I used to watch her on The McLaughlin Group and wondered who was that moron? How can such a shallow mind be on such a program?

      Next thing I know she’s in the fucking cabinet of my country.

      1. Retards tend to promote other retards. So a group of retards band together, elect Trudeau, he then proceeds to retardify every office within his reach.

      2. You didn’t click the ‘book’ link, did you? I admire the EU negotiators, if she came to the table and I was there, I’d be laughing my ass off!

    5. Best comment:

      “Robert Roode

      Freeland wrote a book and made millions telling people how the corporations are taking over the world one free trade deal at a time.

      Now as a Liberal she loves free trade deals.

      Good Grief”

      Exactly. Nailed it. Liberals. It’s how they roll.

      1. We’d be better off if corporations *were* taking over from governments.

    6. Hey, remember Martha Hall Findlay, that highly qualified lawyer who ran for the Liberal leadership race in 2013? I wonder why such an intelligent and accomplished woman was never offered a cabinet position. Probably has nothing to do with her calling out Trudeau on being a rich, stupid brat.

      (Full disclosure: I’m a registered Liberal and voted for her)

      1. Look, he only had room for women in 50% of his cabinet (and she didn’t stand as an MP). I’m sure she’ll receive a position more suited to her talents when it opens.

  15. Well, Well, Well, Looks Like It Wasn’t Russia After All

    The Hillary campaign claims the DNC and Podesta emails were stolen by Russian hackers. Hillary Clinton was so sure of this she mentioned it during the debate and adamantly blamed Putin. Not so, says Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray. He personally visited WikiLeaks Julian Assange and this claim is false.

    1. Well that certainly settles it!

      1. Well given the veracity of the evidence Hilary has put forward so far (none), “he said, she said” is perfectly suitable to debunk the Russian hypothesis. The burden of proof remains on Hilary for that claim.

        1. 12 agencies said so. Twelve.

          Are you going to go against 12 different agencies? Huh? Are you? 12? If it had only been 3 agencies…. maybe. But 12 agencies say so. There’s your proof.

          1. And don’t forget that the state department extorted Ecuador to cut off Assange’s internet access to cover Hilary’s ass. It would be just crazy to conclude that there’s a concerted effort within the US government to use government resources to protect and elect Hilary.

          2. Oh and this genuinely surprising statement:

            Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on Friday that it was time to stop blaming Russia where there was no proof. “We don’t know enough to ascribe motivation regardless of who it might have been,” he said.

            1. “irregardless”

    2. I’m sure this will get lots of coverage.

        1. Fist had nothing to do with this. But I do understand the desire…

          1. Little do you people know but I get off on the rush of feeling dizzy.

            1. I think that’s what killed the Kung Fu guy. That’s a pretty serious practice to be engaging in, Fist. I just hope you have a spotter.

              1. I heard he hung himself in closet while wearing women’s lingerie (auto-erotic asphyxiation).

                Same thing happened to the Kung-Fu guy.

    3. I’m sure CNN will get right on that.

    4. Time will tell but I think it was a whistleblower that leaked it, maybe even a whole part of the government that pledges to uphold the law and remain impartial but were recently thrown under the bus.

      1. Yeah, that’s the most common cause of leaks? disgruntled employees, former and current.

      2. Good thing no DNC whistle blower turned up dead in a “botched robbery” lately.

    5. The claim seemed suspect if only because it was clear the DNC was run by idiots. You just don’t hire DB cooper to steal cookies off a buffet.


    Warning: auto-play video

    Earlier this year, Venezuelans suffered through acute food shortages.

    Now food is starting to reappear on more and more supermarket shelves. But the prices are prohibitive for almost everyone.

    1. Now they’re suffering from chronic food shortages.

    2. TL;DR:

      Venezuela lifts price controls and grocery stores can now afford to import food but the cost reflects the cost of importing.

  17. I find something slightly self-satisfying in that last link.

  18. Universe has two trillion more galaxies than previously thought

    Researchers have recently found that the observable universe is much larger than previously thought. According to a new study, the observable universe has two trillion more galaxies than researchers thought in the past.

    1. What’s a few trillion among friends?

    2. Nobody needs more than 1 galaxy

    3. That “spoooch” sound you just heard was my head exploding – again!! A few months ago I read that there are more suns than grains of sand in all the deserts and all the beaches of the world. I was still trying to wrap my head around that — and now this!

      1. There’s a goddamn integer overflow in my brain!

        1. No wait, never mind. My TI-83 can handle it just fine.

    4. How many is that in light years?

      1. How many parsecs will it take to get there?

  19. Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Ditched CGI Meeting Despite $12 Million from Morrocan King

    A new batch of emails hacked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s account, and published by the organization Wikileaks, reveals the star-studded guest list for the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2015 meeting in Morocco. It also reveals that those attending, including heads of state and CEOs of major global corporations, were expecting Hillary Clinton to be there.

    1. “No refunds, suckers!”

  20. And from the BBC, we have a European Bullworth

    In a collection of interviews just published by two Le Monde journalists, the French president unburdens himself, in astonishingly cavalier style, of a series of revealing jibes:

    The justice system is full of “cowards”
    There are “too many” immigrants
    There is a “problem” with Islam
    Footballers need “brain-building”
    Intellectuals are “not very interested in the idea of France”

    There’s more. Presidential predecessor and Republican candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is a “crude mini-De Gaulle” and a “Duracell rabbit”. The Greens are a “cynical pain in the butt” and left-wing rebels are a “crowd of idiots”.

    So everyone is up in arms, but damn, he should double down and ride it into the campaign. His ratings were in the toilet before the book came out, so why the fuck not go in telling what your really think?
    Oh, and this is no ‘didn’t see microphone’ stuff – he invited the journalists, he talked to them honestly over a long period of time, and he was always aware that they are doing the book and that nothing he says is off the record.

  21. Gretchen Carlson and sexual harassment

    Warning: auto-play video

    Now Carlson is planning to testify before Congress about forced arbitration, the “fine print that permits companies to have new employees sign away their rights to litigation.”

    “It is a huge problem,” she tells Time. “Because it’s secret. And it plays into why we think that we’ve come so far in society and we probably really haven’t — because we don’t hear about it.”

    Her goal, she says, is to find out “what we need to do to change the system so that women feel safe.”

    Contracts, how do they work?

    1. It’s not fucking secret. You were just too stupid to read your contract.


        1. A lot of men can’t be bothered to read contracts, either.

    2. Do the bepenised get to feel safe?

      1. I laughed. That’s a good one.

    3. Wow. She sounds like she’s testifying on behalf of the American Trial Lawyers Association.

    4. Is she going to testify for the Committee on How To Make Millions Off Your Body While Complaining About Sexism?

      1. “I thought once of making a little Fortune by my Person. I now intend to make a great one by my Vartue.”

        Quote from Shamela in the novel of the same name by Henry Fielding

  22. All racism, all the time

    One high school teacher’s bold premise ? that “all white people are racist, period” ? is reigniting discussion about how difficult it is to talk about race in school classrooms.

    One offended student in the philosophy elective at Norman North High School in Oklahoma recorded the remark, part of a lecture about how to heal racial divides, on her cellphone last week. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, told the local NBC-affiliate KFOR that she felt the teacher was encouraging the class “to pick on people for being white.”

    The controversy comes as the country is confronted with questions of institutional racism in its educational systems and police departments, police misconduct against young black men, and racial inequality. The teacher, James Coursey, appeared to try to draw his classroom into this national conversation. Some education experts applaud Mr. Coursey and others’ efforts to engage students in what can be a challenging dialogue. But they also say he could have just worded his argument differently.

    Ban “e pluribus unum”.

    1. So racist assertions are “bold”now?

    2. “reigniting discussion about how difficult it is to talk about race in school classrooms.”

      Shut up, jackass, it’s difficult to get caught *being a racist* in a classroom. Boo hoo.

    3. In a sane world she would be canned for being racist but I guess we are still playcating to blacks like children.

    4. part of a lecture about how to heal racial divides

      “all white people are racist, period”

      I don’t know if that’s going to work out so well.

  23. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.
    The University of Michigan is hosting diversity forums that are segregated by race.

    And people blame Trump for the rise of white nationalism. These lefties have created a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, which is probably what they want.

    How students saved a racist from a life in the white nationalist movement?and repudiated safe space culture.

    How fucking hard is it to grab a link from elsewhere in the interwebs? Robby is the worst linkmeister I’ve ever seen.

    1. It still sucks that happened.

      1. I know, but SUCK IT, EUROPE. America owns mars! AND THE MOON!!

        1. Mars will be free, tyrant! We will dump your Starbucks coffee into the Valles Marineris while wearing traditional Martian native wear!

            1. Barsoom is the home of the Green Martians, Sorns and Hithers, not filthy Earth scum!

            2. I’d read it. Unless SF writes it. Then it just becomes Gor For Perverts.

          1. He meant North America. Come on, we did let Canada build a robot arm for the shuttle.

    2. Thank you, I wanted to do this in the tech site I frequent for a laugh, but my social mores prevented it.

    3. What did those dumb Europeans do this time? Use meters instead of yards?

    4. It’s time America did this Mars thing properly.

      Proposed slogan: “Get U.S. to Mahs!”

  24. Sabrina Rubin Erdely was set to make $300,000 at Rolling Stone before the UVA debacle.

    Robby manages to highlight the least-interesting details to recently emerge re: his favorite story

    here’s juicer stuff =

    The University of Virginia student who fabricated a gang rape story published in Rolling Stone got a tattoo to commemorate the supposed assault and her ability to overcome it

    Tramp stamp?

    1. She is a special kind of nuts. And to think some guy put a ring on that.

    2. “She wanted the tattoo to memorialize the rape and her ability to overcome it,” Erdely testified in U.S. District Court.

      “Did it ever occur to you that somebody would get a tattoo to memorialize something that never occurred?” asked defense attorney Scott Sexton.

      “Never,” Erdely said. She said the woman, who is named only as “Jackie” in the story and at the trial, always vividly described details of the reported 2012 assault at a fraternity house.

      Buzz Aldrin’s moon landing tattoo should be called into question.

      1. Say it to his face. I dare you.

        1. “Aldrin PAWNCH!”

          *Aldrin’s firey fist sends Crusty flying offscreen*

      2. What about- “Did it ever occur to you that a woman with a commemorative rape tattoo might be insane?”

        I bet the crazy was just emanating from everything this woman said and did.

        1. lol

          if only the cross-examination had you on their team

    3. Wait until she sues the tattoo parlor for mental anguish.

    4. I hope it’s a tattoo that says “Grab Here” on one leg.

  25. Jeff Bezos slams Donald Trump for ‘eroding our democracy,’ but regrets tweet about sending him to space

    “We live in an amazing country where one of the things that makes this country as amazing as it is, is that we are allowed to criticize and scrutinize our elected leaders. The appropriate thing to do for a presidential candidate to do is to say, ‘I am running for the highest office in the most important country in the world. Please scrutinize me.’ ? To try to chill the media and sort of threaten retribution, retaliation, which is what he’s done in a number of cases, it just isn’t appropriate.”

    1. “We live in an amazing country where one of the things that makes this country as amazing as it is, is that we are allowed to criticize and scrutinize our elected leaders.”

      Ya know, he runs a pretty good business, but somehow he seems to never heard of that hag’s war on Citizens United. Does he think he’ll be able to do this if she gets here way?

    2. “It’s important for the press to be able to collude with Democrats to lie about you, but you must never, ever threaten to retaliate!!”

      1. Kinda like it’s okay to vilify Trump for questioning the fairness of the current election while at the same time implying that Russia is a threat to the fairness of the current election?

        1. Exactly. Or why Hillary calling Trump a racist is OK, but Trump calling Hillary a “nasty woman” is beyond the pale.

    3. We liv in an amazing country where despite his wishes to make it otherwise, I am still free to call Bezos the douche bag he is.

      1. He’ll use data-mining techniques to identify you and then, just for you, everything on Amazon have higher prices.

  26. Lest we go a few days without being reminded

    NY Governor is Giant Asshole

    1. I always thought “giant asshole” was what “Cuomo” translsted to.

    2. Insult to Giant Assholes.

  27. The super rich are on a luxury car spending spree.

    I recently became aware of a thing called a “Singer 911”. It looks like a 911 with 930 fenders and 1966 turn signals, but it costs well over a quarter million bucks depending on options. I must be missing something.

    1. A $250K sewing machine?

    2. You ride it to go to Fight Club meetings.

    3. It’s a “showroom new” custom air-cooled Porsche. People get on wait lists for 1960s Ford Bronco “resto-rods”with the same level of fit and finish for a similar markup over a good used example. It makes perfect sense if you want a better than new custom version of a high demand classic vehicle and have the money to spend.

      It’s not like Porsche is going to sell you a new one, but if they could, it would cost just as much.

    4. It has been hot roded to be as fast and easy to drive as a new one. It is basically a really fast 964.

  28. Repost: I work for a judge in Montana. He is currently under severe fire for his sentencing decision in an incest case; the perp admitted to raping his daughter. The prosecution originally brought three counts of incest against the man; they later got him to agree to plead guilty to one count. The Judge, who I strongly believe is an honorable man who really respects due process, gave the man a 30-year suspended sentence.

    One of the Judge’s reasons for this “light sentence” is that the mandatory minimum statute allows for a lesser sentence when an expert testifies that the offender is a low risk for reoffending. That happened here; prosecution offered no rebuttal evidence. The judge also considered the several state sentencing policies that included rehabilitation, safety for the victim and community, and punishment of the offender. He thought his sentence best served those. Additionally, the victim’s mother and maternal grandmother didn’t want the perp to see prison time. The Judge asked for a victim impact statement, but none was offered.

    Now tens of thousands of people across the country are calling for his impeachment. They’ve gotten extremely vicious about this. I’m feeling overwhelmed; I can’t even imagine how the Judge feels.

    This whole election season is hell. And fuck the media’s coverage of this.

    Look up “Judge John McKeon.” I kind of wish Reason would offer a thoughtful look and analysis of this, especially from a legal perspective.

    1. Sorry, buddy.

      1. Thanks, Tonio. While I’m trying to relieve some of the personal difficulty I’ve encountered by sharing this, I do think it’s also relevant to Reason‘s criminal justice reform agenda.

    2. the perp admitted to raping his daughter.
      The prosecution originally brought three counts of incest against the man

      Was there a “rape” charge, too? If not, why the fuck not?! From the judge’s response, the whole thing hinges on ‘incest’ as a crime having a lighter sentence option under certain conditions, but rape? Of a minor, to boot?

      1. Yeah, I can’t figure out why there wasn’t a rape charge if he admitted to raping his own daughter. Additionally, was the victim underage or not?

        1. She was 12, so yes.

      2. That was my own sloppy writing. Montana has two statutes: Sexual Intercourse Without Consent and Incest. I’m not sure why prosecution didn’t bring an SIWC charge, though I’m sure I could find out.

        Incest is a separate statute because it allows for an imperfect defense, i.e., “consent”; still illegal, especially when, as here, his daughter was 12 at the time.

        1. You know the judge and facts of the case better than I so I’m inclined to take your word for it, but I’m finding the details pretty disturbing.

          Sexual abuse of a minor, his own daughter, and the girl’s mother and grandmother don’t want the guy in jail?

          1. What goes around comes around, They’re waiting for their turn.

          2. I’ve been searching for the Judge’s press release, which quotes part of the letters the mother and grandmother wrote, but I can’t find it.

            The mother stated that she didn’t think prison time would help mend his relationship with his young sons (not to mention the daughter, which I’m sure is completely unmendable).

            I’ve come to withhold judgment to some degree as to why perps and even the family of victims react the way they do.

            1. He would be better off if someone tied a millstone around his neck and threw him into the deepest part of a lake.

        2. Not a lawyer and stuff, but yeah, it sounds to me like prosecutors are the ones at fault for going with ‘incest’ charge. Judge just (foolishly) followed the intent and letter of the law…

    3. Sorry.

      Notice that WaPo’s story mentions a 60 day sentence in the headline, then buries the 30 year suspended sentence and the conditions in the story.

      1. Yes, that’s part of what angers me. Most of the press coverage is heavily distorted. For instance, they write about how the prosecutor was “shocked” and how he said “no one spoke on behalf of the victim.” What he actually wrote was that the victim declined to testify; he wasn’t going to subpoena her to do so. He also thought it was a legal sentence and will not be pursuing it up to the state supreme court.

        1. I worked in the prosecutor’s office for awhile before I went into private practice. Most people would be shocked to find out how hard it is to actually prosecute a CSC with a Minor case.

          1. I got a campaign ad in the mail today from somebody running for judge. He claims he’s going to be a fair judge, and touts having worked for the DA’s office for 30 years and being supported by the pigs.

      2. Assuming the Post is accurate in their reporting of the facts of this case, it states that he won’t serve a day of that 30 year sentence unless he violates the terms of his probation, so it is fair that they only mention the 60 day sentence in the headline as that’s the only time he’s mandated to serve. The terms of his probation are fairly strict (including no porn), so it is probable that he will be re-arrested and forced to serve those 30 years, but he has an avenue to avoid them. Giving a man who raped his 12-year old daughter only 60 days of a sentence is outrageously lenient, so the judge deserves all the recrimination he gets. I hope they do strip him of his retirement (per the article he’s retiring in a month so cannot be impeached as the process takes longer), as he has proven he is not an honorable man like OP thought. He should also be investigated to see if he is a pedophile himself, as I can’t imagine anyone who is not having such sympathy for a man who has done such a terrible thing.

    4. “gave the man a 30-year suspended sentence”. 30-year Montana time = about 60 days

      1. Didn’t Roman Pola?ski spend less time in prison than that?

    5. How many years after the incident were charges brought?

      Was “recovered memory” a part of the case?

  29. US Navy Playing Chicken With China

    I was trying to work in the phrase “Kung Pao”, but it just didn’t happen

    1. What about Admiral Tso?

    2. Fuqkin’ wit General Tso?

    3. They’re just going to be hungry again in a couple hours.

    4. Kick my ass any day? I’m busy all week!

    5. GILMORE likes his chicken spicy!

      1. GILMORE’s getting angry!

  30. The University of Virginia student who fabricated a gang rape story published in Rolling Stone got a tattoo to commemorate the supposed assault and her ability to overcome it

    Tramp stamp?

    Shattered glass.

    1. So, are young females prone to slamming on the brakes or to braking too gingerly to avoid rear-end collisions?

      1. no idea. I think all teens tend to suffer from “distraction” (not paying attention) so i’d assume the late-braking slam is more common than under-braking.

    2. That was in the local news. I’m shocked she got out of the car and punched the guy after hitting him. Talk about depraved heart murder.

  31. So here’s the thing that bugs me about people freaking out about how ‘rigging’ an election is just impossible in the wonderful and glorious United States of America:

    Voter fraud and intimidation is actually pretty common in American history. The political machines of major urban cities had operations dedicated to it, and this isn’t a controversial statement to historians.

    So why is it so beyond the pale to suggest that there is still a consistent likelihood of voter fraud in modern elections? Are we just so pure, noble and infallible that the problems of the past simply aren’t possible? It reeks of a modern narcissism where we believe the current system is just so wonderful that it could never be as corrupt as the system those filthy, stupid people in the past used.

    1. It’s not beyond the pale. It’s just that Democrats don’t want to give up that advantage.

      1. The ones protesting the loudest usually are the ones with something to hide.

        1. ^^^^ this!

    2. You shut up and listen to what the media wants you to hear! *resumes playing fiddle maniacally

    3. This really grinds my gears:

      I’ve heard numerous talking heads on TV and radio pooh pooh the idea of hacking electronic voting, saying that hacking 50 different voting systems is practically impossible. NO, YOU IDIOTS, there is only a handful of swing states!!! Go to wikipedia and read about the electoral college before opening your pie holes again!!!

      1. Indeed.

    4. No idea.

      Reading The Spectator, for years there have been accusations of irregularities in the ward of Tower Hamlets (London), followed by denials from the government and the press.
      Then a group of citizens (including a journalist) sued and the election of 2014 was thrown out, because of voter fraud.

      The Election Commissioner upheld a number of the allegations, including:
      Voting fraud: ballots were double-cast or cast from false addresses
      False statements made against Mr Rahman’s rival Mr Biggs
      Bribery: large amounts of money were given to organisations who were “totally ineligible or who failed to meet the threshold for eligibility”
      Treating: providing free food and drink to encourage people to vote for Mr Rahman
      Spiritual influence: voters were told that it was their duty as Muslims to vote for Mr Rahman. Mr Mawrey cited a letter signed by 101 Imams in Bengali stating it was people’s “religious duty” to vote.

      1. But of course, police decided not to prosecute because they found insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution. Much like FBI found insufficient evidence for Clinton email. Despite the voting fraud being committed. Because FYTW. Bet they’d have prosecuted UKIP and/or BNP if they did it.

        And yes, I’m much more irrational about voter fraud. Because it was one of the many reasons why I immigrated to Canada. So far as I’m concerned, you stuff the ballot, you deserve an AK burst to the balls. Nothing else will do.

        1. So far as I’m concerned, you stuff the ballot, you deserve an AK burst to the balls. Nothing else will do.

          Personally I’m in favour of bringing back public hangings, but only for corrupt public officials.

          1. Chairs for administrators covered in skins of their corrupt predecessors?

            1. i was thinking more “a pile of skulls in Parliament that the Speaker’s chair sits on.”

            2. I’d go for that, too.

    5. The recent news stories on this subject have been hilarious, especially here in Chicago where ballot fraud was practically invented. They all basically state that, sure, voter fraud has historically occurred and has been widespread and effective, but this time it’s totally different and that stuff doesn’t happen because (unintelligible mumbling about modern technology) YOU CAN TOTALLY TRUST US!!!

    6. It is beyond the pale because it is the truth and refects poorly on Democrats

  32. Gilmore and other people who like some rap.
    Years ago i found this album. Its a mix of wu tang member songs over a beatles beat. Pretty decent, and totally non authorized.

    1. Yeah we talked about that a few weeks ago.

      I mentioned Fe La Soul as one of the better examples of that mashup fad

      1. Ahh good. I totally forgot. I blame drugs and alcohol.

        1. I’m always surprised when I read the comment section of an article and find out that I already commented on it the night before.

    2. Beastie Boys did this with Sound of Science. They used “When I am 64” and “The End”? I think. It is pretty good.


      1. What’s silly thing about the “mashup” thing is that it really isn’t anything different than the way beats were always made.

        I mean, when Brand Nubian used Edie Brickell, or Nice & Smooth used Tracy Chapman no one thought it was a “mashup”. they just sampled what worked.

        The only difference with the newer approach is that it really uses the “classic rock” as the primary pull, and says, “Hey Look! Isn’t it funny when we put some rapper on top of this?”… which doesn’t really make the actual rap-track sound better… its just for the sake of a novelty experience, really. Although i do think the nice thing about it is that it gets people to chop up samples more creatively, which is something that sort of died off in the early 2000s when the Neptunes style of production came to dominate hiphop.

        1. I think the reason it went away for awhile is because of copyright bullshit,

          1. Yeah, mostly. I was sort of very into that whole thing (sampling, music licensing issues) in the late-1990s/early 2000s.

            The fact is that licensing was in some ways getting *easier* and cheaper. Its just that both style and tastes were changing faster than the licensing issue, which made it moot.

            In mainstream rap, there was a rapid move to different styles of production that were mostly synth-based, or used very limited slices of library samples. Basically, nobody was using recognizable “loops” anymore anyway.

            But other electronic genres, like R&B, Drum, breakbeat etc. there was still a lot of sample usage; but even there it eventually fell out of favor as things got ‘glitchier’.

            examples – Here’s 2 tracks which each flipped Meters samples in creative ways… both dating from the mid-2000s. It still happened, basically, but less often.

            1. *meant to say “Drum& bass

            2. very true. It is funny how the language shifted over time

  33. No Words

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) ? The United Nations celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday on Friday by naming the comic book character as its new Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Woman and Girls, despite frustration from both inside and outside the world organization that the spot should go to a real ? and less sexualized ? woman.

    he carefully choreographed ceremony was marred by some 50 U.N. staffers protesting by the visitor’s entrance to the U.N. who then went inside the Economic and Social Council chamber and silently turned their back to the stage during the opening speech, some with their fists in the air.

    U.N. staffer Cass Durant, who held a sign saying “Real Women Deserve a Real Ambassador”

    1. Is her original weakness being put in bondage by a man a positive or negative symbolism here?

    2. Still better than Emma Watson and He for she campaign!

    3. Wasn’t Wonder Woman originally drawn just so the creator could make softcore S&M bondage comics?

      I just don’t see it.

      1. From what I understand, he was genuinely into female empowerment and believed that women are the better sex. He also was into bondage. Hence, Wonder Woman as a paragon of virtue, who fights by tying up her foes (and they counter by tying her up).

        1. Quote from William Marston:

          The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound? Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society? Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element.

          Apparently doms don’t exist in his world, somehow. But then who ties the subs up? It’s just a bunch of subs tying other subs up? Lame.

          1. I think he’s saying doms need to be tied up by subs and learn to accept some measure of control in order to find happiness. They can then appreciate the submission as much as they do dominance. Whether that stops them from being a dom, not sure.

            Kinda like in Team America, when Garry admits that dicks need pussies to tell them when they are in the wrong. But dicks still need to be dicks because they also fuck assholes.

        2. I’ll be in my bunk.

    4. despite frustration from both inside and outside the world organization that the spot should go to a real ? and less sexualized ? woman.

      Preferably in a burqa or niqab.

    5. So, the UN has basically fuck-all to do since the end of the Cold War, eh?


  34. There will be signs pointing to the social events. One sign will point to the right and say “White” and the other will point left and say “Of Color.”

  35. From the link to the UVA trial:

    “Erdely said she thought that detail was cut for length, but then became more combative, stating, “This article was not about how the university handles bottle incidents. It was about how it handles sexual assault.””

    It was nothing of the sort; no sexual assault occurred. That article was about lies Erdely wrote and RS published.
    She’s under oath, isn’t she? How does she get away with lies like this on the witness stand?

  36. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.

    It’s only fitting given that the land the university is on was once a plantation.

  37. So I got a nice letter in the mail from the Court Sheriff telling me I have to appear to the Montreal (QC) superior criminal court in order to see if I have enough shit for brains to be on a jury.

    Now currently holding a really crappy job, I do hope I will be selected. Any lawyers in here can tell me what to expect? Anything I should say or avoid to say, other than “don’t ever ever mention jury nullification”?

    1. Has anyone ever solicited advice as to how to be seated on a jury before?

    2. Prepare to be bored out your mind. Unless one of the the parties is pro se, then prepare to entertained for a little bit, then annoyed.

    3. Tell them that you would follow the law, no matter what.

    4. Is it a Canadian court? Then you’ll need a wig. But not as big as the judge’s wig, or he/she will get jealous.

      Buy one of these.

      1. Fusion-boy keeds! He KEEDS!

        Basically, the Crown and defense want different types of people on the jury, so your chances of being able to thread that particular needle are really quite slender. Just relax and try to enjoy the process. You probably won’t be selected.

    5. Tell them your French is limited, and that you think Bill 101 is morally wicked.

    6. Quebecois jury? No clue.

  38. More bad news for the Trump campaign.

    After months of reading here about how Trump is doomed, he seems to be basically tied with Hillary.

    1. He’s poised to get clobbered in the Electoral College vote, which is all that really matters.

      1. I still have popcorn left, so if Hillary does indeed win, I hope that Trump wins the popular vote in order to keep the circus in town.

        1. I don’t think that will happen, but it would be a shitshow if it did. It would be funny to see the left defend the electoral college and the right condemn it, just 16 years after 2000.

    2. The WaPo, NYT, Reuters, CNN have all run headlines today spinning some version about how its all basically over and he’s falling apart everywhere and all anyone should care about is if he’ll concede gracefully.

      they all seem to vacillate between declaring him defeated and simply awaiting burial…., and frothing about the potential destruction he’d unleash if (*by some magical unforeseen circumstance) he actually won.

      to wit, WaPo =

      GOP braces for Trump defeat, rushes to protect down-ballot seats

      Here CNN fantasizes about Trump’s concession-speech, etc.

      1. I think that a big chunk of this amounts to psychological warfare on behalf of the DNC.

    3. He’s “basically tied” if you cherrypick his best couple polls. He’s down 6-7 points in polling averages, which are far more predictive than individual polls. He’s also down in most swing states, and down by at least 5 points in enough states for Clinton to clear 270 with just those states.

      1. 5% or less and i’d argue the poll is meaningless

        its all on turnout

        1. 5% isn’t that big of a deal if it’s one poll – but that’s a pretty big hurdle if it’s a polling average with many polls. If you go back and look at previous elections, it was pretty rare for swing state poll averages to be off by that much. Not to mention the national average (which obviously has a strong correlation with state level results). In order to win, Trump needs to win at least one of those states plus all states where he’s losing by less than 5 or it’s a tossup.

          Also, I’m not sure how good Trump’s GOTV infrastructure is. So he’s going to be really dependent on his supporters being motivated to vote, and Clinton’s being unmotivated to vote, to an extent that produces a polling error that dwarfs 1948, unless the polls change towards him in the next weeks of course.

          1. Polling averages include blatantly biased polls, like the recent AZ one that sampled 2x+ as many Democrats in a GOP state to get a 6+ Hillary result.

            1. The point stands that averages have historically had a pretty good degree of accuracy and that Trump winning with these averages would be a historically unprecedented error. Averages include polls biased from all sides so there’s no reason to assume it just benefits one party in the aggregate. Poll bias also doesn’t necessarily mean bias by the pollster, it can be the result of poor, but not malicious, methodology. There’s no way you can explain away the current polling averages with intentional bias. To get Trump to a tied position, you have to toss out a lot more than a poll here or there.

              I decided to look up the poll you reference and I think this is it? I agree it’s puzzling how they got a sample with that many more Democrats, but in the weighting section of their methodology it says they adjusted the sample to match county, age, gender, and party demographics, so the reported numbers wouldn’t be based off the unweighted sample. But it does make the poll suspect IMO. However, there have been several other recent polls that have had Clinton either leading or trailing narrowly in Arizona, so it’s not just that poll.


      2. The averages are likely worthless. The average only corrects corn putlier is the outliers are equal on both sides and thus cancel each other out. In this case there are three polls showing it close or Trump ahead and four showing Hillary with a big lead. This not not a case of one or two outliers. One of the two groups of polls have other right and the other wrong. I am not raining on your Hillary parade. It might be the one she that show her winning. Burn it might not. I don’t know. But it will be on end or the other not the average. The average is almost certainly wrong.

        1. The average probably isn’t exactly right, but historically it’s rarely off by more than a couple of points.

          I don’t know where you’re getting the four polls number from. There have been a lot more showing Clinton winning. Since the first debate, the three outlets you refer to (Rasmussen, LA Times, and IBP) are the only three that have had polls with Trump winning. Everyone else has had Clinton ahead. And Trump’s position in the LA Times poll is near historic lows – go back and a look and he was usually up +5 or so in that poll before the first debate. It samples from the same voter pool over and over, which is good for showing trends, but makes it more prone to sample bias (because if there was something off with the initial sample, it can’t be corrected by later random sampling polls). Rasmussen is generally a favorable outlet for Republicans and they were way off in 2012. It’s not a 50-50 likelihood here. There is a lot more data indicating that Clinton is winning (even more if you look at the state level polls).



        2. Being able to look at data and draw conclusions doesn’t mean I’m on a Hillary parade. If anyone here really is convinced that Trump has a 50/50 shot or better, I’ll gladly make a $50 bet (you can pick whether to go by popular or electoral vote) to the first person who takes it.

          1. Being able to look at data and draw conclusions doesn’t mean I’m on a Hillary parade

            whatever. What states are the most significant right now? OH, PA, FL? what are the spreads in each?

            OH – 1% Trump
            PA – 6% (clinton) but as of Sept 30 it was more or less a dead-heat
            FL – 4% (clinton) and same

            the time-difference between “when it was uncertain” and now is the same as between now and election-time.

            my point was simply that these kinds of margins here don’t provide any certainty about doodly-squat. You can easily see 5% swings anywhere between now and then.

            These polls could even stay the same and yet the results be reversed by slight differences in turnout

            sure there are plenty of scenarios where he loses under a variety of circumstances; he has to win all the contested while she needs a few. But pretending to have certainty based on the current balance of polling is stupid. The evidence doesn’t say what you think it does.

            1. Ohio, PA, and Florida are probably the 3 most important. But Trump also would need to hold onto other states (like North Carolina and Arizona) where’s he’s currently tied or behind as well.

              “the time-difference between “when it was uncertain” and now is the same as between now and election-time.

              my point was simply that these kinds of margins here don’t provide any certainty about doodly-squat. You can easily see 5% swings anywhere between now and then.”

              If you refer back to Papaya’s comment that started this subthread, he said Trump was currently tied (essentially). My comments have thus been about the polls have been in regard the current state of the race. The only comment I’ve made about November 8th is the bet offer, because I think Clinton’s current lead makes her more likely to win, even though it’s not certain.

              1. *sorry about the couple extra words in there, I rephrases something i started to write and didn’t delete everything.

  39. So yesterday I was on a Southwest Airlines flight. Along the wall of the jetway to board the plane, they had the little posters you always see for flying to different locations they service. But one blew me away this time.

    It was a promotional to fly to vacation in Mexico.
    The slogan was “Yes You CANCUN!”
    Below the slogan was a photo of a happy, celebrating black guy with his arms up as if he’d accomplished something.

    I was shocked this got through their legal and business review in this day and age. If this doesn’t make sense to you, sound it out loud and think about the picture.

    Someone’s going to be very pissed and sue.

    1. You are racist for finding this.

    2. A cheeky Brit must have come up with that witty one

    3. That’s better than New Zealand’s Take Your Mum ad campaign.

      1. I don’t get it. Is it a pun on the deodorant? Does it have something to do with the apparent giant (some trick of perspective, I guess, or an error in transposing photos) down the road? With the lighthouse’s being so short?

        1. I thought it was the nipple-building but I could be wrong.

  40. “Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.
    The University of Michigan is hosting diversity forums that are segregated by race.”

    You know damned well that if this was UMiss or UAlabama doing it, all the righteous corporations and state governors would be banning travel to those states.

  41. This whole election season is hell.

    Apparently, Team Bullock has made an ad (I have not seen it) featuring Jack Horner, world renowned* paleontologist, accusing Gianforte of planning to fund some sort or mandatory creationist curriculum or something. Because he (Gianforte) sent his kids to a religious school, and approves of charter schools.

    *A friend knows and has worked with him and says Horner is a virtuoso self-promoter.


    I’m surprised I haven’t heard of Judge McKeon.

    Good to know the raging mob has a new target.

    1. The ever execrable Change.org has a petition with nearly 100,000 signatures on it.

    2. “Horner is a virtuoso self-promoter.”

      Little Jack Horner
      Sat in a corner
      Eating his Chrismas pie
      He stuck in his thumb
      And pulled out a plumb
      And said, “what a good boy am I.”

  42. Roaming Charges: Trump’s Naked and Hillary’s Dead

    Rape sells, atrocities repel. The masters of the media believe, with the ratings to back them up, that Americans want to know every ugly move Trump’s hands made against the victims of his sexual advances, each filthy word he spoke, what wall or bed in Mar-a-Lago he tried to pin unsuspecting women to, how old they were, what the women looked like then and now, subconsciously rating their features as Trump himself has urged us to do. We’ve been treated to two weeks of this rape porn as “news” and still can’t seem to get enough.

    Meanwhile, the body count continues to mount from policies of state that Hillary helped to craft and set in motion: in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Somalia and Yemen, in Iraq and Syria, in Libya and Gaza, on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland. The faceless, nameless dead are too depressing for our sustained attention, the details of their deaths too revolting to be ascribed to her resum? of slaughter.

    1. resum? of slaughter

      Awesome 90’s metal band name

      1. Slaughter is already a famous band.

        1. famous ?

          Pttttth !

          Never heard of them.

  43. Montana has two statutes: Sexual Intercourse Without Consent and Incest. I’m not sure why prosecution didn’t bring an SIWC charge, though I’m sure I could find out.

    As I recall from that giant shitshow in Billings about the teacher who had an illicit relationship with a female student, there is no such thing as consensual sex with a minor in Montana law. It’s always “rape” regardless of the actual circumstances.

    You can argue the merits “underage consent”, but there is a genuine difference between a bad idea and forcible sexual intercourse against the victim’s will.

  44. I kind of feel a little bit bad for DT. I think he went into this race on a lark. After the RP nominated him because that organization is full of nincompoops, who think Obama is a secret Kenyan, I think he began to take the concept as a serious one. Now people have brought him back to the reality that– of course– he doesn’t have the temperament, qualifications, judgement, experience, intellect, etc. to be President. For a while it was nice, but he clearly is a fish out of water.

    There was a certain freedom before this election for him to surround himself with sycophants who would put up with his shit because he had money. Now he’s got to trudge it out for the next 20 days until this– admittedly self-inflicted– ordeal is over. Hopefully he’ll get back to the simpler days of having people tell him how great Trump steaks, Trump mugs, and Trump dildos are. Happier days, to be sure.


    1. Question for you… are socialists ever happy? Like ever? You guys seem pretty miserable all the time imo.

      1. Marx used to complain about “the wretchedness of existence” but that probably had to do with his constant health problems and being a bit of an insensitive cunt.

        1. He was also known for his great sense of humor and for being an entertaining houseguest. I don’t know if there is any real correlation between political persuasion and general happiness. All the things I’ve seen published attempting to persuade one way or the other don’t seem terribly well-considered.

          1. All the things I’ve seen published attempting to persuade one way or the other don’t seem terribly well-considered.

            Considering your arguments and political positions, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with things that don’t seem terribly well-considered.

          2. Entertaining houseguest? Marx was legendary for wiping his ass with the guest towels after taking a dump during a dinner party.

            1. To commie-kid, that’s ‘sticking it to the man!’

        2. And a lazy fuck that mistreated his family, impregnated his housekeeper and then fired her for getting pregnant, condemning her to live on the street with his bastard. Because communists care so much about how workers are treated.

          1. One set of rules for the proles, one for the party members.

    2. who think Obama is a secret Kenyan

      Yea exactly, except that HRC created that story to beat BHO in their primary. Seems it was intended for the Dem audience.

    3. Re: American Stultified,

      After the RP nominated him because that organization is full of nincompoops, who think Obama is a secret Kenyan, I think he began to take the concept as a serious one.

      Indeed they’re nincompoops. Everybody knows the president is a secret Indonesian.

      Now he’s got to trudge it out for the next 20 days until this– admittedly self-inflicted– ordeal is over.

      I have to agree with this. This election plays like a Shakespearean tragedy, with an ending that is foreseeable yet unavoidable.

    4. american socialist|10.21.16 @ 5:33PM|#
      “I kind of feel a little bit bad for DT.”


    1. There are all kinds of differences between racial groups that make people uncomfortable enough to deny them and scream bloody murder at anyone who doesn’t.

      1. Where people get into trouble is when they start saying one is better than the other.

        Maybe one day in the distant future we’ll all be able to accept there are in fact differences but what’s more desirable is subjective personal opinion.

        No, I’m kidding. We’ll all be dead by then. Whitey will have killed the world. Motherfuckers.

    2. Once again, the left wants it both ways: race (gender) is just a social construct, but we have to talk about how bad white people (men) are.

  45. Emory University will have separate social events for students of color.

    Remember when integration was progressive?

    1. McMullin is an “alternative” for conservatives in the same way that Elizabeth Hurley is an alternative date for me.

  46. OT: Donald Glover confirmed to play Lando Calrissian in upcoming Han Solo movie.

    That is all.

    1. What’s Danny Glover, chopped liver?

      1. he’s too old for that shit.

    2. That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.

    3. Donald?

      Corey’s younger brother? aka Childish Gambino?

      1. oh, no relation to the Danny/Cory clan

    1. Fuckin retards.

      If I wanted a spiceless, sugary tomato sauce on my pizza, I’ll just go buy a frozen DiGiorno at Walmart.

  47. So, you can make a hundred and fifty grand a year at a dying rag like Rolling Stone, just for adding embellishments to a mentally disturbed girl’s rape fantasies?


    1. This morning, I kept reading “East Coast under DDoS attack, TWITTER DOWN”.

      Being way… WAY over hear on the West Coast, I kept wondering why the Beltway was getting singled out because it couldn’t get to Twitter– when pretty much 1 out of 3 websites everywhere were out.

      Then I remembered, with Twitter down, the beltway media lost its primary source.

    2. You could until the rape culture patriarchy used their misogynist “facts”!

  48. “GATLINBURG ? The Tennessee Historical Commission rejected a move by Memphis City Council to relocate the controversial statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest from a park near downtown Memphis….

    “In August 2015, the Memphis City Council voted to remove the statue, along with the remains of Forrest and his wife, from the park.

    “The commission considered only the fate of the statue on Friday. Family approval and court approval would be needed to relocate the remains of Forrest and his wife….

    “The 9,500-pound statue was designed in New York and cast in Paris, France. In 1904, the bodies of Forrest and his wife were reinterred to the site of the statue from Elmwood Cemetery.”

  49. “A lawsuit filed in Oxford by the Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans claims Ole Miss broke state law by placing a contextualization plaque in front of the confederate soldier monument on campus….

    “The new marker speaks to thousands of slaves freed at the end of the Civil War and that the South’s lost cause Ideology was just a way to mask the truth that the war was fought over slavery.”

    1. “I find it remarkable that a group that claims to be dedicated to preserving the legacy of those who fought to establish the Confederacy would find issue with the plaque as it currently stands,” Ole Miss History Professor Anne Twitty said.

      “Twitty currently serves on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on History and Context with three other history professors and other committee members….

      “Twitty said she would encourage all Mississippians to read Confederates’ own statements about why the South seceded from the Union.

      “”They were not ashamed of their willingness to tear the nation in two in order protect the right to continue holding other human beings in bondage,” Twitty said. “They didn’t pull any punches about their motivations. Neither should we.””

      1. Memory says “I did that”. Pride says “I did not do that.” Eventually, memory gets tired.

        -Nietzsche paraphrased

        1. I think it could be shortened to:

          “North wins, slavery bad.”

    2. “Contextualization plaque”: I instantly hated that phrase.

  50. Dicks out for climate change

    Yet, with or without the agreement, climate change is making water managers’ jobs far more complex in the vast Columbia River system. They are often hamstrung: Court decisions requiring wildlife protection and rigid federal timelines for releasing water have left them with little flexibility to adjust to changing precipitation patterns. In the Southwest, water levels are getting so low at Lake Mead and Lake Powell that their respective dams, Hoover and Glen Canyon, can’t produce as much hydropower as in the past.

    “We keep making constant improvements; we keep negotiating agreements that result in more water conservation, more water; and we need to keep on that trajectory because I don’t see it getting any easier,” Connor says. “Certainly there’s an urgency to making these improvements given the challenges we’re facing from a water supply perspective.”

    Reading that, you’d never suspect there might be other factors at work.

    1. I’m just jealous of her job.

      Her and The Mythbusters, that is.


  51. From the article about the real-life American History X kid:

    He tried to convince Don for a few hours at the restaurant. He told him about white privilege and repeated the scientific studies about institutionalized racism.

    I see why his efforts were unsuccessful.

    1. Right? He didn’t even intersectionality!

  52. To that wench who said jersey city is a shit hole:
    I’m going to a Nesfaratu / Bride of Dracula double feature with live organ music tonight.

    1. To that wench who said jersey city is a shit hole

      Them’s fightin’ words.

  53. I wonder if WaPo would publish an article about someone who went from being very liberal to conservative or libertarian, such as Andrew Breitbart or Thomas Sowell, or perhaps Eric Allen Bell, a movie director who became an outcast when he made a documentary critical of Islam.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    1. The true story of how Thomas Sowell went from a great thinker to a horrible racist Uncle Tom, race traitor, right winger.

      1. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite Sowell quote, so I just list a few here:

        People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.

        The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.

        The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’

        The first lesson of economics is scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.

        There are no solutions; there are only trade-offs.

        1. That first one is awesome.

    2. Well, such movies have been known to provoke uprisings, especially in countries like Libya.

    3. Didn’t WaPo write about the Prez in the 80’s?

  54. “A creationist scholar recently received a six-figure settlement from California State University Northridge, a payout that resolved a 2-year-old lawsuit that alleged the scholar had been fired after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops horn and publishing his findings.

    “The plaintiff, Mark Armitage, had alleged religious discrimination and a violation of the Fair Employment and Housing Act in his suit, claiming in court documents that after his discovery ? which supports a young Earth theory ? some professors went on a successful “witchhunt” against him….

    “[Armitage’s attorney, Alan Reinach] said the article had not gone into the implications of the discovery, only stated the findings. Reinach added the scholarly editors stood behind the publication of Armitage’s work. But it was still enough to rile up some professors at CSUN.”

    1. “As for the settlement, [the campus spokesperson] stated: “The Superior Court did not rule on the merits of Mr. Armitage’s complaint, and this voluntary settlement is not an indication of any wrongdoing. The decision to not renew Mr. Armitage’s contract was based on budgetary considerations and a dwindling need for his services. The decision to settle was based on a desire to avoid the costs involved in a protracted legal battle, including manpower, time and state dollars.””

      1. Anyone involved in that field appears to be invested in ideology nowadays. The people invested in poking a hole in a theory will always do more interesting work than those invested in praising what they already have.

    2. Well, seriously Eddie, you can’t expect a pair of triceratops to fit on the ark. Or brontosauruses. And the T-Rex would’ve eaten all the Raptors.

  55. Malaysian schoolgirls thrown into pit full of snakes as part of team-building exercise:


    I’ve heard often that kids need to go to school to learn social skills. My response is that the social skills you learn in school are the same ones you learn in prison.

    1. I’ve heard often that kids need to go to school to learn social skills. My response is that the social skills you learn in school are the same ones you learn in prison.

      That was true when I went to school, but my daughter has had an entirely different experience. Heck, I’m not sure my daughter has ever witnessed a fight. No, not two people on Twitter making mean comments, I mean a donnybrook, fisticuffs, a squabble, throwing down, gettin’ they ass kicked…

      When I went to school that was called 820am – 330pm.

      1. I also like to say that school and church cause more mental illness than all the drugs put together, which tends to ruffle the feathers of Bible Bangers and Tree Huggers alike.

        1. Having spent time around many people who were never subject to the shackles of organized religion, I think you may want to re-evaluate that.

  56. DePaul University, a Catholic institution, bans “Unborn Lives Matter” poster

    “The Reverend Dennis H. Holtschneider, president at DePaul, released a statement in which he said that the Republicans banner “provokes the Black Lives Matter movement.” He elaborated: “Some people will say that DePaul’s stance unfairly silences speech to appease a crowd. Nothing can be further from the truth. As we experienced last spring, it’s not difficult to agree that there is a difference between a thoughtful discussion about immigration and a profane remark about Mexicans scrawled in the quad, or between a panel on racial climate and a noose — a powerful symbol of violence and hatred — outside a residence hall. In both recent cases, the first, we encourage; the second, we abhor.””

    1. Un-frickin’-believable.

    2. That’s some wonderful viewpoint discrimination there. Time for a lawsuit!

      1. They’re a private university, accountable to the Catholic Church for making sure its entire education program is geared toward the Faith.

        So this isn’t a standard-issue State U discriminating against speech. It’s a Catholic institution preventing the defense of Catholic teaching.

        1. Pope Hippie’s in charge now, so all that stuff’s out the window.

      1. “if the worst thing that happens to a man is that a woman doesn’t like him …well, he has it pretty damn good.”

        So much for half the poetic heritage of the West.

      2. “Guys are still doing pretty well, so let us have our “man-hating” fun while you go on ruling the world.”

        You’re right, I think I’ll go down to the monocle factory and check on the progress of my orphans.

        1. (and the female orphans only get 70% of the scraps tossed to them as the male orphans)

    1. That’s why the Valenti’s of this world survive.

      In case you were wondering.

      Think of it. Her inane insane takes on life found its way into the campaign of a political party.



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  58. “He has upended the leadership of both major political parties and effectively shifted the political direction of the international order,” reads the article announcing his choice. “He will soon command history’s most lethal military, along with economic levers that can change the lives of billions.”

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