Campus Free Speech

Sierra College Feminists Will Hand Out Harassment Citations to Students Who Whistle, Honk, Shout, Whisper, Say Things

'This is HARASSMENT. Stop harassing.'



Sierra College students: if you whistle, make "kissing" noises, ask someone to smile, try to get someone's attention with a "Pssst" noise, honk or shout at another person, or say something racist, sexist, or transphobic, or invade someone's space… prepare to be carded.

In a move that may seem to designed to parody far-left feminism, but is apparently totally serious, Sierra's Feminist Action Club will be handing out harassment citations to people guilty of the above transgressions.

"You have received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened," the card reads, according to Campus Reform. At the bottom, it says, "This is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!"

The feminists can hand out as many cards as they like—as long as they keep in mind that not everything that makes them uncomfortable is, legally speaking, harassment, and that the college is under no obligation to take action against students who offend them. On the contrary: the college is obligated not to punish students for making comments that might be perceived by some as sexist, or transphobic.

But I'm all for non-coercive social improvement, so if the feminists want to encourage their fellow students to reform their obnoxious behaviors in the most passive-aggressive way possible, they are free to do so. My prediction: this will backfire, but entertainingly so.

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  1. Seems like you could hand the card right back with equal validity.

    1. My thought exactly.

      “Tell me again how you badgering me in public and giving me this citation doesn’t “make me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened”. I mean, isn’t that exactly why you are doing it?”

      1. Self-Awareness? From a college feminist? In the States? While still under Affirmative Action?

        Whew, that’s a hefty request folks.

      2. But you did it first so therefore I’m right and your wrong. Nana nana boo boo.

        1. Pre-emptive self-defense is all the rage.

      3. “Are you aware this is the exact type of action that might trigger a potentially violent and mentally ill person?”

        Note to self – Stay away from Sierra College students

        1. On second thought, I suspect this is part of a viral marketing campaign for the new Wizards of the Coast card game – Safe Space: The Gathering. Can you collect all 12 types Microaggression attacks? Trade 9 different types of genders and combine them to generate new oppressed groups. Combine forces to defeat the most powerful shitlord privileges!

          1. I would play this game!

          2. That was my thought. Are there different types of these? If I collect them all do I get a prize?

      4. You both beat me to it.

      5. Oh, I think you might have misunderstood- shaming you _was_ the point.

    2. I wouldn’t take it to start with and would laugh at them.

    3. Hand it back after writing a number on it. Like 2.5 or 3.

      1. What about writing a phone number on it and then handing it back?

        (I guess I like to live dangerously.)

        1. Whose phone number?

          Not your own, I hope.

            1. This.

              You’re covered either way. If she’s 100% militant, you just ditch the phone. But if she’s secretly frustrated by the complete lack of any males on campus with a pulse (or any heterosexual sex drive), you might just be in like Flynn at that point.

          1. Mental Illness Hotline.

    4. This seems like a total waste of our planet’s precious resources. Can’t they send an e-card instead?

  2. *honks horn and swears at jaywalkers*

    SFAC’ian – “That is harassment and here is a card!”

    *eats card and swears at SFAC’ian*

    1. “Here is a card!”

      “And here is your sign.”

  3. Beavis and Butthead covered this 20 years ago.

    You’re sexually harassing me..heh,heh. You’re giving me a stiffy.

    1. +1 Lightworker pelvis thrust?



    1. “Every time you point at me I see a penis.”

  5. ” I’m all for non-coercive social improvement ”

    To be sure Robby, to be sure.

    1. Improvement? Some of my favorite people harass me relentlessly.

      Good Goede.

    2. I think Robby is begging the question of what constitutes “social improvement.”

      In my book, this kind of crap isn’t any such thing.

      1. It self-advertises the shrieking harpies with whom you’d want nothing to do, so that’s a social improvement.

        1. It’s in the same ballpark and that vacuous phrase, “We have achieved so much, but we still have a long way to go!” I am never provided a concrete destination nor description of what success is and what how one knows they have arrived at the destination when I ask for clarification. If you ask people who utter that tripe what success looks like, they continuous goal post heaving is impressive, and never give you a concrete answer.

          Froot Sooshi and his Orwellian, “Social Improvement,” verbiage is essentially the same thing; if you try to pin him down for a discrete list or matrix of specific, codified transgressions, it would be like trying to catch a greased pig.

          1. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously.

            1. I thought it was perfectly clear – Robby’s blind spot for SJW premises and fallacies showed up again.

              1. You know who else thought social pressure was the proper way to deal with undesirable behavior? John Stuart Mill, the guy who literally wrote the book On Liberty. Non-coercive social improvement is supposed to be the right way to do it. Instead the same pack of people start bitching at Robby like he just stabbed your grandmother in the eye with his dick.

                Why don’t you guys unknot your collective dicks and get over it? Good grief. Sometimes you’re worse than a pack of SJW harpies.

                1. I dont really get the soave hate.

                  1. Its not hate. Its more frustration, that he can’t seem to shake the SJW shackles from his thinking.

                2. Sparky, you’re temperature is running hotter on this than mine.

                  I wonder if this kind of behavior is what Mill had in mind, though. Maybe it is.

                3. I wanna know exactly what, “undesirable behavior,” entails. EVERY last one of them in painstaking detail.

                  Last time I checked, I don’t need Orwellian “Social Improvement”: What I need is this pansy-ass, limp wristed, +2 Axe of Perpetual Dullness toting forever in search of a grindstone types to get out of my fucking face about PRONOUNS! And delusions of GENDER! And threats to sue any hapless non-conformist (religious or otherwise) or handing out these stupid little social demerits, the fucking useless god damned twats.

                  Look, Sparky, I wasn’t kidding around when I said that my wife and I dodged bullets in Donets’k when our poliklinka was shot up. Bullets came as close as two feet to us through windows and the front glass doors. We hit the floor just in time, and I covered my wife. That was real, and terrifying. I still can’t sleep well.

                  This shit that distresses the giant social signalling snowflake that is Robby really pales in comparison to that. I lost a couple of friends and a some patients that were rather dear to me. You’ll forgive me if I find this puerile nonsense at best uncompelling. I wonder why you need rationalise and make excuses for him, Sparky, especially since he insists on giving an inch to people we know will take a mile.

                4. Just watched the new South Park episode. WEINERS OUT, EVERYONE!

              2. Check your mail, Counselor.

              3. In writing comedy they say, “you buy the premise, you buy the bit”. e.g. don’t question why the Howell’s wouldn’t take a three hour cruise on their own yacht.

      2. Social improvement?

        There will be no social improvement for the perpetually aggrieved.

      3. I think it was in the PM Links yesterday (maybe not… the last week has been a blur for me) that somebody asked what a Cosmo really was, and I answered that a Cosmo is somebody who thinks the SJWs are well-intentioned, but have bad solutions. A yokel is somebody who thinks the SJWs have atrocious intentions and even worse solutions.

        1. I thought Yokels were just close-the-borders “libertarians. Cosmos are just libertarians who want to sit as the cool kids table.

        2. I think there should be more generalizations about completely pointless terminology.

          1. Pointless? Hardly. Without those labels, how would I know whom to hate around here?

            1. If you don’t already hate everyone, you’re doing it wrong.

            2. Tulpa is still a safe bet.

              We agree on 95% of things, so the 5 left looks bigger or overly important.

            3. True libertarians hate everybody. It is known.

          2. Guess you want to eat lunch by yourself.

        3. I think the great majority of all people have good intentions (I also like to point out that the road to hell is paved with good intentions).

          What does that make me?

          1. Zebulon, and hopelessly optimistic.

            Would you be interested in some property in FL, Zeb? It’s a lovely housing addition called The Everglades. You’ll LOVE it!

            1. Optimistic and gullible are different things.

              And while I probably am an optimist in some ways, what I describe isn’t necessarily optimism once you realize that good intentions aren’t worth much.

      4. I have to say, convincing people to stop some of the more obnoxious things, like whistling at a woman who walks by, would be a social improvement. I’m not convinced this is a good way to do that, though.

        1. in reality, that only happens in movies…

  6. Demolition Man should be shown in schools.

    “Doesn’t know how to use the shells.”

    1. *high fives Cynic with non-contact high-five*

    2. I was thinking about that movie when I read this

  7. Pepper sprayed as she storms over to hand out a ticket. “I felt unsafe! She was coming right at me!”

    1. (A couple years ago a student pepper sprayed her assailant in a campus parking lot. He was bringing her the bookbag she’d left behind in class. No punishment iirc.)

  8. “You’re making me feel uncomfortable”, while moving in close enough for force card into your hand.

    “Well, you’re making me perceive a threat”

    1. Just remember folks:

      This is the generation that will be very shortly running Human Resources Depts. across the land. If you think they are unreasonable, petty, and vindictive now….

      1. Itll get better with time?

    2. This sort of thing requires a basic level of testosterone in the blood. Even young women have some of it. But from what I’ve seen on college campuses as of late, most young male students have zero.

  9. For the environment’s sake, I hope these cards are made out of recycled tofu.

  10. It’s like we’re surrounded by those kids in that Star Trek episode whose parents died and now they can control people with their tiny, immature minds.

    1. those kids had powerful minds. this is more like the planet where all the adults get the virus and die so there’s only ignorant kids trying to kill the Enterprise crew who is only trying to help them. “bop bop!”


        1) The kid with the gavel is John Megna. Besides playing the young Hyman Roth in the Godfather, he played Dill Harris in To Kill A Mockingbird. He was gay and died of AIDS. Most people know Harper Lee was friends with Truman Capote, upon whom the character of Dill is largely based. So, you’ve gotta be REALLY gay to make a kid who plays a character based on you in a movie become gay too. NTTAWWT.

        2) The “old kid” is Michael J Pollard who was in Bonnie and Clyde. He is credited with coining the phrase that become the basis for this .

    2. +0 Grup!

    3. Those kids were actually centuries old. The treatment which the scientists had used to produce near-immortality just had the unintended side effect of turning puberty into a deadly disease.

      See, the theme of that episode was, essentially, that every utopian scheme, imposed from the top down, comes with some very bad unintended consequences.

      Who says Star Trek was an anti-libertarian show? I think it’s hardly a clear-cut case, especially if we’re only talking about the original series and not the shows/movies that came after.

      1. Well, it shows where Roddenberry MAY have been circa 1960’s, but the 1980’s and beyond certainly shows what fascist place he went to. The bridge being the 70’s where All in the Family and MASH started out witty and satirical and ended up banal socialist crap. Of course THOSE days are remembered fondly compared to the corpora-fascism we have today.

  11. “Cool! Thanks. This should put me in the lead! Whoever gets the most of these in my dorm wins a case of beer. Woot!”

    1. Yeah, this has a real drinking game vibe to it.

      1. Harassment card bingo

        1. You have to get the FAC members initials on the back of the card.

    2. + 1 Cat Call Club

      1. They’re fun and collectable!

    3. You should laminate them and enclose them in gold frames to wear on your jacket like medals of honor. Then next harpy to hand you one, ‘Thanks, I’m in the lead now!’.

  12. This is so unlike an institution in Grass Valley, California. Now Chico, California.

  13. How threatened can they feel if they are getting close enough to hand them a card?

  14. How many students are going to do this on purpose just to see how many citations they can get?

    1. A LOT

      Apparently these feminists have never actually met a college age male.

      A significant percentage of them who would never have catcalled in the first place will not percieve it a game to see how many citations they can rack up.

    2. I would wallpaper my room with them

  15. Now I know that there’s a Sierra College.

    37% graduation rate. Maybe part of the problem is that “students” are focusing on this bullshit.

    1. When did they drop “Mist” from their name?

      1. I’m not entirely sure why Pepsi even needed a Sprite/7Up competitor.

        You don’t need to have everything, Pepsi. Some things you can just let slide.

    2. Going to class gets in the way of activism.

  16. If these kids had any balls, they would treat these things as badges of honor. “Oh you are going to give me a harassment citation? Great, my roommate got one too and I am so jealous”. It would drive these hags nuts.

    1. See my comment below.

    2. John, you haven’t been on a campus lately, have you? Are you talking about the effeminate looking guys in skinny jeans and tassled llama skin boots, standing alone by themselves and looking nervous and insecure?

  17. Your constant harassing me about my harassment is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!!

  18. My prediction: this will backfire, but entertainingly so.

    No, there’s no chance in hell students wouldn’t take to creating a whole snarky economy around the “citations”. I can see frat parties now with a five citation admittance fee and beers for available for two citations.

    1. I was just gonna say the same thing, what is the over under on how long some frat has a party where you get one free beer for every one of these you have

      1. About twelve seconds ago.

      2. Tic-Tac sales expected to rise in response … just a quick little shake of the box in passing

    2. At some point there is going to be a backlash to all of this. The pendulum always swings back at some point. And when it happens, it is going to be priceless watching these people finally get theirs.

      1. That’s what Great Uncle Slava said on the way to the gulag in ’58. Never happened.

    3. Sadly enough, I can see most campus males these days sitting in their dorm room alone crying over getting one of these. The next day they will appear in public and make a tearful blubbering apology.

      If only ISIS could see this, they’d just take a boat right over and start the invasion now.

      1. A modern day Patton would have carpal tunnel syndrome in that case.

      2. Do you really think it’s like that? I’m not exactly in touch with today’s college students, but I can’t imagine that it’s actually how you describe.

        My knowledge is limited, so I may well be wrong. But I suspect that you are not really describing anything like a majority of college males.

  19. The offending males should retaliate by standing in the halls in 3s with score cards. Ya’ll know what I’m sayin.

  20. Girl hands me a card. As she’s walking away I wolf whistle. Girl comes back, hands me another card. As she’s walking away I wolf whistle.

    After a while, she turns around and glares at me.

    “Sugar Tits, I’m pretty sure I can wolf whistle longer than you can keep walking around in circles!” is my reply.

    1. Nice tits!

      Nice ass!

      Nice tits!

      Nice ass!

      Ad infinitum.

  21. “Dammit! I was hoping to get one of these from the hot chick.”

    1. Nice

    2. Joke’s on you!

      1. In Soviet College campus, jo… never mind.

  22. I hope the students read these comments.
    Idea gold mine here.

  23. I’m gonna go with the oldie, but goodie. Take the citation, shove it down your pants to absorb all the taint sweat, and hand it back to the girl. A dismissive comment like “I’m sorry hun, I don’t accept phone numbers from desperate girls” is an added bonus.

  24. “You have received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened,” the card reads, according to Campus Reform. At the bottom, it says, “This is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!”

    “I wasn’t looking at you, Tubby. Now go away.”

  25. My wife and I were falling off the couch laughing at the detective series Vexed portrayal of the college SJW’s.

    A taste.

    Armstrong: What’s your name? What’s your name? Come on, I’ll find out at the next seminar on gayness in Hindu mythology.

    Rainbow: I’m Rainbow.
    This is Leaf.

    Armstrong: Rainbow? Leaf? What? Were your parents hippies? Or just mad and cruel?

    Rainbow: Don’t be so rude! – They’re genderless names.

    Armstrong: – No they’re not.
    Rainbow isn’t genderless.
    That’s definitely female.

    Rainbow: – What? No it’s not!

    Armstrong: – Yes it is! No bloke is going to be called Rainbow.
    But a girl might be.

    Now Leaf – that is genderless.
    That’s a good name.
    Well done Leaf.

    But Rainbow – that’s girlie.
    Like like Cinnamon.
    Or Daffodil.
    Girlie name.

    Rainbow: That’s nonsense! And what’s your name Mr.
    Mature Student?

    Armstrong (lying): Oh, yeah, my name’s Roger.

    1. Which is funny because “to roger” means…

      1. My word power increases every day I read the comment section here.

        1. It’s like the unexpurgated Readers’ Digest!

    2. Dixon: She’s a highly regarded post-feminist, specialising in Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Questioning.

      Armstrong: Transgender what? Lesbi-who questioning?

      Dixon: She also writes a column in Perverse Modernity magazine.
      And she’s had numerous research residencies.
      OK, her three definitive books are
      – Queer Seeking Missile.
      – Crossing the Lesbicon, and
      – Wearing White Pants.

      Armstrong: Just don’t, OK, please, don’t.

  26. Welp. Just gonna have to grab them all by the pussy.

    1. “Guys, what would Trump do!? Go on 3.1, 2, 3!”.

  27. Sierra’s Feminist Action Club

    Seriously, no takers on this?


    Sierra’s Feminist Action Group

    You really made the world a better place…

  28. Are any of the stupid sluts at Sierra College attractive?

    1. If there are a few, just remember that golden rule about not sticking it in crazy. That’s a universal basic survival rule, ignore at your peril.

      1. Crazy is a scale, Hyperion. All women are at least a 4 crazy.

        1. Yes, they’re all at least a 4 of 10 crazy, agreed.

  29. Is this like Pokemon? What happens when I get the whole set of cards?

  30. They’ll probably hand them out to guys who fail to whistle at them or check them out. “You’re body shaming me!” Any guy that thinks that accepting these cards apologetically is going to get them some kind of slack are in for a massive disappointment.

  31. The whistling thing is so heteronormative. I was totally whistling at my bro over there to give him a heads up to check out the girl in the romper.

  32. Now I know what this reminds me of:


  33. A fun question to ask feminists is “what would you suggest to males to help them make advances where there is interest, thereby helping them avoid make unwanted advances?” Nearly always you get a blank stare, pause, then a return to how terrible it is when men express interest in women and all the problems it causes them.

    1. I have done this, it was quite fun. I was shunned from that circle a day later.

      1. These people still talk to me. It don’t think they’d actually realized that men have imperfect information and have no way of avoiding making unwanted advances even if they really wanted to. They also didn’t dwell on it – a short time later it’s all laughs and lamenting male harassment again.

        1. Pretty much. Ok, so how do i start a conversation with a new lady? Say, at a bar?

          This is part of why tinder and competitors are a thing.

    2. unless he is a hot artist type or billionaire, then the advances are totally a turn on

    3. I believe it was Gloria Steinem who said something along the lines of, “Hitting on a woman isn’t harassment as long as the man accepts ‘no’ as an answer.”

      1. I can deal with that, but they’re trying to move the bar. I can deal with the idea that catcalling, whistling, etc is rude and gentlemen should refrain from such.

        The current goalpost seems to be “anything male does that makes me feel unhappy is harassment”, which is QUITE LITERALLY INSANE. I have my own shit I have to handle, I can’t be responsible for your emotional wellbeing.

        1. I think you hit on something in your first paragraph. This whistles or cat calls were not acceptable behavior for most of our history except in certain red light areas. I have to wonder when that changed.

          1. I have to wonder when that changed.

            Did anything change? I’ve literally never seen it happen outside of movies. Have things moved from the category of “not happening” to “still not happening, but with greater intensity?”

            The biggest problem with this kind of thinking is that it’s seeing human beings as a group rather than a collection of individuals. It is completely irrational to think that if you’ve been hit on five times today by men that any of them were somehow in collusion. Just because there’s a series of events that occurred does not imply any sort of connection between them. If they really were for equality, then they’d recognize that males have every bit the same rights as females to pursue relationships. The feminist position is an untenable game of relationship brinkmanship where nobody knows the rules of engagement, least of all them, and everyone is left pissed off and anxious after every encounter.

    4. The correct answer is: If you’re not attractive, then it’s an unwanted advance.

      1. DING! You win a Kewpie doll, Nate.

  34. At the bottom, it says, “This is HARASSMENT! Stop harassing!”

    “You’re right, sweety, going around handing out these cards to people for thoughtcrime is harassment. So stop doing it, and shut your fucking dick holster.”

  35. Getting harder and harder to laugh at stuff like this.

    1. +1 funny stiffie

  36. I am curious couldn’t this possibly trigger someone in the BLM movement who might think they are being targeted by police?

  37. 1) I’d ask them to slide that citation right here into my front pocket. The fact that the pocket’s been cut out and I don’t wear underwear would be an undisclosed treat.

    2) I’d carry a stack of hair electrolysis providers business cards.

  38. This plan seems guaranteed to backfire with amusing results. The proper response is to move a trash can over to the person who handed you the card, maintaining eye contact the whole time, and then put it where it belongs.

    Someone said something once that has stuck with me: A rude act that goes unobserved is not worth doing. Don’t just throw something like that away. Make certain that they see you do it.

  39. “honk”?

    So college feminists will be chasing down cars everywhere? That I’d like to see.

    side question: how fast can you run in Doc Martens?

    1. It is natural behavior for dogs…

  40. The cards are scratch ‘n sniff, right?

  41. While I have seen guys turn and stare and make comments to other guys, I have never heard a catcall and I am 63. Nor have I heard anyone ever use a racial or homophobic slur. I have heard plenty of guys call each other a butthead or shithead or other pejorative term (though usually between friends), or call someone an ass or moron. So, these girls are going to be carrying around their cards for years before they get to use them.
    Oh, wait, they want to give them to clumsy guys trying to flirt!! Oh yes, plenty of those.

    1. I spent my teenage years fending off middle-aged guys- I was a pretty kid, I guess.

      I remember this one guy who came up to me and wanted to buy me lunch. I declined, and went and played some video games at the local arcade.

      I came back to the arcade a few days later and the girl working there (who happened to have gone to high school with me, cause Vermont) told me “Your Dad was here asking about you.” I was like “that’s very unlikely.” Turns out the guy had come in, claimed to be my father, and asked her about my arcade habits, and if she knew where I ilved,

      That’s just one story, and a pretty normal day for me when I was a teenager.

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