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Worst Thing the GOP Could Do is Decide the Problem with Trump Is That He's Just a Terrible Person


David Frum, former Bush speechwriter, credited with inventing the phrase "axis of evil," lays forth with admirably frightening precision what I'm afraid will be many GOP thought leader and activist's reaction to a big Trump loss in November: that while he may indeed have been an offensive jerk with a scarily volatile personality, Republicans must remember that when it comes to the issues the Party should run on moving forward, Trump was actually totally right.

This is all in an article actually called "How to Rebuild the Republican Party" at The Atlantic.

Even as various GOP solons lately find strange new disrespect for Trump in the face of further exposure of his horrible personal expression and behavior, I fear Frum will prove prescient in setting forth the Official Line moving forward after a Trump loss, should that happen: that he was a terrible guy, sure, but a brilliant policy entrepreneur whose very popularity shows where Republican politics need to go from here.

That is, to almost zero interest in small government at all, except lip service to tax cuts while talking up enormous spending increases, and a very unspecified dislike of regulation, ideas that are not very encouraging in a guy whose economic policy advisers have a very tenuous grasp on any of the economic thought behind free markets.

Otherwise, as Trump exemplifies and Frum cheers:

a majority of Republican voters also want a message that secures health coverage, raises middle-class incomes, and enforces borders and national identity….

Trump saw…that the social-insurance state has arrived to stay. He saw that Americans regard healthcare as a right, not a privilege. He saw that Republican voters had lost their optimism about their personal futures—and the future of their country. He saw that millions of ordinary people who do not deserve to be dismissed as bigots were sick of the happy talk and reality-denial that goes by the too generous label of "political correctness." He saw that the immigration polices that might have worked for the mass-production economy of the 1910s don't make sense in the 2010s. He saw that rank-and-file Republicans had become nearly as disgusted with the power of money in politics as rank-and-file Democrats long have been. He saw that Republican presidents are elected, when they are elected, by employees as well as entrepreneurs. He saw these things, and he was right to see them.

The wiser response to the impending Republican electoral defeat is to learn from Trump's insights—separate them from Trump's volatile personality and noxious attitudes—and use them to develop better, more workable, and more broadly acceptable policies for a 21st-century center-right.

Frum does give lip service to the notion that all that big government and culture war stuff from Trumpland can somehow be wedded meaningfully to: "individual initiative, a free enterprise economy, limited government, lower taxes…."

But once government is handmaiden to the complaints and supposed needs of Trump's constituency for free things, infrastructure spending explosions, economy-freezing protectionism, and making sure their version of undesirables can't get to America or work here, it's hard to see what limited government would mean or how lower taxes could be maintained. (I should note that at least the official version of Trump's health care thought doesn't match Frum's insistence that Trump agrees that "health care is a right," but it is what Frum obviously thinks the GOP needs to believe.)

I linked to Frum's essay yesterday in the context of the curious dog that didn't bark in it: despite Trump's non-interventionist fan club, superinterventionist Frum seems not concerned in the slightest that Trump might not conduct American foreign policy in a way that would please Frum.

For other recent takes on what a Trump loss can or will mean for the Republicans, see this from W. James Antle at Washington Examiner.

Antle's main point is backed up by my own impression of the average Trump fan I encounter online: what the Republicans who waited until pussygate to try to jump ship will gain from Trump's voters—and there will be plenty of them, even if he doesn't win—is a lot of heated and angry contempt. How the angry Trumpkins will see the situation is: various bigwigs in the GOP establishment have proven they would rather kowtow to feminazis and a liberal media than make America great again, that, as Antle notes, the GOP are afraid to really fight for the interests of those who hate liberals more than they love liberty, when Trump was so willing.

Who Lost Trump? will be the battle cry that haunts and likely takes down many Republican leaders in the next four years if he loses.

That will be bitter justice for those Republicans so unconcerned with actual good ideas about shrinking government that they failed to see through both Trump's persona and his policies early. But a Republican Party obsessed with that sort of recrimination won't be likely to support any forces more likely to make the Party more conducive to being any kind of force for smaller and saner government.

Third party options, or politicians willing to use the major parties for what they provide (name recognition, ballot access, money) and not feel obligated to support all the dumb shit they stand for, will remain Americans' only likely political options. Win or lose, the wrecking ball of Trump has done its damage. And while Republicans may find electoral advantage in trying to embrace Trump's crummy mix of authoritarian nativism, they'll just keep hurting America doing so.

Ben Domenech at Federalist has a more cynical realpolitik take on a post-Trump-loss Republican future, concluding more or less that given the unwillingness of actual party leaders to leave the stage or change, that nothing much will actually shift with the GOP as a political entity. Rather, he sees both hardcore Trump fans and anti-Trumpers just walking away wounded from the Party.

That's certainly an option for voters, who can always shift back to the largely ignored 40 percent or more who tend to not vote at all.

And if the Libertarian Party can hold its head proud through the rest of this mess, they will clearly benefit from an election season that has treated them for the most part as legitimate, even if hopeless, players. Pro-liberty Republicans may see the need for that sort of true realignment.

But apparatchiks and politicians gotta do politics, and I do fear that Frum's arguments will make all too much sense to them: hey, that crummy protectionist big-spending mix won the primaries, it's apparently what the people want. God help them.

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  1. Trump’s worst legacy will be that he dragged the Grand Old Party away from free trade so very easily. Well, other than installing the Clintons back into the White House.

    1. And smashed the myth of supposedly evangelical family-values voters.

          1. Don’t touch? the Fist.

        1. Agreed. That particular move will help the libertarian gain traction. Lord knows, we’re going to need a LOT of traction….

      1. Jerry Falwell Jr said Trump’s sex tape was a conspiracy — by liberals of course. Then he said the video was deploring .. to stupid to realize that he said, in effect that he would have suppressed it. A knee to the groin of his professed Savior.

        Every bit as crazy as his father, who Goldwater described correctly by saying the Moral Majority was a threat to the GOP, which is now self-evident .. having also crippled the libertarian movement.

    2. The Republicans are no more “free trade” than are the Democrats. “Free trade” means, you know, free trade. Takes about one sentence: “we won’t put any import duties on your products, and you don’t put any on ours.”
      How many pages is NAFTA or the TPWhatever-it-is? Crony capitalism extended to international trade is no more “free trade” than domestic cronyism is “the free market”.

      1. In the modern era free trade absolutely NEEDS to be centrally planned like everything else important the government does…

      2. Treaties are required so that nations can drop their restrictions with confidence. How else could there be any agreement at all? High-fiving each other over drinks? Agreements between different nations are are called … treaties.

        Our Interstate Commerce clause intentionally banned the practice of tariffs between the states. Act of liberty or centralized planning?

        To ban treaties would be as naive as “Repeal don’t replace” as a strategy for reducing government.

          1. My multiple stalker now brags on his ignorance of what a treaty is …with one more childish persoal attack (the sure sign of sniveling cowardice on so many issues)

            (My tone and boldface is self-defense of serial aggression)

      3. “”””””Free trade” means, you know, free trade. Takes about one sentence: “we won’t put any import duties on your products, and you don’t put any on ours.””””

        So the Chinese Communists selling body parts of executed political prisoners to the Cuban Communist Medical System is Free Trade as long as they don’t impose an import duty?

        1. Tip of the hat! Score one for non-hysteria!!!

  2. a majority of Republican voters also want a message that secures health coverage, raises middle-class incomes, and enforces borders and national identity, but regardless they’re going to install Hillary instead.

    1. Genius says a majority of Republicans will vote for Hillary!

  3. The Lesson of Trump is that Republicans are willing to nominate New Deal-style Democrats.

    Enforce the immigration laws to stem the flow of refugees – sounds like FDR to me.

    Discriminatory treatment of minorities – sounds like FDR.

    Economic Do-Somethingism – sounds like FDR.

    Wants to appoint Supreme Court justices who don’t support abortion or gay marriage – FDR again.

    Populist, us-vs-them, masses-vs-classes rhetoric – yeah, FDR all right.

    1. How far the progs have moved from their idol….

    2. The Lesson of Trump is that Republicans are willing to nominate New Deal-style Democrats.

      Didn’t the nomination of Wendell Willkie in 1940 sort of already prove this? Ever since FDR smashed the system the GOP has vacillated between loving/hating FDR-style fascism.

      1. At least Ron Paul would trash ONLY the ninth amendment, checks and balances and division of powers between two co-equal branches.

        He’d keep the economy free — perhaps — since he has NOTHING viable on taxes,

          1. Multiple stalker FAILS to name ANYTHING viable on taxes from Ron Paul. (proving me CORRECT)
            Levies personal insult at me for asking embarrassing questions.
            Driven by suppression — like Hitler’s brownshirts — and tbe Paulist Cult.

    3. The lesson of Trump is that the “Innocent Fifth Columnists” to whom Ayn Rand wrote her scolding letter–while Christian National Socialist Germany was busily exterminating selfishness–finally nominated their own candidate. Sinclair Lewis predicted they would, and “It Can’t Happen Here” is again making the rounds of the theater circuit.
      The Nazi Party that homegrown looters were criticizing as an embarrassment in 1936 was cultivated and subsidized by Republican Prohibitionist President Herbert Clark Hoover. His 1931 “Moratorium on Brains” enabled German conservatives to invest in Waffen instead of paying restitution for their berserker rampage of 1914 to 1919. The rest of the world can see clearly that Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler defend the same mystical ideology. Luckily, the odds are 6 to 1 the US version of Nationalsocialism will lose to the pro-choice party.

    4. Republicans have supported the New Deal mentality for decades.

      Most of the dipshits don’t know that Goldwater and Reagan were actively supporting homosexuals in the 1970s — decades before Clinton shamefully signed he GOP’s shameful DOMA and DADT. Goldwater and Reagan were also the first to ridicule extreme social conservatives. also decades before the left wised up.

      Full of shit re FDR on abortion and gay marriage though. The dangers of bipolar tribalism
      (Neither was an issue, or even discussed until decades later)

  4. Can someone just explain to me why this article is so stupid. I’m so not reading another Trump piece today.

    1. It assumes like every other article like this that a losing Republican Presidential candidate would stay relevant after badly losing an election.

      Assumes facts not in evidence….

      1. You mean like Goldwater?

        1. The relevance Goldwater had was based on the fact that he was already an established, entrenched politician who managed to have an extremely successful acolyte (Reagan). What factors would give Trump any staying power in the party?

          1. In fact, the Goldwater nomination convinced people like Ayn Rand that the GO-Pee prohibitionists were something other than National Socialist, just as the Obama election convinced the world that the Democratic Party was no longer a Klanbake.

          2. Trump shows he extent that bigots and authoritarians have in today’s GOP … PRECISELY the opposite of both Reagan and Goldwater who were supporting homosexuals and ridiculing extreme socons in the 1970s.

            Trumps raging hatred ,.. now ridiculed by even Carl Rove and the Wall Street Journal .. has his supporters opposing down-ballot Republicans … to punish the party … blatant assholery at a new scale … Carl Rove notes that Trump needs THEIR COATTAILS because almost all of them are outpolling him … and, even if he was elected (shudder) how can his Supreme Court nominees be ratified in a Democrat Senate … or ANYTHING in a Democrat House? FUCKING-duh

            So, to all by the certified delusional, Trump’s campaign can severely damage America, perhaps even for decades. Just like we got Obamacare and 8 years of Obama, thanks to the massive debacles of Dubya’s GOP. And Obama’s second term because the GOP (and libertarian establishment) had NOTHING for healthcare .. and even wacker for Medicare.

    2. Can someone just explain to me why this article is so stupid. I’m so not reading another Trump piece today.

      Yes, but you probably wouldn’t understand the explanation.

        1. freak

          A jester is a clown.
          This one worked down the page saying “freak” after all my comments. That’s it.
          But it’s not the same hate-filled suppression prcaticed by Nazi Brownshirts, right?

    3. At 6 to 1 betting odds against, I’ll bet religious conservatives were also tired of Hitler articles in May of 1945. The sad part is that many young women could invest spoiler votes in the Libertarian Party and actually change some laws and stop shoring up econaziism. But this most recent slipping of the mask has let the true face of God’s Own Prohibitionists obtrude on the public’s notice. How could I point to the cowardly straddle republican infiltrators have injected into the LP platform and recommend it to young women threatened by the probing wand of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives? At least Canada had the good sense to completely repeal all abortion laws. Since Richard Nixon was elected, graphs of Immigrant women and total immigrants, Canada, have shown a lopsided increase in female over male immigrants. This is the opposite of the ratio of women to men in the LP with Republicans writing our planks.

    1. It’s CA

    2. So… are the chickens ritually disembowled, or… because chickens generally get slaughtered.

      *reads wikipedia*

      Oh, no, some Jew in New York left a bunch of chickens to drown during a rainstorm and I guess that’s reason enough to protest any Jew anywhere from giving away a chicken.

      1. It’s funny what lights people up. I don’t know what number of cruel chicken deaths would arouse me to anger, but it’s no less than five digits.

    3. I live in a majority Jewish community. I don’t really know what is going on, but wife and I just drove to the local grocery market today and I’ve never seen so many cops here, including armored vehicles that look like they could be used in some type of swat raid. WTF is going on, I don’t have any idea. I hardly ever see a cop here. I see private security all of the time, but I’ve never seen cops like this before and they are everywhere. Does Yom Kippur mean Police State Day in English?

      1. I don’t know, was there some kind of fear of terror- I mean workplace violence?

        1. Dude, nothing ever fucking happens here. Seriously. It’s the quietest place ever. There is virtually zero crime. When I said I never see a cop here, I’m serious. There’s a fucking armored assault unit, actually several of them, sitting in front of the local Synagogue right down the street here, I’m talking walking distance. And cops every fucking where. It’s surreal. A lot of local businesses are closed because they’re Jewish owned. But this is a residential area here, why all these cops, it’s weird.

          1. “Beware the Krystallnacht, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”
            Huffpost, CNN, the Europress and even Vice have been going on since last year abt a “Jewish Exodus” from Moslem-dominated Europe. This migration surged after a typical exercise of Sharia religious freedom in a grocery market left four dead in France. So if they feel like hippies at Kent State or blacks in Los Angeles, who can blame them?

    4. It was a nice (((day off))).

    5. That was already decided by the Supreme Court. The Florida case involving Santeria.

  5. I can’t believe Hillary Clinton is going to be President. I’m hoping for lots of gridlock and lots of scandals to keep her from getting anything done. Sucks.

    1. I would love Hillary to go down the same road as Nixon. Oh, how sweet that would be.

      1. That would require a media willing to trash her and Democrats willing to throw her under the bus. Not happening.

        1. This. And she will own the Justice Department and the FBI, instead of just depending on Obama to protect her. The Republic is dead. I wish this were just hyperbole.

          1. Heh, “will”

          2. It is hyperbole. While Clinton’s win will do damage to the Republic, it will by no means be irreparable (at least, assuming a sufficient portion of the population still holds classic American values). Remember, even though FDR fundamentally changed the nature of government in the US for the worse, many of his specific changes were reversed shortly after his reign, despite his popularity. Clinton is not and never will be popular, so there is great hope for resistance and a successful reversal of most of the damage she inflicts once she is gone. There’s even a reasonable chance she’ll be defeated in 2020.

            1. We’re still paying for FDR

              1. One of the largest obstacles with health care costs is employer sponsored health care which we have thanks to wage caps put in place by FDR.

                1. Worse. FDR created the health insurance industry. Before that, health coverage came form fraternal lodges, and then-more-common ethnic lodges. My dad told me of standing in line every Friday and paying his Gerrman-Saxon lodge dues …. to a volunteer.

              2. Surely you mean Herbert Clark Hoover, whose 1931 Moratorium on Brains enabled the National Socialists to rearm and resume the conquest of Europe, no?

      2. She’s already done worse than Nixon and has gotten a full pass.

        Republicans always resign, Democrats always hang on.

        1. There are enough republicans willing to break ranks, usually more out of an urge for media praise or a bid for power than out of any morality. Dems always circle the wagons. Just look at the list of Fake Scandalz under Obama.

        2. If one thinks Republicans are much different from Democrats, ignoring the fiscal apocalypse under Bush (the spending not the financial crisis.

            1. (laughing at brainwashed hack)

              To pay for Medicare Prescriptions, which needed Democrat votes, they STOLE from the General Fund.
              For the most recent year available, (2014) $250 billion was taken from general revenues instead of from the Trust Fund Medicare may now take 45% of ALL Medicare spending from income taxes, MUCH more than the the prescriptions! Without the Bush/GOP theft, the money would have totally wiped out the Trust Fund that year– then at $258 billion — but the Trust Fund would have been wiped out years earlier. Obama’s deficits will end with this Fiscal year. Bush’s will go on forever. PLUS the Bush tax cuts

              85% of the Bush tax cuts went to taxpayers UNDER $250,000 per year,who had been paying only 45% of the tax. — the greatest wealth redistribution since FDR!

              So Republicans, under Bush, spent trillions of dollars to buy middle-class votes .. and still lost the White House and both houses of Congress. Amomg the greatest shows of political INCOMPETENCE in American history!!

              Goobers to the left of me, goobers to the right of me … (lol)

              1. So faith-based asset-forfeiture prohibitionism again collapsing the economy, as in the Herb Hoover Administration, had nothing to do with anything? Come to think of it, the waves of prohibitionism that led up to both the Panic of 1907 and the Crash and Great Depression also had nothing to do with any economic or policy changes?

                1. I am an atheist, but would NEVER say every financial disaster in the past 109 years was caused by …. faith-based prohibitionism. (OMG)

                  HIHN: “Goobers to the left of me, goobers to the right of me … (lol)”

                  GOOBER PHILLIPS: “So faith-based asset-forfeiture prohibitionism again collapsing the economy, …? ( balance of bullshit omitted)

                  I have no idea whether this raging rant is aimed at me or at jester. Does it matter?

                  EDUCATED libertarians trace the Cash of 1929 to the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Bill, which had caused wild market gyrations as its status kept changing from likely to unlikely.

                  Regardless of what Hoover may or may not have caused, his policies (or something) had ended the Depression when he left office in March, 1933. Proof. Whereas I explained how debables of the Dubya-era GOP will continue forever (under currenr law)

                  Anything else, Hank?

                  1. debables = debacles of Dubya-era GOP

    2. This is why Trump is worse than Obama. Obama kept Hillary from being president. He only let her kill a few thousand innocent people in the middle east instead of millions.

      1. Obama kept us safe… from Hillary!

        I love it.

      2. Ha! That’s a new positive thing I can say about Obama. Those are really hard to find.

      3. Hyperion, how many innocent people must die for you to stop making excuses (while gloating)?
        How many innocents did Dubya kill, including our own troops?

    3. Pray for a health crisis.

    4. You know guys, she is old as fuck. And not exactly healthy. We could get really, really lucky and she could just end up dying naturally.

      I mean, personally I’d prefer she’d never be allowed anywhere near the Presidency and end up serving time for her criminal activities rather than dying, but I’ll take a karmic intervention.

      1. How old was Reagan, Sparky?
        Did your mother raise you to cheer the deaths of everyone? Or just in opposing tribes?

  6. Ell, in that case, how about some more Clinton mendacity?

    “New email suggests DNC chair had exact CNN town hall question in advance”
    “That email was part of the recent WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s leaked emails. In the email, sent to Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri, Brazil said that she “gets questions in advance.”…..967792.php

    But I heard Trump said….

  7. Cosmotarian douche-bags love them some Frum:

    I like David Frum and have learned a lot from his writing over the years

    (the Gold is in the comment section, like any other H&R post)

  8. The complaints I hear about trum are almost universally not libertarian. I don’t know what the next candidate would be but I suspect it will be more to the left.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Hillary sends the DOJ after him just to send a message.

    Whatever comes next for the GOP is probably someone who promises to punish their enemies.

    1. Whatever comes next for the GOP is probably someone who promises to punish their enemies,,

      Martyr the media and SJWs? I could vote for that.

    2. The complaints I hear about trump are almost universally not libertarian

      Then you don’t know much about libertarianism. Or perhaps anything at all.

        1. jester

          Trashmnouth punk was totally humiliated here (smirk)


  9. ” almost zero interest in small government at all, except lip service to tax cuts while talking up enormous spending increases, and a very unspecified dislike of regulation, ”

    Which would be different how?

  10. That is, to almost zero interest in small government at all, except lip service to tax cuts while talking up enormous spending increases, and a very unspecified dislike of regulation, ideas that are not very encouraging in a guy whose economic policy advisers have a very tenuous grasp on any of the economic thought behind free markets.

    In other words what exactly libertarians have been saying about the Republicans since Eisenhower’s time?

  11. What about our national gender identity?

    1. Dang, Florida better watch out if the country starts thinking of cutting off parts…. 😉

  12. And if the Libertarian Party can hold its head proud through the rest of this mess, they will clearly benefit from an election season that has treated them for the most part as legitimate, even if hopeless, players. Pro-liberty Republicans may see the need for that sort of true realignment.

    More likely this realignment will turn the LP into the sort of Republicans that the LP used to hate. You do know that the LP considers Mitt Romney to be cabinet material?

    1. That’s the problem with the Libertarians. Even if they win, who’d know the difference?

      1. The problem with libertarian pragmatism is that as soon as you admit that “we can’t cut government” then you already pretty close to the Republicans.

        The other problem is that being incrementalist in a limited government fashion is difficult since your goal is causing the privileged elites to lose money and power which is something they don’t like.

        Not to mention that these two problems give an “electable” LP every incentive to ditch libertarianism and become the sort of mealy-mouthed centrists that Reason hates.

        1. The problem with libertarian pragmatism is that as soon as you admit that “we can’t cut government” then you already pretty close to the Republican

          (LOL) Nobody says that. Don’t confuse that with ridiculing the retards who think it can be done purely by repealing everything …. policy proposals are ridiculed as conspiring with statists … by goobers who think a free society will arise from the mists .. “We don’t need no steeenknmg elections” … lagely because they no clue what a free society would even look like … and apparently think they can stage an armed coup with 2% of the population!!!

            1. jester|10.13.16 @ 4:37AM|#

              That’s your third fuckup on the page!



  13. I’m in the first few paragraphs of the article and the author already gets it wrong.

    The problem with Republicans today is that they are trying to explain their way into being given control of the nation’s governance.

    The Democrats are giving away free shit in exchange for total control of everyone’s lives.

    The Republicans are not even on the playing field.

    Prediction: In the Hillary administration, the destruction of even low level Republicans at the state and local levels throughout the country by any means necessary will be accelerated. I know Trump is pretty hideous, but no one is perfect. People outside the party who do not bow to its wishes will find the progressive’s new favorite weapon “carreer and livelihood death” meted out upon them….

    To sum up my post more succinctly, the stupid party won’t learn and the evil party will double down…..

    1. The Democrats are suffering from a severe lack of rookies. Once the current crop retires, what state level people with experience do they have to move up to the majors?

  14. To sum up my post more succinctly, the stupid party won’t learn and the evil party will double down…..

    Same as the last 84 years…

    Where’s Hank?

  15. It is important to remember that Trump is a Democrat.

    He appeals to disaffected Democrats because he’s a Democrat.

    He’s a Democrat on every issue I can think of–although he’s not a politically correct progressive.

    That politically correct progressive thing mostly came to fruition during the Obama Administration.

    On every issue that matters, Trump is basically an old school Democrat.

    His anti-free trade rant is Democrat.

    Even his anti-immigration stance has its roots in old school Democrat. He’s not that different from Barack Obama on immigration. He’s just not as concerned about the aesthetics of his stance.

    Trump is a Democrat, and there’s no sense in worrying that the Republicans will follow him anywhere. The worry is that disaffected Democrats who are sick of being hatefully pilloried by the progressives in their own party will overwhelm the Republican party–and then there won’t be a pro-free trade, supply side, Laffer curve, fiscally conservative voice in the upper echelons of government anywhere.

    I’m not too worried about that either. If Hillary wins and gets four years of rope to hang herself with, I have little doubt but that she’ll find a way to hang herself with it. Hopefully we can limit the damage to just her first two years in office. Hopefully, we don’t lose the Senate and, God forbid, the House, too.

    1. “That politically correct progressive thing mostly came to fruition during the Obama Administration”

      The progs have been around for more than a century. They’re just leftists by any other name. The modern term ‘PC’ is just a new term for ‘no free speech’, which is something leftists have always embraced. So nothing new here, really.

      “Even his anti-immigration stance has its roots in old school Democrat”

      Maybe. But Trump’s worst trait is his bullshit stance on free trade, if he would actually follow through on it. That and the ‘I’m the law and order candidate’ shit. Besides that, it’s all just media hysteria and Hillary is actually worse on everything else, spending, taxes (necessary to pay for spending), more big government progressive shit derp, including free college for everyone, anti-2nd amendment, and especially and I cannot emphasize this enough, foreign policy. Hillary’s stance on foreign policy, including more involvement in the middle east instead of less and her wreckless fucking stance towards Russia is not any laughing matter. This is seriously disturbing and scary shit.

      1. “The progs have been around for more than a century”

        The social justice warrior rhetoric becoming the predominant deciding factor in all public policy debates has not been around for a century.

        That happened during the Obama Administration, and once he’s gone, it will almost certainly fade again into the background.

        You can only squeeze so much out of hating 70% of the country for being white, hating 50% of the country for being male, and hating 95% of the country for being heterosexual, etc. for so long.

        The problem with social justice warriors is that eventually they run out of other people to hate. Even the Cultural Revolution had to end for that reason eventually.

        It wasn’t always like this, and won’t be like this forever.

      2. What if …. just maybe … libertarians had ONE policy proposal for reversing all that? Just one?
        Pissing and moaning about Big Gummint is no replacement for. … a comprehensive policy platform (not slogans) to

        -boom the economy
        -restructure the tax code
        -reform Medicare (Vouchers are the wrong fucking market, DUH)
        -genuine reform of private health care
        -restructure government and federalism to add accountability
        -end the partisan hatred and unify America
        – OR ANYTHING

        In the last 25 years, how many times have you read or heard anything about governing?
        How did we become the MOST authoritarian movement in America? (opposing elections)
        Instead of governing, the legs tingle at the notion of moving off somewhere with our own kind. For decades it was a man-made island in the ocean. More recently mioving all to one state — like the Moonies to Oregon, the Davidians to Waco and the Peoples Temple to Jonestown.
        How did we become a cult?

  16. Real talk guys, if you want to put Frum in a bag and dump him back over here we’re actually cool with that.

  17. Interesting question. How long will it take Hillary’s justice department to shut down Reason? What about Trump?

    1. Never. If you’re the party in power, it’s better to keep Reason around. They make a few half-hearted noises about free markets, and support lockstep every leftist social reform going. If you’re Hillary Clinton, these are the kind of enemies you want to have. Kind of like a king keeps a court jester around to insult him, knowing perfectly well he won’t be insulted too much.

      1. I think you’ve seriously underestimated the petty arrogance and undeserved pride of the new American political elite class.

      2. and support lockstep every leftist social reform going

        Usually the wackyclaim of an extreme social conservatives who … TOTALLY ignorant of 47 years of libertarian history … believe that marriage equality, equal rights and unalienable rights are “leftist social reforms,” (OMG!)

        Brainwashed by Ron Paul’s statist bigotry, they BELIEVE that “rogue judges” overturned DOMA, because the Court has NO POWER to defend constitutional rights … a “prog” plot (retards always say “prog”) that lies about Marbury v Madison., constitutonal review, separation of powers, checks and balances, THREE co-equal branches and the Ninth Amendment. PLUS states have powers NEVER delegated!!!! (OMG)

        In 1957. the Arkansas militia was activated, armed force to block nine black kids from entering Little Rock’s Central High School. Eisenhower sent federal troops, ordered to use force if necessary. The governor caved, later justifying his action as defending Arkansas voters from intrusive federal overreach. Sound familiar?

        Ron Paul says the same bullshit. Cliaming to defend federalism, he defends DOMA’s federal power to overrule … voters in every state. DUH. Even sponsored a bill FORBIDDING the Supreme Court from even HEARING challenges to COMA .. the WORST violation of individual liberties since … Jim Crow. As his cult all nod like bobbleheads

    2. 1. How long will it take to get her SC nominee confirmed?

      2. “So some magazine started taking shit about me. I’d never even heard of them. Can Matt Welch even afford pants?”

  18. How long will it take Hillary’s justice department to shut down Reason?

    They were in the tank for nothing?

    1. I’ll take 3 years as my guess.

    2. They’re not in the tank for Hillary. They’re just too anxious to be accepted as some ‘new kids on the cool block’ journalists. This will pass. Give Hillary a few months and there will be some serious remorse about not being harder on her around here. The woman is pure fucking evil. Some people are more sensitive to that level of evil, than others. But we all see the darkness in the end, when it falls upon our own lawns.

    3. If Reason is in the tank for Hillary, what are you for Trump? Crawled up his rectum?

    4. Associate Supreme Court Justice Preer Baharara would love to write the deciding opinion on THAT case.

    5. Anyone confused by SIV’s babbling …. ignoring 47 years of libertarian history … libertarianism 3.0 is BOTH fiscally and socially conservative. Yes, that would be “conservative” to anyone smarter than rock.

      Cato measured two libertarian factions, David Nolan libertarians vs Ron Paul libertarians,

      53.7% of Americans Nolan libertarians., fiscally conservative and socially liberal
      05.3% are Paul libertarians, fiscally conservative and socially conservative.

      So in this Brave New World, libertarian is defied by some as VERY conservative
      Precisely that wacky.

      The key portion of Cato’s survey is on their website but suppressed.
      So Johnson/Weld have been pitching the wrong faction
      While Paul libertarians ridicule the failure of their own ideology.

      Coming soon to a skit on SNL

  19. Frum is such a patriot tha he is willing to shed other people’s blood to spread freedom and democracy.

    He’s also pretty low-hanging fruit. Frum is a casual warmonger with a micropenis engorged for the state. There is no boot he will not lick. He is a complete non-factor. Fuck him.

  20. I’m still trying to figure out what the government “enforcing national identity” means.

    1. Especially when the national identity was created by immigrants. Like Trump’s ancestors.
      It’s like his businesses. I got mine, fuck you,

  21. The Retardicans could have spent two years grooming Nikki Haley for the nomination. The best way to counter the VOTE VAGINA argument is with another vagina.

    1. Didn’t work with Palin

    2. You sound dumb enough to be a worshipper in the Paulista Cult
      And trashmouth enough to be a Trump supporter.

  22. This is the Republican Party. Trump has more favorables among GOP voters than Ryan. He is giving the GOP voter exactly what they want. Frum some years ago accurately said right wing media has become the tail that is now wagging the dog, and you can see how many in right wing media just make excuses for Trump…Hannity, Ingraham, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Breitbart, Coulter, and more.

    What some of them never saw coming was all that anger and accusations normally reserved for Democrats now firmly directed at themselves. It was fine when Obama was called the devil, who knew it would soon be Ryan.

    Rebuild? On policy issues? It’s all about anger, paranoia, and conspiracies now. That’s the base.

    1. It’s a shame that the Russian government it out to get Hillary Clinton.

      Reminds me of when the KGB killer Kennedy.

    2. “Rebuild? On policy issues? It’s all about anger, paranoia, and conspiracies now.”

      Yes, yes it is. It used to be the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” that was after that lying piece of shit. Now, it’s the RUSSIANS!!!!
      Stuff it up your butt, Jack.

      1. Oops; here’s the link asswipe:…..956571.php

  23. Well stated, Brian.
    Tragically, Trump has many supporters in the commentariat here. Blind-faith tribalism on a libertarian website.
    Let’s just hope they don’t further destroy our brand to new visitors.– as they have in the American culture.

    1. As long as you’re here, the brand is in good hands.

    2. “Tragically, Trump has many supporters in the commentariat here.”

      I’ve seen maybe three I can point to; not “many” by my count.

  24. HHHIIIIIIINNNNNNTARD strikes!!!!!!!

    1. The fake Hihns made the real Hihn bearable.

      1. But they’re not bullies, launching aggression … and suppression, from a playbook writte by Nazi Brownshirts in Germany, and updated by McCarthyites here.

  25. Well, Trump was looking competitive not that long ago. And Bernie Sanders was hanging around with Clinton for a while.

    Take out the sex talk and harsh immigration stance, and Trump could reasonably resemble a Bernie Sanders. And these two candidates were able to inspire millions of followers. What unified them? The feeling that they were left behind and betrayed by “establishments” – and the resulting opposition to free trade, foreign guest workers and globalism.

    Frum might have a point. Clinton actually put away Sanders rather convincingly, but she was quick to absorb a number of his signature proposals. The republican party will throw their support around a more populist candidate who’s more palatable than Donald Trump.

    1. , but she was quick to absorb a number of his signature proposals

      Which ones?

  26. Folks are finally beginning to notice the betting odds at Paddypower just doubled to 6 to 1 in favor of the only clearly pro-choice party in the running. The good news to this Gore/Trump pussygate business is that the 0.83 probability means the LP can finally replace the National Socialists the way they replaced the Whigs. The even better news is that with a woman in the Executive Mansion, we can expect a news blackout and won’t have to listen to televangelist whining. Nobody ever knew Dilma Rousseff even existed until she was impeached by antiabortion girl-bulliers in Brazil, right? Ask yourself this: Who is the presidenta of Chile? Who is the presidenta of Argentina?
    See whut I mean?

    1. See whut I mean?

      (lol) Do YOU?.

      The LP can finally replace the National Socialists the way they replaced the Whigs.

      Philips doesn’t know what socialism is, who the Whigs were, and has time-warped back TWO centuries (21st to 19th)

      See whut I mean?


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