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Des Moines, Iowa, resident Kasey Vogel says her daughter is being bullied in Hillis Elementary School. She wants to move the girl to a school in nearby Johnston. But Des Moines Public Schools is refusing to allow her to remove her daughter from the district. They say letting the girl leave would upset their diversity plan numbers.

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  1. There is an exception to school district diversity plans, however: bullying and/or harassment.

    The state says a school must acknowledge bullying/harassment has taken place, but a spokesperson for the school district says there is not history of bullying with Quincey.

    A school desperate to follow its only plan is also in charge of that plan’s loopholes? Sounds like accountability controls are firmly in place.

    1. I recall someone using a similar system. Something about a promise to not hire lobbyists unless a waiver was granted by the person that made the promise.

  2. I’m trying to picture what the fuck a “Diversity Plan” is.
    “If by year 3 we fail to attract 17 asian children to our district – WE BUY THEM ON THE BLACK MARKET.

    1. Why don’t they just order orphans off of amazon like the rest of us. I mean there’s even a color option if you’re that picky

      1. I will trade you a brown 1st grade boy and a yellow 3rd grade girl for a red 4th grader of any sex and 2 future draft picks.

        1. mmmm yellow third grade girls…tasty

          1. …as long as the yellow isn’t from jaundice. They still taste good, but the stomach ache afterward just isn’t worth it.

    2. Sounds like it’s based on need. They need a certain number of people receiving free lunch. Social engineering.

      1. Social engineering or access to Uncle Sams check book? Don’t schools get fed money for “free lunch” kids?

        1. Bingo. It’s all tied to federal funds.

          It’s the federal government’s end run around the Consitution. The 10th was already a dead letter, but this particular method of tying money to demands just stomps it into tapioca.

    3. People are like M&M’s ,you need .the right mix of different colors..

      1. Unless you’re Van Halen Elementary, then the light brown kids are shit out of luck.

    4. They are property of the State, after all.

      1. ^This.

        Treat them like cattle.

  3. “That’s when Vogel started asking questions to school officials, and says she learned there were several students in Quincey’s class with “behavioral issues.” According to Vogel – and through her daughter’s accounts – these students would act out, throwing desks or scissors, calling names, or pushing other kids. Vogel says the teacher would have to clear the room multiple days a week to have professionals deal with the children acting out.”

    I remember when I was in school, in the Pleistocene era. When a student “acted out” it was *that student* who was removed from the room – on one occasion to get a paddling.

    And as to assaulting other students or throwing desks or scissors – that stuff might actually get you suspended.

    1. Ya, II didn’t get this either. If a couple kids act out in a way the teacher has to clear the room, the first call to be made should be to the little urchins parent/parents and told to come get their little demon, and only bring it back when it cannot disrupt the class.

      When did society become something that has to mold itself to accommodate it’s worst occupants?

      1. Because the bureaucrats respond to two incentives, regulations and the loudest bitchers. Typically, the loudest bitchers in schools have the worst kids.

        My mother in law works in a Philly school. It’s barely representative of civilization and the one thing that will get the ghetto parents going the most is if they think their kid has been dissed. They couldn’t care less if he actually learns something.

      2. couldn’t get ahold of mom…she was in rehab…and dad’s doing 90 days…grandma can’t use a cell phone and grandpa’s med’s make him a danger to himself & others…better to leave the little fuck in class

        1. At least you have all four!

          1. But they are supposed to have six.

      3. We had a separate school for students with behaviour issues.

        1. we called it reform school…and it featured daily beatings and pederasty…for the WIN

    2. They do this with the kids who have nut allergies also. The kid who has to eat lunch far off in the corner isn’t the one with the allergy, it’s the one who dared to bring a peanut butter sandwich to lunch that day.

  4. Apparently, this isn’t the first time this poor woman was pushed around by authorities.

    “A West Des Moines woman is furious with her apartment complex and police after her $7,000 dollar wedding ring was stolen. Kasey Vogel believes her ring was stolen by a maintenance worker at Whisper Ridge apartments in West Des Moines.

    “The worker, 21-year old Ramzi Matouk, was caught by police when he tried to pawn a stolen ring. Officers also found ten other rings that Matouk had pawned in the weeks before his arrest. But police never took the rings as evidence and never contacted residents at Whisper Ridge to see if they were missing any jewelry.

    “Instead they waited for possible victims to come forth. Vogel says that’s ridiculous. “I mean how often do you really look in your jewelry box until you actually go to wear something?” she says.

    “West Des Moines Police admit they blew it. “Yeah, we could have gone to other tenants in the apartment complex and we didn’t do that.” says Lt. Jim Barrett, “And maybe we should. And next time, maybe we’ll handle it differently.””

    1. This seems to be the kind of woman who runs to the media over every little thing.

      Waah, waah, the police are incompetent…waah, the public schools are abetting the abuse of my daughter…

      Sheesh, suck it up, the authorities are doing the best they can!


    2. Holy shit living in an apartment complex in Des Moines with a $7000 wedding ring?

      1. “$7000” is what her husband said.

        “That’s a 1-carat diamond, honey, and solid gold!”

        Cubic zirconia and gold plated stainless steel look just as nice.

    3. maybe, we’ll see…let me think about it for a while…

  5. Eh, when I grew up (40 years ago), I lived like 4 blocks from an elementary school. Instead of going there, I was bussed to one an hour away (only about 10 miles, but long bus ride since I was the last).

    Same school district. Just they had gerrymandered the schools for some reason.

    1. School locations raise/lower property values.

      Efficient mechanism to buy votes, probably.

  6. The TV report said this is a complex issue. WTF. It is only complex because the all-knowing state makes it complex.

    1. for the state, anything more advanced than 2+2=4 is complex…most of those clowns couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a map

      1. True, but that equation should have never come up in the first place.

  7. They say letting the girl leave would upset their diversity plan numbers.

    Have her self-identify as a mitigating ethnicity. Problem solved.

    1. I read that as “migrating ethnicity.” I guess like a Lakota or a Gokturk or something? It still works.

  8. Children exist to meet the needs of the school districts. Believing it’s the other way around is just foolishness.

  9. Sooo….on the pyramid scale of progressive retardation diversity trumps bullying?

    1. Federal subsidies trump everything else.

    2. If they thought it would “increase diversity”, they’d send their goons to hurt people themselves.

  10. I saw this in the link to the news article:

    “Parents Say Iowa Can Do Better With Race Relations After Possible Slur at Football Game”

    Why? How about this: IGNORE IT.

    If you want to go after ‘slurs you have to go after speech and when you go after speech you’re not too far from thought control.

    1. Possible?

      Catch me, I’ve got the vapors.

    2. Possible Slur

      This, for example.

      1. One mustn’t be niggardly with one’s outrage, after all.

  11. It is easy to stop bullying in schools but this PC culture would never allow it. Glad I went to school in the early 60s.

    1. It’s called getting and giving a beating. Law of the jungle and all that.

  12. The school certainly has no reservations about revealing their priorities. Clearly, the child is at the bottom of the list.

    1. the child is always the bottom…always

  13. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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