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Bristol University Theater Group Accused of Cultural Appropriation, Forced to Cancel Play

'Of course we would not want to cause offence in any way.'


Screenshot via Warner Classic TV / Youtube

It happened again: a college theater group had no choice but to cancel its production of Aida—a musical about an Ethiopian princess held prisoner in ancient Egypt.

The group had cast mostly white actors to play characters who are African and Egyptian, which led to accusations of cultural appropriation and white-washing.

"It's quite simple, really: if you are going to put on a production set in a particular place with a particular cultural context, then you need to reflect that with the ethnicity of actors," one student had complained, according to The Tab.

Of course all productions are set in particular places with particular cultural contexts. Romeo and Juliet unfolds in medieval Italy, but I can't recall anybody insisting that the cast be of Italian descent.

That's because the actors are expected to, well, act. Stepping into characters who are utterly unlike the people playing them is the whole point. If actors were always just playing themselves, it wouldn't be challenging or fulfilling.

This idea that human beings should be confined to forms of artistic expression that comport with their ethnic makeup and ancestral culture ought to be stridently resisted by modern society, as author Lionel Shriver argued in a recent speech:

The ultimate endpoint of keeping out mitts off experience that doesn't belong to us is that there is no fiction. Someone like me only permits herself to write from the perspective of a straight white female born in North Carolina, closing on sixty, able-bodied but with bad knees, skint for years but finally able to buy the odd new shirt. All that's left is memoir.

In any case, Music Theatre Bristol has cancelled the performance. "Of course we would not want to cause offence in any way, and that was certainly never our intention," the group write on Facebook.

But offense is a two-way street: I'm offended that they're not showing the play. And I suspect I'm not alone. There are probably some students—perhaps even students of African and Egyptian descent—who were looking forward to having one of their stories told on stage.

What a perfect reminder that the endgame of the cultural appropriation warriors is a world with less diversity.

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  1. The group had cast mostly white actors to play characters who are African and Egyptian, which led to accusations of cultural appropriation and white-washing.

    “OK, fine. We’ll put the actors in blackface. Happy now?”

    1. These same people get mad at the people who get mad about historical white Americans being played by minorities.I just can’t understand how they can’t see the blatant flaws in their logic.

      1. +1 Hamilton.

          1. “Then, a Hamil-tour (I’m playing a game where I put Hamil- before as many words as possible, and I’m winning!) was announced.”

            I’d Hamil-love for this clueless monstrosity to Hamil-fuck herself to Hamil-death.

            1. and I’m winning!

              No. When a game like that exists, nobody is a winner.

            2. +1 DCAU Joker?

            3. I believe Mark Hamill already won that game

      2. Logic is a white cis-male construct used to oppress.

        1. Please explain how logic has ANYTHING to do with race or gender.

          1. Because I am solidly ironic in just about every post I make and I’ve been around here for an extremely long time. Howevs, I don’t live here, so fair enough. BTW, logic has nothing to do with race and gender in the world I understand but some people understand my world differently and if that were not the case Reason wouldn’t exist and furthermore I would not be a libertarian because we would all agree on everything. Maybe?

      3. Never underestimate the power of doublethink.

        1. or the power to dumbass something to death

      4. Punching up vs. punching down (or punching sideways).

        1. As long as these douchebags are getting punched somehow, it’s all to the good.

    2. The group had cast mostly white actors to play characters who are African and Egyptian, which led to accusations of cultural appropriation and white-washing.

      Egyptians are white, dumbasses.

      1. Who are you, the US Census Bureau?

        1. No, just a history buff.

          1. And a biologist.

            1. I personally have a peeve against an organization scheme that lumps Semitic and European peoples together and places Indians with East Asians. Racial categorization in this country is so god damn stupid.

              1. Semitic and Europeans makes sense since both a variety of Caucasian and are pretty similar. Indians and East Asians not so much.

                1. I’d disagree that they should be put together into a single category, mostly due to the linguistic differences and the antagonism that’s existed between Semitic and Indo-European cultures throughout history (I don’t know much of the biological differences), but there’s at least an argument for it. Though even if it’s correct, it’s by accident.

                2. You know who else thought the Aryans were Caucasian?

              2. We could do away with it but, ironically, progressives wouldn’t let it happen. Colorblindness is racist.

      2. Egyptians are white, dumbasses.

        Well, they weren’t black, but you can’t really call them white either.

        1. Not to mention, how are they going to find enough ancient Egyptians who can actually sing opera well?

          1. Tut-tut. No need to get so persnickety.

            1. Really using king tutankahmens name like that is apropriation and triggering

    3. So, a musical that was apparently written by a bunch of Italians must have actors that are black even if Egyptians aren’t black. Because we think they’re black. Also, we apparently don’t give a shit that the play itself was entirely written and scored by our oppressors. We just want to sing and dance…at their…direction.


      And this is one of the reasons you can not mock these people. The truth is simply more outrageous than the fiction.

    4. We’ll put the actors in blackface. Happy now?”

      +1 Sgt. Lincoln Osiris

    5. The group had cast mostly white actors to play characters who are African and Egyptian, which led to accusations of cultural appropriation and white-washing.

      “Um, really? You want us to cast black actors as Egyptians, who owned slaves?”

  2. They should replace it with “The Mikado”

    1. Or “Othello”

      1. I wonder if they have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, for a long time that was the only lead role commonly given to black actors. On the other, that character is Moorish and therefore Arab or Berber. Empowerment or appropriation? HOW CAN I TELL?

        1. ” On the other, that character is Moorish”


          ” and therefore Arab or Berber”


      2. Amos and Andy or GTFO.

        What? Thosse were two white guys, look it up.

    2. This made me think of Richard’s Gilbert & Sullivan Society on “Veep”, which always brings a big smile to my face

  3. There are probably some students?perhaps even students of African and Egyptian descent?who were looking forward to having one of their stories told on stage.

    Errr….I don’t exactly think Giuseppe Verdi was of African and Egyptian descent.

    1. Yes, I kind of did a double-take when I read that sentence myself. As far as I’m aware, Verdi basically just did a mash-up of mid-19th Century understanding of ancient Egyptian and Nubian history based on the writings of August Mariette. It’s not based on a real event in ancient Egyptian history or even an adaptation of an ancient Egyptian story.

  4. And if you want to be an ass about it, shouldn’t pretty much anyone who’s not caucasian be forbidden from opera at all? I mean who the hell are they to appropriate European culture?

    /No, I don’t believe this bullshit and I’m offended that I should even have to say as much

  5. Did anyone think to ask the retards what they thought of Hamilton?

    1. Stop punching down, cis shitlord!

  6. Jessye Norman is associated in particular with the Wagnerian repertoire. Hmmmm. How does that work?

    1. It doesn’t if you buy into this garbage.

      1. Of course it does. The outrage machine runs in only one direction. That’s why, for example, “cultural appropriation” by gay men is such a huge sin even when gay men came up with the thing that they are supposedly culturally appropriating.

  7. The greatest performance as a Mexican bandito in film history was done by a Jewish guy from NYC.

    1. +1 ugly Tuco

    2. On the other hand, what may well be the worst portrayal of an Asian in all of history is John Wayne’s Genghis Khan.

      1. Tony Curtis as a turk in Taras Bulba?

        1. “Yondah lies da palace uh my fadder.”

          1. This chestnut used to be quoted in Radio Times whenever the film (The Black Shield of Falworth) was on BBC television, and found its way into a 2007 study of Tony Curtis’s work by Clive James. Curtis has denied ever saying that line, but he did actually say a similar line in the movie Son of Ali Baba, released in 1952, that reads, “This is the palace of my father, and yonder lies the Valley of the Sun”, and he did deliver it in a markedly New York accent.

            1. Sorry, I should have included a disclaimer that it was apocryphal.

      2. “On the other hand, what may well be the worst portrayal of an Asian in all of history is John Wayne’s Genghis Khan.”

        Let’s not forget Sean Connery as James Bond undergoing “oriental surgery” in order to pass as a resident of a Japanese fishing village located near Blofeld’s secret lair. It was so famously bad, the operation was hilarious parodied in “Team America: World Police.”

        1. His cover was blown when they saw his “Scotland Forever” tattoo.

        2. Q be all like ‘whatever, fuck that guy’.

  8. a college theater group had no choice but to cancel its production of Aida

    bull fucking shit. The group had EVERY choice other than cancellation, like telling the aggrieved and the offended to screw themselves, by pointing (presumably) to its casting call that lent opportunity for people to audition, etc. Godamighty, does this pussiness ever end.

    1. Now, the God Thor….who can play him?…I mean her…I’m mean Xe

      Oh nevermind. Cast Idris Elba as James Bond already!

      1. If you go with the idea that James Bond is his code name, Idris Elba would be an awesome Bond.

        1. Just put him in whiteface.

    2. Another compelling reason not to send the kids to university. The liberal arts aren’t liberal, they’re Progressive. The humanities aren’t about what makes us human they’re about human exploitation of other species who have rights.

      1. Thank whatever gods may be that I went to undergrad in a STEM subject and in the eighties.

  9. It not like these things are based on logic. It is bad for a white person to play an Ethiopian character, but praiseworthy to have a black actor play a character based on a Norse god.

    Nobody should pay attention to this type of SJW demand. Calvinball has more consistent rules.

    1. Stating that Santa is a combination of a real-life Greek person and a Nordic folklore character so is therefore white makes you a white supremacist. Descendants of slaves from sub-Saharan Africa who claim that their ancestors built the pyramids, however, are “woke” and are right to take pride in their historical accomplishments.

      1. I once saw an opinion piece from a black writer complaining that Cleopatra was played by a white woman, when we all know Cleopatra was a black African. Completely ignorant of the fact that Cleopatra was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Macedonian Greek origin.

        1. A decidedly inbred Macedonian Greek at that. She was super not-Egyptipan.

          1. I’ve also seen claims that Hannibal was black as well. Even though the Carthaginians were Phoenician people.

            1. That’s just the white devil’s tricknology talking, WTF.

              1. Yakub’s propaganda has spread!

    2. Calvinball or Whackbat?

    3. Yeah, it’s all feelings.

      I don’t know for sure that they are the same people complaining about cultural appropriation, but don’t a lot of people support race blind casting these days, particularly in the UK?

      1. I’m fine with that as long as they do height blind try outs for the NBA.

    4. If you assume that progressivism is a hate movement against i) whiteness, ii) christianity, and iii) masculinity or maleness, then it’s all perfectly logical. The bullshit about punching up and punching down is just an evasion tactic so they can avoid directly challenging the dwindling but still significant cultural values of liberalism. Yes, the hatred for white people makes no sense since the movement is mostly white, but they all see themselves as Blade.

  10. I’m offended that they call Aida a musical, and think it should have been shut down on those grounds! Who’s with me? Rufus?

    1. They’re not not-doing the opera Aida…. they’re not-doing their version of the Elton John’s “Aida” based on the opera

      and i think everyone can agree white people should never have done this in the first place.

      1. Sigh, I was a good boy and read the linked article because I wanted to be sure, and that wasn’t mentioned (or I missed it), so I went with the original.
        And yes, everyone can agree white people should have never done anything except Hegelism, so we could have Marxism. Not sure if Marx and Lenin themselves count as white these days, Bt if so, those too.

  11. “if you are going to put on a production set in a particular place with a particular cultural context, then you need to reflect that with the ethnicity of actors,” one student had complained

    So this student immediately auditioned for a role, right?

    1. “if you are going to put on a production set in a particular place with a particular cultural context, then you need to reflect that with the ethnicity of actors,” one student had complained

      Black Shakespearean actors hardest hit. For real.

      1. did any minority actors audition?

      2. Except for Othello.

    2. so only auditioning ignorant assholes from the ghetto of your choice?

    3. Which of course they did, since Egyptians are white.

      1. Is that true, I heard they were light skinned blacks but there’s so much bullshit around a question like that I saw people claiming every possible race.

        1. Hamitic people, a variety of Caucasian, and similar to Semitic people.

  12. Leonard Nimoy appropriating Vulcan culture for so many years was equally appalling.

    1. Leonard Nimoy wasn’t really a Vulcan? He wasn’t president of VAG?

      1. they allow men to be the president of VAG? SEXIST!

  13. I’m offended that they’re not showing the play.

    It’s offense all the way down, and that’s Not Okay!

  14. But Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children should not have reflected the ethnic makeup of Wales in 1943.

    1. Any real peculiar children in that movie? Ha! I suspected not. Appropriation of Peculiar Culture! This has to stop. Special effects stealing and faking a culture!. Non Peculiar in Peculiar roles. Shame on you all for enjoying it.

  15. So that’s a real opera? I always thought it was just a crossword clue.

    1. Aida too much, nowia feela queasy

      1. Naise boi. Nao go enna laia onna da caucce.

  16. But offense is a two-way street: I’m offended that they’re not showing the play.


    1. Typical Millennial. Making it all about him.

  17. That just destroys opera.

    La Boheme is about French people singing in Italian.

    Turandot is about a Chinese woman singing in Italian. It was actually culturally appropriated from a Persian story. The central theme is about a rejection of hatred and prejudice.

    Madame Butterfly is about a Japanese girl who sings in Italian. There may not be any Japanese girls that age who can sing the part.

    There is probably no art form that transcends race, sex, creed, etc. like opera. Madame Butterfly is from a country I’ve never been to, she’s a sex I’ve never been, she sings in a language I don’t understand, . . . but because of that opera, I know what it must feel like to be a young Japanese girl who thinks of herself as totally honorable–once she realizes that everyone else in the world thinks of her as a prostitute.

    These people are destroying the best things in Western civilization and replacing it with nothing. It’s like when the rd guard went around destroying the best of Buddhist shrines and temples or the Taliban destroying Afghanistan’s antiquities. Senseless, pointless, evil, and, yeah, if Opera transcends race more effectively than any other medium, then what these social justice warriors are doing to opera is racist, too.

    1. We’re close to having actual struggle sessions in the streets.

      1. We’re much more advanced these days – they take place on twitter.

    2. They’re not not-doing the opera Aida…. they’re not-doing their version of Elton John’s musical “Aida” based on the opera

      1. Same thing.

        Almost all operas are derivative works.

        The races of the characters being interchangeable remains the same.

        Otello has often been done in blackface.

        There aren’t any ideas that can’t be expressed because of the singer’s race.

        There aren’t any ideas that can’t be understood because of the listener’s race.

        What are they going to do with Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado?

        That’s more light opera (musical), too. The whole production is a Japanese story that’s really about English society. How do you be authentic to that without cultural appropriation. I don’t think making all the characters Japanese would be true to the concept. Without cultural appropriation, it would need to be specifically authentic English people dressed up in Japanese costumes.

        1. Same thing.

          [Elton John’s lawyers aside]

          No, really. It has different songs and everything.

          1. I didn’t say the songs were the same.

            I said the principle was the same.

    3. To a progressive, all you did was make the case for banning opera.

      These people think of ‘cultures’ as exhibits at a trendy new museum.

  18. There goes that live action production of ‘The Lion King’.

    1. Appropriating lion culture is Not Okay.

  19. Two articles from “The Tab”, praising the hit broadway musical Hamilton. Drink deeply from the cup of hypocrisy.…..g-shit-331…..amilton-78

  20. So, if people of African descent speak English, isn’t that the same thing, but that’s ok?

    1. Yes, because white people are evil and worthless, and we deserve to have our culture appropriated or whatever because it is simultaneously both too useful to keep to ourselves and yet lacking any redeeming value that would merit its preservation.

      1. “The only culture that should be appropriated is the worst culture of all, white culture.”

        Makes perfect sense. Except:

        “Anyone non-white who adopts white culture is a victim of cultural imperialism.”


  21. This is perhaps the dumbest one yet.

    For one thing, I don’t think that there is a general agreement about what exactly the race or ethnicity of ancient Egyptians is. And even if you are the kind of asshole who thinks that cultural appropriation is a bad thing, maybe there should be some wiggle room when you are appropriating a culture that has been dead for thousands of years. Modern Egyptian culture has approximately zero connection to ancient Egypt.

    1. What ever it was, it wasn’t a sub-Saharan ethnicity. The Egyptians were very keen to distinguish themselves from the people we now call Ethiopians. I mean they literally colored themselves and the sub-Saharans in their hieroglyphic writings which conveniently enough were often drawings of people.

      1. I was just reading about it a bit. I’ve been fascinated with Ancient Egypt recently. Upper Egypt may have had a lot of black Nubians mixed in, but most of the population was likely indigenous to north Africa. And there may have been invasions from Mesopotamia or the Levant early on as well.

        1. From what I’ve read, the closest living relatives of the ancient Egyptians are the Copts, whom are genetically distinct from Arabs and nowadays are found scattered in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and North Africa after having been ousted by the Arab invasions.

          1. Hamitic (from the biblical Ham) is a historical term in ethnology and linguistics for a division of the Caucasian race and the group of related languages these populations spoke. “Hamitic” was applied to the non-Semitic languages in the Afroasiatic family, which was thus formerly labelled “Hamito-Semitic”. The Hamitic languages were classified as including the Berber, Cushitic and Egyptian branches. However, since these branches have not been shown to form an exclusive (monophyletic) phylogenetic unit of their own, separate from other Afroasiatic languages, linguists no longer use the term in this sense. Each of these branches is instead now regarded as an independent subgroup of the larger Afroasiatic family.

            Beginning in the 19th century, scholars generally classified the Hamitic race as a subgroup of the Caucasian race, along with the Semitic race

            1. I always thought the “Sons of Ham”, to use the biblical terminology, were African blacks. Maybe I heard it from my bible studies teacher or something.

              1. There was likely some mixing in upper Egypt between Black Africans and Hamitic Egyptians, but the Hamitic people are a variety of Caucasian similar to Semitic people. In Biblical terms, Ham was a son of Noah who was cursed by Noah for committing some type of transgression against him, and was allegedly the founder of the Egyptian line. Nothing about him being black in the Bible.

                1. Wikipedia shed some light

                  Since the 17th century a number of suggestions have been made that relate the name Ham to a Hebrew word for “burnt”, “black” or “hot”, to an Egyptian word for “servant”, or the Egyptian word Kmt for “Egypt”.[4] A 2004 review of David Goldenberg’s The Curse of Ham: Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity and Islam (2003) states that Goldenberg “argues persuasively that the biblical name Ham bears no relationship at all to the notion of blackness and as of now is of unknown etymology.”

                  I’ll forgive the use of the word “blackness”.

                2. Genesis 9:20 And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:

                  21 And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. 22 And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. 23 And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness.

                  24 ? And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. 26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.

                  27 God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.
                  ?Authorized King James Version
                  Curse of Canaan[edit]

                  Ha ha Ham was cursed by his father because he apparently acted out the ancient equivalent of drawing dicks on his face with a Sharpie while he was passed out drunk.

                  1. Or some people think he castrated or sodomized Noah.

          2. That makes sense. They were there before the Arabs. I think their language also helped with deciphering hieroglyphics.

            1. A friend of mine is Coptic Christian whose family fled Egypt some years ago, and to hear her tell it, they’ve been an ethno-centric religious group for generations and have not bred outside of their group since time immemorial. They especially wouldn’t intermarry with Muslim Egyptians whom they look upon as interlopers and hijackers of their heritage.

              She and her entire family look more like Europeans than most Europeans living around Mediterranean coast. She has auburn hair and looks more French than anything else.

              1. Interestingly, there’s a group called the Rif Berbers in Lybis I think that are white and have a higher frequency of blonde hair than most of Europe. They may be descended from the Vandals?

      2. The Egyptians portrayed themselves as red, and referred to themselves as such. There was clearly a distinction at the time, because they portrayed Ethiopians as black-skinned and Hittites as white-skinned. Modern Egyptians are mostly of Arab descent (i.e., Caucasian), although there are some people left that look more like the Egyptians of antiquity as well as some who look more Mediterranean, presumably from the Ptolemaic period.

        1. From what I can gather, there is good reason to believe that they weren’t a racially homogeneous society. Egypt was big and located at a sort of crossroads for humanity.

  22. Here’s one for the free-range kids beat:

    Tami DeVries said that when her son took his lunch to kindergarten, it was confiscated. A teacher took away his kielbasa, cheese, and Wheat Thins crackers, replacing them with Cheerios. Alicia Nesbitt reported that her stepdaughter, in first grade, had chips removed from her lunch during the first week of school.…..-teachers/

    Sounds like theft, to me. File a criminal complaint against the teachers.

    1. Canuckistan, I see, but that’s probably something we’ll see down here before to long. And on the day a teacher swaps my kid’s lunch out for Cheerios or sends it home because it’s “unhealthy” I will visit upon him or her all my stored-up wrath from stories like this. The halls will run red with blood, and a black cloud of profanity will forever hover over the cafeteria.

      1. No kidding. Mom sends an actual balanced meal, has it stolen and replaced by basically pure carbs. For Teh Churlen, of course.

        1. But it’s got whole grains. Does kielbasa have whole grains?

          1. Probably not, but these do, 170 to be exact.

        2. But was the Kielbasa locally farmed?

      2. my folks would have hit the roof if a teacher took my kielbasa

        1. These days, some of the schoolboys quite willingly give their kielbasa to those hot young female teachers who seduce them.

          But that’s probably not what you mean…

      3. Kiszka would have made more sense.

  23. That’s because the actors are expected to, well, act.

    Yeah, but there’s the risk that the actors might be white, in which case they should be hung with barbed wire from the walls of the theater.

    The essence of “cultural appropriation” accusations is racism, and not on the part of the accused.

  24. I’m confused. This article doesn’t have a Robby Disclaimer. What am I supposed to make fun of now?

    I get the impression that he actually has balls now. Or did trolling lose its charm after a while?

    1. Robby has been more scrappy of late. H&R toughening/dehumanization program is working!

      1. Does that mean he’s appropriating H&R culture?

    2. Good catch.

      Your lack of equivocation is noted, and approved, Mr. Soave.

      1. Finally/ Up until now his approach has been to accept all of his opponents premises as valid before taking them on, in an effort to concern troll his way into their heart.

      2. Who knew musical theatre was the hill Robby was prepared to die on?

    3. Still no alt-text, though.

      1. Better no alt-text than bad alt-text!

  25. “Romeo and Juliet unfolds in medieval Italy, but I can’t recall anybody insisting that the cast be of Italian descent.”

    “You’re right, we need to start looking into that, and to make sure that ethnic Italians get the representation and respect they deserve. For example, my nephew Giovanni would make a *great* Romeo.” – Fat Tony, President, Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club

    1. Cue complaints from the Veronese being appropriated by Sicilian.

      No, wait, they’re not pussies.

      1. Besides, the Siciliani are oppressed relative to Veronesi. The further north, the more an oppressor you are. And yeah, I’m looking at you Norway.

  26. “But offense is a two-way street: I’m offended that they’re *not* showing the play. And I suspect I’m not alone.”

    Who are you and what have you done to Mr. Soave?

  27. There seems to be an every-growing number of British actors playing American roles (and convincingly disguising their accents): Rick from The Walking Dead, the Beast from the X-Men films, the last two young dudes to play Spider-Man on the big screen, and don’t even get me started on all the Australians currently playing Americans.

    I wonder why the SJW idiots haven’t seized upon this yet. Maybe because all the roles involved are portraying cis-hetero characters, or maybe because the whole action/super-hero genre is something these fools can’t tolerate and so they studiously avoid any knowledge of them.

    The only rescuer/do-gooder role they can possibly imagine is Captain Government.

    1. Claude Rains played: a Brooklyn detective (They Made Me a Criminal),
      a southern DA (They Won’t Forget),
      and a New Mexico lawyer (Twilight of Honor)

      among his obviously American characters. There’s also French in Casablanca and German in Notorious, and that’s just off the top of my head. Never mind all the British characters he played.

  28. “It’s quite simple, really: if you are going to put on a production set in a particular place with a particular cultural context, then you need to reflect that with the ethnicity of actors”

    Look, I somewhat agree. In terms of movies at least. Movies supposedly set in far-off countries that cast all white actors for the parts just LOOK AESTHETICALLY DUMB. Pasty Brits don’t belong in your Egyptian settings, and there’s no excuse for a major movie company to make something that looks that stupid and takes you out of the world. Movies should be immersive, and I have no intention of patronizing a film that kills its own immersion just because they think famous actors of setting-inappropriate races will bring in viewers.

    That being said, if you’re running a play with your theater group as a hobby, obviously you don’t have the budget or control for your actors. If you need to cast a black man as George Washington or a white guy as Ramses that’s totally understandable. You gotta work with what you have, and anyone who bitches about your limited resources is a dick who apparently wants only plays about white people.

  29. “It’s quite simple, really: if you are going to put on a production set in a particular place with a particular cultural context, then you need to reflect that with the ethnicity of actors,”

    So…. I bet this guy was PISSED that they made little orphan Annie black. And Nick Fury

    And I am sure this guy would have no problem if James Bond stays white. Or Spider-Man. Or Indiana Jones.

    1. Orphan Annie? Hell, I bet he went nuts when they cast a black guy as Thor.

      1. I certainly hope the next girl to be cast as orphan Annie will be an actual orphan from New York City! The next person to play Daddy Warbucks had better be authentically rich and actually bald. (Patrick Stewart, maybe?)

        Otherwise, it will be a clear case of inter-cultural appropriation and the SJWs will be moved to shut down the performance.

  30. They’re going to have so many problems doing the Lord of the Rings dance recital.

    1. How so?

      They can just get black actors for the Orc parts, right?

      1. But how many hobbits and dwarfs are going to bristol U?

        1. They can bring in Kim Kardashian for a day…

  31. I don’t think they were forced to cancel the play. I think they canceled the play because they are cowards.

  32. I’m triggered and threatened by all complaints about cultural appropriation. If you have complained, please kill yourself so I can rest easier at night. Thank you.

  33. I’m triggered and threatened by all complaints about cultural appropriation. If you have complained, please kill yourself so I can rest easier at night. Thank you.

    1. death by squirrel is quite acceptable.

  34. Principals, not Principles. They also could give a shit if it offends other people, since only left-minded people are allowed to get offended.

    Cultural Appropriation is one of the biggest dumb-fuck ideas to come out of progdom. And they only apply it to white people — so to answer your question, that’s why no one cares if Romeo and Juliet are played by non-Italians. But cast a historically white male comic book character as a black woman and that is ‘brave’ and ‘bold’.

    Also, the very idea of ‘Appropriation’ is racist itself, because it is saying you can only do X, Y or Z if you are a certain Race or Ethnicity or Sex.

    How about they stop appropriating being offended – it’s nothing more than a tool to give these pathetic human beings more power to be the control freaks they want to be, because they know their life will have no meaning otherwise

  35. How do I feel when people play parts of different ethnicity? Mildly bemused, if I even notice. Frankly this is just raw tribalism, the kind that led to genocide in Rwanda. There, the state radio continuously spewed hate speech about the tutsi (or hutu, one of them) until mass murder ensued. Here the hate speech is against whites, men, and the police. Difference? None. It is already stirring up riots in black communities and persecutions of men on campus. Think it can’t happen here? It already is. A single word (even a valid word) can sic the crazies on you and cost you your job.

  36. You want cultural appropriation…I’ll show you cultural appropriation!

  37. And here I thought that True Art (TM) was suppose to give offense to the humorousless guardians of modern morals…

  38. Bret Easton Ellis had an epic rant on his most recent podcast on just this topic, which he also referenced the Shriver piece. Say want you want about Ellis’s work or personality, his anti-SJW rants are fucking gold.

  39. They apparently have yet to learn the lesson that there can be no accommodating such people. There is never that one last thing that you can do to make them happy. They will simply find more absurd reasons to maintain the same level of outrage. Eventually, you have to tell them “enough!”. Better to do it now, before you give up too much.
    Besides, assuming that Egyptians were either Black or even Arabs based on current populations is poor logic. There has been a great deal of conquest and genocide since the time portrayed in Aida. It looks very different now than it did then.

  40. “Cultural Appropriation” appears to be a major tenet of the Church of the Perpetually Offended, a quasi-religious order whose primary raison d’?tre is to take offense at nominally innocuous things on behalf of another group which the Church deems too benighted to take offense independently.

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