Free-Range Kids

Cop Speaks to Mom Who Let Her Six-Year-Old Cross the Street. It's Not What You Think.

Nice to be surprised every now and then.


Pavel Losevsky / Dreamstime

I get emails on a weekly basis from moms chided by onlookers for letting their kids do anything by themselves: walk to the corner store, wait in the backyard, climb up the jungle gym without a parent underneath, arms widespread, like a fireman ready to catch a jumper. So it's always encouraging to see a note like this one:

Dear Free-Range Kids: My almost six-year-old kindergartner and I walk to school (about 2 blocks with a crosswalk and crossing guard across a busy street and one quiet neighborhood street to cross just before it). Since the second week of school, my son has been pushing me farther back every day. As of now, I stop at the "un-guarded" corner and he crosses and walks the rest of the way alone.

This morning, a police officer pulled up next to us as I was hugging him and sending him across.

Ack! I know what's coming! The CPS visit. The judge declaring that the action constitutes negligence. The parenting classes, the fines, the fuming.

I braced for any comment he might have—but he nodded approvingly and then told me to enjoy it while it lasts because his daughter is starting college today.

It was such a refreshing moment!

It's nice to be surprised every now and then.

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  1. This lady should be prosecuted! Does she not care that there are clowns about? How dare she leave her precious child, the future of America, unguarded against these grease-painted, big-shoed freaks!

  2. …and then the cop ran over the kid, right!?

      1. I just assumed he let her off with a warning after a little nude catfighting in his basement with another neglectful mom…

      2. It’s why libertarian moments are fleeting.

    1. He spotted the kid again the next day and noticed the kid had something in his hand that could be a gun… you know the rest of the story.

      1. Pew, pew!!

        1. Hey! No church talk!

  3. RE: Cop Speaks to Mom Who Let Her Six-Year-Old Cross the Street. It’s Not What You Think.
    Nice to be surprised every now and then.

    Where’s the Childrens’ Crossing Police when you need them?

    1. It’s unfortunate that this could have gone either way.

      Such arbitrary enforcement of different interpretations of the laws leave everyone open to the daily mood of whatever Gov official they are in contact with that day.

      1. So so true, couldn’t have said it better

  4. FFS Reason. The Good Cop stories belong in my FB feed (or so it would seem), the Bad Cop stories belong here.

  5. The state of law enforcement physical fitness being what it is today, they need the bar set this low just to get over it.

  6. Cop Speaks to Mom Who Let Her Six-Year-Old Cross the Street. It’s

    Nope. Too many nutpunches today. Not risking another.

  7. So Reason has time for this and for Chapman’s bizarre rant about fat shaming and not a single mention of Hillary wanting to Assange drone striked.

    You have to give it to reason. They are not in the tank for Hillary. No. they call it as they see it. Pox on both houses and all.

    1. They’re also slow in posting a no-questions-asked libertarian story:

      The way the GM joint venture that got its skids greased with Foundation donations on the way to State Dept approval is now a vortex of corruption.

      1. That is another example. Last I looked reason was very concerned with both the use of drone strikes and the freedom of the people to leak embarrassing information. Hillary wanting to have Assange murdered is also a no questions asked Libertarian story. And like the GM one, they won’t touch it. But they have lots of time to talk about Trump fat shaming beauty queens.

        1. If a Miss Universe gains 60 pounds of flab, how should the promoter-in-chief respond?

          1. Not on Twitter 15 years later.

            Just redirect already, Trump. You used to be good at that.

            “Sure, I said she was fat when she packed on the pounds. You tell me, is that better or worse than what Hillary did to Bill’s bimbos?”

            Hell, you could fit that in a Twitter.

            1. In fairness, Donald was probably a little hypoglycemic at that time of the morning.

            2. R C, let’s get on the same temporal page: At the time, do you really have a problem with his statements? Yes, maybe you or I might have suggested that she embrace the paleo lifestyle.

              Of course, all these years later, it is a different proposition.

              1. At the time, do you really have a problem with his statements?

                The gist? No.

                The way he phrased it? As ever, unnecessarily juvenile and counterproductive.

      2. And David Brock’s money laundering.

        What is that ?

        Chopped liva ?

    2. Or that Dalmia post that was removed…

    3. Do u have a link to this? Between cnn and here I’ve only been exposed to the fat beauty queen news, the trump not paying taxes news, and ny doing something to trumps foundation/charity


        Wikileaks put it out.

    4. not a single mention of Hillary wanting to Assange drone striked.

      The source on that looked mighty thin. Have you seen a better one?

  8. Suburban cops where I live would do that. They’re very chill. In fact I saw an article where they were announcing to people to chill the fuck out about the clowns (not in those words). They basically said clown robbing a bank please call us, clown freaking you out, relax.

    1. A lot of cops are chill. Not everyone is a maniac.

      1. If only they weren’t so chill when another cop commits a felony right in front of them.

        1. That is a problem. It is however a rational response given the power of police unions and the ability of the maniacs to go after anyone who says anything. Easy for you and I to tell someone they need to be a hero.

          1. Unions did not create the Thin Blue Line? culture at the heart of the misconduct tolerance and “professional courtesy”

          2. Easy for you and I to tell someone they need to be a hero.

            When their entire tribal mythos is based on what heroes they are, yeah, it is pretty fucking easy.

            1. Here’s what happens when an actual hero dares to do it. But I’m sure John would just say all 200 of those ‘bad apples’ from 25 different jurisdictions were just pressured by their unions to do what was “rational” under the circumstances.

              1. All of those 200 “heroes” should be incarcerated for life, with the entirety of their pensions forfeited. The life in prison gig is not cruel and unusual given their positions.

            2. Bing. Excellent response.

  9. I braced for any comment he might have?but he nodded approvingly and then told me to enjoy it while it lasts because his daughter is starting college today.

    And then he hit on her, right?

    1. Ah, I should have known I wouldn’t be the first to figure this out.

  10. So what is the point of the illustration, the pic of the two criminals riding a bike on the sidewalk and a scooter with no helmets, kneepads, elbow pads or bubble wrap? And where are these miscreants’ parents that should be making sure the little hoodlums don’t get out the door without supervision?

    1. Last time I was in Philly, I saw multiple toddlers wandering in the middle of the heavily travelled street while their mothers conversed with someone. The disregard for their own child’s safety was enlightening.

      1. Those weren’t toddlers. Those were fully grown guidos looking to pick fights.

        1. The highlight was when the local crazy wandered by, saw a half full bottle of YooHoo that had been out in the July heat for who knows how long, picked it up and drank it.

          He then took the empty to his 84 Ford minivan with its shocks crushed by the weight of what I assume were thousands of empty YooHoo bottles.

  11. the pic of the two criminals riding a bike on the sidewalk and a scooter with no helmets,

    In the hospital biz, we call them “organ donors”.

  12. The cop was hitting on a potential stay at home mom, looking for a quick jump.

  13. This would have been a better April Fool’s thing than the goddamned promoted comment shit.

  14. Then the kid got kidnapped and raped. The bears ate all the porridge. And they all lived happily ever after.

    Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

  15. It’s a sad state of affairs when cops are praised for acting the way normal people act.

    1. it is. i also think that you see a lot more intentional good acts by officers for the sole reason of public relations. you take what you can get, certainly, but i didn’t see this much altruism 5 years ago.

  16. OT: How in the world did Reason miss this? Too busy focusing on cops, I suppose.

    Libertarian Herman Mashaba elected mayor of Johannesburg

    Herman Mashaba is a millionaire tycoon, an ideological libertarian and self-proclaimed “capitalist crusader” who lectures his listeners about the evils of big government and minimum wage.

    He is also, shockingly, the newly elected mayor of South Africa’s biggest city. That’s a revolutionary phenomenon in a nation dominated for 22 years by a left-wing ruling party, whose cabinet ministers tend to be communists and union leaders.

    Also: Jo’burg’s New Libertarian Mayor Offers An Example To All Politicians

    1. “communists and union leaders.”

      But you repeat yourself…

    2. The fuck, Nwabudike Morgan is real?

    3. I’d highly rec the doc Poverty, Inc.. A great film about what government/UN?NGOs are doing to the third world.

    4. Right on! A good story for a change. Nice find Papaya.

    5. I was always more of a Prokhor Zakharov guy, m’self.

  17. Who’s up for more derp from David Grossman? I know I am!

    1. The real pants-shitting begins around the 7 min mark.

  18. after that, the officer was so ashamed of what he did that he stopped and frisked the first unsuspecting minority he could find.

  19. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

    Clearly a threat. Where’s our favorite prosecutor?

  20. I can see why cops like Grossman. He calls them warriors, paladins, and knights who are desperately needed to fend off barbarians during the new dark ages brought upon us by kids brainwashed by violent video games.

    What. an. ass.

    1. And when they understand the difference between barbarians and paladins, we can talk.

      As it is, though, they seem to think a paladin is a barbarian in a blue uniform.

    2. Wait is the Grossman that same Grossman from fucking 2000? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I thought he went into obscurity same time as Jack Thompson.

      1. Pretty sure it’s a different guy. I think the one that PA is referencing in that comic is the game designer, not the cop fellator.

        1. Although, reading through the cop fellator’s bio on wiki, maybe not…

          1. Yeah it’s the same turd, guy who wrote “On Killing” and called video games of late 90s “murder simulators”.

            Since his retirement from the Army, Grossman has founded the Killology Research Group and educates law enforcement officers and soldiers how to improve outcomes in lethal encounters. He also speaks at civilian events on ways to reduce violence in society and deal with the aftermath of violent events such as school shootings.

    3. Here’s the thing: around 80% of cops who die after being shot by criminals did not shoot back. That mainly happens because they get ambushed or they chose not to shoot for some reason.

      This is probably one of the reasons why cops shoot more often than seems reasonable.

      1. “Look, honey, no offense, but I don’t think one is enough; maybe if you killed a few more people you might have a bit more…stamina?”

  21. Excerpt from a speech Hillary gave today:

    I mean, look what’s happening right now. In most of the country, the three largest health insurance companies in each state control 80 percent of the market. No wonder premiums are going up.

    As president, I will appoint tough, independent authorities to strengthen anti-trust enforcement and really scrutinize mergers and acquisitions, so the big don’t keep getting bigger and bigger.

    I want every business ? I want every business to compete and thrive. And then I also to want do something else. Let’s protect and empower workers who actually drive our economy.

    1. Everyone who works hard should be able to share in the rewards. Not just senior executives. So, we’re proposing new tax credits to encourage more companies to share profits on top of, not instead of, higher wages.
      And I will defend your right to organize. And we need?

      We need ? we need to support new organizing strategies for employees who too often have never had the benefit of collective bargaining, and we have to resist the assault on workers’ rights. Let’s say loudly and clearly, Right to Work is wrong for workers and wrong for America.

      Let’s also, my friends, let’s raise the minimum wage and support the 5 for 15 so you don’t live in poverty. Let’s defend overtime and go after wage theft. Let’s provide family leave that is paid and access to affordable, high-quality childcare. And of course, you know what I’m going to say, let’s finally guarantee equal pay for women.

      1. She’s despicable.

        Hate to say it but…

      2. “Let’s create more incentives for consolidation, and then punish them for thinking about consolidating.”

      3. It all just sounds so good.


      4. let’s raise the minimum wage and support the 5 for 15 so you don’t live in poverty.

        Raise the minimum wage…

        …the wage that affects ..what, 2-3% of wage earners? half of whom are middle-class teenagers?

        …but seriously hurts ~30% of small business owners?

        Yeah, thats totally going to “keep people out of poverty”. Your son will be overpaid for his 10-hour a week after school job, while your company’s labor expenses are going to rise by about 20% . WHOO HOO

        1. How about Obama doubling the minimum salary threshold for overtime?

          You know, I understand the point of raising these kinds of things if you’re going to have them in the first place. But this idea that doubling them all at once is somehow good economics…

          1. How about Obama doubling the minimum salary threshold for overtime?

            I’ve seen arguments that these things are now “closer to their historical averages” relative to where they’ve been in the past… and some of that is true (the min wage should probably be higher – but not so much, so fast)… but the thing that is absurd is that they’re doing it at a time when these “solutions” don’t address the actual “problem” – which is “hiring growth” more than the wage-growth of bottom-tier workers. And the net effect of raising them in the current weak-environment would seem to be to be negative to overall growth rather than neutral.

            If the economy were chugging along @ 3%, i’d be like, “Whatever, ok, raise the minimum wage, so what”. What strikes me as idiotic are the people nodding about this as though its actually going to *help* the real-economy in any way…. its the old “MORE LEECHES” attitude. Do “something”. Who cares if its completely unrelated to the economic issues that matter?

            1. The caveman question is “What is the value of the US dollar?” And I don’t think the answer is very good. Any question of GDP growth or inflation can’t be answered smartly without answering the stupid person’s question.

            2. … and some of that is true (the min wage should probably be higher – but not so much, so fast)

              But, you don’t need a law.

              Both the Walmart and Giant Eagle in my OH ($8.10 min wage) town will offer any uneducated worthless pinhead that walks in the door $9.00/hr to work there- even if they know he’s a crackhead that won’t be back after getting his first paycheck. Target offers $10/hr (but you do have to occasionally show up on time). The Fed-Ex depot offers $13.50/hr to start (show up on time, lift 30 lbs., and be somewhat able to use a computer- so I guess Hillary couldn’t qualify).

              In all these jobs, if you show any amount of initiative or ability- you’ll get at least another $1-$2/hr in raises the first year.

          2. Yeah, I’d be mostly unoffended by upping the min wage to $9 to keep up with inflation even if I disagree with having one on principle. But it’s getting to where government giveaways are growing so fast that people are totally blas? about any giveaway that actually passes the sanity check. If you want to be a man of the people, you’ve got to double their free shit, not just bump it by the dumb old inflation rate!

    2. “The only thing that should be allowed to get bigger is government!”

    3. “I want every business to compete and thrive.”

      That has to be the lie of the century.

      1. Compete (for my attention with money) and thrive (under my watchful protection once they’ve paid me off.)

    4. In most of the country, the three largest health insurance companies in each state control 80 percent of the market. No wonder premiums are going up.

      are you fucking kidding me?

      You have to think… that the 90 out of 100 who nod at that and go, “Well, that sounds like a bad thing!” were already going to vote for Hillary no matter what she @#()*$@ said.

      But that the 10 or so who go… ”…wait a second.. but… are you seriously pretending the ACA didn’t *cause* insurers dropping out of markets all over the country?”…. may decide to actually stay home rather than keep voting for someone that fucking mendacious.

      I mean, you have to believe there’s a few people who actually maybe ‘read the paper’, or work in the industry, and go, “that’s some bullshit right there”.

      I don’t think they’re going to run out and vote for gay jay, but shit like that has to be a little galling, even for democrats.

    1. Even CTR has blind spots.

  22. Ouch.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio?Being a field organizer for Hillary Clinton at The Ohio State University means being rejected a lot.

    Tyler Hoisington, 24, is one of four full-time, paid staffers focused on registering new voters on the campus of this battleground state’s flagship university, which has 65,000 students. Over more than two hours yesterday, he knocked on every door on both sides of four city blocks, including a few multi-level apartment buildings. Despite his best efforts, he could not get a single person to either register to vote or sign a card committing to support the Democratic nominee for president.

    1. Let us listen to a mournful tune as we contemplate that guy’s plight.

  23. Saw my first Hillary yard sign today. This is a few days after seeing my first Hillary bumper sticker. There is no enthusiasm for any candidate around here. We might see a record low turnout.

    1. I’ve actually seen a couple Libertarian signs. One was for GJ, the other simply said something like “Libertarian 2016 – All the other choices suck.”

      1. In SF, I still haven’t seen one Clinton bumper sticker. Not a one.

        1. I have seen two window signs and maybe one bumper sticker. In Silicon Valley a month ago, Hillary stickers seemed slightly more common, but still scarce compared to Obama flair in 2008 and even 2012.

          I’ve read of merchandise dealers reporting 5:1, even 20:1 sales difference, Trump:Hillary. And the differences in rallies is remarkable. Trump fills stadiums, Hillary can’t fill a school gym even when they let the kids out of class.

          To me, these things lend a lot of credence to the idea that the polls are skewed in Hillary’s favor. Scott Adams’ predictions of a blowout for Trump are still looking good.

          1. The same thing was going on with Romney.

            He filled stadiums while Obama couldn’t fill high school gyms.

            1. Just more proof that the elections are rigged. Cuck.

            2. I don’t remember a Romney/Obama disparity as anything like the Trump/Hillary disparity. Yes, Romney had some big rallies, but did Obama repeatedly fail to fill school gyms?


    So, wikileaks is doing another document dump about Hillary at 3 am eastern time tomorrow morning. Let the speculation about what begin.

    1. It’ll be her hair appointment emails, according to her staff, including the one regarding seating arrangements for donors at State affairs.
      Just normal chit-chat.

      1. Doubtful. Assange doesn’t seem to ever bluff.

        1. It’ll be e-mails day after day of: “Huma, I need my SPECIAL MASSAGE now!

          1. Okay, that is just gross.

            1. If you want grosser-maybe there’s an e-mail confirming her Brazilian wax appointment…

          2. I’ll be in my bunker

            1. There’s actually two massages. The Number One, which is a standard vaginal/clitoral digital massage that helps calm the candidate. And the #2 which is a lengthy palpation of her lower abdomen while she is seated on the toilet that helps her move her bowels.

              When time is short and the candidate is cranky both might be done at the same time. This is called The Third Way.

              1. I said I’ll be in my BUNKER!!!

        2. “Doubtful. Assange doesn’t seem to ever bluff.”
          Your sarc meter needs an upgrade; note that I posted that’s what her STAFF will claim.

          1. That thing never works.

    1. This is actually hilarious because of the “What a racist!” comments on twitter.

      1. How do we know that this wasn’t an example of “lying for justice”? He was paid by some prog group to pull off the stunt of impersonating a Trumpkin…

        1. He was arrested, and there is a mug shot. I hope he got paid well.

    2. So much for 8A in Chi-town

      Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted

      Do they fear the gorilla is going to flee to his jungle home in the Congo?

  25. I walked to school by myself beginning in kindergarten-the school was at the bottom of my street and this was 1976/77. Kids were also allowed to go home for lunch then and return to school, because lots of moms were still of the stay-at-home variety and not necessarily by choice. Fast forward 40 years and I’m having a discussion with my wife about whether or not 3rd grade is too early to let our son walk two blocks to his elementary school by himself. He is in 1st grade now and we live in a super safe neighborhood where both parents often walk 5th graders to school, so I know there would be lots of “eyes on the street” – I also know that this means we would probably have the cops at our house before he even gets to school because another parent or passerby would see him walking by himself and call 911.

    Another thing I have noticed is that parents will give their kids multiple hugs and kisses before they go into the school building, like they may never see their child again. Perhaps this is the post Sandy Hook/Columbine world we live in but it seems a little excessive-I send my son off with little more than a pat on the shoulder and he is often in too much of a hurry for even that.

    1. I feel like I was pretty sheltered. But I was riding my bike to school as a 5th grader. We had an adult providing crossing assistance across the “main” road to the elementary school, and I think it was not questioned if 5 year olds showed up. These stories where 12 year olds can’t be alone infuriate me. The worst transgression I can remember doing was not calling home at 10 when I was at my friends’ house after sunset, even though I was home within like an hour of sunset. I guess my parents didn’t deserve to keep me because of that. I broke the rules, not my parents. But they must have been terrible.

      1. I was pretty sheltered too I thought, but once I learned to ride a bike without training wheels nobody ever questioned whether or not it was appropriate for me to go someplace in our town by myself, I remember riding to the store to buy stuff for my mom by the time I was 7 or 8. The only advice I ever got was “look both ways before crossing the street”, “always carry a dime to call home if you need to” (those were the days!), and “if anyone starts bothering you, go find a policeman.” Different time and objectively a lot more dangerous than it is today, but somehow I survived.

        1. objectively a lot more dangerous than it is today

          I guess that depends. The dying rust-belt city I grew up in is way more dangerous today than ever. I can’t imagine a child gallivanting around town today the way I did in the eighties.

          1. It might depend. My childhood neighborhood actually has more break-ins than it used to, but it’s definitely more high-class than it used to be. So, by crime stats, it’s probably more dangerous than it used to be, but I’d definitely prefer to grow up there than in my childhood(but, I would probably have a nanny who tracks me every hour). This would be a Sun Belt metro area, but not one that is known for a sophisticated economy.

    2. Old fart, 7′ snow drifts, up hill each way, you know.
      But I checked Bing maps recently; school was ~5/8 mile from home, crossing (lemme look again) 6 side streets. Older brother and I got bus fare for both directions in the morning and took the bus in the morning (didn’t have time to walk), but we sure walked home after school. That bus fare bought a candy bar!
      I was in Kindergarten.

      1. My grandfather went to school with MC Escher.

        For Grandpa, the walk really was uphill both ways.

    3. I walked half a mile to the bus stop from 4th grade onward. School was another ~4 miles uphill, so I wasn’t going to be walking all the way to school. 🙂

    4. I was walked to school only one time- my 1st day of Kindergarten- and it was more for mom than me.

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