Campus Free Speech

Sierra College Feminists Will Hand Out Harassment Citations to Students Who Whistle, Honk, Shout, Whisper, Say Things

'This is HARASSMENT. Stop harassing.'



Sierra College students: if you whistle, make "kissing" noises, ask someone to smile, try to get someone's attention with a "Pssst" noise, honk or shout at another person, or say something racist, sexist, or transphobic, or invade someone's space… prepare to be carded.

In a move that may seem to designed to parody far-left feminism, but is apparently totally serious, Sierra's Feminist Action Club will be handing out harassment citations to people guilty of the above transgressions.

"You have received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened," the card reads, according to Campus Reform. At the bottom, it says, "This is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!"

The feminists can hand out as many cards as they like—as long as they keep in mind that not everything that makes them uncomfortable is, legally speaking, harassment, and that the college is under no obligation to take action against students who offend them. On the contrary: the college is obligated not to punish students for making comments that might be perceived by some as sexist, or transphobic.

But I'm all for non-coercive social improvement, so if the feminists want to encourage their fellow students to reform their obnoxious behaviors in the most passive-aggressive way possible, they are free to do so. My prediction: this will backfire, but entertainingly so.