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Michael Moore Releasing Trump Film as 'October Surprise' Thanks to Citizens United

Moore can also be honest about the point of his film now that the Supreme Court has freed him to do so.



Director Michael Moore announced last night that he would be releasing a new film, Michael Moore in Trumpland, calling it his "October Surprise" and offering free tickets on a first come, first serve basis for the debut in New York City tonight.

The film is about Moore's attempt to put on a one-man show at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio and how theater management "prevented him from taking the stage as they deemed him too controversial," according to Deadline.

Moore bills the film as one "Ohio Republicans tried to shut down." On September 26, he wrote on Medium for the first time about his "October surprise," revealing the one-man show he was trying to put on a live one man show about "this crazy Presidential race" and film it. He wrote that his plans "got dealt a death blow by the Republicans of Licking County, Ohio," saying his team got a call from theater management that said that "the community board that oversees the theater has voted not to allow Michael Moore to perform his how here" and were declining the rental.

Moore claimed that when asked, the theater management told them that Moore's appearance "could reflect negatively" on the theater and cause it to lose long-standing patrons. Moore wrote that the theater management told his team he was "too controversial and the risk is too great." Finally, according to Moore, the theater management told his team that the board was "fairly conservative and it was felt that Mr. Moore would try to sway people's minds to vote his way."

"Well, they got that right," Moore wrote. "They aren't stupid. This show, and my plan to release a video of it it [sic] nationwide so it can be seen by millions in the weeks before the election, should definitely 'sway' some people into voting!" He said he took the theater's awareness of the "subversive intent behind this one-man show" as a compliment. The theater's executive director disputes Moore's claims, telling Reason Moore's claims were "unfounded" and that there was "never a community board vote."

"The Midland Theatre never reached an agreement to rent the theatre to Michael Moore nor his agency," Nancy Anderson wrote via email. "Unable to resolve a number of details and concerns in a comfortable timeframe, the theatre declined to present Mr. Moore's show. No contract was offered nor agreed upon."

"It is disappointing when a singular business decision leads to disrespectful assumptions and public commentary about our entire community," Anderson continued. "We remain focused on supporting the arts and culture in our community and the power they have to transform lives."

The theater also disputed the claim back in September, as the state party's communications director pointed out when asked to comment about Moore's claim that they tried to shut down his film, noting this Columbus Dispatch article and saying the party was not previously aware of the situation before Moore's claim. In a Facebook post, the theater blamed concerns about what the production involved, the short timeline and the costs the "free event" factored into their "decline to present." At the time, Anderson also blamed the political climate, telling the Dispatch events in or outside the theater related to Moore's performance "could negatively affect the theater and other Newark businesses and residents, due to the current political climate."

While Moore may be more open about the electioneering involved in Michael Moore in Trumpland and the making of the movie, it's nothing new for the politically-minded director, whose films often have an unapologetic political agenda to them. What's new is that Citizens United allows Moore to be honest about it. The film that sparked that landmark First Amendment ruling, Hillary: The Movie, was inspired by Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, released in the summer of 2004, and the influence that film had on the election season, as David Bossie, the president of Citizens United, wrote earlier this year. The Federal Elections Commission decided differently, that the two films were different because the latter was "electioneering."

In its decision, the Supreme Court took away the power from government to make those kind of highly subjective distinctions, freeing Michael Moore to be honest about his intents and leaving fans of works like his or John Oliver's anti-third party "electioneering" who nevertheless support a candidate who opposes Citizens United and is proud to be in favor of banning films that depict her in a negative light in an uncomfortable position if they ever thought about the consequences of their professed policy preferences on political speech. Unless they assume, as partisans on both sides often seem to, that laws restricting speech and media should only apply to those with whom they disagree, since those are the people who are wrong.

*This post has been updated to reflect responses from the Ohio Republican Party and the Midland Theater.

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  1. Yay Free Speech!

    1. And still nothing on the Project Veritas films.

      Guess that kind of film doesn’t matter.

      1. If you exercise your 1st amendment rights and you make a private business decision as a leftist, you are a social justice warrior.

        If you do the same as someone other than a leftist, you’re the God Damned Devil.

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  2. …offering free tickets on a first come, first serve basis for the debut in New York City tonight.

    Because the Big Apple doesn’t already know what The Donald is about.

  3. Michael Moore’s going to boost Trump’s numbers by speaking? Generous of him.

  4. Moore’s appearance “could reflect negatively” on the theater

    To be fair, Moore’s appearance reflects negatively on the country; indeed, the entire world.

    1. His appearance certainly reflects negatively on the Atkins diet.

      1. There was a post earlier by Ronal’d Bejlij about, “The Endocrine Dysruption Hyposthesis,” no?

        Michael Moore provides more than ample proof, I submit.

        1. ample


    2. ^The Force is strong in this one…

  5. He said he took the theater’s awareness of the “subversive intent behind this one-man show” as a compliment.

    Oh, was Moore trying to be subtle? This is the same tactic that Westboro Baptist Church takes. Manufacture opposition for personal gain.

  6. “””””could reflect negatively” on the theater and cause it to lose long-standing patrons. Moore said the theater management told his team he was “too controversial and the risk is too great.” “””

    Why didn’t the theater tell him the truth, that he is ugly, fat and stupid and they did not want to be associated with that?

    1. They were worried about the structural integrity of the stage.

    2. When will businesses get smart enough to stop giving reasons?

      Why won’t you bake this cake?

      Why won’t you show my movie?

      “Please call back later.”

    3. They didn’t want to appear overly offensive to ugly, fat, stupid people because Amy Schumer may want to perform there sometime.

  7. Requests for comment from the state GOP and the Midland Theater about Moore’s claims have not yet been responded to.

    It’s a good thing for Moore that the other case they seem to hate so much, the Susan B Anthony List case, put an end to Ohio’s claim to have the authority to keep people from “lying” in campaign speech.

    But Moore still has to register with the FEC as a PAC of some sort, doesn’t he? The guy is admitting this show’s purpose is an anti-Trump advertisement.

  8. What’s new is that Citizens United allows Moore to be honest about it.

    This is where libertarians get a little naive. My guess is Moore would have still been allowed to make this film, even if Citizen’s United had been decided differently… because these prior decisions by the FEC weren’t precedent-based. They’re based entirely on the whims of a small group of un-elected bureaucrats with the power of life or death over political speech.

    Bottom line, if the FEC likes Democrats, then democrat-friendly films will get a go-ahead, and so on. Same in reverse of the FEC becomes hostile to Democrats.

    Essentially, the FEC creates a constituency for speech, and it doesn’t have to follow any libertarian logic about applying rules evenly and fairly. Because, that’s kind of what happens when you become a government of FEC bureaucrats.

    1. Well of course. Trump isn’t just a shitty candidate, he’s Russian spy and a sex offender.

      1. He is almost as bad as the last Republican extremist who ran for President. That dude was part of a religious cult, tied a dog to the roof of his car, and kept a binder full of women!!!

        1. Don’t forget his “Haircut of Hate”!

        2. The current Republican candidate is always much worse than the previous one, who, yeah, we totally slandered but it was all in good faith politics and doesn’t it just seem quaint now?

      2. It’s true. decades ago Trump was ordered by his Russian handlers to sexually assault Bill Clinton. Who is now a rape survivor.

    2. “a little”

    3. The claim was that provisions of McCain- Feingold gave tbe FEC the ability to prohibit what it deemed campaign contributions in kind. In simpler terms, they claimed they could censor the press.

      It was more than just precedent.

  9. How I loathe that disingenuous commie jerk off.

    1. But enough about Shrill-Bot…

  10. The other shoe has just dropped: Massive Voter Fraud.

    “the second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.”

    1. Fifty years? Old news then. Let’s talk about Trump instead!

    2. is there a transcript? I HATE videos.

    3. But The Sainted Nick Gillespie assures me that voter fraud in the USA is a myth, poppycock, balderdash, and utter hokum and bunk. We know there is no voter fraud, so why would anyone waste time investigating it? Why, in UKR, I had to travel to the US Consulate to pick up my absentee ballot. And show my ID to prove it was me before it was released to me. THE HORRORZ!

    4. But The Sainted Nick Gillespie assures me that voter fraud in the USA is a myth, poppycock, balderdash, and utter hokum and bunk. We know there is no voter fraud, so why would anyone waste time investigating it? Why, in UKR, I had to travel to the US Consulate to pick up my absentee ballot. And show my ID to prove it was me before it was released to me. THE HORRORZ!

      1. Even the skvirrels are horrified (and double counting)!

    5. You’ll have to instruct me on what exactly this video shows. I watched it this morning and my conclusion is that it shows a depressingly normal state of affairs in modern politics. Maybe if we didn’t have fucking gobs of money spent in elections where we get to see whether internet programmers or resource extraction companies will rule the day there’d be less assholes like this running campaigns and less assholes with right-wing political agendas to put these boring videos on YouTube.

      This video may have been important in 1973. Now it’s ho-him. Do you want me to post a video of Republican campaigners acting like jerkoffs. That would require at least a 30 second search on Google.

          1. Also, this effort isn’t made by some consultant hack, but an effort by elected officials, who– you know– have actual power.

          2. So, you’re admitting that power corrupts? That’s a big step for you.

            Now, will you acknowledge that your side abuses its power-like committing voter fraud?

            If you’re willing to take that step, you might just be salvageable.

            1. You’re supposed to reflexively take the defensive for Team Red so AS can feel vindicated in his belief we’re all covert Rhino’s.

              You don’t play fair.

              1. At least amsoc watched the video. I see many comments by proggies that say they could not watch the video, because of the conspiracy tone production. You know, theirinds coming up with an excuse so their world view does not have to be challenged.

              2. You don’t play fair.

                I’m all like Dale Midkiff up in here!

                1. *hearty applause

              3. You have to understand that for subnormal progtards like AmSoc, Democrats are innocent of all wrongdoing. Unless they are absolutely forced to confront it. In which case they will explain that such behavior is common. Even more so for republicans. At no point will the progtard display even the rudiments of accountability.

          3. “…what they really want to do…”

            Analsuck can read minds and knows everyone’s true intents.

            To get money out of politics, reduce the ability of politicians to dole out money. Shrink the trough and the pigs disperse.

          4. omfg–did you READ the article?

            In the 90s Democrats passed laws that made vote fraud incredibly simple–no ID needed, you can vote out of precinct, you can register on Election day—and 20 years later, Republicans tried to fix it.

            This is your ideological cronies trying to KEEP their vote fraud friendly policies–it PROVES O’Keefe’s video.

      1. You are a treasure

      2. Ho-her.

      3. Again, I’m not sure what your point is. Are you going to post a bunch of videos of Republicans ostensibly engaging in massive, coordinated voter fraud, and then turn around and argue that voter fraud isn’t a problem?

        And whether or not the above video shows ipso facto evidence of voter fraud (I’m not sure it does*), it really has little to do with Korporate Kontrol of das Kampaigns. That would be a different issue.

        The above video doesn’t highlight a problem with “too much money in politics”, it highlights a problem of “too much corruption in politics”.

        *The way the above video was edited and presented, it could show things out of context. There’s enough meat in the soup to lead one to believe there’s certainly a willingness to engage in voter fraud, and also enough information to basically create a primer on how it could be done, but I’d like to see the full transcripts of the interviews, not just the “money quotes”. I believe that voter fraud is far more prevalent than the anti-voter ID crowd purports it to be. But I’m kind of a stickler for the facts– meaning just because something is presented that fits my worldview, I’m not ready to point to this video has the holy grail of truth on the matter. I think all this video does is present something that merits further investigation.

        1. what fraud does this show? The local chapter of Bernie Sanders for America telling its members to show up to and make noise at a DT rally in Chicago? Sorry, that isn’t voter fraud.

          1. I guess you watched a different video. I was watching a video where Foval was essentially planning the movement and organization of out-of-state voters renting POVs to cross state lines and vote in elections where they’re not registered… or the plot to hire temp workers who are ineligible to vote so they can get “one paystsub” followed by an ‘ID’ which lets them register to vote under the thin figleaf of legitimacy.

            The former felon Creamer actually seems to be unsure of the legality of this, followed by Foval indicating that Creamer has to maintain separation from the black-bag operations.

          2. @amsoc: As I watched it, the video had *nothing* to do with Sanders. Where did your comment come from?

            1. Amsuck is listening to the voices in his head again.

        2. The above video doesn’t highlight a problem with “too much money in politics”, it highlights a problem of “too much corruption in politics”.

          How about too much politics in areas where there shouldn’t be any government involvement at all.

        3. The above video doesn’t highlight a problem with “too much money in politics”, it highlights a problem of “too much corruption in politics”.

          How about too much politics in areas where there shouldn’t be any government involvement at all.

          1. Or, too many squirrels in politics

      4. Nothing to see here! Move along!

        Except that there apparently is something to see here, since Scott Foval and now Bob Creamer have been fired for this bullshit. So, I am not moving along, asshole.

        1. Nah. They were fired for getting caught.

    6. I’ve been assured by calidissident that Reason will be on the case as soon as a team of forensic videographers authenticate the contents of these videos. I think they should be good to go on this and the media/Clinton campaign collusion on or about November 9.

    7. Damn. So now Trump looks like a genius…damn.

  11. Oh noes! Michael Moore is unleashing the hounds. Trump is surely done for now!

    1. When you lost the left documentary crowd, you lost America Voros.

  12. Michael Moore is a liar who bends circumstances and timeframes to suit his own needs: news at 11.

    1. He is large enough to generate his own gravitational field and orbitals…

      1. He is so dense that light cannot escape his many orifices.

        1. *shudder*

        2. Look at the size of that boy’s head

          1. You’re NOT making fun of one of the zaniest movies of all time are you? Michael Myers (Charlie MacKenzie, made up to look like his father (Stuart MacKenzie), speaking of his younger brother’s large head in “So I Married an Axe Murderer”?

            If you ARE, nice transition Dude: Michael Moore with a fat head to Michael Myers movie with a fat headed younger brother.

  13. You know what else can happen thanks to CU, the National Inquirer can go nuclear on Hillary. Since reason won’t mention it, its comment board of course will.

    Hillary Clinton is a secret sex freak who paid fixers to set up illicit romps with both men AND women!

    That’s the blockbuster revelation from a former Clinton family operative who is sensationally breaking ranks with his one-time bosses to speak to The National ENQUIRER in a bombshell 9-page cover story ? on newsstands Wednesday.

    “I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” the man, who was hired by the Clintons, via a Hollywood executive, to cover up their scandals, told The ENQUIRER.

    1. Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover Vince Foster, too!

      The shadowy figure ? who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons ? also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:

      + How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky ? via a document buried for two decades!
      + What crooked reporters were on the take from the Clinton camp!

      + How he covered up Bill’s seedy romp with hookers!

      + Which A-list celebrity had a secret affair with Bill during his presidency!

      In the bombshell expos?, The ENQUIRER will reveal the fixer’s dossier of smoking gun proof, including 24-years of documents, notes, and journals.

      He also tells his “Confessions of a Clinton bagman!” story ? in his own words ? for the very first time!

      Details at every supermarket checkout counter in America.

      1. I hope he has Ray Donovan as a handler.


        The idea she is a sex freak is so disturbing on so many levels.

        1. I’m thinking of the poor sex workers. Talk about a tough way to make money!

        2. You are not kidding. Beautiful Lesbians women who are bi are of course famous for going for scary looking butches and matronly types. So her fucking around with A list female celebs doesn’t surprise me. What I want to know is who were the men. And if one of them was Vince Foster, that explains his suicide. He did it out of shame.

        3. “SugarFree Was Right!”

          1. This is the darkest timeline.

            1. You might be unemployed soon. When fantasy becomes reality.

            2. 12% darker.

          2. SugarFree was correct, but he is not right.

          3. SugarFree, the Ken Burns of Reason.


        4. The idea she is a sex freak is so disturbing on so many levels

          That’s where the Enquirer overplayed their hand. No one’s going to believe Hillary’s a sex freak except Huma and Webb Hubbell.

          1. For a story to have legs it has to match our preconceived notions. It was hard enough to convince people that Ted Cruz wasn’t just Kang and Kodos in a meat suit. But now he’s got a harem, that just defies belief.

            OTOH. The notion that Bill and Hillary have a sexless marriage for political convenience, and Hillary plays for both sides. We already suspected that, so run that shit on page 1.

    2. As long as she has better taste in gal pals than Bill did, she will be forgiven.

      1. That is a tough call, Huma or Monica? I think I am going with Monica on that. I will take the chunky brunette over the batshit crazy Egyptian.

        1. Have you forgotten that wonderful song “Lick like an Egyptian”? I know which way Hill’s gonna go.

          1. “…All the Japanese with their yen, the Party Boys call The Kremlin…”

    3. I find this hard to believe because Hillary strikes me as the most sexless human being since Nurse Ratched.

      1. Its always the quiet ones. I see what you are saying but she wouldn’t be the first sexually repressed wall flower who got freaky in private.

        1. ‘What? You don’t want to lick my asshole? Lick my asshole. Come on lick it.’

          /wide Hillary smile.

          1. I am pretty sure this is why Postrel hates all of us Rufus.

            1. Then our work is done.

          2. “Don’t just look at it. Eat it.”

    4. John, why do you think this crowd doesn’t seem to believe The Enquirer?

      1. My hypothesis is that the cover photos have no alt-txt.

      2. They were the ones who broke the John Edwards love child story. They also were the ones who broke the Bill and Monica story and the fact that she had the famous stained blue dress.

        They say this guy has 24 years of notes and journals proving all of this. Is it true? It might not be true but I think chances are most of it is. I don’t think even the NI would fuck with the Clintons without a pretty good basis. Do you?

        1. I didn’t know that.

        2. I thought Trump was close personal friends with the owner of the NI. Didn’t they come out with the “7 mistresses of Ted Cruz” story during the primaries?

          1. He might be. That fact, however, doesn’t mean this story is untrue or the Cruz one for that matter. Notice how the MSM found Enquirer was worth paying attention to when it ran the Ted Cruz story but not so much now. Reason covered the shit out of the Cruz story.

            1. Sure, but for the same reasons I would be suspicious of the Cruz story, I would be suspicious of this one. Rightly so, I believe. Interested to see what actual evidence there is.

              1. Cruz never sued. Contrast that with Trump who last I heard actually is suing the Times over the groping stories. And this guy claims to have notes and journals going back 24 years. If he is lying, it will be easy to see it.

                It is not like anything he is saying is that new or that surprising if you have been following the Clintons.

                1. Meh, Cruz might never have bothered to sue because it would just drag the story out. And does anybody actually believe that Ted Cruz has a harem out there?

      3. Well the press considered the fact that an acting Secretary of State made millions taking money from foreign countries with business pending approval by the State Dept. was a big yawn fest. But Donald Trump acting like a boorish billionaire is somehow shocking news. Sex sells bitches.

        Any guesses on what Hollywood starlets they claim Bill and Hillary were banging? My guess is Angelina Jolie for Bill. And Ellen DeGeneres for Hillary. Possibly Rosie O’Donnell for the SF brain bleach fiction.

    5. Oh, even before CU, The Enquirer could.

      Because “media”, you know.


      1. What about with a crazed sex poodle?

        1. Crazed Sex Poodle would be an awesome name for a band.

    7. John,

      This thing I’m getting from your cavalier misogyny in this portion of the thread is that you probably need to stop watching porn and get laid. Am I right on this one?

      “You are not kidding. Beautiful Lesbians women who are bi are of course famous for going for scary looking butches and matronly types. So her fucking around with A list female celebs doesn’t surprise me.”

      Jesus Christ, stereotype much?

      1. Cynthia Nixon, Porsche DeRossi, and about a dozen other well known women who went bi for very homely butch women say otherwise.

        Jesus tap dancing Christ you are a fucking moron.

        1. Portia, John. I swear, you and your homophonic slurs….

          1. Homophonic…


          2. That is perhaps the greatest comment ever Groovus

          3. I love you Groovus. No homophonic.

      2. It’s misogyny to suggest a woman has sex with other women?

        You homophobe.

  14. The film is about Moore’s attempt to put on a one-man show at the Midland Theater in Newark, Ohio and how theater management “prevented him from taking the stage as they deemed him too controversial,” according to Deadline.

    How the hell is this an October Surprise? Does he seriously think people give a damn that some Trump-owned* theater didn’t want him playing there? At best, this will stir up people who already had their heads up his ass, and pretty much no one else. In other words, people who were already going to vote against Trump.

    *(I’m assuming, because otherwise what the fuck is the Trump angle?)

    1. Come on Wanderer, its not like conservatives are prevented from speaking at nearly every college campus in America or anything. Michael Moore had a contract dispute with a theater in Ohio. That is YUUUGGEEE!! That is the dark night of fascism in America right there.

      1. MM is against freedom of association. Whodathunkit?

  15. In the realm of inexplicable, he apparently is a fan of Wikileaks.

    1. He probably just doesn’t realize the party doesn’t allow that anymore.

      1. The party will give him a pass on that. A wide berth, in fact.

        1. Mass has a quality all its own.

  16. Moore has a standard formula:

    1. Announce explosive, controversial movie.
    2. Allude to dark powers trying to stop it.
    3. Movie ends up being widely available anyway.

    1. 3. Movie ends up being widely available anyway and boring as watching flies fuck.

      You forgot that part.

      1. …boring as watching flies fuck.

        As boring as that is; and it is boring, it isn’t as boring as listening to Garrison Keillor read poetry. Now THAT is boring.

        1. listening to Garrison Keillor read poetry


        2. Is there anything Keillor has ever done that isn’t boring and painfully unfunny?

          1. You got me there.

            1. He has a fifty year career and managed to say exactly one funny line; “all our kids are above average”. And that one isn’t even as funny as people pretend it is. It is entirely possible, if unlikely that all of the kids in a small town could be above average.

              1. I am pretty sure that well above 50% of our kids score above the 50th %tile in standardized tests.

                1. Thank god you didn’t say that 50% were above average.

              2. All those Lutheran Minnesotans of Nordic decent are as nice as Keillor says. So nice in fact that not a one of them had the heart to tell Keillor he wasn’t funny. They figured, being Lutheran, that going through life having to pretend that Keillor was funny was their penance for some sin they had done earlier in life.

                1. My kid sister used to work for Minnesoda Public Radio and her pet peeve was when they would tape an episode of MPHC here.

                  She said they would get all sorts of insane calls trying to get sold out tickets.

                  Even as liberal and batty as she was, she couldn’t quite grok the attention and adulation that Keillor got.

          2. And now that he’s in his twilight years like the rest of his Boomer hippie cohorts that shat all over what their parents built, he’s desperately discarding the last remnants of whatever is left of his dignity employing bizarre metaphors and turns of phrase in all of his columns. I don’t think he quite realizes that no one other than boomer nostalgics gives a shit about him anymore.

      2. And boring despite massive liberties with mere “truth”.

        Man can’t even lie (even if usually by implication, omission, and the like) entertainingly.

  17. OT:

    “FBI official at center of alleged Clinton email ‘quid pro quo’ speaks out’
    “In an hour-long interview with The Washington Post, his first public comments on the matter, McCauley acknowledged that he offered to do a favor in exchange for another favor, but before he had any inkling of what Kennedy wanted. The FBI and the State Department have denied that McCauley and Kennedy ever engaged in a “quid pro quo.””…..981296.php

    Let’s see. It goes sort of like ‘We’ve established what you are; now we’re haggling over price’.

    1. Around May 2015, Patrick Kennedy finally called back.
      “He said, ‘Brian. Pat Kennedy. I need a favor,’ ” McCauley recalled in an interview Tuesday. “I said, ‘Good, I need a favor. I need our people back in Baghdad.”
      Then Kennedy, a longtime State Department official, explained what he wanted in return: “There’s an email. I don’t believe it has to be classified.”
      The email was from Hillary Clinton’s private server, and Kennedy wanted the FBI to change its determination that it contained classified information. McCauley and others ultimately rejected the request, but the interaction – which McCauley said lasted just minutes over maybe two conversations – has become the latest focal point of the bitter 2016 presidential campaign. The Democratic candidate’s critics have suggested that the conversation between the State Department and the FBI demonstrated inappropriate collusion to benefit Clinton.

      I love the soft peddling language. That is the definition of prid quo pro. And just exactly why did DOS want the material declassified if not to help Clinton? WTF?

      1. It doesn’t count if he didn’t say yes?

        This reminds me of the Clintons claiming that their business dealings weren’t shady if they lost money.

        1. Or Nixon being run out of office partially for trying unsuccessfully to get the IRS to go after his enemies. It matters when Republicans do it I guess.

  18. Michael Moore was ever so good in Team America: World Police. I’m going to give him a chance.

  19. Also, the stage isn’t engineered to support someone of Michael Moore’s weight.

  20. Nothing annoys me more than someone saying, ‘but he brings up good points.’

    No. No he doesn’t. STOP THAT SHIT!

    1. There was a glimmer of hope in Roger and Me where you can see how with a better director it might have almost been an interesting documentary on the effects of economic dislocation on Rust Belt workers. Then he went further left-wing, but even in Bowling for Columbine, he pointed out that Canadians (at that time) owned large amounts of guns and didn’t go around killing eachother, and that Clinton dropping a shit-load of bombs on Serbia was way more violent than any rock lyrics. So those were good points.

      Then he disappeared down the lefty hack rabbit hole and hasn’t said a sensible thing since.

      1. I think Roger and Me is a pretty good movie. It makes a good point about a CEO who ran a company in the ground and walked away with hundreds of millions for doing so. It is one sided. There is an 800 lb gorilla in the room wearing a “UAW” hat that never gets mentioned. But that is okay. Just because it is one sided and doesn’t tell the whole story doesn’t mean it didn’t tell part of the story well, which it did.

        1. I largely agree. I didn’t think it was competently filmed/directed, though I suppose I have to give leeway for it being his first feature. But I did think the subject matter was interesting, topical, and deserved to be examined. And GM at that time was absolutely being run into the ground, putting out shit like the Cimarron.

          1. Some context for those unaware of the vehicular abortion known as the Cimarron

            1. “Some context for those unaware of the vehicular abortion known as the Cimarron…”

              I just got notification that Ferrari, which had a Lusso model in the early ’60s (…..ajaxhist=0 ) is introducing a new one:…..-revealed/
              It’s a station wagon….

          2. If nothing else, it is fun to watch to remember the days when liberals actually liked working people and pretended to care about them rather than the open loathing they have now.

            If you like documentaries, watch one called Harland County USA sometime. It is about a coal strike in Kentucky. Like Roger and Me it is one sided and a piece of nastgia for when liberals didn’t hate working people. Unlike Roger and Me, it is very well made and wildly compelling. Won the 1976 Oscar for best documentary.

            1. I’ve seen it. I’m from Kentucky myself, with most of my family living in southern Illinois, and several of them were coal miners who were put out of work in the early 90s.

              1. The little hippie brunette filmmaker in that movie was smoking hot back in the day.

        2. Like that movie about the mortgage thing with those actors. I forget. Anyway, one-sided. Barely a mention of the government’s role in the mess.

          1. Usually, the only mention the government gets is lackluster oversight and feckless enforcement of existing regs… essentially, the conclusion is not enough, needs to be bigger, better funded, more authoritarian, less due process.

            Hey wait, how did we get a police state now?

          2. I just saw The Big Short, so I know exactly what you’re referring to.

            Completely unmentioned, the 3,200 pound gorilla in the room, the socialization of losses.

            You’d see these guys laughing about selling garbage loans and it didn’t matter because someone else would pick it up. No mention of who that is, or what mechanism makes any of this possible. Just greedy investment bankers, in bed with regulators, “mass scale fraud”, and the phrase “the end of capitalism” came up. My face in palms after that.

            And there are jerks out there who oppose more regulation. Can you believe it?!

            Narrative always takes precedence.

            At least some of the Netflix commenters were able to point it out.

      2. Showing empathy for the workers is one thing.

        Blaming GM for not retaining a monopoly is bat shit crazy.

        1. Roger Smith was a terrible CEO. That said, a lot of the decisions the big three made in the 60s made perfect sense at the time and made them an enormous amount of money. It was only later that market conditions changed and those ways didn’t work anymore. But no one saw or could have seen that coming, namely the oil crisis and the great inflation of the 1970s.

          In the 50s and 60s people wanted a new car every three years. And they wanted the styling of the models to change. So they didn’t care that much about build quality because they didn’t keep the cars very long. In Europe and Japan people didn’t have the kind of money Americans did and kept their cars much longer. So, build quality mattered. And styling mattered less. European cars didn’t change in styling every year the way American cars did. So it is perfectly understandable that American auto makers made cars that looked great and didn’t last long and Europeans and Japanese made cars that sometimes looked great but also lasted a long time. They were both building to their market.

          1. European cars didn’t change in styling every year the way American cars did.

            On that note, you can barely tell a difference in Porsche over the decades.

            1. Or a Mercedes or a Volvo. They were made for a different market. It takes a lot of money to redesign a car. It cost Detroit a fortune to constantly change its designs like it did. But that is what the American market demanded.

              1. I’m not a car person but they all look the same to me now. I seem to remember when you could clearly tell a Mercedes from a Mazda etc.

                1. Rhywun,

                  They do all look alike and that is because safety regulations have become so strict it is very hard to make a car that doesn’t look like the others.

                  1. We had a Mazda 626 beater when I was a kid. The thing wouldn’t start in the winter but at least it looked nice.

                  2. It’s not just regulations; the engineering has improved a lot and in the end that leads all companies to end up making more or less the same car; after all they’re all essentially trying to solve the same set of problems, so they reach the same solutions and only a few little aesthetic features remain to distinguish them.

            2. “”you can barely tell a difference in Porsche over the decades.””


              If it ain’t broke…

              I get what you mean. But I think they retain styling signatures for good reason.

          2. “Japanese made cars that sometimes looked great but also lasted a long time.”

            Completely wrong. Early Japanese cars were very poor quality. My 71 corolla rusted out in 5 years, 70,000 miles. But they were cheap. And very quickly the Japanese learned from their mistakes and greatly improved quality.

      3. There was a funny part in Bowling where Moore is narrating about how some people think Canadians don’t have gun problems because they don’t have many black people.
        So Moore is walking around Canada and sees a black guy and says see, they so have black people.
        Moore asks the guy where he’s from, and the guy says Detroit.

        1. They have black people; they just all talk with a Canadian accent.

  21. Even if what Moore is saying is true, why does a theater not wanting to show a one man show by someone its customers and donors hate some kind of a big deal? Hey, lets get Ann Colter to do a one woman show on the Obama Presidency and see if the community theater in Berkeley wants to book her. I mean if they don’t, it must be because there is some kind of shadowy conspiracy against Coulter.

    1. When the left tries to ban speech it’s ‘Hate Speech’ that’s being censored. Yay!!!

      When the right tries to ban speech it’s ‘Free Speech’ that’s being censored. Boo!!!

    2. “Even if what Moore is saying is true, why does a theater not wanting to show a one man show by someone its customers and donors hate some kind of a big deal?”

      They don’t believe that’s possible.

      It simply isn’t even under consideration as a real possibility.

      Progressives believe that everyone is behind them–especially average people.

      There are like five extremely wealthy racist people in the whole town who dislike Moore, and everybody else love him. He’s sure of it.

      Just like progressives are sure that everyone loves them. If you don’t love them, it isn’t because you don’t love them. It’s because of the Koch brothers or something.

  22. Hillary doesn’t want to reverse Citizens United per se, she just wants to reverse it for films critical of her or other democrats.

    1. The fact that she gets to open her mouth about Citizens United and never get called out on the fact that the case is about a movie critical of her is appalling. But wait, here is another 5000 words about why Trump wanting to change the standards in libel suits involving famous people is a sign of how he’s truly authoritarian.

    1. I love that video. “Brownshirt”…

      1. It has like a half dozen world-class insults.

        “Chomsky for idiots”-but not that good…
        Trading in moral stupidity, etc

        1. “Preaching moral idiocy”. so much better

    2. Its remarkable, if you go back and digest the sneering moronic-certainty that people like Moore had about Iraq/Afghanistan in things like Fahrenheit 9/11… and note that most of these hyperbolic (*and often misplaced) criticisms that they made about the Bush admin… and their presumed “financial ties to Saudi Arabia” and secret plans to help their cronies remake the middle-east…. actually now apply equally to things Obama & Hillary have done in Libya, Yemen, and Syria…

      ….and yet you don’t see even the slightest hint of discomfort with the fact the Clintons have deep/wide/detailed financial ties to middle eastern dictators, have repeatedly wielded US miltary power on their behalf, have sold arms to all comers, often with direct financial ties to the Clinton Foundation…. have intervened “illegally” in numerous conflicts, etc… Basically – everything they claimed in that doco (often wrongly) is in fact *more true* about their own current candidate, and what is he doing? – why, he’s making a doco about *the other guy*.

      Its just a sign of the retarded-goldfish-level of self-awareness that exists on the left.

      1. “…Basically – everything they claimed in that doco (often wrongly) is in fact *more true* about their own current candidate, and what is he doing? – why, he’s making a doco about *the other guy*…”

        Cindy Sheehan Syndrome.

  23. Citizen’s United: bad when criticizing Shrillary, but good when criticizing Trump. Because principals. /Prog logic

  24. one man show

    To be fair, considering his girth, its really like 2 3/8 men.

  25. So is Moore actually a Hillary supporter, or just a Trump hater? It seems like Bernie or even Jill Stein would be closer to his ideology. But I suppose he’s thinking strategically, and that to him even Hillary is better than Trump.

    I think the National Enquirer hit on Hillary will make a big dent in her support. Millions of low-info voters will see it at the supermarket, the info will be all over the web, and even the MSM will be forced to cover it. Because of that and other reasons, do not count Trump out yet.

    1. There is no way the MSM can suppress it. It will be on every supermarket checkout isle in America, except for Whole Foods of course.

    2. It didn’t really seem to hurt Cruz in the primaries (he lost, but he was already losing when it came out, and it didn’t seem to have any effect on the race).

      1. 1. Hillary ain’t Ted. 2. There’s more here than sex: Hillary’s attacks on Bill’s victims take a lot of the steam out of Trump’s alleged boorishness with women.

        1. I still think she’ll steamroll right over Trump by a healthy margin. It may be a pyhric victory though. She may not be long in office before she’s already acquired the reputation as Nixon 2.0. Even her vagina may not save her reputation. The email leaks suggest the buffoons running her campaign aren’t much brighter than Trump’s and after the election the media won’t have such a strong incentive to cover her.

          1. I always had a hard time believing in a Trump landslide, but I’ve never believed it was a sure thing for Hillary. Too many indicators of dissatisfaction, which Trump is channeling. Too many little things that point his way: vast crowds, huge advantage in merchandise sales, primary votes, almost no visible enthusiasm for Hillary in deep-blue San Francisco. You are more likely to see an old Obama or Bernie sign than a Hillary sign. I know numerous Democrats who simply cannot stomach her. They’ll vote Stein or stay home.

  26. In its decision, the Supreme Court took away the power from government to make those kind of highly subjective distinctions, freeing Michael Moore to be honest about his intents and leaving fans of works like his or John Oliver’s anti-third party “electioneering” who nevertheless support a candidate who opposes Citizens United and is proud to be in favor of banning films that depict her in a negative light in an uncomfortable position if they ever thought about the consequences of their professed policy preferences on political speech.

    No worries there. They never think about the consequences of their professed policy positions. Ever.

  27. “seen by millions”

    Who knew MM was such an optimist?

  28. Michael Moore is a fst cunt who is too stupid to divine the consequences of his policy positions. Fuck him.

  29. “This show, and my plan to release a video of it it [sic] nationwide so it can be seen by millions in the weeks before the election, should definitely ‘sway’ some people into voting!”

    Oh yeah. Michael Moore has a one-man act (!) turned down by a theater in a county no one has ever heard of, and it’s going to shift the electoral landscape.

    Major October surprise. Game changer.

  30. Remember Patrick Feaster? He was found guilty.

    I’m surprised the DA didn’t throw the case using Top Man tricknology. Of course there’s still an appeals process so it’s not over yet.

    1. Oh I didn’t realize the guy died.

  31. Know what movie I want to make?

    It’s one where Fat Asshole is in a room with images and footage of communist and socialist mayhem, disasters and murders playing on screens plastered all over the walls while men in Castro, Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Chavez masks fuck him in the ass. The final scene would have them cumming all over his face in a splendid bukkake.


    1. Make Gary ice the Bukkake with a swastika.

      1. How about Sad Beard?

    2. Hey, hey, hey!

  32. Perhaps the Republicans could hire Goebbels to do a film that’s critical of Stalin.

    1. Stalin: The Soviet Bunion.

    1. We’ve all sexually assaulted a laptop. You’re not special; get over it.

      1. Back in the day, there were SCSI ports. Those peripherals were just asking for it.

        1. Fact: Back in the 80s, Apple in its bizarre pathological image-conscious fervor, attempted to get the industry to pronounce SCSI devices “Sexy” as the sales department didn’t want “SCUZZY” associated with Apple hardware.

          1. Speaking of “sexy”, there’s a home construction company here called “Sekisui house”. I wish they’d let me create their ad campaign.

          2. And that was supposed to lessen nerd’s urges to stick their dicks in hardware? Excellent job, marketers, excellent job!

          3. “Fact: Back in the 80s, Apple in its bizarre pathological image-conscious fervor, attempted to get the industry to pronounce SCSI devices “Sexy” as the sales department didn’t want “SCUZZY” associated with Apple hardware.”

            Wasn’t only AAPL. I remember going to a deli for lunch at the time, picking up a local news rag (Silicon Valley) and reading a heated debate about the issue from several sources. I found it amusing, and it was fodder for conversation with my clients at the time.

      2. *sighs*

        Not a laptop. A “MacBook”.

        I bet you haven’t even made one Vaporwave/Seapunk/Future Funk track in GarageBand.

        1. An electronic rapist and a tech pedant? You are the ultimate hit and run commenter.

        2. McDonald’s has its own line of lap tops now…

          It’s called McBook.


            1. Clpwned!

          1. Will it burn your genitals?

    2. Wait. Was….was that Agile Cyborg?

  33. *Sorry, on a silly radio program

  34. Why is this not news here?! Julian Assange has been effectively silenced by the very embassy protecting him, thwarting the truths he might tell weeks before the election by taking away his internets

    1. Ill be surprised if that stops wikileaks. Their servers certainly aren’t in the Embassy. It’s just intended to take some heat off Ecuador by shutting Assange up for a minute.

      1. Yep, if all it took to stop Wikileaks shutting off Assange’s internet access, they would have done that years ago. It isn’t that hard to setup a system where certain posts go up at a certain time. Or failing that, Assange could just have his buddy post if something unfortunate happens.

    1. Going toe-to-toe with Rooskies in air-to-air combat over Syria seems more apocalysifying.

      1. Bah, all you need is Tom Cruise, an F-14, and an old Polaroid camera.

    2. Even Ecuador is in the pocket of Lyin’ Hillary. Sad!

      1. If I were Equador, I wouldn’t allow someone in my diplomatic protection to steal documents, especially not to influence an election.

        What’s been revealed already would be enough for any honest media to sink Hillary’s candidacy.


      If wikileaks’s operational capabilities are held solely by a wanted man living at the pleasure of a Latin American state, the org deserves to die.

      1. Yeah I was thinking, is he anything more than just the poster boy at this point? This seems like mainly a symbolic act.

        1. “This seems like mainly a symbolic act.”‘

          Yeah, Equator (I prefer English) has no nukes and doesn’t want to piss off the presumptive new POTUS.

  35. On the Trumpussy thing I don’t get why Billy Bush got fired.

    1. Optics.

      As if they didn’t know what they were getting when they hired him.

    2. Apparently, because he did not immediately challenge him to a duel over the honor of womanhood in general. Or something like that.

  36. Melinda Gates was on the VP list for Hillary? Melinda fucking Gates?

    1. Makes sense. A woman who rode the coattails of a man into the White House and a woman who road the coat tails of a man to the top of Forbes 400.

      In other news, I hear Tom Brady’s wife is starting for the Patriots next season.

      1. Don’t cry for me, New England.

      2. *SNORT*

    1. shrike already lives there. Do your worst, Hillary.

    2. Pass. Not into scat porn.

    3. I think this’ll be the scandal that finally brings her down.

      1. Trump’s gonna win this thing now.

    4. She is going to do that to the entire country if she is elected. People don’t seem too concerned about that.

    5. When your bus has gotta go, your bus has gotta go.

    6. The sad part is the Clinton campaign will probably get a bigger punishment than the EPA did for the Gold King mine.

  37. Yeah, like he wouldn’t get an exception anyways.

    1. He’s simply pointing out, in each article, that the Republicans are consistently acting to undermine democracy.

      First by stopping the recount in 2000 which, if allowed, would totally have resulted in Gore winning (never mind the media lies about how Bush would have won anyway under the recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court) this is so awful and traumatic that it should be discussed even 12 years later.

      Second, the Reps undermine democracy by spreading stories of rigged elections which only undermines public confidence in the process.


    1. Anything you hear about Assange or Trump comes from the Hillary campaign and should be dismissed out of hand.

      1. It is literally from the Daily Kos, so yeah, the Hillary campaign.

      2. “Anything you hear about Assange or Trump comes from the Hillary campaign and should be dismissed out of hand.”

        No. On a personal level Assange is scum, and a rapist. That does not undermine the truth of his revelations in any way.

  38. “Video shows tussle over naked Hillary Clinton statue in NYC”
    “But the crowd’s reaction to the naked Clinton was markedly different from that to the Trump statue, when a largely jovial group of onlookers took photos of it and posed for selfies. Some parts of the portly Trump’s genitalia were visible in that statue.
    On Tuesday, a woman can be seen on video taken by a reporter for the New York Daily News dragging the life-size structure of the Democratic presidential nominee to the ground, stomping on it and even sitting on top of it to prevent a man from standing it back up again.
    “We shouldn’t be treated this way. Period,” another woman can be heard saying in the video.”…..981551.php

    I’m sure the woman is referring to herself and that turd in her purse. Or maybe herself and commie-kid; either one works.

    1. That cant be right. All I keep hearing in the news is how far ahead Clinton is in the polls and how reviled the reincarnation of Hitler, i.e. Trump, is.

      Maybe they got the statues mixed up.

  39. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


    1. Well, dear, you should posit this in the 20th largest erection in the state of goddamn Ohio where frustrated fat boys don’t get to spread their personal billion dollar Hollywood icky scum sandwiches all over like a flailing redneck neck puncher strung out on Democrat cocaine. Shit, boy.

  40. Toby: how does the fat man think the world should work?

  41. No way the blowhard gets my vote, but he just came up with a good idea:

    “Donald Trump Proposes Another Terrible Idea: Congressional Term Limits”
    “A supposedly anti-corruption policy actually empowers lobbyists.”…..?section=&

    No, it doesn’t. Unless the newly-elected rep chooses to hand over power to them.
    The other gripe is that the termed out piles of shit move to another office. As it they weren’t doing that already. And where is a termed-out Senator gonna go? Dogcatcher?

    1. I think the criticism that tenured lobbyists could have more sway over a newly elected guy than an Orrin Hatch-esque lifer is completely fair. But I don’t see how that nukes the whole idea. It’s on the voters to pick someone who actually represents their interests and then watch him to ensure he keeps doing so. That’s true now and it would still be true with term limits. I’d gladly put the occasional lobbyist puppet in power for a short term to get rid of 40-year political careers.

  42. Amazon sucks wedgie dust whilst still retaining shades of awesomeness… Bitches returned zero things but let us be real here actual product for agile’s perusal on this shit search- ‘jesus fucking christ what the FUCK is wrong with you FUCKS” was parsed and within this groove of grimalicious tapping tenderloins with the fingernails clapped on– the binary angels burst forth and despite the fucking zero Amazon found agile some goddamn product to purchase.

    Yes, you glorious whores. Shit can be bought on filthy lines of under-revelated gizzard talk. Shades of freedom beckon from the dank Amazon dungeons where the bitches stock their billions.

    Forty ‘fucks’ might net a clay toad, man. Right from the robotic nervous system of this billion dollar modern day gazelles nest with a mighty comet man in charge.

    1. You’re the greatest, AC.

      1. Fuck you, whore. Your entire collective magnetic resonance is the streaming spawn of the goddamn sun and the stars beyond. Trophy for Juvenil Blustah!!! So the responsibilities of the Cool Bitch of the Entire Universe award requires showing up at the old dying stars homes man where the atomic purples swing dance with radiation red and deep space aqua and from a glance at the fucking contract you must recite the entirety of the Juvenil Blustah poetry collection and shit… how you get THAT ride, bro, into deep special space is NOT my fucking problem. smile

  43. Ok, just got in and thought the debate was tonight. I turn on the teevee and see Donald Trump announcing he will push for term limits for every member of congress if he is elected. The man truly is Hitler.

    He said he is going to drain the swamp. Yep, Hitler Stalin and Mao all rolled up into one.

    If the team purple establishment didn’t hate him enough already. They are going to fight tooth and nail, use every dirty trick in the book to try and bring him down, and the more they try the higher he will rise in the polls cuz you know…there are forces at work here that no one can understand. We do have an unaware and compliant citizenry, don’t we?

    I notice Reason still hasn’t written anything about the O’keefe videos. I remember when they refused to write anything about the video where Trump brags about grabbing pussies. So principled.

    Actually it is starting to really piss me off.

    1. Tooth and nail is a light cloud term, Suthen. This collective linguistic expression has evolved into the pulsing and berating of kittens arguing over mama’s fish skittles.

      The Democratic party has become the honey pot catchment cleverly gathering the funky must of young socialist psychotics ready to wage robotic war.

    2. I notice Reason still hasn’t written anything about the O’keefe videos. I remember when they refused to write anything about the video where Trump brags about grabbing pussies. So principled.

      It’s almost like all of those cosmotarian insults had more than a nugget of truth at their core.

      1. It is not like every time a writer leaves the magazine, they turn out to be a closet lefty or anything. I mean it is only happened four or five times.

        1. political journalism is one of those things (like real estate and basic car maintenance) that is close enough to being within my realm of competency that I have to laugh when people treat it like magic.

          If I had more free time, I would write up articles and post them in the comments. It’s not that hard to do some research and churn out 1-2 pages of analysis on a regular basis, and I guarantee that my articles would be more interesting to the readers than half of the articles currently published here. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much free time. It’s a simple formula: find an issue, outline both sides, explain what the libertarian position is and why.

          I think you’re right, though. It’s not that the “usual suspect” writers aren’t competent at writing libertarian news articles, it’s that many are not nearly as libertarian as the commentariat is.

          1. “outline both sides”

            False balance!

          2. +1. I like Nick, but I can’t help having the feeling that Reason has gone off the rails a bit.

    3. Suthenboy|10.18.16 @ 9:59PM|#
      “Ok, just got in and thought the debate was tonight. I turn on the teevee and see Donald Trump announcing he will push for term limits for every member of congress if he is elected. The man truly is Hitler.”

      Sorry, I fail to see how this is a negative.

      1. That I was mistaken about the time of the debate? That DT wants term limits? Or that Trump is Hitler?

        I refuse to use sarc tags. You have been around here long enough to have heard me rant and rail about how badly we need term limits and to cut the nuts off of our so called ruling class. Surely you don’t need one from me.

        1. OK, sarc not noted.

        2. how badly we need term limits


          Can’t you just picture Moobs flailing about trying to make an honest living at… anything?

    4. Suthenboy, it is interesting to me that Reason seemed to have an easier time making arguments for Obama in 2008 than they do making arguments for Trump in 2016.

  44. Seriously, Spotify? Fucking ‘Double Duth Bus’ will get your neck stuck by Frankie, bitches. It is right there in front of my goddamn giddy marbles, man. Fucking nasty binary spinning gigolos spelt Frankie’s song wrong. Right there on the goddamn shit. Fucking forgot the baby c, bitches.

  45. Reason is the livid thrive stream bleeding thoughts between the crushing palor… jesus FUCKING christ, FRANKIE… too much FUCKING much of you into my goddamn head man… can’t handle anymore than fucking 122 minutes, bitch then I gotta get you and your fucking mess of splendid all rolled up in your goddamn fucking bus carpet. go to sleep and pass out on this blunt of deity weed. I’ll fucking ratchet your junkyard bark out next noon. goddamn.

      1. done, Krab

  46. The poltergeist that sets the table aside called Trump put him outside this fucking goddamn finger stabbing into this fucking lit collection of letters- notice the gargantuan octopus of hell called the fucking Clinton crusades ascending on us who love liberty, man.

    She is delightful next to the Tennessee river deep- frying channel cats and human baby legs but when you give her the savages of the century who will offer their souls to the gods for a chance to carve out a slice of time and memorial on the backs of the hunched in the fields and factories…. She becomes the black widow of the greatest Marxian Kingdom ever produced in modern times. A jolly castle of theories lined with jesters bearing ebony wings and sideways glints and even more conniving puzzles to play on the distracted.

  47. Agile Altar Call…

    you fucking religious people in these threads who claim to know god are mostly all fucking young shits ( i love you all, by the way- may Jesus not hate me even tho he does- peace out, Jesu). Man, none of you know how to love a god, man. I say John is probably the closest and even his crippled angst has never experienced real religion like agile has, man. I grew up on the drug of the altar and

    Please pop up here if you’ve cried until dawn to the gods as a pimpled jerking twitching pussy hungry fuck on the altars of an Ohio fall with canoe trip on Saturday thinking about sticking your new cock into Rachel because her skirt hung on her hips like suns Nasa has yet to discover.

    and the Clintons use this drug on their Mooks and Humas.

    1. Prudence says stay seated in the last row and avoid eye contact with the pastor.

  48. see- the reason why Arkansas is the bedding ground of how you own America is because Agile understands the
    basis of the power angels and early on when the Clintons were tiny in their cradles the minutes were whirring in the genes of their families and before their families when these astute saints would gather in the green lanes under a strict streaming sun and the ladies would descend from the steps of the church on sunday in 1936 or 1964 and the families would gather round their kitchen expressions and the minds would be altered on chicken sandwiches, watermelon carvings, green lawns, and lilting suns and the greatest desire built into all of us to be fucking accepted and loved.

  49. Grab your cocks !!! And cock your Glocks !!!

    I’m telling you. Shits gonna get real.

    There is so much hate out there.

    1. Jimmy Pirate boy, the Sith code pales when crushed under the fucking smashing screams of genuine spiritual survival of our fucking religious fucking peoples, man.

      I once traveled with blackbeard, tho, like hundreds of years ago on acid and I almost died but it was awesome, babe.

      1. I once traveled with blackbeard, tho, like hundreds of years ago on acid and I almost died but it was awesome, babe.

        Damn. Much respect, brother.

  50. The Clintons exist as Socialist Acceptance Cult and their disciples are graduating from the claimed finest refractories of human endeavors and shit without the pull and call of distraction and the Clinton Socialist Acceptance Cult which is the most mind-bending intelligence operation even the fucking FBI would be proud of (FUCK the goddamn worthless FBI) has enjoined the fearful askew of lads laboring under so much fucking doubt and apprehension and the Clinton SAC turns them into gods and goddesses and the Clinton SAC grows stronger and more otherwordly.

      1. “I want some of that action!”


      2. State of Emergency, rules instantiated for your safety… Sounds like typical repressive governance. Anytime people die at the hand of their governors, it’s sad. I’ll try to keep this issue in mind. After some cursory searching now, it’s very hard to understand what the conflict is, other than dominance of one ethnic group over the rest. Which I may not be understanding fully yet.

  51. The fucking sickness of modern music is that beneath the millionaire billionaire shitty gods
    lies a thick basement of verse written and sung by genius that THOSE shitty horrible rich fucks will
    never be allowed to exploit because they have the skins of dragons and the hearts of corpses but
    i know many song writers and singers in the alleyways of my stillness rivers that can bulldoze even the
    greatest emmy award show and i fucking do not give a shit about your FUCKING mainstream ooze with
    all its crap gods
    Fuck you, Hollywood.

    in my travels and hikings I’ve met many Micheal jacksons and Whitneys BUT the fucking shit record totalitarian
    fucks like to claim their fucking angels…. not so…

    Behind every radio dial lives a hundred voices that were never chosen for no particular reason….

  52. Behind every blockbuster movie lives stars that will never be discovered.
    Behind every shitty simpleton Madison Avenue promulgation of literal crap shat from
    the assholes of overpaid millionaires in New York
    lies many millions of lovely Americans who should empty their assholes on Madison Avenue, NY

    It is time American men and women take their lives back from the ad agencies and corrupt Clinton Hillbillies

    for real, bitches

  53. If clouds had capes
    the sky would run under the moon, man
    if clouds had capes they
    would middle finger the
    science department of the only
    fucking school of thought on earth
    Agile might accept as legit which is
    where Dennett rolls which is I guess Tufts
    but fuck that place because I love Dennett
    and Oak trees… for real.. I do ..I love oak trees
    because unless your yard has a 200 hundred year old
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    glance of Kenworths swarming into the truck stop
    of threads of clacking shit and so where sleeping
    truckers tune into the glue voice of ghosts so goddamn
    special and so fucking gone but, praise the space aliens,
    I love/m…. you goddamn Tennessee ghosts screaming

  54. our fucking screams of delight wrought from the waving hands of supposed genius is
    generally the blatant boring bullshit of hypnosis from the dumbest goddamn and richest shits
    with the largest houses in the fucking boulevards
    because they ARE CLEVER
    can you all see this?
    Presidential elections are like the pure POOP crapped from the literal ASSHOLE of HOLLYWOOD
    which all those manipulative shits own…
    this shit isn’t even real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Ya’ll Democrats and Republicans and Reason whateva da fucks, man…
    the system was put in place in the early 60’s…. and the back and forth isn’t even real….
    this country is run by the cream and will forever will be until, unfortunately, like all the shit that brings cream down… but cream is betting this isn’t going to happen…

    mirror drops but few will notice the basement door revealing the monsters….

  56. Reason played this field when old records were once the only thing to hang on to.
    All you new fucks might get weak in the knees wondering the fuck but before you
    were born this exact shit was going on… so, old school. Yeah, hang tight. Agile has your back.
    I will never fuck you up and I will never fucking lie to you, bitch.

  57. Corruption nuclear holocaust within weeks of imploding the brains of a hundred million gorgeous Americans.

    1. Well, look at Mr. Sunshine over there!

      1. Accidental unsun, Sir Fusion. CUT MY FUCKING ASS SLUM SLACK YOU FUCKING ATOMIC HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        k? finger fell asleep on the fucking duplicitous exclamations, Sir Fusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        oh geez
        i swear I have to collect all my selves

    2. Fuck you self- don’t be real about this shit man. what the fuck be about your dalliance and shit. christ

    3. You seem very cynical this evening. May you fall in love with life again before the sunrise.

  58. “Michael Moore in Trumpland”

    He tried to jump down the rabbit-hole, but he wouldn’t fit.

    1. “Drink me – NOW!”

      1. Enough of your hipster pick-up lines.

        1. Enough of your hip sterflask pick-up lines.

  59. Modern homes aren’t constructed with attics that are easily accessible
    but all homes built before modern fucking assholes have biomes with attics
    where boys go and hide fucking pussy mags on top of the hovel…
    Jesus fucking Christ, world. sorry to offend your limpy shriveled wrist fuckwad
    highway of gauging modern man… but in 1984 we young fools crept like ninjas above the attics
    of our fucking parents to hide the pussies of our majestic nude queens and she and her myriad
    lovers awarded us the release of hardened cock tornadoes under the dank orange and angry
    tech of the early 80’s….
    I have a story to tell you so i fucking submit this SHIT

  60. Dad was and still is a handsome fuck shitty dad and so on of Toledo sign creatige in let’s say for real man
    so this shit starts… 1987… Dad fucking plucks me from homework to visit this horrifying hell spawn of a junkyard in late 80’s in inner city Toledo Ohio because my FUCKING dad thinks the ONLY motherfucking Black bitch in the entire city of Toledo Ohio has a smarmy part for one of his sign jobs or shitty vehicles….

    1. and the sun was glowing gently on my 12 year old arm while Dad fretted on Western Avenue on the way to that strange nasty black dude who owned that hell… and like always we pulled into the gravelly drive next to the Maumee river and walked like always into grease and a fucking goddamn black bitch who you cannot paint because no movie can make him and next thing I know like happened all the time I started screaming and screaming because it was time to enter the junkyard……….

      people write all sorts of bullshit about junkyards and fuck

      I was dragged for years into junkyards you FUCKS.

      NOTHING you can write compares to seizing hell of a gauntlet of junkyard dogs straining to snap the young neck son of father who constantly enjoyed drinking coffee with a grizzled handsome black fuck searching for auto possessions among the cemeteries of old cars and my white dad the king always fucking stumbled about the goddamn fields of the fucking black king on their searches and purchases and this agile bitch was hooked and humbled when all shit is all done with after fucking decades my atomic molecular self literally sings orgasms of colorful dragons.

  61. So i guess all the lovely boys and gentle 2 girls are asleep (I love you enb and diane)
    time for lines and bars….

    1. Goodnight AC. Hope the journey back to the moon is turbulence free.

      1. B Wags is the Course Aire wings flowing upon the new earths
        seeking and sweeping under the screams of the modern epoch
        B Wags cuts through the next smashing swerving bubble of time
        man we are under the collapsing cut of the new merging evolution
        B Wags the super galactic sword swinging and twanging….

  62. you ever see a thick oak?
    ever wrap your arms tight around
    hundreds of years of living and thriving
    I’ll bet every single one of my liberty loving
    crew and their spear held high and philosophy
    and shit…

    I have a 300 hundred year old oak deep in my wood
    which is seen rarely anywhere in average Ohio unless you rush
    deep deep into the walking wood…

    Don’t pretend you understand this until it happens, man.

    There is an indian level spirituality you will def scoff at until
    I introduce you into the hall of how to understand the death of yourself
    drinking and falling into the headwinds of a very dark forest with a giant
    creature you will hug that existed before your nation?

  63. Joe was beaten by his dad in front of me
    and I imagined ways of killing Joes dad
    because Joe was super cool lebanese to my fucking
    way of thinking but his mother beat me when
    my mom dropped my fucking ass off at 7 or shit 9
    and then Joe got his shit ass slashed and then Naomi
    the daughter got bent over a table and the fucking Noreen
    mom beat her until she bled and ran down the road
    so we ran upstairs and I david lived up there with his
    mom who was even more horrible because she kept
    david locked in a closet and I felt so sorry for david in
    1982 because she locked me in a closet with David
    and not a single fucking parent gave a single shit
    but I dreamed about killing his mom because I wanted
    to save him…

    1. and a bunch of fuckers will set pupils on this
      -think it ain’t real but I try to carve lines from this shit
      but above is real and even more so because my tears
      fed starving cockroaches and wallpaper in old movies
      hurts me more than monsters

  64. voices are doors into
    the echoes of behinds
    where voices screech
    but don’t because
    time sucks the neck from
    our pictures because we
    live our consciousness
    stretched across the experiences of
    or our connections which
    culminates as the web of our fucking
    smash self hell and the dripping
    vampires he created
    are actually the psychosis
    of our cognitive infections
    and life and trees blurs
    between the tangential
    terminals and modules of my
    clashing self twist out man
    like the escape terminal
    exists within

  65. i do not know the how this shit happened so quickly
    because I am fucking haunted by the voices of echoes
    screaming through the vineyards of yesterday and underneath
    the candles flickering against the jaded walls

    the sun streams and I enter into the calling spins and wiles
    of foxes and dolphins travelling on the exquisite panes of merchants
    plying trades among the fucking stars or is this too goddamn soon?

  66. The board of the movie theatre is a remnant of the progressive era. So Moore should have felt right at home with them.

    1. rufus remains the vibrato of flitting lightning dancing bug

  67. The sun is hunting for distracted tomorrows always
    in the best woods of all my Ohio oak and maple and hickory….
    I supplant my loves within the soothing collapse of deciduous melody
    whence the subtle thronging merging thickness of vapors
    envelope my loves and dreams
    but I cut them out of the envelope and burn this shit net
    and release my reverse roots to the suns

  68. throngs ripple and deposit
    brain girds its armies on the
    bastions of pianos
    dreams become capes
    and joy strikes the neck of
    depression and psychosis
    underneath the conscious you
    lies the the expression of your
    eyes reading this and you notice
    this i because it is NOT capitalized
    the dot above the line will be a
    leaf wafting into the streams
    of your consciousness and there is
    not a single fucking thing you can
    do about this odd development
    because time does not exist
    in thread lines and
    posted imaginations because
    letters are infinite stars
    like dots above fucking baby

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