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5 Town Hall Questions That Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Should Be Asked

In the wake of "pussygate" and Wikileaks, these candidates have more than ever to answer for.


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The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton starts tonight at 9 P.M. ET. We'll be blogging and live-tweeting the debate right here at Reason.com, so do come back early and stay late. For different places and ways to catch the debate, go here. It will be a "town hall" style event, meaning that questions will be asked by a group of people right there in the room. And of course, despite being on the ballot in all 50 states, neither Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Jill Stein will be allowed anywhere near the stage because, well, you know, the debates were explicitly designed to focus all energy and attention on the Republicans and Democrats who created the system.

Be that as it may, here's a few questions I'd love to see asked and answered at tonight's debate.

  • Is that Trump audio tape grounds for stepping down? Donald Trump, do you stand by recently surfaced comments from 2005 in which you lay out a pick-up strategy that seems short on seduction and long on groping ("When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy"). Many Republicans who endorsed you have called for you to step down because your language offends them. Why are they wrong to desert you?
  • Are those Clinton emails from Wikileaks for real? Hillary Clinton, are the emails recently released by Wikileaks accurate? They purport to include transcripts and summaries by your campaign of speeches given to various audiences around the world. In one of them, you talk about the need to have public and private positions on issues that often are very different from one another. Throughout your campaign, you have (like Donald Trump) championed protectionism and attacked NAFTA and other free-trade deals. Yet, you apparently said, "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere." What exactly is wrong with free trade that you will only defend it in speeches closed to the press?
  • What kind of jobs, if any, can government help create? Both of you say that America has been "de-industrialized" because of free trade and bad international deals that you will fix. Do either of you have any idea of when manufacturing jobs peaked as a percentage of the workforce? And does it give you pause to learn that it was in 1943 at about 38 percent of all non-farm jobs (the red line in the chart below)? What sorts of jobs do you think government policy can realistically help to increase and what specific policies would you pursue to that end?
St. Louis Fed
  • What about your foreign policy? Do you consider American foreign policy in the 21st century to be successful in advancing our national interests and securing our safety? Is there a meaningful difference between the ways Presidents Bush and Obama conducted themselves? Characterize your theoretical approach to foreign policy and talk about the various roles that trade, immigration, diplomacy, and military intervention should play.
  • What is your general philosophy of government? Just 29 percent of Americans identify as Democrats and just 26 percent identify as Republicans, figures at or near historic lows for each of your parties. Confidence in the ability of the government to handle international problems (49 percent) and domestic problems (44 percent) are also near all-time lows and about 55 percent of Americans agree government is doing too much to solve our problems, compared to 40 percent who think it's doing too little. Define your general philosophy of government: Do you think government is trying to do too much or do you think it needs to be doing and spending more, as you both propose in your budget plans?

Other than the first question, I'm not confident any of these will be discussed. But here's hoping.

And again, be here at 9 P.M. E.T to catch Reason's live-blogging and tweeting of the second presidential debate.

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  1. O tempora, o mores! Senatus haec intellegit, consul videt; hic tamen vivit!

    1. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a school stalking clown will hack them both to death on stage on live TV.

      Sic semper tyrannis.

      1. I would reply, but I fear a visit from 2 humorless charcoal 3-season wool suited agents of the Secret Service if I do.

        1. Hmm… that’s probably wise.

          As for myself, I’d like to take this time to tell any munificent and benevolent overlords reading this that I will be spending the evening at my home, far from wherever the event is planned, watching football. Also, I don’t own any clown outfits, having thrown out the one my ex used to make me wear when she wanted “hot circus sex”. (Don’t ask)

      2. Ah, a Tim Kaine supporter.

          1. Are you going to do this shit every single time this “Sarah Jackson” handle posts?

            1. I feel this is more accurate…

            2. Yes, ze will.

              *rings bell*

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  2. Why do you think Mr. Smith sitting to the right of me should have money forcibly taken from him to pay for the goodies of Mr. Jones on my left?

    1. Because Mr Jones has contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

      1. +1 million Riyals

  3. Is it really too crazy to think that Hillary will be given these questions ahead of time?

    1. It’s happened before.


    2. Hell, she’ll be given the answers ahead of time.

  4. “Herr Trump who was the last girl you raped?”

    “Madame President why will you be the Greatest President Ever?”

  5. In one of them, you talk about the need to have public and private positions on issues that often are very different from one another.

    I fucking hope she does, because her public positions are shit.

    1. I actually agree with her private positions. If those were her public ones she could have been the LP candidate.

      1. *ring*

        Salivate, bitch!

    2. Why would you think her private ones are better and not worse? Her private positions amount to ‘Get every penny you can. Sell the office, sell your soul, it doesnt matter, just get every penny you can however you can.’

      1. I don’t see how they could be any worse than what she’s advocated publicly.

        Well, I guess she could privately want to break all our international alliances and start trade wars with everybody. But Trump has that covered already.

  6. Are those Clinton emails from Wikileaks for real?


    That totally wouldn’t just provide the opportunity to talk about the super-substantiated “Russian hacking”, and completely avoid the piles of evidence about DNC financial corruption, collusion with the media to sabotage opponents, backroom confessions to Wall St that your entire progressive-campaign is a facade…etc

  7. I actually may watch some of the debate this time, at least to see the performances from the media-plants in the audience.

    I expect a lot of “As a _________ (insert gender/ethnicity/religion/orientation)…..” beginnings to sentences.

    1. And a lot of “Hey, didn’t I see you in a toothpaste commercial” but only from viewers at home.

    2. I fucking hate Agile programming.

      1. You’re not supposed to say it that way. You’re supposed to say it like it’s a noun.

        Which it’s not.

  8. In the wake of “pussygate”


    1. I can’t wait for triggergate

  9. Ms. Clinton, Would you please elaborate on the types of “reasonable controls” to which you believe the entire constitution is subject? Do you see any conflict between your public statement and the presidential oath of office?

  10. I will so be watching football instead. Good luck America.

    1. I’ll be listening to the game on the radio.

  11. Mrs. Clinton. Has Donald Trunp ever grabbed your pussy?

    1. Mrs. Clinton. Do androids have pussies?

      1. Followup question (if the answer is “No”): Do androids dream of electric pussy?

  12. In the wake of “pussygate” and Wikileaks“pussyleaks and Wikigate”, these candidates have more than ever to answer for.

    I like my version better.

    The only question/statement I am interested in those two fuckheads hearing is as follows: “You are both not fit to be President. Resign now.”

    1. I think more like, “You’re both complete scum and anyone who votes for either of you is a fucking idiot.”

  13. Here is the topic that needs to get addressed and of course hasn’t yet, in detail anyway.

    Since every nation in the world has signed onto to the Paris Accords, and accepted that climate change from man is real and a problem, and since our military says it is one of the gravest threats facing our country from a defense perspective, what is your opinion on:

    1. The reality of man-made climate change
    2. The Paris Accords, and what you will do about our current President’s Agreeing to the country’s agreement to them
    3. If the military considers it a grave threat, do you agree
    4. What is your opinion on a carbon tax
    5. What is your opinion on nuclear, and what would you do to make it grow or eliminate it.
    6. What would you do as far as investment in renewables or oil.
    7. Do you think geo-engineering is a solution in this discussion.

    I could go on. It deserves much more than cursory answers.

    1. You may as well quiz a rabbit on Bose-Einstein Condensates for all the nonsense you’ll get in reply.

      1. Probably true.

      2. At least the rabbit will be smart enough to keep its mouth shut.

    2. Yikes. #2

      Since the President has committed our country to those accords, would you continue that policy or revoke it.

      1. The Senate has to ratify it. If they don’t, then as President I don’t have the legal authority to continue that policy.

        1. Hahaahahahahaha!

          Yeah, and Chevron doesn’t effectively grant executive branch agencies power to implement policy regardless of what Congress does.

        2. Get current. Its not a treaty.

      2. The president alone is not qualified to commit our country to that and a lot of other things he purportedly committed us to.

        My answer: anything Obumbles bumblefucked his way into by himself or kept secret from the public goes in the trash. You want a king? Fine. New king, new proclamations.

        1. He sure is. It’s not a treaty. It’s an executive agreement. Something that has been used by nearly all Presidents before him.

          You need Trump to get elected to undo it. Have fun.

        2. But now that I think about it, let’s include that as part of the debate.

          President Obama signed that as an executive agreement, not a treaty. Is this with legal precedent? Will you sign executive agreements? Every other recent President has, will you?

      3. What’s the punishment for not following these accords? Nothing? So in other words it’s a publicity stunt, right?

        How much less does the earth warm in the next century if the US cuts emissions to 0 immediately? About 2-3%? Uhuh, the fate of the world is in our hands truly.

    3. Watch out for number 3. Before you know it, you’ll have plans for new carbon taxes, pre-allocated to funding modernized military hardware capable of fighting in high temperature desert climates, increased amphibious assault capability, and contingency plans for an invasion of Canada and the resettlement of its inhabitants to warmer climes.

      1. Well, whatever side of the fence you are on, it deserves an answer from both. And Johnson. And Stein. It so far has been ignored, and yet, it remains an important topic.

        1. Apparently, they don’t think it’s a big deal.

          Which is weird, since they’ll say it is.

          1. Yep. And throw in media to that criticism. They don’t bring it up. We need Bailey to ask questions.

            1. Clearly, this state of affairs calls for straightening out Ron Bailey.

    4. Hahaha! Still peddling this tripe. Jackass, 1998 is calling.

    5. Since every nation in the world has signed onto to the Paris Accords

      Absolutely and ignorantly false. There are 6 nations that didn’t sign, and over 100 that haven’t ratified it yet- including the US.

      1. Already going into effect. And we don’t need to ratify it, it’s not a treaty. It’s an executive agreement. Which is something Obama didn’t invent, although you probably don’t know that because you watch FOX News.

        But good news for you! If Trump wins, he says he will undo the executive agreement in the U.S. that it is. And he can do that!

        Alas for you, he’s gonna lose. Too bad for you!

        1. Oh snap, a swipe at Fox News, nice! But ya know would be really cool? Call it, like faux news, rofl. These rethuglicans, amirite?

    6. our military says it is one of the gravest threats facing our country from a defense perspective

      The military brass that depend on Obama for their jobs, who replaced the guys Obama purged over the past few years.

      Global warming being a national defense threat is such a ridiculous proposition on its face that it becomes useful for seeing who’s bullshitting to please the doofus-in-chief.

      1. Tell it to the military. They think you are an ignoramus.

        1. Let’s say Trump wins and shitcans all of Obama’s joint chiefs appointees, replacing them with his own guys.

          When they come out and say illegal immigration is the biggest threat to national security, will you similarly bow and scrape before their judgement on the matter?

          1. You see, I listen to what science has to say about this topic. And that is quite clear.

            But whether you like it or not, what our military says about national defense is of importance to the electorate in our country. It’s why it’s a topic in every debate. And it’s why I said it should be asked in the debate, since national security is asked in every debate.

            But you’re free to disagree that it’s important. But our military thinks you would be an ignoramus.

            1. Of course you only listen to science when it agrees with your team. Hence your curious lack of indignation about leftists legislative and exercise attacks on GMOs, pesticides, non-‘local’ foods, all the while subsidizing the industries most responsible for our ‘carbon footprint’ out of some misguided (unscientific?) sentimental attachment to labor intensive manufacturing industries.

        2. Then you don’t know anybody in the military. This is a top-down (meaning commander-in-chief) directive.

          1. Oh, I don’t?

        3. The military wants funding; they’ll say water is an imminent threat to America if it’ll get them more pork.

      2. By the way, you only proved when you felt the need to include “Phd” in your moniker.

        Enjoy your evening!

  14. What I would like to hear is:

    “You two are the most hated candidates for the presidency in American history. Here are a set of loaded dueling pistols. Please stand four feet apart and fire simultaneously on the count of one…one.”

    1. Sort of like Guy’s Grocery Games.

      1. I must be watching it wrong.

        1. Should have been more clear. GGG in that you try to fool the contestants with the count. Of course, just watching GGG is wrong.

  15. When Trump is asked about his tape I hope he replies…

    I apologize for having my private remarks on tape.

    I should have made them by email ( as he looks over at Clinton ) so that no one be would paying them any attention.

    Right Anderson (as he squints back at Cooper) ?

    1. That’s a great reply.

    2. Trump has so many slow pitches sent his way, but isn’t smart enough to hit it out of the park.

      1. No shit, and OneOut nailed that one.

  16. Why are you hiding behind the CPD to avoid debating the 3rd party candidates?

  17. Moderator: Question to both candidates: if you couldn’t be in politics, and you had to be a “normal” person, what would you do?

    Hillary: I’d be a high-priced attorney!

    Moderator: and you, Mr. Trump?

    Trump: Eh, I’d be a actor, porn star, you know, something like that

    1. Moderator: Question to both candidates: if you couldn’t be in politics, and you had to be a “normal” person, what would you do?

      Hillary: I’d be the robot in a remake of “Forbidden Planet”.

      Trump: I’m too yuuuge to ever be normal.

      1. Hillary is the monster of the id.

        1. You’re right, that’s much casting.

  18. These questions make too much sense to be asked at the debate tonight.

  19. Pretty sure that first one is going to be asked.

  20. Mrs Clinton, how it it affect your conduct of foreign policy knowing that it’s virtually certain that the intelligence services of (at least) Russia, Israel, Iran, China and Germany (not to mention the NSA) have all your emails and the contents of your hard drive?

    1. Never gonna happen.

    2. Moderator see question and throws it out.

      Need Howie Carr to moderate.

      1. Even Howie Mandel would probably do better than what we’ll get tonight.

  21. Someone should ask Pence, “If Trump withdraws from the race, would you consider naming Gary Johnson as your running mate for Vice President?”

    That might be a great way for Pence to shore up the undecideds.

    And then we can all ignore William Weld in peace.

    1. Weld endorses Clinton…which of course we ignore.

      1. If Trump withdraws, Pence wins–with the help of Libertarian Johnson.

        Next election, we’re looking at Johnson sitting in the catbird seat, with maybe Rand Paul fighting him for the nomination.

        That would be awesomeness.

        Pence and Gary
        Sittin’ in a tree

        Better than Trump being so massively unpopular that he gives Hillary the White House and the Democrats both the House and the Senate.

        The way things are goin’, they’re gonna crucify me.

        1. I can live with your suggestion. The only problem is that after the past two administration, the next four years could be a total shitstorm and the party holding the presidency will be blamed.

          1. Well, they aren’t going to want Hillary back.

            Pence/Johnson would have four years to establish a reputation for competency, too.

            The American people are starving for the lack of competent leadership.

            We haven’t had competent leadership since 1992.

            I don’t have to agree with whomever’s in charge, but how about some basic competency?

            1. I wish I could be as optimistic as you. I do agree that Pence/Johnson would be more competent than the alternative, but we have turned into a country of free shit.

        2. Ken, have you been into Agile Cyborg‘s shit?

  22. Yawn. I don’t really care about the issues like abortion,Nagy right, immigration, or the bellicosity of the RP. I really care about personal character. Given that, I definitely will not be voting for the presidential candidate who raped a 13-year old girl in the presence of his friend, a known pedophile. Nono.

    1. blah, blah, blah?

      No more blah, blah, blah!


      1. Ken,

        Is this you? I don’t want to creep you out, but I need a new barber.


        1. More blah, blah, blah?

          No more blah, blah, blah!


    2. Are you gonna vote for the candidate who tried to hide her husband’s rape and sold the power of her office for personal enrichment ?

      That same candidate who laughed about getting a child rapist off scot free ?

      If so your own personal character seems partisan based therefore nonexistant.

      1. You forgot the part about how Hillary likes to indulge in a little domestic violence from time to time.

        “There was blood all over the president and first lady’s bed,” writes former White House reporter Kate Anderson Brower. “A member of the residence staff got a frantic call from the maid who found the mess. Someone needed to come quickly and inspect the damage. The blood was Bill Clinton’s. The president had to get several stitches to his head.”

        . . .

        ‘We’re pretty sure she clocked him with a book,’ one worker said. ? The incident came shortly after the president’s affair with a White House intern became public knowledge ? And there were at least twenty books on the bedside table ? including the Bible.”

        —-The Washington Times


        Hid rape

        Sold out America to foreign governments while Secretary of State

        She’s also a husband batterer.

        Domestic violence is something I just can’t condone.

        1. I dunno, there are a lot of people who would like to hit Bill Clinton with something heavier than a book. She might pick up a lot votes with that story.

        2. I don’t know, there is a certain…poetry…to Bill Clinton being cudgeled bloody with a King James Authorized Version.

      2. No, seriously, I’m going to vote for the candidate with the best political position and that candidate is Jill Stein. I’m just giving all these Trumpkin jerkoffs the finger when they bring up Juanita Broadrrick, who was not raped by HRC, when someone criticizes their Dear Leader. That’s all. Sorry you missed the admittedly dry sarcasm. My bad.

        1. You’re right.

          Hillary didn’t rape anyone. It’s not proven that Trump did either and unlike Bill Clinton, he has never had to payout almost a million dollars to keep one quiet.

          She did cover up for someone accused of multiple rapes though. One of whom she and Bill paid $800,000 to stay out of court and keep off the witness stand.

          She may have evolved on that issue though since she now says that all women should be believed when they accuse someone of rape. Grab it’s motherfucking leg !

          I’m not sure which is most despicable, the rapist or the one who protects the rapist.

          What say you AmSoc ? Which of those two is most despicable ?

          1. “I’m not sure which is most despicable, the rapist or the one who protects the rapist.

            What say you AmSoc ? Which of those two is most despicable ?”

            I’d say that you are in good company here in conflating an accusation of rape with proof of a rape. That’s kind of what I’ve been getting at.

            Psst. That $800k that Clinton paid to one of his accusers was hardly over an allegation of rape. Nor has that “shut her up.” You can watch her occasionally guest star on Sean Hannity, where she brings up the perfidy of Bill Clinton on regular occasion or– more satisfyingly– watch her get her ass kicked by Tonya Harding on YouTube. I recommend the later.

            1. I would pay really good money to see Tonya Harding beat Hillary up.

              Now, perhaps you can explain why you want the USA to be more like Venezuela?

        2. There’s been an investigation and the investigation found insufficient proof of criminality.

          That’s a sentence that could be applied to either of them. If you’re giving Clinton a pass ‘because nothing’s been proven’ then you should be willing to extend the same courtesy to Trump

          1. Investigation into what ?

            It’s pretty fucking clear that the Clintons paid $800,000+ to one of the women Bill was accused of raping.

            I don’t think that 2 people who were intelligent enough to pass the bar, but then crooked enough to have lost their license before that bar, to just give $800,000 away.

            People who donate their used underwear to charity and then claim a $5 tax deduction per piece don’t just give away $800,000.

            What investigation are you referring to ?

        3. That’s funny because if there’s one candidate this year that can make Donald look thoughtful it’s Jill Stein.

          Some of us actually like modern medicine and a non-government managed food supply. Crazy I know.

    3. I definitely will not be voting for the presidential candidate who raped a 13-year old girl in the presence of his friend, a known pedophile.

      You don’t have to – Bill Clinton is term limited, so his wife is running this year.

  23. Throughout your campaign, you have (like Donald Trump) championed protectionism and attacked NAFTA and other free-trade deals. Yet, you apparently said, “My dream is a hemispheric common market..

    If her trainers are any good, she’d answer something like, “I do dream of a common market, but it has to come about in a managed fashion, over time, so that the middle class isn’t undermined. NAFTA is good for big businesss. It isn’t good for the employees of those businesses.”

    She’ll come off as perfectly reasonable. Perfectly reasonable to most people, including herself, because they don’t know the first thing about markets. You could instead ask her to expound upon either position. But she’s a moron. You’d get a bunch of platitudes and buzz words. Debates are popularity contests, not intellectual exercises.

  24. Dear Emperor Trump. May the force be with you.

  25. Questions that almost certainly be asked:

    1) Hillary, is it true that you once brought a bunny rabbit back to life with just the sound of your voice?

    2) Mr Trump, which do you enjoy more, beating homeless urchins or putting puppies in woodchippers?

      1. Answer to 2) I prefer beating US Attorneys and then putting them in woodchippers.

        (That’s what Trump should say; not necessarily what I believe, in case any humorless US Attorneys are reading.)

      2. Make that +2

  26. So PussyGate, awesome Russian feminist pop band name?…

    1. PussyGate,

      Small town in Pennsylvania located somewhere between Blue Ball, Big Beaver, and Intercourse

  27. Doesn’t matter what they’re asked. Hillary will give a stock, practiced answer to the subject raised, not the actual question that was asked, and Trump will just go off on some ego-driven tangent about how great he is and trail off into incoherence. There will be no serious policy discussions..

  28. Meh. Who gives a fucking shit.


    Hey, cry baby Rivers, you know what happens when you double team the Crabs?

    1. He still catches the ball.

    2. Amari Cooper.

    Stop crying, Rivers, try to be a man, I know it’s hard for you.

    And now my rant. NFL officials, try to learn the rules of the foozball. You cannot knock someone out of bounds who then comes back with BOTH feet in bounds, and call that pass interference. That’s a fucking touchdown, you morons.

    1. My brother and I were just talking about poor officiating. It is in the NFL, big-time college football, and from the women’s field hockey game I attended yesterday, it is there too.

      1. Would be nice if they just let them play the fucking game, the way it used to be played.

    2. Raiders got a serious lucky break with the muffed field goal attempt.

      Not that they wouldn’t have won in OT but lucky they didn’t have to find out. Nothing to brag about against the Chargers.

      Real teams kick Bengals ass and only give up points in garbage time.

      1. The Chargers are lucky they didn’t get blown out is the way I saw it. Carr was a little late with those early 2 passes to Cooper in the end zone when he barely stepped out of bounds. If not for that, I’m thinking it would have been more like 48 – 21 Raiders.

        1. Oh yeah, and that’s nothing to brag about, but beating the Ravens in Baltimore last weekend definitely deserves bragging rights.

    3. To be fair, Rivers played an AFCCG on one leg.

  29. Is GoogleNews putting headlines about “Trump-Pussy-comments” in the “Top Stories, National, Politics, World, AND Entertainment” sections of my feed to be construed as a sign that “Everyone’s Reading These Stories”…

    …. or that they desperately want people to be reading those stories?

    They’re almost all sourced to CNN and WaPo. You know, the non-partisan media.

    1. In answer to both your questions..


    2. On my homepage newsfeed, there were 11 Trump pussy stories on the front page. The only Clinton story was about how she was remaining silent about the pussy story. Not a single word about the WikiLeaks e-mails-o-corruption.

  30. If you grab a pussy, has it been snatched?

    1. Grabbing pussy sounds like a worthwhile new sport to me.

    2. Why don’t you try it and get back to us on that one?

    3. hey, I made that joke earlier today and got nothing.

      1. Humor = Tragedy+Timing

        1. “Tragedy is when I get a paper cut. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.” — Mel Brooks

    4. Swiss must be late to work again.

      *Looks around and *narrows gaze* trying to cover for Swiss*

  31. Questions? I want to see the Donald grab Hillary by the pussy and get finger nail scrapes on his face just like the rest of would. Catty time! After an intermission a policy question would be in order.

    1. You really think the Donald can get though that burlap pantsuit and extra industrial strength depends? The thought of it really grosses me out.

  32. Someone just turned me on to this video:


    It’s Barack Obama from years before he was President talking about how much he loves ribs and pussy.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. To be perfectly honest, it isn’t a bad combination. If it’s really spicy ribs and pussy, myself, I might pair it with a really nice, dry Riesling.

    It’s just that, you know, it’s kind of shocking to hear that Trump likes to grab pussy. But Obama likes to read about eating pussy with ribs! Pussy is a fascinating thing. For a lot of people, it’s what makes us get out of bed and go to work every morning. Sometimes pussy makes us crazy. Sometimes pussy makes women cranky. It does!

    It’s just that people aren’t supposed to talk about pussy. They think about it all the time–it’s just that they don’t talk about it like Trump and Obama do. Maybe that’s why it’s so shocking for us to hear about how Trump wants to grab pussy. For many of us, its shocking to even talk about pussy. But pussy makes the world go ’round.

    I know it. You know it. Trump knows it. Obama knows it.

    1. You’d pair ribs with a white wine?

      1. Spicy!

        Whenever you hear spicy, go with a Riesling.

        Sweet as well as dry.

        1. I tend to think of red meat going with red wine and white meat with white wine.

          Of course, I don’t eat spicy food. I had a Cambodian friend in college who made some Cambodian food for a bunch of us, and when I commented on how spicy it was, his response was, “This is mild.”

          1. Rieslings are full flavored. They’re one of the few things that will stand up to and compliment spicy food.

            Spicy Cambodian food is an excellent example.

            1. Supposedly a good Gew?rztraminer also goes well with spicy foods and seafoods. I tend to drink reds, though.

    2. Looking at Michelle I just know that she’s got a full-grown swamp down there. Dank, earthy, and full of life.

      1. That is where the Bigfoot myth came from

    3. I think that is taken out of context. He was reading what someone else wrote and I am not sure how it relates to what he was speaking about.

      Besides, I find it hard to believe that that twink has even a passing interest in pussy.

      1. All of his speeches are written by someone else.

      2. Maybe he wants people to think he likes pussy.

    4. I know people will want to equate this to Trump’s statement. But all he’s saying here is “pussy is good.” Not “I like to grab unwilling women by the pussy.”

      It also looks like he’s reading an excerpt from a book, so these aren’t even his own words.

      1. Those are the words he chose to say.

        And I’m not sure Obama isn’t more or less saying the same thing.

        Trump may very well have been talking about what he wanted to do as much as what he actually does.

        Is there anything that makes people think out loud like pussy?

        Man, I’d like to take that home and stick somethin’ in the oven!

        Half the people in this thread can’t stop thinking about pussy right now just because they read somebody talking about it.

        Pussy does that to people. It sends them into a dream world. Trump may not have even realized he said it out loud.

        1. Is there anything that makes people think out loud like pussy?


          1. Yeah, but why do they want money?

          2. Everybody wants pussy. That’s why they call it pussy.

        2. I think people are making a bigger deal out of this Trump thing than it’s worthy of.

          That doesn’t mean these two things are the same thing. The excerpt Obama read was saying “I like good food and women.”

          Nor does “he did it too” equate to a valid argument. Seems to me many people have forgotten their childhood lessons. Would Trump jump off a bridge?

        3. He’s reading from his own book where another character is talking. Don’t see how that relates to what Trump said beyond the use of the word “pussy.” The problem with what Trump said isn’t the word “pussy.”

          1. They’re both talking about how much they like pussy.

            And if Trump says he likes to grab pussy, then that’s just talk, too, right?

            Let me ask you this: Have you ever had an open invitation?

            You know what I’m talkin’ about?

            1. Barack Obama isn’t talking about how much he likes pussy, another character is.

              1. Barack Obama is at a podium talking telling everybody how much he likes pussy.

                In character, out of character, he’s standing at a podium talking about how much he likes pussy.

                That’s what he’s doing.

                1. No, he’s not. So every newscaster who quoted Trump’s pussy comment was talking about how much they personally like pussy?

                  I think the prospect of a Hillary presidency has caused you to lose it. Or you’re bored.

                  1. Are you suggesting that Obama isn’t standing at a lectern and saying what he’s saying?

                    Because he is.

                    I can see him doing it.

                    1. Yeah, you’re bored.

                    2. I don’t even understand what you’re talking about.

                      I was talking about what Trump said. Are you talking about something else?

                      There’s a difference between talking about something and doing it.

                      Obama will get up in front of an audience and talk about it, too.

                      “It’s just that, you know, it’s kind of shocking to hear that Trump likes to grab pussy. But Obama likes to read about eating pussy with ribs!”

                      That’s what I was talking about. They’re not so different really. No one’s rights were violated because of what Trump said. What Obama said didn’t violate anybody’s rights either.

                      . . . and I was half kidding.

                      If you thought I was saying some . . . unfathomable something else, that’s on you.

                  1. Stop what?

                    1. But it’s hilarious.

                      It’s Obama talking about how much he likes ribs and pussy!

                      How can that not be hilarious?

                2. he isnt talking, he is reading.

        4. Wuzzat? I was miles away. You lost me somewhere around pussy.

      2. I thought he made it clear in his statements that the women were not unwilling.

    5. If it were not for pussy, I , and maybe you as well, would be living in a shack, drinking beer and wearing dirty blue jeans.

      And happy.

      I’m happy as it is, but it’s more work this way.

  33. Partisanship on the part of the media is a major obstruction to having a well informed citizenry. What partisans forget is that in a truly objective environment the better candidates will probably win. By putting their thumbs on the scale the media seems to be admitting that the candidate they are backing cant win out in a fair race, and thus is not the best candidate.

    What I find troubling are both candidates anti-free speech positions, though Clinton’s is far worse. Why the media lets her skate on a very specific threat to destroy news agencies that she deems ‘have no right to exist’ frankly leaves me speechless. Where Trump would change standards with regard to libel, and it is debatable how bad that might or might not be, Clinton would set herself up as the sole arbiter of who has a right to speak and destroy those who don’t come up to her standards. It really is stunning. Who in the media thinks that they would not become a target of her displeasure at some time in the future? Do they count themselves as such complete shills that they think they would be indispensable to her? Aside from not reporting on it, have they really not noticed what happens in countries where that happens? Her campaign team is writing their reports and questions as it is now, how bad would that get in the future? Have they no self respect? No sense of honesty at all? Not even a feral sense of survival?

    1. None of this is really surprising. Clinton as said that any and all rights are subject to reasonable restrictions. This should horrify every American and the woman should be shunned from polite society, yet there she is.

      I expect the debate tonight to be a sham more so than the last one. I am not going to watch.

      1. A whole lot of politicians should simply be laughed off the stage.

        It speaks volumes about how fucked up the political establishment is that Massachusetts Democrats nominated Martha Coakley twice for statewide positions. (Well, probably more than that. Wasn’t she state AG?)

    2. Partisanship on the part of the media is a major obstruction to having a well informed citizenry.

      It wouldn’t be a problem if they were open about it like the olden days.

    3. What got me thinking about that was the article earlier today on the Reason editors and their votes. This magazine is a collection of editorials so I don’t have a problem with the authors expressing opinions and points of view vs. completely objective reporting. Bailey may be the only writer that one could argue is objective. He does occasionally let us know what his opinion is but doesnt inform his articles nearly as much as the other writers. Being the science correspondent that is to be expected.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am just flabbergasted that anyone in the journalism business, especially authors of editorials, would not find President Clinton a terrifying prospect, or even fall as far down the rabbit hole as Dalmia. What makes Reason think that they would have a ‘right to exist’ under President Clinton?

    4. Where did she say that news agencies have no right to exist?

      1. You don’t have google? Is your internet down?

        1. LOL are you talking about this?

          It was the campaign communications director, not Hillary. And she never said Breitbart doesn’t have a right to exist. In fact the communications director explicitly said conservative media a right to exist. This is what she said:

          “We’ve had a conservative media in this country for a while,” says the email, sent Thursday and signed by deputy communications director Christina Reynolds. “I don’t always like what they have to say, but I respect their role and their right to exist”

          “Breitbart is something different,” she says. “They make Fox News look like a Democratic Party pamphlet. They’re a different breed altogether ? not just conservative but radical, bigoted, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic conspiracy peddlers who never have been and never should be anywhere near the levers of power in this country.”

          “It goes without saying that we have to beat these people. But I want to beat them so decisively that their kind never rises again,”

          None of that implies govt shutting down the website. She’s talking about beating them in the marketplace of ideas.

          No wonder you didn’t want to link to what you were talking about… harder to get away with lying that way.

    5. I don’t know. I think elections are almost always popularity contests. Even the most conscientious voter doesn’t have the time to be up to speed on policy issues. It always comes down to which used car salesperson tells you what you most want to hear about the things you care most about. The media knows it, and even the most responsible journalist will unconsciously focus on those stories which are most critical of politicians they dislike and most favorable towards politicians they like.

      That’s the strength of a limited government: you’re mostly going to wind up with incompetent bastards, and always at the worst time, so make sure they just can’t do that much damage.

    1. I for one will admit I’ve been addicted to that stuff for more than 30 years. Cyborg fembots cannot come soon enough. I don’t care that the guy who does it will be the first trillionaire. It will be totally deserved.

  34. I’m not going to link to this, but just so you know what to avoid, there’s a YouTube video entitled “Soul Train Line Dancer Rosie Perez.”

    1. I pulled up youtube and watched 28 whole seconds of that.

      Thanks Eddie. I stopped that video and started watching instructional videos on lofting boat frames.

      1. And what have we learned about looking at videos which are too bad even for Eddie?

        1. That I prefer videos about classic wooden boats. I am thinking of building one. I do pretty ok with furniture, I think I might be ready to move up to boats.

  35. We’re fucked. Glad I don’t have kids.

  36. Eddie’s Cover Band Countdown:

    Def Lepperd

  37. This is not, strictly speaking, a good George Thorogood cover, but that’s OK because the loudness of his outfit drown out the sound of his voice.

  38. Donald Trump just held a press conference ahead of the debate with Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathy Shelton.

    “Actions speak louder than words,” Broaddrick said. “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

    Also present was Kathy Shelton. Hillary Clinton defended the man who raped a then 12-year-old Shelton in 1975.


    1. This is gonna be the Best. Debate. Ever.

    2. “…and, as an added surprise, we dragged out Vince Foster’s corpse for a live TV autopsy”

    3. Nice to see you always believe the victim even if there’s no evidence. Unlike the rest of those libertarians who grouse about Title IX kangaroo courts expelling men from university based on nothing more than an accusation.

    4. This debate is going to have so much class we’ll be sick of all the class.

      1. It should be moderated by Vince McMahon.

          1. Or Matthew Lesko, considering the free shit brigade.

  39. Over/under on Bob Costas going off script at halftime to moralize against Trump? Or since it’s an NBC game, would that be on script?

    1. Over/under on what numerical measurement?

      1. Over/under on “What are the odds that” going goes

  40. Why do universities host the debates? It’s not like they bring anything to the party.

    1. Why do they choose to put up someone from Singapore with a thick accent before the Presidential Debate?

      I have no idea what he just said.

    2. There’s always the large audiences of receptive Democrats.

  41. Will the debaters even once think outside the box?

  42. Bill’s Babes are there. Bill looked like he was on a perp walk when he came in…

  43. OK. The wife put the debate on.

    Trump just told Clinton she is going to prison if he wins. Wow.

    1. Just a stab in the dark here…I am guessing the Clinton/Trump family friendships are over.

      C – Its a good thing a person with the temperament of DT is not in charge of law enforcement in this country.

      T – Because you would be in jail.

      I think things just got kicked up a notch or two.

      1. She is definitely rattled.

    2. You have any response to the fact that you were lying upthread about Clinton saying she would shut the Breitbart website down?

  44. What a fucking shitshow…

  45. Secretary/Senator Clinton, when you say you will “invest” in America, don’t you mean “tax and spend”, or worse “borrow and spend and tax our children”?

    1. I mean I’m going to eliminate the middle class, just like in all good commie utopias, you ever been to Venezuela? Paradise is at hand!

  46. Maybe it’s only my hopes but is not The Donald wiping the floor with Clinton ?

    1. Not watching, but shut up, you are disturbing the Reason staff. Hillary must win.

  47. I really hate these fagooots, they’re so against free speech.

    Milo is such an anti-free speech monster

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