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School Orders Teen to Take Psych Evaluation After He Made an Anti Gun Control Video

New Jersey high schooler says it was for an assignment.


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A high school student who made an anti-gun-control video for class has been ordered to undergo a 5-hour psychiatric evaluation.

Frank Harvey, a senior at Manville High School in New Jersey, says he did the project for a college readiness class last year. As he told New Jersey News 12, "It was assigned by the teacher." The teacher now says she cannot recall assigning it. The video featured news stories of people who had used guns to fend off home invasions, and some political cartoons that lampooned gun control.

When it was found on a thumb drive he left in the school library, the school summoned the police, who questioned Harvey and declined to arrest him.

But that didn't stop the school district from ordering the psych evaluation. Hearvey is not allowed back in school until he takes it.

Harvey is not going back. As the young man told the news station, "I've never been a violent person. I've never had detention in my life."

His mother added, "I am not taking him for a psychological evaluation because this teacher is lying and won't own up to what she did."

Instead, Harvey will take his GED.

Let's hope he doesn't have to study anything about freedom of speech. Because he'll be sorely confused.

The district claims Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to comment, citing privacy laws.

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  1. The district claims Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to comment, citing privacy laws.

    Not exactly: the district did comment that Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to support its claim, citing privacy laws.

    1. ^This. Do they not realize how blatantly dishonest they are? Or are they just used to people uncritically buying their bullshit.

      1. I think perhaps both. After years of people uncritically buying your bullshit wouldn’t you start believing in it too?

  2. His mother added, “I am not taking him for a psychological evaluation because this teacher is lying and won’t own up to what she did.”

    Instead, Harvey will take his GED.

    This is the correct response. The only way to win is not to play the game.

    1. I’m a bit surprised and somewhat heartened by this outcome. It’s the first time I recall seeing a parent (and student) giving the middle finger to the school system instead of buckling and complying.

      1. In a reasonable system of higher education, his stance would be a bonus on a college application (assuming he is going that route). Alas…

        1. We need our own university. Seriously.

          1. I have a colleague at Hillsdale. That seems to be as close as there currently is. If I thought I still wanted to teach I’d look at it closely (then again, Michigan…). But it’s tough because they don’t accept government grants – I respect that stance, and the college does have a research support fund, but it makes life difficult given the current funding structure for basic research.

            1. But let me put it this way: The only person who has gotten my “Hayek is my Homeboy” t-shirt is an undergrad at Hillsdale.

              1. I dread what she had to do to find herself in your kitchen one morning, making coffee, wearing nothing but that shirt.

      2. They are not going far enough. The proper response is to leave new Jersey as soon as possible and never go back.

        1. ^^ This for many, many reasons beyond the obvious.

      3. I personally wouldn’t even go for the GED. The entire school system is corrupt, inefficient, fails to truly educate people, and should not be validated by anyone. Homeschooling, self-education (really what you should be doing your entire life anyway), and perhaps private schools are solutions people could try, at least when they are allowed by the almighty government.

        It makes no sense that, in the 21st century, so many people still seem to believe that you can only be educated in schools, colleges, and universities. There are so many subjects for which that is simply not true that it’s laughable. People have access to more information than ever, and more ways to weed out bad sources of information.

        I can’t wait for the scam that is our school system to die a miserable death.

  3. Pathologizing the political: Why Congress was smart to prevent the cdc from regulating guns as a ‘public health’ issue

    1. You know who else pathologized the political?

      1. APA DSM-V?

      2. Michael Savage?

      3. People who suffer from sluggish schizophrenia?

        1. huh. I’d never heard of that before

          It was developed in the 1960s by Soviet psychiatrist Andrei Snezhnevsky and his colleagues,[3][4] and was used exclusively in the USSR and several Eastern Bloc countries, until the fall of Communism starting in 1989.[5] The diagnosis has long been discredited because of its scientific inadequacy and its use as a means of confining dissenters.[6] It has never been used or recognized outside of Soviet Russia,[7] or by international organizations such as the World Health Organization.[8] It is considered a prime example of the political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union.

          that aside, i DO think there are diagnoses of shizophrenia which don’t require a “break”, which is the most classic form. some people might begin demonstrating symptoms, but rather than quickly building to a climax, they just sort of remain on low-boil for many years and gradually become either more or less pronounced.

          I’m personally a believer in a very ‘strong’ definition of schizophrenia, where you either have it or you don’t, and am leery about people who talk about “Scizhophrenic ‘spectrum’ disorder”, where they can pick and choose symptoms a la carte.

          But i do believe there’s at least more than 1 version of it; like “acute” and “chronic” (although i don’t think that’s exactly right either)

      4. Bizarro Thomas Szasz?

      5. It’s a very Soviet thing to do.

  4. Democratic People’s Republic of New Jersey.

  5. The teacher now says she cannot recall assigning it.

    Piece. Of. Sub-Human. Garbage.

    1. I suspect the teacher probably assigned a project to make a video about a current political issue or current events, expecting to get the same boilerplate proggie horseshit she’s been spewing out all year parroted back at her. When it didn’t work out that way, she lied in order to get the non-proggie budding psychopath kicked out of school.

      1. RTFA.

        Harvey, then a junior at Manville High School, decided to pick the topic of anti-gun control, he said. He put together an impressive video presentation that earned him an “A” on the project, he said.

        “There were other students who did presentations for and against gun control. To my knowledge, none of them got suspended or got kicked out of school.”

        Add to that the fact that if the teacher is lying, every student in the class would be able to call her out on it. (The only source for the teacher “not recalling” the assignment is the kid who got sent to psych eval)

        God you are a credulous bunch.

        1. I guess you have a source where someone actually bothered to track down and check with other students? Otherwise you have no better basis for your conjecture.

        2. You’re the credulous one. The teacher may have said “everyone make a video on a topic. when you think you have a topic, bring it to me for approval”. The teacher may have said in front of the class “psychoteen, you make a video about how guns are bad” and then later after class he said “hey teach, can i do a video about how guns are good instead” and teach said sure.

          If you can’t imagine any way this might have happened without corroboration from “every student in the class” then you simply aren’t trying.

          Teachers you thought you loved WILL throw you under the schoolbus when things like this happen, I can attest to this personally. Since you’re too young to meet them at a pub and discuss it like grownups, the only way you have to communicate is by noting their sorrowful eyes every single time they look at you between when the incident happens and when you leave that school.

    2. Yup.

  6. I have no idea what actually happened here.

    1. The police report will probably shed light on who is being more truthful.

  7. 12 years of public school education indoctrination and still pro 2A? Clearly a sociopath /sarc

  8. (maybe the teen is now actually pro-gun after this experience)

  9. It was assigned by the teacher.” The teacher now says she cannot recall assigning it

    That should be pretty easy to check, shouldn’t it? Not that it matters for the kid.

    1. I’d guess that the teacher assigned some sort of political or persuasive essay project, the student was doing this and chose the subject in response to it, and now the teacher is relying on some plausible deniability crap that they didn’t assign that particular /subject/ for the project or something like that.

    2. What student would do a school task without being assigned to do it in the first place?

      1. Sweet jeebus I didn’t even think of this!

        That teacher is totally lying.

  10. Ah, the classic Soviet tool of enforcement – declaring doubleplusungood opinions to be the product of mental illness.

  11. The teacher now says she cannot recall assigning it

    Speaking of subhuman garbage…

    The most insufferable prog at work is touting that the SC school shooter was homeschooled and that obviously had something to do with his murderous rampage.

    1. Nothing makes a prog’s panties more moist than shootings committed by their least favorite social groups.

    2. Seriously, is that the route they want to go down? Making a table of home- vs public-schooled should be straightforward exercise with results they wouldn’t like (my guess).

      1. Well, only crazy people would want to avoid public schools, so you have crazy people raising their kids to be crazy and crazy people and gun people are the same people, so they (you know… THEY) are rasing their kids to be murderers.

        1. Sorry, dropped a phrase there – a table of home- vs public-schooled mass killers.

          As I said, I’m willing to bet vast majority of school shootings are not by homeschooled kids.

          1. On the other hand the vast majority of people are schooled publicly or privately, and the smaller sample size of home school kids is more prone to outlier effects.

    3. The most insufferable prog at work is touting that the SC school shooter was homeschooled and that obviously had something to do with his murderous rampage.


      And Hitler was a vegetarian.

  12. Even if the teacher didn’t assign it, there is no reason (based on what is reported here) for the school district to require a psych examination.

    1. I think a psych evaluation of the teacher, at her own expense, is very much in order.

    2. That was my thought. Even if the student produced the video on his own, that doesn’t mean he’s a psycho.

  13. Are there additional consequences for taking that mental health eval?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes in your school records. Good luck getting into college with a school ordered psych evaluation on your record.

    2. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes in your school records. Good luck getting into college with a school ordered psych evaluation on your record.

    3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes in your school records. Good luck getting into college with a school ordered psych evaluation on your record.

      1. You said it, man.

        1. Apparently the squirrelz agreed.

      2. Your mind has been taken over by squirrels. You need to undergo a psych evaluation before you can again post on Reason.

      3. If the school mentions it at all on his transcripts the dude will be getting his higher education covered at taxpayer expense.

        1. This here. This is what the privacy laws really prohibit. Multiple privacy laws, in fact.

        2. HIgher ed and counseling (thank you ADA).

  14. Notice the teacher isnt denying assigning yet. She just cant recall.

    That makes if very clear who is lying. Is she flat out denied it and said she assigned Y instead, it might be a tossup.

    1. Right. Where is the syllabus? Am I suppose to believe she had no plan for the year?

      1. Well it is a public school, maybe she just winged it like Trump at the debates.

      2. ” Where is the syllabus?”

        For a High School class?

        They don’t really do that.

        1. Pretty sure they do, actually. There is absolutely a “lesson plan”, syllabus, something.

          And, of course, there’s all the other students, who would know if this assignment was made.

          Not hard to get to the bottom of.

          1. They wouldn’t have every assignment in the class listed on a syllabus, even for a college course. It’s just which topics will be covered and how the grades are computed.

        2. Also online records of assignments requested, turned in and grades. It’s how we track my son’s work, as he has a tendency to let things slide.

    2. Valeris: I do not remember.
      Spock: A lie?
      Valeris: A choice.

    3. The only source for the teacher saying she couldn’t recall is the student himself.

      Literally every “fact” in this story comes from the kid who was ordered to take a psych eval. And his story makes no sense. So yeah, it is clear who’s lying.

      1. Sure, that’s why the teacher said she “couldn’t recall” rather than an actual denial. And the kid was ordered to take a psych eval because he held an opinion contrary to the politically-approved opinion. Yet you actually defend this shit? Get the thorny cock of state authority out of your mouth.

      2. Even if the kid is lying about it being an assignment, is it valid to order someone to get a psych eval before they can complete school when their only crime was holding a different political opinion? Seriously the family could sue on first amendment grounds, and grounds that the school is willfully failing at its charge to educate chidren due to politics

  15. And people thought Nikki was the worst….fuck educrats.

    1. Don’t speak the name. You’ll wake the kraken.

      1. Unfortunately I am out of Kraken rum, thanks for reminding me of my sad loss.

      2. I for one wish Nikki would start posting here again.

        1. What happened/when did she leave?

          1. The same time that Epi did. Ahem.

        2. Now I have to use a wish to cancel out your wish, you bastard wish-waster.

  16. Public school sure taught me plenty.

    I cherish my memory of the day a guidance counselor explained to me I wasn’t college material.

    1. The year after i graduated and went off to the college my guidance counselor told me not to even bother applying to, she got fired for smoking pot in the bathroom.

      1. she got fired for smoking pot in the bathroom

        So that’s how you get fired from a pubsec job.

    2. I cherish my memory of the day a guidance counselor explained to me I wasn’t college material.

      I once had a teacher tell me to my face that I wouldn’t amount to anything. My proudest moment was going back there 5 years later with a college diploma in hand that said “Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering” and shoving it in her stupid face. It also helped that I had a job right out of college that started at a higher salary than she was making after ~30 years being a teacher.

      Man, that felt good.

      1. I’ll never understand why lowering yourself to take a shit on some nobody feels good.

          1. A few people my age were fake concerned when I went to trade school. When I came back home I caught up with a few, and had a bit of a smirk when their students debt and lack of a job in the field came up.

        1. I’ll never understand why some people hold out not standing up for themselves as some kind of virtue.

      2. On the other hand, having met Aerospace engineers and worked with them… I can see where she was coming from.

        1. Spoken like a Civil Engineer. /sarc

      3. She wasn’t in Roanoke County, VA schools was she? *l* Either way – good on you! Striking a blow for underachieving successes everywhere! (We can slow down for her if she’s reading this… but you get it & that’s all that matters.)

  17. Kinda curious as to what side of the story we are missing here, as according to the district Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened.

    Normally proggies admit to their own malfeasance so this is surprising.

    1. They’ll tell you he’s lying while telling you they can’t tell you anything.

      If it wasn’t for doublespeak the left would have nothing to say at all.

    2. You know how when the police think that body cam/dash cam video will support their side of a case, they release it immediately, but when they think it will hurt them, they make vague statements about the media/family statements being incorrect but they can’t release their side citing an “ongoing investigation”?

      It’s like that.

  18. Not to be a debbie downer but WTF did the kid expect?

    1. Agreed, he fucked up and trusted them.

      Lesson learned.

  19. Holy crap, how did I not notice this in previous news stories?

    According to the charges, Cetin walked into the Macy’s store armed with a Ruger 10-22 .22-caliber rifle equipped with an aftermarket 25-round magazine, which police recovered at the scene. The standard magazine for the gun holds 10 rounds.

    1. So the weapon has gone from an ‘assault rifle’ to a ‘hunting rifle’ to a .22 rifle.

      Which becomes super dangerous with an ‘aftermarket’ magazine.

      1. Yeah, exactly. I seem to recall the local NPR saying it was some kind of a Ruger hunting rifle which I assumed was a mini-14 or some such thing.

      2. Doesn’t the 10-22 have a wooden stock? That makes it safe.

        1. Some do, mine does in fact. They do have scary synthetic ones, and you can get (with aftermarket parts) ones that look suspiciously ARish.

          1. I vastly prefer the aesthetics of a wood stock to, well, pretty much anything else.

    2. I enjoy referring to a 10-22 as “the rifle that kids learn to shoot with”** when talking guns with my non-American friends. That combination of words causes interesting reactions.

      ** I actually learned to shoot (poorly) with some bolt action .22 in Boy Scouts

      1. Just picked up a 22 bolt to teach my nephews

      2. Probably the same model winchester (single action, single shot) bolt I learned on.

    3. And this story is still incorrect:

      Would the Cascade Mall gun fall under proposed weapons ban?

      Editor’s note: This story has been updated. The gun with the 25-round magazine police said the Cascade Mall shooting suspect used would be banned under the Washington Attorney General’s proposed legislation.

      So they corrected the story to say it MIGHT be banned if an attorney general is able to get his lone-wolf proposal through the legislature.

      And this:

      Ferguson’s proposed legislation has two key elements: A ban on semiautomatic weapons with military-style features that render them more easily concealable or more deadly; and a limit on magazine capacity ? currently unlimited under Washington law ? to a maximum of 10 rounds of ammunition.
      It would not ban the basic Ruger 10/22. However, the version of the Ruger 10/22 that police said Cetin used in Cascade Mall shooting would be banned because it had a 25-round capacity.

      No, even Ferguson’s proposed legislation wouldn’t ban the 10/22, only the magazine itself, and possibly not even then, because I don’t know if Ferguson’s proposed legislation has any grandfathering language.…../451062731

      1. That was my thought. If the mag is banned, that doesn’t mean the whole gun is banned.

      2. First of all, “more easily concealable” should be “easier to conceal”. There, there’s your Nikki for the day.

        Second, I would love to hear someone explain what it means to make a weapon “more deadly”. Because it seems to me like the #1 thing you could do to make a weapon *deadlier* (seriously, where do these people learn to write?) is to improve your aim. Which, ironically, is a conceivable outcome of the “gun licenses” that progressives seem to think might reduce mass shootings.

        1. When the press says “more deadly” they mean “more effective”. And more effective needs to be explained that, with more rounds, you get more “chances” to fire at more targets without a reload.

          High cap magazines DO serve a purpose which is why we and the police want them.

          1. Obviously they never played fallout

      3. The version used in that shooting is not a different version. The 25 round magazine uses the same loading well as the 10 rounder.

        All he did was buy a plastic aftermarket removable mag and replace the OEM 10 round magazine with it. Its not like the vanilla rifle has a fixed magazine.

        And, as we’ve seen, its not all that hard to kill 5 people with a .22LR rifle – even if he had the ‘tactical’ version, with the pistol grip and the thing that goes up and the laser sight and the tactical flashlight and bayonet, he wouldn’t have been any more capable than with the basic rifle version.

        1. All the aftermarket 10-22 mags I’ve tried have sucked to high heaven.

          1. Have you tried the BX-25 made by Ruger? Those work well.

            Butler Creek mags are shit though.

    4. You are a sad, sad, little terrorist if, in America, the best you can come up with for your rampage is trying to buy a handgun immediately prior (WTF!) and having to fall back on a .22LR.

      10-22’s a good and .22LR can certainly kill but fuck man – you can get an SKS and a brick or 7.62 WP for that price. And probably from your local pawn shop instead of ‘Big 5’.

      Its even funnier – 5 minutes on Facebook probably could have found a local seller who would have done the deal for cash right then and there. Probably would have come and met him at the mall too.

      1. Its even funnier – 5 minutes on Facebook probably could have found a local seller who would have done the deal for cash right then and there. Probably would have come and met him at the mall too.

        that’s a felony in this state now.

        1. Somehow, I do not think that would stop him. Or most private sellers.

  20. A few links into the rabbit hole, here’s the full comment from the superintendent:

    Manville school superintendent Anne Facendo said the district is unable to respond because of federal and state student privacy laws and feels that Harvey and his mother are benefiting by putting out a one-sided account of what happened.

    “We believe the student’s family is aware of this, and are taking advantage of those laws to publicize a blatantly false, one-sided account of what occurred,” Facendo said in a statement. “Under their version of events, the student was given a disciplinary suspension for merely completing a school project assigned by his teacher that expressed an unpopular viewpoint, then was required to disenroll from the district.

    “These claims are false, and we are confident that the evidence will support the district’s position. The district is especially disheartened at the unfair personal attacks leveled by the family at our dedicated staff, who reacted to the actual events with professionalism and concern for the welfare of this student and others in the school community. We have nothing more to say on the matter at this time, but could not let the family’s vicious personal attacks go unanswered.”

    1. The district also sicced Child Services on them. Classy.

      1. The district also sicced Child Services on them.

        Fuck every teacher and school administrator up the ass with a chainsaw and then run the remains through a woodchipper.

    2. The only question is whether the thumb drive had any actual threats or if it only contained pro-gun arguments. If it’s the former, the outcome depends on what was actually on there. If it’s the latter, which I suspect it is, I don’t care if it was assigned or not, I don’t care about anything else, the school has no business punishing him.

      1. Considering the local cops didn’t do anything, I’d suspect there was nothing that could even remotely be considered an actual threat.

      2. Right. Even if it’s not a project assigned by school, ithe might just be an argument in defense of the 2a.
        I used to fill out standardized tests with am essay on why they are not helpful, and downright backwards to the stated goal.

    3. It’s vindictive assholes all the way up, I guess.

    4. The federal privacy laws, in a nutshell, prevent schools from disclosing anything from the “educational record”.

      If there is anything in this kid’s file that says “Well, here’s what he claims, and he’s wrong”, she violated the privacy laws just by saying he’s wrong.

      If I were this family, I’d demand to see his entire record, and if there’s anything in it along those lines, I’d sue.

    5. The kid who I assume is 18 should say “I’ll sign any waiver you want to allow you to talk about it”.

      1. No way he will, because he’s probably lying.

        Just like Achmed the Clock Making Boy and his family refused to sign such a waiver.

        1. And you are basing your opinion on what facts, exactly? Because state authorities would never lie?

  21. “Notice the teacher isnt denying assigning yet. She just cant recall.” I agree, she is a liar the question I have is who cares, if she assigned it. I can only assume she lied because SHE was afraid of the consequences of assigning a doubleplus bad assignment. Can progworld recognise they have gone full fascist if they absolutely refuse to even engage any discussion…

  22. In other news the beer industry supports rape culture

    Watch and weep at the stupidity.

    1. Why, it’s like we’re back in the 1920’s again with progressive feminists pushing for alcohol prohibition.

      1. They are modern day puritans, they ditched the religion but they kept the stupid rules.

        1. Stupid rules are a key part of religion. The only thing they ditched was the idea of a higher power than themselves.

    2. Women could, you know, just not drink. Then there’s no worry about being taken advantage of because of that ‘one beer’.

      1. Or if you are gonna drink to the point of stupidity, drink around people you trust.

        1. You fail to understand that in feminist catechism, there is no one you can trust

  23. Instead, Harvey will take his GED.

    Well, I guess that means that he wasn’t intending to join the military or go to anything other than the local community college right after HS.

    1. Eh, a college shouldn’t care either way. A trade school would welcome him with open arms.

      1. 4 year colleges/universities will care – with a GED it can be hard to get admitted to (non-state) universities without having spent 2 years a CC and getting your Associate’s first.

        Not necessarily a huge problem – doing that can cost a fraction of what the uni would charge for it.

        Trade schools will take him – but generally they’ll take anyone who can pay.

        1. Very true. Either way sounds like he’s made a good economic choice.

    2. My Niece just joined the army with just a GED

      1. And she likely had to get a difficult to acquire waiver to do so. AF won’t even talk to you. Even Navy and Marines are reluctant to take GED’s.

        Which sucks because, IMO, all that policy does is help maintain state control of education and, frankly IMO, it shows a hell of a lot more get-up-and-go, initiative, and willingness to work to get your GED than to coast through HS and roll out with a C and a diploma.

        its not like half of the PS graduates can’t read or anything like that.

  24. The district claims Harvey is mischaracterizing what happened, but declined to comment, citing privacy laws.

    Those laws are there to protect the student’s privacy. Meaning, he can waive them, and dare the school to bring it on.

  25. Public school and the DMV are a few of the biggest causes of my political thought.

  26. RE: School Orders Teen to Take Psych Evaluation After He Made an Anti Gun Control Video
    New Jersey high schooler says it was for an assignment.

    This only makes sense.
    After all, if you’re against gun control, you must be crazy.

    1. Common sense gun control*

  27. I don’t know about other states but in California if you are ordered to take a psych evaluation you can’t get a gun for “x” years although I think a judge has to order it.

  28. Stupid kid. Encrypt your thumb drives people!

    1. This too… what happened to lost and found? Why are people rummaging through his thumb drive, doesn’t that violate some sort of privacy?

  29. A high school student who made an anti-gun-control video for class has been ordered to undergo a 5-hour psychiatric evaluation

    The people that ordered this and the people at the school that freaked out need to be put in straight jackets.

  30. Nothing about this kid’s story makes any sense.

    How would the teacher be able to conceal giving the assignment, which the kid said was given to the entire college prep class? Are the other kids in the class also part of this conspiracy?

    He says he got an “A” for the project, and that other kids in the class also did pro-gun presentations. That hardly lines up with being considered for arrest and expelled for having a thumb drive found that contained the same presentation he supposedly showed his entire class a few days before.

    And just like in the case of Achmed the Boy Genius who made a box with wires and called it a clock, the school can’t put out their side of the story due to privacy laws.

    Seems more likely that Reason is once again being either credulous or dishonest in uncritically accepting one side of the story because it lines up with their ideology.

    1. Jesus Christ, corpsefucker, do you work for the fucking school district? What the fuck is wrong with you?

    2. The kid could be lying, but given the number stories on HnR involving petty tyrants running our public schools, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  31. tar and feathers

  32. Are there really school administrations / teachers this f*cking stupid? Really?

    Stupid crap like this is WHY the anti-gun idiots are afraid of gun owners… they’re worried about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I hope this kid homeschools his way into MIT… *eff* the idiots in that school district.

    1. To answer your question. Most of them. My very own sister got fired in Oregon after twelve years of being a teacher there. A nearly impossible task. Then fired again at a little private school which continued to pay her full year just to make he go away faster. After both firings she told me she had never met a bad teacher. Every day in the mirror union loving slaver.

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