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Radical Libertarians Now Have a (Write-In) Choice for President

Darryl Perry, who pulled 6 percent in the L.P. nomination race, announces he's an official write-in candidate in many states for Libertarians bothered by Gary Johnson's departures from orthodoxy


While the rest of the world scoffs at Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson's inability to deliver foreign policy trivia on command, a radical wing within the Party itself is more bothered by his perceived departures from libertarian orthodoxy.

Darryl Perry for President

A leading member of that wing, Darryl Perry of New Hampshire, represented that viewpoint in the race for the Party's nomination that Johnson won (on the second ballot).

Perry announced today he is an official write-in candidate for president in various states whose laws allow for it in a meaningful way, to give truer Libertarians who still want to vote a better choice.

From his press release, which starts by saying that though he knew all along the official Johnson/Weld was not something he could support, he initially felt too drained to keep fighting after the convention.

But now:

Due to the numerous instances of the Libertarian Party Presidential ticket running in opposition to the LP Platform, including supporting limitations of the 2nd Amendment rights of people on secret lists, new forms of taxation, and statements against freedom of association, Perry decided to file declarations of intent to be a write-in candidate in a handful of states where a slate of electors is not required. The laws in another eight states claim all write-in votes are valid.

Meaning that on November 8, 2016, voters in 17 states (AL, AK, DE, IA, ID, KS, MT, NE, NH, NJ, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, WV, WY) plus DC, will have the ability to cast a vote – albeit a write-in – for an actual libertarian, Darryl W. Perry. This means Perry potentially has access to 114 Electoral College votes.

Perry says he will do no fundraising or spending toward this goal.

"I do not make this decision lightly, however I have the ability to not let another election cycle go by without a philosophical libertarian candidate in the general election," he says in the release.

My reporting on Perry's presentation at the final L.P. presidential candidate debate at the Party's Orlando national convention, right before the vote. Perry got 6.8 percent of the delegates' votes on the first ballot, then 5.6 on the second one that pushed Johnson over the top.

Perry's fiery speech at the Orlando L.P. convention, in which he warns the Party they've just made a big mistake and would be compounding it by nominating William Weld as the vice president, which they went on to do (very narrowly, on a second ballot):

The Libertarian Party has seen some other splinter movements, including science fiction writer L. Neil Smith being put on the state ballot by the Arizona L.P. as its candidate rather than national candidate Harry Browne in 2000 and a cadre of movement radicals launching a "Boston Tea Party" that got its presidential candidate Charles Jay on three state ballots in 2008. On that Party's national committee was none other than Darryl Perry.

NEXT: Everyone's Making the Same Joke About Gary Johnson and Libertarians

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  1. Darryl Perry, a spoiler’s spoiler.

    1. A counter-protest vote or is it exponentially more protesty?

    2. Not really. The first derivative has to be positive, the vote share growing, for the multiplier to kick in and make the spoiler vote worth roughly 30 times its weight in passive social pressure votes. The Prohibitionist vote share decayed after the Volstead Act, and prohibitionists because they were the odor of dead cat on the Go-Pee until “some drugs” replaced the Demon Rum to become the vectors of Satanic Possession and elect Ike. The communist vote also tapered off after its main plank, the income tax, was adopted by the Democratic Party in a revival of looter Bryanism. Here the whole purpose of the looters was as good as accomplished. The communist bacteriophage had injected its DNA (income tax plank) into the Dem platform. The same will someday happen to the LP. Once the Kleptocracy has entirely rejected the initiation of force, our spoiler votes will be worth nothing.

      1. “Once the Kleptocracy has entirely rejected the initiation of force, our spoiler votes will be worth nothing.”
        Um. And during which millennium do you expect that event to take place?

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      1. Ruby Holland

        You are so helpful, spamming Libertarian sites with your garbage.

        Do you care that people detest what you are doing?

        Of course, not.

        You sent out millions of this spam.

        reason needs to weed this junk from comments.

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    1. The “1” among the exclamation marks adds a touch of authenticity.

    2. This* spells trouble for his chances of winning.

      *unlike SIV

  3. WTF is an “official” write-in candidate?

    1. I believe that it is a candidate who has filed the paperwork with the state board of elections so his votes will actually be counted, and electoral votes awarded as appropriate.

      1. Yup.

        If everybody writes in “John Smith” they don’t just go out to the nearest John Smith and award him all the electoral votes.

        1. If it actually worked that way it would be fucking awesome.

        2. I guess that actually makes sense. I just have a name that nobody else has so I’ve never thought about the potential for multiple people to claim that vote.

      2. A true libertarian would not bother registering with any state board of elections. Darryl Perry is just another statist masquerading as a lover of liberty and freedom. Fuck off, slaver.

        1. HA! Best troll of the comment thread.

        2. Oh, you said a bad word.

          How puerile.

  4. Ah, splitters! Now everything is made clear. Purge them first, then victory!

    Signed: The People’s Front of Judea

    1. The Judean Front for the People soundly rejects the idea and implores the People’s Front of Judea to join the one true representative of the collective, the Judean Front for the People if we are to overthrow the oppressive regime that suppresses us all.

  5. Now this is interesting. I may have to give this fellow a look, since despite GayJay being better than 100% of the main party candidates running, he’s left me fairly disappointed in a lot of ways.

    I expect my presidential candidate to be a caring lover, not a drug-addled selfish beast like GayWeld.

    1. Johnson is a Trump mole. His candidacy is designed to appeal to disaffected Democrats who can’t stomach Jill Stein.

      1. But Trump is a Clinton mole…its moles all the way down.

        1. How do you know that Clinton isn’t the Trump mole?

          1. Because she is the most qualified person eva to run for the office.

            Plus we have the added benefit of veejayjay.

            Obama said it so you know it’s true.

          2. Because she is the most qualified person eva to run for the office.

            Plus we have the added benefit of veejayjay.

            Obama said it so you know it’s true.

            1. And I said it twice.

              So there.

        2. “its moles all the way down.”
          or up

    2. I expect my presidential candidate to be a caring lover, not a drug-addled selfish beast like GayWeld.

      You could cast a write-in vote for Warty.

    3. I’d settle for a yellow dog able to read, understand, and call attention to the platform. Every time Gary steps in GO-Pee doodoo it’s because they’ve pulled him away from political platforms, individual rights and law (which they detest) into a game of Trivial Pursuit in the Teevee reruns category.

    4. I love Gary and will follow him to the end of theworld.

      The smartest, most Libertarian candidate in history of LP.

  6. RE: Radical Libertarians Now Have a (Write-In) Choice for President
    Darryl Perry, who pulled 6 percent in the L.P. nomination race, announces he’s an official write-in candidate in many states for Libertarians bothered by Gary Johnson’s departures from orthodoxy

    Good for Darryl Perry.
    I’ll put in a write-in vote for him.
    Johnson and Weld are nothing more than recycled republicans who are either too gutless or brainless to advanced the so-called radical wing of the LP that advocates peace, financial freedom and minimal governmentgovernment intrusion.
    The question remains is, why wasn’t Mr. Perry nominated for the LP ticket in the first place?

    1. Because he didn’t get enough votes. Duh.

      But I suspect the answer you’re looking for is that enough people went for name recognition and previous government experience, iow “electability,” over purity.

      1. The LP is always playing catch up from the last election. Badnarik had no name-recognition, so they went with Barr; Barr was too much of a Republication, so they went with Johnson; Johnson isn’t hard-line enough, so next time will be a firebreather who wants to get rid of stoplights on his first day of office.

        The LP is the political party of people who hate politicians and political parties. It’s no surprise that it always tears itself apart.

        1. They choose to run the two most boring men in America or John MacAfee in the year of the crazy. Who other than the LP decides John MacAfee isn’t your man in the year of the crazy?

          1. Libertarians, ever the contrarians.

          2. McAfee was obviously, to anyone other than a majority of LP convention delegates, the best possible choice this, or any other, year.

      2. Tonio,

        I believe you are correct in your assessment in the LP choose name recognition and previous government experience over philosophical purity.
        How sad is that?

        1. The LP purists would rather we lose big time and alienate the voters than deviate one iota from their Party Mantra.

          What crap.

          And what a turn off for anyone who admires free thinking.

      3. “Purity” and the LP has been an oxymoron for decades…

  7. I like how anything more than “squishy republican who’s OK with pot” is now “radical libertarian”.

    1. It’s really more “radical” in the 80s catchphrase sense.

            1. Most heinous.

          1. Groady to the max.

  8. Radical libertarians? Like they don’t believe that former Republicans are actually libertarians and that libertarians should only have political intercourse with other libertarians?

    1. You should not be having political intercourse outside of the tribe just like you shouldn’t be wearing your monocle over your left eye instead of over your right.

      1. Well, the left eye thing just makes sense. It’s the eye you wipe with.

        1. Damn left-ocle pinkeye-spreading bastard! the right-ocle branch is supreme!

          1. I often wish the whole world had but one pillow… so I could fart on it.

      2. I welded two monocles together. I call them binocles!

        1. They might have been more effective if you’d put ’em side by side, instead of one above the other.

          1. Third Eye Astigmatism is a terrible band.

            1. OS == oculus sinister (left eye) OD == oculus dexter (right eye)

              Do you wish to be sinister, or possibly OD?

        2. Een my americano possession ‘hood we calls dose “een front of eyeballs,” bruto, pendejo, gringo!

    2. I’m interested in whether they believe that someone is born predestined to be a Libertarian, or whether one becomes a Libertarian by grace after they reach the age of understanding.

      Does it require intervention by ordained Libertarian candidates to become one, or can one come to it through a personal relationship with Small Government?

      Also, if one is a Libertarian once, is one always a Libertarian, or can one lose his/her/x Libertarian grace and be cast back into the Outer Darkness?

      This Daryl fellow sounds like a schismatic.

      1. Are pot, Mexicans and ass sex, three different expressions of the same concept or three independent concepts?

        1. Is the GayWeld ticket wholly Libertarian, or Libertarian with republican components?

          I believe these questions are serious enough we should spend at least 1,000 years killing each other until we figure it out.

        2. Also, if they are all three representation of the same concept, does the pot have both Mexican and plant nature, or just one or the other?

          Be careful how you answer, or I’ll show you how we deal with Nestorians. And Monophysites, fuck those guys too.

          1. I’ll have you know i’m a Tewahedo Orthodox Libertarian, you heathen.

            1. Fucking schismatic! May as well become the Neo-Platonist Anarchist then!

            2. Well I’m a Tebow Orthodox Libertarian!

              1. That damn Pro Liberate and his Tebow worshiping heresy.

                1. Pro’L Dib is a strict Orange Catholic, John. He knows the Missionaria Protectiva and knows it well.

      2. I’ve always thought that libertarianism flirted with Calvinism. Or at least grabbed Calvin’s boob once while they were drunk at a wedding.

        1. Libertarianism is disgraced former congressman Eric Massa?

          1. Yes, but libertarianism didn’t make a honking noise whilst grabbing said boob.

      3. It’s genetic, but has no correlation among twins, is heavily influenced by birth order, and can be detected in MRI and PET scans of people who consistently vote libertarian.

      4. ” if one is a Libertarian once, is one always a Libertarian, or can one lose his/her/x Libertarian grace and be cast back into the Outer Darkness?”
        Review your LP/CATO/Koch (KATO?) history. Such casting out is a fairly standard procedure.

  9. I would also like to announce that I am an official write-in candidate for the Libertarian party. I made this announcement because I’m the most philosophical of all libertarians.

    1. Crusty Juggler has taken far too many positions in opposition to the LP platform. Though i was super tired after the convention, i have now decided to throw my hat into the ring. Write-in vote Citizen X for president in 2016! I will not be actually campaigning.

      1. I am so much more philosophical than you, bro.

        1. You can’t step to my philosophy. Come at me, bro.

          1. Libertarianism cleaves more often than an Everett-Wheeler multiverse.

            1. Cleavage, you say? hmm….

    2. #nevercrusty

    3. Please, take a number. Once we have more write-in libertarian candidates than there are registered voters, the political State will wither away the way the Soviet and Democratic East German economies once did.

  10. If you vote for Darryl Perry, you’re voting for Gary Johnson.

  11. Oh, I see, it’s Darryl, not Darrell, so it’s OK to cover his candidacy!

    (Last I heard, voters in 47 states had the option of voting for Darrell Castle, either as a ballot choice or as a write-in)

    But let’s check out the platform of Darryl-with-a-“y” Perry:

    “I believe”

    “that all coercive forms of taxation should be eliminated, and government programs should be funded voluntarily.”

    “that the United States government, as it exists today, should be abolished!”

    “12. Secession and Self-Determination

    “I fully support the right of self-determination; that is the right of “determination by the people of a territorial unit of their own future political status.” Though there are no established guidelines regarding how a group of people exercise their right of self-determination. During the 1860’s several States attempted to leave the United States of America, several counties in these States took secession one step further and seceded from their seceding State. It was this act of self-determination that allowed West Virginia to become a State, it also led to several “Free State’s” throughout the Confederacy.”

    1. (Strictly, the pro-Union areas of Virginia formed a loyal government which was recognized by the U.S. as the true government of Virginia. The loyalist legislature, in its capacity as the duly-recognized legislature of Virginia, petitioned Congress to create a new state of West Virginia, largely made up of the loyal counties represented in the loyalist legislature. Congress agreed and West Virginia was born. It wasn’t about recognizing a right to secede from a state.)

    2. You subscribe to “the only thing worst than being talked about is NOT being talked about” theory? Cause let me tell you, if Reason ever covers your boy Castle, you won’t like it. Whichever poor fuck get assigned to it is gonna let loose in a way that will make their Trump coverage look like MAGA PAC.

      1. Which means I get to argue some more.

        And I’m not endorsing his every brain fart, just comparing him to the other candidates.

        1. Seriously, I don’t think I can persuade left-libertarians to vote for him (and yes, there are left-libertarians), but I’d like to see an argument that makes him worse than other candidates from a conservative point of view. The only thing I can come up with is “a vote for Castle is a vote for Hillary.”

          1. I’m still voting for Castle (if I vote). Trump’s got Georgia in the bag and I take pride in never having voted for a major party candidate, much less a winner, in any presidential general election.

      2. “if Reason ever covers your boy Castle”

        You know what might be amusing? Interviewing him for Reason TV. Then they can bring up all the embarrassing information and ask him to explain it.

    3. Oh, I see, it’s Darryl, not Darrell, so it’s OK to cover his candidacy!

      Does he have another brother named Larry?

  12. For fucks sake.

  13. Daryl is making a tactical error. This will achieve little other than pissing off LP members who do support Gary’s campaign. This is not the way to start his term as chair of LPNH highlighting himself as a sore loser.

    1. Anyone claiming to be libertarian and running on a legalize rape and murder platform calling for institutionalized warfare is showing poor judgment. There is also a modus ponens logical problem of no free-market agora existing until a mechanism (by definition, government) first clears out the initiation of force within the boundaries of that market to make it free (as opposed to coerced). The fallacy of affirming the consequent may be a good qualification for a looter candidate, but it won’t fly here. This is no more complicated than removing the weeds before you put in the tomatoes and peas. The guy could make an OK candidate if only he would read the platform and quit calling himself a whack job of the kind Congress has specifically legislated to exclude from These States.

  14. Another nutcase

    1. We had a communist anarchist infiltrator in Austin who had a history degree and spoke fluent English. Then he got to the part about how “we” should turn all our weapons and navy over to the Soviet Union and surrender (per Kennan’s Long Telegram). Everything would suddenly be hunky dory and the danger of nuclear war a thing of the past. If bomb-throwing surrenderist anarchism makes sense to you, there are plenty of other infiltrators to write in as alternative candidates where this Noo Hamsheah one came from.

  15. Whenever I read about the LP, I am reminded of a story I once heard in college. One of my professors in college was a man named Henry Bellman. He has been the first Republican governor in the state’s history back in the early 1960s. At that time the state was nearly 100% Democratic and it was almost unthinkable for a Republican to win state wide office. In talking about his successful campaign, Bellman said that he quickly learned that the first rule to campaigning was to make sure none of the Republicans in a town you were going to visit knew you were coming. The reason for this was that the Republican Party was such a small minority in the state back then that the town Republican was also likely to be the town gadfly that no one could stand. So if you told the local Republicans you were coming, they would all show up to your event and everyone else in town would write you off. The trick was to not tell them so they didn’t come and the rest of the people in town would then give you a fair hearing.

    I have often thought that the first successful Libertarian Party candidate will be the one who learns Bellman’s lesson.

    1. Henry Bellmon, John. And yes, he was one of OK’s best govs and has a building named after him in Stillwater, OSU’s campus.

      1. He does. That is where I took the class back in the day. He was also a veteran of Iwo Jima. Was in the Marine Infantry and was wounded very badly. He told a great story about how one time at an event campaigning for Eisenhower he had a guy that kept following him around telling him about how the last time there was a Republican President it was Hoover and everything had gone to hell. Finally the guy followed Bellmon into the bathroom and kept at it. At this point Bellmon had had enough and took off his shirt revealing this nasty scar across his abandon that he had from the shrapnel wound he got at Iwo Jima and told the guy “this is what happened to me the last time we had a Democratic President”. That apparently shut the guy up.

  16. The Great AZLP civil war of 2009…Good times. I was happy we put L. Neil Smith on the ballot here. Then the infighting continued and the National LP stuck their nose in and took sides in the civil war. I quit the LP and never looked back.

  17. I am sorry to see misinformation about election law posted here. Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Wyoming all require write-in candidates to file declarations of write-in candidacy. Write-ins for undeclared write-in candidates are not counted. Also Oregon and Washington will not count write-ins at all unless the vote-counting equipment thinks a write-in may have won.

    1. unless the vote-counting equipment thinks is programmed to recite that a write-in may have won.
      HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one…

  18. LP says that they have 250,000 registered voters.
    Now the hard core 6% of the party faithful who support Perry have someone to vote for in the 21% of the country where he’s a write-in option. That works out to be a bit under 3,200 votes, but it’s incremental progress towards making crystal meth as free as tomatoes.
    Libertarian moment!

    1. He’ll get about as much notice as a single mosquito in the midst of the Everglades.

    2. In February 2016 there were 411,250 registered Libertarians. I have the totals by state at in the March 1 2016 print issue. Links to past print issues are on the upper right. BAN will have the November 2016 total in the Dec. 1 2016 issue, and it is sure to be higher than it was early in this year.

  19. First autistic presidential candidate in history?

  20. Are you really gonna waste your for on Darryl Perry? A vote for Perry is a vote for Jill Stein. You have to vote for Gary Johnson to prevent Stein from coming in third place. In fact, you owe Johnson your vote, you pleb.

  21. Why is it so difficult for someone to beat Trump and Clinton? You would thing any body, warm or cold should be able to do it handily.

    1. You would in that case (probably) also think that most of the populace (voters) have critical thinking skills and associated organs in good working order. In which case the safest course of action for you would be to directly crawl back under that rock.


    Banning assault weapons just criminalizes the owners. (Jul 2016)
    Keep guns away from mentally ill & potential terrorists. (Jun 2016)
    No-fly list is error-prone; don’t use it to deny guns. (Jun 2016)
    Carrying guns reduces crime and mass shootings. (Jun 2016)
    Discuss keeping guns away from mentally ill. (Jun 2016)
    Against denying guns to people on government no-fly list. (Jun 2016)
    Concealed carry leads to less overall gun violence. (Jan 2013)
    Supports gun ownership rights. (Aug 2012)
    Laws regarding guns are ineffective. (May 2011)

  23. Hmmm, also wondering why Brian Doherty tagged the LP, Johnson, and 2016 Election but not the “Radical Libertarian”?????????????????????????????????? Give you two guesses. 😉

  24. Radical Libertarian or Actual Libertarian?

  25. Radical Libertarian or Actual Libertarian?

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  27. Rightio, armchair quarterbacks. Communist anarchists skillfully infiltrated the LP back when some of us were spying on Young Americans for Fascism. But a state of war (competing governments) is what the Dems, the GO-Pee, Econazis and CPUSA are already offering. That’s why the guy lost. Offering to help the crony medical oligopsony rape women (instead of ending medical licensing) is why the antichoice Republican infiltrator lost. And a mere five months’ experience as a dues-paying libertarian (plus pointing a pistol at his own head) is why the butthurt noob lost. (Either that or everyone at the convention are racial collectivists posing at individualists). Any sane libertarian could have beaten Gary to become candidate. But noooooooooooooooooo! We had to have anarchism, mysticism and inexperience as alternatives.

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